Dec 31, 2005

Why "Stars Over Washington"?

So it occurs to me that if I'm going to name a blog as you see above, I should mention our Founding Fathers' use of what we now call "astrology" as they went about setting up the place.

Using the stars' and planets' positions to time the placing of a building's cornerstone, the shoveling of a monument's first spade of soil, or the holding of an event--such as a speech, a bill-signing, an Inauguration, or a war's commencement, among other things--is called Electional Astrology.

It takes a lot of skill to do this, and as most people know, our Founders were well-versed in the subject of Sacred Geometry. In fact, the study of the planets, Fixed Stars, the Golden Ratio, etc was considered to be part of a well-rounded education, as indeed it had been considered for centuries past.

"Popular" or "sun-sign" astrology had not yet marginalized what had been the study of the celestial sphere...that Great Cosmic Clock whereby we receive our yearly timings, our months, our seasons...and which we now recognize as our Solar System.

That Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, and the rest were Freemasons is well-documented online, in books, and most anywhere you'd care to look.

A lovely Google of "Freemasonry in Early America" or of "Sacred Geometry" will result in more info on the subject than you can shake a stick at.

Online there are astrologers galore with longer experience and with more strength in their typing finger than I have, so you may want to check them out, if you've not already...there are many sites of interest, and there's no point in my duplicating here. A good place to start is Ed Kohout's site,, listed on the Links List hereupon.

Yep, the concept of the Great Mathematician was well-known to Ben, George, and the rest of the boys. You may also read online many essays on the placing of Egyptian symbols and Star lore onto US money, which you can view for your very self if you have a dollar in your pocket. (And hopefully you do, as 2006 begins.)

And there is the reputed triumvirate between London, the Pyramids of Giza, and Washington, as evidenced by Fixed Stars rising, culminating, and setting at the same time during particular events over all three cities--at the Same Time. Either ole Ben, the Almanac publisher/writer, knew what he was doing, or Someone Else was behind it all. As Above, So Below, y'know! My guess is that it was more than a little of both.

Seems "the swamp" of DC was strategically chosen in more ways than meets the average eye, and this would explain their use of a SWAMP area...expense and mosquitoes be dam*ed. And naturally the architects and builders were familiar with the Masonic principles of Sacred Geometry because numbers are the Foundation of Creation.

So yes, there are Fixed Stars associated with the US natal Chart--July 4, 1776 being the most commonly-used date--although the Chart for Cornwallis' Surrender is very instructive, too--and George Washington quite obviously and specifically selected the time for the Surrender based on his knowledge of the Stars...Electional Astrology. (And I wouldn't put it past Cornwallis to have been familiar with such himself.)

Note: some think the July 4th Chart is more of a "war chart" and the Surrender Chart is more of the beginning of the country...the birth/natal chart. Personally I try to work with both charts when I have the time. (And transiting Pluto 24Sag+ has been hanging about the Ascendant of that chart, as a matter of fact. Not good, m'peops.)

So! Some prominent Fixed Stars which are connected to the US Chart/s are: Sirius, Regulus, Graffias, 33 Aquarius, Aldebaran, Antares, Spica...Google them, if you're unfamiliar with their keywords.

One in particular is the Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, in the constellation Leo. Keywords: "success if revenge is avoided." Well...Oops and more Oops...because this Star speaks of how seeking revenge causes one to lose the ground already gained.

That's a higher concept our Founders thought was important, yet our more recent Leonine rulers have opted for revenge on exactly the grand scale which our forebears feared most and warned us strongly against.

And so we must reap what we've sown--a natural law even America isn't exempt fact, some would say the reaping is well-begun, esp considering the attacks of 9/11.

And you will note that Fixed Stars such as Regulus are mentioned in the Bible--and were named by our Creator Himself, it says. In fact, the Aug 11, 1999 Eclipse is, imho, connected with the Bible's prophecy concerning the Angels letting go the winds of war and strife:

The Oxen Point, The Lion Point, The Eagle Point, and the Angel Point. We've certainly seen an increase of war and strife since the "King of Terror" Eclipse--aptly named, centuries ago, by Nostradamus himself. A Fixed Grand Cross of planets sat upon these Points near the middle of the Fixed signs...Taurus (Oxen), Leo (Lion), Scorpio (Eagle), and Aquarius (Angel). And remember we're underneath a Fixed Grand Cross well into January 2006. Therefore, the Eclipse is being emphasized, and of course, terror is constantly in the news and in people's thoughts. A few people even make well-timed speeches about it.

Here's a link to a few previous comments on the "King of Terror" Eclipse of 8/11/99, with a little art included (no clicking on image necessary for you Windows users):

1999 Eclipse info + Basonge Dance Mask

There you will read of transiting Venus' triggering of the 8/11/99 Eclipse degree, 18Leo21 on 9/11/01. And shudderingly this day, I must be honest with you and report that Saturn, the Taskmaster, bringer of reality, hardship, and a calling to accounts, will be visiting that same Eclipse degree in upcoming days:

1.Sep 4, 2006;
2.April 5, 2007 (Rx); and
3.May 5, 2007.

This entire period is esp risky for similar issues as the 1999 Eclipse brought to the world, and for the reaping of what was sown--for Old Man Saturn is, after all, archetypally the Grim Reaper and tends to bring a cold light to any subject.

Now it could be that some previously-uncovered reponsibility for the 9/11 attacks will be unmasked by Saturn during this time frame since Neptune, on Sep 4, '06, will be again at the Unmasking degree of "18AQ": "A man's secret motives are being publicly unmasked."

This refers to the uncovering of past behavior. We have already been "treated" to Neptune's triggering of this degree with recent misdeeds revealed in politics, so there will be more veils lifted in the months to come, and pay attention to Sept, 2006--it's near the 5th anniversary of 9/11, too.

And one more thing: at 1:00 pm, on Sept 11, 2001, as I took a break from my computer screen and its charts of Manhattan set for the times of the attacks, and from the horrendous, repetitive TV coverage of them, it suddenly occurred to me to ask the Tarot, "who is responsible for this brutality"? (As a contact with one's higher mind, I have learned to find the Tarot useful, but am not of the "fortune-telling" school of thought by any means).

The answer received? "Ask the Sphinx".

I'm still pondering over that one.

-Jude Dec 31, 2005 6:18 pm est

ps: asap, I will post on the change from the original Inauguration date which altered the relationship between the Sun at Election and the Inaugural Sun, among other things...and NOT for the better.


HoSec Faulted in Audit: Fraud, Waste, Abuse!

Well well well...WaPo is reporting that DHS gets failing grades for airline passenger screening and for border "control", AN-N-ND the aftermath of Katrina and Rita is providing an unprecedented opportunity for fraud, waste, and abuse.

With HoSec's natal Asc in unstable Pisces, who can be surprised?

Not sure WaPo should be citing this regime's criminal tendencies as "unprecedented opportunity" when they've been at it for years. Much practice has been had by all, and I DO mean D's and R's.

Isn't that what selected office has morphed into in most cases?

And Kafka, the prophet, was right: Lady Liberty's torch has become a sword.

Link to HoSec Chart and Comments here:

Stars Over Washington

...Be sure to visit, link on Links List--while you still can.

Dec 30, 2005

Chiron/Uranus Types in Government

Our current system of government is being guided in the last few years by those who know better than the average bear, and don't mind telling us so.

I refer to the restless, opinionated, passionate, other-worldly reformers who have Chiron/Uranus aspects or other signatures of these two planetary mavericks in their personalities and natal charts.

See if any of the following sounds like US 'public servants' you know for I think we're suffering under a whole gaggle of them - and have been for decades:

Thriving on change, the Chiron/Uranus type of personality has an inability to accept a higher authority than his personal choice, and posesses a strong belief in individualism--as long as it's his own.

Existing social systems and any sort of restrictions upon him personally are things to rebel against and to reform, and although there is a belief in freedom, including freedom of speech, there is deep intolerance of others' ideas. Blithely unaware of this contradiction, he plows along, like an unstoppable bulldozer with utter belief that he (they, really) know what is best for all humankind.

He feels an urgent need to improve the world according to his personal belief system, and frequently can be found in politics, law, or other social institutions. According to his agenda, institutions are little more than *systems which must be broken and remade--and the resulting chaos they cause is "temporary" and to them, "worth it."

And while a love of humanity may exist, the love is detached and abstract--there's no love of people up-close or personal, for that would involve an exchange of feelings, and might result in the Chiron/Uranian person's authority being challenged. This gives a tendency to dehumanize others, and to keep them at a distance.

"Energy follows thought" is an intrinsically-understood concept, and overthrowing the old system and challenging prevailing wisdom is assumed to be a worthy and necessary goal.

This is the "speculator for great gain" personality, and if a few toes get crushed underfoot, so be it. One's Mark Must Be Made in History, preferably in an individualistic way.

Here is an agent for change, either positively or negatively,
yet an "escape hatch" must always be available, for this type hates being pinned, tied down, or inconveniently held accountable for the unfortunate consequences of his actions. (Unless it's furry handcuffs--there can be a kinkiness behind closed doors, but Let's Not Go There.)

There is an ill-considered zeal and self-righteousness coupled with an indiscriminate willfulness which causes disaster rather than the creative change hoped for. Yet "outstanding in his field" is an apt description of this sort of rebel with his abundance of intense preoccupations that can widen horizons too far--his over-concern with the larger picture allows the devil to take over the details, and things can fall very flat.

And while he may think freedom is to be had by overthrowing structures "out there", his personal freedom/authority issues are what is in need of reform and careful consideration.

Rash, crusading, and hypocritical, he seldom feels the beams in his own eye, for the trouble is always seen as being outside himself--yet he would do well to address these issues stemming from his own unresolved adolescent conflicts with mummy and daddy.

Above all, there is a conviction that anything can be changed--that traditions are minor restrictions to be dispensed with--and that nothing is really sacred, including boundaries, borders, inconvenient laws, treaties, or Constitutions. Laws are for commoners, he thinks..."we" are the "ruling class" who make up the rules for others...we don't follow them, we just make them.

A numbing lack of connection to his own feelings makes it difficult for him to admit mistakes, especially when added to the above-mentioned "out there" tendency. The black-white, "for us or against us" method of polarization has worked well for him--exs: Bush after 9/11, and the illusory "con vs lib" arguments which have kept most Americans busy infighting for years and under the plutocrats' claws. (I can't say 'thumbs' here because this kind of primal reptilian behavior is way beneath most human beings' evolutionary level and shows a tendency to eat one's young, quite frankly.)

W Style?

Is the quickest way to unite all "evil-doers" against the "white-hats" simply to draw the line in the rhetorical sand and keep repeating your most calculated lies? 'Twould seem so. Especially in Washington, DC (my favorite former abode.)

Yes, the Chiron/Uranus types of personalities have a strong and consuming urge to remake the world, a tendency shared by globalists who have the same arrogance and greed to make their marks upon the world, and who don't hesitate for a second to use Chiron/Uranian types as tools for their NWO purposes.

Mr. Chiron/Uranus' focus on political and social issues is a plus for the global puppeteers who influence, control, and pay them so well. Wonder who performs their hypnosis sessions to achieve that dead-to-all-human-feelings look in their eyes?


*July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse @ 29Can27: 'systems fail; new methods and ideas are needed to deal with events; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Chiron info: my own chart studies blended with Melanie Reinhart's book Chiron and the Healing Journey.

Dec 29, 2005

Remember Scott Ritter?

This interview on the Iraq War, neocons, and parasites is worth reading again.

And there's a bit of info on the "King of Terror" Eclipse, August 11, 1999 along with some art here:

1999 Eclipse info + Basonge Dance Mask

Will be posting more on this one, so named by Nostradamus himself, in the weekss to come...

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Dec 27, 2005

New World Order Chart Now Updated

Stars Over Washington: New World Order 10/24/93 1:11 pm edt

Dec 27 2005 6:40 pm est

Queer Eye for the Press Guy?

In an odd juxtaposition of justice, the White House Press Corp is being kicked out of the deteriorating basement press room for renovations and a makeover.

Seems the One Who Should Be Kicked Out is doing the kicking, and the Press Corp, who seldom ask honest questions or follow up on the ones they do ask--and who are often On The Payroll anyway--are being banished out of sight, and he hopes, out of Bush's mind and hair.

Will they ever be allowed to return? Will the undermining of the supposedly free press continue apace? And the really important question: will the carpet match the drapes?

Dec 26, 2005

Iraq War: The Cakewalk?

On Bush's "Cakewalk War": There are many things to notice about this ill-begotten misadventure, this "slam dunk" piece of blankety blank, but since you've undoubtedly read many comments on it before this (there were and are many columns written on the war from an astrological perspective to be found online), I want to mention a few things of interest in the 'btw' category.

With 15Pis27 rising so does the Fixed Star, Achernar, keywords: risk of rapid endings. War is nothing if not that, but perhaps the war itself will come to an end suddenly--at least as far as US forces are concerned. What happens after the US leaves--if we ever do--is anyone's foreboding. And the recent announced pull-outs of more "coalition of the willing" nations may have influence in this department as 2006 chugs along.

Plus, you know that Pisces, a mutable sign, is not the most stable of beginnnings for such a huge project, even without a difficult Star leading the way. Yet Pisces' connection to Neptune--illusions, deceptions, propaganda, masks, veils, and photo-ops--works quite well, if that's what you're after. Pretext is a word that comes to mind...see Previous Post on the 'New World Order' hereupon.

So-o-o-o...Pisces is the end of the cycle--the last sign--and this war was begun just After the Full Moon--also not a good time to begin, esp with Jupiter, the General, retrograde! Doesn't seem our "general", was at his best for the operation, for Rx Jupiter brings, at best, an unclear victory, and >a bottomless pit in the money department. Oh-h yeah...wonder if that was part of the plan? You know, like Orwell's warning of endless war, and the squirrelling away of $billions to boot...?

The Sun soon-to-rise is at 29Pisces04 with 29 degrees being a crisis degree, and for the Sabian Symbol for "30 Pis" (rounding up) being otherwise noted herein, see "30 Pisces"

Also rising is asteroid, Hopi, keywords: ambush, prejudice. Seems to apply to all sides, doesn't it? For an ambush it most certainly was--a trap in more ways than one.

Asteroid, Hera, is at Ic...the very foundation of the chart, keywords: keeping accounts or calling to account.

Then wonder where the mysteriously missing billions have gone? And where's the money found in the walls of Hussein's palace/s? Are our tax dollars REALLY at work? Or just lounging at the oasis?

Back to Hera: "calling to account" may mean more than money issues, of course, but here's an interesting tidbit you may wish to consider-->the Solar Eclipse series in which this war was begun:

Solar Eclipse Dec 4 2002, "12Sag": "A flag that turns into an eagle that crows".


Pos: successful self-establishment through genuine self-expression.
Neg: idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims.

UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS? Good flyin' crap, people. A flag, an eagle...guess who??
And let us not forget who did the crowing..."cakewalk"..."6 weeks or 6 months"..."flowers in our gunbarrels"..."yellowcake" ad nauseum, with "pretexts" out the yazoo.

This particular eclipse series is about: strong emotional responses concerning money and/or relationships. Events are beyond one's personal control giving a sense of fatedness to them, and bring a great deal of frustraton. Rash actions should be avoided until issues settle down.

RASH ACTIONS SHOULD BE AVOIDED? Oh well, says George, he was a bad bad man...Saddy went after my Daddy so I went after him. 'Nuff said, says "Mr Unaccountable", the gambler who apparently wanted to hold Someone else accountable for Something.

Sounds like Hussein wasn't dancing fast enough to the piper's tune, esp considering the oil-for-food-under-the-table-deals and the blackmarket oil profits being made.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if Western governments came clean and told the truth about what they've been doing behind the door--in our name--to bring upon the world this "cakewalk" from hell? Truth? Some say the oil peak is near--2010, in fact.

Also from the Fated or Karmic department: Neptune septile (51 deg+) Mc...
Neptune = deceptions, illusions, propaganda; Mc = career or societal position.
Reminds me of that familiar "propaganda catapulting" George actually admits to--it's his "job" he says!

(Shout outs to Michael R. Meyer's book, The Astrology of Relationship, for septile info, and to Bernadette Brady's book, Predictive Astrology...fantastic for Eclipse info, among other things--see my review of it on Amazon dot com).

One more thing: the Images/Word Pictures for the Iraq War's Sun/Moon blend:

Sun Pis/Moon Lib: Two lovers share the same dream...a team of writers create a masterpiece.

Don't tell me that's Scooter and Judy sittin' in a tree...w-r-i-t-i-n-g?

Surely not, because apparently it takes a Team of writers On the Payroll to sell a bogus war, and an auctioneer in the Oval Office to snake oil the cake pans.

-Jude Dec 26 2005 3:54 pm est update: Dec 27 2:43

Dec 24, 2005

Dec 24: Know Where Your Sugarplums Are?

Rummy serves vittles, George makes the Nine Phone Calls of Christmas, and Cheney's probably trolling the internet as you read. (Not much here, Dick...move on, no don't have to go underground, but you can't stay here.)

So I'm wondering: Did the vittles go down easy? Were the phone calls tapped? Can Cheney BE more of a cyborg?

Inquiring blogger-elves want to know, so...gather your sugar plums while ye may, and

Happy Yule, Yall! Peace to everyone...and I DO mean everyone! If only they'd accept it...because He brought it! It's already been brought...

-Jude Dec 24 2005 7:00 pm

Alito's 1984 Memo on Domestic Wiretapping

OK By Him:

The National Archives released on Friday, 12/23, memos and other documents concerning Sam Alito, that Federalist Society goon, including his 1984 memo defending the use of domestic wiretaps. You weren't using that privacy, were you, America?

At the time--the ubiquitous 1984--the FBI had received tips, they say, of a plot to kidnap Henry Kissinger, then National Security Advisor. Well, apart from being embarrassing, what was the problem with that?

Insert favorite Kissinger quote:

Henceforth the adequacy of any military establishment will be judged by its ability to keep the peace.

(Oh, Henry, from your lips to your fellow globalists' a**es. You're quite the jokester, as it turns out.) And let us not forget this timely gem:

Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims. (Rabindranath Tagore said that...well-put, and adequate for today's modern globalist-on-the-go.)

So I'm giving up--for now--on my attempt to link to AP's 1984 Memo article, by way of Earthlink--sometimes Elink cooperates with me on linkages and sometimes not. This one is a not. See above Tagore quote!

But here's a link to my Previous Post on Alito's nomination which has one small update concerning >Scorpio rising in the Nomination Chart--added because of Scorpio's connection to SPYING and the SPIES who love it. An you'll notice Mercury (communications) rising in its detriment in Sagittarius--perhaps NOW we know why:

Alito Nomination Chart with Comments

Alito Nomination Hearings still scheduled for Jan 9, with Mars Returning to its position in the Nomination Chart Jan 20...

-Jude Dec 24 2005 2:35 pm est
Here's a grand idea from the Onion, America's Finest News Source:

  • US Troops Draw Up Own Exit Strategy
  • Dec 21, 2005

    Winter Solstice Over Washington 2005

    This chart has a year-long shelf-life and is all about the Sun's ingress into Capricorn, sign of business, law, and politics, set for over the White House...with Sun and Pluto straddling the 9th cusp of foreign enemies...and asteroid Morya snuggled nervously amongst them. Morya represents what we must endure, accept, and transmute in life, btw.

    3 T-squares, a fiery Grand Trine (using NN), and a Mystic Rectangle are in store for us this year, with the Midheaven (Mc: top o'the chart = career point/public status) unaspected at a critical/crisis degree (20 Cap)--and the midpoint of planets Neptune and Pluto sitting immediately upon it.

    This mid-point picture, Nep/Plu = Mc, gives a certain mystical or even supernatural influence to these matters but negatively can indicate fraud, deception, and everyone's personal favorite: propaganda. And...defenses concerning insecurity. Loss of status, reputation, and/or career are possibilities, too--can ya feel it comin'? More and more we hear/read the "I" we'll see how that plays out.

    >>Stubborn, greedy, often intolerant Taurus, one of the money signs, is rising, and worryingly we see that the forming Fixed Grand Cross is Angular thereby directly affecting Washington and the US for the next 12 months.

    Which means that even after the Grand Cross separates or eases, there will be important triggers to the 4 planets involved--which are Mars (rising, as you see), Jupiter, Saturn, and pesky, dissolving Neptune. As I said above, this chart is good for a (troublesome) year until Winter Solstice 2006.

    (See Previous Post of Dec 10, "Iraqi Election of Dec 15", link just below, for my best guesses on who each planet represents in Washington in this stubborn Fixed Grand Cross--not that other scalliwags and miscreants aren't in the pudding, too, of course! There are more Turdblossoms than one blooming in the DC swamp...):

  • Iraqi Election Chart: scroll down for Fixed Grand Cross info

  • Now we all know what Mars represents in the violence, war, and/or quarrels and conflict department, so with Mars soon to Return to its position (17Gem11) in the Jupiter-conj-Saturn Chart (of May 28, 2000-->the Dems/Repubs Hook-Up Chart, as I like to think of it), it's pretty safe to say that as transits go, this one should be noted>> Mars Return: March 22, 2006, fyi. You've heard of Tecumseh's curse on the US presidency, which refers to the 20-year cycle of Jup/Sat, but hopefully, any loss of GeoBush will be due to impeachment, and not literally...yet it cannot be ruled out given the state of the world.

    And 17Gem+ is the degree of the Venus Occultation of June, 2004, which arose with the Sun on Sea Island, GA--the G-8 Summit where they strolled upon the beach together, chest hairs blowing in the wind, cameras anapping to bring us a brotherly G-8 bonding moment.

    But back to George--any loss he may suffer will be brought upon him by his own hubris, plus the fact that powerful men make powerful enemies as we know, and Bush doesn't seem to have the good and timely advice of Astrology to warn him as Reagan did--and thus Ron managed to survive the assassin's attack!

    As to the chart we are here considering--the Winter Solstice of 2005--Mars will be the first planet of the Fixed Grand Cross to cross an angle in this Chart--being the fastest mover of the four--and will cross the Ic of Endings (20Can28--a critical/crisis degree) on or about May 19, 2006 (which is almost the 6th anniversary of the Great Jup/Sat conjunction).

    And as Mars moves through the 4th house, he'll conjunct Saturn (10Leo31, which also happens to be George Bush's natal Pluto's position) on appr June 21, 2006. This will be worth watching out for, m'peops. Quite a pile-up for Bush: Saturn/Pluto joined by speaks of enormous frustration and anger--at the very least...a "gun with a cork in its barrel". Wonder who it will be aimed at?

    In fact, June 2006 has transiting North Node (NN) at Aries Point, a World Point where big events tend to happen, and the transiting Sun will be at Summer Solstice--00Cancer--also a World Point of prominence.

    Back to the Solstice Chart>>the mid-point pictures in the chart and for next 6 months are as follows:


    Moon/Ura = Mercury: suggestive thought-power; excited mental activity; sudden perceptions; intuitions.

    Mars/Jup = Sat: pulling in one's sails; having to toe the line; difficulties in making decisions; termination of relationships.

    Sat/Nep = Jup: narrow-mindedness; egoism; sensitivity; very upset with the ways of the world; losing the will to fight.

    As you see, the last two pictures are from the Grand Cross, but with the addition of Moon/Uran = Mercury joining in the fun. (Moon = the public, Uran = internet, Mercury = communication, so: using the internet to communicate propaganda to or by the public, or: the public online spreading perceptions and excited mental activity. ('Suggestive thought power' sounds like propaganda, doesn't it?)

    The fiery, creative, and visionary Grand Trine involving the NN (which also has a connection to the public and to meetings) describes serious talks, strategies, hard-working people, and perhaps news of sadness. As with all of the pictures, any combo or all of these may apply at various times during the year.

    Now on to the Mystic Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Ananlysis, we find that this pattern "may be representative of 'practical mysticism' since it involves two potentially awareness-revealing, illuminating oppositions..." (Moon oppo Uranus and Mars oppo Jupiter)..."that can reach ideal or inspired fruition (trine influence) through intelligent, innovative utilization of energies (sextile influence)." (Sounds good--is the supernatural Nep/Plu at Mc on the case also?-jc).

    "However, much depends on the level at which the oppositions are being experienced since oppositions can indicate disharmony, imbalance, separative forces, and irreconcilable differences." (In WASHINGTON? Say it ain't so, Bil-jc).

    So with a Mystic Rectangle we can expect--or at least pray--that the normally helpful trines and sextile aspects which link these oppositions will bring integration to conflict, and encouragement toward satisfying resolutions.

    In WASHINGTON? Well, where else could use it more? The Middle East? ARE a dreamer!

    posted: Dec 22 2005 10:00 pm est

    Dec 18, 2005

    Update: Another Saturn in Leo Loss?

    Today Ariel Sharon was rushed to the hospital after feeling ill and weak. A possible minor stroke, they say. Perhaps his new Kadima Party will be needing another leader if Mr Sharon is unable to hold the reins. No one stays on top forever.

    -jc Dec 18 2005 5:00 pm est, actually

    Another Leader Lost: Sen Proxmire

    Another Leader Lost: Sen Proxmire Passes/Bush Catapults Tonight

    This has become something of a "Saturn in Leo Loss Watch", hasn't it? And Saturn doesn't leave Leo until early September, 2007.

    Now Sen Proxmire, a Democrat who not only understood the term, "national interest", but acted upon it, has passed way. He was a good 'un--the American people could sure use a few more like him these days.

    >>Note: You'll find the transcript of Bush's Don't Despair Speech near bottom of Links List.

    Well, my plan was to post the chart for President Bush's speech tonight, 9:00 pm, White House, but after listening and reading about what he "should" say, etc, it seems there's little need to post the chart.

    I'll still be watching him on the tube, with my wonderful Solar Fire Software feature animating the chart--watching planets rise, culminate, set, and cross house cusps as he speaks--noting the minute he says something particularly telling and observing what planet is where at that moment in time. But for now I shall confine myself to making a few comments without posting the chart, and let that do.

    With speculating Leo rising, we see the President's Venus, planet of values, rising also. And with communicating Mercury debilitated in Sagittarius tonight, what mission-based, quioxtic rhetoric shall we hear from this self-identified propaganda-catapulter?

    The transiting NN (an encounter or joining point, or "the path", and he has promised to describe his vision of it tonight) is currently at 10Aries17 (true node). The Sabian Symbol (MEJ) for "11Aries" = "The president of the country". (Applicable, ya think? -jc)...Keyword: IDEALIZATION.

    Pos: the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would become the creative representation of eternal value. (Interesting, with natal Venus (values) rising as he begins speaking, as noted above-jc).

    Neg/shadow or unconscious side: an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense. ("-vain pretense"? "-destructive"? GeoBush? LOL-jc).

    Now the WHAT of the chart which is the speech itself, and I'm correcting here, because he began a bit late at 9:02 pm, still giving us 'gambling' and arrogant Leo arising:

    Asc/WHAT: "20Leo": "The Zuni sun worshipers"...Keyword: FIDELITY.

    Pos: an inner and absolute realization of the self's illimitable resources. (Or at least the taxpayers' resources? George prefers to gamble with other people's money

    Neg: a surrender of all personal reality to meaningless ceremonies. (Let us hope it isn't meaningless--too many lives lost already-jc).

    Now on to the WHY of his pleading harrangue--I mean, speech:

    Mc (Midheaven)/WHY = 13Taurus11 (one degree from US Inauguration charts' rising degree-->the WHAT = the Inauguration itself, btw-->noon, Jan 20, of whatever year, Washington, DC). Guess Bush's presidency is part of the WHY, but anyway, here's the Symbol:

    WHY: "14Tau": "Shellfish groping and children playing"...EMERGENCE:

    Pos: the *integrity* of selfhood through its absoluteness of attention to its own business of continuing to be. ("-continuing to be" power??? And is *integrity* back at the White House yet? He PROMISED-jc).

    Neg: hopeless self-diffusion through unnecessary concern over divergent potentials of experience. (Sounds like George may be distracted. (14Tau+ is rising these days for our Jan 20, noon, presidential Inaugurations, btw.)

    Sadly, the pleading tone of this speech sounds pretty thespian-esque--and it's his own duplicity which has made it all but impossible to separate his "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" in Iraq plea from "puh-leeease don't throw me in the briarpatch" undertone which his presidency has come to require to stay in force.

    But here's my best guess as to what he will emphasize:

    Asteroid PANDORA sitting at the top of the chart--the WHY of the speech. So...

    As you know, there were many ills in Pandora's Box which were unleashed upon the world, and the only speck left in the corner was a tiny Ray of Hope--and GeoBush wants us to continue clinging to it concerning his War--as he is now having to do when it comes to his power and his presidency. Oh, and be sure to ignore the fact that the goalpost of Victory in Iraq constantly shifts out of reach, okee dokee?

    Whatever proves to be best for America is what I choose to cling to--no matter WHO is infesting the Oval Office.

    --Jude Dec 18, 2005 3:21 pm est, actually

    ps: As I stated, I'm watching his speech tonight as it evolves on my computer screen, and will post again asap if anything pertinent or enlightening appears concerning the nation and/or the hopeless presidency of the Ok-So-I'm-Curious George Bush. (Don't despair, he flash: I despair we won't kick him out on his ass soon enough.)

    Mars, now direct, is moving into formation within the Fixed Grand Cross, as posted about below. Scroll down for my best guesses on Washington's actors in this stand-off which perfects by the end of December.

    ps2: Speech over, 9:19 pm...and I Must post the Sabian Symbol for the rising degree at speech's end: "25Leo": "A large camel crossing the desert"! No kiddin'!!

    And if Bush has his way, America will continue to be that camel! Are you game?

    -jc 12/18/05 10:10 pm est

    Dec 17, 2005

    Neptunian Unmasking Continues

    Ok-So-I'm-Curious George P-O'd Over Unmasking of His Secret Eavesdropping:

    With today's live broadcast of Bush's radio address, the President made public his furious snit over the expose of his secret surveillance on American citizens inside the country (without court orders) by the press.

    This is a most perfect manifestation of his ongoing Saturn to Pluto transit--Saturnian restriction of his Plutonian desire for power, manipulation, and control.
    And Pluto has, of course, a major connection to spying by way of Scorpio, and is associated with betrayals of all kinds.

    Mr Bush seemed barely able to control his anger at the media for daring to bring to light his secret actions which show in stark relief his "above the law" mentality.
    (Perhaps he wasn't acting for a change, and was genuinely miffed at the press for "outing" him! But in this case, it's not just the cover-up, it's the crime,
    Ok-So-I'm-Curious George).

    Also the Sun conjuncted Pluto Friday, Dec 16--the day this story came to light--so the Sun was shining upon Pluto's dark power, secret control, and thus illuminating them! (If I were the fattest cat on the planet, guess I'd be P-O'd, too!)

    As usual, the "security" of the nation is the justification for his high-handedness with our civil liberties--and with the rule of law--each falling more by the wayside whenever it's convenient for this outlaw cowpoke from Maine--or is it Connecticut?

    --jc Dec 17, 2005 5:32 pm est
    More Saturn in Leo Losses Announced:

    In the last day or two, we've lost Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, Jack Anderson, and actor, John Spencer, who plays "Leo" on tv's The West Wing. Mr. Spencer, 58, died of a heart attack.

    Here's an addition to my previous comments on Saturn through Leo--those born with Pluto in Leo have or will have Saturn conjuncting natal Pluto, and I know from personal experience that the last time around, Saturn knocked me for a loop physically by way of a dental (teeth = Saturn) injury which changed my health in a most distressing way resulting in TMJ (or TMB, as some call it).

    Pluto is associated with transformations of the permanent variety, as has been the case with this ongoing condition. Each dental visit is cause for concern and use of muscle relaxants which aggravatingly have their own side effects.

    Pluto in Leo: those born in years 1937-1957, give or take, due to s-l-o-w Pluto's retrogradations. Be careful out there, my little pretties!

    -jc Dec 17, 2005 5:00 pm est

    Dec 10, 2005

    Iraq Election 12.15.05 sunrise

    Imagine yourself in Baghdad on Election Day. Because so much is riding on this day, let's consider the influences--for as above, so below--and we'll relate this chart to the Fixed Grand Cross now forming as Neptune joins the T-square discussed in the last post.

    I'll also take my best guess on who the points of this stubborn, rigid Fixed Cross represent in Washington because astrology as astrodrama can be instructive particularly concerning world events.

    At sunrise over Baghdad, the Sun heralds the rising of Pluto.

    Wish I could say the midpoint pictures show us a marvelous tale, but instead we see such influences as: ruthlessness, an excitable man, attaining respect through use of prowess and strength, easy anger, lack of self-control, suppression of the environment for the attainment of one's aspirations, desire for influence, a turn of destiny, crisis of self-preservation, egoism. Any combination or all of these may apply, sad to say, for this Election Day upon which so much depends.

    Using "23 Sag" for the rising degree--the WHAT of the chart: "Immigrants entering a new country". Keyword: ENTRANCE:

    Pos: courage in crossing new frontiers and skill in repeating or improving on prior achievement (hope this doesn't refer to jihadists crossing borders--jc).

    Neg/shadow side: a surrender of the real in a pursuit of the false.

    Also rising is the Fixed Star, Ras Alhague, keywords: "desire to heal an imbalance."

    That would be excellent, for a change. The Iraqi people deserve a break if anyone does. A restoration of balance sounds admirable, yet still distant, especially if you consider the puppet strings of the US government upon this Election. And yet, I wish it to be so!

    >>Update (Dec 20): News of election irregularities-->trucks of fake ballots crossing borders--at least one was stopped but how many others getting through?--will drag the election/selection on longer than hoped--into 2006. Sunnis suprise there. But recounts won't help with fake ballots--as the US should know by now. No matter how it plays out, the US will be punk'd again.)

    The WHY point of the chart, 9Libra55, is conjunct the last Solar Eclipse of 10Lib19, Oct 3 just passed--the start of the Jewish New Year and of Ramadan.

    Keywords of this Eclipse Series: immense power, force, and anger with huge obstacles suddenly clearing, or a potential crisis will suddenly manifest. Either way, things will seem to be moving at great speed.

    Sounds like more of the same old same old, doesn't it? The symbol of the Middle East, the Crescent Moon, is, after all, the crisis phase of the Moon's cycle, and excessively self-dramatizing...just turn on your TV. Shout out to fellow Baby Boomers: remember "the revolution will be televised"? Well, it is...

    In the foundation chart for modern Iraq there is a connection to Fixed Star, Terebellum, the name of which is a possible scribe's error from long ago for
    "Tetrapleuron". The Star is also emphasized in the natal chart of Saddam Hussein, and the keywords are: ambition, leadership, terroism, mass death, murder, prejudice, racism, anti-Semitism. Grand place for George and the Pentagon to meddle, ya think?

    Also 9 Libra is conjunct two difficult Fixed Stars, Diadem = "self-sacrifice, especially by or of a woman", and Vindemiatrix = "the widow or widowmaker; loss; grief."

    Also conjunct the WHY point--the Midheaven--is the South Node of the Moon (SN) which is concerned with the Collective Unconscious and describes an encounter with separations.

    Separation from the tyranny of war would be the upside, yet I somehow doubt this is a true interpretation of this chart or of this day. Opposite SN is the North Node, a joining point. The Sabian Symbol* for "11 Aries" is: "The president of the country"...

    IDEALIZATION: Pos: the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would
    become the creative representative of eternal value.

    Neg: an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness, or vain pretense. Wonder if that refers to the US president, or to the new president of Iraq? Or perhaps to both?

    That evening, Dec 15, at 7:15:30 pm, BAT, there is a Full Moon over Baghdad.

    As you know, a Full Moon is the culmination phase of what was begun at the New Moon which occurred Dec 1 at 9Sag31. This New Moon was in conjunction with asteroid, Hebe, whose keywords are: "co-dependency: enabling the egocentricity and emotional immaturity of others".

    This would seem to support the contention of some that the continued presence of the US is preventing the Iraqi government from maturing as it should in order to stand on its own. My personal inclination is to agree--it's very possible--no, probable--that the US is being punk'd in more ways than one. Duh.

    >>Add to the above dire midpoints two patterns of planets, one of which is the Hard Rectangle which perfects when the Moon--the Full Moon of the evening--moves into an irritable semi-square (45 deg) with Mars.

    Semi-squares are often termed "nuisance" aspects, and the Moon in a world event chart represents the People. Mars may, of course, be considered the rebel, the agitator, or, as they are so popularly called, "the insurgency". Hard Rectangle patterns are notoriously difficult to control--if one can at all--and "irritability" barely covers the reaction of the beleagered people of Iraq to the constant provocation of war, violence, and cruelty of rebellious Mars. And so the energies of this Hard Rectangle will tend to spark more agitation, and will make compromise nearly if not wholly impossible.

    Sad to say, there is another pattern formed over Iraq--indeed over the entire world--just now, and it is controversially known as The Fist of God. It is formed by the square between Mars and Saturn, and is pointing at the Sun, Pluto, and the rising degree of the Election Day chart. Both Mars and Saturn then form a sesqui-square (135 deg), which is even more discordant than the before-mentioned semi-square--with Sun, Pluto, and rising degree.

    Midpoint picures for Mars/Saturn = Sun are: inability to meet all demands or to master all situations; death or illness of male members of the population.

    Mars/Saturn = Pluto: brutality; rage or fury of destruction; death of a great many people; intervention of a Higher Power. (That last is what it's going to take to rescue this situation), and...

    Mars/Saturn = Ascendant: separation; mourning or bereavement; obstacles caused by others.

    All in all, Election Day in Iraq seems to be heading for much trouble and misery, and at this point I confess that sometimes you just want to be wrong. :(

    Plus, the next morning, Dec 16, at 7:03:47 am, Sun and Pluto hook up...conjunct, that is. Displays of power, manipulation, and control are likely, and Plutonian explosions cannot be ruled out. If ever intervention of a Higher Power were needed--well, perhaps that's what Sun conj Pluto describes!

    ><>Now on to my best guess in the Fixed Grand Cross situation concerning Washington:

    Fixed energy is the most rigid, stubborn, and resistant to change of all--unyielding to the nth degree. This particular Fixed Cross (or Square) shows a condition between "players" or "actors" whom I shall interpret in their "Starring Roles":

    Mars as Director/Motivator = Karl Rove
    Jupiter as Spokesman/Self-Aggrandizer = George Bush
    Saturn as Authoritarian/Status Quo Preserver = Dick Cheney
    Neptune as Idealist/Dreamer = Donald Rumsfeld

    As December 2005 ends, this Grand Cross forms when Neptune moves into orb with
    the other planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn--heavyweights all.

    The 'closed ranks' of this pattern shows much determination to preserve itself and reach its goals in spite of all odds, yet the frustrating conditions it faces are of its own making. Fixed energy is the most testing of energies and in the willfulness of this pattern we have observed a stubborn refusal to admit mistakes or to change course even when change is so obviously needed.

    A quote from Boris Pasternak comes to mind:

    "As for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth".

    And so as 2006 begins, we can only hope and pray that these actors on the world stage--whose actions and misguided perceptions affect so many people adversely--will see that their resistance to compromise is exactly what DOESN'T work in these difficult times. Their obsession with power and control is being tested in the extreme and is affecting the world with unintended consequences--and it is much too late for a small group of people of any stripe or agenda to be dictating from "on high".

    --Jude Dec 10, 2005 10:15 pm est

    Note: Today was announced the passing of George McGovern, and of comedian, Richard Prior. Mention was made in the post below of Saturn's ongoing passage through the sign of Leo--"loss of leaders"--and Leo is also the sign of the entertainer. They will be missed. -jc

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.19.06

    *The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr Marc Edmund Jones, available on

    >>Pluto is nearing Galactic Center: "Black Hole at Center of Milky Way"-->Is this our Galaxy's Bellybutton? See link to National Geographic article on links list below...

    Dec 6, 2005

    Cheney's Health plus the Fixed Grand Cross

    Dec 7 2005 9:00 pm est (*****Updated Feb 18 '06 below, scroll a little...)

    Main text here from Dec 7:

    Here are some thoughts concerning the ongoing Fixed T-square with Saturn in Leo (loss of leaders) as the focal point between Mars--just before his Direct Station of Dec 9--opposing moneybags Jupiter (8Sco42), and pointing at apex Saturn in the 8th house of taxes, credit, legacies, other peoples' money...and death.

    Apex Saturn in Fixed T-square = an intensely purposeful, rigidly organized individual who is willfully resistant and unyielding to the nth degree. (Remember Saturn is currently transiting the President's natal Ascendant, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus line-up in 1st house). Saturn is also affecting VP Cheney's natal chart--the Direct Station of Mars is in process of stomping upon his Saturn...ouch!

    UPDATE: Feb 18 2006 at 9:09 pm est>> This moment is a week or more after the VP of the USA shot into the Sun, and wounded his friend in the head, face, chest, know the rest, 'cos we've been hearing, seeing, and reading ALL ABOUT IT--but PLEASE put your eyes BACK where they were before Feb 11--or is it FRIDAY, as Whittington famously "mis-spoke" in his statement. Perhaps that was a Shout-Out, and code for "help me i'm a secret hostage."

    So, dear MEDIA and lovely BLOGWORLD, and Jon, (I have No Idea if there's a business called >blogworld< already--surely there is) you really MUST PUT your eyes on the House, WH, legislative branch, and the rest of the fleas, because organization got a law passed a while back that IT should be treated the same as an individual in torts (Pluto/Chiron). And the over-state-line-is-fine bullfeathery economic puffery--well, don't gt me started. Had emant to post on the NYSE, but I must leave for a while.

    ++++>All apologies to M, R, V, B & J...and all. I still love you.

    jc Feb 18 2996 9:28 pm est

    >>Now Back to original post:

    Whoever apex Saturn may be (and he could represent them both) he has a compulsion to retain complete control over people and situations, and has no intention of sharing power. He experiences great inner conflict whenever challenged to surrender his indomitable will to another.

    Uncompromising, obstinate, and ruthless, apex Saturn can be a tower of strength for others during crises, and will depend on others to the extent that they are useful to his ultimate goals. Yet delays and setbacks attend this Fixed T-square, and Saturn's frustration here can result in his abuse of others. An immovable object is meeting an irresistible force and is in a state of stubborn denial.

    *****(Does any of this sound like the Feb 11 2006 Quail Hunt when the Titans tangled? Then you hear the winner being described hereupon above and below.)

    Whatever changes eventually take place will be permanent for someone's basic identity is on the line. This is the first real crisis point in the Jupiter/Saturn Cycle and hopefully it does not relate literally to the Presidential Death Cycle, as it is popluarly called...if so, the dynamic square aspect means our leaders better have their patooties well-guarded. (If you're not familiar with this Cycle's historic threat beginning in 1820, Google "Tecumseh's Curse", and you'll be updated, installed, and downloaded on the subject.)

    Well, so far we've seen some of the results of this Saturn transit to Bush's chart--for one thing, he finally uttered the words, "taking responsibility" after his lackluster Katrina response--Maureen Dowd says that when Katrina hit, he was too busy exercising to reduce his waistline to leave his cushy digs. And before Saturn's work is done, we should see more reality pounce upon this dumblehead-in-charge. Plus an obsession with one's weight usually means that love is making us do crazy things. Why, George!

    And since Saturn is also affecting the chart of Dick Cheney, it's very possible that the VP's health, along with his authority, will be even more challenged in the weeks and months to come.

    Actually Bush isn't out of those woods either in the health department, or his father (Saturn = the old man) could be seriously affected, especially considering his advanced age. Depression often accompanies a major transit of Saturn, too, and the rumor is that Bush is drinking again. Bad idea, that. Another rumor is that Poppy and Shrub are not presently on speaking terms.

    So as Saturn plows through Leo, sign of leadership (until 9/07), the US, as well as other nations, may expect to lose a few head honchos of the weaker and more corrupt variety. Could be a good thing, of course, provided there's someone less corrupt waiting in the wings.

    My hope is that a true leader will be revealed for America, God willing...and will actually find him/herself elected at the voting booth with a resounding victory that's based on reality rather than on illusions, propaganda, and the misery of endless war.

    >Now here's a small shout-out to the Great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000 in honor of their soon-to-be partile (exact) square (crisis phase) of mid-Dec:

    With societal/relational Jupiter and Saturn representing the GOP and the Democratic party, it is safe to assume that a major alignment between them came into 'force' at that time. Wonder what mischief they put in motion in May/June, 2000? Perhaps a few campaign/election deals behind the door?

    The current square between them indicates obstacles, blockages, and cracks in their pact of 2000, it seems. And we certainly know they've been in more than one snit with each other lately, haven't they? Trouble in Bubbleland.

    More soon on the Other white meat: the T-square currently in the heavens involving idealistic Neptune of deception and illusion fame, which is forming a stubborn, closed-ranks Grand Square or Cross with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. I'll take my best 1st guess on Who these planets represent in Washington, and add some comments in reference to the Dec 15 Election in Iraq...stay tuned!

    --Jude Dec 7 2005 9:00 pm est Scroll down for my Technorati Profile

    *Apex Saturn info from: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney

    Dec 2, 2005

    Alito Nomination for SCOTUS

    Oct 31 2005 8:00 am est

    Concerning the President's recent nomination of Samuel Alito for Supreme Court Justice:

    With transformative Scorpio rising, we naturally think of intensity and depth of thought. (Scorpio is also associated with spying and betrayal.-jc, 12/24). The rising degree Symbol for "25 Sco": "An x-ray": an exceptional power of analysis.

    Neg: uncritical oversensitiveness to both the condition of self and the state of society. Well, that last doesn't sound so good, does it?

    Although much can be gleaned from the chart set for the day and time listed above, let's focus on Mercury rising in Sagittarius in the first house, and its aspects:

    Mercury is in its detriment in Sag, as we know, and has its connection to announcements, messages, and to scholars.

    Mercury here is in the obsessive/compulsive quindecile aspect with chart-ruler Mars. Mercury QD Mars gives an extremely active mind which may be driven to act on thoughts and ideas that "must" be forced on others argumentatively.

    In Sag, Mercury tends toward obstinacy and egotism if negatively expressed. And while a self-image as a paragon of truth and virtue may be closely held, this is seldom the case. For while there is a preoccupation with lofty ideals and distant goals, facts of the moment may be disregarded by a cloud of impracticality.

    Sag Mercury has an innate ability to understand what information the public will regard as important, and although mental freedom is demanded, thoughts will seldom differ from traditional concepts or current social morality. But if social conformity is overdone, hypocrisy may be the result for moral standards may be no better than the lowest common denominator of what is socially acceptable--a "whatever gets us there" attitude may prevail.

    The goals are primarily intellectual status and the attainment of authority, and yet corruption cannot be ruled out--even though the mind is concerned with all codifications of social thought such as law or government. The detrimental condition of Mercury in Sagittarius manifests through a larger concern with attitudes rather than with facts, and a determination to reach the lofty and distant goal may be held above any and all truth.

    With Uranus squaring Mercury, tactless remarks--Sag can be very blunt in speech--intellectual conceit, and foolish opinions can alienate others, as well as a certain "I'm a genius" attitude prevailing which is generally a case of self-delusion. Mercury square Uranus also tends toward "way out" ideas and the making of snap judgements (uh oh). Exciting ideas are sought in and of themselves with little consideration of their practicality or of their truth.

    With disruptive Uranus, the rebel, at the foundation of this chart, it is fairly safe to assume that a shake-up of social institutions is the root of this nomination of this particular man called Alito.

    Link to comments on Samuel Alito natal (sunrise) chart: Stars Over Washington: Samuel Alito April 1, 1950

    President Bush made this announcement, however, during the Balsamic phase of the Moon--not the best time to be startin' sumthin' with its endings/partings influence.

    And an unveiling (announcement) at the dark of the Moon seems a little shady to me, but perhaps we'll see things more clearly in January--this nomination chart has its Mars Return on January 20, will quarrels explode, or will Alito be confirmed? (His confirmation hearings are scheduled to begin Jan 9, last I heard).

    Of course, Balsamically speaking, Judge O'Connor is ending her tenure and departing the court, so perhaps the timing is appropriate, yet I think it quite possible that Judge Alito's nomination for SCOTUS will not result in his confirmation, but will force upon the nation much contentious debate due to dearly-held revolutionary ideas for remaking the court system of this country, and by less than candid disclosures. You'll notice these comments may describe Bush as well as Alito!

    The word picture* for this Sun Scorpio/Moon Libra blend:

    "A criminal lawyer auditions for the lead part in a new play about heroes of the second-world-war resistance movement." Alito, I'd say!

    Seems America is under attack from without and from within, and could use a break
    from reactionary zealots of all stripes, whether nominated, confirmed, or otherwise.

    -Jude December 3, 2005 12:35 am est

    ps: views of charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restricitons. Sorry. 5.20.06 12:03 am edt

    *Sun Sign, Moon Sign -Charles & Suzi Harvey