Nov 30, 2006

Radioactive Red Herrings?

Update Friday 8:00 pm: it's just a little radiation: Former Spy's Wife Positive for Radiation...

Update Thursday 5:33 pm --AP: FBI Joins Investigation of Poisoned Spy...

This Morning:

12 Sites in U.K. Show Radioactive Traces tells of the Litvinenko poisoning investigation's expansion to more aeroplanes including a Russian plane.

SO'W has received an email suggesting an interesting theory that Putin is spreading radioactive red herrings about the place. Good point, Daan.

And then there's Ireland:

Economist and former Russian premier Yegor Gaidar, at a conference in Maynooth the other day, became violently ill and was rushed to an Irish hospital. He's diabetic, but it wasn't the meal's sugar content. Was Dioxin Soup on the menu once again?

Gaidar was returned to Moscow earlier this week and is said to be improving from possible poisoning. Hope he has a dragon guarding his door--it may take a dragon to fight these desperate characters who act outside all bounds of decency. Read about it in the above-linked article, what little they're letting out.

And so...the "cause" of terroism is spread regardless of who poisoned whom--there are buried truths here which sane people may never know. The psychopaths have overrun the asylum as we see...and I hope they catch the bastards.

Bush and Maliki still in cahoots (imaginary wringing of hands):

Bush has assured Maliki that the US isn't looking for a "graceful exit" from the Iraq War...which leaves me close to speechless! He and Cheney and the rest never intended an exit at all! Talk about a red herring--I wish the media would shut up about will he or won't he--that's not the issue. Really.


Nov 29, 2006

from Russia with love?

Radioactive planes discovered 29 Nov 2006 Authorities found traces of radiation on two British Airways 767 jetliners today as investigators widened their search for clues into the poisoning death of former Russian spy and Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko.

Traces of radiation have been found on two British Airways aircraft at Heathrow Airport after tests were being carried as part of the probe into the death of former Russian spy Viktor Litvinenko. A Home Office spokesman said arrangements were also being made to examine a third plane. # from

Or is Putin being set up?

Those pesky scalliwags--it's difficult to tell which one is the culpriter and which the culpritee--esp when the world is being run by rival crime syndicates.

As Daniel Schorr said this evening on NPR--Litvinenko's death is a black cloud hanging over Putin's head. My question is: which head? Cerberus has two of them, if I remember correctly. But thanks to Litvinenko's deathbed accusations, it's a black cloud big enough to go around Putin, Russia...and Britain and the US.


20/20 tonight: John Stossel on the rich

Tonight's 20/20 has a Stossel expose on how cheap most rich folk this news?

My theory is that you have to be grasping to pile up the pesos and it helps to be King Midas or his offspring to hang on to your piles.

Still, Stossel on The View this morning seems to have interesting interviews and conclusions in store for the rest of us schlups...schlups who give more charitable $$s in portion to income than do the greedy Midases among us.

And I know one thing: it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

So is it Gates Foundation at the Pearly Gates? Hmm-m-m...


NOON> NPR reports: Bill Frist is NOT running for president! Whew! That was close.
He'll be perpetrating medicine again.

Nov 28, 2006

Bush blacklisting privileges nixed

Judge Strikes Down Bush on Terror Groups but how long will it last with a sidewindin' varmint like Bush?

All apologies to the wonderful Cancer personality reading this post, but Bush exhibits all the (crabby) Cancerian traits of going around obstacles sideways if other Chiron/Uranus reformer-types, he always has a trapdoor and an escape hatch lined up to reach that cushy hidey-hole under the protective shell of plausible deniability.


testing Scaramella

Italian Who Met With Ex-KGB Agent Tested for radiation contamination from the Alexander Litvinenko assassination.

From whence polonium-210? Russia says that 8 grams are exported monthly--all of it to the United States. How's that for the big insinuation? They say there've been no exports to Britain in five years.

But Britain, who admits to something like 130 nuclear sites, has plenty of her own, thanks. And there are cups o'tea all over the British Isles, of that I'm certain...the vast majority of them delicious and radiation-free.

Previously I had been looking at Scaramella as Jupiter--the professor, but Jupiter may also signify...the mentor...

...was exiled Russian millionaire Boris Berezovsky--said to have been Litvinenko's mentor--represented by Jupiter (rich man; guru; mentor) in the poisoning chart of Nov 1 ?(details below...scroll a little please.)

Nov 1> Mercury/Jupiter at "25Sco": "An x-ray">INVESTIGATION. Descriptive, no?

Mercury (young person = Litvenenko? but he was 43...Mercury is also the student or the scribe) and was Rx and in process of conjuncting Jupiter Nov 1. And it is now being reported that Litvinenko visited Berezovsky's Mayfair office that he was wont to use the telephone, computer, and photo-copier.

Yet: is a spy without a cell phone like a Russian president without an alibi?


STOP the lame duck Cheney-Specter bill

Are you shocked? You should be:

President Bush recently announced his plan to use the "lame duck" session of Congress to push through a bill authorizing the government to read our emails and tap our phone calls without our consent.

This un-American "Big Brother" bill could come to pass in just two months! Speak up now - before our right to free speech is stripped away. Stop the government from reading your email or listening to your phone calls without consent.

Legislation known as the "Cheney-Specter" bill would allow warrantless surveillance of all international calls and emails of Americans and businesses in the U.S., without any evidence that they are conspiring with foreign terrorist organizations.

A New York Times editorial summed up the situation by saying that this is "one of the worst ideas his administration and its Republican allies on Capitol Hill have come up with: a bill that would legalize his illegal wiretapping program and gut the law that limits a president's ability to abuse his power in this way."

A federal court has already ruled that the domestic spying program violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which was passed to curb executive abuses like spying on civil rights leaders and Members of Congress. But despite this ruling, President Bush has made this legislation top priority for the "lame duck" session of Congress! president's ability to abuse his power in this way."

Stand up to protect our privacy and constitutional rights. Sign the petition at:

America prides itself on being a country founded on liberty and due process. We can't sit back while this is changed forever. Thank you for signing this important petition.#

There are 30,000+ signatures on this petition and they want 50,000.

Do you want privacy in your communications...or a Bush, Cheney, and Specter snoot shoved into your personal business?

PLEASE SIGN TODAY--the end of the year approaches and the hawkish Republican Congress is determined to do their dirtiest to the American people before their goose-steppin', boot-scootin' jig is up.

Pass the word!


Nov 27, 2006

$500 million for Bush Reach-Around Library

All you need are a few good friends...from Peter Baker's article in WaPo, Nov 18: Bush Has Fewer and Fewer Friends. Looks more like a partners-in-crime line-up, doesn't it? And Putin looks good in blue.

Shelley Lewis, author of Naked Republicans, A Full-Frontal Exposure of Right-wing Hyposcrisy and Greed,has written an article on HuffPost with some excellent suggestions for Bush's proposed $500 million dollar presidential Texas, where else? Do you see any locations lining up to host it?

Here's an excerpt: "And how about a cakewalk in the museum cafeteria? No pretzels, though; they're a choke hazard."

You may want to quick-read the rest in case you're tempted to become a megadonor for this boondoggling absurdity or if you plan to get paid (once it's up, running, and super-funded) for writing papers favorable to George W. Bush and his "presidency" but you'll have your work cut out for ya there, pilgrim...

What Five Hundred Million Dollars Will Buy in the Bush Library has some great ideas for naming things exactly what they turned out to be as the fox was selected to guard the henhouse and the robber barons have crept out of hiding to ride roughshod again.


Nov 26, 2006

Neptune's rare and exotic mist

As Neptune continues triggering the "A man unmasked" degree, we find that the poison used upon Alexander Litvinenko on November 1 was possibly administered to his sushi lunch by way of an aerosol mist and now Londoners tested as Litvinenko poison fears grow

Polonium-210, which emits alpha radiation, is considered rare and exotic, and must be sophisticatedly bombarded by neutrons...and a huge amount was used to kill just one man. Very few labs can manage this process, it seems...wonder if there are more of them than we think?

Sounds like the fear level in London--or in the West--may have been part of the plan, doesn't it? A bit of a showy way to kill one man, I'd say.

There are national charts for two Middle Eastern countries which have Neptune on natal Descendant just now (17AQ+) and you know Neptune's connection to poisons, mists, aerosols, fogs, drugs including alcohol...and to the Middle East (think: poppy fields and mysticism.)

In London, on Nov 1, the day Litvinenko was poisoned, saboteur and assassin Pluto (also connected with poisons and death) was rising at 11:07 am while 29Libra24 was at Mc...29 = a critical or crisis degree.

There are several other points of interest that day which are easily seen using the animated chart feature of Solar Fire, but Pluto rising would have to be pertinent, imho...esp with a 29 degree Mc (WHY)/Ic (HOW) showing up simultaneously.

Putin's natal ASC 3Sco10 was culminating at the top of the chart (Mc) at 11:21 am, and instigator Mars 5Sco57 culminated at 11:32 am. Venus is a "player" too esp since Putin has Venus in first house natally (11Sco42)...and his Venus Return was Nov 2...the next day.

At sunrise Nov 1, asteroid Hopi (keyword: ambush) was rising in tandem with Venus--and Venus can be even more vicious in war than Mars, as you know.

Yes, there's a "misplaced trust" vibe in several spots in the chart/s for Nov 1, but to simplify, I'll end with the Sun 8Sco56 at Mc> 11:44 am, "9Sco": "Dental work."

You'll find some interesting possibilities posed by a former CIA officer and others at at-Largely by Larisa Alexandrova...was the poison administered in a cup of morning tea taken at an old friend's flat prior to his luncheon meeting at the sushi restaurant?

The more I read, the more it seems that "misplaced trust" was the tone of the day--but Scaramella's motives are still suspect--seems the culprits thought the poison would fail to be identified! Those Brits!


Nov 25, 2006

Litvinenko's Statement

I would like to thank many people. My doctors, nurses and hospital staff; the British police who are pursuing my case with vigour and are watching over me and my family. I would like to thank the British Government for taking me under their care. I am honoured to be a British citizen.

I would like to thank the British public for their messages of support and for the interest they have shown in my plight.

I thank my wife, Marina, who has stood by me. My love for her and our son knows no bounds.

But, as I lie here I can distinctly hear the beating of wings of the angel of death. I may be able to give him the slip, but I have to say my legs do not run as fast as I would like. I think, therefore, that this may be the time to say one or two things to the person responsible for my present condition.

You may succeed in silencing me but that silence comes at a price. You have shown yourself to be as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed.

You have shown yourself to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilised value.

You have shown yourself to be unworthy of your office, to be unworthy of the trust of civilised men and women.

You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life. May God forgive you for what you have done, not only to me but to beloved Russia and its people.

--Alexander Litvinenko

This statement from: The Scotsman

Nov 24, 2006

Putin and the poisoned spy

Saturday Update> Putin's Prenatal Eclipse Series 8 South:

On September 22, 2006 was the 8S Solar Eclipse I have previously mentioned. Turns out that it's in the 8 South Series--same Series in which Vladdie Putin was born into and so the Eclipse issues tend to replay in Putin's life.

Bernadette Brady gives this interpretation of the Series (which began April 1, 1718, Sun/Moon 10Ari54, "11Ari" = "The president of the country"):

Loss, separation, partings, to be finished with something and be sad at its completion; physical injury possible esp through overstraining.

September's Eclipse occurred at 29Vir20 with 29 being a critical/crisis degree.

Using the Marc Edmund Jones' version, let's consider the Sabian Symbols for both 29Vir and 30Vir:

"29Vir": "A man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading"...

pos: imagination brought to the full of its powers through conscious effort;

neg/shadow side: loss of common sense in pure supposition.

This Symbol refers to "the world's conservatism...the fixity of idea by which human beings preserve their culture is also a protection for all hidden wisdom and unsuspected ways of knowing... Keyword: DISCOVERY" --The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.

Very spy-esque, isn't it?

"30Vir": "A false call unheard in attention to immediate service"...

pos: exceptionally gratifying self-fulfillment through the development of a genuine integrity;

neg/shadow side: consistently witless indiscretion.

( indiscreet, if former, spy--or an indiscreet president of the country? Perhaps both.)

This Symbol refers to the dramatizing of "a high personal competency in everyday problem-solving. Keyword: SAFEGUARD."

The Sept 22 Solar Eclipse degree appears prominently in one particular chart during this sad affair--it's rising at the moment the Moon conjuncted Saturn 23Leo35 on Nov 13, with Rx Mercury that day at 11Sco22 (conjunct Putin's natal Venus, his natal chart-ruler...

"11Sco": "A drowning man rescued" and "12Sco": "an embassy ball"...

...and the Moon/Saturn conjunction's degree "25Leo": "A large camel crossing the desert"...

pos: uncompromising persistence and uncomplaining self-expenditure in any course to be followed;

neg: ruthlessness in an unintelligent self-interest. Keyword: ADEQUACY. This refers to "man's capacity to overcome handicaps imposed upon him..."

Also on Nov 13, Venus 24Sco4...and on the day Litvinenko was transferred to a second hospital in London (Nov 17), the Sun arose at 24Sco48...this is an important degree because not only have Mars and Jupiter traversed it, but the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction took place there on Nov 1--the day of his poisoning."25Sco": "An x-ray"...

pos: an exceptional power of analysis;

neg/shadow side (shadows on Litvinenkos' x-ray?): uncritical oversenitiveness to both the condition of self and the state of society. Keyword: INVESTIGATION...

...which is what Litvinenko was in process of doing...and, as it turned out, in process of sacrificing himself for, it seems.

Ands here's an interesting twist:

Dead Russian Spy Was Israeli Double Agent

Friday's post begins here:

London Nov 23, 2006 9:21 pm UT

Okay, Y'all, after a long holiday break, it's chicken scratch time--if you enlarge this tragic chart, you may be able to read my scratchy scribbles concerning Alexander Litvinenko's poisoning for ratting on Vladimir Putin and the KGB.

If you see nothing else in this chart, please see the midpoint of Moon and Ascendant (Moon/Asc) which is a midpoint most often present in cases of poisoning

Moon/Asc = Ic, the HOW Point of the chart...and if we use the opposite Point, the MC (WHY), we get-- Moon/Asc = Mc: exposing oneself to the influence of women.

With tr Moon 6Cap31 just recently passed the tr Mars/Neptune midpoint--a combo of infections and/or deceptive actions--we see--Mars/Nep = Moon: weak, sick or moody women; crooks; the danger of infection. This Moon is at "7Cap", the "Veiled prophet of power" degree, and I'm sure you've read what Mr Litvenenko has prophesied for Mr Putin's future.

The Images for the Sun Sag/Moon Cap of Litvenenko's convenient death are:

In the year 2999, a courageous explorer goes on a quest for knowledge of the past which opens up for a man a hopeful future on another planet (guess Britain was the wrong "planet" but he was questing, all right--jc)...With patient skill a rock climber scales a seemingly impossible mountain peak.

Very Capricornian, that last one.

Incidental note: the Mc/Ic of this death chart is the same as the Mc/Ic axis of George Bush's natal chart.

Enlarge chart to see the pile-up of Putin's planets rising in this chart, if you can.

In Putin's natal chart, transiting Saturn (control; responsibility; authority; the grim reaper) has just crossed his natal Mc after conjuncting natal South Node, a separative point (it wasn't me! he says.) And low and behold, there's his natal Pluto at Mc, too...planet of secret activities including powerful organized crime syndicates and such.

This gives a line-up of: natal SN 20Leo00; natal Mc 21Leo13; natal Pluto 22Leo43, and there sits bowling-for-polonium-210 Saturn reaping away as he lines up for the Saturnian Scythe now forming with the Blade--all those planets in Scorpio (which has death issues of its own.)

Tr Saturn has been conjuncting these points and planets for Mr Putin since mid-September and of course, journalist Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated in October...which is what Mr Litvinenko was investigating.

Mr Litvinenko, in his deathbed statement, called Putin "barbaric and ruthless"--traits which are easily visible in Putin's natal chart, so I won't cover them here.

And if you want more info on this unfolding story, here are some links:

from the AP...Poisoned Spy Blames Putin for His Death

Former Russian spy dies in hospital as mystery over 'poisoning' deepens and

Academic says he and ex-spy were on hit list say The Scotsman...which brings Italian Intelligence into the picture. Italy is where The Vatican is located, y'know.

Then there's this from ITAR TASS Deaths should not be used for political provocative acts-Putin. You may want to take a shower after reading this one.

Well, there's a lot more I could say on Putin and other things, but for now I'll just be keeping a squinty eye on the situation and will let you know if anything pertinent appears in the starry realms which could yield a clue ot two into the mystery...

...and am sending out my sincere condolences to Mr Litvenenko's family and friends.

"The bastards got him."



And if you, Lone Reader, wonder where I've been all week, here's a link to an article on Gather which tells the tale of local developers attempting to run amuck over rural communities...and you'll see that I get my feistiness by natural means...

John Barnett, Revolutionary Patriot and for an update since the Planning Commission meeting, there's:
John Barnett's RIP update.

It's Round One down with much more to come, Y'all!



UPDATE Jan 22, 2016: Putin and Alexander Litvinenko are again in the news so I returned to check the article links in this post. Oddly they are no longer live. Like Alexander Litvinenko, may he R. I. P. jc

PS: and is no longer in existence so my John Barnett articles are poof! j

Nov 19, 2006

If their kids had to fight

New York Democrat Charles Rangel believes that if politicians' kids had to fight wars, Congress would be deterred from launching them.

Rep. Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate Draft next year.

Yeah. It's easy to send someone else to do your dirty work, isn't it?



Nov 17, 2006

shadowed Bush hears voices calling

Iraq War Shadows Bush Visit to Vietnam...not his conscience, mind one seems to be sure he ever had one of those.

Bush said that the US sees its role in Asia, a region with a history of colonialism, as one of "partnership, not paternalism."

Degree of the New World Order's Uranus/Neptune conjunction, 1993, at "18Cap"--let's say it all together now..."Smug or strong-armed paternalism."

Have you ever thought Bush or Cheney seemed on the smug side? Me, too!

Pacific Grim:

Not much enthusiam being shown by the sparse crowds--not like when Clinton cameoed a few years ago. Good times!

2006: Trade deals with our Asian partners? No borders now, with that New World Order now! Quite a tightrope he's been walking, isn't it? Rallying national "patriotism" enough to get Americans to sacrifice their lives yet dissolving our borders at the same time! Wow, what a task! Why it's almost...subtle.

Bush said in his speech at the National University of Singapore that "we hear voices calling (Pelosi, Murtha, and Hoyer?) for us to retreat from the world
(how about from policing the world and throwing good money after bad?) and close the doors to these opportunities."

And you know who these opportunities benefit the most. He ignores the real "isolationism" which his lousy policies and strong-arming created--ain't he a card? Fancies himself a joker, our mr. with-us-or-against-us.

My advice: navigate over to Lim's Limericks to get Mr.A.Cat's take on Bush's worser-late-than-never trip to Vietman with a groanworthy enough rendition of A Kitten Flew into Hanoi.

Skedaddle now--what are you waiting for? The show's over and you can't stay here...



Nov 15, 2006

US Congress Solar Return 2006

Seems like just yesterday baby Congress was toddling around in her underpants with the ruffles on the back, but,'s been 206 years, and she's looking a little gray around the muzzle, isn't she?

I'll only mention a few things tonight and must amend on Friday afternoon or Saturday evening at the latest due to sleepiness. My bad typery is made much worse by yawning, you see.

Solar Return Nov 17, 2006 Friday:

First we look at which natal house is rising in the Solar Return chart (SR) for it will be the primary focus or influence of the year (until Nov '07.)

This would be natal (n) 9th House of philosophy, moral values, expansive self-knowledge, social conduct, religion, eternal truths, long-distance travel, and the Supreme Court.

Jupiter, as chart-ruler and as natural ruler of the 9th House, has an important position for Congress' year, and is found in 12th House of the Unconscious, Self-Undoing, Karma, and large institutions, and is squaring Saturn (in Leo) in the 8th House of debt, credit, shared resources, taxes, insurance, transformation, and death.

Both the 8th and the 12th are Psychological Houses (intuitive) and with the current line-up of planets in Scorpio, and the Saturnian Scythe now forming, we may expect some winnowing in the finacial department (past due!)..and perhaps more winnowing of our leaders and of world leaders. (Tr Saturn is still within orb of his conjunction with Bush's n Venus--he's not feelin' the love, people, so I shudder to think of how he'll be received abroad in his weakened state. Will the trade deal be passed by Congress to make benefit for Vietman? Not so far.)

Being so near the karmic 12th cusp, Jupiter--ruler of money, expansion, increase, philosophy, and curiosity--has much work to do this year--a very critical period is afoot as is indicated by many other factors. Yet Jupiter prefers the camel's back for he can be on the self-indulgent side, as you know.

Nearby the Sun at 25Sco04 is conjunct Republican Party's n Moon 25Sco04 in n 2nd House, another money/values House.

With the Sun at 25Sco05, it is the Solar Un-birthday for the Democratic Party--when the Sun is halfway from one's birthday--a time for measuring on'es progress for the year and change course if needed.

But it is not a time for success with ego-related activities and there are sure to be authority issues with decided need to avoid arrogance or aggressive attitudes toward others. Humility works best, and I believe we've been seeing this attitude among many of the Dem puppies--faked or real.

So you see that it's Repub's Moon AND transit Sun opposite Dem's natal Sun...lots of activity behind the scenes with Jupiter and Venus, at the "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" degree--both in the behind-the-scenes 12th.

Another interesting thing I must mention (for the sandman is calling my name) is that the transiting midpoint between the Pluto/Chiron pair--the corporatism; oppression; racism; PLUTOCRACY duo, is conjunct--ready? US Congress' natal Pluto/Chiron, all piled up at 15Cap+.

My hope is naturally that these issues with be dealt with honestly this year rather than the can being kicked down the road ad nauseum...and with transformative Pluto rising and simultaneously squaring the natal Mars of the Republican Party, we'll be seeing many confrontations between the reps and perps.

Although the Jupiter/Saturn square is now waning, it is still affecting relations between the Parties--Jupiter = Rs, Saturn = Ds. (This square was last perfected, Oct 25.) And the tr Pluto SQ n Mars is a time of obstacles for the Rs, and a time when dishonest actions must be corrected, not continued.

Ethics, anyone?

~Will update asap: repair typos, give midpoint pictures, and talk about the SR Moon conjunct the Sec Progr'd US MARS gone Station Rx...with Moon at the "Two men placed under arrest" degree...wonder who?


UPDATE Saturday 11.18: Okay, here's the Rudhyar version for "18 Libra" the Moon position mentioned above:

Keynote: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result.

"If it is to remain steady and consistent, every form of order must be able to protect itself by the application of sanctions. Both a society and a personal ego constitute forms of order. Any form of order excludes what the form cannot securely and safely hold.

It excludes, or exiles, the alien, the unassimilable; if it cannot send them to outer space, it must isolate them in a special type of inner space, a prison. The individual whose actions introduce unacceptable principles into the established order runs the risk of being "punished" or re-formed according to this order.

...for the individual the problem is how to make the transforming vision or impulse acceptable to society....the suggestion is that whatever violence is released originates in unconscious pressures.

A new step in the evolution of society--the Industrial and Electronic Revolutions of the last hundred and fifty years--caused a collective, worldwide upheaval which led to widespread violence. The fact that two men are pictured under arrest suggests a polarization and a purpose transcending a merely personal fit of recklessness.

Negative as the image may seem, one may see implied in it the power of every individual to assume social risks in order to express his convictions or deepest desires. Nevertheless, one thing is needed: FACING THE CONSEQUENCES."

A Solar Return Moon in Libra indicates that balance and the correcting of them will be in focus, plus you know that Libra relates to WAR. Relationships bewtween memebrs of Congress and Seante are highlighted, war issues, immigration, and with the SR Moon in 10th house of the Return, much publicity is to be expected.

With Barbara Boxer and other Dems promoting (Moon) the idea that the Dem "controlled" Congress will be focusing on the people's business (Moon = the people), we should hear many mentions of this novel idea.

And with the Moon always signifying changes, perhaps we'll actually see some of the positive variety--although it will be a hard slog.

Perhaps you've heard of the G-20 protests in Australia this weekend with heads being knocked and arrests made. The World Bank, the IMF, and financial officials from 20 nations are under fire from the populace...and apparently that's what it's going to take, m'peops! And some men have been placed under arrest as the individual and society clash once again.



US Mars Rx Station in the News

With my blogging time somehat highjacked this week by a local neighborhood rezoning issue which someone is trying to shove through in spite of serious water issues, I will refer you to an article I've just posted at, titled "US Mars Rx Station in the News."

(Bush is off the continent--anyone else feeling strangely lighter?



Nov 14, 2006

Quick--Change the Locks!!

Bush Departs for Asia Today
and wouldn't poetic justice be best served by calling a security-cleared locksmith to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?


HoSec Security and Lock? Yes, can I get a team of lock-changers out asap? Within the next 8 days. Yes, the taxpayers are footing the bill, of course. Send the statement to: Rubberstamp Congress, Capitol Hill, Needs-a-Wash-ington, DC.

It's the little white house on Pennsylvania Ave--well, it's white on three sides...I can't vouch for the backside. Well really, it's kind of dingey...ok, it's gray, but you'll know it when you see it. No, it's actually mine--and yours--we just loan it to him and his crew on a temporary basis and they've violated the lease bigtime.

What? Yes, it's the same one under threat of being blown to smithereens by terroists, but don't's him they're after.

No, he's out of the loop and out of the country--that's why I say the job must be finished within 8 days...and don't forget the backdoor--he tends to use it a lot.


Well can you give me another number? Yes, I have a pencil...1-999-hal-lib-urton. But that's too many numbers...



UPDATE with a Shout-Out: hope you've glommed onto my colleague Philip Brown's excellent work over at AstroFutureTrends where you'll find his article on George Bush's Solar Return, plus, "Election Reflections" where he talks of the troublesome US Mars Rx station, what it means, and how it may relate to Pluto's ingress into Capricorn, sign of suthority and control, in 2008.

And Philip mentions something which I wondered aloud about here the other day: seems the 18-22 year-olds did turn out in force--appr 2 million more voted in these midterms than in the 2002 midterms. Ah HAH, Mercury Rx--you busted a move down to the voting booth, didn't you? Good show!



Nov 12, 2006

Russ just says No, but thanks

On Sunday, November 12th in Racine, I will hold my 1000th Listening Session with the people of Wisconsin. Before reaching that milestone, I want you to know that I've decided to continue my role as Wisconsin's Junior Senator in the U.S. Senate and not to seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.

--Russ Feingold

Oh's not as if President Feingold was ever going to fly.

Chess pieces are on the move after the electorate showed their preference for donkey poo over elephant dung...assuming that the election wasn't just a set-up for 2008 (which it was.)

After the fiasco the Rs have made in the Middle East, why not step back and let Dems be responsible for the miasma, then clean up in 2008 based in part on the Ds big talk against Bush's War--and their inability to affect "victory"--not something the neocons ever wanted in the first place? The GOP can even point to their "gracious" acceptance of "the people have spoken"...and how often did you hear one of them say just those Rove-inspired words?

The defeat of the Rs WAS the October Surprise morphed into a November Surprise, as it will turn out. The lost Rs can now reconnoiter and help the Party for the presidential election, and with their own scandals largely forgotten--they hope--by 2008.

The American people have a short memory, the pundits love to say, and to some degree they are correct.

So was the Dem Party that gullible? They wanted the prize but the prize is a dud...and most are in choots with the globalist agenda...a good example being Joe Lieberman. John Conyers has turned tail--or shown his secret colors--who knows which?

Was a little sumpin'sumpin' uncovered to back him down from his hold Bush accountable stance/Impeach the dastard campaign? Guess all those newsletters and petitions I received from Conyers were the usual smokey mirrors.

And so I reassert that the gracious acceptance of the lost Republicans was as believable as a man in a Howard-the-Duck suit onscreen--puh! Absurd theater, dahling. No more than political cover for the war-mongering, pocket-lining, globalist-fronting patooties of Washington.

ACT II, where SO'W Retreats to Mockery Zone:

Now preparing to post a new limerick from Mr.A.Cat on Bush's purchase of 100,000 acres of land in northern Paraguay in preparation for his great escape.

You may wish to investigate at Lim's Limericks but at your own peril, mind, for limericks may be dangerous to your equilibrium and ill-humored ones bad for your eyesight.

And please remember that lame duck droppings make pungent fertilizer too.


Here's a note from

Beware: George Bush's secret agents can now arrest us in our own country By Alun Jones QC, lawyer of the NatWest Three 11 Nov 2006 The Government last week cravenly surrendered control of the independence of our criminal justice system to the United States. It rejected a final chance to make two key amendments to the Extradition Act 2003 - a dereliction of duty that means American secret agents can now arrest us in our own country. #

The noose is tightening...


Jim Webb

Here is the sunrise chart of Jim Webb, Senator-elect, born Feb 9, 1946, St. Joseph, Missouri.

Those who say he is a "maverick" are telling the truth, it seems, for there are several indications of such in his natal chart.

Rising we see Sun in Aquarius, sign of the water-bearer, although an Air sign of intellectual capacity. Webb's writing talent resides with an Aquarian Mercury, Venus nearby also in AQ, and Saturn in Cancer is conjunct Fixed Star, Castor: "to write or create."

Saturn is also conjunct Mars--a difficult placement often referred to as "driving with the brakes on", but which can give tremendous ability for hard work and a steely determination. Obviously this pairing would be helpful in a military career and courage in dangerous situations.

He'll need it as he approaches Capitol Hill in January--the suppressed anger of this conjunction may become more apparent as he settles in amongst the vipers.

Webb's writing is also shown by North Node (of the Moon--an associative point) being placed in Gemini, sign of writing and communication. He may be quite a talker...which is ok by me, if he'll just be saying something truthful, meaningful, common sensical and practical enough to implement.

Now the real indications of "maverickhood" are found in his Jupiter/Chiron conjunction--a "maverick with a superiority complex" (Barbara Hand Clow's book on Chiron), plus--Mars is out-of-bounds and Rx! Definitely outside the "normal" realm of actions, Mr. Webb is.

And Chiron is Rx, too--another significator of one who dances to his own tune.

Jupiter/Chiron conjs are attracted to other cultures and they to him--he speaks Vietnamese; there is a disturbing intensity to this pairing which makes it difficult for him to function within normal patterns--in a word, a maverick by several counts.

As far as Sun/Moon blend personality traits, Webb may have Moon in Taurus because the latest (midnight) position the Moon reached on Feb 9, 1946, was 4Gem50, earliest 20Tau44. Degree-wise, it looks like a Taurean Moon, yet as a prolific writer it is a distinct possibility the Moon was in Gemini at his birth.

I'll begin with a Taurean Moon, since he has that streak of stubborness with which Taurus the Bull always endows its natives--and we ALL have Taurus in our charts somewhere!

Of course, the Mars/Saturn conj indicates stubborness, too, so read both blends and see which applies iyho--in your humble opinion, if you please:

Sun AQ/Moon Tau: level-headed; humanitarian; self-indulgent; logical; tenacious; pragmatic intellect; capable and ambitious...this combo is an eccentric entrepreneur who's theme might be: security vs independence.

There is talent for making sense of individual human patterns and needs (he has Pallas, keywords: wisdom; strategy; patterning ability--conjunct South Node, a point which describes family inheritance) which helps in the push forward in a healthier direction (as in, "new direction for America"?)

This is a powerful blend of idealism + realism which is brought to any project or relationship, be it commercial, philanthropic, or artistic.

Images: The resident caretaker of a "New Age" community sips his Beaujolais as he systematically does the year's accounts...A country girl seeks a conventional life with an unconventional young man in the big city.

This blend belongs natally to E.G. Price, who said: Only by transcending the everyday, by seeing human life in larger terms, can the individual escape the slow strangulation of 'permanent errors.'

Now consider Sun AQ/Moon Gemini:

Iconoclastic; flexible yet stubborn; witty; philosophical yet flippant; communicative and progressive; restless, detached, unsentimental and emotionally naive; a charming "people person."

Outrageous, dead-pan quips are found with this blend, and there is a light, bright demeanor. A friendly and breezy air is often observed along with an unsentimental attitude...yet there is a strong social conscience much in evidence.

With sober committment added to quick-witted curiosity, a formidable talent for communicating radical ideas and sorting out other people's problems shines forth.

An easy-going reasonableness, clarity, and honesty inspire confidence, and give an ability to act as both a negotiator and a peacemaker. Lateral thinking, a way with words, and a sense of humor make sales, journalism (!), and public relations and advertising the natural arenas for such talents (and book sales?)

There's an attraction to "New Age" thinking (not NWO, I hope), and there's a constant moving on to the next new idea, message, and possibility (this could get books written, I imagine, as long as they're on the short side.)

There's a great interest in technology, esp computers (he has Uranus in Gemini, too) and with political ideas, there's a belief in the possibilities of changing the world and improving understanding between people.

Although a lover of the bustle of big cities, there is an appreciation of the country's soothing balm for the soul, esp including the songs of birds.

Images: A child in a balloon drifts over the city reporting back by portable phone on all below...A white blackbird charms the garden with its song.

Here are quotes from two men who share this particular Sun/Moon blend:

If I am to deal with life it must be in my own way for there is no escape from one's character. --Maurice Hewlett


The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately. --Thomas Paine, of course.

Iconoclastic maverick, writer, journalist with a friendly charm--is this the Jim Webb we're sending to the US Senate?

Well, this is just a little "know your newby Senator", and there's certainly more to write concerning this chart, but it's very very late...the sandman has arrived, in fact...

but there's this: from the fella himself.


note: enlarge chart to see a few of my chicken-scratch notes such as his Prenatal Eclipse Series.

Personality blends from: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey, happily available to you at


Nov 11, 2006

Cluster around the Sun: 4 planets

Space Weather News for Nov. 11, 2006

FOUR PLANETS: Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury are all crowded around the sun this weekend. The great conjunction is invisible to the human eye (too much sunlight), but SOHO can see it. The spacecraft's coronagraph is able to block the glare and reveal the planets. Visit for live images.#

Visit George Bush (Sun) for images of who's clustering around his nibs this weekend...perhaps:

moneybags/guru Jupiter (Cheney?), a Venusian, warlike woman (Condi?) or a legal eagle (Gonzales?), Mars (Gates? Rove?), and Mercury (Tony Snow? Bolten?)...well, those are my best guesses with the short notice I gave myself! All are, btw, in Scorpio, sign of big business, hidden power, spying, and The Eagle Point "15Scorpio", one of the prominent points in the August 11, 1999 "King of Terror" hundreds of years ago by Michel Nostradamus.


Oh Canada!

Universities move to hide work from U.S. eyes 11 Nov 2006 Concerned about the U.S. government's prying eyes, a number of Canadian universities are changing the way their professors and students conduct online research. Many university libraries subscribe to RefWorks, a popular U.S.-based Internet tool used by academics and students. But the Patriot Act — which grew out of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and which potentially allows U.S. authorities to sweep through databases such as RefWorks — has prompted Canadian postsecondary institutions to abandon the American server for one housed at the University of Toronto.# from

11.18 Saturday...Question: have you ever visited You can view Hubble image galleries and use their Printshop to print out your own museum-quality prints of your favorites. Take their Image Tour for a quick view of their interactive totally cosmic!


Wyoming smells burning gas

Apparent Pipeline Fire Burning in Wyoming in an area of natural gas pipelines southwest of Cheyenne, with flames shooting hundreds of feet in the air and seen from several miles away.

Source of the fire is not immediately available, natch, but so far no injuries are reported. Hope it remains that way.



Nov 10, 2006

Washington as shining example

Now that the Republicans have made their public (stage) bows and kowtows to The People's Will, it's time for an example to be shown to the "democracy" in Iraq which they were so determined to ill-advisedly force upon a sovereign nation for whatever reasons stated and unstated, lied about, kept hidden, poorly justified, "exported" or propagandized.

Your reach across "the aisle," representatives OF The People, will be reaching around the world to be seen and remarked upon in Baghdad and elsewhere, for all your lofty rhetoric has come home to haunt you on the Hill--a Hill which once shone out around the globe before your perfidy and greed tarnished it to its current and unrecognizeable state.

After six years+--make that twelve l o n g years of your corruption and misdirected energies--you should either work together for the common good or leave the premises. Fix what you've broken, crumbums.

Lousy service is no longer required, and that goes for Dems and Indies as well.

So get your democracy game on--let's see if you can play, as well as talk, a good game. Your betters could do both--the ones who wrote the Constitution you disdain and the Bill of Rights you undermine.

So often I've referred to We-the-Sheeple, but it is you who should be sheepish, shamed, and embarrassed beyond bearing.

Saturday 11.11.06 is Veterans' Day: Bush said today that the battles in Iraq would be favorably compared by history to our WWII battles. He just won't give it up. He can't, under the ruse of supporting our troops who are currently and so courageously serving their country, thanks to his misadventures.

My heart aches for them and for their families, made more excruciating with the approach of another holiday.

But the only way history will look favorably at Bush's performance is if the rewrite continues apace with superb thrown in front of his sullied name.

Years ago, when I lived in my favorite city of Washington DC, Nixon and Watergate happened, and a ruined atmosphere wafted across the District. I can hardly imagine how rife and rank it must be now.



Bush family insider, Robert "Iran-Contra" Gates? You must be kidding.
Will be posting on him this weekend or asap. Also on the SO'W agenda: Rahm Emannuel, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, Jim Webb, and more so stay tuned, m'peops...

suing Rummy, Gonzo, and Tenet

Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse --A lawsuit in Germany will seek a criminal prosecution of the former Defense Secretary and other U.S. officials for their alleged role in abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

10 Nov 2006 New legal documents, to be filed next week with Germany's top prosecutor, will seek a criminal investigation and prosecution of former Defense Secretary [War Criminal] Donald Rumsfeld, along with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former CIA director George Tenet and other senior U.S. civilian and military officers, for their alleged roles in abuses [torture] committed at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


LOOK what I found: an excellently written center-left alternative blog called you heard of it? This blog seems to be updated regularly...a definite plus!

gremlins in Georgia's GOP

Our local radio station has just announced that the GOP in Georgia will be restoring the Lt. Governor's powers which they had "stripped" from Dem Mark Taylor when he inhabited the position.

Republican Casey Cagle won the Lt Gov's post on Tuesday, and Gov Perdue retained the governor's office against said Mark Taylor who was running for it, so it's ok for a Republican to have some power. Naked power play, isn't it?

Say, you don't think that the Diebold I voted on was rigged or hacked, do you?

And a judge upheld the gerrymandering that took Rep John Barrow away from his hometown and from the people who elected him, but--he won Tuesday anyway! Ha.

So the 13th Colony suffers under the yoke of Republican high-handedness and shenanigans yet!

11.10.06 1:20 pm est


Nov 9, 2006

Leo Strauss and neoconservatism

11.11.06: Here's a list which should be familiar to us all for we're living it:

Straussism-The Zionist Neocon Philosophy Directing The Age Of Tyranny with thanks to Jeff Rense.

11.9.06 post begins here:

Bill Maher has an interesting analysis on HuffPost relating Straussian neocon tactics with those of Scientology, and I can't say I blame him.

Republicans = Scientologists makes some good points, plus you may want to read my post from March concerning Leo Strauss.

My intuition is growing more each hour since the midterm outcomes that, as many peopple would agree, the Republican "grace" in accepting their "defeats"--including Bush's nervous, annoyed press conference (and his "dig" at Rove's lack of actions during the campaign) are only the usual Capitol Hill Theater, dahling...nothing that happens in politics is an accident, and it really IS about 2008.

WHY was Rove in view anyway? How often is that the case?

You probably heard that the knives are out for Nancy Pilosi, and I don't doubt it. The names of the soon-to-be-seated Dem-led Congress are on many a blackmailer's list already.

The arm-twisting began at lunch today no doubt. Of course, when Bush called Pilosi to congratulate her, there was an interesting midpoint picture at MC at that moment (7:15 am, 11.8.06, Washington DC):

Moon/Mars = MC: a woman with strong principles.

So good luck to her on that.

Their Alternate Script:

That the neocons would--or could--"give up" so easily because "the American people have spoken" is about as lame and laughable as it can possibly be so SO'W must file that ditty in the Swamp-Land-For Sale-in-Florida category. Only someone who'd "buy" the Brooklyn Bridge could believe any of their tripe on this--certainly the American people speaking or voting have never bothered them before.

I don't truly believe we've had a voice since at least 1963's coup with JFK's assassination. We've been set up ever since.

Strauss was born in 1899--his minions have been at work a long time and the current jokers have inherited a huge network of connections and operatives worldwide passed down through several generations of win-at-any-cost-ers.

That's what Maher is talking about--the Scientology model which is really the Machiavellian model--do you believe that the ends justify the means?
Then the murder-at-will door is left open for any crook, deviant, or psychopath to walk through. That they reign in Washington is no surprise, and both sides of the aisle are subject to their control--even if they're not on the payroll, they're on the payroll.


They have ALL twisted the system into this shape...Ds and Rs--all are in on the lucrative joke, and the ones who aren't won't be around for long.

It was Frederick the Great who said something along the lines of: my people and I have come to an understanding: they are to say what they want, and I am to do what I want.

If that's not the neocon regime's attitude, I don't know what is. Except the 'saying' is under more scrutiny now than ever before a la Bush, and the NWO chugs along.

Yes, old Leo is the so-called father of neoconservatism...and the current crop of dastards are behind the scenes working just as much against the common good as they were before the American people "spoke" this week.

May they be Unmasked at their every turn--and Bill Maher's article is a good peep-eye! at their true and hideous nature. Forewarned is forarmed.

It is such a dream world we live in.

11.9.06 10:28 pm est


On Scientology:

11.10.06: Note to "Anonymous" commenter of the Scientology persuasion: my tendency to publish anonymous comments has recently ended, and while I applaud your right to defend your faith, you'll have to be more forthcoming than to call Bill Maher a bigot and hide behind "Anonymous." Your comment is filed in the hit-and-run folder.

As far as the science fiction + religion blend goes, it's suitable for satire, as I'm sure you've noticed before now. Imho, it's no better or much worse than the you-need-a-priest vatican mumbo jumbo, yet as I've written here before, some of the kindest people I've known all through my life have been of that religious persuasion.

I don't like to confuse the true believer with the shell-gamers at the top.

So it's religious hierarchies which keep their true motives close to their vests which interest me, and if your religion has meant a lot to you and aided you in any way, I'm sincerely glad.

Certainly I have no particular love of the psychiatric profession, but I should tell you that making strong statements such as Tom Cruise made in his Matt Lauer (sp?) interview and elswhere is no way to be taken seriously--in fact, it alienates (no pun intended.)

You see, I have a firm view on "UFOs" and believe them to be quite different phenomena than Mr Hubbard espoused to his bank account's credit (I refer primarily to his book sales.) If you've heard of straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel you'll know basically where I stand on Scientology...and mind control of the gullible pretty much covers the rest. -jc

Thomas Jefferson said:

"A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles. It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt...If the game runs sometimes against us at home we must have patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake."

Nov 8, 2006

Dawn of a New Day: Nov 8 2006

As Democratic Saturn hung over the Capitol Building at sunrise today, Pres Bush's natal Venus, recently visited by said Saturn was feeling lonely and unloved. He deserves it.

Asteroid, Minerva (wisdom) is there, too...hopefully an archetype Nancy Pelosi will bring with her. But she might want to can the "most honest, most ethical" slogan though...angels' wings may be needed for that, but we can hope.

We-the-People, Moon 25Gem26, was in the 8th house of taxes, debt, insurance, legacies, transformation, and death.

Sun 15Sco56 arose heralded by contentious Mars at the "A drowning man rescued" degree, causing your reluctant astrologer (moi) to wonder who was being saved--Bush whose Iraq mess is more than he can handle (for you can't solve problems using the same thinking that caused them, and Bush is a one-note kinda guy) or is it YOU, Lieberman? (props to Jon Stewart.)

Rx Mercury at 16Sco52 rises next and still indicating recounts, VA in particular, it seems, but we'll see. Will Macaca Allen have his sway? And then there's Montana's outcome still teetering as I type, 8:00 am.

Venus 18Sco54 is next to rise in square to Bush's natal Venus. If rising Venus is taken for Nancy Pelosi, the first-ever female Speaker of the House, we may expect the blockages and obstacles typical of the square aspect, but much developmental energy is possible as well between Bush's values/relationships and Pelosi's.

And money issues are a province of Venus with raising the minimum wage high on Dems' agenda and Bush desperate to stop it for his corporate fiends (not a typo.)

Also rising: guru-moneybags Jupiter 26Sco31 with his Jupiter Mantra in tow ("every day in every way I'm getting better and better"), but the overconfident prosecution of the Iraq War will be in play, as we may expect.

Jupiter's word picture, "27Sco":

"A military band marches noisily through the streets" = POMP...

keynote: The aggressive glorification of cultural values.

Rudhyar goes on to explain that "Our aggressive, tense Western civilization is indeed in opposition to the natural spontaneity and instinctive adjustment to nature of tribal societies."

The Sun/Asc degree, the WHAT of the chart..."A girl's face breaking into a smile" =

keynote: The fervent reaching out on the part of the young at heart to new experiences (young = Mercury, Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini--did younger voters turn out?)

keyword: a glowing WARMTH OF FEELING...Rudhayar goes on to say "Smiling is perhaps a uniquely human characteristic because it implies a conscious acceptance of relationship, thus a choice.

Interestingly, the midpoint between Mercury/Uranus is opposite the US natal Sun, so therefore opposite Bush's natal Sun, Merc/Uran = Sun: quick adjustment to new circumstances. Yup!

But, as Noel Tyl says, this picture can also mean: up-to-speed; able to create the surprising move. Will Bush pull his fat at least partially out of the fire? Some people are still betting on him....another "we'll see."

Well, there's much more info in the sunrise chart, the Dawn of a New Day, everything changed, but I'm getting set up now for Bush's best happy-face spin at 1:00 pm today, last I heard.

Now 1:00 pm seems a little tardy, but I guess he needs to practice in front of his mirror (wonder what he sees? Is there an image to behold?) so he can get out in front of the people as he grasps the bully pulpit--for he's a bully and a preacher in his own mind--and mention the war on terror, Iraq, and any other thing he can delusionally cling to. But America is "fed up with rosy pictures" at last.

Admitting that most of us hate his guts will not be on his concession agenda...and at the White House, at 1:00 pm est, Neptune "18AQ": "A man unmasked" degree will be rising...fat lot o'good it seems to do the nation.

11.8.06 8:16 am est


Nov 7, 2006

The burning bush of Bush

So far Bush's ineptitude and culpability are affecting the outcomes of the midterm elections--it's 11:03 pm est, and Tavis Smiley says CA polls have "just closed"--so here's a SO'W post from June called The burning bush of Bush which you may find somewhat interesting if you've not come across it before, and coming from Andriano Carelli's book on degree symbolism.

Be sure to read all three degrees: 8, 9, and 10 Leo esp 10 Leo which describes a scythe pattern in the sky forming now and coming to fruition in 2007. Sounds like the scythe may be in operation for the GOP already...a turn-of-fortunes kind of harvest in play and with more to come.

And Neptune continues to hang out at the "A man unmasked" degree, in the Sabian Symbols.

11:13 pm--Tavis announces that the Dems have taken the House--Nancy Pelosi at the helm, it seems. Perhaps we'll be able to recognize our government again with checks and balances restored, I hope. America is sending a message to Washington, but she'd better get back more in return than empty rhetoric and slogans.

Sending out a BIG SO'W Congratulations to all winners tonight! Tag, you're it.

11.7.06 11:22 pm est


Caving In In London

Revealed: cave that's bigger than London Eye ...maybe they'll find bin Laden under London.

Hope you've read HuffPo's National Referendum article today. Just checked the link and they've changed the article's title to VOTE.

"Can any reasonable man be well disposed toward a government which makes war and carnage the only means of supporting itself?" -- Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804) Source: at the US Constitutional Convention #

Well I'm not, are you?

And may I also recommend for conversation with top political bloggers Troy S. and David McGill...beginning at 7:00 pm this evening. Stop by!

Gotta motor--the booth awaits!

11.7.06 10:23 am


Nov 6, 2006

Oil Blackmail and George Bush

Today in some of his stumpy speechifying--a little on the slurred side, mind you--Bush admitted a connection between his Iraq "policy"--specifically his Iraq War misadventure--and OIL.

Is this, as an NPR commentator just intoned, an admission that his administration's energy policy is bankrupt? Bush said that if the US leaves Iraq, the terroists get the oil.

Now I would point out along with others that terroists and Mid-Eastern governments already have the oil. And I've always said that breaking up the blackmarket in oil between Saddam (and perhaps others) and certain European nations (and perhaps others) was part of the Bush-Cheney dice-rolling in their rush to invade Iraq.

If Bush is on the ropes and stuck in the mud as he's been acting recently, his admission may be the first step in his recovery toward reality (just kidding.)

Or he could be careening off the wagon...the truth of the bottle slurring out.

Either way, he's shown himself to be the big f*ck-up that 50% of the American people said he was back in 1999 and 2000.

And with only one nag in the race--named America--it's no cause for S'OW to celebrate as Bush stumbles and falls. As he goes so goes the nation.

So thanks, Andrew Sullivan and the rest of you who are johnny-come-latelys to the Bush-is-a-f*ck-up party. Sullivan says he began to doubt Bush "3 weeks in" to the Iraq War at his Mission Accomplished hubristic display. Funny, but I'm a con-prog myself--a progressive with traditional Christian values--and Bush didn't fool me at any time.

After all, the Corporatism train has been on track for years, and Chiron/Pluto will have their way, even if it kills several thousand underlings.

The divide-and-conquer "Rs vs Ds" is and has been illusory and harmful to this nation. And it's erudite, influential people like Mr.Sullivan who have enabled Bush and Co to have their way with the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the military industrial complex, the finances...and with the truth.

"..putting Bossy at the helm was not so smart", said Lim over at Lim's Limericks so even a limerick-writing cat coulda told ya.

But hey--join the party now that it's painfully obvious to all but the grossly gullible!

America's only hope for restoring the checks and balances that have served her so well is with tomorrow's election, and I PRAY she--or 51% of her--won't be fooled again by these self-serving, short-sighted fools...Trickster Rove's treachery notwithstanding.

11.6.06 8:20 pm est


midterm fever: Zell backs Perdue

Yes, it's true! Wacky Zell Miller is backing Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue for re-election.

With well-produced tv ads, sword-wielder Zell, who fancies himself Zorro, touts Perdue against Mark Taylor. I watched their televised debate yesterday, and wasn't impressed with either candidate in the ethical department, but I can say this: if Zorro Zell is under the impression that his support can sway anyone, he's goofier than I previously thought.

Just thought I'd mention my home state elections since my ancestors moved here from VA before the Revolution (the Barnett and Crawford crowd)--my point being that I care about rubber-stamper Perdue's Republican connections to Washington and his self-enriching land deals with their reach-around legislations--and isn't it amusing that Zell still insists he's a Democrat? Can a pack have two jokers?

note: apologies if I've misspelled Sonny's name (P-U-rdue?)'s because all his ads use "Sonny" to give him that down-home flavor. Well, at least he uses Sonny, not Sunny.

SO'W Reminder: VOTE!! bin Laden prefers Republicans--it justifies his life's work-- which is a good enough reason to VOTE them out. Rs could've caught him but they let him escape--now we have perpetual war, not justice for 9/11--is this what you want for your children? War-mongerers and deficit spenders?

And the financial situation is much worse than most of the American public knows or wants to know--but don't let the hard decisions keep you from facing the music. Yes, I know that many of the Ds are enablers and more, but they're our only hope for a better course and a New Perspective...please VOTE Nov 7.

11.6.06 10:41 am


Nov 5, 2006

Mercury Transit and Rx for midterm elections

TRANSIT OF MERCURY: On Wednesday, Nov. 8th, Mercury will pass directly in front of the sun. The rare transit will be visible from the Americas, Hawaii and all around the Pacific Rim. It begins at 2:12 p.m. EST (11:12 a.m. PST) and lasts for nearly five hours.

Because Mercury is so small, only a tiny fraction of the sun will be covered. So don't stare at the sun on Wednesday; it will be as blinding as ever. Instead, try to view the event through a properly-filtered solar telescope. Mercury's tiny, jet-black silhouette passing in front of solar prominences, filaments and sunspots should be a marvelous sight.

Visit for observing tips and links to live webcasts. #

Looking at the Mercury Transit chart for Nov 8, 2:12 pm, Capitol Building:

we see a rising Uranus 10Pis52 Rx = technology, Rx = recounts?; change and reform? rebellion and disruption? *Power outages, since Uranus = lightening and electricity?

ASC 11Pis30 with MC 19Sag43, transformative Pluto 25Sag08, direct in 10th house of Career and Public Status.

I'm relating this fairly rare Transit of Mercury across the Sun (leader) to the midterm elections for obvious timely reasons. And Mercury relates to paper "trails", agreements, and as such, esp since only a hapless dolt can expect smooth running from this highly contentious melee with its hackable voting machines and its win-at-all-costs participants.

North Node, with its connection to the Public (bwo the Moon) is in first house and rising, NN 23Pis56. In horary charts, NN in first house would be considered a fortunate thing!

2:12 pm: At this Moon Hour of changes, an out-of-bounds Moon is able to act of her own accord without interference from the other energies--so will the Public hold sway? Moon is also at a critical 29th degree, 29Gem41, and as you know, communicative Gemini is often of two minds, which expresses mightily our polarized population...polarized by the "divide and conquer" model of politicians everywhere.

Wherever we find Gemini we find multiplicity (many many ballots to count?) and sometimes duplicity. In our dualistic world--also signified by Gemini, sign of the Twins--energies will express, if not within ourselves, then in our outer environment.

Sounds like good times , doesn't it?

With the 29 degree Moon vibrating at high frequency and anxious to reach Cancer (home), and with 00Can00 being a World Point, the implications for the midterm elections and symbolism of Mercury (young person, as well as messenger or communication) "crossing" the Sun (leader) in Scorpio, sign of big business, secrets, hidden organizations, and The Eagle (USA), we may expect interesting developments between now and the end of the year.

And that's not even counting 2007's Saturnian Scythe which seems to be "After" Rumfeld at the moment. And perhaps that's some of the meaning of the first-time-in-our-history US natal Mars' retrograde station now in effect--since this past July--military (Mars) problems with perhaps the head Martian--Rumsfeld--being stalemated, as we're now witnessing.

Will the young people of America desert the Republican tugboat-to-nowhere but military service and perpetual war?

Plus, Monday, tomorrow, the active-duty officers' article comes out in several military journals calling for Rummy's ouster.

Now here are the Sabian Symbols for some of the pertinent degrees in the Mercury Transit chart and their shadow/unconscious/Illumination Point pictures as well...first from Marc Edmund Jones, then Dane Rudhyar's info:

(MEJ) Moon "30Gem": "Bathing beauties upon a beach"> CHARM =

pos: a special capacity for bringing the familiar desires and interests to an enduring representation of worthiness;

neg: regression to childish vanities.

(DR) "30Gem": "A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds">

keynote: The setting of social standards through personal excellence and competition;

keywords: The SHOW is over. Now comes the hour of decision (yep.)

Illumination Point (the opposite degree), "30Sag": "The Pope"> SANCTITY = an effective and spectacular sacrifice of self in some enduring service to the race at large;

neg: inordinate love of self-display and surrender to a lust for power (in politics? Go on!)

(DR) "30Sag": "The pope blessing the faithful">

keynote: The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the Invisible Community of the spirit is built;

keywords: PERSONALIZED WORSHIP. It can be a blessing, or in some cases, a curse.

Mercury's Transit degree which is also the Sun's degree obviously:

(MEJ) "17Scor": "A woman the father of her own child"> NUCLEATION =

pos: an illimitable self-potentiality with effective spiritual or ideal as well as practical or everyday orientations;

neg: a characteristically anarchistic self-sufficiency.

Illumination Point: "17Tau": "A battle between the swords and the torches"> RESOLUTION =

pos: high organizational skill and an ability to bring the magic of understanding to any specific difficulty;

neg: a loss of self-competence through the conflicting compulsions of necesity and desire.

(DR) "17Tau": "A symbolical battle between "swords" and "torches">

keynote: Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the "Great War."

keywords: This is the dharma of this stage of human evolution: a stage of POLARIZATION OF VALUES...salvation is attained through the emergent individual's readiness to face all issues as if there were only two opposed sides. #

Well, we've had gracious plenty polarization of late, but that's what the Symbols are saying...kind of reminds me of the ongoing shifting of the magnetic poles which may just be part of the global warming issue...and magnetism relates to that progressive Uranus again!

11.5.06 10:41 pm est


"The trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and the most rascally individuals of mankind." -- Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

(US politicians are tradesmen all right.)

*power outages may handily describe those who will lose their seats of power, too.

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones; An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar; both available from

Nov 4, 2006

as the Perle worm turns

E pluribus unum, says the banner from which I swiped this graphic with Bush, Cheney, Rice, and half of Rummy showing...the Latin phrase didn't save at all, but we know these cabalists are hoping to stick together in spite of more calls for Rumsfeld's firing.

In Vanity Fair magazine's January issue, Richard Perle, who chaired a committee of Pentagon advisers early in the Bush administration and who advocated the invasion of Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein, says he "probably would have said, 'Let's consider other strategies for dealing with the thing that concerns us most, which is Saddam supplying weapons of mass destruction to terroists.'"

Is this a veiled attempt to promote the "Saddam has WMD and will pass them on to terroists" excuse for Bush's war? And simultaneously an overt attempt to get himself off the hook for enthusiastically advocating an illegal ruse of a war?

Perle continues to turn against Bush and his other buds with his selective observance that then-National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice "did not serve Bush properly." As if Bush listened to any but the voices in his head along with the voices of Perle, Cheney, and the now-vilified Rumsfeld--and Rove through the walky-talky system of presidential pontification!

I suspect the token Rice was waa-a-ay down on Bush's listening is blaming Condi another veiled attempt to protect the embattled Bush who could use Perle to run interference?

Is this yet another--gasp!--propaganda set-up from the White House to the gullible?

After all, if Rummy goes, Dick might go, then Bush's White House--which has been a House of Cards all along--might blow away on the winds of change with its lonely occupant/usurper inside. Reminds me of my Aug 4 Lim's Limericks post of "ill-gotten AND ill-fated?" As in, however something begins is how it will end --and No Exceptions from the Universe, even for a self-styled elitist like George Bush.

It's the Planning, Execution, Dimming Prospects, Stupid:

On Monday, Nov 6, an article comes out calling for the firing of Rumsfeld (soon to be Rumsfled?) by the Miltary Times Media Group which publishes, among other periodicals, the Army Times.

In fact, they issued such a statement Friday (Nov 3) calling for the Game of Rummy to End (my words, their idea), due to misgivings among active-duty military leaders about the war's planning, execution, and "dimming prospects for success." That covers it rather well, plus, they're not retired, they're active, so they should know.

This is, no doubt, making Rummy very-very angry for he cannot use the "they're retired, what do they know?" defense this time. What will he devise to cover his patootie? Is it too late for Rummy patootie-covering? He's a tough old bird just like Robert McNamara before him, and he has (the teetering) George Bush to brace him up with the disasterous war to point its boney finger at his culpable snoot.

Kenneth "Cakewalk" Adelman turns too:

As you know, Adelman served on the Defense Policy Board that informally
advised Bush on war matters. Adelman now is describing himself as "crushed" by Rumsfeld's performance.

Just think how the dead and the maimed (and their families) feel, Mr. Cakewalk, thanks to you and your brash, informal, self-serving ideas and ill-fated plans which The Whole World Begged You to think better of? NOW you think better in your criticisms meant to deflect the blame from your door, and SO'W ain't buying...

so move along, no loitering allowed, Mr. Cakewalk--you're little but a crushed and Miffed Muffin now.

Now there are many people who should be brought up on charges--war criminals reside in America as well as in Sudan, Iraq, and many spots over the globe. Yet as long as some of us are snug in our cushy digs, we overlook their past actions and misdirected adventures, speculations, and dice-rolling--as long as the game is played and the mayhem ensues "somewhere else."

But Don't Relax just yet:

Rippling through the world and the Universe, terror is raising its ugly head apace--as in centuries past, as in France 1790s (see my post on Robespierre), and it's up to civilized folk everywhere to say, enough is more than enough. Let he who fights fight he who fights, and stand out of their way. It's like the good news about suicide bombers--they can only commit mayhem once, and like shooting stars, they're gone forever...and good riddance to bad rubbish.

It's just "Monday morning quarter-backing", says White House spokeman belittlingly:

So what started today's mish-mash? AP's Conservatives Challenge Iraq Policy but sometimes, dear newly-minted Con Critics o'Bush, "better late than never" is, on so many levels, so very-very late...and trillions of dollars short.

11.4.06 1:44 pm est


Nov 3, 2006

Oh SNAP! Cheney on ABC Sunday

Vice President Dick Cheney, in an interview taped for airing Sunday on ABC, conceded the war may not be popular with the public. Still, he said, "It doesn't matter in the sense that we have to continue the mission and do what we think is right.... We're not running for office. We're doing what we think is right."

WHAT THEY THINK IS RIGHT? Is that right? If they tell it, it's no lie, if you will. Puh. Antinomianism simply drips from his snarl, doesn't it?

And after speechifyin' Bush called upon God Almighty to save his biscuits, it should come as no surprise--and I know it does not--that Cheney can actually say out loud in a tv interview that it doesn't matter if the war is popular with the people who are paying for it--you know--the ones for whom Dick waged war in their name? (sic.)

A question: HOW could a war be popular with anyone but those who are not in harm's way (Dick and his family) and with those making millions and millions more from war-profiteering? (That would be his nibs again.)

Well, I'll just have to look for Dick this Sunday, on ABC. I want to hear it out of the horse's orifice.

And have you seen Tavis Smiley's interview with Scott Ritter? Seems that anyone who prefers that Bush & CO NOT BOMB Iran should vote the Rs out of office asap, aka November 7 midterms upcoming. So put on your coat, get out there and Vote...perhaps it's not too late to restore a glimmer of sanity to Washington.

Sheesh, I miss living there, for all its problems, woes, and craziness.

11.3.06 11:57 pm est


Say Hi and Bye to Rep Bob Ney

If he acted as promised, Bob Ney tendered his letter of resignation this afternoon to the Speaker of the House--"at 4:00 or 4:30 pm."

Using Ney's sunrise chart, born July 5, 1954, Wheeling West VA, we see his natal Sun is same as the USA's and George Bush's natal Sun within one degree. Ney has Mercury 14Can04 Rx, with Jupiter on the other side of the Sun at 9Can26--whoo! Lots of self-protective, often crabby Cancer, isn't it? Canny though...or was, until October 13 when he was forced to plead guilty to making false statements and conspiracy to commit fraud in league with Jack Abramoff.

Mercury "speaks for" his Sun in Cancer in a Cancerian (self-dramatizing, self-protective) way, so he talks and communicates like a Cancer. And with Uranus in Cancer he behaves like a Cancer. (Wonder if he likes seafood?)

He acts/desires (Mars) as an idealistic Sagittarian--this particular sunrise occurred during a Mars hour with an out-of-bounds Mars (a maverick able to act outside the other energies of his chart), emphasized by Mars being retrograde, plus, feisty Mars is at a critical, crisis-ridden 29th degree.

Mars at "30Sag": "The pope blessing the faithful." This degree can be a blessing or a curse, says Dane Rudhyar, in his An Astrological Mandala.

Ney's sentencing is set, last I heard, for January 19,'07, and he could receive up to 27 months and $500,000 in fines. Is that all for all his crookery and for selling out the public trust? These charletans in the last several years have turned "public trust" into quite the joke, haven't they?

So even with his birth time unknown, we may safely consider Mr. Ney's Sun/Moon personality blend because the Moon was in Virgo for the whole 24-hour period. So let's have at it, shall we?

Sun Can/Moon Virgo:

This water-earth blend is reflective and attentive, loyal, dutiful, yet timid. There is a yearning to be appreciated and understood but shyness may take over and a talent for analyzing others is indulged instead.

Rationalizing needs keeps them at bay, plus a certain puritannical streak may be evident. There's a clear-headed and conscientious concern for others, a refined charm, and an unflagging moral integrity (hmm-m-m...)

Family is very important and there my be a fussiness in the domestic scene. Relationships are not lightly entered, and a committed relationship brings out a loving nature.

A tendency toward self-criticism leads to anxiety and depleted confidence and there can be a narrow-minded and self-righteous clinging to rules and right procedure in an attempt to establish security and authority (a "poltician"--jc); a self-effacing attitude may be used to mask the assumed self-righteousness.

Images: A wine taster makes pointed comments, restrained accolades...A health visitor weighs an infant with tender precision...The 'perfect' mother.

If you click the chart to enlarge, you'll find Ney's Prenatal Eclipse Series (PE), 10South, 8Can10, which is about breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope or options can be seen. This series last occurred in 1990, next occurrence in 2008 (Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady, to be found at

(Enlarging will also show My Bad: I neglected to complete, Hour of___ = Mars, as stated.)

The outside chart you see is for Nov 3, 2006, 4:00 pm, Moon rising, on Capitol Hill.

Transit Saturn 24Leo07 (loss/Saturn of leaders/Leo) has been stomping upon Ney's Pluto, PLANET of power and transformation. This Saturn conjunction has transformed his power all right--Saturn bringing loss where his lessons of responsibility and realism have not been heeded properly, and so we reap what we grimly is determined by past actions and how we handled the authority we were privileged to attain.

The transiting pile-up of Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury Rx, and Jupiter have recently bowled through Ney's Saturn/Neptune in loose conjunction, and as you know, the Saturn/Neptune pair signify several things on many levels, not the least of which can be loss, weakness, grief, and torment as Neptune undermines all of Saturn's hard work. Saturn is solid and Neptune nebulous and foggy--a difficult combo of planets to direct properly for anyone.

So often, having Saturn (and perhaps Neptune) in 10th house of Career is a signature for "fall from grace", so Mr.Ney may have this in his natal chart, if his correct birth time is used. In fact, if his chart is imaginatively "flipped" to put Sat/Nep in 10th house, it would possibly give tr SN (separation; breaking of ties and associations) conjunct the newly-created MC rather than as now with tr NN--with its associative and joining qualities--at MC/Career Point. Just a thought, esp since he's being forcibly separated from his Career and Public Status by jail time and ignominy.

Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon (birth times are known) both have Saturn in 10th house--ability to reach high ambitions with Saturn being strong in his natural 10th house of Capricorn--but if not held in high regard, Old Man Saturn's scythe--and a humongous Scythe is now forming amongst the planets in the heavens, remember--his scythe or sickle will have its way with the proud, thus causing a fall from grace in Public Status (10th house.)

Pride really does come before a fall, says Taskmaster Saturn.

Without Ney's correct birth time, this is conjecture, of course. But his fall from grace is no conjecture and I believe from studies of his sunrise chart that this is a humiliating and excruciating experience for Mr. Ney--I'm not trying to be flippant about his troubles. It would be so for any but the most hardened heart and character.

But as most people realize: our troubles are often self-created...and we must all deal with that inconvenient fact no matter where it takes us on life's path...reaping what we sow all the way!

Or, as a wise cartoon character with an Irish brogue once said on tv's Dr. Katz, "sure, and we are the otters of our own fats."

Sure, and we are.

11.3.06 9:02 pm est


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.