Dec 30, 2006

portrait: Herr Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jan 27, 1756 NS, Salzburg, Austria; died or was poisoned in 1792.


Drawing by Jude Cowell

Mozart to the World!

Listening now to the Metropolitan Opera's broadcast to the world of Mozart's THE MAGIC FLUTE.

As you know, one's natal chart continues to be transited and triggered posthumously, so how will today's big Mozart Shout-Out to the world - nearing the end of the year-long celebrations of the Maestro's 250th birthday party - be shown in his natal chart?

The music began today at 1:38 pm est, New York City, and Moon 20Tau16 was rising at the midpoint of his natal Venus/Neptune combo. Venus and Neptune separately and together indicate inspired art and music...that from-on-high style he is well-noted for.

If you read my previous post on Mozart from January, it'll spill the beans on Mozart's Harmonic signature (H5 = creativity known for its Style) as I wish him Happy 250th Maestro!

Rising...Venus/Neptune = Moon: reveling in love ideals; a dreamy nature; a chaotic emotional life; being easily influenced or misled by others; a renouncing, unhappy, or disappointed woman.

The pairing of Venus with Neptune relates to art and music, of course, and Moon = the Public, or Publicity.

(As always with midpoint pictures, they operate on an 'all, some,or none' level.)

Well! This could relate to someone at the Met today - or since I sometimes work on an ongoing study of Mozart's death, it could relate to his life 'then' and esp to a woman in his life.

Here are some other factors which stand out when relating today's performance chart with Mozart's natal chart:

Tr Chiron conjunct natal Sun "8AQ"; plus, tr Sun will conjunct natal Chiron on Jan 3, 2007...this reminds me of my previous post on Thomas Paine the day he had the same double transit between Sun and Chiron. You'll find my Thomas Paine posts--two in May '06, and one in Sept '06 in Monthly this browser it's near the bottom of the page, but I'm using an updated IE7.

(Be sure to update your browser and clear your cache in time for the New Year!)

More on today at the MET:

Tr Mars is conjunct his natal Moon/Pluto conjunction, a duo signifying "smother love" but also gifting him with deeply powerful creativity...the ability to move the masses, oh yeah uh huh! (Mozart is my all-time fave, btw.)

Natal Moon/Pluto = tr Mars: unusually great energy and a tendency to quarrel; great changes of mood; easy excitability; injuries.

Well, the intensity and originality of Uranus is now highlighted for him - he's in process of having an Uranus, he's just beyond his Saturn Half-Return (or Culmination, as I think of it), and his Nodal Half-Return--when weak relationships are broken--is on the way when tr South Node of the Moon reaches his NN 11Vir28.

The Magic Flute ended at about 3:30 pm...about 8 minutes ago, and I want to upload a drawing which I perpetrated of Herr Mozart back in the early 90s which I will do just after this post so it can welcome you who may or may not have gotten this far into my babbles...again, Happy 250th, Maestro, and...

Wishing Happy New Year to All!

Jude Cowell

And yet with Mooon squaring Saturn in the MET performance chart for today, it would seem as if the Moon (the public) is being blocked in some way by authoritative Saturn who repreents old traditions and even religions and philosophies.

Perhaps the brotherhood which Mozart joined is no more thrilled at The Magic Flute singing their secret tunes in 2006 than they were when po'd about it over 200 years ago!

Dec 29, 2006

Hussein before dawn?

Saturday 12:34 am est UPDATE from the AP: Saddam Hussein Executed for War Crimes...

Earlier post starts here:

Execution bwo hanging prior to 6 am Dec 20 in order to avoid a religious observation may be the fate of Saddam Hussein. He's another of the world's "leader in his own mind" kind of guys and the world certainly has a but*load of them lately.

Natally Hussein is characterized by a Moon/Mars conjunction which convinces its owner that only he has a right to be upset ane his temperamental impulses frequently reach madman levels. 'Easy anger' is a nice way to put it.

Are there indications in his Solar Return 2006 chart of his impending doom?

Try to get as astrologer to read death in a chart--go on, I dare ya. 99% of them won't do it--for one thing there are so many variables in a chart as well as in our complex universe.

But this case is quite different, isn't it? Confession: I have looked at Hussein's natal chart (Apr 28, 1937 NS 12:00 pm BAT -3:00 Tikrit, Iraq), the charts for Dec 29/30, 2006, Baghdad, and at his SR 2006...and there are New Moons to be seen, while the Cap Sun and Tau Moon are trining one another in the transit chart.

Morning of Dec 12:16:23 am, Baghdad, tr Moon 7Tau43 conjunct tr 8th cusp of Death--and conjunct his natal Sun. Now I'm looking at 'wesatern' charts and he would be looking at Lunar Calendar chart...yet the Moon is in the same place in the heavens and this can be called a 'new moon' of sorts...Moon to Sun.

And where is the Moon at 6:00 am--the 'deadline' for his execution, if some have their way?

Moon 11Tau05...which is his Solar Return Moon's position, 2006, which means his Solar Return '06 chart has a New Moon in 1st house of Self.

Other pertinent times are two planets rising, Dec 30: Jupiter (often active in cases of death) rises at 4:53 am; and vengeful Mars rises at 5:36 am...just before the magic 6:00 am hour.

Hussein is now in the secondary progr'd Balsamic phase (endings; partings; separation) which is the darkening of the light. He entered this phase around
Nov 14, 2004 at 27Tau28--near a couple of nasty Fixed Stars, one of which the Chinese relate to "piled up corpses"...Hussein's milieu. And he may either find himself the victim of the sword he was so fond of using against others...or perhaps he'll make a deal.

It's been my plea that he not be 'martyred' if only because it makes him too happy at the increased misery and woe which his death will escalate. Many people will see his execution as death at the hands of the invader--or at least they'll say they do--for effect.

But powerful forces in the world are wanting Hussein's voice snuffed out before he spills any inconvenient beans...and in the end, he'll be just another dictator who knew too much.

Without forgiveness the world is just an endless round of retaliation.
And with the New Year approaching: if only the contentious scrappers of the world would resolve themselves to act with dignity rather than with vengeance.


Dec 27, 2006

Human Intelligence Collectors

No, not bloggers, you silly!


Pressed in Iraq, U.S. Army turns out interrogators 26 Dec 2006 The U.S. Army has stepped up its training of interrogators to get a clearer picture of Iraq... The number of soldiers going through a 93-day course to become Human Intelligence Collectors, the army term for interrogators, has quadrupled over the past three years -- from 265 in 2003 to 1,070 in 2006 -- and is projected to rise to just over 1,500 by 2009

LegitGov also has the info on the Bush-Cheney War Machine's plan to accept more foreigners into the US armed services in exchange for citizenship...and somewhere on this blog or elsewhere you may find my assertion years ago that Bush's "come on up" attitude in his first State of the Union Address was to line up Latinos to fight his oily wars.

And I'm not the only one:

Some people saw this coming from years away, m'peops. Perpetual war a la Orwell, did you say?


Dec 26, 2006

Blair's plane misses turn in Miami

Yes, it's tempting to think there's more to the story of Blair's Plane Overshoots Miami Runway.

Well it isn't polonium-210...and there were appr 343 other passengers onboard but assassins wouldn't care about that, would they?

The real temptation stems from having a gander at the chart for tonight, Miami, Florida, 6:15 pm est...

Asc 14Can17, conjunct US and Bush natal Sun, chart-ruler Moon 26Pis36 in 9th house of foreign travel, with Moon in applying square to the Mercury (air travel)/Pluto conjunction in 6th house along with the Sun at "6Cap":

"Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods" a man may reach a THRESHOLD where he may have to pause in order to safeguard his further advance (Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala.) The pilot paused...precisely.

(The Mercury/Pluto pair have to do with cunning, craftiness, overestimation of self, zeal, and propaganda.)

Recently I posted on the transiting planets which have been opposing Mr Blair's 12th house planets, and Jupiter--usually in evidence in cases of death--is still within orb of opposing his natal Mars. Blair's natal Jupiter is at the critical, crisis-ridden 29th degree, btw.

At 6:15 pm, Neptune was in 8th house of Death and Transformation (and Other People's Money! Did he have a stash with him? ho Ho HO) with Bush's natal Asc/Desc axis on the 2nd/8th axis of the 6:15 pm chart. And so tr Chiron 7AQ25 is conjunct Bush's Desc and the 8th cusp...but interestingly at the Medina degree.

North Node (NN) 19Pis 11 is in 9th house also at the "Table set for an evening meal" degree and the WHY Point--the MC--is "5Aries": "A triangle with wings."

Now when I see a Sabian Symbol that mentions a configuration such as a triangle, I look for one in the chart and the only one I'm seeing here is the Mercury/Pluto conj trine Saturn 24Leo40Rx...the isolated the 2nd house of Money and Values.

Merc/Pluto = Saturn: exposure to heavy and bitter attacks; scepticism; separation; unrelenting pressure; insistence on point of view; driven by fear of failure; needing control. (Sounds like the usual politico stuff with squirrelly monies tossed in, doesn't it?)

Speaking of TRINES:

Then there's the specter of the so-called Bermuda Triangle, a place where people tend to disappear--in aircraft usually. No one's confirming last I heard, but the Blairs tend to favor Bermuda getaways. Perhaps that's where the offshore accounts are, hmmm-m-m-m...?

So with Bush now hiding out at the ranch in Crawford--mulling over his next move, and with quarrelsome Mars at "15Sag", also in 6th house, we see "The groundhog looking for his shadow on Groundhog Day, Feb 2" so it may be instructive to see what's afoot for Feb 2, 2007...and to look back at Feb 2, 2006 for Blair/Bush info of note. Got any?


the 110th Congress

Jan 4, 2007: what's rising at 9:30 am est at the Capitol Building? E/Inquiring minds want to know.

Neptune, planet of deception and illusion is one degree past the "A man unmasked" degree..."19AQ": "A forest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals, and sheer muscular energy"...we are shown man in action in a crucial and potentially devastating situation. There is a need for a total mobilization of energy and a deep sense of INDOMITABILITY (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala.)

Applicable also since Neptune is associated with water and chemicals.

Sounds good for the Dem Congress' touting of getting things more common-sensically under control, but it also sounds like the so-called (Uranian!) SURGE being favored by warhawks and other die-hards in hopes of saving their bacon in Iraq.

9:30 am ASC 19AQ25, Uranus 11Pis40 and North Node 18Pis10 in first house...not the most stable factors you'd like to see rising for the day with Pisces being mutable (change is being promised though, isn't it?) and NN indicating meetings/associations.

Uranus tends to bring the unexpected...and whatever you think that doesn't. But I assume that the SURGE to Baghdad must on top of the plate.

Plus, the combo of Uranus/NN = unusual, new, or sudden associations, of course.

Neptune is now opposite the unfortunate degree of the August 11, 1999 "Mother of All Eclipses"...aka the "King of Terror" Eclipse, so-dubbed centuries ago by Nostradamus.

Obviously, the "war on terror", the misbegotten and overfunded Iraq War, and other issues of waste and Speculation (big oil tax breaks, so-called "flawed leases", Katrina boondoggling and extortion, etc) will be on the Dem menu.

Democrats Eye Oil Money Conservations which will please Saturn's deep sense of conservation, if it helps the cause of energy alternatives.

At the Ic Point, the HOW or Foundation of the chart, is transiting asteroid, MIDAS of wealth and greed fame.

Tr Moon 26Can21 is in cadent 6th house and reflecting Bush's Saturn in its accountability for his poor judgment based on intuition and pie-in-the-sky over-optimism rather than on common sense...and as you know, old man Saturn insists on use of common sense and acting responsibly. That'd be a big oops for Duhbya.

Opposite MIDAS is moneybags Jupiter, significator of the Republican Party at the WHY even though Dems have broadcast that their tenure isn't about Gotcha Politics, it's difficult to see how the 110th couldn't be--esp considering who was minding the candy store the last several years and how things have turned out and down.

Jan 4, 9:30 am is just after a Full Moon which is conjuncting the US natal--and therefore George Bush's natal--Sun (purpose) and as you know, Full Moons are the Culmination stage...something has come to fruition. Is the Dem Congress taking office?

Now for the *Sun/Moon blend's Images for Integration...Sun Cap/Moon Cancer:

A politician kisses a baby without pretense...The Third Man...a Water Clock.

Whaa-a--a? A politican without pretense? Well, don't know about you but I'm suitably impressed!

A Water (Neptune; Moon in Cancer) Clock (Saturn, the Timekeeper reaping)...that's interesting esp with the forming Saturnian Scythe and Bush's isolation becoming more obvious daily.

Wonder who The Third Man will turn out to be?

UPDATE: in pinging Technorati just now I found a great blog with articles about this very thing relating the 110th Congress and the fact that the White house is being beefed big surprise to hear this: Bush Lawyering Up in expectation of more scrutiny, investigations, and possible subpoenas from the Dems...all in Saturn's province of legalisms!

fatcatpolitics is a blog previously unknown to me but I'll be checking back--esp with its sentiment I've been sharing all through our Bush Nightmare...i'm sorry world.

Well-said--and heartfelt from yours truly.

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey, available at and you may want to check out John Townley's for pertinent info on the Saturnian Scythe. It will behoove you.


Dec 24, 2006

Scaramella Arrested in Italy

Is this a Merry Christmas for Mario Scaramella?

Report: Italy Makes Arrest in Spy Case and it's Mario Scaramella who met Litvinenko Nov 1--which apparently continues to be considered the day of Litvinenko's poisoning.

Scaramella is said to have connections to the deputy chief of Russia's FSB, Viktor Komogorov--who is alleged by Chechen sources to have been conducting an investigation of Litvinenko. And Scaramella has some knowledge of radioative materials, sources say. Uh huh.

And as far as Litvinenko's deathbed accusation against Putin as his assassin, it's been suggested that this heinous deed may have been "outsourced" by the Kremlin to foreign operatives (Scaramella?) to give Putin plausible deniability...which sounds plausible to me.

The US gov is historically fond of using the plausible deniability ploy, too. We may have invented the sorry phrase, ya think?

Scaramella and Livinenko are said to have dined together at the sushi bar (oh no--it was the sushi?)...and maybe I'm OD'ing on sugar plums here, but contrary to the above headline, the article says that Scaramella has been arrested for arms trafficking and slander. Is that how they got him into custody for more questioning on the dastardly poisoning? The charges don't seem to be connected...?...oh those mesmerizing sugar plums...I gotta quit.

Well it could be worse--they could be polonium-laced sugar plums, couldn't they?

Here's the sunrise natal chart for Alexander Litvinenko Dec 4, 1962 but with chart details here where additionally you'll find a few links to this poisoning case if you need to refresh yourself on the sad details as they've happened.

The chart link actually takes you to Lim's Limericks where a reach-around was performed on behalf of SO'W one day when Blogger wouldn't upload images for SO'W. (And it won't upload them today for my Art Gallery blogs either...for which I'm pouting.)

Thanks again, Lim!


Peace On Earth

"The bad thing of war is, that it makes more evil people than it can take away."

-Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) German philosopher

Sending hopes and wishes for a Merry Season to you all and, as Sandra Bullock famously said in Miss Congeniality, what I really want is, Peace On Earth.

Now THAT would be congenial.


NEW BLOG UPDATE: Looking for some new Astrology/Political blogs to read?

You can't go wrong with Astrology Talk which is a well-organized blog written for non-astrologers and astrologers alike;

then there's Learning Curve on the Ecliptic which is on a search for Rational Astrology (ah hah! a Saturnian as am I!) and may just veer into current events, art, and travel, among other things.

And the excellent astrologer Dan Cuiboda now has his free software Configuration Hunter ready for downloading. Configuration Hunter is designed to make easier the time-consuming practice (even with computers!) of our beloved hoary-pated Astrology.

Find those Grand Trines and Crosses in a flash with Dan's wonderful program!

Plus, you may wish to visit Dan's blog Living Astrology to check out his new idea for using Seconday Progressed Moon with Solar Returns.

Happy Astrology Reading, m'peops!!! Jude

Dec 23, 2006

Sen Jim Webb and Dubya have speaks

From Editor & Publisher:

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Sen. Jim Webb Says Story on Rift with Bush 'Emanated from the White House' for it seems George Bush is very testy these days with more than his usual hyper-sensitivity to criticism.

And yet it's Jim Webb with a son fighting in the Middle East, not George Bush who has made no appreciable personal sacrifices to the war at all, that I've heard of.

Have you?

According to his nibs, he hasn't lost one minute of sleepin' worrying about the way things might have been. Mr. Jupiterian, the eternal optimist, proud graduate of Pocketliner U.

Here you may wish to read my November post on the natal chart of Jim Webb who may be shaking hands around Washington DC long after George Bush has faded away.


Iraq sues over oil-for-food kickbacks

Iraqis Sue Over Oil-For-Food Prgram...well, the oil-for-food chickens are coming home to roost for Bank BNP Paribas and for Australia's AWB Limited for paying billions in bribe money to Saddam Hussein's, government.

BNP is headquartered in Paris, France but has offices in the U.S. including in New York.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Manhatttan, allegations and accusations are flying (along with the feathers) that the Iraqi people of Dokuk, Irbil, and Sulaimaniyah did not receive the benefits to which they were entitled due to brazen kickbacks and bribes which instead benefited Hussein and the bigwigs of BNP and AWB from June 10, 1999--June 3, 2003. Hmm-m-m... (insert chin stroking...)

The oil-for-food prgram has been a bee under the SO'W bonnet since Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq to break up the game, and I hope the cauldron is stirred well by this lawsuit.

Let's see...there's the International Emergency Economic Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

While they're at it, a few other folks could easily come under scrutiny through their overstepping the boundaries of these laws, couldn't they?


Oh--and another #2 to bin Laden was perhaps killed Tuesday and the US military waited until today to make sure he was dead. Al-Qaeda says he's alive. The usual.


Dec 21, 2006

Winter Solstice 2006

While it was my intention to post on this evening's Winter Solstice over the White House, my week has been impossible--the week before Christmas is my busiest of the year in the real world.

Plus, you'll find many of my esteemed colleagues have excellent info concerning the Solstice from many angles...go to my Links List and you'll find a treasure of astrological possibilities.

Yet I cannot resist mentioning some factors relating to Washington DC, George Bush, and the Solstice 2006 chart which I am not posting...mainly because it's quicker not to--it's now 7:10 pm est and the Sun reaches 00Cap00:00 at 7:22 pm...just 11 minutes from now!

Using the White House as locality, the Sun has just entered 5th house of Speculations and Creative Projects....Speculations probably being the operative word here. Sun is chart-ruler with 3Leo09 rising which puts Sun and (the isolated) Saturn in mutual reception--able to help one another. They are separating from a lovely trine aspect (120 degrees.)

Saturn 24Leo50 Rx is conjunct 2nd cusp 24Leo02, and so values, money, and relationships are under Saturn's grim rays.

Applying Aspects of the Sun:

1. semi-square Neptune (2A49)...a minor aspect of irritation; may have a health connotation;

2. conjunct Mercury (9A07)...a meeting, a speech...Bush has an important one coming up in January, perhaps the most important of his career.

7:22 pm est is a Jupiter Hour so Jupiter-ruled issues will be prominent--codified religions, philosophy, money, expansion (such as expanding the armed forces?), etc.

And how about the Solstice Moon? Also in Capricorn, the Moon is at the NWO degree (Uranus conj Neptune, 1993)> "18Cap": "The Union Jack flag flies from a British destroyer"...keynote: the protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.

Keywords: POLITICAL POWER. And, as we know, Capricorn is the sign of politics, law, business, and authority. It's double Capricorn time.

There is a Grand Trine, if you don't mind including two planets with Mc, the Career and Public Status angle...and I don't:

Mercury/Saturn = Mc: wrapped up in one's own ideas and plans; the urge to philosophize; traveling;

Mercury/Mc = Saturn: abandoning one's previous aims; pessimism; separation;

Saturn/Mc = Mercury: brooding; concentrating on oneself; thoughts of separation; melancholy.

With Saturn and Mc relating to Capricornian issues, and with George Bush becoming more isolated as the Saturnian Scythe continues forming, it may be safe to say these midpoint pictures describe our misguided and misguiding "leader." Thing is, the Solstice Chart is good for the next few months and will include the Scythe which will perfect in early 2007.

Yet, Jupiterian Bush will still be feeling on the bold side as the Solstice Sun arises with Fixed Star, Altair; keywords: to explore; to be bold; to be determined. Determined in his stubbornness, is George Bush who is very very bold--with other people's lives.

A significant point in the Solstice Chart set for the White House is the HOW Point--the Ic, or Foundation of the chart (also Endings; the Drain.) Conjunct Ic we find SIGMA, the Scribe, and asteroid Juno, the Wife archetype but which also has keywords: the abused, or the abuser.

Will there be an ending in a wifely relationship?

(You may know that the angles of this chart are quite close to the angles of Bush's natal chart, btw...which makes the 2006 Solstice even more personal to his nibs himself.)

Solstice Mars is at 11Sag14, the degree of the Chiron/Pluto conjunction of Dec 30, 1999...Chiron/Pluto of plutocracy and oppression fame, fyi.

Chiron and Pluto lined up in parallel in mid-August 2004 with the Iraq War fiasco of George Bush well underway. Mars as trigger to this point isn't very comforting to a worrywart like this reluctant astrologer esp with Mars being the god of war, and Bush thinking about sending more troops into the melee of hell he helped to create.

The Sabian Symbol for Mc (WHY Point) may be pertinent, or at least we should face it, I think:

"21Aries"..."A pugilist entering the ring": keynote: the release and glorification of social aggressiveness. Keywords: OVERWHELMING POWER. Which is what the neocon chickenhawks assumed the US invincibly had--before they squandered it, that is.

Now they want to squander more--will you let them? Shock and Awe deja-vu?

Well all I can think of is Bush sending more US troops into the energy vortex that is the Middle East. Somebody stop him...please.

Some interesting Midpoints in this chart:

Sun/Mars = Mercury; readiness for action; the desire to bring plans to fruition; the thinking fighter at work or a leader in a struggle;

Neptune/Mc = NN: sharing bad intentions with others; bad company; unpleasant associations;

Moon/Mars = SUN: consciousness of objective; prosperity through cooperation; the union between husband and wife (there's the wife again);

Moon/Jup = Pluto: a desire to start a great enterprise (uh oh); an extraordinary and unusual striving for wealth and possessions.

Mars/Neptune = Venus: danger of infection; misdirected passions; perversions.

Images for Integration: Sun Cap/Moon Cap: A hoary old grandfather sits in his chair with his grandson on his knee. He gives him a gift for his 7th birthday--a first edition of Pilgrim's Progress. Progress?

Some of the negative traits of this Cap/Cap blend are: a lop-sided focus on self-advancement; self-centeredness. The positive includes clear-headedness---kind of like Bush's touting himself as now being clear-eyed! (Puh!)

And here's a quote from philosopher William James, who shares this Sun/Moon blend natally:

To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them gratified.

Now wouldn't that be refreshing if Bush gave up his?


Midpoints from Ebertin's Combination of Stellar Influences; Sun/Moon blend info from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Dec 20, 2006

Platitude deja-vu from Bush 12.21.06

This from

Walk for Change: January 3rd and 4th in Washington DC

Walk the halls of Congress with Gold Star Families for Peace, led by Cindy Sheehan. Let's tell the members of the 110th congress what is expected of them from Day 1: an immediate exit strategy from Iraq.

We will insist that all funding for the war stop immediately and money in the pipeline be spent to rebuild Iraq. We will insist that hearings begin immediately into Bushco's crimes against humanity and the lies he told to the American people. We will demand IMPEACHMENT.

Learn more, sign up, find a ride, find a room:

Sounds like it's stop the money you'll stop the war. Stop the hemorrhaging of America!

And with asteroid Niobe, the grieving mother, now traveling in tandem with Mars, planet of war, you see Cindy Sheehan invading the halls of Congress--halls she owns as well as the rest of us Americans in spite of the besmirching they've received through the years.

Today in the Old Executive Office Building:

Bush spoke this morning (he just finished with a flourish at 10:51 am est) from the Indian Treaty Room of the Old Executive Office Building because of White House Christmas decorations (the show's the thing! Such sensitivity.)

Uttering the same platitudes and not overruling overriding his commanders if they told him more troops to Iraq was a bad idea (so he'll send them, thanks--from whence I know not), he said that what his commanders say is important to me. A little flip-flopping going on, George? Actually, it's all theater, dahling...he and his energy baron pals are doing exceptionally well,'s your musket, America.

(And they're about to corner the switch grass market from the sound of it. Sombody needs to take a switch to 'em. And switch out Bush'n'Cheney while we're at it.)

As deceptive Neptune was rising (10:29/10:30 am) at the A man unmasked degree, Bush was non-answering about Cheney's being called to testify in the Scooter Libby trial. Bush said, no, I read it in the newspaper today--that's an interesting piece of news and that's all I'm going to say about an ongoing investigation.

Read it in the newspaper today? Puh and fie, what a lie.

Are he and his comrade Cheney so out of touch with each other? Perhaps. Is he so casually unconcerned by a White House staffer being on trial? This was not one of his shining thespian moments. m'peops. I doubt anything will come of the trial unless Cheney is forced to incriminate himself--and let's not hold our breaths over that possibility. But we'll see. His testimony may be by tape anyway...another of Neptune's realms.

Iraq Quagmire, oh yes, it is:

So the Joints Chief of Staff say no, George says, go. And what happened to the American people spoke malarky? George now says the November elections were a mandate to find a new direction, not to leave Iraq.

He's playing his usual purposely obtuse self. Latest polls give 17% as the number of Americans who think more troops to Iraq is the answer.

So what's wrong with the SEVENTEEN PERCENT? Have they signed up yet? Here're your muskets, y'all.

Gates at the Gates:

Robert Gates is on the ground in Baghdad during Bush's press conference (propaganda session) as he non-answered questions, with slogans for the Way Forward, and catapulting a message to the Iranian people about their leader:

you can do better than a leader who isolates your country to the detriment of its people.

Well, duh. Takes on to know one, doesn't it?

And to the American people, Bush says, GO SHOPPING! So get your shopping caps on and your credit cards renewed, America and shop-til-you-drop while ignoring George as he keeps us in's all good.


Dec 18, 2006

Gates of the Pentagon

At 7:00 am est this morning, Robert Gates took his oath of office in secret administered by Bush's Chief of Staff. And yet the Gates of the Pentagon swing both ways, you know. Why begin such a difficult undertaking during the Balsamic phase of the Moon? It's the phase of endings and partings.

Could this refer to the partings that will take place if more troops are sent into the devil's brew stirred up in the Middle East by the Bush administration?

Asteroid, Niobe, the grieving mother, is conjunct Mars, planet of war and of the military, hence of soldiers (and policemen.)

And I must not foget the grieving mothers of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and elswhere who are brought even lower by my warhawkin' government's imperial ways...but not abused by the US alone, oh no, but by their own neighbors and kin as well.

And yet--the last hours of the Balsamic phase is when it behooves you to begin an enterprise which would benefit from...Publicity! Why am I not surprised?!

SO'W received a thoughtful comment from Jeff C. concerning this morning's installation of Robert Gates as head honcho of the Pentagon and the US war machine.

Jeff suggests "...the publicity of the event being the Sun, Gates being the new, Plutonian Bully-boy on the block, and the Pentagon being Galactic Center."

Plausible, for sure, but I've been considering it more this way: the (leader) Sun is Gates as the Sun catches up to Pluto (the Pentagon), with Galactic Center being the energy vortex which will result if Gates sends more troops to the Middle East. (G.C. may also have a nuclear connotation unhappily.)

Moon is Publicity and the very isolated Saturn represents George Bush.

Transit Pluto has been at G.C. previously and describes the violence, explosions, and the futility of wasting ourselves in what may end up worse than the British rout from Kabul and the subsequent massacre--the Brits were left one lone survivor for reporting purposes, no doubt--in January, 1842. The Khyber Pass, snow and ice, and hordes of very upset natives.

Read about the retreat from Kabul on Wikipedia, of course, but you may also click on the above link to The Book of Days, then click on WARS.

As far as Gates' comments at his public swearing in this afternoon, Mr. Gates ignored the fact that failure in Iraq came the day Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld Invaded Iraq illegally for their own self-serving reasons--reasons which would shock us if they were fully known.

Secret Swearings:

In the above chart for 7:00 am, we see that Mercury, debilitated in questing Sagittarius, is oriental...rising just before the Sun. This gives a crossing-the-Ts-dotting-the-Is kind of demeanor to the Sun which, I believe, is Mr. Gates.

If you enlarge the chart and can read my chicken scratch you'll see I've added the WHAT (Asc), WHERE (Desc), HOW (Ic), and WHY (Mc) Sabian Symbols--just the Symbols/pictures themselves--to the chart's Angles.

At the base or foundation of the chart (HOW), I've put both versions for "11 Aries"...Marc Edmund Jones gives, "The president of the country" while Dane Rudhyar gives "The ruler of a nation." Both pictures are basically the same concept, I just like them both for you-know-who who facilitated the swearing in.

Uranus at "11Pis" is at the Initiate's degree, which I think is significant in view of the condition of Mercury as mentioned. But what does a debilitated Mercury in Sag entail?

Mercury in Sag considers itself--it, for Mercury is neutral--to be a paragon of truth. (In Washington? P-shaw!) There is a preoccupation with distant and lofty goals...which you'd think the American prople had had enough of, wouldn't you?
Especially while our own nation's dire needs--more emergency rooms, anyone?--are being ignored and underfunded.

This lofty-goal tendency can cause one to miss what's obvious and right under one's nose, and with broad-viewing Jupiter as chart-ruler, it sounds like too much of the same to me. A change of attitude isn't much if that's all you change. And a change of slogan is an insult.

With the US secondary progressed Mars (military) now Rx, and our weapons, equipment, and troops wumped out and needing more money infusions than we've got--thanks to drunken-sailor spending of GOPers and their enablers--the US's failure in Irag is more than Mr Gates can handle unless he, too, changes the direction of our military "on the ground" and reverses the daft, bullheaded course of George W. Bush.

Yes, Robert Gates' initiation today has earmarks of his being just another Jupiter Mantra type--every day in every way I'm getting better and ego-illusion if there ever was one--and one that can be sustained only temporarily until reality sets in.

The Sand Dune to Nowhere is what Bush'n'crew have given us and Gates' Shout-Out to Bush Sr's former catch phrases and slogans today are not enough to save what's we know, rhetoric is not enough, and the CENTRALIZATION OF POWER at the base of today's propaganda charade will only make the crow go down more drily for America eventually--even drier than choking on a royal pretzel until unconsciousness envelops the wilted George Bush.

Hopefully, Mr. Gates will find a new direction that doesn't follow the rubberstamped mantric madness of Bush's mistakes, miscalculations, lies, and illusions.

Here's an idea:

Perhaps our globalist puppetmasters should get out of politics--for in the last few years they've been shown to be doing a really sucky job at it.


Dec 17, 2006

Best Joke of 2006 (about a politician)

Here's my vote for Best Joke of the Year and wouldn't you know? It's about a politician actually reaching heaven (suspend disbelief--this one's funny) so check it out if you pine for a snicker at by my friend, Anna!


Of course, Politics has become the biggest joke of all, but never mind that.


Dec 16, 2006

Bruce Reed on Chertoff

Until about two years ago, I spent a lot of time reading and commenting on Slate Magazine including in The Fray where I joined in the posting as peacely2. Yes, I just blew my own cover although I've actually done it 'ere this, so what the hey.

Anyway, nowadays I rarely get by there, but when I do, I prefer the writings and musings of Bruce Reed, the Has-Been, as he styles himself.

If you haven't already, read his Inside the Whale in which "Michael Chertoff Takes Over the DHS Branch of "The Office"...try it, for it combines three of my favorites: Bruce Reed, Steve Carell in tv's The Office, and the Departmental Boondoggle I love to despise, mock, and ridicule almost more than anything--Homeland Security, or HoSec, as I prefer to call it.

You know...that Hitler-sounding black hole that Bush created to keep terror in the news, swallow up FEMA which used to work fine until Bush got hold of it, and perform as yet another Bush moneypit for our tax dollars...that black hole.

And you may wish to read my previous post Homeland Security Is Hatched from Nov 2005, or perhaps Michael Chertoff Nov 28, 1953 for a bit info on the natal chart of HoSec's frontman.

False-Flag Ops, anyone?


principles of the New York Times

"Principles for Granting Anonymity":

We do not grant anonymity to people who use it as cover for a personal or partisan attack. If pejorative opinions are worth reporting and cannot be specifically attributed, they may be paraphrased or described after thorough discussion between writer and editor. The vivid language of direct quotation confers an unfair advantage on a speaker or writer who hides behind the newspaper, and turns of phrase are valueless to a reader who cannot assess the source.

Anonymity should not be invoked for a trivial comment, or to make an unremarkable comment appear portentous.#

Thanks to for the reminder of the NYT's journalistic principles as we head toward the 2008 Election and the dirty-tricks propaganda campaigns to associate progressive candidates with name-calling and silly accusations and innuendo--which have already begun. (See Sunday morning political programs, esp Chris Matthews' Show--but not to leave out Tim Russert, of course.)

May all our news sources act so nobly (sic) as the stated above.

So...Blog on with the Truth, oh Bloggers! Keep their propagandistic, win-at-any-cost hooves to the Fire of Truth!


Blair sinking in sleaze

Here you see today's transits for noon, London, to Tony Blair's natal chart.

As you know, Mr. Blair is under tremendous pressure of late--as is his twin George Bush--and we see here recent transits to Mr Blair's 12th house planets.

Read The Scotsman's take on Blair's troubles (which are often self-created) Blair sinking amid sleaze allegations for details.

Now 12th house-ers are usually good at secretive occupations dealing with large organizations such as--you guessed it--politics, and Blair's having Venus (relationships; values; money), Mercury (thinking; communications), Sun (ego; true life purpose), Jupiter (one of two Social planets relating to the expansion principle, to optimism and confidence, and negatively to hypocrisy and to over-confidence--a manifestation often seen in charts of politicians along with 12th house back-door-deals for pocket-lining); Mars (energy; action; intitiative) lined up in 12th house (of Self-Undoing) is great for strengthening purposes until a bunch of transiting planets come along to knock them over like bowling pins.

If we see these planets as ACTORS opposing Mr. Blair we may see that for some time--certainly since 2005 when Jupiter opposed natal Venus--he has been under great stress. Most of these recent oppositional transits involve such things as:

plans, ideas, opposed or dismissed out-of-hand; unfavorable time for group endeavors, meetings (Mars oppo Mercury: Oct 17/18, 06);

unfavorable for ego-related situations; bad time for displaying arrogance or aggression or to resist the authority of others; Half-Birthday--time for reassessing one's progress or its lack (Sun oppo Sun, on or about Nov 8);

discontent with personal achievement (or wealth!); a difficult time to find anyone who is the least bit impressed with you;; overblown efforts and discouraging comparisons (Jupiter oppo Jupiter, 3rd week Nov);

others actions/efforts are diametrically opposed to your own; the hitting head against the proverbial brick wall transit; aggression succeeds even less with equally determined force against you by others (Mars oppo Mars, on or about Dec 11.)

These are just some of the effects of the last several weeks to Mr.Blair's natal chart in the opposition realm...and there's the ongoing tr Saturn to natal Pluto, the power planet.

Now many people--self included--are of the Pluto-in-Leo generation and so we all have had, are having, or will have this important transit to our natal Plutos.
But it is made more important for those who are directly connected with societal power structures...such as politicians like Blair and Bush.

So what to expect with the Saturn to Pluto transit?

Saturn...control; restriction, denial, loss, and accountability stomping on Pluto's could even say the power-behind-the-throne and perhaps secret activities:

loss of control in situations which are too large to handle efficiently or readily;
may lack resources to be the one in charge; struggle to understand or control current motivations, behavior, and actions that developed as a result of the past.

Saturn brings the past to catch up with us...and you'll read about it for Mr.Blair and his bribes to the Saudi Arabia royal family to secure their order for 72 Eurofighter Typhoon jets, and his cash-for-honors scandal--and his stopping of the SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE's inquiry into the arms deal--in the above-linked article.

Now...where can America get one of those Serious Fraud Offices? What a hoot of a name! Propaganda rules, m'peops!


Dec 15, 2006

Litvinenko Investigation update

Key Witness Denies Part in Spy Poisoning refers to innocent businessman Andrei Lugovoi who met with Litvinenko on November 1 in London.

Now Kovtun, a player who some believe should be treated by Brit police as a suspect, not as a witness--and who should be then extradited from Russia (good luck with that)--is suggesting the poisoning may actually have taken place not on Nov 1 but earlier--say...perhaps mid-October when the FSB/KGB-ers also met.

The trail of radiation left around Hamburg, Germany and on the Kovtun-laden airplane which the Russian govenment won't allow to be investigated by the Brits is quite a finger of guilt pointing at Kovtun. Now who do you think wouldn't want him to spill what beans?


Dec 14, 2006

FBI response to 9/11

Newly Released FBI Documents Disclose Grave Deficiencies in the War on Terrorism 13 Dec 2006 The National Whistleblower Center, a nationally recognized FBI Watchdog group, has released to the public extensive sworn and documentary evidence concerning the FBI’s actual response to the attacks of September 11, 2001... The NWC is making this unprecedented release in order to give the American public the inside and uncensored view of the domestic response to the September 11 attacks.

Inside and uncensored view? Mama like.


Senator Johnson stable condition

Seems Mr.A.Cat and Lim over at Lim's Limericks can put their worst fears to rest for S.D. Sen Johnson in Critical Condition but recovering from surgery due to a congenital brain malformation.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Senator!


Dec 13, 2006

Washington DC in December

UPDATE on Senator Johnson 11:30 pm: South Dakota senator hospitalized has the tidbit that Senator Johnson did not have a stroke or a heart attack.

Hmm-m-m...then just what did he have? A cup of tea?

Don't ask Lim or Mr.A.Cat unless you're immune to the pithy limericks at Lim's Limericks where you'll find Cat Spies Revealed...quite shocking!

The Hour Grows Late:

Tic toc tic Bush gives getting out of Iraq some careful thought--totally unlike when he insisted on taking us in. And the press, as usual, is letting us down covering this charade as if Bush is "listening" to all these "ideas" he has no intention of following...he's incapable of that as well.

And from earlier today...

Weighty matters here at Stars Over Washington including Democratic Senators like Senator Johnson who suddenly conk out with strokes at a most convenient time for the GOP (and when Bush, Cheney, and Rove are on the ropes) and looking at Johnson's natal chart (Dec 28 1946, Canton, SD) and the noon chart for today's trip to GWU Hospital have led me to a lighter DC note...

...a wonderful article on from DC resident Roshani Kothari Explore DC in a Weekend where you'll find links galore to all manner of entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and the sights in our Capital City.

From hot apple cider at the Eastern Market to the affordable, historic Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle, this article is a great compilation of DC links and points of interest...there's even a link to the Metro website with maps and schedules.

Makes me long for Rock Creek Park which is also on the article's links list. You can have a virtual visit even if you're not popping into DC for a Holiday Weekend!


Dec 12, 2006

Jon Stewart: the 109th Congress

Farewell, Sweet 109th from Huffington Post's Eat The Press has a video of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart bidding farwell to the pathetic Congress now passing...a must see!


Dec 11, 2006

The Astrology of Blogging

Well, I just discovered that while under-the-weather the last few days, I've been tagged by at least two of my illustrious astrology colleagues, Lynn at AstroDynamics and Urania at Urania's 9th House.

What are my chart indications for why I blog about the ancient art of Astrology?

Ok, guys, since you asked, here goes...Uranus in Gemini in 10th house quincunx Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cap, 5th house...chart-ruler Mercury also ruling 10th h with Rigel at Mc. Also in 5th house is Urania.

Mercury is not in major aspect to Saturn in 12th, but in mutual reception.

3rd house cusp in Scorpio, Vesta in Scorpio therein opposite 9th house Taurean Pallas for some patterning ability...good for artwork as well. 3rd house of Communications also contains a Sagittarian Chiron, inventor of Astrology. By progression, Vesta and Chiron are now conjunct.

Sun/Jupiter conj in Cap, 4th house, both trining Saturn.

Purchased my first two Astrology books, age 12, as Uranus crossed over Mc by progression--and as the illustrious Noel Tyl informed me in 1997, a new interest of mine at age 12 relating to Career should be taken up again.

And so I have.

If they're not tagged already, I'd like to tag: Kathryn, Nina, and Elsa!

Technorati tag:

Kovtun in Hamburg

Litvinenko Poisoning Case UPDATE:

German Police Confirm Polonium Traces saying that Kovtun already had the polonium-210 when he flew from Moscow to Hamburg Oct 28.

And at Raw Story--and with her usual enlightening abilities Larisa Alexandrovna's article Exclusive: Murdered ex-KGB officer was working for British security company brings in the Erinys Security Offices in London, Chalabi, the guarding of Iraqi oil pipelines after the Bush invasion, Russia' FSB ties to US energy companies and money laundering, Chechen rebels, false flag terroist operations in Russia, and a few other murky factors you may wnat to know about...including some possible reasons for Litvinenko's assassinationa...among others.


Dec 10, 2006

Protesting in Beirut

Enormous Crowds Flood Beirut in Protest against a holed-up PM Faud Saniora.

Their ultimatum: he has a "few days" to accept their demand to form a national unity government with a big role for Hezbollah, or face an escalating campaign to oust him.

And today is the 10th day of protests. Seems the Israeli-Lebanon War just keeps on giving. Can America and Israel get anything right? Can they play fair? Can the governments of the world set themselves up without our meddling interference?

Bush used to be fond of spouting off about having a level playing field for trade relations, etc...wouldn't it be more fair if we didn't slink around setting up puppets to rule those who can certainly rule themselves? Is this Bush' idea of democracy?

Today in Beirut hundreds of thousands say, yes and yes.

Which begs the question: can we begin to mind our own business and leave Iraq which never should have been invaded in the first place? The oil blackmarket Bush and Cheney broke up by starting their war has been sufficiently demolished now and Bush Senior is avenged. Let's go home.

Too big to apologize, are we? That's pretty small, imho. But so is Bush who can't accept anyone's thinking unless it's in total agreement with his own.

As my wise mom used to say: never go where you're not invited, never stay where you're merely tolerated. Too bad Duh-bya never met her--she would've knocked some sense into his swollen and arrogant head. And she had another favorite saying used by many before and after her...a truism, y'might call it:

never trust a man who says trust me. A bunch of American voters should've listened to that one back in 2000...duh. You made the coup so easy.


Dec 9, 2006

109th Congress: lame-duck limping

Here's the picture, the chart for 4:40 am est, Dec 9 as the lame-duck Congress limped to the finish line, after 102 days in session--less than Truman's "Do Nothing Congress" of yore (they logged in at 110 days...I say the 109th should pay back the 8 days' worth of exorbitant pay to our treasury.)

Yet given Republican hubris and their tiresome Bush-rubberstamping, perhaps we should be grateful they had better things to do than to show up and legislate on Capitol Hill this session.

Rising at 4:40 am we see 14Sco49 which is the Descendant of our Presidential Inaugurations (Jan 20, noon), which places Bush the "president" at the setting position in today's chart.

Venus 27Sag42 is conjunct Congress' natal Ascendant, with Pluto just having risen.

First to rise at 4:40 am is Congress' natal Neptune, planet of loss, confusion, deceit, and delusion. It's also associated with the acting profession and it's no secret our "representatives" fancy themselves thespians...yet Neptune may also bring tears of the boo-hoo variety whether crocodile or no.

Sun/Moon midpoint = natal US Saturn: addressing problems; weakened system (I'll say--is there any money left, Rs? Not to mention the ethics issues you left in your sorry wake); separation from the community (buh bye); inhibitions; depression; renunciation.

At the top of the chart we see lonely Saturn--on one level signifying Bush, the isolated leader (in Leo, too) and on another level representing the Democratic Party being on display for a turn as top pup (Jupiter = the R Party.)

Congress' natal Saturn happens to be there as well, 23Leo44, and so we are in the throes of Congress' Saturn Return which is an ongoing process this time due to Saturn's Rx period.

The three dates of Congress' Saturn Return with Sun/Moon Images to give a little of each day's flavor:

1. Oct 28, 2006...Sun Sco/Moon Cap: A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact.

2. Jan 13, 2007 (Rx) Sun Cap/Moon Sco: A priest turns his home into a shelter for the sick and homeless...A prisoner in solitary confinement undergoes a conversion and becomes an indefatiguable worker for the transformation and betterment of the lives of his inmates.

3. July 13, 2007...Sun Can/Moon Can: A gosling peeks out of its shell as mother goose chases away the farm cat...a theatrical family performs a
Midsummer Night's Dream in their own garden.

So in October we had the general and the film director, Jan 13 brings the priest and the prisoner, and in July (with US natal Sun and Bush's natal Sun both setting in the Saturn Return chart #3) we get the gosling, mother goose , the farm cat, and the theatrical family performing .

Will we be "treated" to the same old Capitol Hill Productions, Act II?

The transiting midpoint of Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; oppression; racism) has been conjuncting Congress' natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint off and on recently...natal Pluto/Chiron 15Cap27. And Congress recently had its Venus Return on Dec 4 with natal Venus 21Sag54. It's all cycling 'round, m'peops.

And so--the lame-duck-limpingtook place this morning with Sun Sag/Moon Leo:

At an emotionally moving ceremony, a shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal lore and ancient geography.

Even I had an emotion this morning waking up to NPR talking about the all-nighter limpy Congress pulled--yee haw!! The Dem Party's progressed New Moon cycle has begun!

Would that it may be allowed to do some good for our nation and for the world.


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey

Note: no SolarFire software was harmed in the typing of this fact I recommend it highly.

Buh Bye Cynthia McKinney


McKinney introduces bill to impeach Bush 08 Dec 2006 In what was likely her final legislative act in Congress, outgoing Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney announced a bill Friday to impeach President [sic] Bush. The legislation has no chance of passing and serves as a symbolic parting shot not only at Bush but also at DemocRATic leaders. #

Cynthia're an odd and brazen duck, but thank you for the gesture against Duh-bya and the Rats of Congress whatever their stripe. Somehow I'm proud it "came" from my home state of Georgia esp given the Republican stranglehold on our state government which many of us find inexplicable without cheating being ahoof.

And thanks for asking, E.B...SO'W has been under-the-weather the last few days, but perking up slowly...will return later today with some interesting charts concerning the good-riddance 109th Congress...


Dec 7, 2006


A little SO'W catch-up:

Russia's state-controlled gas monopoly, Gazprom, is poised to make a new purchase -– a tabloid newspaper. Critics in the country are questioning the move, especially after years of underinvestment and mismanagement by the company. Stephen Beard reports.

A state-controlled tabloid newspaper--a sign of the times. Maybe they'll deliver it free to every doorstep.

Listen to MarketPlace on NPR for this's on tonight in this market at 7:30 pm est.

And you've heard that the Litvinenko case is now being investigated as murder (duh). Here's an update on the former PM under Yeltsin who turned green in Ireland recently Gaidar: Poisoning to Blame for Illness which points a few knarly fingers at...well, read it, leprachaun! Seems it's those pesky-to-the-state liberal Russians under seige.

White House Menu Yum Yum:

Guess you saw George Bush and Tony Blair standing side by side (for moral support?) this morning catapultin' their Iraq alibis in yet another damage control press conference. It occurred to me long ago that having to constantly defend lies, deceit and bad ideas amounts to their fighting a war (which Cheney and Bush started) with two hooves tied behind their backs. If it hampers them vs us, it suits.

Bush mumbled something about those who want peace--referring to himself!--this issued from the piehole of the ayehole who invaded and bombed the Middle East. That George, and his hypocrisy which knows no bounds and is only outstripped by his arrogance, greed, and deceit.

And the Baker-Hamilton Souffle continues to leave you hungry an hour later. See yesterday's post for the rest of the menu...


Dec 6, 2006

what's onnn the men yooo?

This morning at the White House George Bush had a very important breakfast meeting, so...what's on the menu, George?

George had: Baker-Hamilton Souffle, Scrambled Blair, Rummy Hotcakes smothered in Bump-on-a-Log-Cabin Syrup, and Maliki Miffed Muffins, all served with the White House's special blend coffee, Roasted Republican.

Katrina Antacids followed with a steamy FEMA chaser.

With so much going on in Washington this week, there are, as you might expect, many things to say about this sunrise chart which represents the day in the District.

Outside the chart, you see my usual poorly scribbled notations which are primarily the natal planets of Robert Gates. With his Sun/Neptune conjunction at the top o'the chart, Dr Gates seems to be correct in saying yesterday that the position he seeks in the Defense Department represents a large sacrifice for him careerwise (Neptune = sacrifice; loss.)

Sun/Neptune conjunct folk are on the sensitive side, as you know, and only express themselves with confidence sporadically. With Neptune rising just before his Sun, Gates has what some would call, Neptune oriental--a chameleon who can shape-shift as the job requires. Not so perfect in the truth department, we may think, yet his Sun is square Uranus--a driven truthseeker who is difficult to stop once he believes in what he's doing.

A complex character, this Gates fellow with his natal Eclipse Series, 18North...
high stress level; taxing of one's strength; events occur that require extra efforts with a possibility of physical concerns (Bernadette Brady, Predictive Astrology.)

The last Eclipse in this Series: Sept 1, 1997, the next in 2015.

So is Bob Gates the Jupiter sulpa'e of December 16 of which Bernadette Brady speaks in her Babylonian program and newsletter, Visual Astrology??

We'll consider more details on this prior to Dec 16, for the keyword for Jupiter sulpa'e is: blessing. And Jupiter, the military general, may just be Robert Gates although technically he is not a general--as, Rumsfeld...liked to remind us when it was convenient for him.

Jupiter is also the Professor, which can relate quite well to Robert Gates, so the date, Dec 16, will be significant concerning someone as Jupiter challenges the king who stands alone(Saturn)--yet it may not be evident until Jan-Feb, 2007.

And I've not completely given up on the idea that this Jupiterian king-challenger could be --gasp!--a politician who becomes a blessing to this nation by challenging the Bush administration's ever-weakening grasp on reality...well it could happen!

And maybe--double gasp!!--he could be a Republican since Jupiter traditionally signifies the Republican Party...will Goldwaterism and thus some common sense for the common good--be revived?

This Jupiter/Saturn stand-off coincides with John Townley's information on the early '07 Saturnian Scythe (Saturn as Handle), which I'm sure you've read about at his, haven't you?

(You see warring Mars at the "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" degree, right?)

YOD, the Finger of God formation:

One pattern in today's "menu chart" that stands out like a sore president is the YOD formation, the Finger of God pattern which is here today over the White House with Moon in security-minded Cancer as the apex planet.

From Bil Tierney's book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, we find that Moon as YOD apex is too defensive, unadaptable, and vulnerable to deal with security needs in the here-and-now. There is a need for sensitive adjustment (YOD = "adjustment") yet there can still be ensnarement in disorganized, distorted impressions of the past that need to be objectively observed and clarified before feelings are free to move on.

Now we know that the Moon signifies the populace/the public in a national chart, but with this apex Moon sounding just like George Bush's stubborn Cancerian tendencies, and since this Moon is heading toward conjunction with Bush's natal Sun (then n Saturn), it's a duh moment to say the above paragraph sounds just like our learless feader...Saturn--the king who stands alone.

I go on to quote Mr Tierney: Instinctual responses to impressions from the environment can be out-of-tune (tin ear?)with normal expectations...he's highly reactive and does not easily decode the emotional messages being received from others.

Which has been a huge part of his personal deficiencies all along. Someone pass George some of those Antacids, will ya?

The base of the YOD is Jupiter who-may-be-Gates at the "2 men playing chess" degree, sextiling Chiron at "Medina degree"--the position of Neptune (the mystical Middle Eastern planet) when Mohammed entered Medina--the beginning of Islam. This Chiron could signify, of course (since astrology describes untold levels of existence at once) PM Maliki also needing adjustment with apex Moon.

And here are two Sun/Moon personality combos from Charles and Suzi Harvey's Sun Sign-Moon Sign--first for the day, second for Robert Gates...

12.6.06: Sun Sag/Moon Cancer:

Images for Integration> A homing pigeon...An international nanny...An evangelist offers a vision of personal salvation (for Bush?)...Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock rendition of The Star-Bangled Banner...William Blake's watercolour, Teach These Souls to Fly (Tate Gallery, London.)

This combo is shared natally by Blake who wrote:

And did those feet in ancient days
Walk upon England's pastures green?

Sounds like Blair's flying into to Washington is tres important as an attempt to save Bush's bacon, doesn't it? Their official meetings are tomorrow, Thursday...and they share the same slab of that bacon.

And here's the Sun Libra/Moon Leo for Bob Gates (Moon in Leo for the 24-hour period of his birthdate):

A performance of The Importance of Being Earnest (yeah, we saw that yesterday)...A political idealist is crowned leader by adoring fans (not another one--but I'm in an anybody-but-Bush mood, so I'll take a chance on this joker)...The managing director throws a birthday party.

Well, there you have it--all I can manage of these perps this morning...the day is flying with or without William Blake or Oscar Wilde, and I'm outta here, m'peops, with typos to be repaired later...


Dec 5, 2006

truth serum not passe but passed!

They still make it, don't they?


Interrogations of Terror Suspect Included Hooding, "Truth Serums" 04 Dec 2006 ...Together with other documents filed late Friday, the images represent the latest and most aggressive sally by defense lawyers who declared this fall that charges against Jose Padilla should be dismissed for "outrageous government conduct," saying that he was mistreated and tortured during his years as an enemy combatant. Now lawyers for Mr. Padilla, 36, suggest that he is unfit to stand trial. They argue that he has been so damaged by his interrogations and prolonged isolation that he suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and is unable to assist in his own defense. His interrogations, they say, included hooding, stress positions, assaults, threats of imminent execution and the administration of "truth serums."

Hey, can we get some of that there truth serum for use at the White House, the Pentagon, and on Capitol Hill where they never met a truth they couldn't hide?

A great use might be for this week's "good conversation" with Robert Gates, a serial tell-power-what-power-wants-to-hear kinda guy. Gates is just what Bush and pals don't need: more echo.

He's told the Armed Services Committee that the US is not winning in Iraq (duh)--and that he welcomes ideas (impeach Bush and Cheney?--Dec 10 cometh)...

...Levin congratulated him on his candor. Seems the vial of truth serum is being passed around now...we'll see if anything worthwhile and reality-based comes from this performance at the Capitol Hill Theater.


Dec 4, 2006

there's a Full Moon tonight

At 7:24:47 pm est over the White House a Full Moon shines down upon Bush's furrowed brow.

This Moon 12Gem43 is conjunct the US natal Desc (Sibly version 5:10 pm Phildelphia) with the Sun opposite upon US natal Asc, the WHAT Point of the chart...12Sag43...the Sun is spotlighting the USA.

This Sun/Moon duo mimics the Saturn/Pluto opposition which affected the US Asc/Desc axis Sept 11, 2001 and with a Full Moon phase indicating Culmination, it may be that all of America is fed up and down with Bush's simian and furrowed brow.

And as you know, a lunation upon an Asc/Desc axis highlights relationship issues, as we're seeing with the Bush/Maliki tie (will it end soon so soon?)

Rising in the Full Moon chart is US natal Mercury 24Can12, also an indicator of thinking/communicating (Mercury) about home or security issues. Natal 8th house is rising since that is where natal Mercury is positioned in the US chart, so this may very well relate to money, resources, legacies, insurance, debts, and other such concerns (also death and transformation, I may as well admit.)

The Republican Congress' failure to pass necessary funding bills may be part of this picture--makes you wonder if they failed to pass bills to spend more trillions because there was a mere pittance left in Fort Knox, doesn't it?

Are the drunken sailors trying to sober up? Puh and Fie upon their sorry noggins.

Rising degree = 20Can08, a critical or crisis degree--so is the politicians' cash cow--the American taxpayers' piggy bank--running on empty?

Hidden Ways and Means:

Since there are so many meetings of interest in Washington this week (and an watered down report on the war on Wednesday), I'm giving the Symbols for the three planets which are placed in the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house of the Full Moon chart...since that is where politicians do most of their work and wheel their devil's deals.

The Full Moon's degree you may find in several places online, I'm quite sure, with a minimum of Googling or Ixquicking..."13Gemini." Perhpas you'll find a mention of John Bolton's parting from the UN mentioned along witht he Culminating phase of the Moon. (How something begins is how it will end--Bolton was spirited through by a squirrelly Bush end-run recess appointment, so it's no surprise he won't be sticking to the UN post...questioonable start, questionable end.)

Now the 12th house planets/actors:

Using the Rudhyar version, Mercury 25Sco19..."23Sco": "American Indians making camp after moving into new territory"...(hmmm...they've been in the news of late, too)...

Keynote: The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements. Keywords: EFFICIENT FUNCTIONING (could this refer on some level to the Swift banking surveillance program in Brussels which has been squawking at us?)

Mars 29Sco10 (critical/crisis degree and is also the natal degree of prankster Tom Delay's Moon, btw)..."30Sco": "Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks"...

Keynote: The periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still-immature energies.

Keywords: RELIEF FROM TENSION (Jupiter was at 29Sco36 as Litvinenko was pronounced dead, Nov 23...Venus was at this degree Nov 17 when he was transferred to University College Hospital in London, fyi...busy degree lately, isn't it?)

Is someone thinking that the Litvinenko investigation has been sufficiently swept under a giant rug? Or will it prove too large even for operator Mars and moneybags Jupiter to handle?

Now you know that a Full Moon is the end of a cycle, yet her bright light may be shown upon the actions of the recent past.

With Putin's current Minor (thinking; mental plane) North Node conjunct this crisis 29th degree of Scorpio, perhaps his out-of-bounds tactics, along with the US government's known out-of-bounds mettling-where-it-doesn't-belong tendencies will get a fair airing to some small 29th degree.

If you think the Iraq quagmire is not a crisis now, what planet are you living on?

It's psychotic how they think they assassinate for all the "right" reasons as if common murderercould never be correctly ascribed to them. It can. I do.

And although Bush tells an Iraqi cleric today that he can't get no satisfaction in Iraq, he should take a long look at himself--because that's exactly how a bunch of us have felt about his nibs since 1999.


Dec 3, 2006

Litvinenko update

Sunday 9:36 pm est AP article update:

Friend Names Suspect in Spy Poisoning and the friend is Yuri Schvets who spoke with Litvinenko on Nov 23, the day of his death.


Iraq bottomless moneypit continues

This from

Five Tons of C4 Explosives Stolen in Iraq 02 Dec 2006 A mysterious theft of explosives occurred in neighboring Iraq. A pro-PKK [Kurdistan Workers Party] website on Thursday claimed that five tons of C-4 explosives were stolen from the warehouses of Iraqi Defense Ministry. It was not certain by whom or when the plastic explosives in the warehouse were stolen.

'A culture of waste, incompetence and fraud.' Corruption costs Iraq $4bn a year --

One third of rebuilding contracts under criminal investigation. 02 Dec 2006 A US government report has concluded that [Cheney Halliburton's] oil smuggling abetted by corrupt Iraqi officials is netting insurgents $100m a year, helping to make them financially self-sustaining... Iraq also represented a grey zone beyond the reach of the US civil courts. KBR was found to have overcharged the US military about $60m for fuel deliveries, but that did not stop it winning more government contracts.

Pentagon to Seek $100B+ War Chest 01 Dec 2006 The Bush administration is hammering out its largest-ever appeal for more Iraq war [Halliburton] funds - a record $100 billion, at least, and that figure reflects cuts from wish lists originally circulating around the Pentagon.#

Recalls to mind the Iraq War chart with nebulous, confused, and sometimes deceptive Pisces rising...

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Dec 2, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko Dec 4 1962

Sunday 6:45 pm: Okay, I give up:

Alexander Litvinenko's natal sunrise chart is posted at Lim's Limericks because Mr A.Cat and Lim have generously allowed it to be posted on their blog which makes sense what with Mr. A.Cat's former status as an agent in service to our nation, so click Alexander Litvinenko's natal chart.

It's under post title, Lim helps out Stars Over Washington, in case you get lost. Wouldn't surprise me if you did (I'm lookin' at you, BLOGGER.)

But if the BLOGGER photo non-posting situation clears up here I'll improve this situation asap, otherwise, this is the only end-run I can come up with for now to solve the disembodied chart/text least you can have a gander at the chart with just one click!


Sunday 12.3.06: Well, this is annoying. After being under the weather the last few days, I'm almost recoup'd and wanting to post Alexander Litvinenko's natal sunrise chart along with Nov 1 transits added, but BLOGGER is having none of it.

Although I tried several times and BLOGGER seems to upload the image, there's no image there. So I'm publishing this anyway and will return later in the afternoon to (hopefully) add the image of the poor man's chart with his day-of-poisoning transits written in.

XXXX UPDATE March 24 2008: the links to this article and the next are no longer available oddly enough...even though U.K. supposedly widened their 'probe' of the ex-spy's heinous poisoning which brought U.K. investigators to the US, to interview former KGB officer Yuri Shvets in Virginia. Um-hmm.


Original post begins here:

Italian who dined with the former KGB spy may yet share his fate from The Scotsman. Click on the article's link, Alexander Litvinenko and you'll find several articles on this sad matter.

~~~>(March 24, 2008: perhaps you can search for these articles on the Litvinenko poisoning investigation - good luck because you may need it!)

Per request, I'm publishing Alexander Litvinenko's natal sunrise chart, birth time unknown, and have written in my usual chicken scratch around the outside the transits for Nov 1, 2006, day of his poisoning, Sun at Mc at "9Sco": "Dental work."

As mentioned in a recent post, we see transit Venus in Scorpio, sign of spies and betrayal, on the verge of forming her Return to Litvinenko and to Putin's natal Venus--for they share Venus in the 11-13 Scorpio range--part of the Via Combusta, the burning way (15 Libra--15Scorpio.)

This area of the zodiac was considered in ancient times to be esp unfortunate due to the large number of malignant stars in the first half of Scorpio, but because of precession, Via Combusta is seldom used in modern times. The usual exception would be with horary astrology--the answering of specific questions.

Concerning the natal chart of Litvinenko (AL) we see an out-of-bounds Mercury in Sagittarius, and an Oriental Neptune--the planet rising just before the Sun. This indicates a person who is able to be or seem whatever his surroundings need him to be...a cameleon, a handy trait to have when engaged in espionage.

AL's prenatal eclipse series is 19North, a series which began July 5, 1331.

From the brilliant Bernadette Brady in her invaluable book, Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark,, the 19N Series tends to bring realism; coming down to earth with a thud; becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is; a good time for tackling the truth.

A Solar Eclipse last occurred in the Series Aug 22, 1998, so for the 6 months afterward, AL may have dealt with these experiences...and I believe he did which may be part of why they silenced him.

In fact, his disagreements and outspokenness against the Kremlin and the FSB began publicly in 1998. #

The recent Mercury Transit:

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