Aug 31, 2007

Iraq War: Solar Arc Directions for 8.31.07

Bush is gets 'mounting reports of Iraq woes' and this reluctant astrologer progresses the woeful Iraq War chart (Mar 20, 2003, 6:35 am BAT, Baghdad) to today at noon using the Solar Arc method--everything moved forward: 1 degree = 1 year.

(NPR is reporting that the Joints Chief of Staff have never been enamoured of the "surge." Well, that's good to know now--esp if you have a loved one as part of this political move/spawn of the devil.) Bush's meeting at the Pentagon today marks the beginning of a two-week "marathon" of reports and meetings on Iraq. They yap while thousands of people die.

Yep, the chickenhawks have broken our military and something's going to have to be done soon--US Mars Rx by progression--for the next 80 years. This is serious, folks. And the GOPers are joining in the chorus to bring troops home--in time for the 2008 election, natch.

Of course, it's always theater with politicians, so who knows if they're serious? Talk is cheap, except in Washington where it may be the most expensive of all.

Reading the chart: Solar Arc = SA, tr = transit (current position), n = natal (birth), "to" = conjunction, as in "SA MC to n Mars" which is in process of happening now.

Click to enlarge: inner chart is the war chart, outer chart--and highlighted in yellow--are the Solar Arc Directions. In blue are a few current transits such as the 10th house plutocratic Pluto/Chiron (class warfare; oppression; exploitation; racism) mixing it up with Sacred Warrior, Mars/Chiron. Describes the conflict well, imho.

First let's see what we get for our bucks with SA MC to Mars: responsibility grows; change of status.

SA MC degree's Sabian Symbol: "10Cap"..."An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor." Ya think? Wonder who's the albatross? There are so many of them it'd be difficult to choose one--unless it's Maliki. And the contractors and weapons dealers who've disappeared millions of US taxpayers' money while arming our enemies. If that's not treason, guess I don't know what is.

The whole place seems to be a big pile of crooks and murderers with innocents caught in the middle--and I can't forget that the war began with Jupiter the General Retrograde--a bottomless pit in the money department, I typed to no one in particular. Has it proved to be otherwise? 2003's Jupiter is conjunct Bush's n ASC (his nibs himself), and is also conj his and the Republican Party's n Mercury (which is also Gonzales' n Mercury. Guess they all think alike.)

On the 2003 chart, I've taken the liberty of drawing a kite pattern with Saturn in Gemini as the tail ruddering the plot along. 2007's SA Saturn now at "28Gem", the degree of "Bankruptcy." Nice, Cheney, Thanks (she typed contemptuously.)

2007's North Node (NN), the path or destiny, is at "6Gem": "Drilling for oil" surprise there. NN was heading that way all along. Cheney thought it would be easier.

SA Moon 27Lib31 is now being affected by tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint...

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: renunciation; giving up giving.

And that may be all we can do, m'peops. Or all we should do.

The tactic of regrouping forces is no shame--the jihadists do it all the time with much success. But irrationally hitting your head (esp when it's someone else's, George) against a brick wall is more than an shame. It's a tragedy...brought to you by Washington politicians of all persuasions.

And I blame them all.

Rove's last (official) day in D.C.

At sunrise of Karl Rove's last official day at the White House, there are some interesting Fixed Stars active for the day and a few midpoint pictures to consider.

And since today is the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's and Dodi's deaths, these Stars are in effect in relation to their suppposed assassinations.

The Sun and Fixed Star, Thuban, arose together. A while later, Mercury conjunct Fixed Star, Denebola (to go against society) arose with Mercury parallel Menkar (a victim of the Unconscious.)

In constellation Cetus, the Whale, Menkar relates to insights and unconscious forces issuing from the Collective, and may give an ability to achieve something great on behalf of the Collective. But Menkar also relates to disease, disgrace, and ruin.

Denebola has another set of keywords: being on the fringe of the establishment. Sounds perfect for Rove-the-trickster's removal to Texas or Hades (wherever) for he'll be politically involved in some way such as focusing on his tricks for the 2008 election.

Thuban's rising with the Sun takes the day, keywords: guarding or protecting a treasure. Thuban resides within constellation, Draco, the Dragon.

Being miserly with money or ideas is often the expression of Thuban. Resisting the nemesis of hoarding is the lesson of this Star with its connection to giving and sharing. And Pluto is, of course, the dragon guarding the treasure.

With some of the current influences in Rove's progressions, it wouldn't be a surprise if there's a tinge of financial fraud attached to him--and there's rich man Jupiter, symbol of the GOP, at the Foundation of the sunrise chart, still at the "A golden-haired goddess of opportunity" degree of 10Sag. Has he reaped a reward from the GOP for his work? What do you think?

Perhaps there already has been such a fraudulent tinge and I've not heard of it--for I consider a day spent without thinking of Karl Rove to be a pretty decent day ordinarily (so hopefully today will improve after I publish this post.)

Here are a couple of his current midpoint pictures relating to career matters--first the Minors (from the mental-causal plane):

Pluto/NN = Neptune: power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; win at any cost (at which he excels);

Pluto/ASC = Jupiter: receving a bounty; drive to major success; a favorable turn of life circumstances (clearing out of Dodge before the sheriff knocks? and he may be attempting to outrun the upcoming Sep 11 Solar Eclipse when missing emails or other paperwork may surface); a large gain; generosity;

Moon/MC = Mercury: thinking about one's position in life.

His Secondary Progressed chart has:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one's lot in life; desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort; harm through force majeur; an act of violence or brutality.

Mercury/Jupiter = Sun: an orator with expressive gestures (such as a third finger toward Congress and its subpoenas?); talkativeness; successful solutions; an actor.

With his resignation, Rove is making waves to get to shore, trying to save or guard what's left. Hope someone goes over the books with a fine-toothed comb, as they used to say.

Today's Sun Vir/Moon Aries Image for Integration is:

A jolly, rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses and kindly good humor. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

Rotund, for sure, but kindly?? And this analytical combo is "the practical joker"!

Sunrise midpoint pics influencing the day are:

Saturn/NN = MC: standing alone in life; little joy from accomplishments; separation from colleagues; mourning (for Diana and Dodi for sure--Rove? not so much);

Mars/Neptune: Moon: indecision; sensitivity; nervous weakness; crooks; feeling off-course (aka, America--thanks, turdblossom);

Jupiter/MC = NN: fortunate associations; an engaging manner in contact with others.

Guess that last one refers to the Press. For when it comes to Karl Rove, I am not engaged--unless there's a warrant out for his arrest for what he has perpetrated upon America.

Aug 30, 2007

Auriga, the Charioteer cometh

Space Weather News for Aug. 30, 2007

WEEKEND METEORS: On Saturday morning, September 1st, a flurry of bright and colorful meteors might come streaming out of the constellation Auriga. The source of the shower is ancient Comet Kiess, which has laid down a trail of debris that Earth will cross this weekend.

But will a shower really materialize? Forecasters are divided. Some expect a brief but beautiful display rivaling the Perseids. Others say the debris stream is too empty for significant fireworks. Either way, the peak is due around 4:30 a.m. PDT (11:30 UT) on Saturday morning. This timing strongly favors sky watchers in Hawaii and western parts of North America all the way from Mexico to California to Alaska.

Spaceweather's full coverage of the Aurigid meteor shower begins Friday, Aug. 31, with links to live audio from a meteor radar, which will monitor activity throughout the weekend.

Sky maps and more information are available now at

The constellation Auriga, the Charioteer, is the harnesser of the horse (Sagittarius.) It is the next cluster out from the North Pole and is associated with the beginning of cultivation and the domestication of plants and animals.

Various images have been used in different cultures for this constellation from a man holding a whip and reins to a man riding in a chariot with a goat slung over his left shoulder. This image is believed to have originated in the Euphrates River region centuries ago.

Some myths have crippled Hephaestus as the chariot-maker and the rider being his deformed son, Attica, whose coils-of-snakes-for-legs were hidden within the chariot.

In Biblical times it is linked to a shephard watching over his flocks and so is linked to Christ, the Good Shephard.

Macha, the great Celtic goddess, is referred to as the Charioteer and brings a nurturing flavor to the Auriga myth for she is nursing twins. Another Celtic figure is Arianhrod, the goddess of the star-wheel, the wheel or chariot in the sky who gave birth to twins as well.

Macha has always resonated with me personally because the myth addresses the line between the patriarchal and matriarchal in Celtic society. Whether or not this meteor shower amounts to much visually, the archetype has been brought into the collective's consciousness, hasn't it? Macha's pregnant condition was disrespected when she was ordered to race in spite of her condition--she won, but with great pain and difficulty, giving birth in the middle of the road.

I don't know too many women who can't identify with Macha in some way!

Auriga symbolizes the fertile horse goddess who, as Macha, cursed the men of Ulster because of their lack of respect for her. She is still honored in Ireland today as a living memorial existing in the history of Ulster and Northern Ireland.

The brightest star in Auriga is Capella which may bring honors, wealth, and renown. There is a love of learning, curiosity, and ambition if this star is linked to your natal chart, yet others may consider you 'odd.'

Capella gives a nurturing but free-spirited quality and the horse embodies a love of movement and of action. Amelia Earhart has this star connected to her natal Venus...her airplane was a modern-day chariot. Her love of speed and flight is shown with Capella.

Freedom and independence tend to be expressed in a non-threatening way with Capella and one may have reason to wonder if the myth's above-mentioned association with patriarchal-matriarchal themes will express in US society bwo a woman being installed in the Oval Office--and supported by the US natal Mars gone retrograde by progression!

But hey--it's only a possible meteor shower...right? ;p

star lore: The Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady

Abraham Lincoln's natal-with-assassination charts

The natal chart of Abraham Lincoln, born Feb 12, 1809, is pictured here along with the chart for the time that the sneak saboteur fired at the back of his head during a performance of Our American Cousin at Ford's Theater, Washington DC.

This is a 'companion post' of this information because images seem to display better here at Blogger (in my browser at least--perhaps in yours?) than images published at my WordPress blog Jude's Threshold where you'll find the charts' details published as a Page in the Sidebar.

I do like WordPress' Pages feature though for you can always find an article on the list.

Easy, Breezy!

Aug 29, 2007

GOP: idiocy and evil and George Bush

Please read:

More Shame, More Sorrow

By Paul Craig Roberts

In the administration of George W. Bush, the Republican Party has achieved the greatest combination of idiocy and evil in human history.

Information Clearing House

Well, I took a peek at various progressed charts of the Republican Party (July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT--when their platform was adopted--Jackson, MI) and there's only one midpoint picture formed now in the Minor Progressions (the mental or causal plane):

Jupiter/ASC = Neptune: speculation; hoping for luck; projecting the niceness of things, not wanting to admit the adverse; disappointments; losses.

With natal ASC 9Sag47, the recent Jupiter Direct Station occurred there expanding their little Jupiter Mantra selves, and although I have no time to do it justice, there are indications in the Secondary Prog'd chart (physical plane) that they are in expectation of an upheaval or shock.

Okay, well here's one:

Sun/Uranus = Mc: restless people with far-reaching plans; reformers, technicians, inventors; experiencing the impact of sudden events or emotional upheavals; major events in support of big plans; hopeful triumph for the ego.

When there's time I'll check in on the Dem Party charts and see what they've got up their sorceror's sleeves. And I'll also be posting asap on the Inaugural 2009 chart--but you won't like it overmuch...their lousy tinkering under the hood of the Constitution continues with alacrity and verve.

Aug 28, 2007

those cats: Alberto and Petraeus

Photo of a kitty cat I know who is actually named Alberto. He was rescued from Hurricane Alberto while clinging for dear life inside a drainpipe. He is now sleek and shiny and quite the master of the household. Just call him Bert...or For Dinner.

Meanwhile an Alberto kitten in law was written about another Alberto back in April.

And it seems a certain kitty poet knew something was fishy back when he phoned in
a brave kitten Petraeus for me to post at Lim's Limericks. Because now Petraeus' name is on the verge of being "dragged through the mud" a la George Bush whose family name may ultimately define the meaning of muddy names.

Where are the Weapons of Mass Disappearance and where are our millions, General P?

Perhaps he can fill us in--the American taxpayers--on their missing dough when he reads the "Petraeus Report" in mid-September...footnotes by Cheney, Kristol, and Hadley.

Moonrise at the Crossroads

With the morning's Lunar Eclipse rising in a few hours and because America is at a crossroads--our next steps will tell the tale for years to come--I've published one of my drawings Moonrise at the Crossroads on Jude's Threshold for your consideration if you're into cosmic moon art.

Plus Tuesday's Lunar Eclipse is in Pisces, sign of art, magic, and stuff.

Einstein fans rejoice as warping found

Einstein's Warping Found Around Neutron Stars yet I never doubted Albert, did you?

Alberto and his warping of the DOJ, that's another dark matter. Now if the White House can find the thousands of missing and damning emails, we'll really be on to something. Hint: they're in this universe.

Aug 27, 2007

Aug 28: Lunar Eclipse 4Pis47

Here's the Lunar Eclipse chart for Tuesday which as you see is rising over the White House.

If you click chart to enlarge you may be able to read my chicken-scratch notes. And be sure to check out a cool photo of the March 07 Lunar Eclipse over DC with details of tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse, Turn Around, Bright Eyes at The DCist.

Rising in the chart is the South Node of the Moon so recently a visitor to George Bush's natal Mars which therefore is rising, too. (Hot air also rises.)

So is America about to be separated (SN) from its Martian president? Asteroid Sisyphus is conj Bush's n Mars these days; keyword: determination. And you know how Sisyphus kept on keepin' on rolling the Iraq up the Capitol Hill. Or something along those lines.

And with the 'executive privilege' fights that are coming up, Al Gonzales was jettisoned today, yet still the hot air balloon of state is dipping perilously close to the ground (ground = Saturn, in Leo--29 degr, a critical or crisis degree, Leo = leaders, yet Saturn is conj Fixed and Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, success if revenge is avoided.) In Washington? Puh.

At MC is Fixed Star, Alcyone, one of the weeping sisters: something to cry about, exile; lack of luck; suffering; mystical but judgmental. MC is, as you know, the Career/Public Status/Aspirations Point.

At IC, the Foundation of the chart is Toliman, aka Bungala, at a critical degree, 29Sco37: self-analysis; occult interests; honors; insensitivity; stubbornness; cruelty.

IC's degree is the "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" degree of "1Sag" and so the Iraq invasion/occupation is at the base of this week's reflections and hidden issues which the Lunar Eclipse may bring to light, for this is a Full Moon over the White House.

There are a lot of other details in the chart, of course, but my typing finger is spazzing. More later if I can manage. Perhaps tomorrow--although my more-than-able colleagues have published on this Lunar Eclipse all over the web!

And then there's this:

Space Weather News for Aug. 27, 2007

LUNAR ECLIPSE--FULL COVERAGE: On Tuesday, Aug. 28th, the full Moon will enter Earth's shadow for a 90-minute total eclipse. People on the Pacific side of Earth will have the best view as the Moon turns a dreamy shade of sunset red. Favored areas include the Americas (especially western North America), Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, east Asia and Antarctica. The show begins Tuesday morning around 2 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (0900 UT).

Although the dominant color of a lunar eclipse is red, sometimes another hue appears--turquoise. Earth's shadow has a turquoise-colored fringe caused by our planet's ozone layer, and this can be seen for a few beautiful moments at the onset of totality. Today's edition of shows you what the turquoise fringe looks like and explains how to catch it.

Also, amateur astronomers are encouraged to assist NASA during the eclipse by scanning the darkened Moon for explosions caused by Helion meteoroid impacts. Typical flashes reach 6th magnitude--easy targets for mid-sized backyard telescopes equipped with digital video cameras. The eclipse is a great time to look for these "lunar meteors."

Observing tips and more information are available at along with full coverage of the eclipse, including maps, animations, timetables, and links to live webcasts, begins now on

Sep 17 is a Big Day for America

Gonzales is said to be leaving the frayed and demoralized Justice Dept on Sep 17 which 'happens' to be Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

But of course nothing in politics happens by accident. They think they're so funny. We are not amused.

Aug 28 Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Space Weather News for Aug. 27, 2007

LUNAR ECLIPSE--FULL COVERAGE: On Tuesday, Aug. 28th, the full Moon will enter Earth's shadow for a 90-minute total eclipse. People on the Pacific side of Earth will have the best view as the Moon turns a dreamy shade of sunset red. Favored areas include the Americas (especially western North America), Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, east Asia and Antarctica. The show begins Tuesday morning around 2 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (0900 UT).

Although the dominant color of a lunar eclipse is red, sometimes another hue appears--turquoise. Earth's shadow has a turquoise-colored fringe caused by our planet's ozone layer, and this can be seen for a few beautiful moments at the onset of totality. Today's edition of shows you what the turquoise fringe looks like and explains how to catch it.

Also, amateur astronomers are encouraged to assist NASA during the eclipse by scanning the darkened Moon for explosions caused by Helion meteoroid impacts. Typical flashes reach 6th magnitude--easy targets for mid-sized backyard telescopes equipped with digital video cameras. The eclipse is a great time to look for these "lunar meteors."

Observing tips and more information are available at along with full coverage of the eclipse, including maps, animations, timetables, and links to live webcasts, begins now on

deja-vuing Alberto Gonzales

Here are some of the highlights from SO'W of past Gonzo posts for a look-back upon the already-been-seens:

Gonzo's high noon 7.31.07

midpoints affecting Al Gonzales

Gonzales: Bowling for Freedom with Saturn

Scroll just below for the latest entry on this morning's resignation. And check out my post A leader of men wrapped in an invisible mantle of power over at Jude's Threshold if you're interested in the Sabian Symbol for America's Mercury--active today when Gonzales made his diverting morning announcement of dramatic importance.

But where is Gonzales going?

As you know by now, Atty Gen Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation this morning at 10:32 am edt, an hour of Mars. The announcement took 2 minutes with no questions answered so we were spared the usual Washington tripe: to spend more time with my family.

Last day is to be Sep 17--4 days after the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse. Today's announcement comes the day before the Lunar Eclipse 4Pis47 which is a Full Moon or the culmination stage of things begun at the New Moon, in this case, Aug 12, at "20Leo"--where Venus is today.

I confess to a smidge of controlled joy as I set up the 10:32 am chart yet my accustomed suspicious nature soon took over...there's a YOD (Finger of God; special purpose or task, crisis) pointing to MC 24Can30 which is the position of the US natal Mercury...and MC is the Career/Public Status/Aspirations Point. Mercury rules announcements and communications.

So we have Moon/Pluto which together indicate fanatical striving for objectives or zeal which has no regard for other people; exaggerated new plans; offended vanity or conceit, and/or an extreme expression of feelings.
Moon/Pluto = Mc: remaining alone and never acting in accord; ego-consciousness prevails; one-sided emotional intensity.

At least one of TV's talking heads remarked that AG seemed calm...Sun/Jupiter midpoint was rising at 10:32 am...

Sun/Jupiter = ASC: shared success; devoting one's life to social aspirations; great enthusiam; successful teamwork.

Does this sound to you like his "resignation" is a pitiful thing?

Gonzo's n Neptune is rising...the actor or his identity dissolving...or both. His worst day serving the country (actually serving Bush), he said, was better than his father's best day. A sentimental touch for the peanut gallery. Are you buying?

But it is most interesting is to read the YOD with the US Mercury in place...

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: strategizing; planning; far-reaching plans; pursuit of comprehensive ideas with great zeal; the power of persuasion; wielding a powerful infuence upon the public.

Mars, whose hour it is, is at the midpoint of Mercury/Uranus...

Mercury/Uranus = Mars: summing up a situation quickly and acting accordingly; determination and courage; a sudden success and advancement in life; assaults; nervous drive finds the mark and usually pays off; the instincts of a fighter hitting home.

Perhaps the far-reaching plans refer to the NWO regime marching on and the sacrifice of Gonzo has become necessary to save the gorgon's head...Bush with his second head, Cheney. Then Gonzo can put up his hooves on a Texas porch next to Karl's while they await the commander-in-thief they helped create. Pass the beer and peanuts.

Or maybe they should consider kicking back instead on the Bush family compound's porch in Paraguay.

Aug 25, 2007

Marching to War: Jingoes the Brave

Wars don't happen overnight, they takes years to plan and stage.

As you may know, the US has been at it since 1991: The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean tells much of the sorry tale, and of the involvement of NATO, Israel, and Canada.

'Tis tres sad for you, Sparkie, that if you're reading these words you have a rhyme in store--a rhyme which lighted heavily upon my Bic this morning--written in honor of those now-silent war supporters who'd rather not be bothered even though their learless feader, George Bush, needs them so. But perhaps it's just desserts that Pres. AWOL has earned their non-support!

Come all you little jingoes supporting the war
it's time to be drafted and show them what for
while waving striped flags you were quick to invade
don't say your fight-spirit is starting to fade.

For America the Brave needs more jingoes like you
with smart bombs to drop and more killing to do
as enemies pouf into tunnel and cave
your brothers are serving our as*es to save.

So get yours on down to the draft-lover's line
and step up for war--now it's your turn to shine.

(c) jude cowell 2007

Jingoism: aggressive or warlike patriotism.

See World Wide Words: Jingoism.

And in case you missed it from Nov 8, 2003: Talk of a draft grows despite denials by White House which reminds us of the bruhaha that broke out when the Defense Department placed a notice on its website under Defend America which asked for "men and women in the community who might be willing to serve as members on a local draft board...Positions are available in many communities across the Nation."

Are they now?

A tempting offer, yet most jingoes between the ages of 18 and 24--and their parents--were apparently underwhelmed and the notice was deleted from the website by Nov 7, 2003.

Seems the 'draft flag' was run up the flagpole to see who would salute and only Sen Rangel (NY) and Rep Hollings (SC) bothered by proposing legislation for the first draft since 1973 which so far has gone nowhere...hence my encouraging poem for all those who thought the Bush-Cheney war was a good idea. Where are you now? Busy? But still idealistic for war?

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem."

-John Galsworthy, whose Sun Leo/Moon Aquarius personality blend has these Images for Integration:

The chairman of the board raises his glass to his able colleagues...The king of a large, prosperous empire invites everyone to his wedding.

(Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

One's distance from the problem is the problem for the Pentagon and they'd like it to be solved by more troops please...idealism preferred but not required.

So if your draft notice eventually comes in the mail you can say a wedding invitation would have been more welcome. But in the globalist NWO empire, perhaps they're one in the same.

Aug 24, 2007

Churchill's thoughts on Iraq

"When Iraq becomes strong enough in our opinion to stand alone, we shall be in a position to state that our task has been fulfilled, and that Iraq is an independent sovereign state. But this cannot be said while we are forced year after year to spend very large sums of money on helping the Iraqi government to defend itself and maintain order." --Winston Churchill, 1922

"Forced" to spend very large sums of money?

After reading this quote from Sir Winston, I took a peek at his current Minor Progressions which describe the mental plane, for as you know, our natal charts continue to be impacted long after we're gone.

Sir Winston Churchill, born Nov 30, 1874, 1:30 am GMT, Woodstock England; chart progressed to Aug 25, 2007, midnight. Here are his Minor midpoint pictures which may or may not apply to anything under the sun, but as a consumate politician, perhaps they--and his sort of thinking--do:

Moon/Pluto = Neptune: sensitivity; lack of willpower; sentimentality; depression; fear of the unknown; feeling weakened somehow.

Moon/Saturn = Mc (Minor Mc = "4 Gem", near tr Midas 2006/07): sense of duty; feeling deserted; self-control; feeling ill or sad. (This Mc has Minor Pluto/Chiron, the plutocratic duo, upon it as well. Why does this not surprise me? And Moon/Saturn as a pair = ambition; strategy; direction. Hmph.)

Sun/Saturn = Jupiter: good fortune of an old or ill person; break-up of a value system for eventual recovery; cloud with a silver lining (that'd be nice.)

Mercury/Saturn = Jupiter: industriousness; philosophical thinking; success with irksome work; a fortunate separation.

Mars/NN = Sun: good cooperation; excellent teamwork.

You may have noticed the strong-armed paternalism in the above quote.

NWO's Uranus/Neptune Conjunction degree of 1892 (the robber barons and their spawn are riding still) is "18Cap": "The Union Jack flies from a British destroyer"...SUPERVISION.

pos: the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches (like the 'mark of the beast'??);

neg/shadow/unconscious side: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

And the know-it-all Western occupiers are still trying to tell Iraq what to do.

New World Order chart and details are linked here.

Gigantic Jets in Oklahoma!

Space Weather News for August 23, 2007


On Aug. 20th, an amateur astronomer in Oklahoma scanned the sky for meteors using a low-light video camera--but instead of meteors, he recorded a bizarre upside-down form of lightning called "Gigantic Jets." Discovered in 2001, Gigantic Jets are enormous discharges that leap upward 50 miles high from the tops of thunderclouds. They are related to better known sprites and elves, but are larger and more dramatic. The Oklahoma Jets are the first ever photographed over the continental United States and they may provide key data to researchers working to understand the phenomenon.

Visit to view a movie of the Jets and to learn how you might be able to catch them yourself.

Aug 21, 2007

those Jews and Freemasons!

Masonic Traveler has the text of an interview about that suspicious secret whatchamacallit where you'll find that Jews and Freemasons are said to be behind...well, check it out for yourself.

Sun conjunct Saturn 28 Leo 32

On Capitol Hill this evening at 7:28 pm edt, serious Saturn is joined overhead by the Sun, 28Leo32 (an Astrology degree! "29" of any sign is a crisis/critical degree
as well, and conjs Fixed Star, Regulus. The Royal Stars of Pesia are all over this chart, in fact.)

If you allow the use of the NN, a joining associative point, there is a Mutable Grand Cross as well, with Neptune rising simultaneously. Neptune conj ASC is often the actor or the deceiver.

MC is part of the Grand Cross and thus releases some of its erratic, nervous energies through the career. There's an alertness yet much stress between the opposing planets (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.)

The top of the chart, the Midheaven (Mc), which is the WHY?/Aspiration Point of any chart, has Moon 9Sag26 conj Jupiter 10Sag16. Moneybags Jupiter, significator of the GOP, is still hanging out at the "A golden-haired goddess of opportunity" degree, yet is in process of heading for "11Sag": "The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple."

"11Sag" is an interesting degree for it is where the Pluto/Chiron conjunction occurred on Dec 30, 1999, the oppressive, class warfare pairing which ushered in our New Millenium.

Moon is conj Fixed Star Antares where Jupiter's Direct Station recently occurred, Mars is opposite at the Foundation of the chart, along with Fixed Star Aldebaran and asteroid, Midas.

There is much going on in this chart--and much going on tonight in Washington it seems--but I have other things to do at the moment and am planning to return to complete this post later this afternoon. If so, the new details will begin HERE...

Returning later than expected, the Sun/Saturn conj is 28 mins away from exactitude, so I'll only add the degree symbolism for what seems to apply most for today given the Chinese dissident's release from prison in China and his speech in Congress today, and also Bush's meeting with other leaders at the Montebello Summit...using Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac for "28Leo":

...industriousness profits from this influence. It will make (natives) into honest, fair, humane people whom everyone will find attractive and easy to deal with. They will promote--or contribute to--the setting up of cooperatives, cultural societies, social foundations, etc. the absence of any marks of finacial luck, this idealist might bring about his own ruin.

Do you think the NAU--which Bush termed "comical"--counts as a cooperative?

(oh yeah--and Fedman Ben Bernanke met with Sen. Chris Dodd today too!)

a few astro-notes on Barack Obama

In answer to a reader's query, no! I have not done a full post on the natal chart of Barack Obama. Without a birth time it didn't seem prudent. If I find an accurate time for him I would be pleased to expand.

But here are the few notes done so far on his possible Sun-Moon blend/s depending on which of two signs the Moon was in during the 24 hours of his birth date.

The Great Equalizer = 24 hours in a day. That's all anyone has no matter how 'they' fiddle with time zones or monkey with calendars!

Aug 20, 2007

Bush, Harper, Calderone Summit

Bush Seeks to Boost Canada, Mexico Ties at a 2-day summit in Montebello, Quebec, today and Tuesday as these midpoint pictures form the background of the week:

Saturn/Uranus = Mars (conj asteroid Midas): tremendous upheaval possible through rebellion, overstrain, calamity, or anxiety about how things will get on; challenges leading to a fight (Tyl): injury; accident; deprivation of freedom; the wrong use of extraordinary energy (Ebertin.)

The pairing of Saturn (structure; form; old; the past) with Uranus (rebellion; disruption; shock; progress; the new) is always indicative of the tension and stress between old vs new which may lead to conflict and sometimes to violence, and there's an intervention in one's destiny flavor. Instigator and activist Mars has been mightily busy of late, hasn't he?

And with Mars at 6-8 Gemini this month puts me in mind of the last Great Conjunction/s of Neptune/Pluto, the Robber Baron team of the late 1890s...

1. Aug 2, 1891 8Gem38
2. Nov 5, 1891 8Gem19
3. Apr 30, 1892 7Gem42

This is when the real exploitation of natural resources and the oppression of the masses got its modern beginning not they hadn't before, of course. The Neptune/Pluto cycle lasts appr 492 years, and they are now in the septile phase (51:26 degr) of their slow dance. You'll find my post on the karmic Neptune/Pluto septile here, a 7th harmonic aspect.

Sad to say, the other difficult midpoint picture ongoing is explosive in the extreme:

Mars/Pluto = Uranus: tremendous energy; dangerous sense of attack; chip on the shoulder; fight first, talk later (Tyl); cruelty; violence; brutality; sudden disasters of great consequence (Ebertin.)

Weather-related catastrophes are included in these pictures, and the Saturn/Uranus/Mars combo certainly relates to mining collapses all over the globe from Utah to China, and to airplane explosions in Japan, etc. Boeing planes have been grounded there for inspections as an unaspected Uranus 'runs away' with current energies--yet Uranus is the focal planet in the Mars/Pluto midpoint picture, and is associated with electromagnetic weaponry, lightening, technology, and creative genius.

May the shuttle Endeavor's early return escape the violent influences of Hurricane Dean and of instigators of all stripes.

But back to Canada's 2-day summit:

Protesters have been out since yesterday prior to Bush's arrival for some Canadians see this 'partnership' as a threat to Canadian sovereignty being led by the US.

Agreed, but in this case it takes three to tango, my Canadian friends, for No Borders are respected by Chiron-Uranus Types in Government.

With PM Stephen Harper and Mexican president Felipe Calderon categorized as "conservatives" and "free trade advocates" (supposedly more so than their recent predecessors) it seems the North American Union globalist plans are grinding along nicely and with better shills now in place.

Imho, the clearest view of this devilish dissolving of the three nations is to be found at Patrick Wood's The August Review.

And it's not a pretty picture no matter how it's propagandistically framed...the class warfare of plutocratic Chiron-Pluto never is.

Aug 19, 2007

Guess Cheney owns the planet Mars

Because he's readying to drill for oil there with NASA as his enabler. Crazy. And if they break it, they sure won't be able to fix it, will they?

Thanks go to Astrology Communications Media for the link.

Petraeus "Report" Sep 15 2007

Symbolically using the noon hour of Sept 15 as a time of airing/revealing, we see the chart for Gen David Petraeus' report on the Iraq occupation's "progress" holding a wealth of information relating to the US natal chart (Sibly) and having links to the NWO chart as well.

My assumption is that the so-called, much-touted report will be delivered on Sep 15.

UPDATE Monday 8.20:

White House: Iraq progress report could be Sept 11 20 Aug 2007 U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker and the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus [Betrayus], will likely testiLIE to Congress about progress in the war on September 11 or September 12, the White House said on Monday.#

LOL! Did someone in the White House read this post about Sep 15?

The Mc/WHY Point of the noon chart has "6Virgo" = "A merry-go-round"...not conducive to getting out of a hopeless loop, and connected to reaching for the brass ring. Seems the speculators of Washington are busy with their usual power games, doesn't it?

Highlight colors are: US natal = pink; NWO = yellow; Mutable T-square = green; YOD = red (click chart to enlarge for my usual schmooshed-up, chickenscratch notes.)

The Mutable T-square is a biggie here esp since the apex Sun happens to be in conjunction with America's natal Neptune, planet of self-delusion, deception, and confusion. Nebulous Neptune's veiling effect doesn't bode well for this 'revelation' meant to improve America's direction in'll be more of the same propaganda, I suspect.

That R and D political considerations are keeping us in Iraq is so painfully obvious, that--as my mother used to say--if it'd been a snake it would've bitten ya.

When the Sun highlights natal Neptune by transit, fantasies and ideals become part of the environment (Capitol Hill in this case), and there is a tendency to conveniently lose sight of reality--or others may hide the truth (hush my mouth, ya don't say!)

Flexible morals cause trouble yet there is a sense of compassion in the air such as when visiting the sick or maimed in hospital, etc. Possibly our wounded soldiers may receive scant mention or lipservice with Neptune's illusions attached to the issues.

Tr Atlantis 18Vir24, an asteroid whose keywords are: abuse or misuse of power; where we feel doomed ...remains at the Solar Eclipse degree of Sep 11.

(My own sense of doom has been heightened by America's entering the New Millenium with enemies not just without--but within as our Consitution and Bill of Rights continue to be undermined by those who purport themselves to be our "leaders" but who use our patriotism, apathy, and gullibility against this nation in order to pursue their selfish aims of world domination. They su*k.)

So here are the midpoint pictures from the noon chart using apex/focal planet Sun as well as focal US Neptune:

Mars/Pluto = Sun: passionate attack to achieve objectives; upset of plans that is unredeemable; ability to work until collapse or complete breakdown; violent measures; intervention of the big shock (as in the misnamed, propagandistic shock and awe?)

Mars/Pluto = Neptune: implacability or irreconcilability; cunning and deceit; subterfuge; plotting rebellion; desire to harm others secretly and unobtrusively; catastrophe caused by water/gas/poison (since it's Neptune as apex, I would add: catastrophe caused by deceit; self-deception; lies, etc.)

Will this "report" even be aired to all or to a few rubberstampers in Congress as the White House would prefer? Neptune's veiling!

Tr Mars 23Gem26 is just beyond his US natal Mars Return--same day as the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse.

Mutable T-square:

Sun = leader in a national chart and in this particular case, I believe the apex Sun in Mutable T-square represents Gen Petraeus in its positive expressions, and George Bush (and what he's done to our military) in the negative. They say the White House has actually written this "report" which leaves Petraeus to catapult it to the world-at-large and most esp to the American public. "Our enemies are listening" as well, as the White House rightly says.

Apex Sun in Mutable T-square: this individual is driven to seek recognition, praise, and significance from society. He wants to feel proud of his mental achievements but runs the risk of nervous overstrain and physical exhaustion if he pushes too hard.

Mutable signs have low stamina, and apex Sun here indicates an inconsistent course of action. However, because the Sun represents purposeful inner drives, apex Sun gives somewhat less of an aimless scattering of energies. But there is massive ego involvement in the thought processes, therefore less objectivity. A know-it-all manner shows an overrating of powers with concepts which are irrational and illogical.

When positively directed, apex Sun in a Mutable T-square shows resolved tensions and one who stands out (the karmic 'Saturn conj SN' is someone who stands out, and the conj is at MC), strength and willpower are used to present something of relevance to society. Yet Saturn conj SN is very limiting and shows one whose rigid ambitions are out of harmony with prevailing cultural attitudes. (I most often see Saturn in a nat'l chart as usually signifying Cheney or even Bush Sr--or both.)

A well-directed apex Sun is wise and dignified, and is a tower of strength and support for many, along with the organisational skills that encourage the cooperation of others through his wholesome self-esteem and leadership--acclaim and honor follow. (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.)

If you enlarge the chart, you see that the day's Sun/Moon midpoint is conj US natal Saturn (which was Mercury's position on 9/11/01.)

Sun/Moon = Saturn: addressing problems; difficult concerns witin relationships; renunciation; joint or shared suffering; inhibitions or separations; a weakened systems (oh yeah--our governement and our military--jc)

The YOD, or Finger of God pattern, indicating a crisis and a special purpose or task, is pointing to tr Uranus, the rebel, fresh from conjunction with tr NN...Ura/NN = radical, reformist political groups--one of Shrub's more prominent signatures.

YOD's Mercury/US n Saturn = Uranus: boredom with the past; separations.

Now much has been written about the wonderfulness of Gen David Petraeus but as long as he carries Bush's water, he is suspect around here--can anyone believe Bush would accept any interference whatsoever in his globalist plans?

One of the primary background influences these days is the obsessive-compulsive quindecile (QD = 165 degr) between Saturn and Uranus which is affecting a lot more than this "report" and from Ricki Reeves' excellent book, Quindecile we find that Saturn QD Uranus is:

driven toward breaking old and outdated concepts through use of innovative ideas; disruption of governing systems; breaking of the law through defiance of law and order; benefit comes from societal changes for the betterment of mankind.

Betterment? Now where can the world find some of that?

Midpoint pics: Ebertin; Tyl.

Aug 18, 2007

tragedy tonight by Ground Zero

Tragedy strikes in NYC tonight as firefighters die in blaze by Ground Zero.

American Corporations heart China

China Is Not the Problem

By Paul Craig Roberts

It is not China's fault that American corporations have so little regard for their employees and fellow citizens that they destroy their economic opportunities and give them to foreigners instead.

skywatching Endeavor

Space Weather News for Aug. 18, 2007

DOUBLE SPACESHIP FLYBYS: Space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to undock from the International Space Station on Monday, August 20th. If that happens as planned, sky watchers across North America may be able to witness something rare and beautiful: a double-spaceship transit across the night sky. US cities favored for flybys on Aug. 20th or 21st include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York and Phoenix. The space station and shuttle will appear as separate, bright points of light moving in tandem. Flyby times depend on where you live.

Subscribers to SpaceWeatherPhone will receive phone and email alerts when the pair are about to appear. Flyby timetables are also available from Heavens Above.

BONUS: The International Space Station is under construction, and with each new addition the sprawling complex becomes easier to see from the ground. To the naked eye, the space station now resembles a super-bright star gliding slowly across the sky. Backyard telescopes reveal much more: solar panels, laboratories and living modules, a robotic arm and docked supply vessels.

Photos and videos are featured on this weekend's edition of

Aug 17, 2007

NYSE and its Solar Eclipse Series 2008

An hour before the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange this morning, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke made his well-timed move to lower the discount interest rate that banks use when loaning each other monies and he extended the lending time from the traditional overnight to 30 days.

The DOW moved up by closing bell to 13,079 but was down 1.2% for the week.

Owning a 1972 copy of Sybil Leek's The Astrological Guide to Financial Success, I give here her 2 cents' worth on the illusion of credit and the daftness (my word) of living beyond one's means.

The unstable illusions begin with nebulous Neptune's entry into Scorpio, sign of Big Business, which occurred approximately March 1956 until 1970 while making some reconnaisance back into Libra (appr Oct '56--June '57.)

Here is Ms. Leek in her own words from 1972:

If any planet has an affinity toward inflation it is Neptune, and those who associate it with dreamlike qualities may wake up to find they have had nightmares.

Neptune in Scorpio is concerned with the mass of people being encouraged to live beyond their means. (Neptune) is a most insidious planet, tempting and then mocking those who fall for its whimsical ways. I regard it as a symbol of a false economic situation which has rapidly become a way of life for many Americans since it began to transit the dark, turgid starfield of Scorpio.

Inflation (has had) its heyday during the transitting of Neptune in Scorpio since 1956. This plus heavy governmental deficits point to the possibility of a serious financial panic between now and 1973 unless some ingenious brains begin to plan toward establishing a balance between wages and buying power (she must be rolling over in her grave during Bush's unending, drunken-sailor term in office.) #

Guess this means that the ingenious brain of Bernanke and his compadres are planning to establish a balance yet today it proved to be between banks and their use of their customers' money. We'll see if it amounts to anything of value to anyone but the elite private bankers of the world--or just another example of who-do-that-voo-doo? you do.

So I searched the natal and progressed charts with transits today of the NYSE (May 17, 1792; 7:52 am LMT; NYC) and the most 'action' I found was:

*Solar Arc Directions (SA)...Mars to natal Moon 18Ari39 in 10th house: strong drive to fulfill needs, to "let it fly"; disruption; hyperactivity.

SA Jupiter to natal Mercury 23Tau50: legal issues; travel; intellect.

SA Neptune to n Sun (actually in effect for almost one year now): hypersensitivity; deception; illegality; inspiration; possible spiritual rationalizations.

SA Mc to n Jupiter/Neptune (in conj natally, 4th house): a visionary; a fortune hunter; a speculator, philanthropist, spendthrift, or a squanderer; harm or damage through thoughtlessness.

SA Pluto to n Ic/Mc: professional developments are life-significant; dramatic changes of perspective are practically assured; separations; a life-milestone.

The midpoint of natal Mars (18Vir43--which the Sept 11, 2007 Eclipse will trigger) and natal NN = SA Pluto...

Mars/NN = Pluto: others must "get on the train" or be left behind; the performance of joint record achievements; an enforced separation in a partnership or union. This picture will be exact in about 2--3 years.

Then there's the loss, cruelty, and hardship of natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint which is being stimulated by transiting, disruptive, tech-savvy Uranus.

Sat/Pluto = Uranus: ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult circumstances; sudden acts of violence; an attack regardless of potential losses; brutal efforts to start a new order.

Is the market's recent volatility and subsequent liquidity infusions--plus today's bank reacharound--part of the globalist NWO plans? Or are their financial systems being hacked to death by tech-savvy robbers? How about some of all of the above?

(UPDATE 2.2.08: think France!)

On August 1, 2008 the Solar Eclipse Series in which the NYSE was 'born' manifests once again at 9Leo32...we find that degree in at least three places, the natal charts of: George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, and the Republican Party.

Here are some interpretations of the degrees of 8, 9, and 10 Leo from Adriano Carelli.

NYSE's Prenatal Eclipse (PE) is in the 10South (10S) Series which Brady's Predictive Astrology gives as: breaking out of a very negative situation in which no options or hope can be seen; a worry that has been plaguing may suddenly clear and the solution must be taken up without too much delay.

Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse says that a Leo
Solar Eclipse indicates a need for vigorous resolve in tackling problems--halfway measures will not succeed. Vainglory, pomposity, and other negative Leonine traits are stumbling blocks to correction of karmic issues.

I might add that the Prodigal Son which is associated with the sign Leo may have some connection with the issues in this Series which will be surfacing in 2008. This Eclipse will fall in NYSE's natal 2nd house of money, values, and earning of the 'money houses'...and last occurred on July 22, 1990.

The Initial Eclipse of any Series is telling...this one: March 10, 1179 (Old Style) at 26Pis01. Some flavors from that Eclipse are angry quarrelling; a demanding nature; outbursts; quick mood changes; valid instincts; and/or: any alternative seems inappropriate; thoughts don't know where to go; separating from the issues.

Sounds like a mixed bag, doesn't it? Such is life.

So with NYSE's natal Pluto 23AQ31 having been recently opposed by tr Saturn (control and restriction) there's been an air of embattlement in which past control is threatened by future--or current--takeovers...authority challenges power.

Hmmm...perhaps I should take a closer look at Rupert Murdoch's natal chart.

Okay, here is my chance to close with a favorite quote from financier and robber baron extraordinaire, J.P. Morgan:

Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do.

Oh yeah? Then they've seen the crap coming for a long long time.

*Solar Arc Directory, Noel Tyl; other midpoint pictures, Ebertin.

Aug 15, 2007

Sep 11, 2007: Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Here's the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse post I published at the end of July.

You can tell by the date of this Eclipse that it is manifesting upon the Sun's degree of 9/11/01 which is basically a Solar Return for 9/11.

Positively, I'd say the universe is pointing out something important relating to that day, wouldn't you? Such as financial markets being undermined? The ruination of our nation?

Or perhaps the criminals who planned the attacks had sense enough to know that 2007 contained an Eclipse at that day's degree and they do delight in ruffling our feathers.

laser printers are after ya

Oh great--now we must fear the micro particles emitting from laser printers.

It's extraordinary rendition to a back room for them. Seriously.

Aug 14, 2007

Poppy and the Attacks of 9/11

This post is about Shrub's Poppy and the Attacks of 9/11/01 when their New World Order was given a massive boost by win-at-any-costs plutocrats. Whether by blithe arrogance, inept thoughtlessness, or cruel design, the charts tell a tale of Jupiter/Pluto increase and Mars/Uranus revolution.

Hopefully, if you're reading this, you are also visiting on-blog, for clicking-to-enlarge the image (Bush Sr natal = Inner chart with 9/11/01, 8:46 am edt, NYC round the Outside) gives more detail than a single typing finger can manage--and even though my notes are squished-in as usual, I've color-coded the important bits for your consideration.

And after toying with the idea of posting the chart for Sr's shout-out for the NWO in the US Congress (brazenly on Sept 11, 1991--yep! 10 years prior to the day) I decided that one of the main tactics of promoting the NWO--the attacks on America, 9/11/01--would be just as telling and interesting as his NWO speech. I can post that later on, if anyone wants to see it for it's always informative to progress such charts, too.

But one thing I will add about Poppy's NWO shout-out is the Prenatal Eclipse Series in which it fell. It's the same Series in which the assassination of too-close-for-comfort writer Danny Casolaro fell--killed the weekend of Aug 9/10, 1991...

11South: the need for making sudden reforms as old ideas or methods will fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought by this Eclipse; new ways of handling issues must be developed and any blockages may be violently or tragically removed (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The Initial Eclipse of this Series: June 14, 1360 (OS), Sun/Moon at World Events Point 00Can48, a degree triggered on 9/11/01 by violent tr Mars conj the karmic South Node (SN.) Interesting also is that the Initial Eclipse's Mercury (the scribe, the writer, the youth, the messenger) is conj Casolaro's natal Mercury at "20Cancer"...conj Fixed Star, Castor,to write or create. Casolaro thought he'd found the brass ring at last with his research and planned book. His notes disappeared that weekend.

The 11S Solar Eclipse occurred July 11, 1991; next manifestation: July 22, 2009, 29Can27, at the critical "Daughter of the American Revolution" degree.

The attacks of 9/11 happened during some powerful transits to Poppy's chart:

9/11 Venus to n Neptune: others find you out-of-touch, imagination and abstract thinking thrive with satisfying and profitable results; photographs taken now are flattering.

9/11 Uranus to n Mars (the explosive duo): danger in the air; encountering nontraditional people and circumstances; energy within associations and partnerships increase; introducing new techiniques and methods; use of the occult. (This transit was within orb before and after 9/11.)

9/11 Jupiter to n Pluto: personal power, resourcefulness, and new perspectives are felt; the big picture; keeping in control of things; greater power is established; success bwo the evaluation or distribution of monetary assets and raw materials.

9/11 Pluto to Jupiter (a double whammy!): seeking to attain greater power in political ambitions and economic expansion; a thrust for power and leadership; father's influence plays a karmic role in current endeavors; sphere of influence expands; intolerance and fanticism.

NOTE: my post was just shut down--got the "post may not save or publish" message as if I weren't connected (I was.) So I'll end for now with all apologies and continue at a later date since I know this is strong stuff. That's why I waited until 2007 to post it! Hopefully it will publish.

America's shadow

An Occupation of Iraq is Not Ours to Choose

By Ward Reilly

The only chance we have of saving our nation is to ensure that Bush and Cheney are not allowed to retire into the sunset. If they are allowed to do that, the concept of our nation is lost forever, and we will all be branded as war criminals in the eyes of the world, because "We The People" allowed all of this to happen.#

Mr.Reilly is right, you know...America's shadow must be ID'd and faced...from Hiroshima to Baghdad, and--God help us--Tehran.

Information Clearing House has the article.

Aug 13, 2007

when Wes Clark speaks

he says stuff like this:

"Demand a more realistic and strategic appraisal on the Iraq issue, stop talking troops and start talking policy." - Wes Clark, Aug 08, 2007

Realistic and strategic policy talks would do more for our troops than arguing about if/when/how to withdraw them.

Use of circular logic helps only those employing it as a tactic to gloss over the real issues.
- Jude Cowell Aug 13, 2007

A thankful Shout-Out goes to Alex at Astrology Communications Media for bringing Wes Clark's quote to my (fractured) attention.

Foresight of the Neocon Chickenhawk


Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire 12 Aug 2007

Transcript: Q: Do you think the U.S., or U.N. forces, should have moved into Baghdad?

Dick Cheney: No.

Q: Why not?

A: Because if we'd gone to Baghdad we would have been all alone. There wouldn't have been anybody else with us. There would have been a U.S. occupation of Iraq. None of the Arab forces that were willing to fight with us in Kuwait were willing to invade Iraq. Once you got to Iraq and took it over, took down Saddam Hussein's government, then what are you going to put in its place? ...It's a quagmire if you go that far and try to take over Iraq. The other thing was casualties... And the question for the president, in terms of whether or not we went on to Baghdad, took additional casualties in an effort to get Saddam Hussein, was how many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth? Our judgment was, not very many, and I think we got it right."

You'll also find video of Cheney figuratively gazing into his crystal ball at LegitGov.

Seems to me that their sorry invasion and occupation of Iraq was the desired quagmire and as these prescient words of 1994 made obvious, Cheney and pals knew all this would occur (more or less)...and remember that the black market for Middle Eastern oil was profitable for certain countries and entities until Cheney smirkily stirred the cauldron with a bwa-haha...

So here's a Q for 2007: How many dead Americans is Dick Cheney worth?

A: zero.

Something of a Rovian Farewell

Is your cat psychic? Lim's Limericks thinks so while Pluto continues hanging about and transforming Mr. Rove's Chiron.

Limerick UPDATE: Mr.A.Cat has dissed Rove yet again with another hardhitting limerick...okay, it's a limerick about a hardhitter.


Tommy Thompson calls for his uncle

Gov Tommy Thompson has dropped his bid for nomination before I could get around to looking at his natal chart.

Oh well. Less for me to do, I suppose.

Aug 12, 2007

Mitt Romney March 12, 1947

While listening to NPR this morning I learned that some pigs love Oreo cookies, and that Mitt Romney won Iowa's straw poll with 31% of the 14,000 votes cast, as near as their fuzzy math can count.

And while one could say that the lipstick on this pig has been masterfully
applied so far, it's too soon to say whether Romney's brand of charismatic leadership will fly considering his religious heritage and any future problems that may turn up concerning his past.

Where do we see these issues in his natal (sunrise) chart?

One major aspect pattern is the Fixed T-square between Venus opposite Pluto with Chiron (the wound; the blindspot) as apex planet (or planetoid, if you like.)

Chiron is in Scorpio, sign of sex, death, and regeneration and in this Solar or Sunrise chart--good for ego/creative/life purpose information--Chiron is in the mystical 8th house, as are Moon 26Sco08 conjunct moneybags Jupiter 27Sco33. As you know, Scorpio is also the sign of big business and deep pockets.

Chiron in Scorpio shows a need for forgiving the unforgiveable, and adds an occultist flavor to the personality. But if the lower side of Pluto is prominent, a search for pleasure and for power at the cost of others is found.

Born March 12, 1947, Romney is very Piscean which makes him interested in mysticism (perhaps as part of his LDS Church and/or of the unusual groups to which he belongs or associates--and oddly enough, the sign of the fishes seems to birth military generals more often than most people would expect.)

There are several indications of leadership ability in his chart, and of being in contact with the collective unconscious, also a Piscean talent. This is a Watery, intuitive, creative guy, who perhaps is not always aware of his deeper motivations.

The Venus/Pluto opposition gives him charisma and a need to compromise as well as to control. Mom was on the overpowering side and has affected his views of women (anima) there may be resentment against females...compliments of mom's obsessive control of little Mitt.

This opposition may result in marriages where role-playing is prominent and shows some confusion with the mythic mother archetype. Control games are typical of this aspect which also is involved in aquiring great wealth--a form of control as well.

Whatever the situation in Romney's relationships, he tends to make excessive demands on partners, and in work situations, strong emotions may interfere with goals. His manipulative Saturn/Pluto conj opposes a detached Venus in AQ...not a good combo for personal relationships perhaps, but may show his money-infused corporate side which is bolstered by Sun conj Cupido, an asteroid relating to family, groups, and corporations.

For the 2008 election, the tr Venus/Pluto midpoint will conj this Solar MC which may mean an affair breaking open to public view. If Romney has any secret fillies or geldings in his stable, he should come clean well before Nov 2008--or this could simply refer to his polygamous heritage.

Relational/values-oriented Venus is linked with another transpersonal planet bwo a trine to Neptune, an imaginative planet of confusion, deception, and veils.

Venus trine Neptune gives a refined nature when it comes to the arts (compliments of mom again), and may tend toward a show of kindness and generosity to others even when they dissappoint. It's helpful with public relations as Neptune gives him a pleasant screen on which to cast an image suitable for entrancing the public.

But negative elements in the environment must be handled by other factors in the chart/nature, for Venus/Neptune trines tend to look the other way. They indicate a need for spiritual development plus, his Venus/Pluto square Chiron shows that sex, death, regeneration, and mysticism play big parts in his nature.

Venus SQ Chiron shows maximum stress between finding a value system that will enhance spirtuality. There may be difficulties in the socialization process and heavy-duty karmic pressure within the sexual realm. (Chiron, Clow, who mentions problems with gender identity--he is cute as a bunny button--to both genders, one imagines!)

But I tend to suppose that this reap-what's-sown karmic sexual stuff comes more from his religious/polygamous background, don't you? But I would since I see heredity where others may see past lives.

Pluto SQ Chiron indicates the Seeker (Chiron) who is conscious of the shape and direction of the archetypal urge to prepare the way and to warn the unwary. He willingly takes on the Quest of struggle against the status quo (uh oh--not another one. This info comes from Richard Nolle's Chiron.)

Let's 'do' the *Sun/Moon personality blend/s...misty, tearful Sun Pis/Moon Sco (but may be ultra-rational in a male) if he was born before 2:34 pm...after that, Moon in he's either emotional Water/Water or steamy Water/Fire:

Sun Pis/Moon Sco: psychologically insightful; strong in adversity; embraces the comic and tragic together; self-sacrifice vs self-control...

...jumps to emotionally-charged conclusions; feels misunderstood; innate ability to understand deep mysteries; complex emotional nature; tenacious; courageous; unaware of persistent prejudices and irrational suspicions; relies too heavily on personal opinions; negative self-absorption; may prefer own company.

Images for Integration: Longfellow's The Secret of the Sea...Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. (This is Longfellow's and Steinbeck's natal Sun/Mon blend which is shared with Beatle George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Elizabeth Taylor.)

Sun Pis/Moon Sag: far-ranging imagination; seeker of truth; affectionate and friendly; resilient; strong social awareness; philospophical mind; generous and gentle; deep self-confidence; spiritual but may avoid organized religious practice; has an imaginative inner world; humility + nobility; a generous judge of others' weaknesses...

...endearing naivety; emotionalizes moral issues; misplaced enthusiasms; prone to exaggeration, carelessness, and lack of concentration; 'tries' to be all things to all people (a politician!--so that's 'pretends' to be--jc); grandiosity and self-deception (other useful political traits--jc.)

Images for Integration: A black woman priest in the confessional hears a tale of woe form a white converted scientist, and they fall in love...Einstein's Theory of Relativity. (This is Einstein's natal Sun/Moon blend.)

Romney's Prenatal Eclipse is in the 2 South Series which manifested prior to his birth on Nov 23, 1946, 00Sag50. The **Sabian Symbol for "1Sag" is the one I so often use for Pentagon/war/chickenhawk issues...

"1Sag"..."A Grand Army of the Republic campfire"...REMINISCENCE...

pos: accomplishment through the cultivation and preservation of enduring ties with others;

neg/shadow or unconscious side: superficial idleness and unhealthy veneration for the past (Mormonism? Other?--jc.)

From Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse, we find that a PE in Sagittarius is associated with the search for ultimate truths (supported by several factors mentioned above--jc), and the gaining of spiritual wisdom.

Motivations stem from moral concepts and/or religious convictions that are holdovers from the past, and which may not be spirtually correct. Karmic endeavors based upon misplaced idealism or misguided beliefs are ineffective, and the resultant exaggerated efforts tend to overshoot the mark. Fake optimism causes underestimation of karmic situations and efforts may fall short.

The Sag PE brings karmic relationships with grandchildren or in-laws, and draws the native toward organized religious practices (which counters the above-mentioned Sun Pis/Moon Sag details. Maybe he has a Scorpio Moon! It would jive with the mother control issues, wouldn't it?)

In Brady's Predictive Astrology we find more Eclipse info:

2 South: feeling that a great deal may be gained by associating with or joining unusual groups.

This Series last manifested Dec 25, 2000 at 4Cap14, and is the same PE Series as Woodrow Wilson, who was a Freemason. And Romney has a 12-degree orb 'conjunction' between Uranus and North Node, an indicator of radical reformist political groups. As you know, Bush has a close conj of rebellious, disruptive Uranus with NN, also in Gemini, sign of the bringer of tidings. "Warning the unwary" indeed.

Well, there's a small portrait of Mitt Romney for you--although somewhat out-of-focus due to an unknown birth time. The portrait does describe charismatic Mitt, but is not as focused as it could be.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion there will be more to add later on about this complex Piscean politician, don't you? So let me know if you find an accurate birth time for him--I'd be interested!

*Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.
**Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

At it again: Check out my recently published content on AC:

Gerry Mander: A Political Poem of Greed and Lust for Power

Aug 10, 2007

Endeavor's belly gouge worrisome

Guess you heard that NASA found a gouge on Endeavor's belly so hopefully it can be repaired safely. Whether caused by Neptunian foam or Uranian ice, they do not know.

And astrologically speaking, foam is solid so it's Saturnian, ice is frozen, solid water so they're both Saturnian as well since Saturn = form.

Here's my post on the Endeavor launch which mentions having few options but I hope they have just enough to bring them home all apiece!

UPDATE Aug 15: NASA seems to be leaning toward not repairing the post also mentions 'remaining at the mercy of external conditions without trying to make a firm stand.' Doesn't sound smart, m'peops...hope NASA is correct about this.

HoSec's 'BioWatch' still doesn't

On Nov 1, 2005, George Bush painted a glowing picture of his aspiration to set up and administer programs which would detect bio threats to Americans, but as with so many of Bush's pies-in-the-sky, this one is still undercooked.

Biological Detection Program Delayed says WaPo, and if you need a job, Bush'n'friends are quite desperate to interview you to disappear within the bowels of HoSec. But you must be science-challenged like the rest of the Bushies.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution puts it this way: Biological surveillance falls short, report says.

However you put it, "no one is really sure what it is supposed to do."

Perhaps it's similar to the usual Bush program--it's for doing the opposite of whatever it says it does.

Department of Homeland Security shows ineptness yet again:

HoSec's natal chart has Mercury where the recent Jupiter Direct Station occurred (Jupiter hasn't left "10Sag" yet..."The golden-haired goddess of opportunity" degree.) Jupiter expands and increases whatever he touches and Mercury represents ideas, thinking, communications, paperwork, and such.

And today's Pluto is opposing Nov 1, 2005's Saturn which echoes the cruel Saturn/Pluto opposition of 9/11/01--and deep-leveled Pluto can outweigh heavy Saturn bwo constructional, long-time-coming power issues. Seems the contruction of the BioWatch program wasn't much to begin with, assuming it existed at all.

The Swindlers of Washington are such duds, aren't they?

Aug 9, 2007

Perseids and the New Moon of Aug 12

Space Weather News for August 9, 2007

The Perseid meteor shower has begun. Although the display will not peak until August 12th and 13th, sky watchers are already counting as many as a dozen meteors per hour (including some nice fireballs) during the darkest hours before dawn. Rates could increase 5- to 10-fold when the shower reaches maximum on Sunday night and Monday morning. Advice: Get away from city lights. While many Perseids will be bright enough to see from light-polluted urban areas, the shower's full grandeur is reserved for places with dark and starry skies. This is a good weekend to go camping.

Visit for photos, observing tips and a sky map. Full coverage of the shower begins today and will continue until Perseid activity subsides.#

The New Moon of August 12 is at 19Leo51 and occurs in the 7th house of Partnerships over Washington at 7:02:29 pm edt. Venus and Saturn will be near conjunction, with Venus still Rx 27Leo58, and Saturn 27Leo23, both also in 7th house.

Rising is 00AQ14, the degree of the Sun when we install a new NWO-type in the Oval Office on Jan 20 at noon, DC. Most descriptive of US presidents in the last few decades is the "30Cap" degree...

"A secret business conference"...OPPORTUNITY...

pos: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life;

neg/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

So is Fort Knox empty?

Years ago in Slate's The Fray, I asked that question ad nauseum and was laughed at and ridiculed with hearty alacrity. "America is too rich to go bankrupt, you daft peacely2," the jingos typed back at me.

August 9, 2007...let's ask Paul Craig Roberts how that's goin':

Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now

Paul Craig Roberts

Early this morning China let the idiots in Washington, and on Wall Street, know that it has them by the short hairs. Two senior spokesmen for the Chinese government observed that China's considerable holdings of US dollars and Treasury bonds "contributes a great deal to maintaining the position of the dollar as a reserve currency."

Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now puts me in mind of Bush's 'speech' this morning just before Shrub cut and run to Kennebunkport to see Mama.

His nibs had his Mercury (speech; communications; announcements; thought processes) Return to its natal degree 9Leo51+ today but I like to use the rounding-down method for the Sabian Symbol for this one:

"9Leo": "Glass blowers shape with their breath glowing forms"...DEFTNESS...

pos: an effectiveness of personal participation in everyday existence;

neg/shadow side: willful or unintelligent distortion of reality. (Ya think? Me too. I recorded his "speech" because I had to motor and will review it later if I can manage.)

This is also the degree for Gonzo's natal Mercury and that of the Republican Party. Quite a pile-up, si?

Okay, but the interesting thing to me is that as Bernanke and the Fed were flooding the market with more liquidity (a word Bush mentioned this morning), the Moon 5Can08 was at the "Gamebirds feathering their nests" degree conjunct America's natal Jupiter (R-Party; gurus; rich men) and Mars 1Gem32 was at the descriptive "Santa Claus filling stockings furtively."

Somehow I'm sure ole Santa did. Stockings hung with care--in Germany, perhaps?

Meanwhile China yanked our drunken sailors' chains and France showed some feisty lack of confidence thanks to our terminally ill subprime lending market. No one wants it to get out how many bad loans they've made or are still holding.

Yep! the camel's nose has been under the tent for decades now and the bankrupting of America is going well for the neocon-lovin', war-mongerin', pocket-linin', papal-ring-kissin' crooks and swindlers who infest the nation's seats of power and corruption. And the tent is made-in-China, Japan, and any place but here.

Gold has been discovered in Haiti, rumor says. Will wonders never?

Guess the Sheeple will be so relieved to unionize with Canada and Mexico when it turns out we have no other choice, thanks to someone's bad management and fuzzy math--which I assert once again has been done according to plan in order to undermine national sovereignity all over the globe, not just in the USA.

Duhhh....a global economy will mean global collapse--who could disagree? So many things are collapsing these days, aren't they? Bush said today that the global economy is "strong"--one of the Martian's favorite words.

Plus, near the end of today's "press conference" Bush's natal Jupiter, old moneybags himself, was rising and bringing along the US Sec Progr'd (SP) Mars so take your pick--round it up or round it down...

"18Lib": "Two men placed under arrest"...CONSEQUENCE...

pos: a heightened challenge to every special talent (Shrub's talent is "catapultin' the propaganda"...his job, he says; la bouche, the mouthpiece);

neg/shadow side: total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

He's good at that. So was his performance this morning a futile attempt to put out financial fires--or to stoke them? He says Dems are overspending? Have all the mirrors been removed from the White House??? Get that narcissist a clear pond to gaze into!

Then, if you prefer, there's "19Lib"..."A gang of robbers in hiding"...DIVERGENCE...

pos: alertness to every threat against a true individuality;

neg/shadow side: abnormal mistrust of everything worthwhile.

Sitting upon Bush's natal Jupiter and the US SP Mars lately has been the transiting Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (thanks to the societal pair's tendency to Rx), so we've been seeing:

Jupiter/Saturn = sec Mars: discontent; a lack of endurance or tenaciousness; feeling unrewarded and making a change; an inconstant will; separation; not wanting to toe the line.

(A national Mars = the military; police force; men between appr 25-35, etc. Jingos can serve in Iraq, too.)

This means that Jup/Saturn was rising so there's:

Jup/Saturn = ASC: the tactician; separation; a change of occupation (!) or of residence (I'll rent the U-Haul if someone will pack his suitcase.)

So what was rising and conjuncting US SP Mars? Propagandistic
Mercury/Pluto midpoint...

Mercury/Pluto = US SP Mars: the ability to master great tasks; sharp criticism; the desire to attack others; a blackmailer (and how Washington function without blackmailers?)

Mercury/Pluto = ASC: ability to exercise influence upon those in the environment; intellectual domination.

Therefore, Mercury/Pluto = Bush's n Jupiter: the art of persuasion; recognition by the masses; persuasion brings success; publicity; a crook or a swindler.

Well that's about all the arranging and designing of Shrubbery I can stand for this evening. It'll soon be 8:30 pm and even a 30Rock rerun has to be better than this merde.

Besides--I heart Alec Baldwin's acting and wish he wouldn't leave the show!

That Feeling of Fate

Surfing so that you don't have to, I've come upon another well-written article by astrologer Lynn Hayes who opens up the astrology of the natal chart when interpreted with the progressed chart for you--their uses and differences, with her Musings on Fate and the Progressed Chart.

As Lynn explains so well, we're fated to express our natal charts.

Yet much may be gleaned from knowing our progressed charts--how we've evolved and what our natal tendencies have led to. Yes, the information found in a progressed chart is invaluable to the seeker.

Bravo, Lynn!

Aug 8, 2007

Solar Eclipses of 1989 repeating for 2007

Having just finished updating Jude's Threshold, I thought you might be interested in its Eclipse details since the same 9 New North and 9 New South Series ('es'?) manifested in 1989 as we're having this year with the next Solar Eclipse due on Sept 11.

The post touches on the health of George Bush--inspired by today's news that he was treated for Lyme Disease last year so check out Eclipses of 1989 and 2007 if you wish.

Endeavor, Challenger, and Pluto/Chiron

After last evening's loss--my little rural neighborhood vs big dog developers--with Pluto/Chiron midpoint rising as the county Board of Commissioners meeting began, and moneybags Jupiter at MC as the charade-of-a-vote was taken (Jupiter at the "Golden-haired goddess of opportunity" degree, no less, and conjunct Antares: obsessed with success), I'm a little verklempt this morning for my quiet home is about to be horned in upon by 196 half-million dollar houses!

So much for peace and quiet with lichen and bracken growing on tree limbs signifying as it does for now, pure air.

Anyone who has fought massive development with its environmental threats and its squirrelly math making glowy promises will know the feeling of powerlessness this engenders. And of course you would know that water is a major issue here as it is all over the globe. Seems there's either too much of the stuff or not enough.

Even the excess liquidity that's been pumped into the economy is problematic. But I digress and for good reason--after looking at the charts, I don't really want to post on the Endeavor launch this evening, reported launch time: 6:36 pm edt, Cape Canaveral,FL.

And I didn't want to revisit the Challenger disaster (Jan 28, 1986, launch time: 11:38 am est; break-up: T+73.162 sec) but the media and NASA won't hush up about it because of Endeavor's obvious connections to the Challenger crew.

Here's Challenger's WIKI link if you'd care for it.

But doesn't the Endeavor launch chart for 6:36 pm est look "throttle up"?

ASC 21Cap16, Pluto/Chiron just risen; MC 7Sc049 conj Challenger 1986 Pluto 7Sco19.

The 1986 Pluto was conj SN 3Sco52, a typical indicator of violence; *Moon 11Vir02 conj Fixed Star Zosma, the victim, Mercury 6AQ08 (Medina degree) conj asteroid, Minerva (desire to be accomplished.)

There are more violent indicators but I'm fading fast so I'll mention a few more things that concern me about tonight's chart.

Aug 8, 2007:

At MC (along with 1986's Pluto) is asteroid, Nemesis: the unbeatable opponent; one who inflicts retribution or vengeance.

Venus Rx and Saturn are snugged about the 8th house cusp, with Venus conj Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, one of The Watchers, keywords: success if revenge is avoided.

SN of the out-of-bounds Moon is conj Fixed Star, Facies: ruthlessness or the victim.

There are other ways to read these chart factors so perhaps being verklempt isn't the best time for me to peek at it...and as I've mentioned before, sometimes you just want to be wrong. Or perhaps bad weather conditions will postpone the launch...that'd be good because:

with 1986's Uranus 20Sag58 and Neptune 4Cap35 having at their midpoint Endeavor's Pluto this evening we see:

Uran/Neptune = Pluto: remaining at the mercy of external conditions without trying to make a firm stand; the necessity to give in; losses; calamities; the big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed--very little option to do otherwise.

Well, I hope this midpoint picture doesn't tell the tale and show Pluto/Chiron's plutocratic, oppressive ways taking over the destiny of this nation one more time in order to serve their globalist agenda (Uranus/Neptune = NWO.)

I wish the Endeavor crew well and hope their mission is completed safely, and though there's more to say about the launch chart, perhaps I'll go lie down for awhile...

*Moon's position is reflecting the natal Ascendant of then-VP G.H.W. Bush. And Reagan was to give the SOTU address that very evening--and would have--but aides convinced him it would be unseemly, so he went on TV anyway and quoted poetry to us.
Come to think of it, watching him, I was feeling verklempt that night, too.

Note to John: revised/corrected natal chart for Republican Party now on file...thanks a bunch! (I appreciate all corrections, Y'all.)

Aug 7, 2007

35W Collapse a Bafflement

Did you see this from

Bridge collapse notes: Engineers are baffled! An inspection OK'd the I-35W Bridge until 2020... 'From what I heard, engineers were working on the surface of that bridge - nothing to do with the infrastructure.' Homeland Security, rescue teams were at the scene within *minutes.* Quoting an MSNBC eyewitness: "It certainly looks like a bomb has gone off." Incidentally, there is a major thoroughfare in and out of Minneapolis and St. Paul -- cities now prone to a Bush bin Laden attack. These tragedies typically arrive on the heels of a big day of Bush regime embarrassments. Wednesday's Bush woes: 50 people killed in a fuel tanker explosion in western Baghdad (142 lives lost nationwide) followed by the largest Sunni Arab bloc quitting the government; six more US soldiers killed in Iraq; the CBO analysis that the Iraq war could cost over $1 trillion; hearings on the Tillman execution and cover-up; Rumsfeld rearing his ugly, lying head; Gonzales forced to explain the rearing of his, ugly lying head; a bill calling for a Gonzales impeachment inquiry; Bush seeking authorization to conduct warrantless spying authority from Congress; doctors condemning the forced-feedings at Guantanamo Bay in the Journal of the American Medical Association; controversy over Bush's $63B arms deal. And, all media coverage of these 'embarrassments' - each an impeachable offense unto itself - is now 'water under the bridge!' --Lori Price 02 Aug 2007#

See 35W Bridge Collapse and a YOD in the Sky. Given Utah's mine collapse and the mention of a seismic event triggering the collapse--"or was the collapse itself the seismic event?"--the blurring-of-the-lines-of-truth tactic continues. Frankly I had wondered about such a seismic event in Minneapolis when I saw that Pluto (related to deep, dark places underground including volcanoes) was rising at the moment of the bridge's collapse. But if bombs were placed, they must've been way underneath--if not on the train (not deep enough for Pluto, I grant you) then underwater at the bridge's base.

One thing about it--infrastructures are being affected either intentionally or as part of natural decaying processes--by the Great Uranus/Neptune Conjunction/s of 1992-93. Their NWO plans are proceeding with Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception--in cahoots.

Isn't it tremendously sad the 'movers and shakers' of the world won't put such massive energy, resources, and clout into plans that would actually benefit all of humanity?

Aug 6, 2007

John Townley and the Planetary Order

John Townley has prepared a list of each planet's influence when it rises just before the Sun on your day (or night) of birth, and you'll find the list at

The only info I had on this subject before I found John's article on Planetary Order was from the great Noel Tyl. Thanks for the additional info,'re great, too, y'know!

Now I wonder which planet rises before your natal Sun? Jupiter perhaps? Okay, so I know a little something about that!