Jan 29, 2008

Romney McCained--and 2008's Eclipses

Yes, Romney has been cained by John McCain in Florida and I've been writing and posting a Page at Jude's Threshold--inspired by the fact that 2008 is hopefully the last year of Bush's residency in the White House, and a hankering fell over me to see where in his natal chart the four Eclipses of 2008 fall.

You may wish to see for yourself here:

2008's Solar and Lunar Eclipses which also has info on George and Laura Bush's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series; plus, some details on how to read your own Illumination Points if you don't already know how.

For as Astrology's servant, I post for you, m'peops! I post for you...and for the sake of America's higher path.

And for World Peace. I really want World Peace.

Jan 28, 2008

State of the Union address 1.28.08

Here's the horoscope of George Bush's final SOTU address tonight 9:00 pm EST, with US natal Neptune (planet of idealism, illusions, surveillance, deception, and 'nets') rising--and *US n Mars at MC, the WHY? Point/Goal/Aspiration angle of the chart and of the speech itself.

WHAT? = the Ascendant 22Vir28 (US n Neptune 22Vir25--a close conjunction signifying an acting job infused with deception, and the US n Mars/Neptune square being angular suggests that our nation's tendency toward secret actions and confused motivations is about to be touted and exploited. Secret surveillance, bloggers?)

Plus, transiting asteroid Arachne, linked with the internet, webs, and entanglements--and thus spying, esp online--is conj US n Saturn, planet of control and authority. This conj is in first house and will rise as Bush speaks.

So? the extension of the surveillance act which is set to expire Friday, Feb 1, is a major part of Bush's propaganda catapultin' tonight--major in spite of whether or not he emphasizes it--and he certainly won't mention its real purposes.

But we know that terroism and fear will be on the menu, of course, for Saturn is a planet of restriction--and fear.

If you click to enlarge the SOTU chart, you'll notice a few scribbled midpoints--the usual heavy-hitting suspects like Pluto/Chiron, Saturn/Uranus, etc. Ignore these if you wish, but notice the high flying KITE pattern which has Rx Mars as the tail and keeping it afloat at the MC of Goals and Aspirations.

Pluto 00Cap06 is the front of the KITE--where's it's going; NN 27AQ53 (conj US n Moon, the people or the public --Sibly chart) and the SOTU's Moon 26Lib13 is in 2nd house of Money/Values indicating our fluctuating (Moon) financial condition (2nd house.) Moon and NN relate to PR and publicity, too, so he'll be promoting the financial band-aid he's proposing rather stingily.

Bush's natal Uranus/NN conjunction is just past MC at 9:00 pm (a few of his natal placements are marked in green, US' are marked in red.)

Uranus/NN = radical political groups; reformers. Yeah, we see where that's led America--to overextension financially and militarily, bankrupcty, fraud, and homelessness. Thanks, neocons and your globalist compadres.

The self-controlled or depressive Moon/Saturn midpoint is conj US n MC and rising--and will be at SOTU's MC by 9:45 pm tonight, the approximate time Bush's last SOTU mercifully ends.

Moon/Saturn = MC: structuring ambition; making things happen carefully; a sense of duty and prudence (Poppy's word); feeling deserted, abandoned, sad.

When Moon/Saturn rises in the SOTU chart, shortly after he begins talking, we have:

Moon/Saturn = ASC: a reserved self-presentation.

And with tr Moon conj tr asteroid Demeter (spiritual nurturance in avocational work) don't be surprised if Bush uses his theatrically reverent tone and gives some shout-outs (code words) to the evangelical community.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx, so a good an outcome may not be expected for Mercury's communicating abilities with this, Bush's "Last SOTU Standing." Shall he leave no SOTU behind?

Now for chart-ruler Mercury's applying aspects in order of closest orb (to see how tonight's Catapult from the White House will be received):

1. inconjunct ASC/US n Neptune (1A24): reasoning not in keeping with the facts.

Maybe we should listen for a whopper in the first two minutes!Plus, an inconj (150 degrees) between Mercury and Neptune also indicates misunderstandings and disappointments.

2. trine MC/US n Mars and SOTU Mars Rx: lots of mental energy and endurance but restless; dramatic, forceful speech (for sure, but with a content of flufferies and veils); good for reporters and commentators; seeking to mold public opinion (the State of the Union is...strong? Well, what else can he say? economically it may not help to be honest tonight yet foreign markets are already on to him, Paulson, and Bernanke.)

Mercury trine Mars is also good at promoting causes, but with both planets Rx (Mars until Jan 30) the outcome will be delayed even though Bush will be admonishing the Senate not to delay the (inadequate) financial rebate proposal or load up the legislation with additions that would actually help those who need them most.

Yet their Rx conditions indicate critical issues, and perhaps after Mars goes Direct--and Stationing Direct is a very strong position--we shall see some movement in the Senate or otherwise. (Mukasey is set to testify about the erased CIA torture tapes, the Hatch Act, etc, on the 30th as well.)

Back to Mercury's applying aspects:

3. conj Neptune: thinking about what to feel; feeling what to think; special awareness; mysticism; dreaming; deception; illusions; good for creative literary pursuits. How will the media spin this SOTU? Or for that matter, how will the Dems and the GOP spin it? Like Arachne, one imagines--it will need it.

This address is to be "forward-looking" you know--after all, how could he look back at his trainwreck of a presidency? With a straight face and in public, I mean.

And "forward-looking" goes along with idealistic Neptune rising--Bush's natal Neptune 5Lib56 is his first natal planet to rise once he begins pontificating--another indication of Neptunian things already mentioned. Bush's thespian abilities will be heavily relied upon tonight.

Also rising: n Chiron (the wound), Moon, and Jupiter 18Lib09--Jupiter conj US sec progressed Mars--will rise bringing the 9 pm 2nd cusp of Money/Values with them, but don't be listening for a mea culpa on overspending on the war causing hardships back home. Ahh, the war--Cheney's and Bush's cash cow--that US taxpayers pay for obscenely so that warhawks may profit.

4. The last aspect for Mercury is its conjunction with Chiron 15AQ16, which is just past "14AQ"..."A train entering a tunnel"...neg: uninspired conformity to limitation. This makes me think that the Senate, which has been warned by Bush not to "delay or derail" the legislation for paltry rebates--and which ignores the poorer among us--may add more helpful salves to the legislation after all. We'll see in a few days--Senate may do this as early as this Wednesday.

So--if you've enlarged this chart, you've seen mention of Sen Ted Kennedy and of JFK's daughter, Caroline, near Jupiter 9Cap17 and asteroid Nemesis (the unbeatable foe.) Sen Kennedy endorsed Sen Obama this very day, and Caroline has seen how her father affected the American people in his speeches bwo Barack Obama's uplifting message.

The "10Cap" region of the zodiac is Ted Kennedy's natal Ascendant (his physical self, so he's having a Jupiter-to-ASC transit now... = harmony) and is also conj Caroline's n Sun/Moon midpoint--10Cap29.

Jupiter does love to inspire, but with Nemesis there, this could be an indication of the Kennedy endorsements beating the Rs for the White House--or of something more sinister in the other direction. I'll have to keep a squinty eye on the combination in future months while hoping that there will be no need to.

And I do want to add the Sabian Symbol for the IC--the HOW? Point of the chart/speech...how will Bush's proposals become reality in his bubble-filled world?

"22Sag"..."A Chinese laundry."

Yeah, borrowing more laundered millions from China--that's just what I thought.

*our current US Mars Return occurred on Sept 11, 2007, day of the Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Series--responsibilities with paperwork or communications come home to roost; long term worries are brought to the surface about these issues...as in "deleted or mysteriously missing White House emails" and taped over back-up tapes for key time periods relating to the Bush-Cheney war. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

>You may read the 2008 SOTU's Sun AQ-Moon Libra blend's Image for Integration at Jude's Threshold if you wish.

Jan 27, 2008

articles on Bush adm's disastrous policies

You may be up to the gills with such news but LegitGov.org is busy tonight providing us with informative articles and essays worth noting:

An Unstable Marriage

By Jonathan Steele

Defeat in Iraq? The paradox of Baghdad is that a fundamentally anti-western government is umbilically linked to US occupation.

Read Jonathan Steele's article here.


Iraq: The Forever Treaty

By Seattle PI Editorial

With the clock ticking on our "commitments" in Iraq - the international mandate expires in less than a year - the Bush administration is left in an interesting position. It could create a plan for a troop withdrawal; instead, the plan being negotiated with the Iraqi government focuses on reasons to stay there.

Read the rest here.


Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade with Turkey

Exonerating Neocon Criminals

By Joshua Frank

According to FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds there is a vast black market for nukes, and certain U.S. officials have been supplying sensitive nuclear technology information to Turkish and Israeli interests through its conduits.

You gotta read this one.


The Profile of a Third World Country

How Bush Destroyed the Dollar

By Paul Craig Roberts

It is difficult to know where Bush has accomplished the most destruction, the Iraqi economy or the US economy.

Roberts' article helps us figure it out--and they're parasitically linked, aren't they?

Well, I still say all the catastrophic machinations perpetrated from Washington in the last several years have been not blunders so much as ill-managed but purposeful chaos which is trotting along quite nicely, thanks, forked tail and all. Here's its commander-in-thief (shout-out to Thom York who called it early on):

UPDATE Monday 1.28: today I've been surfing the web more than usual after completing the above post on tonight's SOTU address which has quite wumped me out and I re-found a site I had forgotten to put on the SO'W Links List and so had not visited for months: Real Clear Politics where you probably find news links every day. I like the organisation of them and the variety presented.

Then there's David K. Fuller's article 20 Reasons not to vote for Juan McAmnesty which has illuminating info and links concerning John McCain--in case you're on the verge of voting for him please read this first. Thanks, David!

Losing Religion in favor of Politics?

If so, you may want to reconsider mixing spirtual with political before the IRS gets onto ya and takes your church's tax exempt status away.

Read my post at Jude's Treshold on Election Year: Politics in the Pulpit for a list of some of the prohibitions on 'voter guides', political endorsements, etc, and there's a more info link provided, plus some 'wedge issue' views of my own which may ruffle feathers here or there, I don't know.

Last SOTU: Send Bush to Brattleboro

Alert from LegitGov.org:

"If Hitler were still alive and walked through Brattleboro, I think the local police would arrest him for war crimes."

Brattleboro to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney 26 Jan 2008:

Brattleboro residents will vote at town meeting on whether President [sic] George Bush and Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice if they ever step foot in Vermont.

The Brattleboro Select Board voted 3-2 Friday to put the controversial item on the Town Meeting Day warning. According to Town Clerk Annette Cappy said residents will get to vote on the matter by paper balloting March 4. [Good! Hopefully, their treason trials will get started shortly thereafter, with all possible penalties for treason on the plate.]#


One more SOTU from Bush the war president...Monday night will be the last chance Bush gets to have such a large audience with an albeit spotty attention span--unless he has a little sumpin sumpin planned for later in the year to pull a Putin...

I will be posting on the SOTU address and updating in real time Monday evening so stay, as they say, tuned!

The animated real clock feature of my astrology software, Solar Fire, is extremely applicable during speeches for observing what planets are crossing which angles at the moment of which lie (or momentous issue mentioned.)

Will Bush whack some moles of Iraq war dissent? Will his natal Ascendant's Sabian Symbol ("8Leo": "A bolshevik propagandist") shout from the bully pulpit even more shrilly than before? Even if he endorsed a successor would anyone care?

McCain is spouting on Meet the Press at this moment and he said again that the Rs lost in 2006 because they didn't restrain spending. He's tone deaf on the Iraq occupation as is Bush--what else can he say?

In 2004, McCain was against making the rich class tax cut permanent--now the economy is different so he's FOR making them permanent, seeing no connection between the current state of the economy and the Bush-Cheney tax cuts! Did corporations invest the billions Congress handed them on a golden platter--in American jobs or American infrastructure?

No, and they won't be doing so. The 'action' is somewhere else and the average US worker is out of the loop. John Edwards tells it but the media ignores his inconvenient message...inconvenient for corporate media's neocon brethren and the agenda.

Will duh moments never cease? Not if America is herded (or hacked) into voting for a Republican warhawk again. A vote for McCain is like a vote for his pal Trent Lott.

War Enabled by Politics--the "S" word:

Surrender doesn't have to be the argument's "frame" anyway. There is nothing dishonorable about regrouping forces to plan (and fight) anew.

If the I Ching has known this for centuries, why can't Washington accept and benefit by the concept? Because war profiteers find it a successful tactic to use as a political wedge against the American people whose children are needed as cannon fodder for decades to come.

Yes, "patriotism" is a useful political ploy to persuade and manipulate your tools who serve your own best interests while sacrificing their own interests and the very lives of their children and grandchilren. (Over the top war costs prevent social improvements...duh.)

So while young, not-so-young, and yet-to-be parents of America consider self-promoting Bush's SOTU conclusions Monday night (and the rest of the week if Bush can stay in the news long enough for busy parents to notice and with this raging campaign heating up...btw: congrats to Senator Obama!)...they'll eventually get a chance in Nov 2008 to voice their disfavor with makin' neocon cannon fodder babies for generations to come.

The subject of Bush's last SOTU to be cont'd...

Jan 26, 2008

Dems' Stars over South Carolina 1.26.08

UPDATE 1.28.98: Hmmm...well, Hillary was egg-faced and po'd as predicted (not in those exact words, but with a smidge of scrolling you can read the original post to see what I mean) and John Edwards won the majority of the 'white vote' as I heard.

Barack Obama's mixed portents as noted below in this post may have been at least partially due to having no exact birth time for him. Wish he'd let his birth data be known--or at least hire an astrologer if he's going to talk about Reagan who knew that more danger than usual was afoot the day he (barely) escaped the assassin's bullets.

But I know there is one possible afternoon time for Obama's birth floating around online, although I used sunrise, aka as a Solar chart--good for ego-related issues and being US prez is certainly that. Still his uplifting speeches have been telling the tale, haven't they? And conjuring the spirit of JFK's inspirational ability as noticed by daughter Caroline, too!

Original post begins here:

Having spent all today studying various charts such as the natal charts of the Dem juggernaut--Edwards, Obama, Clinton--and the sunrise and 8:00 pm charts for Columbia, SC, I decided to use a shorthand method to taste the flavor of each candidate's chances of success.

(And I would have had this posted two or three hours ago but for pesky tech crashes--please pardon typos for I'm in a hurry to publish if Blogger will cooperate.)

To do this, I've averaged together each candidate's natal chart (using sunrise for Obama's uncertain birth hour which is okay by me since I'm blending it with sunrise in Columbia and comparing/contrasting the resulting composite charts with an 8 pm composite/natal--C/N--as well to see if any midpoints are added) and it looks best for John Edwards, very good for Barack Obama, and not so good for Hillary Clinton.

Will this sassy shorthanded method hold out against reality? Will the NAACP monitors make a difference with balloting honesty? Will Hillary explode out of frustration?

For brevity I'll be using only Noel Tyl's midpoint directory.

These midpoint pics are the major ones for each candidate: first Hillary, then Barack, then John...today's sunrise in Columbia, SC (7:28:39 am EST) blended with Hillary Clinton's natal chart = C/N midpoints...

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden; tremendous awareness of potential for loss; fear; strong depression (this one applies at sunrise and 8 pm and has been in effect while tr Saturn is in the 5-9 Virgo range of the zodiac--and will be later after Saturn goes Direct);

8 pm + Hillary: Grand Trine between Moon, Saturn, and Uranus...

Moon/Saturn = Uranus: exploding out of frustration;

Moon/Uranus = Saturn: striving for independence in order to solve things; traditional vs avant-garde; changes in emotional expression (didn't she try that already?);

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: changes for freedom; emotional courage emerges under duress.

The positive pics seem to involve her husband...

Moon/Venus = Sun: love in a marriage; Jupiter: feeling loved; good feelings; good luck.

With Uranus (technology/computers; disruptions; upsets; rebellion) unaspected in today's transit chart (acting alone) and mid-Pisces (Neptune = 'net') it may have to be tech shenanigans to finagle Hillary into first--or even second--place in S.C. You may disagree, but that's my take on it. And the interference could be coming from Cheney's office--or from abroad, such as those who prefer the US to keep fighting. (Perhaps I should ask McCain about that.)

Okay now for Barack Obama's C/N midpoints which have some mixture of positive and negative, mostly positive though...sunrise first...

Mars/MC = Mercury: acting with vigor according to plan; important news or strategically helpful information;

Mercury/Pluto = Mars: quick grasp of a situation's meaning right or wrong and taking confident action; attacking an issue without reservation;

Venus/Neptune = MC: creativity; losing oneself in illusion;

Venus/Mars = Uranus: passion; dangerous liasons;

Venus/ASC = Jupiter: enthusiam galore;

Sun/Venus = Jupiter: success and happiness;

and the clunker...

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: threat of loss; hard work; enforced change; sadness.

Combining Obama's sunrise chart with 8:00 pm gives two additioanl midpoint pics...

Sun/Uranus = ASC: appearing at one's best; sudden events'; high excitability.

Uranus/MC = NN: climbing over others to fulfil one's need for ego recognition. (Actually it's called, politics. )

Now for John Edwards who has quite a plethora of them starting with a strong T-square involving Mercury/Pluto, the persuasive speech duo...

Mercury/Pluto = Moon: emotional communication power;

Moon/MC = Pluto: rejuvenation; tremendous thrust forward; the biggest picture;

Pluto/ASC = MC: power and authority; success; ego ascendancy;

Jupiter/Saturn = Mars: ambition emerges out of discontent; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line;

Mars/Neptune = Jupiter: enjoying the cloud's silver lining; a break in the nick of time.

And at 8:00 pm EST...add:

Mercury/Jupiter = Sun: auccess with the intellect; solutions are illuminated;

Sun/Uranus = Mercury: quick minded; seeing things too analytically for comfort; the spark of understanding;

Moon/Uranus = Mars: self-aggrandizement; lack of self-control;

Mercury/NN = Jupiter: communications; teaching; philosophizing; partnerships;

Sun/Venus = Jupiter: success; happiness;

and last but not least...

Pluto/NN = Neptune: win at any cost; deception as a tool; power of the half-truth.

That last picture shows up in other politician's charts these days as well and is, after all, a good description of the mindset of most any politician you'd care to name--or vote for--and one has it natally. But I'll leave that for another day.

Jan 25, 2008

America's natal "hidden square"

Have you ever considered using America's Scorpio Rising chart with mid-Leo at Midheaven?

No matter which natal chart you prefer for America, slow movers Uranus and Neptune were in a "hidden square" aspect (256 degrees) on July 4, 1776, and you may find that reading this aspect as a square (90 degr) describes our national character as well as any factor you care to identify...and some of our current social and political problems as well.

Secret Means are necessary: eavesdropping

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government Jan 25,2008

Breaking News

Like FBI, CIA Has Used Secret 'Letters' Jan 25, 2008: Newly released documents shed light on the use of national security letters by the CIA. The spy agency has employed them to obtain financial information about US residents and does so under extraordinary secrecy, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which obtained copies of CIA letters under the Freedom of Information Act.

The CIA's requests for financial records come with "gag orders" on the recipients, said ACLU lawyer Melissa Goodman. In many cases, she said, the recipient is not allowed to keep a copy of the letter or even take notes about the information turned over to the CIA.

Phone Firms' Bid for Immunity in Wiretaps Gains Ground Jan 25, 2008: The Senate signaled in a key vote yesterday that it supports giving some of the nation's largest telephone companies immunity from dozens of privacy lawsuits related to a federal domestic eavesdropping program initiated after the Sept 11, 2001, attacks.

In a 60 to 36 vote--with 12 DemocRATs joining Republicans in the majority--the Senate rejected a version of the proposed legislation sponsored by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. That bill omitted immunity for the telecommunications firms involved in warrantless eavesdropping. [From Glenn Greenwald's blog: As usual, just enough Democrats--roughly 12--voted in favor in order to ensure that the Motion passed while enabling Democrats generally to pretend that they opposed it. All GOP Senators voted in favor. The pro-immunity, pro-warrantless eavesdropping Democrats: Rockefeller, Pryor, Inouye, McCaskill, Landrieu, Salazar, Nelson (FL), Nelson (NE), Mikulski, Carper, Bayh, and Johnson. Neither Clinton nor Obama bothered to show up for any of this.]

Judge wants answers on CIA videotapes Jan 24, 2008: A federal judge said Thursday that CIA interrogation videotapes may have been relevant to his court case, and he gave the Bush regime three weeks to explain why they were destroyed in 2005 and say whether other evidence was destroyed. The decision is a legal setback for the Bush regime, which has urged courts not to get involved.#

Legal setback, eh? Yet somehow the Bush administration gets around courts and uses the highest in the land to carry its water when convenient.

This information with its "secret letter" mentions spurred me to look at the Sabian Symbol for "A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading" (Jones) to see what secrets might be divulged.

"29Virgo" is the degree of this Symbol and the degree of a Solar Eclipse in the 8 South Series which occurred Sep 22, 2006.

Brady's Predictive Astrology tells us that this Series' flavor is about separations, losses, and partings and feeling sad at their completion; physical injury is possible through overstraining one's strength.

I say spying on the American people IS an overstraining of strength.

The original Eclipse in the Series was on April 1, 1718 at "11Aries", the "A president of the country" degree, and the more recent dates of its manifestation are: 1916, 1934, 1952, 1970, 1988, (2006), and the next: 2024.

Interestingly this Series is the Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE) of:

Patrick Henry (May 29, 1736 NS), the NASDAQ (Feb 2, 1971), George Tenet (Jan 5, 1953), and neocon Bill Kristol (Dec 23, 1953)--quite a crowd. I'll keep the first one, y'all can keep the rest!

So what are the details for "29Vir"?


pos: imagination brought to its full powers through conscious effort;

neg/unconcious/shadow side: loss of common sense in pure supposition.

Yes, the Democrats enable this secret witch hunt which has purpose after all, and few in Washington seem to be willing (or able, for Washington runs on blackmail from and toward both sides) to admit that the Bush-Cheney spying pursuits are about much more than 'catching' foreign terroists.

It's a major duh: politicians have been spied on from within Cheney's secret net, too!

Yet we've seen how successful the Bushies have been prosecuting the few terroists and would-bes they've trumped up on charges, although I can't deny that ruining America's judicial system is part of the undermining of our sovereignty--a goal which is proceeding quite nicely along with financial instabilities (which will make neocon/globalist control even more "necessary.") Control is the power, and 'waterboy' John Roberts will be helping with that.

They're so intent on red herrings--are they ineptly letting the piranhas slip by? It's the tesion of the control vs freedom argument which the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition so ably describes.

What fries my potato is their talent for subverting the American people's will so that the majority think they "see" why certain controls are necessary, all the while suffering under the yoke of bill paying and struggling to fund the basic necessities of life, leaving little time to keep an eye on the eyes of spies.

Congress and a free press are supposed to be helping us with that "oversight." Yuh.

It was Adlai Stevenson who uttered, A hungry man is not a free man and it's possible that truer words have seldom been mouthed out loud by a politician.

And their meaning is more clear as time goes on--and more a marker of politicos' dark intent for those who wish to open the secret letter and read.

Jan 24, 2008

moral conscience of a nation

This "Brutal World"

By Paul Craig Roberts

How did Western Civilization get a monopoly on "moral conscience" when it has no morality?

Read article from Information Clearing House here. #

Remember after the attacks of 9/11 when a list of the West's sins was circulated from bin Laden? The brutal truth hurts and our shadow selves too long ignored cause the worst 'blowback' of all.

This blogger critiques because she loves, America. The actions of our installed-by-Court government put me in a position of having to agree with bin Laden when so many of us knew all along that our morals weren't up to snuff as Washington pretended (they need the ruse to hide their crookery.)

It's 2008 and once again perfidy and fraud are being played out in the halls of power--in Washington, on Wall Street, in our local capitols. The People are, in most cases, better than their elite 'masters' and I stand by that conviction which has been voiced on this blog in prior posts.

Never trust a man who says, trust me, my Mama always said, and boy, does that apply to Politics, that system of organized hatreds.

And although I have an abiding interest in America history, my faith and hope resides within and for the American People.

Thomas Jefferson once said that between having a government and a press, he'd prefer the press. Wouldn't an honest one be helpful about now?

Jan 23, 2008

war, peace, and moral crisis

Blogging time is limited this morning but two quotes were received from Information Clearing House which well describe our current days because, in spite of what Washington may say or do, morality never really goes out of style and worshiping the god of war is always a horrendous idea:

"We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living." General Omar Bradley

"The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis." Edmund Burke #

Wonder how Capitol Hill's classes on Ethics turned out? Did any students graduate--what was the flunk out rate? Perhaps we should lobby to pass a No Congressman Left Behind Act.

Jan 22, 2008

Interview with Patrick Wood: Crash of 2008?

America's feet of clay and ripples from 9/11: This email alert was late in arriving so it refers to Monday, yesterday--but the radio interview with Patrick Wood of The August Review is today EST or tonight PST:

Contact Information
Patrick M. Wood

(208) 712-0170
The August Review
P.O. Box 1309
Rathdrum, ID 8385

If you haven't already heard, the various stock exchanges around the world experienced a huge meltdown today (Monday). By comparison, if the Dow Jones average had been open today, it could have been down over 1,000 points, comparable to the 9/11 crash.

Luckily, banks and the U.S. market was closed today because of Martin Luther King holiday. But--tomorrow will be a different story! Will it be another "Black Tuesday?"

I will be a guest on The Roth Show tonight from 7:00-10:00PM PDT to examine the crash and the reasons for it. Those of you who attended my online financial forecast several weeks ago already had a head start on your own preparations.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to tune in to The Roth Show tonight at 7:00PM PDT!

The Roth Show: The Crash of '08? with Patrick Wood

Please, call in during the show with your questions and comments: 877-999-7684

And, urgently invite everyone you know to listen in with you!


Patrick Wood, Editor
The August Review

copyright © 2007 The August Review The August Review | P.O. Box 1309 | Rathdrum | ID | 83858

note: you may also be interested in Patrick Wood's new project: LeftRightUnite!...I've signed up, have you?

Jan 21, 2008

Leo Full Moon 1.22.08

The chart for Tuesday's Full Moon, culmination of the New Moon of Jan 8 (day of the New Hampshire primaries), when set for Washington, DC, has an emphasis on 20--21 AQ bwo Mercury and Neptune.

North Node (a joining point) is conjunct US natal Moon (the people; the public) which gives two midpoint pictures to consider...

Neptune/NN = ASC: appearing strange to others; being duped; inhibitions; deceit from others.

Nep/NN = Moon: lack of adaptability or of community spirit; cessation of inner understandings between people; disappointments.

There may be some indications of health issues ("2Leo" = "An epidemic of mumps" but this could refer to the spread of infectious financial worries based more on emotions than on real statistics), yet the Goal (MC = "10Sag"; the WHY? Point) is REWARD with the Basis or Foundation (IC = "10Gem") having CRISIS at the HOW Point of the chart.

Is someone pulling financial strings to create crisis for their own gain? Well, didn't 9/11 do the same?

And if you noticed my post of a few days ago on current Jupiter transits to the US chart, 2008 finds no one likely to be impressed with the US financially. As you may read on the Full Moon chart, the US' Saturn (reponsibility; authority) is focal planet of Moon/Pluto ("zeal; upheavals; deep emotions") so we have...

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: pressure to regroup forces and plan anew; constraint; depression; inclination to feelings of loss. That's feelings which may be causing overactions all over the global markets...'demoralizing' is a word I'm hearing a lot, how 'bout you?

And I keep wondering how the modern progeny of the PROMIS software is involved in the current crises in world markets--software which can track finances and change whatever numbers it likes with a quick twitch of the globalist's finger, and your piggybank balance goes Pouf! at their whim. But of course we don't know just who has the software, so we may be watching tech wars in world stockmarkets more than actual loss.

And so...with this Full Moon--the Wolf Moon of January (when the hungry wolves howl outside the door) occurring within the 6/12 axis for Washington, you may want to search elsewhere for the Moon and Sun's Sabian Symbols for "1/2Leo" and "1/2AQ" and many sites and blogs will be emphasizing these degrees, I guarantee.

Therefore, I rebelliously give the Symbols for "20AQ" and "21AQ" instead, the idealistic, imaginative combo of Mercury/Neptune, with its capacity for special awarenesses. The first Symbol is one the world could really use about now and reminds us of the dove Noah sent out to find safe haven:

"20AQ"..."A big white dove, a message bearer"...CONVICTION...

pos: a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: sanctimonious self-deception. (Dr.Marc Edmond Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

("Message bearer" reminds me of the NASA's Messenger to Mercury, the messenger. Yet Neptune with Mercury may be "inspired young person" or "loss of a young person." We have Cheney's occupation of the Middle East to do plenty of that.)

Using the rounding-up method for Mercury/Neptune we have:

"21AQ"..."A woman disappointed and disillusioned"...CLEARANCE...

pos: the self's inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback;

neg/uncons/shadow side: acceptance of all defeat as final.

Somehow the last Symbol reminds me of the prez campaign and I keep wondering what sort of publicity is coming up for women (or a woman) with tr NN conjunct US natal Moon 27AQ10 (Sibly.) Hmmm...whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has been getting more and more attention online.

And then there's Hillary who's already reaping rewards of the meeting of Moon/NN, both of which represent publicity. Neptune/NN is contact with the public also but in a more deceptive, image-hiding-the-truth sort of way. Or perhaps I should say that Neptunian people in the public eye have the ability to reflect back what people want to see, not what's truly there...in a word, acting. Plus, the Moon/Neptune/NN trio has a spiritual influence infused within.

There is a flavor of being misunderstood rising with this Full Moon which may work positively for those trying to veil their true natures, yet it's difficult to hide in the light of a Full Moon!

Click the chart to enlarge and read my notes for more info, if you may. And since the entertaining Leo Moon seeks profuse approval, affection, and applause, here is the admirable Sun-Moon blend of the Wolf Moon...then you can mosey on to other accolades...

*Sun AQ-Moon Leo (AIR/FIRE):

Fearless defender of principle; emotionally idealistic; chivalrous; wise and generous; renaissance man or woman; visionary artist; gentle surface but strong underneath; marked sense of individuality; honorable; proud and regal; fount of wisdom; humanitarianism vs egoism; enthusiastic for new ideas; need for control; vain, despotic, stubborn and arrogant; rational logic + romantic imagination; tends to glamorize other people.

Image for Integration: A modern actress takes a bow, then leads the audience to a political demonstration.

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign,Chas & Suzi Harvey; midpoint pictures: Tyl and Ebertin.

Chomsky on US backing of Israel

Noam Chomsky

The Apartheid Paradigm in Palestine/Israel

22 Minute Video

Chomsky says US backing of continued Israeli occupation and annexation of Palestinian land is the biggest obstacle to peace.

Article at Information Clearing House.

The Saturn-Uranus pair (Middle East esp Israel and Palestine) began their cycle at conjunction in 1988:

1. Feb 13; 29Sag55
2. June 26; 28Sag47
3. Oct 18; 27Sag49

This cycle I have mentioned before because their opposition phase is now forming 20 years later and the Dec 11, 2007 Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto occurred upon the above degrees (28Sag24.)

Peace brought by Jupiter-Pluto plutocrats?

Peace imposed from without? Or the people's misery made worse for political gain?

Whatever it brings, the opposition phase is one of culmination--like a Full Moon--so as the people of Gaza suffer, I pray for the peace of Israel as Scripture admonishes us to do, Palestine included.

Is cutting them off without food is the best anyone can do?

Jan 20, 2008

'King of Alarm' Eclipse of August, 1999

The Aug 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, aka the 'King of Alarm' (or 'King of Terror') Eclipse was predicted by Nostradamus many moons ago and is published tonight by yours truly, your reluctant astrologer for this evening.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse, which ushered in the New Millenium, is from the 1 North Series, given by Bernadette Brady in her Predictive Astrology as:

fatigue or health problems; unexpected events involving groups or friends place massive pressures on personal relationships; issues loom large but avoid hasty decisions because info is distorted or possibly false.

I'll say! Some call it the Mother of All Eclipses...anyway, check out the chart if you've never seen it--it's quite a doozy.

As I signed in to post this entry I belatedly noticed that Blogger can now publish in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew--very kewl, Blogger!

Well no, I can't read or write any of them, but I did once practice writing backwards and upside down simultaneously in my salad days of yore...and created my own alphabet to keep a nosey brother out of my diary's business. Funny that I keep 'personal' weblogs all over the place now. Hmmm.

Anway, if this new facility introduces and encourages new bloggers to the Blogger format, I say, Welcome and Well-met!

What's for dinner, America? Soup!

Leather-Sole-of-Shoe Soup is a thing of the past, you say? Only because in 2008 it will have to be Plastic Stew!

A post from Oct 2007, Homelessness rising: Bush vs FDR, has a link to an earlier post, FDR: a test of our progress which I recommend.

If you're a returning and homeless war vet or know one, if you're a family who bought into the American Dream of home ownership--loudly promoted by a newly installed George Bush (his come-on to the dubious subprime loan victims who bought into the scheme--the duped dreamers), you may wish to consider a comparison (contrast, actually) between Pres Franklin Roosevelt and our current infestator of the White House's crooked nooks and cranies.

Soup lines across America where the rich get richer by sneaking their greedy fingers upon the scales and the taxpayers foot the bill.

Isn't that the set-up in Iraq and the entire so-called WOT? The rich profit while we pick up the tab. At least Roosevelt and some of his contemporaries had more shame than that.

Is this the population control tactic as exercised during the French Revolution?

Rebel if you must, at the suggestion, but I suggest you hold your final judgment on the issue until all the plastic shoes drop into the cauldron, for you may be getting hungry any day now with the globalists in charge.

Martin Luther King Day: Monday, Jan 21, 2008

If you'll scroll just below to Jan 17, you'll find my just-published post on the assassination of Dr. King, April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN.

Click to enlarge the chart and you'll see a factor I neglected to mention in the text although it is marked on the chart...King's natal Nemesis 11Lib17 is rising at the moment of the attack. Nemesis' keywords: the unbeatable foe; overwhelming force.

Rev. King WAS the unbeatable foe to a dishonest, warmongering administration (see my conclusions below) and was treated with a tremendous countering force which ended his ministry--or so they thought.

The chart contains other extreme midpoint pictures and factors mentioned as well, and although I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with my astrological conclusions or my sentiments, it is important for America to bring her shadow to light whenever and however we can, ugly as it may be, for it ferments in darkness.

Upon many sites and blogs you may find King's natal chart, but just below you will find the horoscope of the cruel mayhem that ended his sacrificial life. May he RIP as America continues to struggle with dark forces assailing her from all sides, but most of all--from within.

Jan 19, 2008

Moon, out-of-bounds Mars, and Nevada

SpaceWeather News for Jan. 19, 2008:

MOON & MARS: When the sun sets tonight, go outside and look east. The Moon and Mars are having a beautiful close encounter all weekend long. The best night to look is Saturday when the distance between the pair shrinks to less than 2 degrees. Campfire-red Mars so close to the silvery Moon is a sight wonderful to behold.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for sky maps and photos.

BLUE MOON ALERT: This is an alert for Central and South Americans. The ongoing eruption of the Galeras volcano in southwestern Columbia is spewing fine ash miles high into the atmosphere. Airborne volcanic ash can act as a color-filter, turning moonlight blue. Although it is often said that Blue Moons are mythical, they can appear during volcanic eruptions, so this is a good time to look for a bright "Blue Moon" over your part of the world.#

UPDATE 2:20 pm EST: Romney wins a "quiet" caucus in Nevada and McCain and Huckabee tussling in SC...Romney says Rs voted for "change." Yeah?

Original post:

By tonight's hook-up of Moon with an out-of-bounds Mars in Gemini, sign of communications, speechmaking, travel, and young people, we will be chewing over the presidential candidates' fortunes and outcomes.

Taking a peek at this morning's charts for Las Vegas--9:00 am PST for the Republican shendigs to get underway, and 11:00 am for the Democrats--we see two midpoint pictures with Sun (leadership) as focal point...

Jupiter/Neptune = Sun: potentially misguided states; following a dream; trying to capture the essence of things; speculation; irresponsibility; deceiving or being deceived. (A foundation for the current political smokescreens: Saturn and Neptune continue their Quindecile Dance (165 degr) = deception within societal leadership.)

The R's 9:00 am PST chart has 11Pis36 as ASC with Uranus 16Piso4 (conj Pallas: strategy) rising which makes Jupiter as ruler of Pisces (and Neptune as the higher octave) point to the Rs as the primary inheritors of this midpt picture, imho.

The 9 am chart also has a T-square pattern with Moon/MC = Uranus: emotional excitability; upsets bwo females; motherhood; anxiety; threat of vocational instability.

Asteroid, Niobe (the grieving mother) is conjunct North Node (the public) in both charts, with NN nearing conjunction with US natal Moon, the People. (Is Cindy Sheehan in the house? I confess I'm posting this without looking at today's news--off the astrologer's cuff, you might say.)

And for the Ds at 11:00 am PST: ASC 28Ari35, ruled by the oobs Mars, with asteroid, Aesculapia (health) rising; the Sun is being triggered by the "powerful connections/wish to influence the masses" combo of Pluto/NN...

Pluto/NN = Sun: ruthlessness; the urge to impose one's will on others.

Is America's natal unaspected Pluto (always conj MC in each Inaugural chart since FDR's time--the powers-behind-the-throne, aka secret societies) setting up a Democrat to be "president"--aka their mouthpiece? This is my suspicion, and time, as always, will tell.

And in both charts and hence for the day is:

Venus/Jupiter = Pluto: enjoying an unusually large measure of popularity; ability to gain favor with the masses; publiicty; the world view; unbounded enthusiam. (Sounds like a good day for politicians--if there is such a thing.)

Perhaps of greater interest in the 9 am and 11 am charts for today are the midpoint pictures which differ between them.

First the Rs:

Sun/ASC = Neptune: high sensitivity about others' opinions; being duped or disregarded; disappointment; anger or upset; damage or calumny through others.

Pluto/MC = Venus: strong powers of attraction; emotional charisma; appearing sexy.

For the Ds at 11:00 am:

Uranus/MC = Mercury: nervous excitability in expectation of change; speaking with excitement; new ideas; excited discussion among people.

The last planetary picture fairly whispers of Barack Obama, yet we can't count out Hillary for her years of hanging about and toeing the world view's "free trade" line.

Last evening on Tavis Smiley's program, I heard former White House speechwriter David Frum say that Mike Huckabee "needles" the economic wing of the GOP with his attitiude and bad ideas. Guess that leaves John McCain who seems to be more aligned with the party than in 2000, with Mitt and Fred on hand just in case.

John Edwards has been sidelined--he talks against the establishment far too much for their NWO liking--and The People, who should be in favor of his ideas for more and better jobs, etc, don't seem to be interested in voting for their own best interests.

Go figure, America. Duped again?

(All midpoint pics from Tyl and Ebertin. No planets were harmed in the writing of this post.)

Jan 17, 2008

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: April 4, 1968

Never can I fully express the sadness and horror felt as I watched the TV news shouting out the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968--another one gone leaving America once again an assassination nation oppressed by unnamed murderers and political fanatics...the chaos creators.

One of my Gather friends, Andrew, has captured the times and feelings better than I ever could in his A Poem on the Anniversary of Dr. King's Birth which inspires me to publish the chart of Rev. King's assassination with his natal planets added by hand on the chart of April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN.

With my usual chickenscratch, you see I've run out of space around the outside of the chart, so I've listed King's natal placements coded in green.

Pink marks the Eclipse Series (6North) in which this murder took place, with asteroid, Icarus (assassination; flying too high; risk-taking) nearby and tr Chiron (the Wounded Healer/Christ archetype) at Aries Point (AP) of fame and prominence. Rev. King had become too prominent, too loved, and too listened to for the men in charge.

6N Series: relationship to authority/father figures and the need to take control; another's illness/unreliability brings commitments and responsibilities (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 6N last manifested April 19, 2004 and was the PE Series of the 2004 US presidential election. Um-hmm.

(Note: any reference made here to 'MLK' or 'King' is for the sake of blogging brevity and implies no disrespect for Reverend King for I have none.)

With America's natal Sun at MC, this mayhem was carried out on behalf of America's goals and objectives, pathetic and cruel as it was, and the US n Jupiter and Venus are piled up at the top of the chart as well. Cancer is a very self-protecting sign, as you know, and there was much at stake in 1968 - for war profiteering must go on, as we see ad nauseum.

The chart shows the Moon 2Can08 being oppressed by the cruel Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Saturn/Pluto together = reactionaries; violent people; criminals and with Cupido conj Moon we have a vivid picture of the violence against Rev. King, his wife (Moon), and the American people (Moon in a national or event chart.)

And btw: the Pentagon's natal Mars (sniper/sharpshooter?) is conj the Moon, Saturn/Pluto, and Cupido. In a national chart, Mars represents the military, police, activists, etc.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: cold feelings; renunciation; a tragic destiny.

Asteroid, Cupido = The Family; crime syndicates; corporatism. Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy) 25gem34 in 9th house of philosophy along with the Mercury/Pluto midpoint = powerful persuasion...King's ability to sway the People. His speeches had become very inconvenient to the empire.

Sun 15Ari16, signifying Dr. King on the level of 'leader' is being inhibited by controlling Saturn (authority) which repressed his self-expression in the worst way possible--his death.

Sun may also represent the president of the nation repressing King's authority (Saturn)--it works in both directions as does everything in life and thus, in Astrology as it describes life.

Violent instigator, Mars (male, appr age 25--35) is conj tr Vertex (VX), a point of destined encounter. On this day in 1968, tr Mars/VX conjuncted Rev. King's natal Chiron 5Tau25 at the moment of his murder, with asteroid Arachne (network, including spying networks; web; entanglements) there as well.

Did US intell agencies hire criminals to perpetrate this unholy act against a preacher of the Word? (Anti-vertex in Scorpio.) Did the president or his Party have a satanic claw in it? The Sabian Symbol for the DESC degree, "11Ari" = "The president of the country"...I'm just sayin'...

Opposite the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is asteroid, Atlantis, one of the significators for America, keywords: abuse of power; feeling doomed.

Most people are aware now--if they weren't at the time--that King's plans to unite protestors for civil rights with protestors against the Vietnam War was a huge worry for the US government esp since the Civil Rights Act had been passed and Rev. King was more free to voice his longtime convictions against the war.

For then--as NOW--a wrong-acting government has everything to fear from such large numbers of the People, whom they supposedly represent, and in whose name they supposedly act. Rev. King represented a father figure who could--and would--unite the People for the common good and for right-acting that should be inspired from a higher plane than the Oval Office.

Rising at 6:01 pm CST in Memphis was the spiritual midpoint of Jupiter (the preacher) and Neptune (spirituality), a midpoint combo which has both positive and negative connotations...a mixture of both depending on motivations:

Pos: the grand spirit; idealism; religion; ESP; benevolence; humanitarianism; visualization; dreamers ("I have a dream," and "the mountaintop" speech of April 3); ability to shape things; mysticism; art, music.

Neg: speculators; wastrels and spendthrifts; hypocrites; ideals vs reality; gain without effort; scandals; losses; political conflicts.

Jup/Neptune = ASC: a visionary; speculaton; sharing great hopes with others; living in an unreal world; living in a world lighted by personal imagination and an emotionally rationalized agenda.

This is an important part of the chart--the ASC is the WHAT? Point and so it equals the assassination itself--Dr. King's death. "An emotionally rationalized agenda" seems to me to be a must if you travel in the circles that assassinate well-loved leaders of the nation you're determined to control and persuade to accept your selfish ends.

As I type that statement, I'm reading the midpoint picture created by tr Uranus/Pluto (fresh from their mid-60s Conjunction which caused so many of my generation to take to the streets...the Uranus/Pluto duo = overturning the status quo; new perspectives; attainment of great goals through great effort; upsets and tension; revolution; collapse of the old order, building the new; the process of transformation)..and it's pointing to America's natal Neptune...

Uran/Pluto = Neptune: falsehoods, lies; fraud; the desire to harm others secretly; delving into supernatural realms; sympathy; unfulfilled wishes; fatigue.

This picture among generational (slower-moving) planets would have been a background influence of the day (not only on April 4, 1968) and would've affected many dimensions of life...and is one of the reasons I referred to America's 'wrong-acting' above.

Please click to enlarge the chart for a few more of my notes, for being fatigued myself, I shall close with the *Images for the Sun Aries/Moon Cancer blend for April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST:

The Salvation Army...A lightening storm at sea gives way to a peaceful, radiant dawn.

What Leo Strauss and Dick Cheney share

A previous post of 2006 on Leo Strauss includes Strauss and Cheney's shared personality blend and a link to an excellent article on Strauss who is considered to be the father of neoconservatism.

Paul Spit-Comber Wolfowitz studied under Strauss (who died in 1973--Wolfie is still with us) and Strauss has been ID'd as the "ghostly mastermind of current US foreign policy" in similar fashion to Rousseau's being blamed for the French Revolution.

I cannot recommend highly enough the above-linked essay by Edward Skidelsky if you've managed to miss it so far.

Simply click and you shall find--for Knowledge Is Power.
The War in Iraq - 1,760 Days and Counting

By Robert Higgs

On October 19, 2001, in speaking about the new government controls and heightened surveillance already being clamped on the American people in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Vice President Dick Cheney said that the new war "may never end. At least not in our lifetime...The way I think of it is, it's a new normalcy."

We should have taken his grim forecast more seriously.

Read article here.

Actually, some of us did take it totally seriously.

On Oct 19, 2001 Neptune 6AQ00 was conjunct the Medina degree, Neptune's position as Mohammed entered Mecca which marks the beginning of Islam. Some astrologers count "7AQ" as the degree, perhaps because it occurred in the mists of many crescent Moons ago so let's look at the (Jones) Sabian Symbols for both degrees:

"6AQ"..."A performer of a mystery play"...SUBTLETY...

pos: a gift for dramatizing the deeper or real opportunities of a human society;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: consistent self-mystification and marked impracticality.

"7AQ"..."A child born of an eggshell"...ESSENTIALITY...

pos: a highly individual and completely unlimited resourcefulness;

neg: naive reliance on external accident.

Given the Pandora's Box that Cheney's war unleashed on the world, the shadow sides' impracticality and reliance on accident make Cheney and the Pentagon's unleashing of chaos in order to change the world to their liking and to control more of its resources even more criminal and sociopathic.

So can Astrology describe this kind of chaos-loving personality that imagines it knows what's best for the world? Here's a descriptive factor: see Chiron-Uranus Types in Government..."if you will."

Jan 16, 2008

Brown and Blair: this town's not big enough...

...for both of ya.

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government Jan 16, 2008

LegitGov Breaking News

'Al-Qa'eda death threat' to Gordon Brown:

Intelligence services are investigating a threat on an 'Islamist' website to kill Gordon Brown, adding credence to warnings by the US security chief about the rising danger from home-grown European terrorists. [LOL.] Mr Chertoff said European visitors to the US face tougher security checks.

Security experts fear the posting in Arabic on alekhlaas.net, referring to "the creation of the al-Qa'eda organisation in Britain", may be genuine. ['Al-Qa'eda' uses Domains by Proxy. Registrant: Domains by Proxy, Inc, 15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States - Registered through: Real Web Host Domain Name: ALEKHLAAS.NET--Created on: 10-Mar-05 Expires on: 10-Mar-08 Last Updated on: 06-Mar-07.]

Legal Agreement

Scepticism greets "Al Qaeda in Britain" founding 16 Jan 2008:

An Internet posting that proclaimed the creation of an 'al Qaeda' branch in Britain is viewed by intelligence officials as typical militant "background noise", a security source said on Wednesday. An unidentified individual posted the claim in Arabic on a password-protected militant forum on January 2, saying the new "al Qaeda in Britain" would carry out major attacks including on political leaders, naming Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair.#

Guess I'm one of the sceptical but perhaps pardners Brown and Blair should stay outta Scottsdale, just in case...

Feeling the pinch: Jupiter to US chart

Economic slowdowns involve much more astrologically speaking than Jupiter's influence.

Although he prefers to bring us money, largesse, and abundance, jolly Jupiter can be something of a parsimonious culprit when making oppositions to natal planets.

Such is 2008 for America's natal chart with her Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer, one of the 'business' signs, and sign of the Home.

Beginning New Years' Day, and looking at the USA's Sibly chart (July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT) we see Jupiter opposing natal Venus (money; values; relationships), natal Jupiter, and natal Sun (which is also George Bush's natal Sun, as you know.)

This ranges from 3 Cancer to 14 Cancer and illustrates a difficulty in having a triple conjunction--it extends transits to longer periods of time than if there were only one natal planet involved.

Plus, aspect patterns such as USA's Sun/Saturn square are set off simultaneously which adds complexity to the situation, but time is short this morning so I'll only give the Jupiter oppositions as a basic background of 2008.

Jupiter oppo Venus: the usual pleasures may fall flat; business and pleasure don't mix; promoted events don't live up to the hype; partnerships and joint ventures may suffer from lack of money or enthusiam esp if they're already stressful; others don't cooperate as they should (Bush in Arabia?); promises are not kept; values, perspectives, sincerity, and sense of proportion are under suspicion.

Jupiter oppo Jupiter: discontent with wealth or achievement; no one is impressed; worthwhile things are done better by someone else; overblown efforts and discouraging comparisons; taking things for granted or pushing too hard should be avoided; sources of money dry up.

Jupiter oppo Sun: situations occur that deplete resources (the entire Bush residency actually); generosity benefits the wrong people (the already rich?); those who would like to help are stymied by powerlessness; grandiose ideas don't pan out; victories won may compromise integrity and principles; pride is wounded, ego is deflated; father is cast in an unfavorable light (in Bush's case, he should be.)

2008 has other transits to consider as well, but I can't go into them now...except for one--a generational transit that's been a long time coming. So if you feel yourself succumbing, just hang in there and know that this too shall pass...

Uranus oppo Neptune: one ideology is replaced by another; loss of ideals.

Now America would be nothing without ideals, and the 'replacement' may be a good thing if we can replace the warhawkery and war profiteering ideology of Dick Cheney's 1% gang that we've been suffering under.

A higher destiny for America? How about higher actions and honesty to go along with it?

It's up to The People to do this--obviously our lying politicians have other ideals and plans which we know are dark and dreary and bring more war, not less, privation for us, more resources for them.

And remember that there are those on Wall Street who use Astrology so they've seen 2008 coming all along. Take their nuggets of wisdom with a grain of you-know-what, and most of all, don't hold back your own generosity when you get a chance to spread it around!

Rice inside the bubble

Totally unencumbered by reality...

Rice hails 'remarkable' progress in Iraq 15 Jan 2008:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday praised "remarkable" political progress in Iraq, saying during a surprise visit to Baghdad that it represented a time of hope for the country. "Iraq is moving forward in a way that is promising but still fragile," Rice told reporters after talks with Iraq's leaders.

From Information Clearing House

Jan 14, 2008

cyber spying on the way...

...careful what your blog doth say.

Raw Story has today's update on plans for cyber security of the Bush Dy-nasty kind.

a subtle message sent to John Edwards?

News Update from Citizens for Legitimate Government Jan 14, 2008

Breaking News:

John Edwards' daughter hit by alleged drunk driver Jan 14,2008 (NC):

A alleged drunk driver crashed into a car driven by Cate Edwards in Chapel Hill on Friday afternoon. Cate Edwards is the older daughter of presidential candidate John Edwards (D). According to Chapel Hill Police investigators, Edwards was driving a 2007 Ford Sedan when she slowed down at a red light and was rear-ended by a woman driving a 1989 Toyota. Officials with the Edwards Campaign say Cate was not injured in the crash and calls the accident "minor".#

Glad Cate is okay. But what are the odds?

Is her Dad getting too close to the beast? Perhaps we should consult plain-spoken Ross Perot whose daughter was put in jeopardy some years ago during another prez campaign.

Mercury the Messenger gets fly-by from Messenger!

In a spree of mythological perfection, NASA has named its Messenger after the planet it intends to fly by today.

Either that or there's an astrologer in the bunch!

So where is Mercury in the zodiac as this "different approach" makes the news?

Setting the chart for Cape Canaveral, FL and putting Mercury, planet of communications, planning, and travel (esp air) at MC--the Goal/Aspiration Point of any chart--we see Mercury positioned at 10AQ25 (tropically speaking.)

Aquarius is associated, of course, with science (esp the modern, progressive kind), air travel, group projects, and humanity...and is the sign which contains the Angel Point (15AQ.)

Chiron, the Key and *Bridge between Saturn and Uranus, is approaching the Angel Point now as the Saturn/Uranus opposition becomes exact.

*Is Bush attempting to "play" Chiron, the Healer as he visits the Middle East? The combination of Saturn/Uranus and their cycle represents that region, particularly Palestine and Israel. But if Bush is an "angel" he's one of the dark ones. For in arrogant defiance of decency and love of humanity, he's over there calling for more war! That man can't get enough bombing, can he?

But let's go back to bright Mercury:

Click chart to enlarge and you will see two midpoints with Mercury as focal point (and thus is MC focal at 1:39:25 pm est) and they are:

Sun/NN (the public; new contacts; shared experiences; intellectual associations) = Mercury: communication; news; commentary.

Sun/NN = MC: becoming prominent through associations; fighting other people's battles.

Jupiter/Uranus (high expectations; deep respect for knowledge; breakthroughs; opportunities; long distance travel) = Mercury: planning on success; a series of fortunate breaks; confidence; gathering ample knowledge; ready wittedness; a fortunate occupational turn.

Jup/Uranus = MC: optimism; fortunate powers of adaptibility; attainment of good knowledge and understanding; becoming known for who one is.

Prospects sound good already for getting to know 'who' Mercury is!

This chart indicates that NASA willbe able to gather all the info they want on this hot, speedy little planet, and with Mercury at MC, the ASC degree is parallel the helpful Fixed Star, Arcturus, keywords: a different approach.

Today's fly-by is the first of three passes to Mercury-of-the-wing'ed-helmet-and-heel and I'm wishing them good speed and happy outcomes.

Yet! the chart has connections indicating the public's continued fascination with the presidential campaign today: Moon "11Ari": "The president of the country."

But with Mercury as my natal chart-ruler, I don't want to steal the Messenger's Uranian thunder today and I'm sure we'll be hearing communications from and about the candidates without a speck of prompting from me!

UPDATE: Messenger's closest approach to Mercury was to occur at 2:04:39 pm est. Setting another chart for that time at Laurel, MD (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab) places idealistic (and perhaps deceptive or dissolving) Neptune at MC...

"20AQ" = "A big white dove, a message bearer"...keyword: CONVICTION...

pos: a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do;

neg: sanctimonious self-deception.

Check out the Mercury Messenger website where you can type in your city and find out the best time of day to look for Mercury--either just before sunrise or just after sunset--and keep up with the mission.

Jan 13, 2008

Political Videos added: uh-oh

From our 'Bout Time Dept:

You may notice if you scroll toward the end of this page that I have added YouTube videos to Stars Over Washington.

I've signed up for targeted content of Politics, Political Comedy, Washington DC, and Astrology, so let's see what Google AdSense and YouTube come up with! Please try it out--I'm in deep poo feathers if I click myself--so let me know how it works for you, okay?

Plutocrats: Middle Class Warfare going dandily

Video: John Edwards

Senator Bernie Sanders: "Let's be very clear. A vicious and premeditated class warfare is being waged today against the American middle class."

Oppressive, racist Pluto-Chiron's plutocracy vs America's once great middle class. Yep. The hourglass society hath returneth with a vengence...just the way the "elites" like it. Those are Bush's "base" you remember from his first charade of a campaign...he was caught on tape giving them props. Why bother pretending when things are going your way and US laws and government are stacked completely in your favor?

Years ago, some of them had consciences but you have to wonder: does common good mean anything to any of them any longer? Or is the game--the centuries old Merovingian "Great Plan" too far advanced to care now?

Passing through generations since King Solomon's time and before, these current puppies who bedevil us are the spawn of the Generation of Materialism whose definitive degree's Sabian Symbol for the Great Neptune-Pluto Conjunction is given here and their hatching may be viewed in its pillaging satanic 'splendor' in the chart of the New Moon in resource-loving Taurus of Apr 28, 1881:

You may notice that disruptive reformer, Uranus, is conjunct George Bush's natal Mars and 2 degrees from Bush Sr's natal ASC...a devil-may-care combination of devils.

Also Pluto-Chiron = South Node--plutocracy, oppression, and class warfare brought forward through the generations.

Oops! who's got the missing oil?

Must be around here somewhere!

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government Jan 13, 2008

All items are here:

LegitGov.org/Breaking News

Oil Crisis As 308,000 Barrels Go Missing, According to Audit 10 Jan 2008:

How do you not notice when 308,000 barrels of oil go missing? That's the question government auditors were asking after they looked into the Department of Energy's management of oil received for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a critical program to assure energy stability in the US in case of an oil crisis.#

"Missing" oil, "missing" emails...the Bush administration bumbles so very purposefully. And, of course, they profit from using the infamous fuzzy math, too.

Jan 12, 2008

soothing and invigorating poetry?

Do you think it's possible for a poem concerning America and her politics to be soothing AND invigorating simultaneously?

I do, now that I've read American-in-Paris Tara Bradford's poem, Over the Horizon which I present to you for your consideration at Paris Parfait.

Do Enjoy!

And thanks, Tara, for your wonderfully graceful blog...graceful in spite of French bureaucracy!

Hillary's emotionally appealing tearducts

Hillary's gone all heart? Puh! Keith Olbermann will be straightening that craziness out soon enough.

Okay, here's what I neglected to add to my previous post on Ben Franklin...the Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree, "26Taurus"...and I'm looking at Lynda Hill's 360 Degrees of Wisdom and at Hillary Clinton's retooled campaigning style designed to tug at the heart strings of gullible voters. If you meant to vote for her all along, please pardon this post--but really! Her thespian abilities simply aren't up to this charade.

And I readily admit to cherry-picking political-sounding factors from Lynda's excellent analysis--we haven't got all day, y'know:

"A Spaniard Serenading His Senorita" ...a show of emotions...confirmation of deep feelings is rewarded...

...lies, deceit, and propaganda; a ruse performed to achieve a goal by deception; shared feelings; looking through pretense (I wish people falling for her whatever-it-takes-to-win performances would); grand actions and reactions; being in tune with others (or tuning in?--jc); reverting back to old methods of relating; insincerity; superficial judgments of how things should look or be; knowing what to say and when; playing a role passionately; things said merely to sway someone's feelings; emotional manipulation; empty promises or declarations.

And this one's for me, I guess--hope I'm not alone:

pouring out the heart to deaf ears.


(See previous post for why I think this Moon relates to Senator Clinton's presidential campaign. I DO at least use her proper title which Rs and Rush Limbaugh snarkily never use. And can Rush say enough against Mike Huckabee? It borders on amusing!)

Benjamin Franklin's Solar Return 2008

Born of a humble family in Boston, MA on Jan 17, 1709 (exact time unverified--using *10:30 am LMT as shown at astrodatabank.com --other possible birth times listed at end of post) Ben Franklin's Solar Return for 2008 falls on Jan 17.

This 15th child of 17 apprenticed to a printer when he was 12, and began his own printing company, age 17. The 10:30 am natal chart has shown links from the Solar Arc Directions for today which is one of the methods I use for deciding which chart to work with when an historical person's birth time is in question...simple synchronicity (as if there is such a thing!)

Fame and success attended Mr. Franklin whose Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 14South, brings just that--success when an obsessive idea is finally accepted, then Jupiter brings along the promised success. His Jupiter, whose natural house is the 9th house of Publishing, Philosophy, and Religion, is happily placed in business-oriented Cancer, although Rx--which gave Franklin something of a maverick flavor.

ASC 7Ari14, sign of the pioneer, gives active Mars as chart-ruler, and Franklin is known to have been robustly healthy as a youth. Neptune, which he would not have been aware of in his lifetime, is in 1st house, indicating some confusion and early loss, and a talent for role-playing and deception--useful traits for an ambassador and politician to possess.

In the Placidus house system Saturn is barely in 1st house which gives stability to the personality, plus, early hardship and work (apprenticed at 12 years old)--Saturn rules 10th house 3Cap44, with pleasant Venus in Capricorn at MC (arts; literature.)

Mars applies to sesquiquadrate with Uranus (1A31) but approaches an even closer trine to Pluto (0A16.) The Mars/Chiron combo = the sacred warrior archetype, and there is a separating trine with creative Neptune...good for public relations and promotions...and for secretive pursuits such as Freemasonry meetings and rituals.

In her book, New Insights in Astrology, Nona Gwynn Press gives the sequiqradrant (135 degr) as having transformative power.

You will recall his rather funky promo for his Almanac where he published an "astrological prediction of death" for one **Titus Leeds, a rival almanac publisher. This ruse, a preface in the 1st edition of Poor Richard's, was carried on for years and gained Franklin much notoriety while promoting sales. Leeds did not cooperate and die at the appointed time yet Franklin insisted each year that Leeds was dead and that others had assumed publication of his almanac.

One assumes this farce aided almanac sales for Mr. Leeds as well, and I suspect they held in common brotherhood in a certain organization.

(BTW: I've gotten to where I only change house systems with historical charts when there's a known chart to duplicate--usually with Regiomantanus, or whatever was originally used at the time. Here I stick with Placidus. In this case, Venus is near enough to MC to be possibly placed in 9th house of Publishing.)

Jupiter in 4th house has associations with publishing success so the 10:30 am chart 'works' for his fortune being made in Publishing--he began Poor Richard's Almanac in 1733 and retired, age 42, in order to devote himself to Science until Politics 'called' him in appr 1753. Quite a whistle heard round the world--with America the decided winner.

However, if you look at the chart for 1:30 am, Jupiter and Uranus are placed in 9th house while Pluto (linked with the masses and with Publishing) falls in 10th house of Career and Public Standing. Yet this birth time puts n Moon in AQ--29AQ52, 4th house. Was Franklin's Sun in Cap with Moon in the humanitarian and scientific (and astrological) sign of the Water Bearer? Or is Moon in mystical Pisces as is so often said?

The chances during the 24 hours of his day of birth do favor the Pisces Moon, but just in case, here are the Images for Integration for both combos...

Sun Cap-Moon AQ: A prophetic poet is awarded high honors...An historian points the way to the future...Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter.

Worldy ambition and success mixed with furturistic, scientific concerns. See what I mean?

Now here's the Sun Cap-Moon Pisces blend: A child builds a sandcastle of reinforced concrete...Bilbo in Tokein's 'Lord of the Rings'...'Bathers in a Landscape' by Paul Cezanne...A wine collector uncorks a rare vintage to celebrate a success. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

With our decider-in-chief off the continent (and as usual I feel a certain bouyancy), we're forced to decide for ourselves which combo may better describe Benjamin.

Franklin was ahead of his time and one cannot rule out a Pisces Moon, the sign which contains all other signs before it, and Cap-Pisces is a humanitarian combination--actually the humanitarian businessman. A New Moon personality, Franklin was emotional, impulsive, subjective, and intuitive.

His most powerful natal midpoint picture (which I entered on the chart but didn't complete due to lack of space, so here it is) has Jupiter/Pluto (plutocrats!) pointing at scientific reformer and rebel, Uranus...

Jup-Pluto = Uranus: intense application of resources to establish new perspectives; turning the tables; getting back on track or finding a better one; fanatical striving for improvements; sudden reform; adjustment to new circumstances (Tyl; Ebertin.)

In the 10:30 am chart, pictured here, there is also a YOD (Finger of God) which I neglected to colorize for you but will mention since it relates to a special life purpose but also to health issues.

Moon-Venus = Uranus: sudden romantic feelings and attachments (he was a laydees' man--and had Mars-Pluto midpoint conj Desc, 10:30 am); a periodic and sudden manifestation of sexual desire (hubba hubba); fits of emotion and irritability.

Ebertin gives Moon-Venus as glandular secretions and Uranus disrupts--this may cause convulsive states when triggering the Moon-Venus midpoint.

Well, I don't know what Franklin actually died from but it couldn't have been good--it killed him.

Now on that sassy note, let's consider his Solar Return chart for Jan 17, 2008:

Historical charts for our Founding Fathers intrigue me and I tend to use them to 'speak for' America in the here-and-now (or for whatever time frame under consideration.)

So you can imagine my semi-surprise when I found Hillary Clinton's campaign 2008 written all over it. And since Ben himself is no longer with us these 218 years, I shall give a pass to his SR as a personal map for him and mosey on to Hillary implications.

Primarily it's the Taurus Moon in 10th house of Public Status and Career that clued me in...

Mars/MC = Moon: publicity; an emotional appeal (!); changing status through emotional "feel" !!

Yes, Hillary is being said to be using a newly accessible emotional style. She's found her "voice" she says...and, this reluctant astrologer notes, her tear ducts along with it. Weepy crocodiles the world over are tres proud!

Venus-Jupiter = Pluto: publicity; the world view (as in NWO?); popularity; unbounded enthusiam (she's waited so long to take hold of the New Millennium baton...she expects it and perhaps has been promised it. Guess the New Moon over New Hampshire was Hill and John McCain hooking up.)

Sun-Uranus = Neptune: self-deluding schemes for ego recognition; blind zeal can only be detrimental; unexpected events connected with flying, water, or navigation.

Hey! that last sounds like Bush's tour of the Middle East when he was forced to motor instead of helicoptering--and of course, Franklin's Solar Return is also a simple transit chart for Jan 17. Perhaps Clinton will experience similar delays on the campaign trail--or Bush may have vehicle troubles again.

Pluto-MC = North Node (the public; associations): the desire to gain leadership; influence over other people.

Mars-NN = MC: excellent teamwork; partnership values are important.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, Benjamin isn't squirming in his grave at this post with its quirky insinuations concerning our current outrage--er, I mean presidential campaign.

If he is, I'll be more than happy to fluff his pillow which will give me a chance to apologize to a Founding Father for the America this squad of politicians have brought upon us and upon the world.

Global domination indeed.

*other possible birth times: 11:00 am, 1:30 am, 9:40 pm, all LMT.

**Titus Leeds' predicted date of death: Oct 17, 1733, "3 hos, 29 mins PM"...a request for calculation supposedly made to Franklin by Mr. Leeds...cheeky monkeys!

For dates of Ben Franklin's triple Uranus Return visit Jude's Threshold if you wish.

Jan 11, 2008

a Black Hole president

That's what we have: a president and presidency full of Black Holes.

Alex Miller-Mignone's excellent article in the Daykeeper Journal on the Black Hole links to George Bush's natal planets (which includes America's Sun) shines light on seven years of Bush from his questionable (s)elections to the Oval Office, his propaganda cataputlin' (as he called it in a moment of unconscious truth telling), to his spying tendencies, and more.

Alex's article, one of a series, explains Bush's natal Sun in Cancer, and his Mercury-Pluto conjunction in 1st house, a pairing which indicates secretiveness, cruel thoughts, and persuasive speaking ability on its own. In the early years of his residency, Bush's manipulation of the English language was made out to be a joke--a sly-dog media's diversionary tactic to veil content.

Add Black Holes to the cauldron and we have our little devil of a dictator, his nibs himself, who believes his own versions of the truth, never letting reality interfere with his dreams of world domination...dreams and plans which were handed down from Poppy (old pal of *Anton Lavey, satanist supreme.)

A further article by Miller-Mignone is promised on Bush's Mars-Saturn placements and his "foreign policy" if what he does abroad can be called that.

If you've not read Alex's series on George Bush, I can't recommend it highly enough!

*Anton Lavey, born April 11, 1930, 3:10 am CST, Chicago, IL; Sun Ari-Moon Vir: "A surgeon performs a daring operation...A metal worker forges an intricate masterpiece...A William Morris design...A remembrance that the perfect is the enemy of the good." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

(What do you bet Lavey considered himself perfect?)

The Sun Ari-Moon Vir blend is shared natally with two folks who made interesting observations...here are but two of them:

I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do. --J.P.Morgan

(Describes the White House and the "Justice" Dept perfectly.) And...

Strongest minds
Are often those of whom the noisy world
hears least
--William Wordsworth

When it comes to George Bush, I heartily agree with Wordsworth on the issue.

Jan 10, 2008

Jan 9, 2008

Diebold-Premier: secret vote counting in N.H.

NH: "First in the nation" (with corporate controlled secret vote counting)

By Nancy Tobi

Jan 7 2008: 81% of New Hampshire ballots are counted in secret by a private corporation named Diebold Election Systems (now known as "Premier"). The elections run on these machines are programmed by one company, LHS Associates, based in Methuen, MA. We know nothing about the people programming these machines, and we know even less about LHS Associates. We know even less about the secret vote counting software used to tabulate 81% of our ballots.

Democracy for New Hampshire

Paradox in New Hampshire

Assuming the primary count was honest last evening, it seems a paradox that proudly independent New Hampshire went for Hillary Clinton who stood beside her husband on the Mall in Washington DC for the New Millennium Gala on Dec 31, 1999 knowing what they had in store for America.

The promotion of one world government requires world wars and a world economy for their plans. As George Bush spreads his fly weight around the Middle East this week speaking on behalf of peace, he promotes the globalists' one world government--and Israel is in on it.

"For us or against us?" If against, you will be invaded and destroyed.

Has Bush actually brought peace to the world so far? Didn't our real troubles surface at his Oval Office installation? And yet his residency is only part of a years-long process.

Hillary Rodham Clinton knows. She knows and is part of the grand plan. Would New Hampshire support her if they knew her real voice? Tears and vulnerability? Puh-lease! Well, it seems to have worked.

And listen carefully to Bush's words as he combs the Middle East--especially for Oslo Peace Plan. Peace and security, they shout! for the world must be induced to put world citizenship above national citizenship.

The UN has been mum for some time--it won't continue to be, then watch what they say.

And as John McCain achieves his miraculous "comeback" in New Hampshire, he envisions 100 hundred years in Iraq. Big honkin' clue there. The globalists are covered D or R...whoever they vote for, they vote for us. How much clearer could it be?

New Hampshire, the granite state? Perhaps you supplied the stone for the Washington Monument where the thousand points of light shot into the dark night at Bill Clinton's command, Hillary standing by for her chance to take the baton.

Now, at last, she has stepped up to the plate...and the NWO steamrolls along. But now it's "smug and strong-armed maternalism." That must be what Hillary means by "change."

Jan 8, 2008

Paper ballots before Congress next week

If you'd prefer paper ballots in an effort to hopefully cut down on rigged elections--and we know Nov 4, 2008 will be fraudulent otherwise--here's the petition to sign which will be sent to Congress--the clock is ticking, m'peops!

MoveOn's paper ballot petition...you won't hear about it from any candidate, so don't bother with them--sign for America's sake.

Oil and the Betelgeuse: Jan 8, 1979

Today I've been composing elsewhere concerning Neptune, Pluto, oil and gas, and the 29th anniversary of 1979's Betelgeuse incident at Jude's Threshold if you'd care to read it.

Plus, Lim the Cat and I have posted something called Ganda Propping: a poem over at Lim's Limericks (cat photo included for the feline-inclined.)

Jan 7, 2008

Iranian gunboats mock US ships: Mars wins

From LegitGov

Hello, Pot? This is Kettle... Iran should avoid provocative actions: White House Jan 7 2008:

The White House said on Monday that the harassment of US Navy ships by Iran was "provocative" and warned Tehran against taking such actions in the future.

"We urge the Iranians to refrain from such provocative actions that could lead to a dangerous incident in the future," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said. [Is illegally invading and occupying a country and killing over one million civilians 'provocative?' Just curious.]

Read article here.

With expansive Jupiter at the "Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance" degree ("5Cap"), let's have a look at the Sabian Symbol (Jones) for this war promoting degree:


pos: a capacity for aggressive leadership and an unusual effectiveness in sidetracking minor issues for the sake of major achievement;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unnecessary moods and tantrums.

Sound like diversionary but reckless tactics, and we suspect we know what major achievement Iran--and the neocons--are preparing for.

Perhaps Adriano Carelli's book of degrees (linked in previous post) will provide a bit more detail (my italics):

"Two open doors...is a degree of hospitality; home and hearth are open to all. (Persian Gulf?) A jovial (Jupiter!) character, a generous and unassuming nature, marred by imprudence in word and action. The native's lack of reserve will give fuel to other people's slander and, coupled with his sometimes reckless hospitality, will lead to material theft and plagiarism of ideas."

As with everything in life and Astrology, energy flows in both directions--simultaneously or in alternating fashion.

Transit Jupiter is approaching opposition to America's natal Jupiter, a period when no one is the least bit impressed with one's grandiose Jupiterian efforts (which may also describe Republican candidates' performances on the campaign trail!), and there is potential for overblown efforts and discouraging comparisons.

Kind of like little unimpressed gunboats mocking huge US vessels as we push into their territorial waters (disputed though they may be)?

Mars, the instigator, still oobs and Rx, at critical "29Gem"..."The first mockingbird of spring"...QUICKENING...

pos: consistent stimulation to others in all human affairs;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: annoying self-assertiveness.#

He who annoys attracts annoyance.

Being that it's the "first mockingbird" of a season, and "consistent stimulaton" this is probably the beginning of a campaign of another sort by Iran inspired by the explosive combo of the off-again-on-again opposition of Mars and Pluto--with Pluto at the "The pope blessing the faithful" degree which speaks of surrendering to a lust for power.

There's a lot of that going around.

And did you know that Jan 6 was the second conjunction of Iran's current Saturn Return? Natal Saturn 8Vir18 and Jan 6's Saturn 8Vir17!

Current transits to Iran's Saturn: Jupiter trine Saturn, a time of rewards for hard work, and there may be a lucky break with financial backing made available.

Venus square Saturn is an anti-social time but indicates that favors are received which require something of equal value in return.

The triple Saturn Return dates for Iran are: Dec 2, 2006; Jan 6, 2008 Rx; and August 5, 2008.