Mar 31, 2008

President Pet Notions?

"The path of least resistance and least trouble is a mental rut already made. It requires troublesome work to undertake the alternation of old beliefs.

Self-conceit often regards it as a sign of weakness to admit that a belief to which we have once committed ourselves is wrong.

We get so identified with an idea that it is literally a "pet" notion and we rise to its defense and stop our eyes and ears to anything different."
John Dewey


Do you tire of Politics, that organized system of hatreds? Does Dick seem thick and even a temporary absence by George a refreshing Godsend of relief?

Snag a brief break with my new Psychedelic Kaleidoscope Art Show created with relaxation in mind...

Mar 30, 2008

The Clinton's Wedding Day: Oct 11, 1975

Rodham, Clinton, whatever you call her, presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton married William Jefferson Clinton 32+ years ago...for better or worse:

Here are a few notes on their wedding day astrology.

Mar 29, 2008

Earth Hour at the White House?

One of my favorite radio programs Living on Earth has a feature with interviews of the presidential candidates (there are only three and you know who they are) concerning their stands on the green question, global warming, etc.

It includes mention of energy industry funding which seemingly makes their fine campaign rhetoric moot. But all presidents come with strings attached or he/she couldn't have gotten a hoof in the door!

Guess you're making plans for tonight's Earth Hour. What will you do with all the lights out for an hour? Never mind, you don't have to gossip on yourself!

New Zealand anf Figi started the lights-out, of course, and our turn here in Georgia is in 7 hours, so right now I'm looking at the chart for Atlanta, 8:00 pm edt.

The chart for Sydney, AU has few differences from the Atlanta chart as far as planets, midpoints, etc, so I'll use the 8 pm and 9 pm charts for Atlanta which is just down the road from where I type.

8 pm: ASC 11Lib47/ 9 pm = ASC 23Lib55 with lovely Arcturus rising: a different approach; leading and protecting people as they embrace a new lifestyle although the Via Combusta rises during the hour as well--aka the Burning Way (15Lib to 15Sco.)

Well, perhaps lights-out is a good way to 'use' the Via Combusta which is normally considered a nasty bit of zodiacal real estate.

And a new lifestyle with smaller carbon footprints is a humanitarian goal for which we must now strive thanks to greed and overindulgences of the past.

In Atlanta's 8 pm chart, Moon/Mc midpoint is rising...

Moon/Mc = ASC: self-evaluation. The Moon/Mc midpoint itself is: one's strongest needs are out in the open.

Sun 9Ari40 has just set, chart-ruler Mercury 23Pis23 in 6th house along with Venus 21Pis04 just beyond yesterday's conj with Uranus 19Pis50, a new yearly cycle of activity for Venus/Uranus: artists, extravagant people (!), rhythm, music, love, unusual relationships, peculiar notions...and erratic habits with finances.

Moon 10Cap42 has just crossed the Ic into 3rd house of communications/neighborhoods and is snugged between Pluto 1Cap09 and Jupiter 19Cap54...

Jupiter/Pluto = Moon: desire to bring about social improvements; ability to influence the masses through an emotional appeal; emotional conviction guides a new start.

Feisty Mars 9Can50 is at Midheaven (the goal) with Fixed Star Alhena, whose keysords are: to have a mission.

Mars and Mc are part of a Fist of God pattern which is similar to a YOD (Finger of God) but with more 'punch' so we have these pictures with the base of the pattern a square to ASC and pointing to idealistic Neptune 23AQ23...

Mars/ASC = Neptune: magnetism; out of the mainstream; withdrawal as an option; lack of energy.

Mars/ASC = NN: excellent teamwork.

Well, last I heard, 26 major world cities and 300+ towns and have signed up to participate.

ASC/MC = Neptune: idealization; spirituality; quiet.

Yep, things should be quieter than usual for an hour at least! And Earth Hour is a great example of idealization manifesting into action.

ASC/MC = NN: an obliging person (you?); seeking contacts with others; new faces in the environment.

Don't let the wooly-boogers get ya!

Mars/ASC = Saturn (2Vir40 Rx): inhibitions; inbilitiy to express one's ower potential in the right way (it's only for an hour!); sharing worries and anxieties with others.

Then there's the T-square which forms this picture with the Sun conj asteroid Pallas (wisdom; strategy; protector of cities)...

Moon/Mars = Sun: the power to establish oneself in the world (!); conscious of an objective; striving for independence; prosperity through harmonious cooperation.

And when the Hour ends at 9 pm, Atlanta time, this midpoint will be rising...

Jupiter/Mc = ASC: harmony; a festivity.

So where will YOU be for the second annual Earth Hour? Got candles for your candlelight supper?

Mar 28, 2008

Obama on The View today

This morning I managed to catch Barack Obama on The View and I've written some reminiscences on the experience here for anyone who managed to miss the performance.

In what we once called junior high school (grades 7 & 8) there was a game I played only once for it seemed excruciating to me. It was called Lemon Twist and the gist is that one person sat in the middle of a circle of young ladies who then gave their worst assessments of the one-in-the-middle.

Well, Obama was in the middle of The View's sofa this morning but didn't come off too damaged--actually more like Lemon Meringue Pie than twisted.

He once again defended Pastor Wright as expected and ended with an offer of his wife as their next vict--er, guest, because Michelle would, he asserted, "dish the dirt."

Oh dear. Wouldn't that be handing ammunition to the Rove-Limbaugh 'Operation Chaos' intitative which is already working quite nicely for John McCain who needs all the help he can get?

Now I have gracious plenty natal planets in Capricorn so respect for Wise Ones advanced in years is no small part of my personality.

But I must ask if the video I saw early this week of McCain paying respects to grand dame Nancy Reagan (and thereby linking himself with Ronald, he hopes) was a helpful view of him as he escorted a doddering lady when he looked just as doddering himself? Was she holding him up or vice versa? It made me wonder...but even if incorrect, the impression was given.

Yes, America does prefer younger presidents when she can get them--or at least those who don't look as if they're about to keel over at any moment. Agism is alive and well in the US.

Yet the bickering and name-calling between Hill and Bar is starting to look as if they WANT to lose to a war-promoting dodderer.

Guess that's understandable though--look what they'll inherit from the get-go--America's wealth has got up and went and the (supposed) Dem plans of retreat from Iraq will be a lesson in humility--a lesson which the objects in need of it will ignore as they kick back on the porch...fattened and self-satisfied till the end.

Iraq War 2003 + 2008: 3 YODs

With the US-occupied tinderbox of Iraq erupting of late, the composite chart of the Iraq War (set for the White House, March 19, 2003 8:00 pm) and the War's 'natal' chart (Mar 20, 2003 6:35 am BAT) when averaged together using the Davison method (which averages time AND place and thus gives a mid-date, in this case: Sept 24, 2005) is showing three YOD patterns.

A YOD, as you know, is aka a Finger of God and indicates a special task or purpose, a crisis situation. YODS express most purely when all the points are actual planets although ASC and MC, points of manifestation, may also be pertinent.

The base of a YOD is a sextile and it points to an apex planet or point. In Iraq's case, the three YODS have apex planets under stress: Mercury, Mars, and Uranus. I have highlighted the YODs in the image so hopefully you can see them more easily.

It would take all day to type out all the factors in this Composite-Davison chart (C/D) and I'm sure you notice that the 10th house Chiron is conj US n Pluto 27Cap. And that's Cheney's natal Venus (money; values; relationships) at Midheaven.

Transit Pluto/Chiron midpoint has been at the general degree area this year (19--24 Cap) so we have the plutocratic, oppressive, racist duo on display.

So let's see what the midpoint pictures for the YODs show, beginning with another plutocrat indicator, Jupiter/Pluto.

*Jupiter/Pluto = Mars: applying controls to suit one's particular purposes; leaderhsip; the desire to achieve great things; organizing talent; publicity.

Mercury/Saturn = Uranus: great inner tension; incompatibility; quick decisions or sudden departure; anxiety about a change of status quo; great tension between the old way of thinking vs the new; the inclination to go one's own way; excitability; haste.

Uranus/ASC = Mercury: the tendency to interfere in everything; nervous planning; fault-finding; caustic; oraganising power; the ability to sum up situations quickly; the stage of making arrangements; sudden news; technological progress.

You may also see that Cheney's natal Jupiter is rising, with his n Saturn following. We may then say that:

Jupiter/Saturn = ASC: the tactitcian; keeping properly in one's place (secret state-of-the-art bunker?)

*Replace Mars with Cheney's natal Uranus and we have...

Jupiter/Pluto = n Uranus: intense application of resources to establish a new perspective; overturning the tables; getting back on track or finding a better one; quick exploitation of every situation; a sudden reform or a quick development; sudden adjustment to new circumstances (how about some hot tar, a bunch of feathers, and a rail out of Washington?)

In Bush's nativity, Neptune (5Lib+) is conj the C/D Mercury, so we may replace Mercury in the YOD with his idealistic, deceptive, over-the-top Neptune...

Uranus/ASC = Neptune: sudden undermining of associations; disappointments; a feeling of martyrdom can be exploited.

Replace the C/D ASC with Cheney's n Jupiter and we see...

n Jupiter/Uranus = Mercury: ready wittedness; an abundance of thoughts; a fortunate turn in one's occupation (!!); planning on success; a series of fortunate breaks.

Hmmm...sounds like Cheney is happy with the way things are going in Iraq this week...still. Quite the "success" for his portfolio.

Now here are the midpoint pictures within the C/D chart which link the war's start in March 2003 with today, March 28, 2008...

Mars/Pluto = Uranus: fight first, talk later; dangerous sense of attack; chip on one's shoulder; cruelty; violence; sudden calamities of great importance.

Mercury/Uranus = Pluto: indefatigability in one's work; over-strained nerves; a hasty realization of plans; getting the biggest job done in a commanding way; leadership; tremendous power for action.

Mars/Jupiter = Saturn (Saturn is conj 2003's Jupiter Rx: the general): difficulties in making decisions; letting good opportunities slip away; having to toe the line; pulling in one's sails.

Saturn/Uranus = Mars: tremendous upheaval possible through calamity or anxiety; challenges leading to a decisive fight; violence; undergoing great efforts and toil.

More YOD details:

Bil Tierney, in his book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis says that in composite charts, YODs with Mercury as the apex planet indicate one who is combining too many concepts to establish coherency, and that concepts must be streamlined in order to work. Given the current chaos and confusion, the chances don't sound so great, do they?

An apex Mercury in a YOD pattern works in similar fashion to Rx Mercury, and the US natal Mercury is Rx. If you've read my article on the first US presidency (George Wasington, of course) you'll know that the White house tends to 'psych out' the public in order to tell us what to think. We're seeing/reading/hearing war propaganda on the current chaos-in-the-tinderbox, but getting the real picture is another matter, isn't it?

Yet this apex Mercury seeks compulsively to find new communication avenues to make a greater educational impact on the environment--and the C/D chart is in the Disseminating phase which is the spreading info stage.

And remember that this Mercury = George Bush's n Neptune which as an apex in a YOD prefers to stay in his ivory tower, thanks. Ivory Tower = White House? Well, hopefully Bush won't be able to pull the snuggly blanket of power around his shrugging shoulders past Jan 2009--at least not from the Oval Office.

Mars as apex planet in a YOD, if poorly used, shows non-productive energy expenditures which need adjustments within the aggressive instincts. Hostility is aimed at inappropriate targets (and this C/D chart describes all parties of all sides as well, not only the US.)

An acute crisis situation may trigger mobilization of vital forces full of daring and courage, and wavering or vacillation won't do. Ties from the past may be broken by this apex Mars and quick adaptation leads to a new path.

Uranus apex here views everthing from a unique angle and is contrary and perverse (as Uranus may tend to be in any situation.)

New directions are best handled only after this apex Uranus alters his willful mental temperament, and disruption of all carefully formulated plans is jolting. Apex Uranus in a YOD pattern is a catalyst and trailblazer. Lawlessness is part of the turning point and causes irrevocable shifts in the environment.

Playing with fire hardly describes what the actors are up to in Iraq, some from within their Ivory Towers, and some from an independent spiritedness determined toward a new path fraught with fresh perspectives.

George Bush is calling the US offensive in Basra a "defining moment" in Iraq, and after looking at the above composite chart, I must agree--but would have to add that it's also a defying moment.

Now why don't we-the-people leave Iraq as best we can with as many apologies as Washington can muster, and take the consequences from the over-extended, misdirected efforts of the Bush-Cheney regime?

It was, after all, their bad--and they had many foreign actors egging them on in what was known to be their Saddam-removal intentions from the start.

Defeat for America, you say? As Astrology shows, how a thing begins is how it will end so we were defeated by fraud and deception from its beginning by Chalabi, the White House, the Pentagon--and others pulling secret strings.

The US should face the music while the band can still play because the White House isn't protecting its's got none to hide.

midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.

~~note: please pardon typos--my isp is on the verge of crashing (again) so I must publish now and correct later. ;o(

Mar 25, 2008

Pentagon mea culpa and nukes across America

The Pentagon's cone head is showing! as Defense Secretary Robert Gates admits to "The Mistake of the Taiwanese Cone Heads" or something like that.

Is he planning to write a mystery novel or get to the bottom of their supposed incompetence?

Actually Gates has called for an investigation (and we know where those tend to lead--down the garden path) into four containers of fuses shipped to Taiwan in "error"...a charade which must infuriate China, no doubt. Grumps me up no end and I'm only American.

Well, I guess Gates had to say something to, oops!

Is it me, or does the US seem to say oops to China quite often?

Anway, you'll see that I've included in the above-linked post the sunrise chart for the day that the Air Force (they're on OUR team, remember) "mistakenly" loaded a bunch of nuclear bombs onto some B-52s and flew them from ND to may want to check out the chart with asteroid Toro at Ic and conjunct the "A Grand Army of the Republic campfire" degree.

Ole! Oops! and all that.

Obama's anti-war speech Oct 2, 2002

NPR has a feature recalling the day of then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama's anti-war speech in Chicago on Oct 2, 2002--approximately two days prior to his Mars Return in Virgo.

As you know, Mars Returns time new 2-year cycles of activity--and Mars is the god of war. As you may know, Obama's natal Mars is conjunct to-the-degree America's natal Neptune, planet of idealism, illusions, and dreams.

Hence his touted 'rock star status' is real, but perhaps that's the wrong word when Neptune is involved. Actually, the public projects upon the screen of his image, more like.

Well, since there are no YouTube or other video of his anti-war speech dissing political hacks like Karl Rove, here's the speech's transcript if you'd care to read it--and then perhaps you may pardon me for the following cynical political rhyme:

Lone Ranger for President!

And if we should end up with a President Obama, he'll be lone in Washington, imho, for who's going to allow him any cooperation or credit for accomplishing anything the People want or need?

btw: here's a previous post, "that hellish path blindly", a quote from his speech, where I linked to the same transcript of the same Obama speech (just lookin' out for ya, m'peops! We the People!)

Mar 24, 2008

JP Morgan's natal chart being triggered

With entity JP Morgan Chase in the news now with its role in purchasing part of Bear Stearns, you'd have to be completely incurious not to wonder what planets might be currently triggering old JP's natal chart, so I took a peek:

Go to my WordPress Page: JP Morgan + March 24, 2008 transits where you'll see Morgan's natal chart with its YOD pattern between Moon, Saturn, and Pluto; plus, more details on the top financier of his day (April 17, 1837--March 31, 1913.)

And appropriately, even old King Midas has joined the throng!

America's next 9/11?

A Little Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down

America's Next 9/11

By Paul Craig Roberts

There is so much that Americans do not know about secret schemes serving undeclared agendas. Those who have attempted to clue in fellow citizens are invariably frustrated, because Americans have been trained to dismiss the messenger who brings news of "false flag" events as a "conspiracy theorist."

Information Clearing House has the article.

As usual whenever I post on Alexander Litvinenko, my posts mysteriously disappear and all manner of sneaky stuffs go on.

But in spite of it, here's my original posting of Litvinenko's Statement given from his hospital bed to his poisoner...mainly because I would feel a little better about the whole thing if as many people as possible rememebered him and what was done to him for POLITICAL reasons--because NO ONE deserves such a fate.

the Fed's Moon Return: March 24 2008

The Federal Reserve Bank became law Dec 23, 1913 so I use this date (sunrise and/or Sun to Midheaven) as natal chart/s for this entity.

Today, March 24, 2008, the Fed is having its Lunar (Moon) Return whether you use the sunrise or Sun/Mc chart. The first has Moon 8Sco19 ("Dental work"), the second chart has Moon 11Sco03 ("An embassy ball") and there are good reasons for using either chart.

With the sunrise position of the Moon 8Sco19, the Lunar Return occurred today at 2:37 pm edt (Manhattan, NYC); the Moon returns to 11Sco03 this evening at 8:03 pm edt.

Here you see an image of the sunrise Natal chart, Dec 23, 1913, with some of the Moon Return planets written on the outside and highlighted in green.

The first thing we notice is that transiting Pluto, the dragon guarding the treasure, is conj natal Sun (and thus, the ASC in the sunrise chart.)

Sun/Pluto = ASC: crisis of self-preservation; power games with important consequences; striving for power and control.

With Pluto being opposite natal Pluto, this is a period of one great power locked in a no-compromise struggle with another great power. In my estimation, that would be East vs West, one of the reasons I don't believe that what's going on in world markets is only from subprime housing loans, although that's certainly part of it...perhaps it's the vehicle.

In fact, it puts me in mind of PROMIS software and its modern progeny which has been used against Eastern accounts in recent years. Yet if you 'follow the money' it's busy wafting its way to the East, isn't it?

Well, the Fed has a Jupiter ($) Return coming soon in the first week of December, and if you click to enlarge the image, you'll see that the Fed's natal Mars/Saturn midpoint--a difficult point of hardship, ups'n'downs, and stalemate in any chart--is conj DESC so it's under double stress now with natal Pluto there AND transiting Pluto triggering the natal potential as well. Eek!

Mars/Saturn = Pluto: the need to take control; forcing an issue; strong anger; the fury of destruction.

Seems the above Sun/Pluto indications tell the tale and destruction is the name of the game. Of course, baiting the US--and Bush's oil friends in particular--with the attacks of 9/11 was a good way to undermine US resources militarily, financially, and morally...and it seems to be working.

Yet the culpability of the US government and others is not to be dismissed, of course, esp if NWO plans are as advertised and a war between Moslems and Jews is in the offing by their (NWO) design so that the one world government may be ushered in.


In the Fed's Moon Return chart tr Uranus conjuncts natal North Node (18-19 Pis), a time when unusual contacts and associations are made. The Uranus/NN duo = "radical political groups" so there's that flavor too.

And with Uranus squaring n Venus (money; values; relationships) there's an unstable atmosphere when joint ventures develop unanticipated problems and others block diplomatic maneuvers. Unorthodox alliances may be formed when uranus squares n Venus.

You'll notice that the 18Vir degree of the Sept 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse is conj the Fed's natal South Node, indicating a triggering of old issues from the past (follow the link for more Eclipse details affecting the Fed's SN.)

This Eclipse Series (9 New South) began July 19, 1917 at 26Can+....opposite US n Pluto.

And then there's the soon-to-come Solar Eclipse in the 10 South Series, Aug 1, 2008, which is the Pre-Natal Series of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792.)

Read some notes here on the NYSE and its Solar Eclipse 2008
with details (ex: this is also John McCain's Prenatal Eclipse Series) and the chart is here.

Well, I must mosey so I'll close with Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of the Fed's n Moon degree, "9Sco"...

"Dental work"...INVENTIVENESS...keynote: Overcoming the negative results of social practices and ego-cravings.

Rudhyar goes on to explain that this Symbol shows us how society and civilization has to invent means to skillfully repair the damage (of tooth decay)--and I assume that the Fed is busy as a bee printing more money as I type!

Mar 23, 2008

Spitzer's nemesis + blackmailing for war

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government Mar 23, 2008

All items are here: LegitGov Breaking News

GOP political operative told FBI of alleged Spitzer sexscapades--Roger Stone, who shut down the 2000 presidential 'election' recount effort in Miami-Dade County, is longtime Spitzer *nemesis. Mar 21, 2008:

Almost four months before Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned in a sex scandal, a lawyer for Republican political operative Roger Stone sent a letter to the FBI alleging that Spitzer "used the services of high-priced call girls" while in Florida.

The letter, dated Nov 19, said Miami Beach resident Stone learned the information from "a social contact [i.e., his own hooker] in an adult-themed club." ..."It is also my client's understanding from the same source that Governor Spitzer did not remove his mid-calf length black socks during the sex act. Perhaps you can use this detail to corroborate Mr. Stone's information," the letter said, signed by attorney Paul Rolf Jensen of Costa Mesa, Calif. [See: Spitzer's Sex Life Is Weapon of Mass Distraction for Bunch of Bad News for Bush.]


Top Diplomat Says US Pressured Allies on Iraq--Ambassador says White House threatened reprisals on nations who withheld war support, spied on allies prior to Iraq invasion Mar 22, 2008:

In the months leading up to the US-led invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration threatened trade reprisals against friendly countries who withheld their support, spied on its allies, and pressed for the recall of UN envoys that resisted US pressure to endorse the war, according to an upcoming book by a top Chilean diplomat [Heraldo Munoz.] #

Well neither of these items seem surprising...except perhaps for the black socks...

*Nemesis' keywords: the unbeatable foe; karmic retaliation; Greek goddess of divine retribution--or of fertility.

Mar 22, 2008

Bear Stearns waving all its paws

Well, the markets in the US took a break Friday in honor of Easter so it will be interesting to see what transpires Monday on Wall Street, that enclave of Jupiter-Neptune types (speculators; wastrels.)

Meanwhile, I got around to writing a bit concerning Bear Stearns and Neptune's dissolution, if you'd care to take a peek.

With the current visit of moneybags Jupiter to the NWO degree (Uranus conj Neptune, 1993) of 18Cap, it's all of a piece, my peops, and there's quite a complicated mystery play being performed on the world stage with innocents (the common man) in the middle of a gigantic chess game whose stakes are world domination.

NYSE's Friday break was hardly spiritually based but certainly a convenient breather for someone, one assumes.

Thanks go to Patrick Wood, editor of The August Review for keeping his expert eye on the culprits involved and for continuing to expose their secret motives.

Well, we ARE still in the season of the Unmasking Eclipse of Feb 6 aren't we?

Mar 21, 2008

Sen. Byrd's speech Mar 19, 2003

Surely now we ALL weep...except for a certain few too proud to admit their infallibility or reveal their true motives.

"Today, I Weep For My Country"

The speech given by Sen. Robert Byrd

Exactly five years ago, on the afternoon of March 19, 2003, mere hours before bombs began falling in Baghdad, Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., gave a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate condemning the use of military force in Iraq. As soon as Byrd was finished speaking, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) delivered a response defending the Bush administration's decision to go to war.

Check it out: Information Clearing House #

And if you missed it: Chiron-Uranus Types in Government

Mar 20, 2008

Libra Full Moon, Easter, and Hope Springs

As usual, my week in the real world has gotten busier toward its end, plus, with Easter coming up this weekend, there is little time to blog on Friday's Full Moon in Libra.

But I'm wishing All a Happy Spring! and pointing you to Australian astrologer, Lynda Hill's article Good Vibrations: Ascension and Easter and the Libran Full Moon and the Equinox which contains the Sabian Symbol details you need.


Mar 19, 2008

When US overthrows were young

When US overthrows were young--and foolish?

Since it was making me crazy as a bed bug to hear Bush and Cheney remarks being played and replayed in the media today on how 'well' America is doing in Iraq, I wrote a Page on USA's first overthrow: Hawaii 1893 when we were just getting started in the meddling and resource-exploiting departments.

Here are the midpoint pictures from 1893 which I didn't type into the Page (which has the sunrise chart's image) and which may sound eerily familiar in 2008--and a lot like Bush's speech at the Pentagon this morning...1893's Sun is conj US ntal Pluto:

Mars/Mc = Sun: the drive to be important; self-promotion; the power of attainment; a strong will; attaining success at all costs; the ability to procure the power for giving orders to others; overcoming resistance or obstacles.

Mars/Mc = n Pluto: publicity; the big picture; extraordinary zeal; energy; promotion; great vigor; the desire to bring immense tasks to a successful conclusion.

Mars/Uranus = Sun: sudden adjustment to new circumstances; a person who is able to act quickly.

Mars/Uranus = Pluto: force; intervention of the big shock; a Higher Power.

A Higher Power? Seems as if that's the only thing that can stop the insane war twins from striking again like the crazed psychopathic Vulcans they are.


Midpoints: Reinhold Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.

Mar 18, 2008

America's mission: to 'own' the world

Information Clearing House Newsletter

News You Won't Find On CNN 3.16.08

"America is a Nation with a mission-and that mission comes from our most basic beliefs. We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire. Our aim is a democratic peace - a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman."

George W. Bush 43rd US President since 2001. b.1946)

"Our purpose in Vietnam is to prevent the success of aggression. It is not conquest, it is not empire, it is not foreign bases, it is not domination. It is, simply put, just to prevent the forceful conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam."

Lyndon B. Johnson


"An empire founded by war has to maintain itself by war."

Charles de Montesquieu (French Politician and Philosopher, 1689-1755)


"In the eyes of empire builders men are not men but instruments"

Napoleon Bonaparte


"The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy."

Woodrow T. Wilson (American 28th President of the United States 1856-1924)


Read this newsletter online: tinyurl


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq:

"1,189,173" justforeignpolicy


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America'sWar On Iraq: 3,988


The War in Iraq Costs: $503,043,935,510

See the cost in your community: nationalpriorities


We Own The World

By Noam Chomsky

The whole debate about the Iranian "interference" in Iraq makes sense only on one assumption, namely, that "we own the world." If we own the world, then the only question that can arise is that someone else is interfering in a country we have invaded and occupied. So if you look over the debate that took place and is still taking place about Iranian interference, no one points out this is insane.

Full article here: Information Clearing House #

Montesquieu's quote sounds like Astrology's tenet: how a thing begins is how it will end. And I would add, "Character is what you are when you are in the dark."

Will America ever honestly face her shadow?

Pastor Wright spoke of it and look at the melee that resulted! You'd think he'd bomb a few thousand children his very self. And you'd think that America had only ever acted on her best behavior--and that somehow our bombs are better and more noble than anyone else's, secret motives notwithstanding.

(film quote: Buckaroo Banzai and the 8th Dimension.) Was it 'Bonzai' or 'Banzai'??)

Obama's speech on race March 18, 2008

The Obama campaign has released a transcript of the Senator's speech on race which he gave earlier today in Philadelphia in an attempt to diffuse the furor over his relationship with Pastor Wright, an American citizen who has a right to express his own views.

And here's my post from this morning on Obama's natal Chiron in mystical Pisces which applies to the issues of religion, race, and serving the political gods as he is want to do.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is the victim/savior axis, as you know, and tr Saturn Rx has been within orb of opposing his natal Chiron this year--a time when parental issues come to the surface and humanitarian causes are on the front burner. A presidential candidate mindful of humanitarian issues--is this for real?

Healthcare, the economy, and the war in Iraq were his themes as he asked for America to come together on these issues which are begging for Washington's attention rather than diverting ourselves with (or allowing the media to multiply) the red herrings of presidential rhetoric in avoidance of our dire and real problems.

I have to agree with him there...the divide and conquer tactics of our pretend-two-party system have proven too successful for the People's common good...but it sure keeps the same old fatcat crusties wielding power in Washington, doesn't it?

congressional Dems do something right

Salon's Glenn Greenwald: "House Democrats reject telecom amnesty, warrantless surveillance" (March 14, 2008)

As impressive as the House vote itself was, more impressive still was the floor debate which preceded it. I can't recall ever watching a debate on the floor of either House of Congress that I found even remotely impressive—until today. One Democrat after the next—of all stripes—delivered impassioned, defiant speeches in defense of the rule of law, oversight on presidential eavesdropping, and safeguards on government spying. They swatted away the GOP's fear-mongering claims with the dismissive contempt such tactics deserve, rejecting the principle that has predominated political debate in this country since 9/11: that the threat of the Terrorists means we must live under the rule of an omnipotent President and a dismantled constitutional framework.

...It's hard not to believe that there's at least some significant sea change reflected by this. They have seen that they can defy the President even on matters of Terrorism, and the sky doesn't fall in on them. Quite the opposite: an outspoken opponent of telecom amnesty, warrantless eavesdropping and the Iraq War was just elected to the House from Denny Hastert's bright red district, and before that, Donna Edwards ousted long-time incumbent Al Wynn by accusing him of being excessively complicit with the Bush agenda.

Virtually every one I know who has expended lots of efforts and energy on these FISA and telecom issues has assumed from the start—for reasons that are all too well-known—that we would lose. And we still might. But it's hard to deny that the behavior we're seeing from House Democrats is substantially improved, quite commendably so, as compared to the last year and even before that. It's very rare when there are meaningful victories and I think it's important to acknowledge when they happen.

Read the full story here.#

But the proof is whether the fireworks amount to anything worthwhile for the American people.

Mar 17, 2008

Portrait of a President doin' how he does

Look, it's upside-down-book-readin' Bush and here's my latest Bush grouse: How the Bush Administration Helped Engineer the Current Market Tumble which contains a link to Eliot Spitzer's Feb 14 WaPo editorial--the one which helped to get him canned.

Mar 16, 2008

Iraq war: Solar Return 2008

On March 19, 2008; 11:23:31 am BAT, Baghdad, Iraq, the Sun returns to its degree which marks the birth--the beginning--of the Bush-Cheney war of choice in Iraq.

~note: at end of this post, see link to article on what Hillary really said in 2003's build-up to war.

Click image to enlarge and you will see contentious Mars 5Can22 conj US n Jupiter, a time when one tends to give others more credit than they deserve, and when taking on an unnecessarily exaggerated role in activities is a temptation.

Mars and US Jupiter rise together, in fact, and will be first on the administration's plate for the upcoming period...and I refer to the Iraqi government as well as to Washington's neocons. More money, more troops? Probably both.

Others may facilitate or inspire expansion of the present circumstances and since Congress is apparently on the verge of signing yet another blank check for the Bush-Cheney war (yes! another $102 billion down the drain of this bottomless pit of a war adventure just so Bush-Cheney won't have to admit they were wrong), we may as well look at the war's Solar Return--the 5th anniversary--of the Iraq war chart.

Moon 00Vir32 is chart ruler applying to conj with depressive Saturn Rx, both linked to Royal Star Regulus, keywords: success if revenge is avoided. It's probably safe to say that no horses are left in that barn on any side.

This pairing of Moon-Saturn snug around Cheney's natal ASC so we may say that...Moon-Saturn = ASC: a reserved self-presentation; meeting with sick or depressed people. (He created a bunch of them, the least he can do is meet with them.)

Another indication of money issues is that the US natal Venus (money; values; relationships) is rising: ASC 3Can45. "4Can" is the "A cat arguing with a mouse" degree and I can think of several entities to nominate for 'cat' and 'mouse' roles in this obscene mystery play, can't you?

You see rebellious Uranus 19Pis15 near Mc 16Pis28 ("17Pis": "An Easter promenade") yet Mars is slightly closer to ASC than Uranus is to Mc. It's the combustible combo of Mars-Urnaus that concerns me--they're not square but will be when Mars reaches 19Can22, a degree which is often prominent in violent charts, as I have observed.

As you know, a Solar Return chart is "good for" the coming year it describes and may be used successfully as a predictor bwo transits to it throughout the year. Transits to its Angles--ASC/Desc and Mc/Ic are times of great energy manifestation and should be watched closely whenever timing issues are important.

Having said that (eeuwww--don't think I've ever typed that before--how tiresome) it's the two Dissociate T-squares I'm considering above all (two if you count ASC as part of one of them.)

Using the Tyl and Ebertin directories, here are their midpoint pictures which are driven by the current zealous Mars/Pluto opposition, and both involving the SUN in this Solar Return...any, all, or none may apply, or they may do so at some time during the upcoming year that this Return chart is operative...

Mars/Pluto = Sun: hard work; accident potential; upset of plans that is unredeemable; intervention of some undeniable force or authority; ability to work until collapse; violent measures; upset or shock through the intervention of a Higher Power.

Pluto/ASC = Sun: ruthlessness toward people in the environment; attaining respect through physical prowess and strength; seeing a whole new avenue for development and success; full steam ahead.

Now this is a Cardinal T-square with a Mutable apex planet--the Sun (not a planet of course, but referred to as such in Astrology); this is why it's called a *Dissociate pattern for then the apex planet expresses with more ease psychologically even as the T-square functions like a standard T-SQ on a situational level.

The lessening of internal pressures gives the apex planet (Sun) more leeway in responding to the challenges of the opposition (Mars/Pluto) as long as 'he' can relate to the intensity of outer conditions.

There could be, however, less motivation to extend the needed energy in order to overcome obstacles, and this is obviously made more difficult by the fact that the war's Sun is in Pisces, sign of oil, oceans, fish, confusion, and a desire to escape the real world's responsibilities.

Well, self-motivated Mars is still out-of-bounds and lighting matches and fashioning IEDs on his own, while this Return chart shows the 'loner's position' pair of Saturn/NN at the "1Sag" degree..."A Grand Army of the Republic campfire" indicating our standing alone in the world through our misguided and ill-directed invasion and long-drawn-out occupation of Iraq.

Yes, George and Dick and their imperial, elite globalist pals just had to do it, and with Bacchus, an asteroid whose keyword is: denial, conjunct the war's Sun at a high frequency, critical 29th degree, it bodes ill that the Bush administration will face the reality of their misdeeds and missteps which are bankrupting our nation.

*Dissociate T-square notes from Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney

UPDATE March 18: In the build-up to war in 2003, what did Hillary really say?

Mar 15, 2008

Bank Bail-out suspicious as suspected

Now I thought the timing of the Spitzer revelations and Bernanke's bank bail-out using taxpayer money were suspiciously linked, I just didn't know how...

Eliot's Mess --The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked By Greg Palast 14 Mar 2008:

While New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was paying an ‘escort’ $4,300in a hotel room in Washington, just down the road, George Bush’s new Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Ben Bernanke, was secretly handing over $200 billion in a tryst with mortgage bank industry speculators. Both acts were wanton, wicked and lewd. But there’s a BIG difference. The Governor was using his own checkbook. Bush’s man Bernanke was using ours.

This week, Bernanke’s Fed, for the first time in its history, loaned a selected coterie of banks one-fifth of a trillion dollars to guarantee these banks’ mortgage-backed junk bonds. The deluge of public loot was an eye-popping windfall to the very banking predators who have brought two million families to the brink of foreclosure.

Information Clearing House has the article.

Mar 14, 2008

America going broke

And now, brought to you by Bush-Cheney, America is going broke and it's become impossible to hide...even when you're George Bush blabbing bromides at the Economic Club of New York (who surely ought to know better.)

Roubini's Nightmare Scenario;

A Vicious Circle Ending In A Systemic Financial Meltdown

By Mike Whitney

America is going broke and the rest of the world knows it. Bernanke is just speeding the country along the ever-steepening downward trajectory.

Information Clearing House has Whitney's article.

Aries Ingress Mar 20, 2008

With my internet connection still acting in squirrelly fashion, the chart for the Aries Ingress (when Spring and the natural year begin) doesn't have time to upload before unceremonious disconnection.

Finances, War, Bush, and Obama are in the chart and here are a few details which hopefully will publish successfully:

The two T-squares are main features which include the Mars-Pluto opposition, and Sun 00Ari00 opposite Midheaven in Washington DC...Aries Ingress at 1:48:25 am EDT, March 20, 2008--the 5th anniversary of Bush's Choice for war.

Mars--Pluto = Sun: taking drastic measures; injury; accident;passionate attack to achive an objective; upset of plans that is irredeemable; hard work.

The second T-square points to out-of-bounds Mars 5Can44 which is conj US natal Jupiter. The Ingress occurs during a Mars Hour.

Sun--Mc = Mars: energetic pursuit of one's objectives; urge to fulfill one's mission at all costs; making perosnal decisions; a powerful personality; strong power maneuvering in the profession; promotion and success.

Sun--Mc = n Jupiter: publicity; optimism; fulfillment.

Perhaps this chart will upload to Jude's Threshold and I will try to do so now.

Mar 10, 2008

Bush spy ring nets a rare Spitzer fish

Yeah it did, you know it did. What was he thinking? the analysts are asking. With what part of his anatomy? some may say. Guess he's not such a rare breed of Mr. Clean, after all.

Yet with Bush-Cheney under so much fire (not that the awkwardly-named 'probes' will amount to anything of worth, nor will 'reports' do anything but muddy the truth we heard with our own ears) it's expected that bloggers will, and MSM will have the excuse to, keep their collective eyes on the nutshell on the left when it's the one on the right that hides the real skunks.

Is this a good time to say once again, Never trust a man who says trust me?

Meanwhile, Bush is 'sending' Cheney to the Middle East to sue for 'peace' when he's the one who deserves suing for what he's done to the Middle East! It's a topsy turvy world a la George Bush!

"In the United States, both the Republican and Democratic Parties, with only a few prominent exceptions, have been and are in the pay of the corporate media and communication giants."--*John Nichols and Robert McChesney

And may we not forget it. --jude cowell

*quote heads-up from the excellent Information Clearing House

~note: you may wish to visit Jude's Threshold for a little astro-politics including some details on the Mystic Rectangle over Mississippi's Primary tomorrow...

Senate Seeks Iraq Oil Audit

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government Mar 9, 2008

All items are here: LegitGov Breaking News

Senate Committee Seeks Audit of Iraq Oil Money Mar 9:

Two senior members of the Senate Armed Services Committee have requested a full accounting of how Iraq is spending its soaring oil revenue. Since the invasion in 2003, the United States has invested close to $50 billion in reconstruction Bush's corpora-terrorists.

A letter from the Armed Services Committee says, "we believe that it has been overwhelmingly US taxpayer money that has funded Iraq reconstruction [sic] over the last five years, despite Iraq earning billions of dollars in oil revenue over that time period that have ended up in non-Iraqi banks." #

Ah yes...the Rx Jupiter in the Iraq invasion chart: bottomless pit in the money department, I believe were my exact words. And since this has been going on for years now, and since US taxpayer money funds everything else in most of the world, thanks, guys, for finally noticing.

Whether this 'committee work' will amount to improvements in the situation, that's always a horse of another color in Washington.

America's coffers really MUST be empty for politicians to act as if they're speaking up on behalf of the tapped out taxpayer.

Yep, the cash cow has become a downer headed for slaughter but where's the beef? In non-Iraqi banks!

And meanwhile the American people are left with the patties of Washington.

Mar 9, 2008

Spitoon Blues

Sad for you, dear reader...the muse of political rhymerie has landed heavily upon my furrowed brow after watching this morning's political programs on TV...resistance is futile...

Salivating GOP
pray the nom is Hillary
if it's not they'll be in trauma
have to face Barack Obama

latest polls McCain is down
touting war all over town
tasted violence on his tongue
sacrifice our poor and young

Hill and Bar are neck'n'neck
job loss gone way up by heck
better talk about inflation
homelessness across the nation

or you'll both be flash-in-pans
like elite Republicans
Democrats it's yours to lose
US got the Spitoon Blues.

jc 3.9.08

Mar 7, 2008

Mar 7, 2008 transits to Arab Oil Embargo chart 1973

The excellent Information Clearing House has an interview by Amy Goodman with Stephen Kinzer author of All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror which gives a basic view of how the US and UK sparked our present troubles by their greed, perfidy, and the Bondian exploits of Teddy R's relative, suave spy Kermit Roosevelt, who facilitated the overthrow of Iran's democratically elected government which resulted in the re-installation of the Shah--bwo the CIA.

We can also thank the Eisenhower administration for the overthrow and its 'unintended consequences' which turns out to be something at which the US government excels. Lots of practice, and 1953 was no exception. Read the article, if you haven't, for it explains a lot of the UK and US machinations,shall we call them. It's the oil, stupid.

And I would add, and the money that can be made from the oil.

The book is now in paperback which I've been waiting for so I've put it on my Wish List.

Inspired by today's $106 barrel oil (the highest ever) here is the chart of the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 which I took a re-gander at this evening along with the transits for this afternoon, 4:00 pm, NYC.

In the 1973 chart, North Node (associations; connections) is at00Cap58--this afternoon's Pluto? 00Cap58 (no, I didn't realize this until I saw it with my own peepers.)

This places today's tr Mars--out-of-bounds and setting bombs and fires all over the place~1Can08--conj 1973's South Node (of the Moon)--a separative point of karmic repercussions. Mars-SN = violence; war. And I might add, disenfranchised men between the ages of appr 25--35...some of them with red hair.

If we look at the possible word pictures of these three players, Mars, Pluto, NN, we get:

Mars-Pluto = NN: working with others to change the world; joint performance of record achievements; spurring others on; setting an example for others to achieve.

Mars-NN = Pluto: others must 'get on the train' or get left behind; a violent or enforced separation in a partnership.

Pluto-NN = Mars: exhibition of personal power; tyranny; demonstrating violence or brutality in the presence of others; desire to make others amenable to one's wishes; the misfortune to be placed under someone's else's power and control. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Another clump of planets can be done the same way--1973's close conjunction of Moon 4Can42 and Saturn 4Can45, with 2008's tr Mars 1Can08, so we see:

Moon-Saturn = Mars: lack of determination; desire to overcome difficulties; soul-conflicts; the sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by very careful, strategically planned exertion of energy.

Moon-Mars = Saturn: caught in the middle of the road; frustration; quarreling; dissatisfaction or an unsatisfied desire; suppression.

Mars-Saturn = Moon: weak will; moodiness; depression; feelings about losing something.

Well, phooey--this post is being overtaken by a massive thunderstorm system rolling in in case I don't get to complete this post before tomorrow, the above linked article makes it plain that a US strike on Iran would result, among other things, in Iran's being able to shut the Strait of Hormuz by sinking a couple of oil tankers which would effectively close the tap on 20% of the world's oil supply.

And the Pre-natal Eclipse Series of the Oil Embargo of 1973 is 11 South...Brady gives this Series as:

old ideas and methods fail; new systems are required to deal with events; blocks may be violently or tragically removed.

So if we hobble toward 2009 without allowing Cheney-Bush their daft and cruel strike on Iran then we've got trouble comin'...this Eclipse repeats on July 22, 2009, "30Can": "A daughter of the American Revolution."

Is this the real John McCain?

Has this Navaho deal affected McCain's campaign coffers? Will the cold winds of cynicism blow into his lackluster, Bush-infused presidential bid? Planet Calamari sent SO'W a much-appreciated heads-up on the matter with a link to the orginal article.

This controversy is bigger than the Vicki Eisman flap, but not as sexy by half. What are the odds that mainstream media pay attention?

Years of McCain's bluster about integrity reminds me of the good advice my Mama gave many moons ago: never trust a man who says, Trust Me.

And that surely goes double for the infestors of Washington DC.

~btw: Lim's Limericks has a new political rhyme published as Dumbleheaded Democrats? if you're up for answering.

Mar 6, 2008

Times Square blast March 6, 2008

At 3:40 am est, Times Square NYC, a hooded man or woman on a bicycle arrived at the military recruiter offices and bombed it.

Later in the day (Thursday, March 6) ten communiques were said to have been received in Washington to various offices saying, "Happy New Year! We Did It!"

A statement had been made by the police a few hours after the blast implying that the bombing may have been against "our troops"--yet anyone with a brain would suspect that it was more likely done against the Bush-Cheney war--or for some convoluted political reason/s which I won't speculate about here.

Assuming that the Happy New Year message had to mean something in particular--and knowing that the Islamic New Year had begun January 10, I Googled "Happy New Year March 6" and found a certain speech on WMD by a certain politician most people abhor more than he pretends to know.

Here you see today's Times Square chart with the chart from March 6, 2003 around it (exact time 8:02 pm est from transcript)--yet usually one would put the older chart in the center but I thought it showed the links more clearly this way. I've highlighted some pertinent connections between them--2008 is actually a Solar Return to the 2003 speech's chart.

Now the sandman is whispering so I will need to complete the details tomorrow on this matter with special attention paid to asteroid Lilith and to the Pre-natal Eclipse Series prior to Bush's speech which is also the PE of the Iraq war which fools rushed into barely two weeks later.

Please stay tuned...

UPDATE Friday: actually I've done a bit of updating on the news about this investigation at Jude's Threshold where you'll find that the time has morphed to 3:38 am...and fingers continue to point everywhere but at the Bush administration.

Scorpio Ascendants and Barack Obama

Remember Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention?

Wish someone could come up with a definite birth time for the Senator.

There are several times proposed in an article you'll find linked in my post on people who have Scorpio Rising which is one of the possible Ascending signs for him especially if you use the 1:06 pm time which is making the rounds online.

Does Barack Obama have Scorpio Ascending? See what you think and let me know your thoughts if you get a mo and IF you can get Blogger's consarned Comment window to open for you! Otherwise you'll find my contact email address at the bottom of this page (zevo calamari--this means you!) ;p

Mar 5, 2008

Eugene Debs: if you go to Washington

"If you go to the city of Washington, you will find that almost all of those corporation lawyers and cowardly politicians, members of congress, and mis-representatives of the masses claim, in glowing terms, that they have risen from the ranks to places of eminence and distinction. I am very glad that I cannot make that claim for myself. I would be ashamed to admit that I had risen from the ranks. When I rise it will be with the ranks, and not from the ranks." Eugene V. Debs, Socialist, Activist, Presidential Candidate (1855-1926)

Eugene V. Debs#


Here's a link to a previous article on Debs where I give Debs' natal chart details along with more pertinent words from the man himself:

Eugene Debs still speaks convincingly demonstrates a quote which shows a directness which *most political Washingtonians of 2008 sorely lack--they're too busy trying to create the illusion of infallibility and keep their bald patooties covered!

*Even if I fail to say so, I always keep in mind that there possibly could be 1-2% of them infesting DC who actually mean well--but look who they have to deal with. Hang out with charlatans, scoundrels, and scalliwags long enough and you know what that makes you!

Congress needs Stop-Loss applied

Can you believe the craven insensitivity of our 'representatives'? They've scheduled their lovely Spring Vacation during the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War they illegally jingoed us into.

The following is a Heads-Up from

Resist in March

March 19 marks the 5th Anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Peace and justice organizations will hold actions around the country and in Washington, DC to demand an end to the funding of the occupation, along with the impeachment of the president and vice president who launched it.

For the full range of activities, see Resist in March

The timing of these efforts could not be better, with Congress considering another $105 billion for the occupation of Iraq, with Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz putting the true costs of the occupation over $3trillion, and with awareness growing that Congress can simply stop voting on additional funds.

Here's what we want our Representatives to do


MARCH 10-12 in Washington DC: Stop-Loss Congress

While Congress plans a vacation from March 15th to 30th, Bush's stop-loss policy requires soldiers to involuntarily extend their tours and prolong the occupation. It is time to Stop-Loss Congress!

On Monday March 10 and Tuesday March 11, we will deliver "official" stop-loss notices to all members of Congress to notify them that all of their LEAVES, VACATIONS and HOME VISITS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED until every soldier and mercenary is home from Iraq. On Wednesday March 12, we will take nonviolent action on Capitol Hill.

Stop-Loss Congress


MARCH 13-16, 2008 (Thursday-Sunday): Winter Soldier

Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War will testify in Silver Spring, Maryland to crimes witnessed and committed in Iraq. Audio and video of panels will be available live online, on satelite TV, and on Pacifica radio.

Winter Soldier

Local events supporting Winter Soldier, and other events for peace, justice, and impeachment:

5 Years Too Many


MARCH 16 to 18, 2008 (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) in Washington, D.C.: Training, Lobbying, Restoring the Constitution

March 17th and 18th All day trainings & workshop at the Warehouse Theatre in preparation for March 19th

March 18th, Tuesday: CODEPINK Action Day to Take Back the Constitution: Code Pink Alert

Events are also planned around the country on March 17-18, including events in support of impeachment and demanding an end to funding the occupation. See: Resist in March

Impeachment advocates are using this opportunity to advance a new strategy modeled on what achieved the resignation of Richard Nixon: After Downing Street


A reborn Students for a Democratic Society has planned campus events on March 17 to 21.

MARCH 19, 2008 (Wednesday) Nonviolent Civil Resistance in All 435 Congressional Districts and in the Nation's Capital on the Fifth Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq

Locations in each congressional district, to be determined locally, will include congressional offices (Congress Members and Senators will be in their districts on this day), federal buildings, military recruiters, weapons makers, war profiteers, or corporate media outlets.

In Washington, with Congress out of town, the focus will be on war profiteers in the military industrial disaster-capitalism complex. Events will include roles for people not wanting to risk arrest.

5 Years Too Many

LOCAL EVENTS: Post Yours! Update it.



Join in acts of creative non-violent civil resistance: Resist in March

Student Involvement and Leadership:


March 20 SDS Campus Protests

Students for a Democratic Society Campus Events


March 22 Teach In at American University in Washington DC

March 20-23 Split This Rock Poetry Festival


Mar 4, 2008

March 7: Pisces New Moon

Here you see the New Moon in Pisces chart for Friday, March 7, 2008, set for the White House, exact at 12:14:12 pm est.

Having just typed in a full post on the subject there have again been tech troubles which lost my article so I must refer you to enlarging the chart to read a few of my notes relating to Hillary Clinton.

And I highly recommend you to Australian astrologer Lynda Hill's excellent analysis which focuses on the Sabian Symbols of this Pisces New Moon.

Perfecting during a Mars Hour with Mars still traveling out-of-bounds and in his own shadow (the god of war will leave his shadow when he reaches 12Can27 in April) there is much erratic energy in the chart with politics dripping all over it.

This New Moon is in the 10th house of Public Status and Career--and conj rebellious, disruptive Uranus. Tech interference with voting machines is quite likely, as will be the contentiousness that dirty tricks always bring.

The current Solar Eclipse degree continues to be triggered by Chiron with Icarus in tow and in the New Moon Over Washington's 8the house of debt and credit.

Mars-Pluto's opposition meet at the US natal Mc (Sibly chart: 5:10 pm lmt) so we have: dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver. You'll see this midpoint marked in the New Moon chart's 4th house.

Well since there's no guarantee that this entry will save or publish, I'll mosey for now and leave you to Lynda for the rest! She makes some interesting points about Clinton's not being able to stay in the race, and to McCain's lack of stamina, both of which have been noted prior by this, your reluctant astrologer.

Mar 3, 2008

Birth of the American Presidency

April 20, 1789 marks the birth of the US Presidency as George Washington, the Father of Our Country, took the first Oath of Office...and they've been doing it regularly ever since.

In fact, we have a few folks squabbling back'n'forth over who will take the next Oath in 2009. Wanting to join that exalted list, I imagine.

Talk about modern! Did you know that George Washington has a blog all his own?

Amazingly, it's very well done for such an old fella!

March 4 primaries

After tech difficulties shut me down four times, I finally got an abreviated article published on my other political blog, 'March 4 primaries: hoe-down in Houston' if you get a chance to have a peek.

Can you take a wild guess which Dem candidate is favored? Bet ya can!

Mar 2, 2008

Bush-Cheney: the threat that's out of control

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government Mar 2, 2008

All items are here:

LegitGov Breaking News

MPs warn against US attack on Iran:

A military strike against Iran is unlikely to succeed and could provoke a violent backlash across the region, MPs have warned. The Commons foreign affairs committee urged the Government to use its influence with Washington to persuade the US administration to "engage" diplomatically with the Iranians over their nuclear programme.#

You mean someone has influence with the Bush-Cheney 1% gang?

Since when does it do any good to negotiate with pyschopaths?

You know when my generation demanded we leave Vietnam, Cheney and those like him thought we were wrong. And when Bush coup'd the White House the first time, I prayed that another generation of young Americans wouldn't be done as my generation had been done in the 60s and 70s by our own government.

And yet it has happened again and now--now some of the same neocons want to bomb yet another target as if more suffering of innocent people matters for's "success" at any cost and too bad for anyone who gets in their way. Protect America is their excuse for the mayhem and misery they cause so rashly and zealously.

It's only Capitol Hill Theater, dahling!

And it makes me heartsick to think that NO ONE in Washington can or will stop these outlaws who consider themselves above every law of man and not subject to God's laws as mere mortals.

Yet I assert that while they may temporarily cheat judgment on earth, there is one authority they will not cheat, in spite of what they profess to believe within their secret brotherhoods and societies of whatever stripe with which they choose to cavort.

As these men have changed the voice and tone of America and perverted her mission in the world, her social fabric is being rent into need, want, and loss, while the radical reformers have grown even more brazen and craven.

And if the good people of Iran should find themselves in the line of fire of these men, they will speak out against a wayward nation that was forged in freedom from oppression, yet is no longer willing to trod the higher path of the common good--not here, not anywhere. Only the American people can make a difference--but will we?

The simple fact that an imperialist government can pretend to "spread freedom" through violence is enough reason for someone with influence to put a stop to their hubris and the crime spree that has gone on far too long for lack of an ability to admit that they are mere men and thus fallible as are the rest of us.

You can't sit down with madmen, you can't negotiate with killers, they'll tell you. Seems they know themselves rather well.

So my question is: how in the world will British MPs get across their reasonable, cautionary advice to men such as these?

Noam Chomsky: media plays the game

The media want to maintain their intimate relation to state power. They want to get leaks, they want to get invited to the press conferences. They want to rub shoulders with the Secretary of State, all that kind of business. To do that, you've got to play the game, and playing the game means telling their lies, serving as their disinformation apparatus. -Noam Chomsky

Here are some natal details on Chomsky, and this recent post concerns America's backing of Israel and the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition, a cycle which began with their conjunction in 1988 and which was triggered by Dec 2007's Great Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction.