Mar 25, 2009

Sleuthing into Dec 21, 2012 and the Shift

Well, I hemmed and hawed about posting this disturbing audio presentation of scientific findings relating to polar ice caps, Sunspot Cycle 24, the earth's already-changing magnetic pole measurements, ocean liners reporting larger tidal waves, and the mysterious 2012.

As you know, December 21, 2012 is the end date of the Mayan Calendar which some say marks the magnetic pole shift when north becomes south, east becomes west and all that cataclysmic jazz.

So if you're a nervous type you may wish to give this video (audio) a pass.

But since I returned today to reading Patrick Geryl's
The World Cataclysm in 2012 during a work break, I moseyed home and did a search on YouTube - and you see above the result of my nosy sleuthing.

Geryl's book is full of math demonstrating how he broke the Dresden Code and others, informs on Sunspot Cycle theory (on which modern scientists seem to be behind the ancients), and gives much info on Venus, the main culprit in the 2012 mystery. She's caused this sort of trouble before, you see, in eras past, and apparently her synodic cycle gives her the right.

Geryl gives Herodotus' description of The Labyrinth, too, so if you're interested in Atlantis, this book is for you.

(Speaking of labyrinths, did you know the entire 30 degrees of Capricorn is a labyrinth? Not sure where I heard that, but not from Geryl's book.)

Then synchronistically I ran across a new book on the subject of 2012 whilst visiting Amazon dot com this evening, one promoting hope over despair and written by Gregg Braden who has the technical background to write such a book on scientific subjects.

It's called Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age and was published a week ago on March 17, 2009.

Perhaps Braden's book doesn't mention the role of Venus in 2012's coming melee (of whatever sort it may be - an imposed New World Order politically and economically or a physical pole shift causing the Sun to rise in the west, set in the east...a pole shift would make the NWO moot!) But considering the effects a pole shift could bring - worsening storms, flooding, major freezes, searing heat, etc - his book is more positive than any other with its 'crisis as opportunity' theme.

And being fresh off the press (as yet in Hardcover - my overflowing bookshelves tend to wait for paperback versions), Braden's take on a weighty, disturbing subject like 2012 may be just what the concerned New Ager ordered!


A big shout-out of thanks to bacalove who clued me into David Wilcock's work on 2012, polar shifting, political synchronicities, and much more...check out this page on earth and space changes from his website.

(I am not recommending his reincarnation info, however. Sorry, but that I simply cannot do as a Saturnian astrologer - and one Edgar Cayce was gracious plenty! Yet i do agree with Cayce that drinking milk in coffee is a very very bad combination for your tum tum.)

Hooray! Here's a second shout-out of thanks to Sherri D. for mentioning a book on the subject: The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities, a collection of essays from the world's greatest thinkers and futurists including Gregg Braden. Sherri highly recommends it!
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