Sep 18, 2009

New Moon chart 25Vir59 on 9.18.09

Horoscope of the New Moon @ 25Vir59, Sept 18, 2009, 2:44 pm edt, White House; New Moon conjunct Saturn 25Vir07, in 9th house; Hour of Venus @ 27Leo50 in 8th house; chart-ruler is karmic Saturn, direct and in control of Sun and Moon with nearby Mercury's aid in its own sign of Virgo - and a new cycle begins.

ASC 1Cap16>> Pluto 00Cap40 rising (@ the god of the Underworld's Direct Station degree/minute 00:40 on Sept 11, 2009), opposing asteroid, Atlantis 1Can06, a significator for America, and reminder of those reputed and mysterious ancient teachings that every one's so crazy about. Are the melting polar ice caps uncovering an Atlantean trove of precious manuscripts? Are they too soggy to read?

Midpoint pictures (from Noel Tyl) include:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: weakened system; addressing problems; Sun/Saturn = Moon: feeling inferior, hurt; personal needs under wraps; separation; Moon/Saturn = Sun: sobering times; feelings of enforced controls; separation in relationship.

Neptune/Pluto = NN: sharing other worldliness and curiosity; group study projects; Neptune/ASC = NN: hurt through others; deception; rumor.

As always, the pictures may operate in an any~all~none fashion.

Sabian Symbol for the New Moon '26Virgo' = "A Boy with a Censer Serves Near the Priest," the negative/unconscious/shadow side of which Marc Edmund Jones gives as:

'A resort to empty motions in order to avoid any appreciable self-expenditure.'

Mercury has retrograded back into Virgo, as you see here @ a crisis-riddled 29th degree, Mars is conjunct Fixed Star SIRIUS in 7th house (also associated with ancient Egyptian rites and beliefs), and there's a rather nasty quindecile aspect between heavyweights Mars and Pluto indicating ruthlessness, being driven toward power, domination, and possessiveness. This 165 degr aspect of obsession and compulsion dominates the New Moon and its chart, and I'm not very happy about it.

Yet time is short recently and going into next week for my blogging duties due to several Art activities; that's why I wanted to upload an image of the New Moon chart of Sept 18, 2009 - please click to enlarge if you wish to read a few more of my notes concerning this cuss'ed propaganda-infused horoscope with the midpoint of the international banking pair, Jupiter/Pluto, in 1st house and opposing America's natal Mercury...

Jupiter/Pluto = Mercury: promotion of a cause; persuasion (Tyl); the desire to influence many people; the gift of oration; a propaganda campaign (Ebertin.)

Be alert to the underlying meanings of what you hear in the next two weeks - I think it may be the start of a new cycle of subject or theme introduced, and/or different perspectives to enthrall the masses over the cliff.

Not that being alert to double meanings isn't always a great idea considering Washington's high-handed, fraudulent, self-serving oligarchs of propaganda.

And lay low Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as much as you can, for it's the dark of the Moon when sneaky things happen by slimy culprits who appreciate the veiling cover of darkness.

Myself, I'll be necessarily laying low from my blogs a while for I must return to Art projects now...
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