Jan 31, 2009

Venus-Pluto's passion: Feb 2 - 9 2009

Lethe: A Love Remembered, drawing by jude cowell 2009.

Astrologer Julie Demboski takes a look at the upcoming week of Feb 2 - 9, 2009 through the lens of Astrology and finds Feb 3 to be one of the stand-out days as Venus, vengeful when she's scorned, forms a Fist of God pattern with deep, transformative Pluto of invisible helmet fame.

A Fist of God configuration occurs in the heavens when a square (90 degr) relationship is formed by at least two planets which then 'point' to a third planet or point with which the squaring planets are each in sesquiquadrant (135 degr) aspect. Some element of hubris may be attending the situation; natural laws may be broken but never escaped.

This makes for an imperative circumstance which must be dealt with and Ms. Demboski gives us a heads-up on what's going on underneath the hood of heaven for the week ahead - information we're all sure to find useful especially with the intense, perhaps obsessive energy which the Venus-Pluto pair contain.

In mundane matters we may discover or uncover intensely passionate art, love, or financial embroilments with Venus-Pluto, and bankruptcy issues will likely be on the table for some whose affairs have been proceeding in that direction.

Pluto brings long-time-coming karmic events and/or people into our lives - or brings to the surface these intense issues - so let Julie guide you for the next few days and you might just benefit from her expertise!

Jan 30, 2009

Obama's choice Daschle didn't render to Caesar

Is Capitol Hill full of tax evaders, or what? Seems the list gets longer and longer these days, but I guess they have so much wealth they can hardly keep up with it all for Uncle Sam's sake, and the people they pay to do so are apparently quite incompetent.

You see, President Obama's choice for secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle, has surfaced as yet another tax culprit for not paying $100,000 in taxes concerning his groovy use of a Cadillac and driver when Daschle was still a high-rolling member of Congress.

Oops, that's hilarious! ;p

Because about a dozen years ago, my tax preparer made an arithmetic error by exactly $100 and it was No Time At All before the IRS sent me a letter pointing out the error and demanding their 100 bucks pronto.

They strained at 100 but apparently missed 100,000 - of a US 'lawmaker' who should know the rules! Ain't Washington amusing sometimes? This little gnat might still be in jail if I had let the interest mount for years, you betcha, and needless to say, I complied forthwith. Render unto Caesar and all that.

The Caesars of Washington should try following their own laws, and ignorance is no excuse.

Still, it's a worrisome negative for the new administration if Daschle's appointment stalls completely - and his tax-paying lapse (which was paid during Obama's vetting process) isn't Daschle's only problem.

Yet if the powers-that-be-in-charge want him in Obama's cabinet, they'll find a way round these trifles, and the Senate Finance Committee is planning to hold a closed-door meeting on Monday afternoon to figure out how.

You can bet your arithmetic-challenged tax preparer on that.


Astrology Note: I bet Team Obama will be mighty glad when Inaugural Mercury Rx goes Direct and moves beyond its shadow degree so glitches will lessen!

Gordon Brown touts the NWO ~ video

Here Britain's PM Gordon Brown touts the New World Order and seems quite pleased as punch with how things are proceeding.

Yes, with the current manufactured financial meltdown being worldwide, as they keep reminding us, things are barrelling right along for the global elite, aren't they?

You know what I wish? That someone would ask President Obama on camera what his position is concerning the New World Order - and isn't the current economic crisis an integral part of the NWO agenda for gaining global totalitarian control?

Now that would be a fire to hold his presidential tootsies to!

Nouriel Roubini and the art of financial predictions

Bloomberg News has a very interesting article on Nouriel Roubini, just back from Davos, and prescient financial predictions past and present.

Oh! and the RNC is deadlocked in their search for a leader for the coveted two-year term.

Jan 29, 2009

Eternal Flame of the Republican Party

Did you know that the Republican Party keeps an eternal flame burning 24/7/365 in Washington, DC?

This is news to me not having returned to my old stomping grounds, The District of Columbia, in some time. What isn't news to me is that an 'eternal flame' is an Illuminati symbol which you'll find at martyred American leaders' grave sites as a symbol of the secret society's prowess at changing the course of history.

Ever seen the chart for Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian branch of the Illuminati? Its birth date, May 1, 1776, shows a close tie to the founding of this country - astrologically and historically.

And if you want to see a quixotic message from 1776, turn over a dollar bill with its all-seeing eye...of the Illuminati. Some sources say it's a Freemasonry symbol and was designed by Masons including FDR in 1935, but the two societies had morphed into one another at various times and Weishaupt is said to have done this in order to expand his membership ($) and work of undermining the civilized world as we know it.

You'll notice Rousseau's hand in all this, as well as Sir Francis Bacon and the 'New Atlantis' ideology.

Chaos, revolution, and insinuation of brethren into existing structures were their methods, and of course only the select few at the top of the pyramid knew (know!) the true purpose and goals of the organization to return the world to "the Garden of Eden."

Jefferson, Franklin, and Thoams Paine may have touched base with Weishaupt while they were in Europe, and another society, the Rosicrucians, claim George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as members. A Rosicrucian code and decoder were found among Jefferson's papers, and his interest in codes and cyphers gave him the title, Father of American Cryptography.

Yet other researchers aren't so certain that Jefferson was a member of the Illuminati - he appears to be critiquing Weishaupt here:

Wishaupt (sic) seems to be an enthusiastic philanthropist. He is among those (as you know the excellent Price and Priestley also are) who believe in the infinite perfectibility of man. He thinks he may in time be rendered so perfect he will be able to govern himself in every circumstance, so as to injure none, to do all the good he can, to leave government no occasion to exercise their powers over him, and, of course, to render political government useless.

This, you know, is Godwin's doctrine and this is what Robison, Barruel, and Morse have called a conspiracy against all government...The means he proposes to effect this improvement of human nature are "to enlighten men, to correct their morals and inspire them with benevolence."

It takes an all-powerful God to do all that Weishaupt took unto himself!

"...to render political government useless"? Hmm...sounds familiar...didn't we just go through 8 years of that plan from 9/11 to Katrina to total surveillance of the all-seeing eye?


*Quotes and notes from 'Founding Fathers, Secret Societies', Robert Hieronimus PhD & Laura Cortner, a book that attempts to decode the Great Seal of the United States - the Illuminati's seal.

Jan 28, 2009

War in Afghanistan on a collapsed economy?

One of the writers whose articles I cite most is Paul Craig Roberts. His article today concerns an insolvent America and how Pres. Obama seems to think we have the money to fight a war in Afghanistan.

How insane is that?

As Mr. Roberts notes, "While Washington 'protected' us from terroists by fighting pointless wars abroad, the US economy collapsed."

Now I was as happy on Inauguration Day as most anyone else. Some of my happiness was the thought of Bush and Cheney sidewindin' their sorry way out of Dodge. The rest was genuinely on behalf of a talented politician who seems to have the best interests of this nation at heart, we hope.

But from whence come the millions for more mercenary-driven war, Pres. Obama? Shouldn't we retract from such over-reach while we have the easy excuse of a new presidency?

Obama's stimulus package passed the House of Reps this afternoon, so there's that money which must be found, er...printed if it should pass the Senate.

Now America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon in Dec 2008 told the tale, imho: that's the reach, the culmination point - time to retract and become more circumspect, less brash in the world. And I had thought perhaps that Barack Obama realized this. But perhaps I, and a lot of other people, were wrong about the Man from Chicago. Or Hawaii. Or...wherever.

And it's been a few years since I've had a Sec Full Moon myself (actually, I had a Sec New Moon in Sept 2003) so maybe I'm off the mark with America's Full Moon.

But there are natural cycles in this world - in this universe - and ignoring them is never a smart idea. I hope the Obama administration's plans for Afghanistan - and possibly Pakistan - are refurbished soon to reflect a more realistic approach to America's current place in the scheme of things and her undermined financial condition, and are not based on used-to-bes or pies-in-the-sky.

Our government has made so many miscalculations and misguided boasts while Bush and Cheney were in coup'd possession of the White House. It is time to put away childish things, agreed - like thinking you can fight any war you please on a shredded budget while your countrymen live on the streets and under bridges.

Barack Obama's natal Saturn in Capricorn (responsible Saturn's own sign) was at Midheaven on Inauguration Day, so I wasn't surprised that he mentioned putting away childish things. Papa!

But I hope he includes fighting wars we can't afford as part of a new maturity in Washington for we've been childishly extravagant for way too long.

Jan 27, 2009

Obama video after meeting with GOP 1.27.09

Jan 27, 2009: Pres. Obama's statement after meeting with GOPers over the stimulus bill that might actually give a leg up to America's working people, a possibility some GOPers simply cannot stomach - it's against their principles!

Principles? Next thing we know, the word ethics may be mentioned in the same breath with the word principles and then where will the bandits hide?

Note: Common Good retired from use on Capitol Hill ages ago after putting in several years' worth of service. And I get the impression from Boehner and others that, if they had their way, financial aid for the American people now (in their time of crisis) would be as forthcoming as a rescue team eagerly picking up our elderly aunts and uncles from the drowned rooftops of New Orleans after Katrina hit (not.)

But providing more billions for ritzy bankers to hoard? You betcha!

Aldous Huxley's 'final revolution'

"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.

And this seems to be the final revolution."

-Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

The above Huxley quote was found in the Information Clearing House Newsletter. #

1961 is only 48 years ago, and if you watch TV ads at all you may think the 'final revolution' has occurred and is working in grand style for the manipulating social tinkerers - the 'imagineers' of the world.

Or perhaps you have only to look as far as your own medicine cabinet for mood enhancers of dubious scope and effect.

You may wish to view the Huxley-Wallace TV interview from 50+ years ago on the subject of the Brave New World "just around the corner."

But now you know it's beyond Wake Up Time: Brave New World has moved onto your block circa 2009 and is poised to take names and detain at will.

And Solidarity says: when they come for them, they come for me.

Jan 26, 2009

Zbigniew Brzezinski Mar 28, 1928 with his Solar Horoscope

Let us take a look at Zbigniew Brzezinski's natal chart (birth time unknown, chart below set for sunrise of March 28, 1928; Warsaw, Poland.)

Image: March 28, 1928, Warsaw, Poland, sunrise 5:26:21 CET (-1:00), Hour of Venus; Sun in Aries, Moon in Cancer the 24 hours through - from 00Can11 to 13Can50 (which conjuncts US natal Sun.) Outside the chart you may notice my scribbled notations for the planets of 1.26.09 in pink, with an important transit afoot to his natal Mars 22AQ01...Neptune has been dancing about with ZB's Mars, planet of energy, action, and the desire nature. Neptune to n Mars is a time of taking inspired - or veiled - actions; energy and health may be undermined. Frustration and being misunderstood over goals or methods are typical with this transit; deceptions and illusions may accompany efforts. Actions can miss the intended target yet hit one just as good, but impractical or unrealistic enterprises may be on the agenda. This transit activates his natal Mars-Neptune opposition (see details below.)

Being sunrise, you see ZB's natal Sun ascending along with rebellious awakener, Uranus, as his oriental planet (rising last before the Sun.) As I've notated in the lower left corner of the chart, an oriental Uranus indicates one who requires things to be adventurous, dangerous, or innovative in the work situation; having work as an outlet for nervousness discharges it; diversity appeals to this risk-taker. (Tyl.)

Sun conj Uranus denotes an erratic eccentric who doesn't care what others think of his behavior (Uranus's sign = how we behave. He behaves as a Mars-ruled Aries, and with Sun in the zodiac's first sign, he IS an Aries.) Having natal Uranus in Aries, sign of the pioneer and Utopian zealot (Ebertin), shows one who must break down old structures to make way for the new which is perfect for radical political and social reforms and social tinkering with tr Pluto plodding toward Capricorn over the next few years.

The closest applying (only applying) aspect to natal Sun is a conjunction with Jupiter (7A01 at sunrise) so there is an expansion of ego and an arrogant know-it-all flavor to the solar personality. Mr. B possesses a boundless enthusiasm and much faith in himself. The broadened horizons of long distance travel, and many fortunate breaks come his way through this conjunction. We may also consider the Jupiter-Uranus = Sun midpoint picture with potentials such as: Illumination of one's best position in any situation; great success; individuality in full bloom; far-sightedness; a good intellectual grasp; an inventive mind; mobility; optimism; knowing the best will happen; fortunate twists in the way things transpire. (Tyl: Ebertin.)

(Now I won't include the midpoint conjoining this Ascendant since it's the sunrise (solar) chart and is similar in nature to the above pic which is in effect no matter his birth hour.)

One of this global elitist's more telling aspects is a square between Jupiter and Pluto (0A43) which indicates that he rebels against existing codes of ethics and challenges authority in his efforts to find easier routes to his goals. Dick Cheney was born with a Jupiter-Pluto square, if that tells you anything. One of the greatest problems with this square (90 degr) is a proneness toward expecting large returns from small investments - here is a wheeler-dealer supported by his risk-taking Sun-Uranus conjunction. He may exaggerate his burdens in order to justify an unwillingness to accept responsibilities, and may be misguided in contributing too much to questionable enterprises. ZB leans toward large-scale enterprises which affect many people and from which he expects substantial returns yet Fate may tempt him to seek out risky schemes that run into legal difficulties.

Money-lending, political maneuvering, and professional gambling are possible interests for a Jupiter-Pluto square personality, but exploitation of others will eventually come back around to him in karmic fashion. (Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspect.)

His Jupiter trine Saturn is called the banker aspect by Alan Oken; here we see a man who can learn lessons from past experience and integrate them well into future goals and plans and this helps mitigate the negativity of his Jupiter-Pluto square (if he's aware of this and wants it to.) Success is simply expected, and made more sure by his having access to useful information others may not possess - and he's a master of evaluating the data received. Ah yes, the global elite class of high-and-mighty win-winners, many of whom are simply swindlers and world class crooks!

Yes, self-faith is high with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, and an innate talent for self-dramatization aids his public appearances. ZB can be a catalyst for the development of other people's talents and the words, mentor and acolytes come to mind. As you see, around the chart in pink: tr Pluto is at MC, although this is only his solar chart...his true MC we do not know. But for ego needs and recognition, for true purpose queries, and for info on the native's hero's journey (Sun = adult consciousness; life goal), the solar/sunrise chart is fine...it's still a snapshot of the planets' positions at one's birth, but is like a photo just slightly out-of-focus.

Now, natal Mars opposes Neptune (4A47): uh-oh! Here is a thespian who is eager to please, yet others may often doubt that his motives are sincere. Perhaps an amount of honesty is lacking concerning actions and motives which arouses a sense of suspicion in associations. In fact, it's what he doesn't say that later incriminates him. Folks with Mars-Neptune oppositions have desires that can border on uncontrollable, and his Mars-Uranus = Venus midpoint picture echoes this passionate excitability, but it may serve to unnerve people or cause others to feel threatened in some way. Alcohol and other drugs, and the occult should be avoided for there is an over-susceptibility here. Realization and acceptance of reality is a must along with learning to relate to others on an emotional level with Mars opposing nebulous Neptune.

Additionally, it's best if Mr. Brzezinski avoids a career with any hint of illegality to it, but I suspect that horsey left the political barn decades ago, don't you?

In progressions, ZB in in the Balsamic phase when good-byes will need to be said...his Secondary Progressed New Moon occurs on or about Nov 30, 2009 at appr 26Gem22.

Well, there it is: my version your Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski introduction...how do you like him so far?

Update 8:37 pm est: here's the link to info on Brzezinski's Sun-Moon blend and his Pre-Natal Eclipse details.

Final edit: July 25, 2015 6:14 pm edt; jc

GOP to blitz against Obama's health care plan

Never mind the condition of the 'health care' industry in America. Never mind the state of health of the American people. Forget future generations, they'll be terminal before they leave their nurseries at this rate.

It's all about political dive-bombing against Barack Obama and the Democrats...we-the-people are mere collateral damage already sucked dry financially and with too many of us unemployed to pay the dastards.

They design chemicals, load our foods with it, sell things as 'new and improved' (remember that little Madison Avenue gem?), and then overcharge us for drugs to cure what they and their industry friends triggered in our compromised immune systems in the first place.

How brilliant the power elite must consider themselves!

Read and view how this Jan 19 BBC documentary takes on Obama's plans as a lobbyist admits what it's really about (rendering America's health care 'system' null and void, imho) - and undermining the president of the United States.

Jan 25, 2009

Holbrooke wrong for job says Scott Ritter

The Wrong Man for the Job

By Scott Ritter

It is highly doubtful that Holbrooke will bring anything more to the table than cheer leading. President Obama's stated intention to increase the size of the US military presence in Afghanistan and to more forcefully assert US-imposed "security" through continued military action in the Northwest Frontier of Pakistan is a dangerous scheme, one Holbrooke will enthusiastically support. #


Holbrooke a cheerleader? Then he favors Jingo George!

President Obama's Afghanistan plans sound like Very Bad Ideas to me, but what does a gnat like me know?

If Orwell was right (and I believe he was/is) then 'endless war' is the aim of certain movers and shakers and da*n the torpedos and the populace. Population control is a side effect they can easily live with.

The politics and politicians I whine...er...blog about constantly are only the political arm (or tentacles) of the monster, and like Hydra in the myth, the octopus' ugliness should be lifted into the light of day - into awareness - to interrupt its devouring of the good with the bad, the baby with the bath water, and innocent civilians with psychotic criminals who cynically and cruelly use them as political 'shields'.

Jan 24, 2009

44 Presidents 'morphing' video

Watch as 44 presidents morph one into another! Notice with which commander-in-chief the portraits begin to smile big like they just ate the family cat's cream - or like they know where all the jewels are hidden...


A huge "Thanks" goes to Donna D for this cool heads-up!!

Obama same as Bush the torturer?

Obama's Orders Leave Framework of Torture, Indefinite Detention Intact

By Tom Eley

While the media is portraying these orders as a repudiation of the detention and interrogation policies of the Bush administration, they actually change little.

They essentially represent a public relations effort to refurbish the image of the United States abroad after years of torture and extra-legal detentions and shield high-ranking American officials from potential criminal prosecution. #

Figures. Old boss same as the new boss? If President Obama doesn't do more than refurbish America by PR strategies, it will show very soon.

Jan 23, 2009

'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Jan 26, 2009

Space Weather News for Jan 23, 2009

SOLAR ECLIPSE: On Monday, Jan 26, the Moon will pass in front of the sun producing an annular "ring of fire" eclipse. This is not a total eclipse; the Moon will cover only 93% of the sun's surface.

Nevertheless, the Moon's dead-center transit across the solar disk will produce a sight of rare beauty for observers along the "path of annularity."

Best views are to be had from islands in Indonesia where the ring of fire will appear to sink into the ocean at sunset. Meanwhile, in Australia, southeast Asia, southern parts of India and South Africa, observers will experience an off-center partial eclipse. Crescent-shaped sunbeams will dapple the ground while high overhead the Moon takes a curved bite out of the sun.

Please visit SpaceWeather.com for eclipse maps, timetables and photos.

BLUE-SKY FIREBALL: Last week a meteoroid of unknown size hit Earth's atmosphere over Denmark and exploded with a flash so bright it turned the night time sky day time blue.

A video of the remarkable fireball and eye-witness reports may be found at Spaceweather's fireball sighting page. #

Oh dear. And I've been calling Monday's Eclipse the 'New President' Eclipse for obvious reasons. But he is kind of inside a ring of fire, isn't he?

Solar Eclipse 29 Cancer 7.22.09

Update/Correction: above chart and post titles both show "July 22, 2009" but as you plainly see from the chart's date, the Eclipse occurs in the Eastern time zone on the evening of July 21...yet if I change the post's title it will confuse crawlers and spiders everywhere, so I stand self-corrected and hope you can forgive me a crazy typo!

Original post begins here:

July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse 29Can27 in the 11 South Series; 10:34:32 pm edt, Washington, DC, USA.

Eclipse occurs in 5th house of Creativity, Risk-Taking and Gambling, Romance, and Progeny; Mars Hour, no out-of-bounds planets so all are on the Earthly plane and participating within the group; Mutable-Water strong.

Venus is just beyond her 'Venus Transit' degree of June, 2004, the day of the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA. Venus Transits indicate a time when unsuspected associations are formed with unusual partners.

Sun-Moon applying (1A50) to inconjunct with Pluto 1Cap17 Rx in 10th house of Public Status. Morya and Pluto are still traveling together.

Sun inconj Pluto: taking on more responsibilities; need is to dispense with non-essentials and focus energies on specific goals; the less conflict created when dealing with others the better.

Moon inconj Pluto: objectivity needed; over-reaction to other people's demands and needs yet submission brings contempt; need to unlearn old habit systems to avoid being taken advantage of; good for working behind the scenes but with a tendency to be a patsy for other people's incompetence.

As you see, the Eclipse is at a critical or crisis 29th degree, but I'm using the rounding-up method: '30Can' has this Sabian Symbol: "A Daughter of the American Revolution"...INHERITANCE (MEJ.)

pos: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: the ultimate betrayal of self hood by a false assumption of superiority.

There is more to say about this rather difficult Solar Eclipse but it will have to wait until I have more time...for now, click chart to enlarge for a few of my private notes including some of America's natal placements highlighted in blue.

In pink is notated Bernadette Brady's description of the 11 South Series of Solar Eclipses which last manifested on July 11, 1991, 18Can59.

to be cont'd...

Olbermann-Tice interview video and text

This is a day late, but so is the Newsletter it comes from:

NSA Spied on Journalists? Whistleblower Reveals Surveillance Target

By Keith Olbermann - Video and Text

In an exclusive interview tonight on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," former NSA analyst Russell Tice says that the agency under the Bush administration secretly collected communications data on civilians, including journalists. #

Ah yes...whistleblowers, that rare bird of Washington. Why, I remember DC's Whistleblower's Week of 2007, do you?

Jan 22, 2009

E.J. Dionne discusses Obama 1.22.09

E. J. Dionne's To Each His Own Obama is an excellent read.

Jan 26 Solar Eclipse leads to Lunar Eclipse Feb 9

If you're wanting some Lunar Eclipse info for the February 9 Eclipse 21Leo00, then Julie Demboski is on the case for you.

She's got details on this Leo Moon with asteroids, too, and if you check out her Recent Posts column, you'll discover her thoughts on January 26, 2009's Solar Eclipse for which we await...

Visit Julie's article Eclipse, February 2009 for the particulars!

Seldom does this reluctant astrologer find time for blogging on Lunar Eclipses - time is barely found for Solar ones! - so I'll simply add a few notes on February 9's Sun AQ-Moon Leo combo remembering that a Leo Moon, eclipsed or not, has a reigning need for applause, approval, and recognition! Yet by being 'eclipsed', this Leo Moon may indicate the lowering of their approval meters.

AQ = Air; Leo = Fire:

Air-Fire blends are the 'live wires' in the bunch and this energy is much needed within the collective with all that's 'on the table' in Washington and elsewhere. Gettin' busy! And getting serious.

Sun AQ-Moon Leo is a social reformer combo that radiates a powerful commitment to uplift and improve the quality of life for others. A caution here is that humanitarianism and egoism can get mixed up.

Even so, rebellion is done with flair and style, for there's nothing mediocre or ordinary about this blend. This is a tender-hearted idealist who thrives on love and affection, a romantic poet who tends to see the best in people and therefore is often able to bring it out!

(If President Obama can bring out the positive energies from the R and the D parties, I'll be happy as a clam...no worries, mate.)

Image for Integration: A modern actress takes a bow, then leads the audience to a political demonstration. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, there's a bunch of 'political demonstrating' we need now because the US government needs to demonstrate to we-the-people that it isn't fallen into facism, and our representatives in Washington and in every burgh across the land need to remember that public service isn't meant for nest-feathering and pocket-lining.

As per Barack Obama.

So 'get with it', doltish politicians of all stripes - America got into its many messes thanks in large part to your shadowy doins' and black-hearted perfidies...fix it and show enough ethical behavior so that foreign investors (for one) will stop running and screaming from Wall Street and from the untrustworthy three-sets-of-books banking system of America.

Well? Are we keeping this republic or what?

Jan 21, 2009

Caroline Kennedy withdraws senate bid

With her Uncle Teddy's seizure at Tuesday's congressional luncheon for Pres. Obama and his subsequent hospitalization cited as the reason, Caroline Kennedy has called Gov. Paterson and withdrawn her senate bid from consideration.

Well, it saves face for Kennedy and makes Paterson's job easier!

Israel's 'ethical' warfare

How to sell 'ethical warfare': Claim moral superiority, intimidate enemies and crush dissent - Israel's media management is not just impressive, it's terrifying. #


And here's George Orwell from his prophetic book 1984 defining mass media deception along with some of his natal chart details.

Warfare that's "ethical" - bosh!

I've never been to Israel or the Gaza Strip, but do I know that if presidents were ethical people they wouldn't lie their nations into war in the first place.

Jan 20, 2009

Obama's Inaugural Address 2009

Here's a link to the text of President Obama's Inaugural Address today which lasted from 12:07:50 pm to 12:26:10 pm est - "18 minutes, 10 seconds," as reported by TV's Brian Williams.

'Seconds' given are from my own observance.


All the president's address was delivered during an Hour of Saturn; Mercury Rx and Sun, both at 00AQ+, crossed Midheaven while he intoned...12:07:50 pm's Mc 28Cap08 (conj US natal Pluto whose degree had crossed into 9th house as well) and ended 2AQ29, with Jupiter 3AQ32 conj Mc.

Sun and Mercury had, of course, Barack Obama's natal Jupiter in tow...his Jupiter Return 00AQ52 was on Jan 9, 2009. I'm using Aug 4, 1961, 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, HI; Asc 18AQ01; natal Mc 28Sco54, with Inaugural Moon 29Sco49 at 12:07 pm...conjunct and exalted at BHO's natal Midheaven.

So! Moon (the people; the public) conj Mc, the Goal/Aspiration Point...shades of: "This is not about me...this is about the American people."

To our American political thespians and their minions:

And now, at this moment, I put on notice any politician or operative who interferes with Obama's policies that help, or may facilitate, the common good in America...you are being watched.

The people's distrust is rampant after eight long years of neocon shills, Bush and Cheney, so you will be the first to be suspected of working against the American people if you block Barack Obama in his initiatives.

Block him, block us. Or at least that will be the first assumption since

Pres. Obama, unlike stubborn George Bush, is capable of trying something else if the first or second things don't work. That trait does not give his detractors license to call him names or play PR games that are politically expedient for a certain globalist, special interest agenda.

If your political power agenda is in sync with the common good, you will not perpetrate this undermining work against the president and the American people.

You are on notice, as far this blogger is concerned.

You will be watched.


Astrology Q: did the 29 ~crisis~ degree of the Moon, which relates to the physical body and health, describe Senators Bird and Kennedy and their health crises? Both had to be taken out of the congressional luncheon.

Sen. Kennedy now said to be doing well (3:40 pm est) after suffering a seizure, Sen. Byrd, who was upset about Teddy, was wheeled out - and Scorpio is the sign of health issues such as surgery, etc. Sen. Byrd's *natal Sun was conjuncted today by the Inaugural Moon!

But speaking of chairs with wheels:

Earlier in the day, Dick Cheney looked like a big faker in his wheelchair, if I say so myself. Like HE'D ever be caught lifting moving boxes with his weak ticker. Puh! Sell me another one!


Robert Byrd
Nov 20, 1917,
North Wilkesboro, NC
sunrise: 7:10:42 am est

Sun 27Sco37/Moon 9AQ00
Moon being conjoined
by tr North Node today
= contact with the public.

Inauguration 2009 Horoscope

Just a brief heads-up to say that Inauguration 2009's horoscope has been updated this morning to reflect what TV's talking heads say will be an Oath of Office taken at 11:56 am est.

Click link to view Inauguration 2009's chart.

Bush's term mercifully ends precisely at noon, and reader Dan Smolen tells me that at the moment Obama says, "so help me God," the eyes of the Secret Service agents move from George Bush to Barack Obama because that's the moment Obama becomes president in their book. Me, too.

So thanks, Dan!

Actually, my eyes have crossed with consternation and regret every time I've looked at His Smirkiness' monkeyish, dissembling, propaganda-catapultin' face these long years...quelle relief!

Jan 19, 2009

Obama elected Jan 8, 2009 at 1:35 pm est

Forget the quibbly popular vote, it's just gravy.

On Jan 8, 2009 at 1:35 pm est Dick Cheney announced Barack Obama winner of the states' electoral college votes and that's how he became president of the United States.

~Cordial Thanks go to a certain astute reader who sent the details along including the correct time.

Jan 8 was the day of Barack Obama's economic speech, too, as well as being Elvis Presley's birthday.

Meanwhile, the procession of senators and reps paraded importantly down Statuary Hall "at the stroke of 1:00 pm" which rather reminds me of secret societies, and of the Sabian Symbol for the rising sign and degree at 1:35 pm..."30Taurus"..."A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn"...in that Masonic-style temple we call the Capitol Building.

So! the electoral college chart has tomorrow's Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 in the setting position on the Descendant. There are other interesting factors in the chart, but they'll wait for a better time...right now I just want to wallow in the fact that Mr. Obama is in, and Bush and Cheney are out!

Inaugural Synastry: Obama + Oath of Office

As you see, the synastry grid between Barack Obama's natal planets, angles, and Nodal axis (in blue - across) and the planetary positions at noon, Jan 20, 2009 (in red - down)Washington, DC, have many aspects or contacts, between them.

Applying = A

Applying aspects have not yet become exact and thus indicate a meeting or other catalytic ingredient which may yet occur.

Separating = S

Aspects exact from the past yet still close enough in orb for SolarFire software to include them, have an 'S'...separating aspects are waning but may be still influencing the planet/point they contact. ('2S02' is 2 degrees, 2 minutes apart and widening.)

Transits are external forces, actors, events coming along, and here we see a great amount of happiness (Moon sextile natal Jupiter; Jupiter trine natal Moon, Sun trine natal Moon and conj natal Jupiter by 5 minutes!)

We-the-people and they-the-Obamas are as happy as puppies with multiple tails! Yes, it is a very happy and jolly occasion, agreed.

But let's look deeper with the deepest of planets, god of the underworld, invisible helmet and all.

Let's consider the YOD (Finger of God pattern: crisis or critical situation which must be dealt with; special task or purpose; turning point or crossroads) which Obama's natal sextile between Moon (Gemini) and Mercury (Leo) forms the base of, along with the focal or apex planet which completes the YOD - Pluto, clocking in at 1Cap57.

Midpoint picture ('any, all, or none' may apply):

Moon-Mercury = Pluto: a reorientation of one's thinking due to special circumstances or events coupled with destiny; tragic realizations; new perspectives; persuasion or being persuaded; the force of thought. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

But what about transformative Pluto as apex in a YOD configuration?

Cuing the lights and checking with Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, we find a karmic and dramatic situation in store, for Pluto is particularly linked to karmic reap-what's-sown situations having such a long orbit round the Sun as Mr. Pluto has.

Inaugural Pluto Represents Obama on One Level

The president-elect (for about 15 hours more) is a catalystic figure for being the first African-American to rise to the highest office in the land which automatically makes him a Plutonian.

(A Constitutional lawyer-professor is all right by me, as previously stated, it's the secret hand ~Pluto~ calling the shots that makes me fret for the continuity of my country and for the common good's sake.)

So that's another level of existence which Astrology may describe archetypally bwo spying Pluto...catalyst; secret controller/s; criminal underworld; Mafia and other fraternal organizations; the seamy underbelly of Washington or any other place with a seamy underbelly; political movers and shakers - 'mob bosses'; mining industry titans; energy titans; and the obscenely rich of the world who guard their wealth and spoils like fire-breathing dragons with serious halitosis.

Therefore, as I talk of apex Pluto, I speak of Obama and of others who are not Obama, whoever they may be. Police forces are connected with Pluto's control and coping abilities, natch.

The extremely high level of surveillance at tomorrow's Inaugural events is also a function of Pluto in restrictive Capricorn. Agencies will obviously be focused as well on Mrs. Obama (BHO's natal Moon) and the Obama children (BHO's natal Mercury.)

As you know, life at any moment occurs on many levels simultaneously - Astrology can do no less than describe them as accurately as possible.

So apex Pluto in a YOD pattern signifies an entity with penetrating perceptions, a keen observer, but who is perhaps withdrawn and out-of-tune with the superficial levels of life. Others may not understand, seclusion is sought...perhaps to an underground lair.

All inconjuncts require adjustment/s and with transit Pluto inconjuncting (150 degr) BHO's natal Moon and Mercury, adjustment really is the keyword - and yes, health and safety can be issues with inconjuncts (aka, quincunxes.)

So apex Pluto here indicates that deep attitude adjustments will be necessary in order to make full use of this critical energy pattern...and I believe a hidden choir is singing, m'peops.

But what does provocative Pluto want? Can he do more than hum the tune he's out-of-sync with? When the dragon's breath scorches you or his tail swipes your world away, it's clear he whistles a tune completely of his own design, not ours, and it's based on his extreme perspectives.

YODs contain the image of a turning point, and apex Pluto faces pressure to adopt a new direction. Yet something from Pluto's past must regenerate or die before the transition can be advantageously undertaken. (A secret ritualistic inauguration aids US presidents in achieving this exalted state. And sacrificing one's conscience may be necessary at some point - if it hasn't been already.)

After this turning point, things are not meant to return to their original intentions, for Pluto's transformations are permanent. There is here a new level of POWER and old vulnerabilities are purged; a high level of authority has been attained which may usher in a new order of things to come (my ughiest fear!)

If poorly managed, an apex Pluto in a YOD pattern indicates self-destructive urges (something more than secret cigarette breaks in the Lincoln Bedroom - or not), futile manipulations of others, and/or open defiance to undermine existing authority at any cost.

Will Pluto allow Barack Obama's policies and methods to prosper on behalf of we-the-people - or (as usual) for themselves at the people's expense?

There is another YOD formed with BHO's natal Venus as apex planet, but I'm a pooped-out puppy and will save that for another time.

This posting of the synastry grid between America's Presidential Inauguration 2009 and Barack Obama is now closed, but the grid is hereby available for future reference, if you or I should need it.

One Final Note

Stars Over Washington , a grumpy, dissenting blog devoted to America and to my favorite of cities, wishes to Welcome the Obama family to Washington, DC and to the White House.

And I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys tomorrow's historic events in the safest and kindliest of fashions!

Jan 18, 2009

Astrology of the US1549 emergency landing

What caused US 1549's emergency landing in the Hudson River a few days ago?

Expert astrologer Kathryn Cassidy details the Astrology of it including the Saturn-Uranus cycle which began with their Great Conjunction(s) of 1988, a cycle now at its culmination phase - the Full Moon/fullfilment stage with their opposition.

Airbus was involved then, too. And yes, I've wanted to study the landing chart myself but time has been sparse of late.

But never mind - the excellent Kathryn even has the pilot's natal chart pictured for you so check out her article as soon as you can...it's Mundane Astrology at its best!

Jan 17, 2009

Obama's Message to America 1.17.09 video

If you're an American, this message from Barack Obama is for you!

The president-elect and Joe Biden and their families are riding the rails as I type, choo-chooing up to Washington from Philadelphia, (after stopping in Delaware to pick up VP Biden) and making a few modern-day whistle-stops along the way.

They should arrive in the District in the early evening.

Only once in my days of living in DC did I take a train but my choice of destination was a great one - Harper's Ferry, West Virginia and back. It was a memorable and fun experience visiting a most beautiful area of the country - and thankfully I didn't have the tatters and dregs of a George Bush presidency waiting for me to repair at journey's end!

Pluto in Capricorn and toxic leadership

Did you know that Seven Generations: Pluto in Capricorn is a can't-miss article? I scouted it up for ya!

One Sabian Symbol of significance these days is for '2 Libra'...the Moon approached this degree as Bush performed his long-awaited and well-deserved Farewell Address on the evening of Jan 15, 2009:

"The Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh"...


positive: the imaginative sweep of man's vision and an eagerness to execute its promise;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a loss of reality in an infinitely regressive otherworldliness or a total lack of all practicality. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.) ~

And what will lead the day...the otherworldly alternate universe that is life in the White Lodge...er, I mean, House?

Looking Up

With Saturn approaching America's natal Neptune in 9th house, my prayer is that we the people may solidify our loftier ideals, not abandon them; stand up to accept responsibility for what's ours, and be not thieves.

Then we may live in peace with all men, and the war-mad on all sides will be tamped down and relieved of duty. (They've done too much already, don't you think?)

Stewardship of our planet will be uplifted once more as the solemn charge it is, and dreams of liberty and equality shall live in each heart until all captives are released.

This is my prayer,

Jude Cowell 1.17.09 2:16 am est

On toxic leadership...

Jan 16, 2009

Daily Show to GOP: hold the mayo! vid link

Samantha Bee, fearless reporter on The Daily Show has a few good ideas for solving the GOP's image problem.


And I didn't know either of them were in the deli business.

You know (or perhaps you don't), I mentioned the waning of the R-Party's light due to their Secondary Progressed Full Moon a while back. And we might relate the GOP's lounging about in the shade with the same phase America has now begun with our nation's own Sec Full Moon of Dec 24, 2008 just passed, Moon 4Vir10/Sun 4Pis10.

Cycles. Nature's full of 'em.

John Adams on the Jaws of Power

"The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing." John Adams

Here John Adams critiques power and I've added a few natal chart details about President Adams as well.

Jan 15, 2009

On starry messages

These are times that try, challenge, and instruct us, and few people now escape some element of the transitions permeating our planet as families deal with difficult issues concerning career and home.

The words turning point and crossroads seem to be everywhere, written into every other news story or editorial we read, or visualized within works of art (see last image on this page!)

The Test, a beautifully written article, is a marvelous way to find out what's currently going on between planets and asteroids while reading a stirring message-from-above sent to us by way of a seasoned and compassionate astrologer of note, Julie Demboski.

Thanks, Julie!

Bush and Washington: Farewell Addresses

It's been 213 years since President Washington gave his buh-bye to the American people, and tonight we get another buh-bye from Washington...DC.
George Washington's Farewell Address of Sept 17, 1796 involves no tacos or other references to what his audience expects to have for lunch or dinner.

But Washington does mention that he's made mistakes.

The George of our time, however, gives his Farewell Address tonight, Jan 15, at 8:00 pm est, an hour which does not, as some have noted, interfere with tonight's episode of The Office.

Mention of Bush mistakes are optional. The entire list would be refreshing and healing.

And since such an address at the end of a US president's term is a "fare thee well" wish, I must wonder if Bush will bespeak to us more of a 'Good-Bye, Suckers Address'...much more appropriate when you consider the man and his administration's radical rearrangement of America.

With minimal blogging time this morning, I'm posting the chart set for Washington, DC, 8:00 pm est, assuming that things run reasonably on schedule. You see one of the Images for Integration for Sun Cap-Moon Libra is scribbled in the lower left corner.

Moon is conjunct America's natal Midheaven, so the public is watching (those who can stomach it.)

Bush's feisty natal Mars is his 'first planet to rise' in the chart, and added to other factors, he should be in a self-defensive mood...'putting one's foot down; making a point strongly; standing up for one's position'--> Mercury-Mars = Sun, the leader.

8:00 pm is a Jupiter Hour so we may expect more of the Airy 'freedom-democracy for the world - by force, if necessary' schtick from this neocon mouthpiece.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx so it's a review and revise exercise for Mr. Bush, whose backside will be larger in the rearview mirror than it now appears.

9:29 pm est: Quit Yammering!

Well, how interesting is this? Hope it doesn't mean Bush was shaking his sabre at the American people or at Barack Obama on his smarmy way out the door...

...Dubya hushed up at 8:14 pm est with Ic (the Foundation or Basis of the chart, aka The Drain; Ending) conjunct Inauguration 2009's Moon 29Sco45...Ic at 8:14 pm: 29Sco17.

"30Sco"..."A Halloween Jester."

And at the WHY? Point, Mc..."30Tau"..."A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn."

And yet, underneath the make-up he looked like a wax doll to me. Or maybe my TV screen could use a bit of a polish - I know tonight's address made me want to spit.

Jan 14, 2009

Bright Venus and mythical Atlantis

Space Weather News for Jan 14, 2009

FANTASTIC ICE HALOS: Researchers in Finland have discovered a new way to create luminous ice halos in the night sky. Their tools are as simple as a bright lamp and icy, blowing air.

Some of the arcs they routinely photograph were previously seen only in remote parts of Antarctica. Sample photos and must-see movies are featured in today's edition of SpaceWeather News.

HOURS OF VENUS: Today and for the rest of the week, Venus is at maximum elongation (greatest apparent distance) from the sun. This means the silvery planet is "up" for more than three hours after sunset.

Go outside after dark, face south, and take a long look. Venus is so bright it outshines city lights and even pierces thin clouds. The view through a backyard telescope may surprise you.

Check SpaceWeather for images and more information.


Notes of a reluctant astrologer:

Venus is highly implicated in the Dec 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar vortex of argument and speculation concerning the end of time as we know it, or some sort of catastrophe including, but not limited to, melting of polar ice caps and earth's poles shifting.

Therefore, it's best to keep a close eye on the lady, esp since she signifies America's totem, the Statue of Liberty.

Now you know the purported deal about melting ice caps and mythical Atlantis, don't you? That the prescient Atlanteans hid secret scrolls or manuscripts within the shelter of the Pole/s.

The secrets 'they say' are hidden there are worth melting the ice from a satellite in space, people of earth (as Craig's monkey puppet so often warns) - it seems they contain the secret of immortality....as if this corrupt planet is a grand place to park your permanent flag.

Still, if any of this stuff is true, I must wonder what the Plutonians will have left to subjugate after all is flooded, soggy, and infested with mold and mildew. Selfish psychopaths, she typed grumpily.

Inauguration 2009's void of course Moon

Inauguration 2009's void of course Moon has many implications in the Inauguration Day chart.

Jan 20, 2009's Moon 29Sco45 is at critical or crisis degree as well.

Click the link to check it out at my other Political Astrology blog, Jude's Threshold , which is actually what I call a 'tapestry blog' because it weaves together my interests: Astrology, Politics, Art, and the occasional (horrid) poem which is usually political in nature.

Plus, you're cordially invited to drop by Lim's Limericks for more political rhymery, if you dare! You see, we don't know why, but all the cats like Politics at Lim's Limericks. Go figure.

Now for more light on the Inaugural Moon 2009, I'm quoting from Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala for '30Scorpio'...

"Children in Halloween Costumes Indulge in Various Pranks"...

Keynote: The periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still-immature energies.

...individuals beginning to be involved in the collective life of a large city. This leads them to a great diversity of experience which stimulates their sense of belonging to a vaster whole; or it may stimulate their rebellious instincts.

Some of the latter in most cases cannot be completely overcome, but society has built in several ways of allowing them to operate under ritualistic procedures which are safe to the collectivity. Wherever this symbol is found, the need for such outlets is shown to exist. But the rules of the game must be obeyed.

It tells us that in any feeling experience of collective living and interhuman relationships one has to deal with unregenerated and centrifugal elements. They should be carefully managed. They can also be controlled by the power of the mind - the Sagittarian way.

The symbol points to an imaginative RELIEF FROM TENSION. #

And the Robber Barons ride again

Here is the natal horoscope for the Robber Barons, the *Generation of Materialism chart for the New Moon of April 28, 1881 from E. Alan Meece's Horoscope for the New Millennium. As you see, I posted this unmarked chart before chicken-scratch notations became my habit.

The planetary line-up in greedy Taurus shows the possessive, money-grubbing crowd in their resource-pilfering splendor. This New Moon followed a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the societal planets that relate on one level to money...Jupiter = expansion, Saturn = restriction, and their conjunctions time a new phase economically and politically (Jupiter = Rs, Saturn = Ds.)

These days we're under the sway of their May 28, 2000 hook-up at '23Taurus'..."A jewelry shop filled with the most magnificent jewels." Most US taxpayers would agree that Wall Street gentry and their Capitol Hill enablers have been helping themselves shamelessly to the jewelry shop's largess.

*Carlton Hayes coined the term Generation of Materialism.

Venus Rx conjunct nebulous Neptune represents materialism's corrosion and dissolution with the trend toward 'combination' economically, and we see now the re-turn toward monopolies and cartels ruling every roost and rigging each game. Yes, the robber barons are riding again.

Oily, collectivizing Neptune in Earthy, economy-minded Taurus is a signature for 'economic nationalism' which replaced the 'political nationalism' of Neptune in Aries.

Uranus in Virgo increased planning and bureaucracy and the trine between Uranus and Neptune (1880) marked their combination and cooperation with one another as business cartels reduced competition and regulation.

The Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, the beginning of a new cycle for these transpersonal forces (1993) in the 18 to 20 Capricorn range, is associated with the New World Order and its agenda for world governance...'18Cap'...POLITICAL POWER. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.) ~Click NWO link for more info.~

If you follow the links to the NWO natal chart you'll see the Ic - the Foundation of the chart (6Tau08) - is conjunct the above Robber Baron chart's New Moon degree.

So now, joy of joys, Robert Scheer says the Wall Street robber barons are riding again and I heartily agree.

In fact, they've never stopped.

From Timothy Geithner's questionable tax issues to Lawrence Summers' culpability in the current deregulation-fueled economic meltdown, I have to wonder why Obama dissed Wall Street out of Harvard yet embraces its denizens now. Lovey dovey!

Perhaps the answer lies in my previous complaint - that Barack Obama had to be cleared - and agree to play the game Wall Street's way - in order to get where he got campaign-wise and ultimately to be certified as president of the United States.

Note to Donna D: you asked what I'd like to see in the news for the Inauguration...that the millions of attendees come through safe, sound, and un-arrested, and that everyone serving in Obama's cabinet and on-staff reveal what organizations (secret and otherwise) they swear allegiance to or associate with, whether Jesuit, Freemason, Rotary Club, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Bilderberger, Trilateralist, Mossad, Zionist, fascist, or Other:________...take off your masks and let the American people know who you really serve and what your true goals for this nation are.

Handcuffing Obama

Obama's Pro-Israel Congressional Welcome

By Rami G. Khouri

If the Israeli attack on Gaza that started 18 days ago was designed partly to send a message to the incoming Barack Obama, the United States Congress in the past week seems to have joined the battle to handcuff the new president and lay down the law for him, even before he takes office.


The above view is one way to look at Israel's rush to crush Gaza while Bush is still in office. Personally, I see a seamless transition from one president to another, aka baton-passing.

Jan 13, 2009

1.20.09: pass the Sour Cherry Chutney please

When January 20, 2009 comes and Barack Obama sits down to lunch with Congress, the menu includes Sour Cherry Chutney and a brace of American birds.

Word is, the American eagle is safe from the grill.

Jan 11, 2009

Planet Report for Jan 12 - 19, 2009

Not from me, silly! With out-of-town company here this weekend I have little blogging time to spare and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms this morning or I wouldn't be here at 8 am (!)

But a personal favorite of mine, astrologer Julie Demboski, is tracking the planets for Jan 12th - 19th for you in her lucid writing style including major asteroids now being stimulated.

Julie says that those in need should have relief soon and God knows, they're desperate for it.

My view through the lens of years' worth of Political Astrology blogging tells me that Gaza's donkey carts are too much in the news for the world to sleep a wink until the merciless bombing STOPS. Babies' bodies are being eaten by wild animals in the streets - and this is the best Israel and the wolfen, self-exalted Bush administration can do?

See image, Niobe's Plea in sidebar...that's Niobe, the grieving mother.

And you may wish to drop by Red Bubble for an Art break - which is where I run when Politics, crooked political thespians, and their self-serving propaganda and engineered wars become too much.

Does that sound elitist or distant? Please pardon me - being a mother myself, I am grateful for any amount of peace that breaks out anywhere on the globe...wherever, whenever.

For if mothers called the tune, ALL children would grow up well-nourished and happy, and war-profiting politicians and their backers would be facing the corner with dunce caps on their primarily-bald pates - until, that is, the world court called their numbers and sentenced them to what they really deserve.

Jan 10, 2009

US Senate okays Gaza aggression, Saturn-Uranus opposition in the fray

US Senate Endorses Israel's War on Gaza

By Jeremy R. Hammond

The US Senate on Thursday passed a non-binding resolution promoted by the influential Israeli lobby AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), effectively endorsing Israel's war on Gaza.

The resolution, entitled "A resolution a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel in Israel's defense against terrorism in the Gaza Strip."


US weaponry is being used by Israel (Goliath) - and I want to know where Hamas is getting its rocketry (David.) Ironic that David and Goliath seem to have have switched sides since the olden days, and I suppose it's Iran providing David his rocks and slingshots.

Well, the aggression of the Saturn-Uranus opposition is really showing itself, isn't it? Saturn-Uranus as a pair represents the Middle East and specifically Palestine and Israel.

Their appr 45-year cycle began with conjunction 3 times in 1988 in the 27 to 30 degree area of Sagittarius where transformative Pluto, god of Hades, has traversed so recently.

So at the risk of boring you, here's the midpoint picture again which Pluto's transit has stimulated so grievously:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: acts of violence or brutality; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure; tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort.

With Pluto now into Capricorn to stay, we might hope things will be resolved (as much as they ever are in that region of old and deep animosities) but then we have World Point 00Cap00 to consider where world events manifest, and the deconstruction of Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by authoritative Saturn. Any contact of Saturn and Pluto seems made for cruelty of various kinds.

'Forgiving the unforgivable' seems very far away as the New Year rolls on, doesn't it? But it's the only way to stop the cycle of violence and revenge in Gaza - and within our own hearts.

As Scriptures say, we should Pray for the peace of Israel. For the sake of the world, let us pray.

Jan 9, 2009

Astrology of the SEC

Here's some SEC info courtesy of astrologer Ed Kohout.

Super Full Moon, new sunspots, and Comet Lulin approaches

Space Weather News for Jan 9, 2009

APPROACHING COMET: Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3), discovered in 2007 by a collaborative team of Taiwanese and Chinese astronomers, is swinging around the sun and approaching Earth. The photogenic comet has a bright tail and an "anti-tail" visible in mid-sized backyard telescopes.

At closest approach in February, Comet Lulin is expected to brighten to naked-eye visibility.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for sky maps, pictures and more information.

NEW SUNSPOTS: For the second time this week, a sunspot is coalescing on the surface of the sun. The spot's high latitude and magnetic polarity identify it as a member of new Solar Cycle 24; its appearance continues a recent trend of gradually intensifying new-cycle solar activity. The spot is growing rapidly and may soon provide a nice target for backyard solar telescopes.

FULL MOON ALERT! This weekend's full Moon is the biggest and brightest of 2009. It's a "perigee Moon" as much as 50,000 km closer to Earth than other full Moons we'll see later this year. Perigee moonlight shining through icy winter air can produce beautiful halos, coronas, moondogs and other atmospheric optics phenomena.

Sample photos are featured on today's edition Spaceweather.com.


There's the Astronomy of it.

And here's the Astrology chart of the Jan 10, 2009 Full Moon in Cancer with its Mystic Rectangle pattern (Sun opposite Moon; Saturn opposite Uranus) and a YOD (Finger of God pattern) superimposed over the Mystic Rectangle.

Moon '22Cancer'..."A Woman Awaiting a Sailboat"...

You may wish to check with Lynda Hill at her Sabian Symbols site for info on this degree's meaning for what promises to be a smashing, super-close Full Moon, the only perigee Moon of 2009.

Grisly Gaza

Red Cross Finds Starving Children with 12 Corpses in Gaza 'House of Horrors'

By Martin Fletcher, in Jerusalem

The International Committee of the Red Cross has accused the Israeli military of "unacceptable" conduct and breaching international humanitarian law after discovering four emaciated children living next to the corpses of their mothers and other adults in bomb-shattered houses in Gaza City.



Couldn't help thinking of the horror of a 3-year-old and his brother being found in 2 inches of their mother's blood on Showtime's series, Dexter.

But this is reality in Palestine. And it's abominable. The powers-that-be don't want peace in the Middle East, that's now as plain as starving children sitting in blood. Will they live and grow up to bless Israel? I think not.

The law of karma - we reap what we sow - is being grossly defiled by Israel and will come back as it was sent out - and we know that violence breeds violence, so the endless round continues as World Peace is made a distant dream by the holier-than-thou New World Order engineers.

Jan 8, 2009

Horoscope of Obama econo speech 1.8.09

At George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Barack Obama gave a speech today on the US economy and what his administration plans to do about it.

Calling for Congress to get busy - day, night, weekends - and work with him, the president-elect gave what George Stephanopoulos of ABC News called essentially "a SOTU address."

Here you see the charts for his speech's beginning and end, and I wish I had time to spare to blurb about it now.

You see the Moon in Gemini leaving 3rd house of Communications and entering 2nd house of Earning Ability. He started speaking at a Mercury Hour - appropriate for speeches - and ended at a Moon Hour which is appropriate for change, publicity, and public needs.

Tomorrow, Jan 9, will be Barack Obama's Jupiter Return so you see Jupiter 00AQ42. Moneybags Jupiter left 11th house of Groups/Associations/Hopes/Wishes and entered the more viisble 10th house of Public Standing/Career.

There are several midpoint pictures formed, but no patterns (T-squares, Grand Trines, etc.) You'll see a few other notations if you click the charts to enlarge.

Other than that, I'll have to return later to add a few notes including the midpoint pictures, if anyone is interested...for now, gotta motor!

UPDATE 6:00 pm: Mars as chart-ruler is out-of-bounds and working on his own for ill or good, and makes no applying aspects in either chart which puts strong emphasis on his mavericky OOBs status and his house and sign position.

Mars really is working in a pure Capricorn-10th house mode, and 10th house is Cap's natural house. This points directly to Mars' exaltation in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and thus indicating the most efficient and focused use of Mars energy and drive in the zodiacal pantheon.

Here are the midpoint pictures from today's speech beginning with its start at 11:14 am est with harmonious Moon-Jupiter rising. I'll place an asterisk by the pictures that are in effect at his speech's start and end...

Moon-Jup = ASC: confident; being happy and well-accepted; an expansive nature;

*Sun-Pluto = Mars: carving new perspectives; enormous drive; strenuous self-application; the desire to perform record achievements; ruthlessness; working to the point of physical breakdown (ex: he called on Congress to work with him - days, nights, weekends to write/pass his economic stimulus bill - and I say that if it was so friggin' necessary to work like that for Wall Street, then it's Main Street's turn);

*Mercury-Pluto = Sun a persuasive speaker; a keen observer; desire for recognition; championing an idea or attitude that prevails; communication skill;

*Venus-Mars = Mercury: an actor; thinking of progeny;

*Venus-NN = Neptune: making promises that are hard to keep; disappointment or falsehood in relationship;

*Mars-Neptune = Jupiter (BHO's natal Jupiter, too): inspiration; a fortunate turn or break after disappointments; disappointments under otherwise fortunate circumstances; enjoying the cloud's silver lining; a break in the nick of time;

Mars-ASC = Neptune: magnetism and charisma; disharmony in the work environment; a lack of energy; diminishing creative power;

*Uranus-Neptune = Venus: high sensitivity; a fantasy life;

At 11:31 am est, additional pictures had formed:

Nep-ASC = Uranus: sudden troubles through others; succumbing easily to the influence of others; being harmed, hindered, or defamed by others; hoping for luck; some day one's ship comes in;

Nep-Mc = Jupiter: the inclination to put all of one's eggs in one basket; speculation; gambling; dreaming, hoping, feeling sure somehow that all will be well;

Pluto-Asc = Neptune: the misfortune to suffer from the actions of bad, malicious, deceitful people in one's environment; experiencing a most awkward situation; fight against rumor; vision to fulfill; embarassment to transcend; something paranormal influences situations.

And here's a doozy that became exact as he spoke...

Mars-Pluto = Mc: confidence; ambition; dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver; unusual capabilities for life advancement; ambition; facing overwhelming force without power (or without money? George, Hank, and Dick got it all.)

Well, there they are. And as usual with midpoint pictures they act in an any, all, or none way and are more likely to be active when triggered by transits, progressions, and lunations. The speech chart/s will always be 'triggerable' as time goes by and as planets from their chart positions here, and in future, meet or aspect the other planets/points in the chart/s.

The most obvious example is that the Sun 18Cap32 will conjunct today's Jupiter degree (and BHO's natal Jupiter) on Jan 20, 2009, noon, Capitol Building, Washington, DC!

Yet we can say that the third planet in each equation is a trigger, so they are provided here in a general environmental sense, yet as noted, wherever we see Jupiter, we see a trigger: the natal Jupiter of president-elect Barack Obama.
Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.

Jan 7, 2009

Full Moon 21Can02 Jan 10, 2009

At 10:26:42 pm est on Jan 10, 2009, a Full Moon *21Can02 shines over the Capitol Building in Washington, DC - and elsewhere as well.

Highlighted in blue is a pattern poetically called a Mystic Rectangle between the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition and the Full Moon which is, of course, a Sun-Moon opposition.

The Full Moon chart of Nov 13, 2008 had this pattern as well.

"Practical mysticism" is the most descriptive term for a Mystic Rectangle and since I've covered the pattern here and at Jude's Threshold previously, I'll not wax poetic about it except to say that it facilitates solutions through the aid of the sextiles and trines that are formed.

And with the world in deep poo poo for want of a few good ones, let's hope senators get seated and Team Obama can successfully implement the good ideas they're promising the American people.

Let's also hope that Republican politics don't muddy or block the solutions out of exalted ego games. That would be cheeky monkey of them - and unacceptable - to follow their old pattern of putting politics before the nation's best interests particularly at this important time.

That said, here are a few of my notes on this lovely Full Moon on a Saturday night.

Falling in 10th house of the DC chart, with Sun in 4th house of housing, mines, and domestic concerns, we may expect this culmination stage of the Sun-Moon dance to result in a visible improvement on issues around at the last early Capricorn New Moon 2 two prior. This morphs issues from 2008 into 2009.

Also highlighted in pink is a YOD formation, the Finger of God pattern indicating a special task, a crisis, adjustment, fork in the road, and/or turning point.

Now Moon-Saturn contacts can indicate depression and most of the globe is feeling that. But this is a sextile, an aspect of opportunity, and considering that a new presidency is about to begin, I prefer to emphasize the 'ambition; strategy; direction' flavor of this Moon-Saturn contact.

The YOD's apex or focal planet is nebulous Neptune 22AQ45, in 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creativity, and Offspring. This is a 'true' YOD because the apex planet is the slowest moving body of the three.

Apex Neptune in a YOD configuration is out of touch with the environment and longs to be elsewhere where things are more peaceful and calm. He prefers to ignore needed social adjustments by hunkering down in his ivory tower, safe from the real world.

Ivory tower existences don't promote clear understanding of practical situations, however, so his interpretations are subject to error and distortions. This is a fearful Neptune who would prefer not to be bothered!

His emotions need constant adjustments so that escapism doesn't take precedence over more positive corrective measures. The quincunxes (150 degr) to Neptune represent facets of character that are out-of-focus with the realities of current circumstances.

Very imaginative, yes, but it is seldom applied in a constructive way. Yet with the Mystic Rectangle superimposed over the YOD, we may hope for the best from this turning point.

Properly directed, the energy in an apex Neptune (YOD pattern) can begin a new path with much inspiration and selflessness while drawing on deep spiritual resources. (Neptune = the divine source.)

The new path sometimes means working behind-the-scenes, underground, and/or in seclusion, and a sacrifice of a temporal desire may be necessary toward an intangible ideal. Uncertainty, insecurity, illusions, and deceptions may walk the path with him as he plays the role of compassionate healer or defender of the disenfranchised.

This apex Neptune may also be the inspired artist and on another level, the illumined one (and of course, I tend to think grumpily of the Illuminati here) able to delve into life's deeper mysteries.

If the energy is misdirected (and Capitol Hill is good at that), this apex planet denotes the social martyr or victim of society whose malcontent draws destabilizing experiences and circumstances which further undermine his situation.

The antidote is to deal with the painful emotional components shown by the quincunxes (inconjuncts) to Neptune:

Moon inconj Neptune tends toward over extension and self-persecution and works best in social welfare programs. There's difficulty in seeing others are they really are and a vulnerability to those who misrepresent themselves.

Saturn inconj Neptune indicates a need to somehow justify one's resources and talents; ways are sought to use the resources to relieve suffering and social injustices yet these talented people are part of the very social structure that permits these injustices to exist. (This, to me, perfectly describes Washington politicians in all their nest-feathering, embezzling glory.)

Care should be taken not to align oneself with programs that have unclear goals, but methinks the horse already left the barn on that one.

Still, this is a martyr aspect, and stepping outside my usual Washington orientation for a minute - and considering that Neptune is at the "A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving Its Paws" degree in the Sabian Symbols - I think of Putin, Russia, and the Ukraine/European gas stand-off. Perhaps Putin will find his inner 'savior to the rescue' and end the cruelty soon. This would tie in with the New Moon-Full Moon timetable.

Besides, letting your customers freeze to death isn't good for business, wily political ploy though it may be.

The YOD forms a difficult midpoint picture:

Moon-Saturn = Neptune: anxiety; depression; feeling inferior; sickness of the soul.

Since Astrology works on many levels at once, I'd say Neptune in this picture is a stand-in for the masses...we're more depressed (and some of us are freezing) than the social tinkerers who've caused so many of the messes we're in. They have their bunkers and offshore accounts so they're dandy fine compared to the rest of us!

If you click to enlarge the chart, you'll see that I've notated the Mercury Rx Station 7AQ44 so Mercury is unusually strong at this time. Interestingly, Mercury is stationing directly upon George Bush's natal Descendant, the angle of Partnership and Legal Affairs.

Mercury to 7th house is a time of legal affairs, debates, contracts, negotiations, and agreements, so someone may back out on a previous arrangement with Dubya - perhaps fairly since he's done it many times before.

The prefix we associate with Rx phases is re- so re-doing, reviewing, re-signing...all sorts of do-overs are in effect for the next few weeks. This may relate as well to the MN and IL senator situations for Al Franken and Roland Burris.

Bush's chart involvement indicates his finger still in every pie, although he may wish it weren't if legal issues against his administration eventually come to a head. International prosecution for torture comes to mind, with more facts to come out as Mercury Rxs back to US natal South Node (past errors surface.)

Mercury, god of retrogression, is chart-ruler and ruler of the professional 10th house where we find Public Status or Standing, and I'm hearing that Burris may be seated after all.

(What a charade! Burris knew his papers were not in order before he got to Capitol Hill. If everyone else has had the proper signatures, why shouldn't he? But the Illinois Supreme Court is in the melee now, so we'll see how quickly they rule on Burris' seating. It will turn out better if they rule before Mercury goes Rx!)

Anyway, Mercury as chart-ruler applies to North Node (1A34), then Jupiter (6A27), as he heads back toward the Sun. Sun and Mercury conjunct on Jan 18 at Inaugural Jupiter's degree (3AQ+) so there may be delay (Rx) with solutions (Obama's stimulus package won't be on his desk Jan 20, they say) but things will begin to move forward when Mercury goes Direct and moves beyond his 'shadow degree' - in this case, 7AQ44 (or 7:42, if memory serves.)

With the Full Moon's strong 4th house - sabotaging Pluto 1Cap37, instigating warrior Mars 11Cap11, and Sun 21Cap02 therein - we may expect more mining and/or sludge concerns, plus much publicity on all issues due to the polarity of Moon in 10th house, and the 4th is the natural house of the Moon. 'Homeland Security' may surface in the news, too.

And yes, there is a midpoint picture formed:

Sun-Pluto - Mars: enormous drive; strenuous self-application; carving new perspectives.

With restrictive Saturn so near the Ascendant in the Full Moon chart, we feel the lack of resources which Neptune is apparently hoarding. That secret government types are involved, I have no doubt.

Venus 8Pis07 is conjunct US natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint which is conj US natal Ceres (security concerns; food and grain.)

Now for the Images for Integration (Chas & Suzi Harvey) for Sun Cap-Moon Can...

'A politician kisses a baby without pretence...A priest blesses his family before setting off on a pilgrimage...A water clock...Carol Reed's films, Oliver and The Third Man.'

Sun Cap-Moon Can is an Earth-Water blend that is conservative yet open to new ideas, a capable manager and organizer, and which describes our president-elect quite well. Plus, this is the firm-father-gentle-mother pairing, so perhaps I should include Michelle Obama in my remarks!

Well, there it is, my take on the Full Moon in Cancer as related to Washington. Now let's relax and enjoy what promises to be a beautiful display of dancing moonbeams which hopefully will encourage our public servants to 'get it right' for a change!

*Please pardon the typo in this chart's title: it should say, 21Can02, not 01.

Midpoint pictures: Tyl; YOD info: Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

A note to Alex D': please email me at judecowell at gmail dot com - since I upgraded my at&t mail account to blend with Yahoo, my old Yahoo mailbox won't open.

Jan 6, 2009

Ron Paul on Israel's Gaza aggression

Ron Paul: Israel had US OK for war on Gaza

By Press TV

"Israel depends on us; they depend on us economically, they depend on us for their military power and all their weapons and they really got a green light from our administration," he explained.


Ron Paul's natal chart is quite interesting if you'd care to have
a peek but you'll find that I refer to Dr. Paul as a "Libertarian" in the article. Not sure exactly what he is, but his chart details are interesting all the same...the doctor has Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Gemini.

And if you feel a need to catch up on articles about Chiron (houses, signs, etc) - you can do no better than the Chirotic Journal, and since Chiron returns to First Sighting degree 3x in the years 2027-28 (3Tau08 Rx; discovered by Charles Kowall, Nov 1, 1977) I'm hoping to get all my Chirotic ducks in a row and quacking in unison from my 3rd house of Communications.

Bush's first Inaugural luncheon

George W. Bush's first Inaugural luncheon makes for amusing reading especially when you consider this Sun-in-Cancer's fascination with food.

There are photos provided so check it out! Lame Duck L'Orange appears nowhere on the menu, so don't fret. And we can't say his goose is cooked - it's the American people who got a baking from the presidency of Bush43.

Jan 5, 2009

Leon Panetta a double Cancer

By now you're heard the news that Barack Obama announced a surprise appointment today of Leon Panetta for CIA Director.

Panetta as Clinton's Chief of Staff (1994 - 1997) sat in on intell briefings so he does have a clue how things work and how policy is shaped by intell, but Dianne Feinstein is among critics who would prefer an intell professional instead.

Obama and his team are fretful of taintedness with torture, etc, in the usual ranks of the CIA, and I see his point. Thus, he has named an outsider of sorts.

Panetta was a congressman from California from Jan, 1977 to Jan, 1997, and had changed his membership from the R Party to the D Party way back in 1971 because of Civil Rights issues. He was Director of the Office for Civil Rights under Nixon.

Panetta's book, Bring Us Together: The Nixon Team and the Civil Rights Retreat" came out in 1971 and it does not refer to a weekend off but to Nixon's creepy southern strategy of not enforcing civil rights or voting rights laws.

Born June 28, 1938 in Monterey, California, Leon Panetta has Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer - he was born during the New Moon phase.

The weightiest midpoint picture in his natal chart (and it doesn't depend on a correct birth time which I do not know) involves one of the astrological signatures for plutocrats...Jupiter-Pluto.

Jupiter-Pluto = Uranus: fanatical striving for improvements; quick exploitation of every situation; sudden reforms and quick developments; intense application of resources to establish new perspectives; an adjustment to new circumstances; over-turning the tables; getting back on track or finding a better one.

The Jupiter-Pluto pair of energies is given by Ebertin as 'the desire for power (plutocrats), a desire to lead the masses, organizers of large projects, professors of economy and law, squanderers and speculators; spiritual and intellectual leadership.'

Uranus intensifies and activates the plutocratic pair, and of course we know the circles he runs in.

Now here's some info on Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer, a Water-Water blend which indicates sentimentality over the past and lots of creative imagination:

perceptive and shrewd; charming, poetic, and romantic; a brooder who can overflow with pent-up feelings; strong desire to be needed and appreciated; intuitive economic sense; excellent memory; witty and kind-hearted; self-deprecating sense of humor; accurate perceptions of others; extremely subjective.

Critics to Panetta's appointment to head the CIA are vocalizing their objections today including California's Dianne Feinstein who incidentally shares natally Panetta's Sun Can-Moon Can combo, as do Nathaniel Hawthorne, H. D. Thoreau, and John D. Rockefeller.

Now here are Sun Can-Moon Cancer's Images for Integration for this family-oriented man who may not have professional intell experience inside the agency, but can use his abundance of security-minded Cancer to rule the CIA roost...and America does have three natal planets in Cancer - Panetta's natal Sun is conjunct US n Jupiter:

'A performance of a puppet show at an infant school Christmas play...Young children enacting a play wedding in a garden...A family plays a game of charades.' (Chas & Suzi Harvey, Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Now I could say some dark things about that last image relating to The Family, the Brotherhood, Jupiter-Pluto, etc, but I won't.

Let's wait a while and see if Panetta's appointment by Obama holds Water first! He should have a year or two to operate in Washington DC again - this time as head of the CIA.


Al Franken is declaring himself winner of the Senate seat which once belonged to his mentor, Paul Wellstone, who was assassinated in a plane crash (yes, I said it: assassinated.)

Palin problems again

Gov Sara Palin and her family are in the news again, this time for RNC-GOP meddling in a narcotics enforcement issue there in Alaska.

And if you're wondering: today Neptune is conjunct her natal Sun to the degree: '23AQ'..."A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws' which could refer to Russia just across her backyard.

But Neptune, the planet, refers to negative escapism such as alcohol and other drugs like marijuana or, in this case, OxyContin.

Jan 4, 2009

Bill Richardson bows out Obama regrets

BBC News reported at 4:30 pm est that Bill Richardson has pulled out of the Obama adminstration's team.

He's out of the cabinet and blowin' in the political wind but says he will remain governor of New Mexico. Whoo! This is quite a game of musical chairs a la 2009, isn't it?

Here you may view Richardson's natal chart which was published here so promisingly just one month ago (insert slight tone of sarcasm.)

Leo Tolstoy's Saturn-Uranus opposition

Just a brief heads-up on a freshly published post concerning Leo Tolstoy who was born in 1828 during a Saturn-Uranus opposition which was ongoing when American president Andrew Jackson was elected.

With Saturn and Uranus currently in opposition - and Barack Obama elected on the day (11.4.08) that the two antithetical planets' opposition was exact - we're seeing similar themes in the collective: old order vs new order...'War and Peace ' issues plunked onto every table and splashed across every headline...so check it out, if you get a chance.

In my post, you'll find a link to astrologer Philip Brown's article on the Tolstoy-Saturn/Uranus theme from his AstroFutureTrends website where you'll find more of Philip's excellent and lucid writing!

Jan 3, 2009

2009: 10 reasons to hope and 3 to fear

10 Reasons to be Hopeful about 2009, 3 Reasons to be Terrified

By Sarah van Gelder

We're entering a new year at a time unlike any other in recent memory. Here are 10 reasons I'm filled with hope as I look ahead at 2009 - and three reasons I'm terrified.#

Sarah van Gelder is editor of Yes! Magazine which I've only discovered this very day. Check out her reasoned reasons when you can but ixnay on the earfay - that's just what terror promoters, who really came into their own with the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, want us to feel - so I refuse!

The 1999 Eclipse is what Nostradamus called the 'King of Alarm' (or 'King of Terror') Eclipse and who could now disagree with the fabled and ancient astrologer that things haven't been the same since?

Of course, if we think for one moment that terror promoters aren't perfectly capable of using Astrology and of reading Nostradamus' or any other prophet's predictions, we'd be quite wrong, wouldn't we?


See horoscope chart of the King of Alarm Eclipse with a few details, if you wish.

This Eclipse is from the 1 North Series whose keywords include: avoid hasty decisions because information is distorted and possibly false.

Ya think, oh pretenders of banking and charlatans of politics? What busy little bees you've been since 1999.

~:~ Eclipse info from Brady's Preditive Astrology.