Feb 28, 2009

Return the Superfund! + Lobbyists Up in Arms

This week should begin the fight against the Obama administration's new budget proposals which repeal tax breaks for the super-wealthy oil and gas industry, place caps on carbon and other green house gas emissions, and give the Environmental Protection Agency a 30% budget increase, among other things.

Yes, lobbyists for monied special interests are ready to storm Capitol Hill (which they think belongs only to them) and bring it on while Pres. Obama says he's spoilin' for the fight on our behalf.

Sounds great, Mr. President - I hope things can be evened up more fairly to benefit the common good.

Personally, I'd like to see the reinstatement of the Superfund for chemical clean-up costs (a tax that was rescinded under Pres. Clinton in 1995) because America's lungs have gotten grimier ever since while polluting evil-doers get off the hook every day by sticking the taxpayer with the costs of industry crimes against nature and the health conditions that result.

Then we have the pharmaceutical, medical, and insurance industries on the other side of us denying us care.

Amazing that we still call this America! Or how about: Land of Opportunity - the chance to shaft your fellow man all you want especially if you have the moola to pay the exorbitant fees of the most weasley lobbyists in the bunch.

Quotes from 1929 - 1931 and a little Astrology

Great Depression Quotes 1929 vs 2008: Have We Learned Anything? is a fascinating list of headlines and quotes from 1929 to 1931 replete with parallels to the 2008 Bail Out Bill of Hank Paulson and his political enabler, George Bush.

The information contained here makes tarring George Bush with the Herbert Hoover brush a natural thing to do, and you'll especially love the full spectrum of optimistic 'expert' remarks with mainstream media's well-timed cheer leading attempts to manufacture consent for bailing out...wait for it...Wall Street.

So have I personally learned anything from the list of quotes?

Oh Yes. I learned that the culprits and heisters of 2008 lifted their scripts almost word-for-word and their stage directions from what their predecessors said and did in Hoover's day even while propagandizing that the current meltdown "isn't the Great Depression"!

And of course they knew what they were doing, all wide-eyed and innocent - with Bernanke an admitted student - 'expert' - of the Great Depression.

So if you read, read to the last entry where the New World Cooperation propaganda rears its Gorgon head...July 12, 1931.

We now know the monster as the New World Economic Order, or NWO for short.

After all, it's been the knitting together of national economies in the last decades that has made a world economic crash possible.

Bwa ha ha...the better to rule you with, m'dear.

Now For A Little Astrology:

Checking the chart for July 31, 1931, noon, Manhattan, NYC, NY to get a little flavor of the times, we see Sun 19Can20 conj Pluto 20Can24 (critical degree '20Can' is Pluto's heliocentric North Node degree, an excessively powerful point in the zodiac and often involved when power plays are afoot.)

Opposite, also at critical degree, is Saturn 20Cap01 Rx which forms two Cardinal T-square patterns with Uranus 19Ari18 at apex, the outlet for this enormous energy.

Here are their midpoint pictures with the usual 'all, any, or none' limitation:

Sun-Saturn = Uranus: fluctuations; unusual circumstances; crises; imprisonment; separation; mourning; nervousness; inhibitions; a clash between the old, established ways of doing things and the new.

Saturn-Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; an ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult circumstances; sudden acts of violence. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

As apex (focal) planet in a Cardinal T-square, Uranus acts as social catalyst, a role 'it' was born to play. (Uranus, or Ouronos, = a place, not a 'he' at all, but the sky.)

This catalyzing action is on behalf of collective reform and general social progress with radical disruption of Saturn's status quo the goal. (And Saturn is strong in his own sign of Capricorn.)

There is a strong urge to break down and shatter whatever impedes this 'progress' toward new ideals. This can be the social misfit that is purposefully out-of-tune with the established order of the environment.

Or, acting as radical reformer political groups, this is the law-unto-oneself type of entity where the will is defensively detached from all outer considerations. (How else can they cause misery of the masses and still look at themselves in the mirror?)

Highly intuitive, this apex Uranus uses insights with others to expose human frailties to themselves in a manner that compels them to radically alter their lifestyles. (Now there's a pretty good description of the effects of a staged economic meltdown - and with much media assistance ad nauseum.)

Positively, an apex Uranus can represent a social visionary with a charismatic power able to liberate mass consciousness from obsolete collective patterns of expression. (It took FDR's charisma for that. Hoover had none.)

The Cardinal (outgoing, initiating energy) quality of the T-square refines the apex Uranus to the role of a self-proclaimed social activist and head crusader for some current group cause or mass movement.

Abruptness may tend to alienate or intimidate those upon whom reforms fall. This reformer is prone toward excitement, vigor, and a straightforward approach yet too-sudden moves may appear illogically inconsistent and contrary to plans that are already set in motion.

Yet with staid Saturn involved, a measure of restraint and self-control is evident - yet there is danger of a build-up of active, compressed pressure which eventually must vent itself with an authoritarian flavor.

Inaugurating sweeping social changes was on the agenda in 1931, but within existing social structures. And the radicals' need for ultimate power and control are marked by the presence of both Saturn and Pluto.

The New Millennium has timed the breakdown of 'existing social structures' with 9/11's Saturn-Pluto opposition conjunct America's ASC/DESC axis (16 The Tower in the Tarot deck), and now with the manufactured meltdown of the economic crisis of 2008+.

Plus, on May 28, 2000, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction), the two social planets that affect financial cycles at their core, was very important in the scheme of things, so naturally I noticed that wounded and wounding Chiron on July 12, 1931 was conj the Jupiter-Saturn 2000 Conj degree...

'23Taurus'..."A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Jewels" which has associations with greed, theft, loot, and rewards.

Yes, Republicans (Jupiter) and Democrats (Saturn) had a big planning session in May-June 2000 as they looked toward their shared millennial goals.

And now, by the trillions, jewels of wealth and ultimate power are falling into certain elite laps - just as they envisioned so long ago. Quite a pay-off!


Apex Uranus details: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.

Feb 27, 2009

Finding Your March 2009 Forecast

Astrologer Julie Demboski has written her March 2009 Forecast which covers Venus retrograde in Aries, the Jupiter (expansion) inconjunct (150 degr = adjustment) Saturn (restriction) which perfects Mar 21-25, plus, the Full Moon 20Vir40 of March 10, March 26's New Moon 6Ari08, and the Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction at the end of the month, March 30.

Sounds like a bunch of stuff, doesn't it?

But never fret - with Julie's clear writing style, you'll be up to snuff and primed for the Mystic Rectangle pattern ('practical mysticism') of planetary energies that are involved with the March 26 New Moon. Let Julie fill you in as Spring Equinox 2009 sashays closer by the minute.

The Sun-Mercury Superior Conj will be highlighting issues that originated during the recent Mercury Rx period which included Inauguration 2009 when Mercury 00AQ41 was conjunct Pres. Obama's natal Jupiter as well as the Inaugural Sun of Jan 20.

So because I've been 'under the weather' for several days and not publishing as much as usual, I scouted out for you this excellent analysis for the month of March 2009, authored by Julie Demboski...because March waits for no blogger!

Feb 26, 2009

US financial system was built to fail

Now why would Richard C. Cook say that the US financial system was built to fail ever since the US government gave over its currency creating rights to the Federal Reserve in 1913?

Hmmm...around here we'd call that a long-range plan for world restructuring and domination.

And remember the seemingly better old days of March 24, 2008 when the Fed had a Moon Return and the Solar Eclipse from the NYSE's Pre-natal Eclipse Series had yet to occur on August 1, 2008?

Ron Paul's economic remarks 2.23.09 video

Raw Story has it and if you missed it, you may wish to view the video of Rep.Ron Paul's statement prior to Ben Bernanke's panacea of Wednesday, Feb 25.

Rep. Paul once again reveals the naked truth about the US financial system as he hit the high notes with such Greatest Hits as: 'You Can't Re-Inflate the Bubble' and 'Credit Ain't Capital, Baby' plus, other hummable tunes.

But one of my favorite parts of this brief video comes at its end - the visible discomfiture of CNBC's chair-warmers wiggling and squirming in their seats as they realize that too-clear truth had (inadvertently) been told - and they had broadcasted it on air.

Excessive (Jupiter) liquidity (Neptune) reigns as Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator-wastrel pair of planets when working together on financial projects, meet up three times in 2009 with their first conjunction occurring on May 27.

All their meet-ups conjunct US natal Moon in Aquarius, so once again I repeat myself ad nauseum with the midpoint picture that is formed throughout the year:

Jupiter-Neptune = Moon: little sense of reality; the tendency to lose oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, and wastefulness.

Though I sincerely hope that monitoring where the money goes by way of Recovery.gov will actually prevent waste and fraud, still I am compelled to report to you the Astrology of the matter.

Feb 25, 2009

Save Money: make Peace not War

If Pres. Obama's pledge to include war costs within the annual budget is kept, won't it become even more obvious that it's Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld's wars that have skewed our nation's fiscal position?

In 2008, when Bush, Bernanke, and Paulson began the econo-crisis drumbeat, I wondered if an imminent financial collapse was primarily about the US' Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan expenses taken on since the coup of the Bush-Cheney regime - war by fiscal slight of hand.

And that perhaps 2008's dramas of secret meetings and rushing back to Washington to inject trillions into the system were, to them, a necessary attempt at hiding this fact, plus, hiding how they had cleared out US coffers while they had the chance and no one could stop them. Kind of like setting the barn afire after you've stolen the thoroughbreds.

Now Rep. Barney Frank has written a few words which may be of interest to everyone, especially those who said pre-March 2003: America can't afford years and years of war, you obscene profiteers, you.

And the reply I always got was: America is too rich to fail: Turns out...not so much:

Cut the Military Budget

By Barney Frank

Those organizations, editorial boards and individuals who talk about the need for fiscal responsibility should be challenged to begin with the area where our spending has been the most irresponsible and has produced the least good for the dollars expended--our military. #

But do spend more to better care for the medical and re-employment needs of the men and women whose lives have been forever changed by George Bush's illegal, ill-fated, lie-based, and oil-grabbing wars.

Feb 24, 2009

Pres Obama speaks 2.24.09, US Saturn rising

Zounds! Information Clearing House has done it again - come up with some apt quotes for today's crap that governments of the world are hawking to its subjects:

"Every single empire in its official discourse has said that it is not like all the others, that its circumstances are special, that it has a mission to enlighten, civilize, bring order and democracy, and that it uses force only as a last resort. And,sadder still, there always is a chorus of willing intellectuals to say calming words about benign or altruistic empires."

Edward W. Said, author of "Orientalism 25 Years Later," CounterPunch.org, 4 August 2003.

(That's because the world domination agenda has infected academia as well as media, banking, business, religion, and politics. They're 'willing' all right.)

"If the citizens neglect their Duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the Laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizen will be violated or disregarded."

Noah Webster - (1758-1843) American patriot and scholar, author of the 1806 edition of the dictionary that bears his name, the first dictionary of American English usage.

(And prophet, imho. He expressed himself perfectly here, agreed?)

~Above quotes may contain my own italics.~

Information Clearing House


Yes, I have studied this evening's chart for Pres. Obama's address to a joint session of Congress, his first, where he is to "lay out his comprehensive approach to confronting our economic and fiscal crises," says the White House website.

Scheduled for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Mars Hour, we find 14Lib34, the natal position of Saturn in America's chart (Sibly; July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, PA) so our Saturn (responsibility; work; restriction; accountability; managers; authority) is about to be discussed.

Hopefully, the fact that Saturn is Exalted in Libra, an Air or mental sign, may help us figure this mess out. But the clock is ticking, with Saturn the ruler of Time.

Actually, this brings up America's natal Sun-Saturn square which shows our nation's early inferiority complex. But after enough experience, this square can become a very useful aspect even though success may not come easily - hard work and concentration are required.

In fact, this is a 'one step' or 'one day at a time' aspect, so I'll be listening tonight for words along those lines; or 'don't under-estimate America's potential," or perhaps something about "starting at or near the bottom" (re-training for jobs? restructuring systems from near-scratch?)

If our present lack of confidence - in markets, banks, leaders, etc - can be overcome well enough, we'll find again our natural self-assurance though it will be less buoyant than before. But more of Saturn's realism is no bad thing!

Perhaps we should 'retrain' our positive attitude toward, and love of, enterprise and hard work in order to get this recovery show on the road, no matter how long the dusty trail turns out to be.

And 9:00 pm in Washington is mere minutes beyond tonight's New Moon 6Pisces35, which I'm glad of - better than a few minutes before. We'll see how plans mentioned tonight are going come the next Full Moon (in 2 weeks, the Culmination stage.)

That we're poised at a new cycle of activity is obvious. Keeping the self-interested critics with their whines and dramatic flourishes - sour grapes from sore losers - in proper perspective while being certain their lies are exposed, will be big challenges going forward under the hazy, veiling influence of a Pisces New Moon.

Especially within the Politics of a not-so-revealing Washington, DC.

Obama adminstration letting us down on torture

The whole truth is needed from the Obama adminstration concerning prisoner torture. Falling back on Bush-Cheney tactics won't be good enough.

Makes me wonder what were the contents of the mash note Bush left in the Oval Office's desk drawer for the new president to, one assumes, profit by.

Perhaps it contained a "Please don't march me to the Hague" plea?

Raided lobby shop to get $8 mill in earmarks

Okay, we all need to squawk over this one.

The omnibus bill for the government's 2008 - 2009 budget season is hiding, at the least, a dirty little $8 million secret...make that was hiding.

How many omnibi does spendthrift Washington need? Are we-the-people to be left with nothing? Common-gooder that I am, the way I see it is this: the bandits of Washington, on Wall Street, and in CEO hide-aways and central banks are either for us or against us. But perhaps the response to that line in the sand goes without saying since 2008.

When Bush played president, the phrase was a fear-mongering tactic.

For us now, it's the life and lives of our nation or ___?___.

Why, even my old Aunt Granny Fanny is ready to lock 'em all up and throw away the key!

Feb 23, 2009

Comet Lulin and Saturn hooked-up and visible!

The Great Cosmic Coincidence of Feb 24, 2009

Space Weather News for Feb 23, 2009

COSMIC COINCIDENCE: What are the odds? On Tuesday, Feb 24, Saturn and Comet Lulin will converge in the constellation Leo only 2 degrees apart. At the same time, Comet Lulin will be making its closest approach to Earth--the comet at its best!-- while four of Saturn's moons transit the disk of the ringed planet in view of backyard telescopes.

Oh, and the Moon will be New, providing dark skies for anyone who wishes to see the show.The best time to look is around 1 am Tuesday morning (your local time) when the planet-comet combo ascend high in the southern sky.

To the unaided eye, Comet Lulin looks like a faint patch of gas floating next to golden Saturn. Point your backyard telescope at that patch and you will see a lovely green comet with a double tail.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for full coverage including photos, sky maps, and a live webcast.


'Golden Saturn'!! With my four natal planets ruled by Saturn, I'm suitably behooved to hear the Old Man described so glowingly especially since he has a rather bad rap sheet.

And you know that in the tropical zodiac, which applies for most of us western astrologers, the Lulin-Saturn hook-up is occurring in Virgo, but be that as it may, I have hopes of nabbing a peek at them at 1:00 am est in the morning.

Most comets I've been able to view from my deck, so I figure no matter how cold it is, I can mosey out there and give it a go!

Feb 21, 2009

Possible arrest due in Chandra Levy murder case

If you've heard the news that police are on the verge of making an arrest in the Chandra Levy murder case, you may wish to check out Christopher Warnock's site because he did much excellent work on the case at the time and correctly predicted that Levy was dead before it known for certain, the location of her remains, and that strangulation was a possible cause of death.

Or if you'd like to take a look at the charts yourself, here are details:

Chandra Levy
Apr 14, 1977
1:46 pm est
Cleveland, OH

Last seen:
Apr 30, 2001
7:30 pm edt
Washington, DC

Last email sent:
May 1, 2001
10:45 am edt
Washington, DC

You may remember that Ms. Levy was an intern in Washington and involved with married congressman, Gary Condit, who was inundated with negative publicity, and subsequently lost his bid for re-election. Condit sued and won an out-of-court settlement from three tabloid newspapers for an undisclosed amount.

This sad case made a huge impression on me in 2001 and I also did much work with these charts which were 'lost' when my then-pc crashed and burned in 2003. So today I've placed them back in my files and will be most interested to see who, if anyone, police arrest for committing this heinous crime.

My best and warmest wishes go out to Ms. Levy's parents who deserve answers and closure concerning their daughter's too-soon demise.


Update Oct 9, 2010: the Chandra Levy murder trial is scheduled at last to begin on October 18, 2010. Here's one opinion concerning the suspect's guilt or innocence. Will governmental cover-ups be revealed?

Feb 20, 2009

Henry Ford on the US monetary system

Here's a Quote Sandwich for you with Henry Ford and Dick Armey as the bread and spent-out US consumers as the filling:

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

Henry Ford (1863-1947) Founder of Ford Motor Company

"The entire world economy rests on the consumer; if he ever stops spending money he doesn't have on things he doesn't need -- we're done for."

Bill Bonner - Editor of The Daily Reckoning - April 3, 2003

"Three groups spend other people's money: children, thieves, politicians. All three need supervision."

Dick Armey - (1940- ) US Congressman, TX-R

Above quotes compliments of the Information Clearing House Newsletter which could use a new subscriber like you!

Decapitation, Venus, and Fixed Star Algol

An excellent article, Decapitation and the Muslim World, by Nina Shen Rastogi, concerns the historical significance of the practice of beheading one's enemies.

Did you know that France guillotined its last criminal (hopefully it was a fair trial...?) in 1977?

And Christian Crusaders beheaded 10,000 Jews and Arabs in the Temple of Solomon during the capture of Jerusalem in 1099.

Now that's the sort of outrage that's difficult for anyone to forgive or forget - and thus the devouring spirit of revenge, the dark side of Venus, moves across the globe through the centuries.

Islam's symbol of the Crescent Moon and a Star intrigues me yet it actually pre-dates Islam. The most I've found on it so far is that the Star may represent Venus which often appears shortly after sunset along with the thin Crescent Moon which marks the first day of the month in the Islamic Calendar.

This makes sense, yet the association of neck and throat with the sign Taurus has me considering the meaning of the malevolent Fixed Star, Algol, which signifies intense female passion and rage.

As you know, the shadow side of the sign Taurus includes intolerance which Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others have deep trouble containing to the world's detriment.

Algol, according to Bernadette Brady, signifies female kundalini energy, and a consuming passion that devours with anger and outrage with an unconscious compulsion to take revenge. (Brady's Fixed Stars.)

Plus, the waxing Crescent phase of the Moon is the 'crisis in action' stage.

Even in the Old Testament, we find one mention of a beheading when David slew Goliath with a stone, then cut off his head. I assume the extra violence was symbolic, especially with Algol being the brightest star in the Gorgon's head (Ptolemy.)

Here are the keywords for Algol (Beta Perseus; 26Tau10) from Brady's book mentioned above:

to lose one's head; decapitation; damage to throat and neck; sickness; violence; criminality; murder; horror.

And Diana Rosenberg noticed that Algol is active in charts of harmful fires.

Also known as Caput Algol, this binary star appears to 'blink' every 2.86 days for about 10 hours: Algol is at its worst influence when dark.

Its partner 'star', actually a cluster in Perseus, is Capulus (cap = head) which is the male intense passion of ruthlessness, savagery, and rash anger. Male kundalini energy!

Nice couple, eh?

So although I can find no online reference to Algol as the star with the Crescent Moon which is found on various Muslim countries' flags, it's difficult for me to ignore the connection between Taurus (throat/neck) and decapitation which implicates Algol as that star.

Or perhaps it is 'only' Venus as the star in the Islamic symbol of Crescent Moon and Star - Venus, who becomes vicious and takes ruthless revenge when scorned.

After all, on 9/11/01 it was transit Venus 18Leo24 triggering the Eclipse degree of Nostradamus' 'King of Terror Eclipse' of Aug 11, 1999...plus, Venus is implicated as the heavy in the Mayan Calendar puzzle of Dec 21, 2012.

Any thoughts one way or the other?

Employers use recession to justify layoffs

Now this is what I've been saying about corporations and smaller companies hiding behind the recession to do their dirty work - and mucking up our economy worse than it has to be (on purpose, I say):


Many Employers Are Just Using the Recession to Stick it to Workers

By Dave Lindorff

Whatever the truth is about where this economy is heading, one thing is clear: employers are taking every opportunity to slash employment and, if they are unionized, to hammer unions for pay cuts, even when there is no justificaton for these actions.


Woo yeah:

Give Us Back Our F****** Money

By DontPanicOnline

- Warning - This Video Report Contains Strong Language.

Feb 19, 2009

Foreclosed and forgotten?

10,000 Americans Going Into Foreclosure Every Day: It's Time to Treat America's Homeowners as Well as We've Been Treating Wall Street's Bankers

By Arianna Huffington

Why hasn't the foreclosure crisis gotten the attention it deserves?


Personally I'd say the greed and corruption of Wall Street bankers and crooked politicians have run the economic system into a hole. But Arianna says it much better.

And this is good news: 'Sir' Allen Stanford has been located in the Fredericksburg, VA area, says NPR at 5:00 pm est.

New Moon in Pisces 2.24.09

If you'd like to check out the chart of Feb 24, 2009's New Moon 6Pis35, please do so.

You'll find midpoint pictures and a few pertinent asteroids mentioned; plus, Uranian planet Cupido is Rx in Libra and rising in the chart which I have set for the Capitol Building, Washington DC.

Now here's the Sabian Symbol of Feb 24's New Moon - I'm rounding up to '7Pisces' and using Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala:

"Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist."

"Keynote: The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth."

Hopefully, with the dire conditions in our nation and the world today, the Rudhyar estate will pardon me for quoting the rest because we could all use its wisdom now, imho:

Men who do not depend upon collective values, traditions, or support but seek at any cost to be true to their individual self and destiny almost inevitably face some kind of crucifixion.

They are sustained only by the power within them, to which light above answers. The symbol tells us: 'Be true to thine own self, and in the midst of the outer confusion displayed by those surrounding you, you will realize what you really are as an individual--a son of God.'

Happen what may, everyone!

Comet Lulin now visible to naked eye

Space Weather News for Feb 18, 2009

COMET LULIN UPDATE: Comet Lulin is approaching Earth and brightening rapidly. Observers say it is now visible to the naked eye as a faint (magnitude +5.6) gassy patch in the constellation Virgo before dawn. Even city dwellers have seen it.

Backyard telescopes reveal a vivid green comet in obvious motion. Just yesterday, amateur astronomers watched as a solar wind gust tore away part of the comet's tail, the second time this month such a thing has happened. Lulin's closest approach to Earth (38 million miles) is on Feb 24; at that time the comet could be two or three times brighter than it is now.

Browse the gallery for the latest images.

SATELLITE DEBRIS: More than a week has passed since the Feb 10 collision of Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251 over northern Siberia, and the orbits of some of the largest fragments have now been measured by US Strategic Command.

Today's edition of SpaceWeather features global maps showing where the debris is located. Only 26 fragments are currently plotted, but that number will grow as radar tracking of the debris continues. Check back often for updates.

Feb 18, 2009

Geronimo's descendants sue Skull and Bones

Although I've heard rumors of this before, it seems the lawsuit has been filed Tuesday (2.17.09) against Skull and Bones on behalf of Geronimo and his kin - read about in the Yale Daily News.

'Bout time to get Geronimo's skull back where it belongs! Give it up, Bonesmen. Otherwise you'll seem even more the power elite thieves - with Taft and Nazi fetishes - that many people believe you to be.

Planets this week: the power of 10!

This week several planets have resided at 10th degrees: Venus in Aries, Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius - and by the pre-dawn hours of Feb 22, the Moon will join in to spark a lovely line-up of Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars in Aquarius.

'10' relates, of course, to 10th sign, Capricorn, and thus to its natural house (the 10th) which links with Career, Public Status, and World Events.

Astrologer Monica Starr, author of the excellent Astrology Mundo blog, is relating the power of the number 10 with Pres. Obama's signing of the Stimulus Bill this week; plus, Monica gives her expert advice on how we may use the power of 10 within our own lives!

As an Astrology novice with four natal planets in Capricorn, I appreciate this very much from one of my favorite astrologers and I hope you'll check out her blog whenever you can...in fact, bookmarking Astrology Mundo would be highly efficacious for you, imo.

UCLA professor may know where bin Laden burrows

UCLA geography Professor Thomas Gillespie may have ferreted out the location of Osama bin Laden's 'hidey hole' based on scientific considerations.

But does the US now have the political will to nab him and make a martyr out of him on behalf of 9/11?

Well, synchronistically, here's a link to the post I published 3 minutes prior to discovering the above article, in which I mention the 79th anniversary of Pluto's Discovery tomorrow, Feb 18, at its discovery spot: the Lowell Observatory.

I mention the post because it contains a reference to bin Laden's Dec 2001 escape from the caves (Pluto) of Tora Bora so if Prof. Gillespie is correct, it's good to know where America's former (or current?) colleague, Osama, is hanging out these days.

Ron Paul on Stimulus Bill: video

Ron Paul says there were only 5 copies of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act made available to congressional members which was "business as usual," says Dr. Paul.

Perhaps someone should have snagged the copy that Boehner dropped to the floor in (mock?) contempt.

Rep. Paul is correct on their usual sorry ways, for sure, but they never seem to read - or have their staffers read - the bills they pass anyway (except the parts they may sponsor.)

So if five of them had read the thing before voting, that would be 5 more than usual! And I doubt that Boehner had time to read it before he dropped it.

Ahhh, Capitol Hill Theater...1st act 9:30 am, matinee after lunch.

Feb 17, 2009

Pres Obama signs Stimulus Bill but what did he say?

The full text of Obama's Stimulus Bill remarks are available at CNN, so get 'em while they're hot.

JD Hayworth on Hardball - video 2.16.09


Former House rep J.D. Hayworth was on Hardball last evening blaming George Soros and Chuck Schumer for the economic collapse.

Absurd! Soros and Schumer played their roles, but it took a lot of greedy people many years (centuries - see post below) to cause the world's pyramid scheme of worthless paper money to show its true (blank) face.

Now I don't know much of Hayworth's career in Congress (R-AZ; 1995 - 2007), but I don't remember his doing anything worthwhile about the monetary situation while there, do you? He played his role, too.

There was a forgery incident in 1996 (his signature forged by staff on a campaign affadavit - he fired the culprits, kept himself) but other than the fact that he was a TV sportscaster and radio journalist prior to coming to Capitol Hill, I know only what I read of Hayworth on Wikipedia.

So for some reason GOP strategists seem to have called on Hayworth to stem the tide against the many criticisms of 8 years of Republican overspend by arguing on Hardball.

This is the kind of political damage control that always reminds me of the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Jupiter, planet of expansion, money, ideals, and optimism:

'6 Cancer': "Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests"...METICULOUSNESS...

positive: high intelligence and skill in enlisting the potentials of experience for the service of self;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: unnecessary concern over everyday security. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

And here's an excerpt on '6Can' from Lynda Hill's book 360 Degress of the Zodiac: making yourself comfortable and right at home; raising money; preparation; laying the groundwork for those to come; creating a base to feel safe; taking over other people's territory (that we did.)

Visit Lynda at Sabian Symbols.com for more of her excellent work and insights.

And here's a video of Rep.Kanjorski on C-Span which Hayworth mentions above:

Davos and the Bank of England

Darryl Schoon's article Davos, Debt, and Denial just knocked my socks off...perfect for the Saturn-to-Neptune transit which the US is in process of having now.

And here's a site with details on the founding and chartering of the Bank of England on July 27, 1694, by the Jesuits.

There's much to be said about the horoscope from 1694 but I'll simply add one midpoint picture because it is now being stimulated by transformative Pluto...

Saturn-NN = tr Pluto: loss through others; giving up the struggle; suffering shared with others. (Tyl: Ebertin.)

Yes, their jig is up and so is ours, but be sure to read the ending of the above-linked article for there is a candle at the end of the tunnel.

Feb 16, 2009

Weekend Skies: Fireballs and Sonic Booms

Space Weather News for Feb 16, 2009

WEEKEND FIREBALLS: A daylight fireball over Texas on Sunday, Feb 15, triggered widespread reports that debris from a recent satellite collision was falling to Earth. Those reports were premature. Researchers have studied video of the event and concluded that the object was more likely a natural meteoroid about one meter wide traveling more than 20 km/s--much faster than orbital debris. Meteoroids hit Earth every day, and the Texas fireball was apparently one of them.

There's more: On Friday, Feb 13, people in central Kentucky heard loud booms, felt their houses shake, and saw a fireball streaking through the sky. This occurred scant hours after another fireball at least 10 times brighter than a full Moon lit up the sky over Italy.

Although it is tempting to attribute these events to debris from the Feb 10 collision of the Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251 satellites, the Kentucky and Italy fireballs also seem to be meteoroids, not manmade objects.

Italian scientists are studying the ground track of their fireball, which was recorded by multiple cameras, and they will soon begin to hunt for meteorites.

Videos, eye-witness reports and more information about these events may be found at SpaceWeather.com.


Ah, yes, apparently the fireballs are only meteoroids - not to fret, silly Earthlings!

But if you'd like an example of more fireball, sonic boom, and earthquake - yes, earthquake - reports, click Leuren Moret's article link and scroll about halfway down to the section on the Aum Shinrikyo Sect for eye-witness accounts from May 28, 1993. It's instructive and shows what certain experiments can cause in our skies.

Aren't fireballs and sonic booms occurring rather frequently these days? And 'satellite debris' from the Feb 10 'collision' being semi-portrayed as the possible cause of these mysterious celestial events may be only a smokescreen to muddy the issue...for how would we know any differently?

Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine' now a documentary

Naomi Klein's book 'The Shock Doctrine" concerning 'Disaster Capitalism' is being brought to the screen by film makers Michael Winterbottom and Matt Whitecross.

Klein's 2007 book, which details an alternate economic history of the last 30 years, will be updated by this documentary to reflect 2008's economic crisis/meltdown and is now being shown at the Berlin Film Festival in not-quite-completed form.

Naomi Klein believes that the recent banking bailouts amount to "a massive transfer of wealth from public to private hands" which is a demonstrable fact, we know. And we also know where the banks' massive debts have gone - onto the public ledger.

And Voila! Hitler's power-grabbing tactics come round once again!

Yet the documentary doesn't aspire to be a conspiracy theory ode, but a chance for the film's viewers to look at the consequences of the ideas of neo-liberalism's economic guru, Milton Friedman, and make up their minds if they agree with him - or not.

My suspicion is that the long-jobless of the US and the rest of the globe may be inspired to burn Old Miltie in effigy.

What do you think?


Here a SO'W post from July 2008 which relates 2008's economic crisis and banking bailouts with Uranus-Chiron, the 'radical political reformers' duo, and another from Nov 2008 marking the oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint at MC, the Aspirational Point of any horoscope chart, to Inauguration 2009.

You'll find links to several articles in both posts, but the second link contains Ralph Nader's 'Uncle Tom' label for Pres. Barack Obama and what Fox News did with it.

IMF plans proceed for martial law in US

Yes, you've probably seen this article from Chris Hedges, published today. But in case there's one person who sashays into this blog and hasn't seen it, I'm posting a link to Bad News from America's Top Spy because all Americans, accustomed to civil rest for decades now, should be aware that martial law is being planned to quell the 'civil conflict or disturbance' the ruling class fully expect to occur due to the worsening economic crisis (which they created for their dominion purposes - they have us in a bit of a Catch-22 trap, don't they?

And for those who doubt that the 'new international economic order' or 'New World Order' - is part of the ruling class' plan, think how desperate millions of people are in the US (and there are civil riots ongoing in other areas of the globe now) and how many sources - including the ones in the article - are predicting the same revolt in the US.

No, you may not be surprised who's doing the predicting - the International Monetary Fund - the IMF, which is the entity sitting atop the apex of the US dollars' 13-step pyramid of power according to Robert Hieronmus in his book, Founding Fathers, Secret Societies.

Who Rules the World? The IMF. And they're readying for our dissent.


See a few of my notes on the WTO's troubles in 1999 at the so-called Battle in Seattle.

Feb 15, 2009

Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan Feb 15, 1989

The year 1989 saw mass movements and revolutions all around the globe - including the toppling of the Berlin Wall - as Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune tangoed in authoritarian Capricorn, with the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune piping a social movement overture as they lined up for their Great Conjunction (3x) in 1993 in the 18 to 19 degree range of Cap.

Back up a bit and the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Uranus was exact in 1988 3x: Feb 13, June 26, and Oct 18; from 27 - 30 Sagittarius. And as you know, transit Pluto has recently plowed through and stirred up the Saturn-Uranus Conj and bringing a 'tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion' flavor to the global arena.

The Soviet Union's natal chart (Nov 7, 1917) has a Saturn-Uranus opposition, and the chart for their withdrawal from Afghanistan, Feb 15, 1989, has a tough Mars-Pluto opposition (15Tau/15Sco, the Oxen Point and Eagle Point respectively) in a Fixed (rigid) T-square with apex Venus at Angel Point(15AQ.)

This tension-filled pattern is a passionate, dangerous combination of planets, with Mars-Pluto signifying zealotry, violence, and drastic measures. And though Venus usually prefers things to be easy, as apex planet in a Fixed T-square, the inflexible energy tends to stifle partnerships through lack of compromise which causes resentment and conflicts.

Determined to have her way, apex Venus here indicates that relationships are in a rut and going nowhere; a possessive streak causes problems and there's a lack of accommodation, for normally sociable Venus as apex in a Fixed T-square is the least easy-going placement of all for this relating planet.

And with Pluto involved in the pattern, obsession, manipulation, and/or deep-rooted jealousy rear their ugly heads. This is a frustrated Venus who has concentrated steadily upon others in a way that has made them feel trapped - yet apex Venus wants her own independence.

Perhaps the 'independence' was their troop withdrawal from May 1988 to Feb 15, 1989 - especially since the Soviets had expected Afghanistan to be...dare I say it?...a cakewalk but after a long 10 years of war, the Soviets ended in bankruptcy, loss, and with the break-up of their country (sound familiar?)

What Really Happened has notes from the 'Silken Road', historical events you've surely read before about since the US, Britain, and others conspired against the Soviet Union in the arming and training of Afghanistan's mujahedeen.

So with today being the 20th anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, I wanted to read again the sorry details of the war and their 10-month withdrawal.

And if you've ever happened upon this blog before, you may have read of my intuition concerning the US that upping the number of US troops in Afghanistan seems a very bad idea for Pres. Obama and the USA.

Of course, there are many things involved in such dire decisions of which I and most anyone else are unaware, yet if you have a chance, you may as well read the above-linked article (Wikipedia has lots of pages on it as well) since apparently Mr. Obama is under the sway of those who pull the strings of war and who pine for another anti-human-race go-round at the proud country that has suffered so much already. Over 500,000 orphans were created by the time the Soviets left, and that's only part of the mayhem.

If you scroll down far enough into the article, you'll find a few rats in the oilworks - among them Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Richard Armitage, and the Carlyle Group (Poppy Bush) - so basically the Bilderberg gang is all there.

(Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the Carlyle Group meeting in Washington DC on the morning of Sept 11, 2001? Hmm. And given how the US worked against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, I've wondered since 2003 if Putin has worked against us there and in Iraq with the same fervor we showed against his country. It could explain a lot.)

And, of course, Osama bin Laden is there for the Soviet-Afghan war as well, and forming al-Qaeda in 1988 with CIA complicity.

On Feb 15, 1989 just after sunset, Moon reached the World Point of 00Cancer00 indicating global events, and Sun was at 26AQ57 (conj US natal Moon), so I thought I'd check the Images for Integration for this Air-Water combination...you may be interested to note that the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan occurred with the flavor of these two pictures, one conjuring up orphans, and one concerning something we see more clearly now in 2009:

A social worker by-passes bureacracy to save a mother and child...A childhood memory becomes the basis of a new world order. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This blend is shared natally by Boris Yeltsin, Norman Mailer, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lord Byron, who made an observation which would instruct Pres. Obama in the present temptation to ramp up US forces in Afghanistan, if he'd only listen, so I shall end this post with Lord Byron's quote.

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series that the Soviet withdrawal occurred in was the 8 South which the world last experienced on Sep 22, 2006 (29Vir) - for the US, the PE of the 2006 elections.

8S's Keywords: separation, loss, partings; to finish something and feel sad at its completion; physical injury is possible through over-straining of strength (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Yes, it's quite astounding now to think of then-president Ronald Reagan proclaiming 'Afghanistan Day' on March 21, 1989!

I only hope we won't have to watch Pres. Barack Obama fall into the same trap of thinking that Afghanistan can be had for the taking, for as Lord Byron aptly said,

"The best of prophets of the future is the past."


You may wish to visit Think Progress for further reading.

Midpoint picture: Noel Tyl; T-square/apex Venus info: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.

Feb 14, 2009

Jefferson on 'swindling futurity'

"I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 Third President of the USA

"It is no accident that banks resemble temples, preferably Greek, and that the supplicants who come to perform the rites of deposit and withdrawal instinctively lower their voices into the registers of awe. Even the most junior tellers acquire within weeks of their employment the officiousness of hierophants tending an eternal flame.

I don't know how they become so quickly inducted into the presiding mysteries, or who instructs them in the finely articulated inflections of contempt for the laity, but somehow they learn to think of themselves as suppliers of the monetarized DNA that is the breath of life."

Lewis H. Lapham, 1935 American Essayist Editor


Ah yes, and the White House looks and acts like a Freemason's White Lodge, too, with the Capitol Building as temple. Mumbo jumbo in the cellar?

Is Neptune behind the Economic Crisis?

Have I found a great article - using an astrological lens to investigate the current financial crisis - for you! Paul Wright's article is a fine example of the excellent writing in The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, as you probably know.

Neptune and Economic Turmoil goes into detail on Neptune's 164 year cycle, phases, and implications, its ongoing transit opposite the UK's natal Saturn (which opposes n Venus-Pluto in the *UK chart; therefore, n Venus-Pluto = tr Neptune: immorality; a sense of tragedy), transit Saturn's current effects on America's n Neptune, and Neptune's return to Discovery degree (23AQ; Sep 23, 1846; Return 2008 - 2009.)

As you know, Venus and Pluto relate to money, banking, and high finance through the signs they rule, the Taurus-Scorpio polarity - and thus possibly to bankruptcies.

Mr. Wright, a gifted and experienced astrologer of 30 years, says that with all the current Saturn and Neptune action involving the US and UK charts, we have the opportunity now to gain clarity and "set (our) houses in order" for it is the "unrealistic price of housing underpinning the crisis."

And as he further states, "Even the ancients warned against usury. There has to be a better way."

No argument here! I only hope the ruling class has that as its ultimate objective.


*UK chart: May 12, 1707 (NS); 00:00 LMT; Westminster, England

US chart: July 4, 1776 (NS); 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, PA
('Sibly' chart)

Also used in article: Bank of Scotland: July 17, 1695 (OS); noon; Edinburgh, Scotland; data from historical record, Act of Parliament.

Feb 13, 2009

George Bush to speak first in Calgary

Mark your calendars!

Ex-president George W. Bush is banning press and public from his first-scheduled speech since leaving office and he's exiting the US to do it. Wise move - too bad he didn't make one of those before he determined to coup the White House and bull-headedly insisted upon invading Iraq.

Yes, on March 17, our little leprechaun of war-profiteering will spread the blarney at a private event for a pro-American business group in Calgary, Canada, but I'll warn you - the above-linked article cites his approval rating as he left office as 'low 30s' yet everyone knows his nibs had dipped into the 20s (if that)!


And here's a link to the site for downloading the full text (4 parts) of the Stimulus Act which was posted for public viewing around 11:45 pm last evening:


Feb 12, 2009

Hear debris pings from Feb 10's satellite collision

Good! The Newsletter finally arrived with details concerning the satellite collision of Feb 10:

Space Weather News for Feb 12, 2009

COLLIDING SATELLITES: Experts are calling it an "unprecedented event." Two large satellites have collided in Earth orbit. Kosmos 2251 crashed into Iridium 33 on Tuesday, Feb 10, approximately 800 km over northern Siberia; both were destroyed. The resulting clouds of debris contain more than 500 fragments, significantly increasing the orbital debris population at altitudes where the collision occurred.

The Air Force Space Surveillance Radar is monitoring the clouds as they pass over the radar facility in Texas. We, in turn, are monitoring signals from the radar and you may be able to hear debris "pings" by tuning in to our live audio feed.

This is a story that will unfold in the days ahead as researchers study the evolution of the debris clouds and piece together the details of the collision.

Stay tuned to Spaceweather.com for full coverage.

NWO musings and the Obama Administration

Today I've been re-reading Leuren Moret's article Planet Earth as Weapon and Target in light of events since the ending of the Bush-Cheney years and the ongoing question: is the presidency of Barack Obama truly an improvement, or more of same?

If you've never read Ms. Moret's article and are interested in the historical roots of the New World Order movement, have a seat before you begin.

It's quite long and covers many subjects including but not limited to:

Reagan's 'Star Wars' boondoggle, the vast fortunes of old US and British families made by way of opium smuggling, the origin of the secret society we call 'Skull and Bones' (which has had many US secretaries of war, presidents, and other US politicians and business leaders as members and which institutionalizes 'elite deviancy'), Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati Society and its roots in early America, George Washington's awareness of the Illuminati in America along with Jacobinism, Hegelian philosophy imported from Germany by William Russell (founder of Yale's Skull and Bones 1832 along with Alphonso Taft), the bogusness of the "War on Terror" and much more.

Weather Modification including Hurricane Katrina (near the end of the article) and the quote from the WSJ article after Katrina, where Rep. Richard Baker stated, "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans...", exotic weapons in space, GWEN towers, etc.

As Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 'Between Two Ages' (1971):

"Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillation that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth...one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period."

One has to wonder about this week's apparent 'satellite collision' in space! Keep it in mind if you read the section on the militarizing of space and surveillance satellites, what they are capable of, and the dangers posed.

Some info on AVIARY is given - it's a group of DoD officers and scientists with a mandate to discredit serious research into UFOs (no, I'm not a UFO-er personally but there's much squirreliness going on including reports of mysterious fireballs); then there's Eschelon, which is the NSA's satellite surveillance system.

You may be interested in the details concerning the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system of 1995, too. Seems the guilty group was part of the Aum Shinrikyo Sect of scientists from Japan who were apparently fighting against the NWO!

This sect purchased a 500,000 acre sheep farm in Australia on April 23, 1993 on which to perform experiments. When they sold the farm and left suddenly in Oct 1994, traces of Sarin were found.

Ms. Moret's research indicates that, "The interests behind the Bush administration, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR - Joe Biden, etc), the Trilateral Commission (Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, and their buds), and the Bilderberg Group (Bush Sr, etc) have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within five years. They are not fighting terrorists. They are fighting citizens."

Have we not seen this dynamic in the current economic 'crisis' and the ongoing class warfare which some folk deny exists? (How can they not feel it? How can they be unaware that America has no "two-party" political system? Billions of US taxpayer monies went to rich bankers in 2008 - with no strings attached and no oversight!! Hello?)

We have massive job lay-offs, secret oath-protected meetings on Capitol Hill, corporate welfare on the rise, then-candidate Obama surreptitiously meeting with the Bilderbergers June 2008 in Chantilly VA, systems and infrastructure dissolving (perhaps by electromagnetic transmissions to speed them on toward collapse!), and with more heinousness to come.

Yes, the power elite have theirs, my friend. We do not. No secret state-of-the-art bunkers for you and me!

So I am sorry to report to you that Leuren Moret's article was published in Winter 2005 which makes 2010 the target year, and the Obama administration (sad to say) either the implementer - or merely the bridge - to a Biden-CFR presidency on behalf of the New World Order.

(If anything untoward happens to Barack Obama, will you remember reading this post? Probably not, for our American society would spiral into yet another morass of media speculations and false assumptions as cover for the truth.)

Now if you've read any of my grousings before, you know I tend to post a good bit on Eclipses using Brady's Predictive Astrology for keywords to the meanings of each Series.

So I have already noted here and on Jude's Threshold (my 'tapestry blog of Art, Astrology, Poems, and Politics' - see Pages list in sidebar) details concerning the next Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 in the 11 South Series. And at the risk of boring the 5 readers of this blog, here are the details of the 11S quoting from the excellent Bernadette Brady:

the need to make sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail and new systems are required to deal with the events brought by the eclipse; as a consequence the person will need to think of new ways of handling the issues; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.

This certainly puts things in line for 2010 since the second half of 2009 is implicated and connects current events with the last manifestation of this Eclipse Series: July 11, 1991, when Bush Sr as president was calling publicly for a 'New World Economic Order.' He's in process of achieving it now.

And here's the pope (John Paul II) from the Vatican's "World Day of Peace" on Jan 1, 2004, calling for a 'new international order' which brings in the role of the United Nations, an entity which some people believe will be used to implement world control - the morphing of the world from the 'old order' put into place a la FDR after WWII into implementation of their fondest dream, now almost realized under our inattentive noses.

So will the upcoming transit of realistic Saturn to America's idealistic Neptune 22Vir25 be part of the picture? Well, this is the 'cold water of grim reality' transit and is exact on or about August 28, 2009. It's actually been in orb of late, off and on, and may relate to job loss with Virgo being the sign of the worker and thus to the manufactured 'econo-crisis.'

Plus, the Saturn-to-Neptune transit may, I fret, be part of the above-mentioned Eclipse scenario. But it gets worse, m'peops.

Because the next Solar Eclipse (12N) of Jan 15, 2010 (at 25Cap which conjuncts US natal Pluto and all Inaugural MCs of Jan 20 noon est, DC) has this rather suspicious flavor in view of the last eclipse and what's going on in society 2009-2010:

opportunities to accept greater responsibilities can come suddenly; new commitments will most likely come as a result of another individual being unable to carry on; events which herald these opportunities may be difficult, but the outcomes in terms of harmony or self-esteem are good. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

One assumes the 'harmony' may result from population and/or mind control (see Leuren's article!) and that the 'self-esteem' is for the one who takes over the reins of power as the New World Order marches on.

Well, I apologize for posting on such weighty matters - the 200th birthday of Lincoln and last evening's Ford Theater celebration brought it on as I thought of Lincoln's nickname during his presidency...Abraham the Tyrant. And I promised in the post below to add notes on the Fist of God planetary pattern in his 1865 Inauguration chart, but it can wait being long past.

Plus, perhaps it suffices to say that the difficult pattern relates to Lincoln's assassination by someone who was, perhaps in different terms of that time, fighting against the NWO!

So the post you have here is sufficient for the day, I think, with its mention of so many of the dire issues affecting mankind and the selfish social tinkerers of chaos who bedevil the world.

And in spite of this post - believe it or not - I wish all men and women peace, love, understanding, and, above all, hope for a better tomorrow.

I love, therefore I grouse!


For further reading on the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the IMF, the World Bank, and collapsing of the US dollar and such The August Review is highly recommended.

Feb 11, 2009

Horoscope of Lincoln's Inaugurations 1861 + 1865

Horoscope of the Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861, "shortly after 1 pm" by Chief Justice Taney; Capitol Building, Washington, DC; highlighted in green.

Click chart to enlarge for Outer Notations:

1865 Inauguration in pink set for symbolic noon (because I've found no reference to its exact hour); US natal (Sibly) in blue; Lincoln's natal positions in yellow.

Chart-ruler Moon applying to a square (blockages) with nebulous, delusional, confusing Neptune, planet of the masses; plus, Moon in a national chart = the people; the public. This indicates that some idealizing of Lincoln was going on with resulting confusion, disappointment, and disillusionment.

Aries Point 00Aries15 is at MC which puts America's natal IC (Endings) in a topsy-turvy relationship to this Inauguration's MC/IC axis with USA's natal MC at 1861's IC (IC is connected with death as one type of Ending.)

11th house of Groups and Associations has a zealous, violent duo - Mars conj Pluto in intolerant Taurus. I mention the Mars-Pluto conj in this manner because multi-term presidencies may be represented by the first Inaugural chart as a whole as well as the subsequent charts so I believe this violent combo relates to the war and to his assassination.

Yes, we know what the nation's passions led to soon after Abe's 1861 Inauguration - the Civil War (Apr 12, 1861; 4:30 am LMT, Charleston, SC - with the Mercury-Neptune conj rising but with Mercury 24Pis56 and Neptune 29Pis57 = ASC: potential overreaction to others; being exploited.)

As you know, Pres. Lincoln was assassinated on the evening of April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theater in DC where all the festivities are happening as I type this evening. Pres. and Mrs. Obama are scheduled to attend, last I heard, and BHO may make remarks after the program.

But back to the 1861 chart:

South Node rising gives an isolation/loneliness feel to the chart along with an 'alone in one's field' flavor to this presidency.

Mercury-Neptune = MC: to go the wrong way; lies; far-reaching plans; sympathy.

The radical political pair of Uranus-NN is also at MC...

Uranus-NN = MC: joint goals; professional recognition.

You see rebellious Uranus 8Gem08, which is near America's natal Uranus 8:55 (lower left has the dates of USA's triple Uranus Return - note #3 is April 1, 1861); 1861's Uranus has just crossed Lincoln's natal IC indicating a major change of residence (White House) along with domestic and family disruptions and separations which affect Career (MC) as well.

NN is conj the most recent Solar Eclipse in the 7 North Series (and 20Cap is a critical or crisis degree); 7N's flavor is one of deep, long-hidden passions suddenly surfacing (Brady) such as in the Civil War when brother fought brother.

Well, there's much more to say about the chart and the often gloomy Pres. Lincoln, but PBS' "Looking for Lincoln" has come on and I want to concentrate on the program.

But one more thing I should note here which you see marked in pink : 1865's Inauguration had the unknown-at-the-time Chiron, the Wounded Healer, conjunct Sun 14Pis11 within 23 minutes...just over a month before his death.

This circumstance is echoed in Lincoln's natal chart for the star connected to healing and rebalancing - Ras Alhague - rose on his day of birth as Mercury was at IC - his words and oration (Mercury) are healing (Ras Alhague) even after his death (IC.)

I will continue this post asap (or start a second one) and include a startling planetary pattern in the 1865 Inauguration chart - a Fist of God among other factors.


Further reading:

America's Library on Lincoln;
R. J. Norton on Lincoln, his assassination, and John Wilkes Booth; Lincoln's 1865 Inauguration, and NPR's recent feature.

Happy 200th birthday to Pres. Abraham Lincoln, whose sense of humor inspired him to say: "If this is coffee, bring me tea. If this is tea, bring me coffee."

Obama "fearless" on economy? + EU's natal planets

Here's an interesting view from abroad on Pres. Obama's economic stimulus bill, his chances for success, and some details on how the EU is handling similar financial issues.

The European Union was hatched at midnight CET of Jan 1, 1958, Brussels, Belgium. Here are the entity's astrological particulars, beginning with Rising sign/degree, and including this afternoon's transits (tr) in italics.

You'll notice much action by way of several transits in 5th house of Gambling, Risk-Taking, and Creative Ventures:

ASC 29Vir36;

2nd cusp 23Lib35: Jupiter 28Lib35; Neptune 4Sco26; NN 8Sco40;

3rd cusp 23Sco38: Mars 6Sag10; Saturn 19Sag26; Mercury 26Sag49 Rx;

IC 29Sag29: Sun 10Cap01; tr Pluto 2Cap36 ; tr Mercury 27Cap20 ;

5th cusp 5AQ22: Chiron 14AQ50; Venus 15AQ17; tr Mars 5AQ38 ; tr Jupiter 8AQ46 ; tr NN 9AQ15 ; tr Chiron 21AQ17 ; tr Sun 23AQ20 ; tr Neptune 23AQ55 ;

6th cusp 5Pis31; tr Uranus 20Pis59 ;

DESC 29Pis36; tr Venus 6Ari41 ;

8th cusp 23Ari35; SN 8Tau40; Moon 10Tau23 ;

9th cusp 23Tau38;

MC 29Gem29;

11th cusp 5Leo22; Uranus 10Leo49 Rx; Pluto 2Vir08 Rx; tr SN 9Leo15 ;

12th cusp 5Vir31; tr Saturn 20Vir15 Rx; tr Moon 24Vir+.

The speculator pair of grand visions - Jupiter/Neptune in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values form a midpoint picture with NN...

Jupiter-NN = Neptune: lack of clarity in objectives of being or working together; sharing the spirit but not much else, esp in the way of grounding. (Tyl.)

Here are the rest of the EU's natal midpoint pics...

Jupiter-Pluto = ASC: being known as an organizer or special achiever (Tyl); prudence; the desire for power (Ebertin.)

Mercury-Pluto = Jupiter: publicity; persuasion brings success; gaining a good reputation.

Saturn-ASC = NN: unpleasant circumstances with others;

Neptune-MC = Pluto: the supernatural as a professional focus; strange happenings on the job or in the home. ~:~

As you see above, restrictive, somber Saturn will be conjuncting ASC when the venerable lesson-bringer reaches 29Vir36 in October 2009, a time of facing reality, being accountable, and being ones true self (whether you want to or not.)

It will be May 2010 before disruptive rebel Uranus crosses the DESC and moves into 7th house, possibly causing break-up within the Union or at least a new way of partnering - and, of course, Uranus reserves the right to act as catalyst earlier or later than expected.

Also in early 2010, as 5Cap is reached by tr Pluto, the god of the underworld and/or the secret hand will be within 5 degrees' orb to natal Sun 10Cap02, a time when power issues surface and aggression and intensity are highlighted.

Circumstances may provoke resentment and resistance toward those who are perceived as manipulative or who have more power and control; the EU could become more formidable during the transit of Pluto to natal Sun.

Natal Jupiter 28Lib35, in 2nd house, is conjunct the degree of the EU's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) which is in the 14 North Series, and whose keywords are:

a most peculiar family of eclipses heralding an acute time of confusion in relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, and possible illness; despair, a draining of energy (and of money??), and peculiar events; clear judgments are difficult as the eclipse affects the chart - there's too much confusion and possibly delusion to make important decisions. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The 14N Series last manifested on Nov 13, 1993 (22Sco) and will occur next on Nov 25, 2011 (2Sag.)

Michael Moore seeks Wall St whistleblowers for new film

If there are any more whistle blowers on Wall Street please contact film maker Michael Moore - he's lookin' for ya!

Moore is promising confidentiality, so you decide how involved you want to be, but give him a shout-out and tell what you know of the real story. Please. This is a film everyone needs to see.

I'd like to know more about what Rep. Kanjorski talked about on TV yesterday - about the $550 billion electronic run on US banks which occurred within about 2 hours...I don't have the link on me, but you can access the video of Kanjorski by moseying over to jude's theshold because I just posted it there.

Feb 10, 2009

Stimulus plans and WTO warnings 2.10.09

WTO Chief Warns of Looming Political Unrest


The global economic crisis could trigger political unrest equal to that seen during the 1930s, the head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) said in a German newspaper interview Saturday. #

~"Warns" of it? They're banking on it! jc~


The Farts Of Compromise: Hacking The Stimulus

By Danny Schechter

"Last month, another 600,000 Americans lost their jobs," Mr. Obama said. "That is the single worst month of job loss in 35 years. The Department of Labor also adjusted their job loss numbers for 2008 upwards, and now report that we have lost 3.6 million jobs since this recession began." #

In case you missed it, the Senate version of the stimulus package passed this afternoon (61 to 37) with 3 Republicans riding on its coat tails...Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter. Secret meetings and conference calls have already occurred but officially the Conference Committee is tasked with melding the House and Senate versions into one passable bill.

All this is occurring while Mercury, Rx at the Inauguration, traverses his 'shadow period' until leaving his own shadow and making his way forward early next week, in time for a signing under TV's limelight, I'll wager.

And so, as George Harrison once said, "I'd be quite prepared for that eventuality."

Yet here is Paul Krugman telling which of the badly needed provisions - for the most needy, of course were gutted from the bill.

But you know those Republicans - they'd resign from Congress before they'd feed a hungry child whose mama needed...gasp!...Food Stamps!

(Just kidding - of course they wouldn't resign. And they do know the money belongs to all taxpaying Americans, right? After all, we're the ones who pay. They're the ones who forget to pay.)

Feb 9, 2009

Astrology of the Fed and 2009

This morning I've been attempting a mild catch-up on Astrology articles concerning 2009 - especially those relating to the economic crisis. I've just read one by Boots Hart, The Recessionary Reserve, where the Fed's Scorpionic Midheaven and natal chart are discussed in useful detail including the Fed's Solar Returns 2007/08, and more. Not to be missed!

Hart says that the Fed's Scorpionic balance is "out of whack" while everyone has gone into 'me first' mode due to fear, one of the more negative traits of Scorpio.

If you haven't checked out this article yet, please do.

And while at Daykeeper Journal, you may also wish to visit Crystal Pomeroy, who gives her overview of 2009 which, Crystal says, is "a portal of great challenge and equally substantial opportunity."

Crystal covers 2009 as a year of '11' which is a master number of potential transcendence allowing us to "transmute obstacles and limitations into a higher good."

Thanks, Crystal! A higher good is exactly what a saddened and beggared world could use and, as you say, each of us can contribute in our own way even while highly paid Washington politicians continue fiddling their fearful tune.


A Note from Georgia: three more banks were shut down here over the weekend. My own has morphed into Wells Fargo which seems to be working okay so far. And Gov. Purdue has ordered state workers to take every other Friday off as a furlough - without pay.

Feb 9 2009's 'dusky' Lunar Eclipse + Comet Lulin

Space Weather News for Feb 8, 2009

DUSKY LUNAR ECLIPSE: On Monday, Feb 9, the full Moon will pass through the outskirts of Earth's shadow, producing a penumbral lunar eclipse. The event will be visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading of the northern half of the Moon. Maximum eclipse occurs between the hours of 1400 and 1520 UT (6:00 am - 7:20 am PST).

The timing favors observers in east Asia, Australia, Hawaii and western parts of North America.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for a visibility map, animations, and more information.

COMET LULIN UPDATE: The plasma tail of Comet Lulin, torn off by a solar wind gust on Feb 4, has already grown back. Also, observers in dark-sky locations report that the comet is now visible to the naked eye as a pale "fuzzy patch" in the constellation Libra before dawn.

The comet is brightening as it approaches Earth for a 38-million-mile close encounter on Feb 24. See the latest images in the Comet Lulin Photo Gallery.


Speaking of Australia, my heart and best wishes for your safety go out to my friends in Australia, astrology and otherwise, on the worst wild fires in Australian history. And if there are culprits to catch, I hope you catch them! jc

Feb 8, 2009

Is Panetta strong-arming the press?

A reporter has had some of that 'strong-armed paternalism - aka, POLITICAL POWER' - of '18 Capricorn' used against him by a Panetta staffer so you know I think of 18Cap's Sabian Symbol for the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune - three times in 1993.

(I use their conjunction of Oct 24, 1993, 1:11 pm edt - see chart here if you wish.)

And let me not forget the 'Images for Integration' for the NWO's Sun Sco (1:19) - Moon in Aquarius (conj US ntal Moon, we-the-people)...

Sun Sco-Moon AQ: 'A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from a crysalis, in perfect form, a sublimity of nature's intelligence.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Seems to me that in 2009 there are several 'hovering hawks' and they're circling the globe as the spying eyes in the sky they are while gathering 'intelligence' on every global inhabitant.

Feb 5, 2009

Consumer Confidence way back in Oct 2002

Here's a walk down memory lane into US financial territory a la Oct 2002 with pre-Iraq-war economic murmurs, outsourced jobs au revoir, lowered consumer confidence, and post-9/11 shakiness all rolled into one ball of wax now melting at a bank near you...

Obama appointees: spotless in Washington?

The Obama adminstration has come upon what may turn out to be another snag with the appointment of Republican Judd Gregg and his staffer's connection to disgraced lobbyist and criminal kingpin Jack Abramoff who has been, it is said, singing like a bird while in prison.

For Obama, Washington malfeasance is making the search for an honest (enough) man in our nation's capital a hard climb up an insurmountable mountain of mountebanks.


Feb 4, 2009

Mercury Returns to 2009 Inaugural degree

On Feb 15, 2009 at 2:06 am est, Mercury returns to 00AQ41, his degree in the Inauguration 2009 chart, if you're interested in reading a few of my notes on this Mercurial happenstance.

More power for the Fed?

Paul Volcker, advisor to the president is saying that he's against giving more power to the Fed but if he expressed reservations about the possibility because the Federal Reserve Bank is an association of private citizens who would them have more power over the US government than before, I'm not finding it in this article from The Hill.

"War on Terror" a crock of bogusness

There are many posts published here at Stars Over Washington, a blog I began in Oct 2005, and I have no idea when or where I've blurbed my disbelief in the propagandistic tactics of the so-called "War on Terror."

Obviously there are posts here and at my other blog, jude's threshold, relating to Nostradamus' famous 'King of Terror' Eclipse of August 11, 1999, a watershed solar eclipse which ushered in the New Millennium (also termed the 'King of Alarm" Eclipse), and which relates to finances, the upshot of which we've seen since 2008's (manufactured) economic crisis/meltdown.

But Eric Margolis is better able to line up his thought ducks in a row over the manipulative political thespianism that took over the US government some years ago, so check out his article when you have a mo:

The Bogus 'War on Terror' - Glasnost In London - War Fever In Washington

By Eric Margolis

Two senior British officials have created a sensation by finally speaking some hard truths that contradict all the lies spewed out by Washington and London about the bogus "war on terror."

Feb 3, 2009

Pluto Night and the International Year of Astronomy 2009

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy and the Lowell Observatory is having a celebration of Pluto's 1930 discovery.

In honor of Pluto, dwarf planet of the Kuiper Belt, the Lowell Observatory's blog feed has been added in SO'W's sidebar - have a click and check out the astronomical goings-on.

As you know, one of Astrology's glyphs for Pluto is a capital P and an L melded together which stands for 'Percival Lowell'.

Yet it's astronomer Clyde Tombaugh who gets the credit for Pluto's discovery at the Lowell Observatory on Feb 18, 1930, with Pluto 17Can46 Rx.

On the evening of 2.18.30, the Sun was in AQ, Moon in mid-Scorpio, giving these Images for Integration:

Sun AQ-Moon Sco: 'A scientist dissects a scorpion with great tenderness and absolute precision...A researcher presents his findings to colleagues at a Science for Humanity conference...Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' (Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

And so, precisely 79 years later, the celebration is set for February 18, 2009, when a Pluto Night program will be presented at the Observatory.

Perhaps you remember the New Horizons spacecraft which was launched toward the dwarf planet in Jan 2006 and could reach Pluto in 2015, if all goes well.

For Pluto Night, planetary scientist Will Grundy, a member of the New Horizons team, will speak on recent discoveries about Pluto and its neighbors, which should make for fascinating listening.

And Kevin Schindler will give a presentation on his research into Pluto's discovery which was "the dramatic culmination of a dedicated search program from this Observatory" - the Lowell Observatory of Arizona.

If you're in the area on Feb 18, I hope you can drop in for Pluto Night and let me know if you do!


image: Moss Cave Observatory, drawing by jude cowell 2009; from my Secret Moon Art collection.

New World Order plans going well, thanks

Here's a tri-article round-up about events which follow the new world order script to a T - are these authors warning or inciting?

He said, "obsolete"!

Notice Putin is helping set the stage further for the demise of the US dollar - the power elite's plan all along, and Putin had massive amounts of help from our political and business 'leaders' who are in on the game. Strikes and street riots are a part of their agenda too - they expect them and are prepared to take control:

A Bankrupt and Discredited Country - The Era of American Leadership Is Over

By Paul Craig Roberts

With another swipe at America's failed economic leadership, Putin said it is time to get rid of virtual money, false financial reports, and dubious credit ratings. Putin proposed a new reserve currency system to "replace the obsolete unipolar world concept."


It's Not Going to Be OK

By Chris Hedges

The daily bleeding of thousands of jobs will soon turn our economic crisis into a political crisis. The street protests, strikes, and riots that have rattled France, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuanina, Bulgaria, and Iceland will descend on us.


A Stealth Bomb in Obama's Stimulus Bill The Nuclear Industry's Latest Money Grab


The desperate, dangerous nuclear power industry has dropped a $50 billion stealth bomb meant to irradiate the Obama Stimulus Package.

Feb 2, 2009

Ground Hog Day 2009: 6 more weeks!

Update Feb 3: some sources are saying Beau didn't see his shadow - that sounds better but now I'm more confused than usual!

Original post begins here:

Well, here in Georgia, ground hog General Beauregard Lee saw his shadow today, too, so it's to be 6 more weeks of winter for the southeast.

The Yellow River Game Ranch has Beau's particulars and some historical info on the quaint custom of an animal giving weather advice to Spring-starved human beings.

Yes, I know that Atlanta supposedly represents the weather for the entire southeastern US but I live a couple of hours away from 'Hotlanta' and I can tell you that we often miss its storm systems' ice, snow, winds, and/or rain.

But be it far from me to argue with a hairy little critter who's scared of his own shadow! And you know that must describe a politician or two in varmint-infested Washington - I'll just have to figure out who they are and make sure they keep their galoshes and mittens at ready.

Feb 1, 2009

Fake 911 calls will get you 10 + the Battle in Seattle

Anyone being influenced by the triggering of Fixed Star, Denebola - to go against society - should be fully be aware of the stakes:

Fake calls to 911 bring SWAT teams but some of the perpetrators are caught and in prison as I type...don't become one too, Sparkie.

(My suspicion is that this is one of America's many broken systems which are in need of refurbishment, replacement or upgrade and which may falter even more around the time and after the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 until the end of the year and into 2010...the next Solar Eclipse is on Jan 15, 2010 '25Cap' in the 12 North Series when someone will be unable to carry on and another must take over in lieu; opportunities for greater responsibility although events may be difficult. ~Brady's Predictive Astrology)

Odd, but I had just watched 'Battle in Seattle' for the first time a few minutes ago, then walked to the pc, turned it on, my portal page came up, and voila! There was the above-linked article.



Battle in Seattle, as the protests were dubbed by the media:

World Trade Organization (WTO), ministerial meeting, Seattle, Washington, USA, the universe; Nov 30, 1999; Pluto/Chiron midpoint = Sun 7Sag59/ASC = sunrise 7:40:54 am pst; Mc 2Lib08; Moon 16Vir13 in 9th house; in 8th house: NN 5Leo38 (so USA having a Nodal Return when associations are formed; US has a Nodal Half-Return coming up in April 2009. Wish The Dragon would gobble itself all up and leave innocent people alone.)

A Great Conjunction occurred one month later, Dec 30, 1999:

Kicking off the New Millennium were Pluto and Chiron, who together signify plutocracy, oppression, primal violence, corporatism, colonialism, racism, fascism, totalitarianism, communism, commercialism, statism, and other -isms that most folks would prefer to stay away from.

And naturally, we may put together these nuggets: corporatism + statism = fascism. Yeah. The world is having occasion to recognize the devouring monster once again big time.

The 4 to 9 degree area of the Gem-Sag polarity is no picnic = 'nuclear degrees' with '5Sag' being a degree of flight. Pres. Bill Clinton flew in (in the middle of the night of Nov 30 - Dec 1) after being assured that his pretty mind and precious patootie would be kept safe from all harm.

During the Nov - Dec 1999 protests in Seattle, the midpoint of Saturn-Pluto (hardship; cruelty; loss; violence) was sitting astride US natal Moon (the people; the public; publicity) 26AQ03...

Saturn-Pluto = Moon: cold feelings; abstemiousness; giving up giving; renunciation; melancholy; the tragic destiny of a woman. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

And I would add: control (Saturn) by police state (Pluto) crushes the people (protestors and others caught up in the crowds - AND the exploited populations of the Third World...which continues today as resource plunderers and vultures take their profits.

Stuart Townsend wrote and directed the film, 'Battle in Seattle' and though I'm no movie critic, I believe the film is worth seeing especially if you're like me and wanted to know more of Seattle and the worldwide protests (as something like 30 cities around the globe protested in solidarity) while 600+ of our guys and gals sat in jail nursing injuries.

Well, it would be no surprise to me to find out one day that the group that smashed windows and turned the protests violent (thus giving Seattle's major an excuse for ordering police tactics such as tear gas, head-bashing, and arrests before) were plants to make sure things did go violent - as a way of diffusing criticism against the WTO policies, and to push through their plans for a fancy conference where one of the film's characters said, "The conference is doomed to success."

Did a real person say that? I don't know, but it did remind me of asteroid Atlantis' keywords: abuse of power; a sense of doom.

Seems to me there was a sense of doom (for the disenfranchised, and for the 'new world order' which we watch form now with the current economic 'meltdown'...it was always in their 'cards' at our expense...never theirs); and abuses of power ran rampant over anyone who stood in the way both inside the Paramount Theater and out on the streets as Internet hook-up created a group of protesters numbering the tens of thousands...and got them coordinated in Seattle.

So it's about time I rented the DVD and returned to studying Nov 30 - Dec 4, 1999's charts for those five days that rocked the world, and I hope nothing's been said here that would dissuade you from viewing this film if you're yet to do so.

Real footage was intertwined with movie scenes and remember...

The Whole World Is Watching.

The Whole World Is Watching.

The Whole World Is Watching.