Feb 11, 2010

Make mine 'Constant Comment' with lemon

Confused by who's inviting whom to tea and why?

at-Largely has the clearest explanation of the Tea Party phenomenon that I've run across to date.

Seems the old 'Boston Tea Party' of Freemasons dressed in Indian costumes and dumping the East India Company's tea in the harbor has reached across the centuries, doesn't it? But someone's confused because there's more to the corporate angle than the GOP would have us believe now that they've appropriated what was originally a (well-deserved) grass roots reaction to bad governing.

It's a pity that America's long-standing wound of racism has taken a seat at their tea table, imo.

Yes, it was while living in Washington DC that I first tasted Constant Comment tea and fell in love with its orange and clove flavors. And if I were snowed in there this week as I once was then, I'd be having a steaming cup with my scramblies, toast, and jam. Actually, they allow cups of Constant Comment to steam in Georgia, too, and perhaps I shall indulge this morning...in solidarity.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Little did I know in the 70s that 'constant comment' would one day be a theme in my life bwo blogging. So if you have a comment to leave here, feel free! But do note that vexing or bully-ragging the host/author is not appreciated...pretend you're at a tea party and be courteous, please.
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