Jul 21, 2010

Is Obama a threat to Social Security benefits?

Can't resist posting this link so I'll know where to find it myself - it's an interview between Amy Goodman and Dean Baker concerning what's going on with current threats to Social Security by the Obama administration.

And no, I've never considered SS an 'entitlement' program especially since those of us who are self-employed have paid 100% of these taxes through the years and stupidly trusted the US gov to keep their dirty paws off it. Lockbox, schmockbox.

If SS benefits are cut and the retirement age is raised to 70 (who wants a 70-year old worker?! who???) then it will be yet another case of robbery perpetrated upon the under fire American people by their own government, or by tamping down on the government's years of wastefulness by the strong-arming from foreign entities and global fraudsters.

Now who can miss it?

Financial Collapse 2008 was engineered to make the rich richer while starving state, local, and national budgets so that an end to FDR's New Deal programs of what the rich among us call 'entitlements' (not always the correct term to describe what they want to steal) will be accepted by the general population as being 'necessary'.

Riling us up now, aren't they?
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