Aug 26, 2010

Are there Freemasons in Congress? view the video

Somehow I missed this CNN feature from months ago which purports to discuss the fact that some members of the US Congress are Freemasonry members. I say 'purports' because in the end, the topic is treated lightly with a 'well they do raise millions for charity' toss-off as if the good works done by Mason rank and file (and everyone knows they do) is all that's going on at the top of the organization's hierarchy. Puh!

Actually, author Dan Brown is given credit for bringing the idea of Freemasonry's influence on Washington to the awareness of the collective more than ever before. And many articles have been written concerning the Masonic architecture of Washington DC which used the compass and square of Sacred Geometry for its construction. (L'Enfant was a Freemason as was George Washington.)

Here's one now in which we learn that one of our several Masonic presidents, Andrew Johnson, considered himself to be subordinate to Albert Pike, a contemporary of his, and probably the most famous 'grand master' in the Freemasonry organization, at least in the US. The article makes no reference to differences between Masons and the Illuminati, and at their higher levels I'm not certain there are differences. But long-time global societies can certainly have many branches or factions and they may not all have the same goals.

Yet here I may be giving a goat the benefit of the doubt when I don't intend to - I refer to the satanic Goat of Mendes which you may view sketched out on the article's map of Washington DC.

Plus, you remember that on the morning of 9/11/01, 'President' Bush was far away from DC in Florida and 'reading' My Pet Goat upside down (itself a satanic clue) to school children, with the book's title a satanic shout-out not lost on this blogger, even way back then. I doubt the children's book author intended it satanically, but Bush and his pals did. They must have gotten a big kick out of their little 'joke' on the unaware among us.

And yes, charity work can provide good cover for real intentions, just ask Tea Party funders, the Koch Brothers. I was glad today that radio's Fresh Air shone a light on the secretive political maneuverings of the Koch Brothers (who do not do interviews.) You can listen to the program or read the text by clicking.

Here's a site with photos of the Library of Congress - scroll down a bit to view its floor mosaics with the signs of the zodiac and the all-pervasive sun disc which relates to Egyptian deities and sun (ego and will in Western Astrology) worship.

Then there's the question of eternal flames which are associated with the Illuminati Society and are said to be a mark of their involvement in the crime thus 'honored' - here's Wiki's Eternal flame page and if you scroll down to the list of where they burn, you'll find note of Mayor Michael Bloomburg lighting one for the World Trade Center. A permanent eternal flame (what I believe to be the Illuminati's 'we did it' calling card as it is with famous US assassinations) is scheduled to be lit at Ground Zero when the memorial is complete.

And the Muslim community center about to be built nearby? Politicians, their operatives, and the media roil the American public with this emotion-filled topic which, for one thing, keeps us divided and our power thus weakened...yet Muslims are Masons and Illuminati, too!

Well, to me, the culpability of certain secret societies - known to have a New World Order agenda - can hardly be more obvious but apparently some Americans will have to have a point blank statement tweeted from satan himself before they believe what's before their very eyes.


Want more? Then you may wish to read Ed Kohout's excellent analysis of the natal chart of the FDR-created SEC. FDR was the Freemason president who most changed the US government and thus our nation; any similarities noted - and touted by the media - between his presidency and that of Barack Obama are disturbingly and possibly accurate.

Plus, the horoscope of the US (Sibly version, 5:10 pm LMT) has Saturn in 10th house, Neptune in 9th, so secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) is the combo to watch out for, with Saturn's sign, Capricorn, the sign of the goat. You'll find more on this topic in Ed's article. Saturn/Neptune is a very deceptive duo to have at the top of our nation's chart and relates to ancient mysticism as well.

Now all this occult-government stuff puts me in mind of the 2008 presidential campaign and the (appr) 100,000 people who listened to candidate Obama speak underneath St. Louis, Missouri's Masonic Gateway Arch on that happy Yes We Can day.

Hello? Anyone awake? If so, let's all say, No We Won't to the robotic, chaotic New World Order.


Update Saturday Aug 28, 2010: just found an interesting blog on this topic but I'm not certain it's been updated recently. The post on the abundance of DC's Freemasonry architecture takes from David Ovason's book, Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital and may be accessed here.

Note the slideshow of photos, upper right, with politicians and celebrities giving the Masonry sign/symbol which I have tended to relate to a satanic sign of goat horns (thumb and pinkie finger extended) - a shout-out to devilishness.


Anonymous said...

I wish more Congresspersons were Freemasons. There'd be more integrity and honesty in our goverment if their were.

Anonymous said...

This is so depressing... sometimes I despair for my country. Why didn't the founders plan for a more auspicious birth time? Maybe we could have avoided all this frickin Neptunian deception that seems to be built right into our foundations. Or maybe that's my ignorance talking.

jude cowell said...

Yet Masons have been in Congress all along and see what we have now!


Yes, it's depressing about the Neptunian deception but in 1776 they couldn't have known that US natal Mars was squared by otherworldly Neptune - or what it could mean in the future. They cetainly had worries for the future of the nation though, that we know.

My supposition on such things is that America's Mars/Neptune square indicated deception then too and gave problems w misdirected actions - but on a totally unconscious level since Neptune was not yet brought into the collective consciousness. And of course a Mars/Nep SQ can also indicate inspired actions!