Sep 18, 2010

Meet the Tea Party candidates (video)

Alex D'Atria of GOP Thinks sent along this video with details on a gaggle of Tea Party candidates and their ideas of how to govern. The smorgasbord includes Sharron Angle and Rand Paul for your 'be very afraid' consideration.

Ah, US Politics...anything emotionally engaging that keeps the American people's panties in a twist, us at each others' throats, and the power elite in charge!

And here's an oldie but moldy concerning neocon Bill Kristol's 1993 political strategy memo which sent to the GOP on how to obstruct the health care reform that might have benefited the American people years ago. Now Tea Partisans are trying to obstruct the GOP's easy slides into Capitol Hill, and in some cases, the same for Democratic incumbents.

Now on a personal level, I find this political theater tres amusing.

But on a business-of-the-people level, any Tea Partisans who make it all the way and have ideas such as those expressed in the above video could manage to gridlock the political process more than they help our nation. Yet schizophrenically, I do agree with Tea Party activists that something needs to be done about how establishment Washington politicians have undermined our country and sold the American people down the tubes toward a global internationalist New World Order. So far I've yet to hear any of them approach topics in those terms, have you?

And because it's a common trait of human nature that ego games are played in every area of life (especially where money, power, and prestige are concerned), I have doubts that the Koch brothers' funded Tea Party movement, if victorious, will be any different than the same old egotistical power plays we've always seen in Washington - only the team members' names will be changed.

My suspicion is that switching middle management will make little if any difference, for Washington politicians' habit of succumbing to blackmail to keep their positions, and the control of politicians by powers behind the throne and 'special interests', will continue.

Meanwhile (though it may be entertaining) Tea Partisans seem to me to be playing on the bottom rungs of power when real decisions are made far above - where ballots are counted, and from whence our cat's paw presidents are installed.

Why, a Tea Partisan newly seated in the US Congress would be a mere kitten tangled in yarn! And ripe for very easy sabotaging, I might add.

Yes, it is most unfortunate for America's future as a sovereign nation that the infestation of Washington DC needs a lot more than out-of-the-mainstream candidates challenging traditional GOP and Democrat power bases to successfully clear out the vermin now rotting the American woodwork.

But perhaps it represents some sort of belated start.
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