Dec 25, 2010

Who really really runs the world? video

Here we have nearly 11 minutes of the Alex Jones Show where the capstone and the rest of the Pyramid of Power are revealed by Mr. Jones. And naturally, one of Glenn Beck's favorite bogeymen is in the mix: old George Soros, who has his role to play in the power elite's march toward a one-world-government, as do other puppets of the New World Order.

Every Institution Infiltrated

Now dark forces work through all these human minions with their power concentrated within the top 100 families at the pyramid's capstone of Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the so-called 'Windsors', and other vultures. (If you haven't, see the back of a dollar bill for the 13-step Pyramid of Power with its detached capstone. These uppercruster don't socialize with underlings, except for special occasions such as Bohemian Grove gatherings, as Alex explains above.)

Difficult topics for a Christmas Day? Yes, but so is the fact that 'Christ's Mass' is a Roman-Pagan holiday which Prostestants through the years have unwittingly accepted while their religious leaders busied themselves selling out and forgetting the original 7th Day Sabbath whose very name makes it impossible to totally forget that Saturn's Day is what we call Saturday, and is, in fact, the 7th Day of the Week.

A glance at a calendar shows it!

For as you know, the Fourth Commandment is the only one that contains the word Remember (the Sabbath Day...) so I wish more Protestants as a group would remember the day's place in the hierarchy of Time. In fact, the Sabbath is a 24-hour 'Window of Time through which we may see Eternity'...all the way back to the creation of our planet and race. And that's something the Vatican doesn't want us to remember for it would undermine what they consider their authority, embedded within the Vatican's decree that Sunday, the first day of the week dedicated to the Sun (ego), is the Sabbath!

Astrologers in particular note the cyclic nature of Earth's week - every 7th day is the 7th Day, all the way back to God's example to us for resting upon same and keeping it sacred or holy, when we are to abandon what we do for money the other 6 days of the week. (No, I don't blog for money. The common good is more my thing, believe it or not.)

Whew! What brought this on? Christmas Day coming on Sabbath brought it on for me along with finding Alex Jones' visual aid of drawing the Pyramid of Power which, after all, addresses issues of worldly power, a fleeting goal to chase if there ever was one.

So have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas and a restful Sabbath, too, and get ready for 2011's Republican shenanigans which will beggar the lower classes even more than they've already done. For although the poor will always be with us, we don't have to risk our eternal salvation enabling Washington politicians to steal the few pennies and the last shred of Hope the weakest among us have left.

Yet there is another reason I thought to write about this today.

As you know, Chiron is considered the 'Christ archetype' in any horoscope. Well, the 112th Congress opens on January 5, 2011 at noon est, and rising at that moment is US natal Chiron in Aries so we may expect that Wounding and its twin sister, Healing, are on the rise in America!


For in depth Political Astrology analyses, you may wish to visit the excellent Neptune Cafe. And for more personal analyses and down-to-earth insights, Julie Demboski's Astrology is highly recommended.

Update 12.25.10 11:11 am est: now that I've had a chance to watch the Up Next videos on the Alex Jones TV stream above, I recommend its viewing to you especially for what Alex calls, "Big News!" concerning Glenn Beck's calling out people who will target Beck, Jones, and others for the blame over a new false flag op meant to 'heal' Mr. Obama's credibility gap with the public, a la Clinton/Oklahoma City Bombing, and Bush-Cheney/9.11.01. Both administrations saw much higher poll numbers after those catastrophes, for the public longs to have decent government to cling to in times of collective troubles.

Admitting that the US government can be - or is - an instigator of the 'terror' it so obviously and constantly promotes is difficult (for fear is one of the tools that keeps the masses under thumb), yet identifying and facing our demons is the only way we'll vanquish them and restore to ourselves a nation created of, by, and for the people - what sovereignists such as myself continue to call The United States of America.

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Anonymous said...

Changes with the Vatican is something we can all belive in some recent money laundering and the long standing institutionalizations which can promote a toxic environment with sexual abuse an the like, as I say when there is a clear separation between church and state and what America stands to be with immigration (from Mexico) we can all be aligned with the same common purpose. Who can lead a country? toward a univeralist utopian ethics; churches? social engineering? eugenics and health care reform, insurance companies, science in medicine (we all have different stakes, no pun intended). God is Greatest