Dec 11, 2010

'WikiLeaks and the Fall of America' (Max Igan video) and our US Saturn Return

Is WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a CIA plant, a whistle blower with a conscience, or __other__?

What do you think the WikiLeaks embroilment and subsequent calls for Assange's assassination are really all about?

Max Igan the promised (threatened) release of internal docs from Bank (Robbers) of America is one very good reason why Assange has been pursued and remanded to a Victorian-era jail in London...detained on a dubious complaint without bail (bail hearing next week, I believe.) It's a he-said/she-said situation of mutual interest that the shes didn't want him to be prosecuted for. Trumped up, say ye? Or was his surrender an excuse for Mr. Assange to receive rescue?

After all, the Midheaven degree (The Goal) at his surrender to police last week in London has this Sabian Symbol upon it: "A Drowning Man Rescued"...hmmm....?

Crazy? Yes, but who will be next if we allow this gagging of free speech to stand? By degrees they harangue and seduce us. By degrees.

From the video image above of Blind Justice lifting high the (Libran) Scales of Justice to Igan's refrain of 'accountability' for global criminals, this audio/video presentation helps demonstrate the current cosmic atmosphere in the US: we're in the midst of a national Saturn Return which began in earnest this month and stretches well into 2011.

Yes, Saturn's return to its 1776 degree (14Lib48; with Saturn exalted in Libra) may time America's often-predicted 'fall from grace' (which a 10th house Saturn portends if one doesn't own up to Saturnian requirements for taking responsibility, acting in a mature and steady way, and accepting accountability for past actions when the piper presents his bill - have we?) so our nation's Saturn Return 2010/11 is a very important transit which cannot be ignored, no matter how cravenly the US government conspires to cover up further WikiLeaks revelations with the biggest 'State Secrets' shovel they can muster.

Yet you should be advised that Mr. Assange's possible status as a corporate and/or government and/or Vatican shill is under quite a bit of consideration behind the scenes of this blog, and perhaps I may get back to you on that before the worm turns or the jig wheezes out. Plus, we'll want to see if the Vatican comes in for more scrutiny as the weeks go by...or if it, like Israel and Zionism, are given a virtually free pass by WikiLeaks.

Meanwhile, I do hope you'll benefit from watching the above Maxwell Igan video for they always display rather psychedelic, cosmic visuals along with useful informational fare so if possible, take 14 minutes or so of your time to view Igan's presentation while pondering the WikiLeaks Saga - which the media is apparently using as quite a hypnotizing diversion, as Igan points out.

And you, dear reader, may remember that that's one of my mottoes: when politicians say, Look Here! always glance in the opposite direction where you might be able to discover what they want so desperately hope to keep hidden from your gaze!


SO'W sends admiring kudos to Senator Bernie Sanders for his recent 8-hour-plus filibuster against the tax-relief-for-the-rich legislation which also takes a swipe at Social Security! Where in Congress are the American middle class' other champions? Lining up to protest the president's devils' agreement, I hope.

Blog Notice: if you dare, check out the latest political poem now posted @ Lim's Limericks: Assange the Limerick. If you don't find it in very poor taste, then we must have similarly odd senses of humor! jc
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