Feb 7, 2011

A Liberal caller makes Rush sputter over Reagan (audio)

So seldom does conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh find his oft-touted "Ronaldo Magnus" script successfully interrupted by facts that I simply had to add this audio of his show from February 4, 2011 so that I may easily access it at any time for a replay. A self-described liberal, Mike Stark, calls in and leaves El Rusho on the verge of speechlessness with a simple question though Limbaugh manages to recover his poise albeit feebly (and...fade out.)

This clip was sassily snagged from a post at Crooks and Liars which makes some interesting points of its own about the presidency of Ronald Reagan but you can find Stark's original post with the same audio and a transcript of his call at Stark Reports.

Rush's confused sputtering is complimentary!

So today I'm sending happy kudos to the excellent Mike Stark because, after all, I always *knew it was You, Reagan. And then on Feb 2nd I helpfully posted here a Gipper Worship Alert for the unwary.

Yes, conservatives go on idolizing what really was only an imperfect man who put his pants on one leg at a time while they work so very very hard to fit him into their current political standards of what a conservative ought to be, circa 2011.


*Post contains an image of the horoscope-with-details of President Reagan's signing of the deregulatory Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982, a link to the celebratory speech he made that day (which I consider his "jackpot speech"), and other pertinent links and info. And if you're still expecting a trickle down jackpot...sucka!
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