Feb 11, 2011

Ron Paul on the folly of US foreign aid (audio)

On this occasion of Hosni Mubarak's ouster from power in Egypt, have a listen to Rep. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk of February 7, 2011 concerning the folly of sending billions in US foreign aid overseas and, irrespective of moral considerations, the fact that America cannot afford to continue "buying friends" in the Middle East.

The only thing I miss in the excellent Dr. Paul's messages and political stance is his neglect to mention the overarching agenda of the global power elite toward world domination. Perhaps he has discussed or written about it somewhere but so far I have missed the reference. Yet he cannot be completely unaware of who's behind the mad rush toward totalitarianism but I firmly believe the shadowy 'they' (a la the pyramid of power with its all-seeing eye of Horus) could pull him from his service on Capitol Hill if he oversteps certain bounds!

Another note of interest is that the Great Seal of the United States has the same Egyptian motif on its reverse and some have speculated that the presidency of Barack Obama is intimately associated with this white-to-black, obverse-to-reverse paradigm shift of our consciousness at the top of America's power structure. And mentions of black-white, etc, relates to Satanism's dualistic habit of saying one thing when its opposite is actually meant.

This paradigm shift and symbols on the Great Seal point to the much-touted Manifest Destiny theory for America. More on these things in a future post if all goes well.

So speaking of symbols, let's look at the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Ic (Home; Foundation; Roots) in the Sibly horoscope which conjoins the Aries Point (00Ari00) of World Events. Rounding up from 00Ari53, we have...

'1Ari' = "A Woman Rises from the Ocean, a Seal Is Embracing Her"...REALIZATION (an obvious reference to the creation - Ic - of America as Bacon's 'New Atlantis', and to our nation's Great Seal.)

positive expression: an illimitability of experience of which anyone can take advantage under any or all circumstances;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a failure to find a place in life because the self cannot separate itself from its own private obsessions.

Hmm. Here I stand with Ron Paul: America should quit obsessing over other nations' affairs and meddling in them, and start taking care of her own people who are mired within their current disadvantageous circumstances.

And stop hiding behind the shield of the Great Seal of America in an over-reaching, paternalistic attempt to take over control of the entire world.

(Sources: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, Solar Fire software, and yours truly added 'unconscious/shadow side' to the interpretation.)
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