Aug 11, 2011

"Corporations are people" w pockets, too (Mitt Romney video)

This campaign tussle starring Mitt 'corporate' Romney and a scoffing audience at the Iowa State Fair turned up today on the Thom Hartmann broadcast and I resisted placing the video here as long as I could.

Really I did!

No, really!


If you wish you may view a solar (sunrise) natal chart for second-time-around GOP candidate Mitt Romney with a few non-edited details which I posted in August 2007. See if you can spot my mention of 'pockets' then, too--deep ones!

For as you know, deep pockets are pretty much an American institution among our leaders since 1776...the Sabian Symbol for US natal Jupiter 5Can56 is '6 Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"--a more poetic way of saying, Lining Their Pockets.
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