Feb 24, 2011

Does Glenn Beck have a secret? video

Off on a weekend spree so I'm leaving you with a 15-minute video full of points to ponder if you may.

As a companion, perhaps a brief astro-peek at the natal placements of the dramatic Mr. Glenn Beck would be in order. You'll also find an Alex Jones video in the post which concerns the global elite.

Government Shutdown New Moon 3.4.11 w Shutdown 1995

Thinking of a potential government shutdown on March 4, 2011 if Washington politicians can't do any better, I searched for info on the last time they came to outs (with the rest of us stuck in the middle.)

Government shutdown 1995 actually occurred in two clumps: Nov 14 through Nov 19, 1995 and from Dec 16, 1995 to Jan 6, 1996. I remember the disgust we-the-people felt that they couldn't do things any better than that, and the relief when the varmints infesting Capitol Hill resumed business.

The primary combatants in 1995 were President Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich after Clinton refused to sign the budget bill of the Republicans.

For a glimmer of the budget shutdown issues entrancing Washington on December 7, 1995 I scouted out a video from the C-SPAN Video Library for you. It's about 3 hours long but is worth the time if you're interested. As you see by the date, the program was broadcast in between the two shutdown episodes and it includes several issues such as a discussion of the Gingrich ethics probe. An appearance by Sander Levin is worth noting as well.

One important midpoint picture from late 1995 into 1996 pops out:

Saturn-Pluto = Neptune disguised uses of power; defects in planning for important activities (my fret: that in 2011, they've refined their methods); improbable effects from excessive activities of the past; unstable life situation because of the inexplicable, because of fear; falsehoods, lies, frauds; a desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; shattered nerves. (Munkasey; Tyl; Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply, as below.)

There were several difficult transits to the US natal horoscope in 1995 and 1996. Some of the major ones are:

Tr Saturn opposes n Neptune 22Vir25: hidden agendas and secret activities are ill-tolerated and can paralyze circumstances; unfavorable time for financial speculation and for learning the truth. (exact: May 13, 1995, Aug 31, 1995, and Feb 3, 1996.)

Tr Uranus conjuncts n Pluto Rx 27Cap33: abrupt changes to familiar ways of life; situations are forced requiring adjustments; disturbing conditions create hidden fears; transitions interrupt past areas of control and manipulation. (exact: Feb 5, 1995, Aug 15, 1995, and Nov 25, 1995.)

Tr Neptune opposes n Mercury Rx 24Can12: facts and figures are confusing or elusive; accurate records are prone to error, deception, or loss; fanatic ideas take hold; networks of colleagues or friends become undependable or disappear altogether along with goals. (Their Goal? To make Clinton look bad to the American people just as the potential shutdown on March 4, 2011 is designed to trip up President Obama - along with the GOP's general take-over plan for a one-ruling-party government, then as now.)

This transit began didn't become exact until April 2, 1996; there were five hits, the last one occurring on Nov 14, 1997:

Tr Neptune conjuncts n Pluto Rx 27Cap33: dissolution of power; treachery, poison, or plague can remove the current leader or the system.

As you know, Bill Clinton was re-elected and sworn in for his second term on January 20, 1997 in spite of the R v D political theater which involved a shutdown of the US government - and Clinton's sexcapades. Bill was a wily cuss, wasn't he?

Will They Shut Us Down Again?

The potential shutdown date is March 4, 2011, and on that afternoon a New Moon occurs @ 13Pis56, in 8th house of Shared Resources and Debt with the chart set for the Capitol Building. Also in 8th H are Mercury, confused or deceptive in Pisces, and disruptive rebel Uranus at a troubling 29th degree of critical conditions (29Pis36 direct.)

ASC 17Leo19 brings chart-ruler Sun's applying aspects into focus yet there is only one (shared by the Moon, of course): an inconjunct from Saturn Rx 16Lib02 in 3rd H.

Sun inconjunct restrictive Saturn, planet of government, indicates taking advantage of others or of being taken advantage of; it describes a taking-things-one-step-at-a-time condition with a vibe of eagerness to be accepted by others. That Saturn is Rx may be help or hindrance to the question of a shutdown since delays are indicated. Unfortunately for the American people, the delay may describe the cessation of governmental workings.

Moon inconj Saturn shows undercurrents of guilt, uneasiness, and exploitation. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the people, as you know; representing the people on Capitol Hill has become an elusive goal for our recalcitrant politicians.

Now the New Moon falls at apex of two midpoints: one, Mercury/Mars is one of strong opinions and with Sun there, we find great determination to succeed; with Moon, we have a potential for clearing the air by talking things out, and emotional quarrels.

And last but not least: the Uranus-Neptune pair of enlightenment, the new world order culprits from their Great Conjunction/s of 1993 ('18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER = neg: smug or strong-armed paternalism, which to me sounds like the 2011 version of the Republican Party forcing their methods, fanaticism, prejudices, and agenda upon our nation.)

Uranus-Neptune = Sun: impassivity; impressionability; lack of vitality (uh-oh); vaunted self-regard.

Uranus-Neptune = Moon: a sense of being on the right track to do one's best; emotional convictions, real or imagined.

Well, that's a brief astro-peek at the issue of government shutdown 1995 v 2011. Let's close with the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon of March 4, 2011:

'14Pisces' = "A Lady in Fox Fur"...TASTEFULNESS...

positive expression: high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: amoral opportunism.

Hidden Agenda 2011

The 3 days prior to the New Moon and just after are the Dark of the Moon when secret activities and deals can easily take place under the table. That we-the-people would be harmed by a shutdown with 2011 financial conditions so dire for so many is a given, but we'll see whether a shutdown of Capitol Hill Theater proportions actually occurs and which political party suffers most for it during Campaign 2012.

Feb 23, 2011

Ron Paul's PAC raises $700,000 in 24 hours! video

Well, Stars Over Washington almost completely ignored this Monday's Presidents Day 2011 but meanwhile, Rep. Ron Paul raised $700,000 for his Political Action Committee within the 24 hours - and may run in 2012!

Audit then Abolish the Fed!

For a view of Rep. Paul's natal solar (sunrise) chart with its Fixed combo of Sun Leo-Moon Taurus, click here. And with his Uranus in Taurus, Dr. Paul behaves (sign of Uranus) like a stubborn, values-preserving Taurus!

Feb 22, 2011

Rallies Across America: We Are All Wisconsin (2.26.11)

This pass-along arrived in a MoveOn Newsletter and it sounds like a great idea for American workers to rally this Saturday (Feb 26) in support of those in Wisconsin now on the front lines. Besides, the front lines are arriving soon to a pension or paycheck near you:

50-State Mobilization to Save the American Dream

Calling all students, teachers, union members, workers, patriots, public servants, unemployed folks, progressives, and people of conscience:

In Wisconsin and around our country, the American Dream is under fierce attack. Instead of creating jobs, Republicans are giving tax breaks to corporations and the very rich, and then cutting funding for education, police, emergency response and vital human services. The right to organize is on the chopping block. The American Dream is slipping out of reach for more and more Americans, and we have to fight back.

We call for emergency rallies in front of every statehouse this Saturday at noon to stand in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin. Demand an end to the attacks on workers' rights and public services across the country. Demand investment, to create decent jobs for the millions of people who desperately want to work. And demand that the rich and powerful pay their fair share.

We are all Wisconsin.

We are all Americans.

Add your endorsement and this Saturday we will stand together to save the American Dream.

Clicking below will add your name so you can start spreading the word:

Call for Action.

Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Lenore, Joan, Justin, and the rest of the team

P.S. In addition to allies like PCCC, Color of Change, CREDO Action, Democracy for America, Campaign for Community Change, National People's Action, TrueMajority, US Action, Progressive Majority, and Courage Campaign, green jobs visionary Van Jones has joined this call to action as well. His inspiring words from The Huffington Post this morning are worth quoting:

"In the past 24 months, those of us who longed for positive change have gone from hope to heartbreak. But hope is returning to America—at last—thanks largely to the courageous stand of the heroes and heroines of Wisconsin.

Reinvigorated by the idealism and fighting spirit on display right now in America's heartland, the movement for "hope and change" has a rare, second chance. It can renew itself and become again a national force with which to be reckoned.

Over the next hours and days, all who love this country need to do everything possible to spread the "spirit of Madison" to all 50 states. This does not mean we need to occupy 50 state capitol buildings; things elsewhere are not yet that dire. But this weekend, the best of America should rally on the steps of every statehouse in the union."


Further reading: It's spreading as Indiana Democrats Flee to keep from voting on the now-obvious Republican slash and burn campaign to collapse America by undermining the states.

John Wheeler death a "targeted hit" says widow

Here's a recent update on the mysterious December 2010 murder of former White House aide and bioweapons expert John P. Wheeler reporting his widow's opinion that her husband's murder was a professional "targeted hit".

And she and the Wheeler family have been treated like "criminals" during the police 'investigation'! Mr. Wheeler's body was apparently thought to be permanently hidden in a dumpster, but peep-eye!

In this entire sorry tale it sounds like the fix is in to me. What do you think?

Feb 21, 2011

Grandstand in Libya: jets open fire on protesters

Quick Update: Two Libyan Pilots Defect, Say Ordered to Fire on Protesters. My personal bravo! to them for retaining their consciences. And I notice that they flew to Malta to do it.

Original post from earlier today begins here:

If so, this is very bad news: Libyan jets open fire on protesters as Gaddafi & Son make a grand stand of doom against their own people whom they obviously consider to be 'expendable'.

And why? To grasp the reins of power more tightly within their reptilian claws.

You know from Lord Acton that "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Just look at America...

...going around the globe corrupting the leaders of every nation into doing the bidding of a totalitarian new world order.

I am ashamed of my government. With my Pisces Moon to soak up collective moods and influences, I have become a *Disappointed and Disillusioned Woman. Yet I know that no defeat on this Earth is final until our Creator says it's final! In that mission the usurpers have already failed.

For He Is Risen!

*The Sabian Symbol for 21AQ...CLEARANCE: pos: the self's inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback; neg/shadow side: the acceptance of all defeat as final. (Jones.)



Further topical reading: Bolshevik

Horoscope: Libya (w Feb 21, 2011 transits)

See CNN's timeline of the unrest in Libya, and here is this morning's coverage on NPR - have a listen if you missed it.

Last I heard (on Democracy Now!), over 300 Libyans have been killed in the last few days. Wonder how many are in prison as I type? Sad to say, perhaps not as many as in the US literally and by ratio. We've become a prison nation in the US, make no mistake. The neocon right wing cabal are in process of kicking us out of our own country, economically and every other way there is - then it's on to rule the world!

Well, since my ancestors 'settled' the place (and some were here to welcome early settlers) about as much as the next American, I fail to see why the United States of America suddenly pretends to have no responsibility toward her own citizens. Yet I speak primarily for those who suffer since my government doesn't bother with them much. Income taxes will go up for the working poor in 2011, btw. Not so brilliant, that. Regressive. And it's immoral to kick someone when he's down, imho.

Now when I say, the Underdogs of society, I mean the oppressed and disenfranchised sprinkled among us. Whether it's loss of a family home, pensioners robbed by Wall Street tycoons, those who've been secretly ripped off by greedy inside traders behaving like Enron energy-diverters (all gangs of thieves, like the Mafia), and other criminal elements within the environment and the environs of Washington DC, NYC, and Chicago. (But let's not talk about a Southwest being purposefully overrun by Mexican and other drug and sex trade criminals; one engineered result: weakening of a US border for easier eventual assimilation into a planned North American Union of Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Yes, the power elite may think the formation of an NAU is a cinch, yet the EU has cracks a mile long and fissures from financial fixations galore.

For just as in the US, the rich (and the monarchic) classes of Europe are fearful of being forced to 'pay' for the Underdogs' bowl of chow and of having to provide a pillow upon which the Fidos of the world may rest their weary heads (a case of attempted population control.) That wealth is now concentrated within 1% of the global population is the world's big trouble, not pensions and Social Security benefits being paid to people who will infuse the funds into local economies and make a real difference in our plight.

Eternal October Surprise!

Obviously, the GOP's laughable Trickle Down method of Economics doesn't work and the societal misery this has caused since the Reagan era is why President Obama's surrender to the GOP on extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich was unconscionable (and daft, if you're actually concerned about our nation's budget, economy, and our international credit rating.)

Yet anyone who knows the true identities of the shadowy string-pullers of the global crime syndicate or cabal (aka, the power elite) also knows that you cross them at your peril. Bribery and blackmail are their favored tactics to enforce compliance with their strong-armed script and to assure their victims must focus upon achievement of their group aims. Election-stealing is a given with this crowd. And yes, murder may be necessary.

So! On that unhappy note, let's switch gears and take a look at the 1951 natal horoscope of Libya with her society now in turmoil. My prayers are being sent out on behalf of the safety of the Libyan people: may your Guardian Angels draw near and guide you to your highest good.

Chart shown: Independence of Libya December 24, 1951 00:00 am CEDT (historical record); Hour Moon 29Lib04 in 2nd house in critical 29th degree; Sun 1Cap16 w Chiron 4Cap27 in 4th H; Mercury 16Sag59 Rx conjoins Ic 16:01.

Chart ruler/Midheaven ruler Mercury applies to a sextile w Mars (0A32) and a sextile w Saturn (2A53); Saturn-Pluto = Asc: assessing how to work with those who have power and influence; an environment that gives the impression of silent power or continuing influence; placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances; separation; bereavement.

Marked on the horoscope, upper right, I've added an interesting double transit: tr NN (the public; encounters) to natal Sun (leadership), and tr Sun to natal NN; Sun/NN = 'the will of the leadership as expressed in speeches (ex: last evening's); creating bureaucratic structures; allies or associates who send added help or inspiration (an astro-peep-eye to Washington on Presidents Day 2011?); political associations that eventually do more harm than good; a loss of respect due to unfortunate treaties, alliances, or mergers. (Sun/NN: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Over the weekend, some protesters in Morocco have chanted against America and their government's willing collaboration with the US in its sloganistic "war of terror" which is meant as cover to justify all actions taken by the American Empire. I sadly imagine that the same sentiment exists in Libya and elsewhere across the region. They know it's about oil, other natural resources, ancient treasures, and the extension of US (NWO) power and domination over the globe. Why don't we?

Outside the chart highlighted in green are approximate positions of transits for today, Feb 21, 2011; you see Libya is in process of having a Saturn Return (as is America 14:48 - accountability has landed, if ignored things will only be worse later) and has just had its Jupiter Return on Feb 17, 2011. Jupiter in Aries can be hotheaded yet entrepreneurial; an opposition between the societal planets Jupiter and Saturn throws 'fear of failure' into the spotlight as Jupiter's expansion principle and Saturn's restriction function duke it out.

As the fever for democracy and fatigue with tyrants continues to spread across the Middle East (over the weekend, Morocco), Gaddafi's tough-talking son addressed the nation of Libya last evening promising to fight until "the last man, the last woman, the last bullet" - quite a bullheaded and stupid threat.

It Does Seem Another Regime Is Over...

With the nation's royal Jupiter in Mars-ruled Aries, the Libyan army must be vast in number yet a miscalculation may occur here as it did in Egypt so recently: many if not most of the soldiers in the Libyan armed forces are related to the protesters on the streets, share their grievances, and therefore, may not respond as forcefully as Gaddafi & Son command, if at all. (Gaddafi may have high-tailed it away already!)

The end of 1951 was a time when tr Uranus (freedom; independence; rebellion) approached a square (obstacle; blockages) with idealistic, dreamy Neptune in Libra indicating generational energies which are in constant conflict without knowing quite why (freedom-progress-hyper-awareness v dreams-ideals-illusions); rejecting social obligations under this square leads to the corrosive effects of political subversion and loss of support for the government.

The Uran/Nep square also implies that unconscious consent is given to living under leaders with an insatiable lust for power and who consider the people 'expendable'. Yet there is dynamic energy within the square (90 degr) which aids the populace to challenge those who abuse power with righteous demands that they be held accountable.

Future aims will be weakened or eroded if a laissez-faire attitude toward abusive government continues but the good people of Libya have seen the error of their past ways and are now in touch with their potentials for power and courage.

We may also see the current turmoil reflected in the nation's natal Mars-Saturn conjunction in fair-minded Libra (Air = mental energy.) Mars-Saturn is a frustrating, pent-up aspect for person or nation to have indicating hot-cold, stop-go issues (the UN natal chart has one, too.) In politics the planetary pair relates to military actions under political restrictions, an 'obligation' to use force when restraint is required, and enforcement of honor through the use of strife or struggle. (Munkasey.)

And the Mars-Neptune conjunction shows confused or deceptive motivations and misdirected energy and goals...and/or, inspired or sacrificial actions!

Some of the stimulating astrological reasons that Libya has caught the uprising epidemic at this particular time may be described by the fact that every time the nation has a Saturn Return (28-year cycle) as it has now, it involves a Saturn to n Mars transit bringing a general lack of energy, vulnerability, and complaints; organization and focus are needed as relationships are challenged or broken off altogether. Plus, a Saturn Returns brings Lessons of Accountability to the agenda with possible losses accruing - and apparently Gaddafi & Son are failing the course.

Then the Jupiter Return (12-year cycle) now repeats the natal promise of Libya's Jupiter-Saturn opposition; this is a Jupiter opposite n Saturn transit which brings a time when rules, regulations, and laws are in direct conflict with freedom so this blocks progress, success, and happiness - yet it's usually a period when it's best to hold on to what you've got, for the time being. If that's possible.

As you see in the chart, the hard, cruel Saturn-Pluto midpoint sits upon Libya's natal Ascendant 17Vir05, the position of the Great Conjunction/s of the duo of revolution, chaos, and old orders collapsing, Uranus and Pluto, in 1965/66 when their current cycle began. This indicates that the Uranus-Pluto square now moving into aspect with tr Uranus soon in Aries (and approaching Libya's natal Jupiter = taking a new and independent path!) is about to square power-wielding Pluto in governmental, controlling Capricorn which for Libya stimulates the sensitizing 1965/66 conjunction upon its natal ASC.

1965/66's Uranus-Pluto = n ASC: placed in unusual or restless circumstances; applications of force; accidents.

So with the closing square in any cycle being the 'crisis in consciousness' phase (echoing Libya's natal phase between Sun and Moon - as listed on the chart, click to enlarge), I believe the consciousness of the Libyan people has awakened to act upon and challenge the conditions set up in 1951 by the applying Uranus-Neptune square, as mentioned above, and by the effects of the cycle of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction which has permanently stimulated the national Ascendant (the country itself.)

(The planets' positions during the September 1969 coup that placed Colonel Gaddafi in charge of Libya are undoubtedly under stress, too. I mean, a rule of over forty-one years, people! And with a nepotic sprout waiting in the wings.)

Well, Bush, Cheney, their neocon/Zionist pals, and the rest of the global elite are getting what they allegedly want as the people's demands for democracy ignite the Middle East. Of course, based on the past actions of Washington and the Pentagon, I assume they prefer to keep things their way: with puppet leaders controlled by America still in charge.

But you know what they say about Best Laid Plans...


Libya's natal horoscope has been published upon a reader's request; further discussion of its features or your comments on this post are warmly invited and will be replied to if and as time permits.

Astro-Note: the world's annoying global chaos-creators are projecting their own adolescent needs for radical change - even if it means chaos - onto the rest of us in the external world, recognizing the potential and intense energy within certain planetary combinations and putting these energies to use in a commanding way to invent the future (Uranus-Chiron.)

This dynamic was born out to me yesterday while watching Alex Gibney's Casino Jack and the United States of Money
which shows the College Republican upstarts such as a very young Karl Rove, grimy Grover Norquist, and soon, Jack rain man Abramoff joining in the throng with politician Tom Delay, then the steel-hammer-wielding Godfather, formerly of Capitol Hill. Abramoff inspired them to greater depths with his Mafia-esque flair and dark connections.

Also, I again send out my support to all Pro-Union protesters in their fight to keep the right of 1 comment: Links to this post

Feb 20, 2011

Amanpour touts "emerging new order" @ 11:38 am est 2.20.11

My Jaw-Dropping Moment Watching TV's 'This Week' as Amanpour Shouts Out a NWO Feb 20, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Journalist and host of ABC's This Week, Christiane Amanpour slipped off her globalist gloves during an interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the topic of uprisings in Bahrain and across the Middle East when she asked a softball question about, " -- the emerging new order."

This code phrase for a longstanding agenda for establishing a 'new world order' (aka, a 'one-word-government') was broadcast at 11:38 am est (my time zone down in Georgia as well as that of DC, my old stomping grounds) so I set a horoscope for that time, today's date, in Washington (1.), and a second chart set for Cairo, Egypt (2.) - and some interesting chart links appear between the two capitals.

Using Sabian Symbols and the basic method of WHAT? (Asc), WHERE? (Desc), WHY? (Mc), and HOW? (Ic) for comparison between the locations, let's peek at the horoscopes of Amanpour's disclosure of her poker hand and its potential meaning in America and in the Middle East, or simply, Cairo.

Comparison key: 1. = Washington DC; 2. = Cairo Egypt.

For background, we note that her husband, James Rubin, is a former Secretary of State who worked in the Clinton administration, and is currently an 'informal adviser' to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and to President Barack Obama, as cited in Amanpour's Wiki bio linked above. That's okay, I suppose, yet Amanpour's propaganda shout-out to the global elite and their operatives who squelch the rights of populations as they 'head' puppet governments propped up by the USA (because they serve our corporate interest$), seems a subtle bit of political craft which perhaps should not go unnoticed.

That SoS Clinton is going around spouting an amazing amount of hypocrisy about US 'support' for the people in upheaval and demanding democracy is one embarrassment among many these last decades with America speaking out of both sides (US n Mars and Uranus in duplicitous Gemini - actions, motivations, and behavior - our government's old 'forked tongue'.) Liars have an ability to deceive themselves into thinking that people (and nations) will continue trusting them long after their perfidies and disenfranchisements are discovered many times over. Looking into a camera and propagandizing with a straight face is an oration talent which must be developed and coordinated if one is to be a successful shill appearing in the media circus that is US politics.

Journalism in Washington: The What, Where, Why, and How? through Astrology's Lens

Broadcast "emerging new order" in DC and Cairo Feb 20, 2011 11:38 am est/6:38 pm eet

(Note: some bolds and italics may be added by this blogger to Marc Edmund Jones' Symbols in order to emphasize topical points; 'shadow side' is my addition as well; the Angles between DC and Cairo square one another indicating dynamic energy and activity but with possible blockages and a potential for being 'blindsided'. jc)

1. Feb 20, 2011 11:38 am est Washington DC; 2. Cairo Egypt 6:38 pm eet

1. Asc 13Gem34 WHAT? = "14Gem" = "A Conversation by Telepathy": INTIMATION (conj US natal Asc; Egypt's 1922 natal Asc = 8Gem27 conj US natal Uranus)...

pos: an exceptional capacity for achievement through the more organic relationships of personality in given and pertinent connections;

neg/shadow side: attempted accomplishment through innuendo or underhanded means.

2. Asc 13Vir29 WHAT? = "14Vir" = "A Family Tree": GENTILITY...

pos: exceptional fidelity to some unique promise of self and so an ultimate achievement of distinction;

neg/shadow side: a false sense of heritage.

1. Desc WHERE? "14Sag" = "The Pyramid and the Sphinx": CERTIFICATION (was the subtle message a shout-out to Egypt? jc
pos: effective practicality through a gift for bringing real imagination to everyday living;

neg/shadow side: ridiculous efforts to fill the shoes of giants.

2. Desc WHERE? "14Pisc" = "A Lady in Fox Fur" (is that you, Hillary? jc) = TASTEFULNESS...

pos: high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light;

neg/shadow side: amoral opportunism (imho, NWO types are nothing if not amoral - jc).

1. Mc 20AQ19 WHY? 20AQ19 = "21AQ" = "A Woman Disappointed and Disillusioned": CLEARANCE (conj Egypt's natal Mc 21AQ00, 1922 chart)...

pos: the self's inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback;

neg/shadow side: the acceptance of all defeat as final.

2. Mc 12Gem29 WHY? "13Gem" = "A Great Musician at His Piano": ACHIEVEMENT...

pos: the creative assurance which contributes enduring overtones to human understanding (as in a shout-out on US TV to allies abroad? just wondering - jc);

neg/shadow side: self-defeat through a delight with momentary attention or superficial adulation.

1. Ic 20Leo19 HOW? "21Leo" = "Chickens Intoxicated": ACCENTUATION...

pos: the individual capacity for a creative self-mobilization which will enable him to rise to the needs of every possible situation;

neg/shadow side: unnecessary bondage to externals.

2. Ic 12Sag29 HOW? "13Sag" (conj US natal Asc) = "A Widow's Past Brought to Light"...RECTIFICATION...

pos: a successful employment of past failure as well as prior accomplishment in the effective integration of the personality;

neg/shadow side: callous repudiation of the self's responsibilities.

To "13Sag", Dane Rudhyar adds an interesting Keynote: The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle." (An Astrological Mandala, DR.)

Today's transits to US and Egypt natal charts include Egypt's Mercury 26AQ35 Return in progress with speedy Mercury @ 27AQ53 in Cairo 6:38 pm eet - this is also a Mercury to US natal Moon (propaganda to we-the-people! But all the political shows are that): messages and info received or given at this time relates to home, family, family property, domestic issues, security needs, the past, food concerns, and/or the emotional environment.

TV host Amanpour (and probably Secretary Clinton, too, since they shill for the same pan-international corporate 'Family' in what some call an elite-run network of global crime syndicates) use the old tactic that tends to work best for swaying the American public to a particular way of thinking: the emotional/unconscious plane of intuition. (In Progressions, it's the Tertiary Progressions based on the evolving positions of the Moon.)

Well, hopefully this post and its typings will remain readily available here so that I, for one, may refer to the horoscope if it becomes necessary. And if you, dear reader, get a smidgen of insight from this analysis, then a certain reluctant astrologer is all the merrier!

If Amanpour's NWO mention today was shout-out to someone in Egypt, perhaps it was meant for Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood (part of the global 'Family'?) as potentially becoming Egypt's New *Hitler.

Now let's include a symbol I've been wanting to publish for a while now for it's where transiting Pluto, god of the Underworld (and crime syndicates, assassins, and their ilk) has been transforming things of late. In fact, the above mentioned charts show Pluto @ 6Cap55 (in US natal 1st H, Egypt's 8th H) for Amanpour's "new order" mention which may be said to relate only to the forming of a new government in Egypt since Mubarak was run out of office by the people (Feb 11, 2011.) Yet the Muslim Brotherhood still may be or become part of the global take-over agenda of the power elite - and are perhaps being courted for their potential contribution to the cause.

The symbol for "7Cap" is relevant to our topic on various levels so I'll place it here, from Adriano Carelli's quirky, rather quaint book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac; I shall quote some of his explanation for this Egyptian-esque degree which includes intriguing info on the mystical sign of Capricorn as well as an ancient symbol of Egypt herself:

"7Cap" = "The Sphinx"

"Seer Charubel gives the labyrinth as a symbol, which is as good an image. The whole of the sign Capricorn is in fact a labyrinth, of which this degree especially stresses such scientific and engineering skill as to be really worthy of Daedalus, and drives to their utmost its defects of puzzling and selfish secretiveness.

A labyrinth: will the native be its maker or its victim? Or, like Daedalus, both at the same time? A Sphinx: is the riddle in the native's self, or waylaying him at a bend of the road he is to travel? And will the riddle be of a material, intellectual, or spiritual nature? Will there be political, or feminine, intrigue?

The Sphinx would rather not be asked questions. She is to ask them herself. {}

The riddle may belong to the domain of science, and the Sphinx watch the secrets of the physical world or the threshold of the world beyond. {}

Example: Albert of Waldstein, popularly known as Wallenstein (Moon's degree). If the registrar's data are correct, Hitler's Moon ought to be here as well. {} Kepler cast his famous horoscope of Wallenstein assuming the birth hour to be 16:30 real time, and placed the Ascendant at 10AQ and the Moon at 7:03 Capricorn." (Carelli.)

You may be interested in NPR's Feb 18 feature Muslim Brotherhood Speaks Out on Egypt where they say they will not take part in the forming of a new government in Cairo.

And here's a video of DNI Director James Clapper recently describing the Muslim Brotherhood, or some official Washington semblance of the Islamic international organization:


(*Well known are Adolf Hitler's misadventures and lootings in Egypt during WWII and his weird fascination with the beautiful Nefertiti whose famous bust remains a point of contention between Germany and Egypt for it - she - continues to languish in a Berlin museum.)

('Wallenstein' is also known as Albrecht von Wallenstein (1583 - 1639), a Hapsburg Dynasty military general ('generalissimo') who fought and intrigued on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire. jc


As you know, each degree's Sabian Symbol (word picture) functions as an Illumination Point for the degree directly opposite; this illuminates the unconscious aspects of situations and provides a counterbalance to what's at hand. Peering at such hidden info helps with fulfilling the Scriptural admonition found in Astrology and other teachings to, Know Thyself.

Feb 19, 2011

Horoscope: Facism Rising Solar Eclipse 1933 (then and now)

Update Nov 25, 2016: Donald Trump has been selected for the role of US president and many people see resonance between his white-supremacy-supported rise to power and that of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany. A single chart factor of note concerns the Fascism Rising Horoscope (shown below) with manipulative Pluto in late Cancer rising on the Ascendant for this degree area also spotlights the natal Saturn in Cancer of Mr. Trump. The Saturn-Pluto duo suggests violent people, mass murderers, and, when rising, martyrdom and victimization (Ebertin).

Original post begins here:

With a focus on societal conditions 1933 v 2011, let's look at a horoscope of the Solar Eclipse 5Pis29 of February 24, 1933.

(Click chart to enlarge. In green are highlighted many of America's natal placements but Germany's natal chart takes precedence in this post.)

Hour: Venus21AQ20 in 7th H; chart-ruler: Moon in eclipse w Sun and conjoining North Node (NN) 7Pi45, with Mercury 18Pis58 in 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Court Systems, and other institutions of society; far-distant lands and populations are in the mix as well with this Watery eclipse in the dual sign of The Two Fishes, Pisces, one of the archetypal significators of Franklin D. Roosevelt v Adolf Hitler. Another is that power-mad Pluto is in Cancer near Fixed Stars Castor and Pollux, the light twin-dark twin dichotomy or archetype of the constellations. My thought is that those in US politics now want to paint FDR as the 'dark twin' and abolish his social improvements of the 1930s and 1940s; yet the people need them enacted again and blostered to prevent further miseries befalling the Collective. Every number they 'cut' in Washington represents real people, as they well know. I further believe that the forces guiding the austerity mongers are the same as the dark twin forces active in 1933!

Which puts the benefits-and-pension-slashing GOP and all their enablers on the side of oppression, the kind that 'new world order' promoter and futurist visionary Adolf Hitler unleashed upon a public who deserved better treatment from its government. We are mired in a similar dilemma in America, circa 2011.

With its symbolic fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces represents the up-down principle which we see in society every day (ex: rich corporate executives v bums drinking in a garbage-filled alley...the well-scrubbed v the unwashed., yqcht v pig sty.) An individual may rise or sink in the world but everyone must swim at some time or another and make a go of it. In my spiritual studies, I find that the Watery quality of Pisces, symbol of Christ, is the Saved end of the Victim-Savior polarity of the Virgo/Pisces axis. The spiritual emphasis of the events and social conditions of 1933 resonate with those of 2011 through the sharing of a generational Uranus/Pluto square (to be discussed more fully below) and which undergirds the upheavals and protests now occurring throughout the world, and made easier to organize with the tech aid of Twitter and FaceBook.

Hitler was on the 'cutting edge of technology' in his day, too. Racism and eugenics played a huge part along with more accurate equipment and weapons of war; technicians and scientists colluded with the Nazis or were forced into cooperating.

Am I regressing from my topic of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933?Not really

But I wish! The natal chart of Germany (Jan 1, 1871 00:00 am LMT Berlin; historical record) has idealistic, eroding Neptune in Aries (19:01; degree of the Sun's exaltation) so 1933's Uranus, planet of disruption, upheaval, and innovation, electrified Germany's national Neptune (the masses; mass movements; media; fraud and deceit) which brought sudden events affecting the Collective while destroying society's comforts (austerity measures; theft of national resources) and diverting its dreams of the future into militaristic channels and chaos-inducing endeavors.

As a message to us in 2011, 1933's Uranus to Neptune (in Aries, sign of uprisings, riots, strikes, protests, and pioneers - tr Uranus approaches the Aries Point as I type) transit typifies an era when a spiritually-inspired aspiration to fulfill high ideals is needed by the people, yet the freedom to express social, political, religious, artistic, musical, divine, and/or other ideals is suppressed, potentially disappearing altogether.

Neptunian circumstances of loss and grief were a long time coming (then as now)) as traditions and bonds of family, church, communal sense/commonwealth, marriage, partnership, etc, were slowly eroded making them easier to topple (then as now; Hitler's desire to establish a worldwide 'new world order' shows him as the military arm of a long-standing movement toward global fascism and one-world-government - as you have noticed, they're baa-a-a-ack... - never having really gone away.)

Three days after the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse occurred, Hitler and his co-conspirators burned down the Reich stag Building of Parliament to give cover to his rise to power; eight days later, FDR was sworn in as US President for the first of his three full terms, the 4th term being uncompleted, 1933 to 1945.)

When Uranus-Pluto energies are blended or come into contact by aspect (Uranus square Pluto, then as now: frustrations, obstacles, and social improvements are explosively challenged or unpopularly implemented), we tend toward mass upheavals, riots, and strikes, as mentioned above...in a word, revolution. However, an important factor in the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse chart which we do not see in 2011, is the triple conjunction of Neptune Rx, Mars Rx, and Jupiter Rx, all in bottled-up Virgo, sign of The Critic and The Purist (eugenics; racism and 'white supremacy'.)

Lords of the Eclipse: Jupiter and Neptune, activated by Mars Rx in Virgo in the Marseillaise marching formation

Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are the Marseillaise Trio of planets and exerted their combined force during the French Revolution; the trio relates to violence and anarchy and signifies the volunteers who marched on and invaded the palace of the King on August 10, 1792 (as in Cairo, Feb 2011.) As we've experienced since the last New Millennium, terror raises its ugly head more visibly at certain times in history which turns the events of the 1790s and 1930s into societal object lessons for all who would profit by them in our generation and those whwish for better outcomes for their loved ones' futures.

(In the US, the Reichstag Fire of 1933 resonates with the 9/11/01 WTC attacks engineered in part to cover the illegitimacy of the SCOTUS-installed Bush-Cheney regime which morphed into Financial Collapse 2008 which led us into the next phase, the Obama presidency, and the *glop we're now in.)

Transiting Chiron (the Healer-the Wounded) now stimulates the 1933 eclipse degree 5Pis29 and is on-degree of President Obama's natal Chiron. What better chance to open up to spiritual energies which will guide us if we wish better outcomes during this time around in the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto cycle? Yet for best effect, Chiron's sacred warrior energy must be utilized in non-violent ways for greater success. For success established on weak moral grounds isn't success at all, at least not of the lasting variety...in the long run, beginning with a weak base brings more harm than good - and brings negative social reforms.

Another generational transit to Germany's natal horoscope in 1933

Germany's natal Uranus 25Can09 received the destructuring, transformative energies of 1933's Pluto 21Can32 (near Castor and Pollux) as the Secret Hand of the god of the Underworld (in all its forms, exs: crime, sex, drugs, the occult, psychiatry, surgery, political string-yankers and warmongers) came ponderously along in natal 10th H of Public Status and Career.

This transit describes a period when individual freedom is emphasized (then as now); career status, federal jobs and programs, and all national endeavors are exploited and/or corrupted. Yes, Pluto indicates coping skills but usually those are of a self-serving nature. Here Pluto transformed the German Collective (Uranus, ruler of AQ, here in home-loving, nationalistic, tribal Cancer) and underscored the generational effects of the activated Uranus-Pluto square in 1933.

Meanwhile, in the US, this eclipse's Pluto in Cancer visit was a Pluto to natal Mercury transit, quite a different thing: a persuasive message from a master manipulator, one Mr. Roosevelt by name (his cozy, soothing 'Fireside Chats' on the radio, a new techno-medium, started in 1933 as Hitler yelled his hatreds louder and louder. You may note that the 1933 eclipse's Saturn-Pluto midpoint 00Tau59 in 10th H conjoins Hitler's natal Sun position, aka, 'Hitler's trigger degree' because he became brutal when his Sun was triggered and tended to invade other people's territories; 00-1 Tau is a degree area of violence; tr Sat/Plu = n Sun: dominating others through strong will and determination; leadership based on effective plans and thorough preparation; enforced changes; threat of loss; hard work; illness; sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; privation; physical separation.)

Update 7:15 pm est: with its Mercury-Pluto propaganda tinge, you may be interested in Elsa's post today, US gov software creates fake people on social networks to promote propaganda. Surprised much?

A linchpin of our topic concerning the global power elite's take-over agenda and the above Saturn-Pluto conditions of 1933 is that transiting Uranus conjoined this midpoint of hardship and cruelty resulting in a mdpt picture:

Sat/Plu = tr Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; sudden acts of violence.

Now It's 2011 and Uranus in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn

As you know, in 2011 we face a similar emphasis on this revolutionary aspect as seen in uprisings in Egypt and across the Middle East. In America, union-busting (Uranus-Pluto with a Saturn tone) has set off the plutonian take-control menu and the people's combative responses yet there are differences with Pluto across the Cancer-Capricorn axis now in Capricorn (government, law, and business), a Moon-Saturn polarity of emotional depression and dearth of needs for the people with its loss of home/family/employment motif.

But Moon-Saturn also relates to the ambition and strategy of Capricorn (the sign of Satan's goat) for those in control and acting from a higher perspective or perch.

So again in 2011/12 we're mired within a square (90 degr) aspect between revolutionary Uranus and Pluto, whose current cycle began with the 1965/66 Great Conjunctions @ 17 Virgo (Civil Rights and Anti-War Protests), the position of stationary Mars on April 20, 1792 when the declaration of war upon King Louis XVI by the Girondists began the French Revolution: Uran-Plu = Mars fanaticism; the mania of destruction; a stage of bending or breaking; enormous energy; coercion.

A turbulent will of a disenfranchised populace against oppressors in high places returns as a thread running from 1792 (and prior) to 1933 and on to 2011 and beyond as the human spirit yearns to be free.

Image: 'Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse' 5Pis29 Feb 24, 1933 12:43:50 pm GMT Berlin, Germany; two interlaced YODs (Finger of God pattern = special tasks, crises, turning points, crossroads, and major adjustments.; apex Jupiter at base of a Venus-Uranus sextile; apex Venus at the base of a Jupiter-Pluto sextile); a fanatic Uranus-Pluto square is in force; Pluto-Chiron midpoint (plutocracy of oppression; disenfranchisement; primal violence; fascism; communism; militarism; totalitarianism; nationalism; racism; propagandism, etc) @ 22Gem42 conjoins the karmic 12th cusp of the 1933 eclipse (in Berlin) and also conjoins US natal Mars (military and police forces; you decide its levels of meaning since upheavals were occurring in the US as well....then as now.)

There is much more to be said of this chart and this topic, both astrologically and politically, but as usual my blogging time grows brief. So I will ask for your opinions on the matter (by Comment) and will close with discussion of the two interlaced YODs in the eclipse horoscope shown here, highlighted on the chart in orange.

Base Jupiter sextile Pluto points toward apex Venus in Aquarius which forms a mdpt picture: Jup-Plu = Venus: creative power; willingness to impress others; love of humanity; directing large enterprises that involve evaluations.

Apex Venus in a YOD formation indicates those who are out-of-touch with prevailing social values; in similar fashion to Venus Rx, relationships are viewed from a different or odd perspective with Venus's traits of jealousy, envy, and revenge directing; a sense of equality is lacking; people are driven to direct energies upon collective values; partnerships take on new meanings within encompassing social goals; refinement of skills activate bwo the YOD at a turning point or crossroads, and the welfare of the masses is affected adversely or beneficially; constant efforts toward inner adjustments and reorganization enable individuals to establish a 'new security'; the stimulation of the YOD in 1933 as highlighted by the February Solar Eclipse (a spot of stored up energy) describes adjustments in social conditions and legal affairs. The murkiness of Pisces provides a temporary mask for the era's fascists to hide behind.

Base Venus sextile Uranus points toward apex Jupiter in Virgo, part of and influenced by his compadres in the Marseillaise Trio; the mdpt picture formed is: Venus-Uranus = Jupiter: a birthing; a fortunate acceptance of new or peculiar ideas in finance, relationships, or art; innovations.

And of course, in Politics and Business, the Venus-Uranus pair describes a rising and falling treasury, a strange appreciation for financial planning, ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial resources; leaders with unpredictable vanity.

And Jupiter-Pluto indicates pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons; growth of security and spy agencies; greater powers for religious or political leaders; extreme depletion of resources; self-destructive forces stem from official corruption and moral laxity within society; tremendously potent natural disasters; criminal elements exercising great social influence; destruction of legal documents.

Well, many of the conditions of 1933 sound all too familiar in 2011, don't they?

And hopefully this dreary post concerning the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse horoscope of 1933 gives us a peek into a history that's all too closely stalking us in 2011. One of the most important things to remember (to my Flower Power pacifist way of thinking) is that social uprisings, upheavals, and protests that resort to violence stoop to the level of fascist de-humanization tactics and it's only a non-violent path that can lead to moral high ground and success for the sake of all humanity.

Yes, harder times are coming and our development of a collective communal sense of responsibility for our fellow man will play a key role in navigating the challenges ahead for it's a make-or-break situation for America and the entire world as a spirit of Fascism attempts to take over our lives once again.


Sources: midpoint pictures, Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey; YOD info from Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; Venus-Uranus and Jupiter-Pluto info from Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Chart details not given above: FDR born Jan 30, 1882 8:15 pm LMT Hyde Park, NY (astrodatabank; Adolf Hitler born Apr 20, 1889 6:30 pm Braunau am Inn, Austria, from baptismal records; Solar Eclipse 5Pis29 falls in FDR's natal 6th house, in Hitler's natal 4th house, and in the 1st house (Self; Physical Body) of President Barack Obama, born Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, HI, courtesy of a much-touted and oft-contested B.C.

The Sabian Symbol for '6Pis' = "Officers On Dress Parade" = DISCIPLINE...

positive expression: schooled self-assurance and absolute responsibility;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: unimaginative exercise of special privilege.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Though Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac adds no word picture to '6Pis', it mentions that the degree relates to those who crave and hoard money which is amassed "by a reckless personal ambition aiming at only his own success" - a commanding figure with a "career of arms" and the "combative or downright aggressive" nature of a "successful soldier."

Or not, as the case may be, if ambitions outstrip careful preparations.

*Since the glop we're now in seemingly demands the further dunning of those who have little (according to political austerity fanatics) while the elite ruling class continues to hide what it gained by looting public treasuries and ripping off consumers, I fail to see how social conditions can improve to a more equal level unless and until the embezzlers, fraudsters, banksters, and political classes are held legally accountable and prosecuted for their thefts and wantoness against mankind. And that's with honest judges presiding though we have fewer of them than we had before Bush-Cheney. jc

Feb 18, 2011

Chants of 'FOX lies!' at Madison WI rally (video)

This is great. Dissent! Speak Truth to Power. Yank Off Their Powdered Wigs! Power to the People. Non-Violence Is The Only Way (to win rather than lose.) And anyone who uses violence is against the best interests of the people (beware of [plants' in the crowd.)

We have an embarrassingly high number of Americans incarcerated behind bars and the eugenics crowd has taken over our nation. If all goes well tomorrow, I shall publish on this blog the horoscope of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933. Return, if you may, for it's very interesting in relation to current events and is an intriguing Historical Horoscope, too.

Flower Power to iFlower?

Glad the younger generations are activating themselves to stand up for American values which Do Not Include any style of politburo strong-arming (Thom Hartmann said today on his show that that's what he thinks the Rs want: a politiburo. I must agree.)

This group of fraudsters and usurpers have spirited away America's wealth (as their elders did before.) Now they want to shut the door to workers' being able to bargain on their own behalves - Governor Walker and his backers are intent on union busting.

In 2011, I should think that it would be illegal in the United States of America to disenfranchise a group of working Americans in such a way - and by taking a right away from them that they already have! Plus, their work serves the community!

These austerity freaks in Madison WI and elsewhere want to crash communities, not save them. Obviously. Unions are a powerful form of communal activity which have a history of being corrupted, yes, but if members in a particular town, city, community (or wide place in the road, for that matter) are agreeable on how their interests are being safe-guarded by union leadership, then the union should stand but continue to be accountable to its members. Corporations do it. They brook no interference at all in their activities, and they buy off politicians 24/7. If busted, unions will be starved of funds to back political candidates (and judges?) which is more than likely a big part of the GOP plot.

Teachers, firefighters, civil employees, and others who are under siege across this nation, be in contact with one another. Here in the South, I've never had a personal relationship with union members that I know of but I proudly salute you for standing up for your right to take a serious interest in your and your families' futures - don't let the jackboots take this basic human right away. Man made laws don't bestow this right for it comes from a Higher Source. Therefore, man made laws - or changes in them - have no authority to take away our sense of self-preservation.

US Political Class Purposely Radicalizing the American People

The human toll their radical actions ("cuts") are taking and will take upon this nation is yet to be fully experienced, sad to say. But The Line past which we will not tolerate oppressive government has been crossed though not all are on board yet. It's hard to see a Line in the idealistic sand when your head is under it.

Maybe things can stay as-is, they hope. Well, who doesn't wish for that? Excepting the chaos-creators mongering war and upheavals. Rising food prices are so very negotiable. And tamperable.

In this New Millennium we're being shown who and what they are. The raptor's breath is hot and dry, wolves lie in wait for the unwary and reptilian-brained politicians roam the land. Radical reforms come fast and furious now - too many at once for one person to keep up with.

Yet we all must try. So pass along what you know, dear reader, and keep in touch with all who will listen for the pen is mightier than the sword. Please don't wait for your neighbor to defend your liberty.

For with revolutionary Uranus to the Mars-ruled Aries Point, a Point of World Manifestation and the Ic of America's natal 4th house of Domestic Scene and Roots, we may find any moment (though we thought we were done) that the Second American Revolution is at hand.


A related topic? Solar Eclipse @ '30 Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution from July 22, 2009. Eclipse at a sensitized, crisis 29th degree.

Horoscope: Spring EQ 2011 set for Washington DC

Chart shown: Spring Equinox March 20, 2011 @ 7:20:50 pm edt Washington, DC; also known as the Aries Ingress 2011 horoscope.

Sun in Aries and Saturn in Libra are Exalted; there is a 'Grand Cross' pattern (highlighted in red) which includes Mc/Ic angles, and, if the Nodal axis is included, is dissociate with the Nodal axis in Sag/Gemini; ASC/DESC, Sun and Uranus are in Cardinal signs; Hour of Jupiter in a critical/crisis degree, in 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies; near Midheaven, SN '28Gem' is at a degree of Bankruptcy, the position of the Moon (the people) on the morning of 9/11/01; the effects of a major coup, the attacks of 9/11, continue to ripple and weaken the US.

ASC 1Lib03 brings US natal Midheaven to the fore (from our nation's Sibly natal chart Mc 00Lib53) and makes evaluating Venus Spring 2011's chart-ruler; Venus rules 1st and 9th houses; lower left, you see listed the two applying aspects of Venus (how things will proceed): trine Moon 5A00, then conjunct Neptune 7A06.

1. A Moon/Venus trine indicates optimism, harmony, and honorable intentions and perhaps will bring improvement to America's status in the world (natal Mc), something we sorely need. Careers of the populace may benefit as well so this gives some support to what economic talking heads are saying now: improvement in levels of hiring in 2011 (though many positions may be temporary or consulting, no benefits.)

2. Chart-ruler Venus' second applying aspect is a dreamy, illusory conjunction with Neptune, bringer of inspiration and spirituality, but also of fraud, deception, disillusion, dissolution, and loss. Plus, negative escapism is one of Neptune's favorite of ways of (not) dealing with difficult issues and one thinks of the so-called 'drug wars' going on in Mexico and spilling into the US.

Venus/Neptune indicates an inflated treasury (Neptune here is in a crisis-ridden 29th degree) and their conjunction brings more nebulous Piscean energy into the chart. At its best, the pair describes the highest form of spiritual love, healing ability, idealism, and a hypnotic power of attraction. Perhaps a new entertainer, film, artwork, or piece of music will capture the public imagination in a very big way this Spring, with vivid imagination and romance prominent. (Can Justin Bieber get bigger?) In addition, this aspect shows signs of impractical dreaming, deception, or of being a burden to others.

Venus conjunct Neptune also indicates 'loss' (Neptune) of, by, or through a 'female' (Venus) or by de-valuation (US credit rating?); fraud involving smaller amounts of money is indicated. Actually with Neptune's tiresomely long-term conjunction to US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) - though not as close for Spring 2011 - we have a midpoint picture with US n Moon at apex...

Venus/Neptune = n Moon: being easily influenced or led by others; a dreamy nature; chaotic emotional lives; comforting those who delight in deceit; negative escapism (moderation in all things! jc); self-delusion; romantic notions; impracticality.

As you see, the Sun enters Aries with progressive Uranus in close conjunction, the Sun's only planetary aspect for Spring 2011. This signifies powerful, decisive actions yet with unpredictability, eccentricity, and possibly, occultism involved; Sun rules 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, Groups, and Associations; the combined energies of Sun-Uranus = radical reformers, battles between rule makers and decision makers, a contrary head of state with unusual habits, and/or revolutions for the purpose of removing existing leaders.

With Sun and Uranus combining at Aries Point, much unpredictable energy, restlessness, and disruption are evident; for America we may glean a midpoint since their conjunction lies opposite US natal Mc: Sun-Uranus = Mc: major events in support of big plans; hopeful triumph for the ego; restless people with far-reaching ideas; reformers, technicians, inventors; sudden events bring emotional upheaval and have major impact.

Jupiter at Critical Degree

'12Ari' is a crisis/critical degree with financial implications (moneybags Jupiter's natural sign Sagittarius is intercepted in 3rd house, and also rules mystic Pisces on the 6th cusp; Pisces is a military sign, 6th house is the realm of military and police services along with Work in general, and Health.) Disturbingly, Jupiter's Sabian Symbol for '12Ari' = "A Flock of Wild Geese" may relate to the mystery of global bird and fish deaths; round up to '13Ari' and we have "A Failed Bomb Explosion," which may be literal, figurative, or both but a least it's "failed."

The fated Nodal axis lies near the Mc/Ic axis of Career and Home (Security); with NN near Ic one hopes that homelessness and foreclosure in America will be addressed more fully and that conditions will improve. SN at Mc tends to thwart career aspirations and is seriously affecting America's standing in the world (Mc) but these karmic conditions may ease once transiting Saturn trines this SN 27Gem45, thus sextiling NN - but not in Spring 2011.

Disturbingly, powerful and sneaky Pluto is 'in the house' - the 4th house, the Basis of the Matter, and place of endings; Pluto is @ '8Cap' = "Birds in the House Singing Happily" which is perhaps another link to mysteriously dead birds; Pluto/NN opposes Mc so we have: Pluto/NN = Mc: one's future depends upon the actions of others; powerful associations which can cause career setbacks; learning and receiving assistance from important groups; associations with others are the sine qua non of success. Pluto/NN = destiny of the masses; powerful connections.

Destructuring and transformation of the Real Estate market is one implication of Pluto in 4th house with renovations and repairs indicated; our national who-owns-what-mortgages issues continue (Saturn Rx rules 4th cusp), and sad to say, plutonian spies and saboteurs may be afoot even more than before with high-level surveillance becoming more prominent in the news since Pluto also represents big publishers and the use of persuasive propaganda.

Now this is a Full Moon chart (Sun 197 degrees Moon) so something may have peaked or been fulfilled just prior to March 20 - the Sygyzy Moon (last lunation) is @ 28Vir48, here in 12th house of Karma, Politics, Large Institutions, and the Collective Unconscious. US natal Saturn 14Lib48 is the first US planet to rise in the chart which brings our exalted Libran Saturn and its Scales of Justice to the fore this spring, along with our ongoing Saturn Return.

The traditional implication of natal Saturn in 10th house as America has (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm lmt, Philadelphia, PA) is a 'fall from grace' - and we feel this occurring if we stay on the current path of trying to act as the world's global police force while spreading 'democracy' at gunpoint. That forces within the US are attempting to affect our nation's total collapse has been in evidence for years now, according to some people such as myself.

Moon 17Lib26 is thankfully past depressive Saturn in 1st house and parallels Fixed Star Spica (potential for brilliance, but also The Spike) which hopefully shows more improvement in consumer confidence and our emotional state.

Yes, Saturn Rx in 1st house shows delays and loss yet Moon in 1st house is fortuitous - mixed portents. However, one of the bigger factors of note is the opposition between societal planets Jupiter and Saturn, a 20-year cycle which influences the world's financial cycles. This pair's current cycle began on May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau' = " A Jewelry Shop Filled with Magnificent Gems", a hint of the many thefts which society has suffered since the New Millennium began, and we continue to suffer them under complicit, enabling politicians who can't seem to kowtow enough to Wall Street and to the rest of the global crime syndicate of monarchs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their minions.

Messenger, orator, and trader Mercury 18Ari17 in 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies, is ready for action in Aries and parallel (like a strong conjunction) Fixed Star Altair, the Eagle, a star associated with US ambitions for imperialistic domination and surveillance. Mercury/Jupiter contacts tend to expand thinking and plans while broadening horizons. These are not especially practical plans, however, and their contact promotes idealism, over promising, and even zealotry.

As you see, the midpoint of the plutocracy pair, Pluto/Chiron, sits directly upon 5th cusp of Gambling and Risk-Taking, and upon US natal South Node, too. This indicates the US falling back on old behaviors (SN) of disenfranchising those who can least afford to be harmed. One thinks of April 15th as Tax Day when, thanks to recent legislation, the poorest among us are to be the only ones who will not benefit from the President's extension of tax cuts. Some compromise that tilts the financial hourglass even more toward the well-heeled!

Testosterone-driven Mars, god of war, is in 6th house and rules both 7th and 8th houses; Mr. Contentious is in militaristic Pisces as America-driven wars continue; health issues of our returning soldiers remain critical with sacred warrior Chiron also in sympathetic Pisces. A Mars/Neptune (Neptune bwo Pisces) connection may describe infections, epidemics, poisons, gas, and/or travel over water.

Debt (8th house) and imprisonment concerns continue with Mars affecting 12th house, the polarity of its actual placement in 6th house; Mars rules money planet - and, The General - Jupiter.

Uprisings and riots continue into the summer as the 9th cusp of Foreign Lands in the Spring Equinox chart highlights the passionate rage and warrior energy of two Fixed Stars closely associated with the Middle East, Capulus and Algol; sadly, the ancient 'Muslims v Christians' quarrel heats up and is used by political operatives on all sides for their selfish purposes - to the extent that such high volatility may be managed.

Plus, with the Saturnian SN in 9th house, past behaviors of the US government will continue to play a major role in stimulating Middle Eastern turmoil against the West.

All in all, when set for Washington DC, the chart has many planets (actors) in the northern hemisphere showing many private issues of note to be addressed for Spring 2011. Only two planets are in the public sector (Mercury and Jupiter in 7th H), so most of the initiative belongs not to America but to others with only two planets (Saturn and the Moon) in the eastern half of the chart from which we will operate this spring. America's Saturn Return is in full swing with issues of authority, responsibility, accountability, austerity, lack, delay, lessons to be learned, depression, and loss on the US menu. A steady (Saturn) course is necessary.

To close, here is a round-up of seven prominent midpoint pictures in the chart which will flavor Spring 2011; look to the house positions of the apex (focal) planets to see where the midpoint energies play out for Washington along with associated house rulerships and planetary aspects; the Saturn/Uranus picture with apex Pluto has been in effect prior and will continuing enforcing its difficult energies upon the world:

Sun/Saturn = Pluto: elimination of pessimism or despair; disciplined people who want and attract power; overwhelming rigidity and inflexibility; an increased will to retaliate against others for slights; illness inhibits development; pressure to change one's entire value system.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: upheaval to protect assets; rebellion; tremendous fear of loss; violence and brutality; harm through force majeure (war); a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; concealing changes to activities; rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation.

(Note: both Sun/Saturn and Saturn/Uranus are quindecile - 165 degrees - an aspect of obsession-compulsion: Sun QD Saturn = obsessed with 'measuring up'; driven to prove oneself through ambition and accomplishment; can be cold and calculating; may assume authoritative role with others; can set goals and achieve them if focused. Saturn QD Uranus = driven toward breaking old, outdated concepts through use of innovative ideas; may disrupt governing systems; can break rules through defiance of law and order; benefit comes through societal changes for the betterment of mankind.) (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Mars/Jupiter = Sun: leadership; success; organizational talent; love of enterprise; resolutions to correct past errors; legal or religious defenses; strong determination toward objectives.

Mars/Jupiter = Uranus: ability to find the best political approaches during times of unrest; abrupt uses of of social forces; studying people's motivations; urge for freedom and independence; ambition; making sudden decisions; unexpected events within partnerships or business; active resistance to tutelage or guardianship.

Jupiter/Neptune = Mars: speculation; unreliability; being let down by others; plans without prospect; defiant reactions toward explanations about delays, confusion, or laxity in meeting obligations; strong idealism; a need for practical focus; the courage to defend one's explanations of reality.

Sun/ASC = Mc: professional recognition; attaining esteem and respect.

Uranus/ASC = Mc: using technology to understand others (by spying?); unexpected changes occur yet aims are fulfilled; excitement; making changes; agitation on behalf of an increase in safety and protection; experience prevails over disruption.

(All Midpoints: Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl; as always, any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions.)

Hillary Clinton thinks there's Free Speech in America! (video)

How inconvenient! An American having his right to free speech suppressed while the Secretary of State is busy touting free speech for other nations...an Oops of Hypocrisy, caught on video.

Dropping the Mask: The Truth About FaceBook (video)

A few weeks ago I put my delete-account-clicking where my mouth was and left behind the warm coziness of FaceBook. The site retains all my content and personal data, however, as evidenced by the email I received next day assuring me that my password will still get me back in whenever I'm ready to rejoin the happy throng.

This is no comfort considering my concerns.

Well, the above video presentation doesn't mention the alleged infusion of mega-bucks into FB by Goldman-Sachs, a deal which has supposedly been nixed, or Russia's investment into FB which is, last I heard, in the works. These are the two camels' noses under the FB tent that caused me to bow out and was spurred by Jon Stewart's example.

Now that I've seen this video, it seems clear to me that the popular tale of the rise of FaceBook (as touted by MSM and seen in the glowing Social Network film) is a front for something more sinister...perhaps something not embedded within Zuckerberg's initial actions of creation, but hey! Turned out there was a mega-fortune to be made and he's making it, having dinner with topcats like President Obama (last evening), and publicly talking up the social aspects of his site. Yet Mr. Zuckerberg has had a lot of 'help' since FB's earliest days.

Of course, what you do with your own privacy-destroying FB account, a spider's web of major globe-spanning proportions and info-gathering, is totally up to you and I know that most people depend on it and refuse to look behind the Friendly mask of FaceBook (while following the Don't Worry Be Happy Model of trusting strangers.) But one quick peek underneath and the site isn't only social, it's surveilling and menacing.

So next time you add content about your personal likes, dislikes, interests, and what you're reading or writing, please give a thought to the shadowy figures who ultimately will become familiar with anything you post - for their own purposes.

They've skulked about for years here on Google.

But why make the implementation of totalitarianism government that easy for them?

Feb 16, 2011

America's Democracy of Hypocrisy; Rally in Wisconsin 2.15.11 (video)

The Spirit of Uprising wafts through our global air and the following video is one that I am feeling hopeful about and very proud to display on Stars Over Washington, a blog written and dedicated to my ideal of the United States of America. Not the perverted warmongering America of the neocons and Zionists, but America the Beautiful, the world's haven of Liberty and Freedom.

And that includes Freedom to Protest so continue countering their austerity madness, good people of Madison, Wisconsin!

Isthmus on the Union Rally 2.15.11

Hypocrisy Increases Further Sullying America's White Hat

by Jude Cowell

In the news during these days of Riots, Strikes, and Uprisings are many examples of US government officials criticizing other nations for repressing their populations who wish to protest against government.

Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been loose with her praise for those who are demanding democracy and better social conditions from their leaders such as those in Tehran (well, democracy is one of our primary political catchwords in America, a shield in times of assault in the Rs v Ds chess game of factions positioning for control of Washington microphones, gavels, and bank vaults here and abroad. NYSE now 60% German-owned....publicly, I mean, not just under the table anymore.)

High-handedly, Joe Lieberman and Peter King are leading the GOP charge to shove through the Shield Act in honor of a certain slippery foreign varmint name of Julian Assange because apparently the Espionage Act of 1917 won't be enough to permanently net and squelch their prey, they fear. (Unless as some say, Assange works with the CIA, or is their dupe, either of which is a masterful way of putting out disinformation with no paw prints on it.

News Flash from me: even if the US gov manages to put Mr. Assange on trial, convict, and sentence him, it will not add one iota to the slim sliver of good will a majority of the American people now have toward the current totalitarian, chaos-creating tactics of those whose predecessors usurped both our political parties and now masquerade as one-of-us.

Washington DC's faction wars can't solve our nation's societal ills (and aren't meant to or they could do a lot better than they're doing: such as admitting that fraud and embezzlement have gone on for years until now - US coffers are looted like the Baghdad Museum.) Nor will the draconian austerity cuts now threatened against the ill, elderly, and poor among us 'solve' things but will further hobble the US economy and cause more mass misery than we've already seen.

When a nation's meekest are not kept safe from rich plutocrats of the world, a moral line has been crossed similar to a society that makes a habit of using abortion as birth control. Both create bad karma for all must reap what they sow, even governments.

However, if my fellow Americans retain hold of our traditional national conscience in 2011 ('is this how America treats its citizens?'), we will not allow our resources to zoom elsewhere and stoke military enterprises, but toward the people who paid into tax funds and who must ask for a leg up to be given by those who've sought and made their fortunes with aid from American society. Make your money in America, support her when social conditions warrant it.

Yet actions always speak louder, we know, and if America has lower to fall (US natal Saturn exalted in Libra (sign of justice and balance) in 10th house of World Status and Career = a fall from grace if Saturn's lessons are disregarded by government. To whom much is given, much is required, says Saturn in 10th house. Plutocrats don't wish to remember such a thing so our protests are in part to remind them they need the consent of the governed or all their 'authority' will go pouf!)

Well, I for one, do not want our American society to fall by the wayside of globalists who honor no loyalties but their own (and their cabal oaths.) If they have hearts, they're in the wrong place and we see this as we observe and experience what globalists (or, the power elite, if you prefer) produce in the world...things like loss, grief, fear, and suffering. Survival of the Fittest is a theory put in practice by the win-at-any-costers with which we deal...it's the dog-eat-dog method of gaining (or stealing) worldly 'success' built upon the backs of others with eugenics the ugly foundation.

Yet most people would prefer to live their lives and watch their children develop in harmony. Media colludes by telling the public repeatedly that there are bad men in the world, beware. Why yes, there are, and I'm lookin' at a bunch of 'em on my TV screen spouting state propaganda over and over. The old "It's him, not me" ploy (like a Martin Short skit on SNL) never directs its energy in the proper direction for it's too busy redirecting our attention away from political misdeeds, crimes, and prejudices.

Therefore, no real problems ever have to be honestly faced; thus no solutions arise.

Never Having Enough, The GOP Wants What You Got

Not only are the Republicans trying to remove all vestiges of Women's Health Care availability in the US, they want to 'remove the authority' for enforcement and rollback to the 19th century the protections of the Child Labor Law Act of 1916, if Republican Jane Cunningham of Missouri has her wacky way.

Is support for a return to child slavery growing in US political circles? In 2011, are uppity manufacturing conglomerates gearing up for a new amassing of a cheap slave labor force in the US to 'compete' with workers' low pay scales in China, India, and other places where US jobs migrated for the benefit of corporatism's bottom line? How could our job-starved economy possibly benefit from adding millions of child workers to US labor rolls now unless profiteers know something we don't as of yet know? Has the GOP completely lost its moral compass? Is Cunningham's super-regressive, dark-age idea our only clue to their craveness?

The YOD of US Secondary Progressions 2001 and 2002

Astrologically, I'm looking at a horoscope of US Secondary Progressions (Sec) set for February 7, 2002, the date that George Bush signed a presidential 'waiver' exempting the White House (his nibs himself) from having to consider members of al Qaeda and the Taliban as human beings. In Bush's world, his oil-and-poppy-infused 'enemy combatants' then magically became less than human (a commonly used tactic which Hitler finessed); thus they were subject to being tortured in the crazed notion that information would be forthcoming with enough pressure applied. Resulting deaths were often only inconveniences and perhaps still linger in the way unsolved crimes and mysteries have of retaining secrets within their DNA. As a thing begins, so will it end, and with many karmic lessons learned - or unlearned - in between.

So the Sec chart with our Sec Neptune/NN (Neptune in fated Nodal degree: 26Vir29 Rx vs NN 26Can54) received our national Sec Sun (the leader) in 2001/02 at the very point in the Zodiac that inconjuncts both Sec Neptune and Sec NN creating a YOD pattern of crisis, a crossroads, turning point, special task, and/or major adjustment now ripe for activation by progression.

A big deal? I would say so, especially since the Neptune/NN sextile at the YOD's base had progressed into a position of pointing to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (so the YOD's base had progressed to a quincunxial relationship with our n Moon of 1776); our Sec Sun progressed to the apex position in the same YOD which created a double YOD pattern. Below are the two midpoint pictures formed with the intrinsic nature of the Neptune/NN combination indicating:

Thesis: leadership that is unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people; ideals or national glamour are excuses for neglecting the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups.

Antithesis: scandals caused by foreign concerns; spies or terrorists enter for villainous purposes; an ill-adapted, inadequate hospital or medical care system; drug policies that avoid important concerns.

To Neptune/NN, Ebertin adds: exploiting, deceiving, and cheating other people; anti-social elements; lack of judgment leads to wrong ideas about associations.

These were some of the social issues we needed honestly addressed in the early days of the New Millennium. They were not. And things have continued to fester in America.

YOD's Midpoint Pictures:

Sec Neptune/NN = Sec Sun: encouragement to be your own person in deciding what influences from others you will or will not accept from other people (Bush,
the decider? jc); being let down by others.

Sec Neptune/NN = natal Moon: disappointments; a cessation of inner understanding between people; a lack of community spirit; lack of adaptability; feeling ostracised or misunderstood. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

2001 and 2002 presented America a crossroads fraught with governmental misdirections and dirty political tricks while the American people then needed, as now, to hear truth, not cynical slogans and half-truths meant to twist our heartstrings, mobilize our patriotism, and rob our pockets. The long-submerged iceberg of theft and fraud in America surfaced to great fanfare and political theater with the Bush-Cheney Financial Collapse 2008 - and trillions of dollars simply 'disappeared' as if they never were.

Meanwhile, in the America of President Obama and Secretary Clinton circa 2011, hypocrisy uttered by governmental mouths continues apace and one may wonder how oppressed we-the-people will find ourselves when we finally follow Wisconsin's example and get off our chubby duffs en masse to remind Washington and local governments that their paternalistic abridging of our rights is completely unacceptable, a word politicians are so very fond of using when displeased.

For if Iran, Libya, and the rest of the restless are the goose, Madame Secretary and Mr. President, then America must be the gander. It's time we-the-people had a big helping of that democracy sauce, thanks. And leave our Twitter and Internet alone while you're out speechifying so inspiringly across the globe.


If you know of demonstrations or rallies for common causes springing up these days in America, pass along the details or a link in a Comment, if you wish. We-the-people once knew how, right? Thanks! jc

Feb 15, 2011

Major Solar Flare erupts, Uprisings across globe 2.15.11

As Above, So Below...eruptions are flaring up all over the place, including space:

Space Weather News for Feb 15, 2011

MAJOR FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have detected the strongest solar flare in more than four years. At 0156 UT on Feb 15th, giant sunspot 1158 unleashed an X2-class eruption. X-flares are the strongest type of x-ray flare, and this is the first such eruption of new Solar Cycle 24. The explosion that produced the flare also sent a solar tsunami rippling through the sun's atmosphere and, more importantly, hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth. This raises the possibility of geomagnetic storms in the days ahead.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for images and updates.

SPACE WEATHER ALERTS: Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms erupt in your area? Sign up for (voice) or (text) for space weather alerts.


You know, there's a Sabian Symbol for a certain degree (25 Scorpio)..."An X-Ray":


positive expression: an exceptional power of analysis;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: uncritical oversensitiveness to both the condition of the self and the state of society.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio does love to investigate, delve, and spy a wee bit, doesn't it?

Hmmm...and speaking of flares, the horoscope of the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse 13Cap39 opposes US natal Sun (the leader) and conjoins Fixed Star Manubrium, keywords: a flaring heat. Manubrium, The Handle, is a star in the ear of The Archer in constellation Sagittarius.

Actually, transiting Venus 13Cap08 is triggering the current and crisis-degreed Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse as I type, an eclipse which Celeste Teal has titled, The Balance of Power...a turbulent spirit against those in high places.

Major solar x-ray flares, uprisings across the globe, exiles crossing borders, and not one but two solar eclipses for summer: June 1 (11Gem01) and July 1 (9Can12), both affecting the US natal chart (June 1: US n Uranus and DESC; July 1: our n Jupiter and Sun.)

It's going to be a very hot summer.

So perhaps an astro-visit with Theodore White at Global Astrology may be called for if you pine for more details. Knowledge is power!

Feb 13, 2011

Julian Assange writes on The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine; Johndro appears

Propaganda, its methods of implementation, its symbols and archetypes, and The Press are primary topics of interest to me though I'm not certain it shows through with my limited blogging hours and usual topics of news, events, and personalities. It's why I watch the Sunday morning parade of politicians and pundits on my TV - to keep an eye on their current...methods...of persuasion and dissemination of disinformation with a few true bits tossed in for a glowing patina of legitimacy.

Due to these Mercury/Pluto sorts of interests (by which our lives are so often directed insidiously and subliminally), I very much recommend to you an article by WikiLeaks' founder, editor, and spokesman The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine.

Now Thomas Paine is an intriguing figure in US, English, and French histories and in his day he schmoozed with the likes of Adam Weishaupt, a man said to be founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (May 1, 1776) which is not to be confused with earlier Spanish orders. And though I'd always been drawn to Tom Paine's life story, and that of Benjamin Franklin with whom I share a Sun-Moon blend, Paine and many of his brethren in the cause of Liberty and Independence were too deep in the bottomless pockets of Reason for my philosophy to gain hold for humanistic secularism, that dabbler in chaotic utopianism, leaves no room and has no heart for Faith, Hope, and Charity.

It was a different time then. And it's an eventful time now with the Cardinal Points of Global Manifestation and Prominence receiving electromagnetic stimulation - infusions - off and on from such directions as expansive, abundant Jupiter and electric Uranus, both lately at or about to cross Aries Point (00Ari00), the beginning of a new cycle (Western Astrology, Tropical) for the year....in a word, Spring.

(You may wish to see Sun 2 Chiron, Chiron 2 Sun: the Strange Case of Thomas Paine, a slight re-titling here!)

As for jolly Jupiter's orbit in real time, there is a larger cycle of about 12 years before The Hierophant/Banker/Explorer/General/Guru/Comedian returns to AP in the Tropical Zodiac (or to 2Tau22, if you prefer); for Uranus, it will be about 84 years for Mr. Unpredictability to speed round again to the Vernal Equinox Point where he is now poised before crossing over into Mars-ruled Aries. Mars/Uranus contacts are volatile, in case you haven't guessed. Restlessness and excitement are also the Uranium menu.

Historically the transit of Uranus to AP tends to bring scientific breakthroughs into awareness, but many of which in 2011 we must be very concerned for certain moral hazards and risky ventures of those who may be classified as unscrupulous men and women of Science can and have caused all manner of ills for the human race. Profit-based Science creates monsters.

The rest of the Cardinal Grand Cross of energy: 00Lib00, and 00Can/Cap00, all signify a mode of being expressed by outgoing energy which may be tapped into.

Also I wish to draw your attention to rather high up in the SO'W sidebar to a new link: Johndro Geodetic Maps 2010 AD. Check out what's really happening at 2Tau22 these days. Hint: 32 degrees 22 minutes have been covered as of year 2010. L. Edward Johndro, math and physics teacher, early pioneer with electromagnetism, astrologer to FDR, and a researcher who determined the 'electrical ascendant' or what we now call the Vertex.

He and Kenneth Brown pioneered financial astrology providing clients with investment advice when it was even cooler then than it is now (and few there be who know of its efficacy for success in financial dealings. There is much more to say on such matters yet lack of time always seem to interfere in its sassy way.

Use of L. Edward Johndro (January 30, 1882 Franklin Centre, CN)'s Vertex (VX) retains its reputation as the most fated point in any horoscope. Earth's natural Spring Time occurs each year in March though some years the weather acts out of character from what the calendar tells us should be so!