Nov 30, 2012

2nd Obama Inauguration Jan 21, 2013: Horoscope shown

It's a Sunday Thing

by Jude Cowell

Update 1.15.13: 12:00 noon may not be the actual moment the presidential oath is taken on January 21st ("to be announced," says the White House website.) However, I will be discussing the noon horoscope in line with the traditional method of using the chart that describes the event.

Original post begins here:

An article, President Obama's Jan 21 Inauguration Date Unique in History, gives details on how often and why US presidential Oaths of Office have been moved to January 21st rather than the accustomed January 20th.

Now I'll soon be ready to blog on the Inauguration 2013 horoscope but for now I shall post the chart now so you can view it in case you haven't yet. There are some basic astro-notes marked on the chart if you wish to enlarge by clicking the image.

President Obama's second term is cosmically imprinted by a combo of Sun AQ (leader) and Moon Gemini (We the People--here, of two minds with Moon in Gemini, yet restless, cheery, and paying attention--or, distracted) and may be described on one level as 'New Age" thinking--and may be another way of saying, Lean Forward

Image: Inauguration 2013 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC

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