Nov 22, 2012

Golden Turkeys, Old Mysteries, Ancient Animosities

Nov 22, 2012: Golden Turkeys, Old Mysteries, Ancient Animosities

by Jude Cowell

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate Jupiterian abundance as symbolized by the overeating of goodies!

Since you may join me in my attempt to avoid Politics today perhaps you may wish to read one of my Gather articles (published in 2006!) in which I tell the misadventurous tale, the Mystery of the Sleepwalking Turkey.

Remembering the Biblical admonition to Pray for the peace of Israel, I feel deeply thankful that Palestine and Israel began a ceasefire last evening, however tenuous, aren't you?

And if you should choose to remember this day as the 49th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, here's a previous SO'W post concerning November 22, 1963 if you wish to check it out:

JFK Assassination: Sun Scorpio-Moon Aquarius blend of energies.

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