Aug 31, 2012

Romney gaffes America as a "Company" (video)

Freudian Slip much, candidate Romney?

8.31.12 Fairy Dust of a Pisces Full Moon

Full Moon Friday with the Virgo-Pisces Axis Emphasized

by Jude Cowell (coh' wull)

Friday August 31, 2012: a Full Moon at 8 Pisces 34 perfects at 9:58 am edt and as you know, Full Moons are the culmination or fulfillment stage of something begun two weeks earlier during the New Moon, the seeding stage. This time that would be the New Moon of August 17, 2012 @25Leo08 which opposed US natal Moon in Aquarius, sign of the Water-Bearer.

With this month's cosmic emphasis within the Collective Unconscious shifting from Sun-ruled Leo to Jupiter-Neptune-ruled Pisces, we see our nation's evolutionary progress toward this week's RNC 2012 in Tampa, Florida when Republican candidate Mitt Romney finally was privileged ("humbled," he said) to accept his party's nomination for president of the United States.

And as part of a years-long cycle, Friday's publicity-infused Full Moon reflects a sense of fulfillment for Mr. Romney's recurring dream of presidential leadership by sprinkling fairy dust upon his three natal placements in Pisces: Sun, Mercury, and Mars which, as stated here previously, gives him a Piscean solar essence, ego, and personality (his arrogance and conceit may be quite unconscious!), thought processes and communication style, and Piscean-laced motivations which he uses for business since Pisces can be a successful, creative business-oriented sign as well as a user of deception or obfuscation (and a warmonger which I believe is what we have here--but aren't all our presidents anymore?)

Also, making a fortune by saddling people and companies with massive debt, then blithely sailing away with millions in 'profits' is a good example of the dualism of Pisces. But it does not illustrate a good business model for a White House CEO who says he wishes to "save" an entire country already on the ropes, some of which he and his cronies knotted themselves.

That Pisces rivals Scorpio as the Zodiac's most secretive sign, you also know and it's no surprise that Mitt Romney is known for not telling all he knows, thinks, does, or intends to do. He's a grand-schemes-speculations-Jupiter-Neptune kind of guy who loves to yacht about under a Cayman Islands flag!

So with President Obama's natal Sun and Mercury in the royal sign of Leo the Lion, his newsworthiness has naturally been on the wane somewhat the last two weeks due to the lead-up of mass publicity (Moon) to RNC 2012, Mitt Romney's nom acceptance speech (8.30.12 @10:36 pm edt Tampa, FL), and to the oceanic sign's fishy involvement in a slow-moving yet very destructive Hurricane Isaac which has dumped tons of water on lovely New Orleans for which I feel the compassion of my Pisces Moon. And because of a 'split-off' storm, Charleston, S.C. (one of my favorite southern cities for its beauty and charm, but not for its slavemarket history) has flooded, and for this I am truly sad for the good people there as well as in New Orleans--now suffering grievously again on the 7th anniversary of *Hurricane Katrina!

Yes, it seems that the current Solar Eclipse from May 20, 2012 @00Gem20--conjunct the difficult star Alcyone ('something to cry about'; exile; suffering; refugeeism--or just lots of rain) is bringing America travails and loss as the Tail of the Dragon (South Node of the Moon, ruler of oceans' tides @00Gem00 and as of last evening has twisted itself backwards into 29Scorpio conjunct US Inaugural 2009 Moon @29Sco45, we the people) swipes across the waters and the land, and conjoins the May 20th Solar Eclipse's degree which carries the energies of crying Alcyone.

Well, that's much of what I wish to say for now on the topic of Friday's Full Moon in Pisces for I felt impelled to type something here at SO'W since its degree falls upon my natal Moon.

Hmm...think the lunation might just Make My Day? Maybe I'll just consult with the nearest long as it doesn't answer me back, right?


*Hurricane Katrina came ashore at Burras, LA on August 29, 2005 but George W. Bush didn't want his plans and activities interrupted by presidentin'. Dubya was busy having birthday cake in Texas with John McCain, if memory serves.

Aug 30, 2012

"Make My Day" RNC 2012: Mr. Romney Accepts the Royal Nom

by Jude Cowell

Even if no celebrity speaker such as actor/director Clint Eastwood lauds Mitt Romney onstage tonight at RNC 2012 in Tampa, Florida we may expect the GOP candidate to perform his best Ronald Reagan impression in an attempt to woo voters his way so that in case Big Money and Bigger Lies won't do the trick unlocking the White House backdoor (the one Bush and Cheney slinked in by in Dec 2000-Jan 2001), former Gov. Romney may indeed find the Oval Office his new CEO lair from which to direct the continuing heist of America's treasure and resources (8.30.12 Sun, the leader, conjoins Fixed Star Thuban: 'to protect or make a treasure' which relates to Midas-type hoarding behavior when negatively expressed.)

Whether you find Mitt to be a King Midas fellow or HORUS come back to rule, it will be curious to see which impressive archetype President Obama portrays next week at DNC 2012 for in 2008, BHO played the role of Apollo, the young (-ish) hero, a sun god. Of course, HORUS is a sun god, too, and son of goddess Isis (so revered in Washington DC Masonic circles as from our nation's earliest Venus-worshipping days, and of Osiris, a shadow of the Christ-Savior figure. Romney As Savior of America, of our economy, and--get this!--of Medicare is laughable but that's the product they have to sell us this evening. This is made more imperative by how low on the scale of popularity Mr. Romney ranks and by how low the falsehoods this week's Republican speakers had to stoop to in order to rev up the audience in the stadium to make a nice show, they hoped, for the cameras and for propaganda's sake.

I leave it to you, dear reader, to decide how well each speaker performed for performed they did...though Mitt's name hardly was uttered by some. Wish I had a dollar for each time I've heard in the last 10 years how 'even his own party doesn't like him'---and that, I assume, comes from a knowing place by people who've had to actually deal with the cold fish (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes; I won't say more now since tonight's program has begun--it's now after 8:00 pm edt--and there are many astro-portents I could type if only there were time.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Eastwood's natal horoscope bi-wheeled with the chart for 10:00 pm edt tonight in Tampa, Florida shows the professional thespian's natal Mars strong in its own sign of Aries (28:27 in his natal 6th house of Military-Police-Work-Service) rising with n North Node (NN = contact with the public) following @2Tau12 Rx, also in n 6th H. Eastwood's reticence to speak when not following a written script is shown in part by natal Mercury 23Tau49 being Rx and in stubborn Taurus, sign of money-lovers, intolerance, and greed for gold (also, preserver and appreciator of values.) Naturally, Mr. Romney shares Eastwood's golden interests since Mitt's natal Jupiter falls in the money sign of Corporatism, Big Business, and Occult Mysticism, Scorpio. Below, you'll see that Clint took the stage at 10:02 pm!

Mitt's Jupiter in Scorpio is shared with Ronald Reagan and in fact, both Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney are born Moon-Jupiter types: Reagan's Moon conjoins his NN (popularity--if Mitt had this exciting double-Luna link with the public, he might've won the presidency before now!); Reagan's n Jupiter conjoins his n SN of the Moon, aka, the tail of the dragon which--swipe!--has a separative Saturnian tone. This connection with SN also relates to neurotic behavior but there's no time now to address it or the implications of its trouble in foreign lands (Iran-Contra, etc) and conflicts of interests by being out of step with societal norms as shown by Reagan's ethical and social clashes (manipulating the 'Evengelical Right' for political gain--religious leaders got burned by The Gipper but they're back and riding' high in the saddle with jockey Romney!)

Yes, Moon-Jupiter interests and talents were 'on Reagan's life path' and his destiny (Nodal axis), so to speak, and I'm convinced that the several astrologers the Reagans used through the years must have divulged this interesting piece of information to them back in their California if they both hadn't guessed.

Whoah, Pardner! Even now I type too long of past presidents and venerable movie celebrities but what about Mittens For President? Yet we must note that at 10:00 pm edt tonight, it will be Clint Eastwood's natal Midheaven (world stage) conjoined by transiting, orating Mercury in showy, shiny Leo in Tampa, Florida.

Two interesting transits to Mr. Eastwood's natal planets are now in force and are worth mentioning:

1. tr Jupiter to n Sun 9Gem50 (conjunct Royal Star Aldebaran), a time when endeavors begun 12 years ago (2000) will either move forward to a higher level of growth and development, or they will end very soon.

2. tr Pluto to n Saturn Rx, strong @10Cap38: the past becomes part of the present (his Carmel, CA mayorship years ago? he could have moved up in Politics then but chose not to); plus, the traditions and structures upon which life and work are based may be totally transformed by present circumstances (pos or neg); issues of the day include abuse of power, misdirected authority, ambition, and patience. (Julia Lupton Skalka, The Instant Horoscope Predictor.

Well, back to Mittens' natal horoscope which contains a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in late Scorpio, an indicator as previously mentioned that Mother may have set little Mitt's dream upon the path of Presidential Hopeful from an early day for after all, George W. Bush's pretty-minded Mother did and he was born with a Moon-Jupiter conjunction, too, though in Venus-ruled Libra, another money link through Venus' evaluating, valuable talents.

Wish today's schedule had allowed me to begin posting earlier but it did not so I'll type what I can, such as an interpretation of the Moon-Jupiter combination of energies (Reagan-Romney) as given by the excellent Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, a very useful book in Political Astrology work for it includes Hegelian Dialect details on planetary pairs from which many modern chaos-creating politicians take their cues as they continue their longterm attempt to make government into the Bad Guy (Reagan: "...government IS the problem")--No, dishonest government and civil officials intent on ruining the American peoples' lives as they rob them of more of their rights, property, and air to breath, then try to rule the entire world--THAT is the problem. Quit It.

Well, tonight the Moon shows Piscean deception and spiritualism as they invoke Good Fortune for Mitt and for America reflected toward the public with the Moon @1Pis56 conjoined with fraudulent though often inspired Neptune 1:34 Rx; at 10:00 pm edt in Tampa, there's a midpoint rising of grand-schemes proportions, and symbol of speculators, wastrels, and spendthrifts the world over (including the natal chart of the NYSE) though we must note a deep potential for compassion within the Jupiter-Neptune-ruled sign of Pisces as well:

Jupiter-Neptune = ASC: situations or people with explanations for life which go beyond physical reality (MM)...into the spun political 'reality' of Washington politicians?--jc; and, appearing to live in a world lighted by an emotionally rationalized agenda and personal imagination (Tyl.) Yes, the Mormons are speaking about Romney and faith tonight! With dire results of an austere political platform emotionally rationalized, of course, with a Rand-esque 'survival of the fittest' frigidity. "Brother's keeper"? Bosh!, say the GOP.

Now here are details on the political-dreamer/reward combo, Moon-Jupiter with my italics and/or bold added:

Thesis: women who make important contributions to legal or religious practices; legal situations concerning farm or land policies; increased agricultural production.

Antithesis: floods (as in New Orleans--again); a large number of natural disasters (as predicted by mundane astrologers such as Theodore White at Global Astrology); the opinions of women are taken beyond their actual significance (or pretending to?); the legal system acts as a barrier to commercial or agricultural production; ineffective clerics or lawyers (to despair we the people into joining the radical extremists and anarchists--now repped by Uranus in Aries--in demonizing civilized government!)

An astro-note on the Sabian Symbol for tomorrow night's Full Moon degree which colors tonight's culmination of RNC 2012 and is an apt Sabian Symbol for the GOP candidate (and his wife): Full Moon @'9Pis' = "The Race Begins: A Jockey Spurs His Horse", in case we are saddled with yet another Republican presidency and/or a routing of Capitol Hill by Republican Utopian enlightened radicals as in 1994. This is quite a horse race, yes? And Sun @'9Virgo', the Point of Illumination opposite? "A Man Making a Futurist Drawing" but with few details sketched in until after January 2013.

So remember the shared Romney-Reagan tone we may be hearing--and feeling--if a Romney adminstration occurs for it may eerily remind many Americans of the downside of a Reagan-style presidency which could have been handled more forthrightly and less greedily than it was during Ronnie's Decade of Greed, the 1980s: the emotionally entitled Moon-Jupiter duo.

And the dreamy public relations combo of Moon-Neptune now constellating this very evening (Moon = the publicity; Neptune = media and the masses)? Why, of course! Masonic-Rosicrucian-Illuminatist astrologers have always set much store by an occulting Moon especially for events you wish the masses to revere without being overly aware of what they're actually honoring and supporting...

Moon-Neptune = a leadership which heeds the opinions and emotional climate of its constituents vs delusion about the popular support for current policies (MM.)

So our query may now be: which political party is which?

10:02 pm edt: Clint Eastwood takes the stage to excited applause of the crowd and he opens with, "Save a little for Mitt"...he pretends another character is 'acting as' President Obama...political stagecraft! But I'm certain the former mayor's speech will be nothing if not entertaining. Big applause for: "Politicians are employees of ours"--how true! And this would include Mitt Romney.

Aug 29, 2012

RNC 8.29.12 Paul Ryan to speak tonight

And Yet They Go On Speaking Without Saying Anything...

by Jude Cowell

Let me be the nostalgic one this Dad (b. 1908) had a favorite joke after watching political speeches on TV...What's he sayin'? He ain't sayin'...which for me sums up the narrow scope of the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign for president and the hidden cards Mitt is keeping guarded so close to his vest.

Therefore, there seems to be little reason for the GOP to continue conventioning in Tampa, Florida this week (except for the dancin' babes!) since the nominee's name is known--but would someone please clue in Gov. Chris Christie that the nominee isn't him--for he seemed to think so during his 'keynote address' last evening which was mostly about him and more him, and not about a grim-faced Mitt Romney at all. Yet Republicans now appear in their costly 3-day PR ad to promote Mitt and the GOP 2012 platform which if implemented will completely undermine women's health and financial prospects 'going forward' and do more damage besides. Gotta rip up that social safety net they call the New Deal!

Conflicting Messages, Anyone?

Well, as you noticed Tuesday night, Ann Romney spoke before Gov. Cristie and she said it was all about LOVE, then Christie spoke and poo-pooed LOVE and said, No, it's all about RESPECT. His Mama drummed that into him you see, and it sounds as if little Chris must have been born with a retrograde Saturn for he asserted last evening that Mom drove and Dad was only a passenger. Too much personal info? Agreed!

And yet I heard on Current TV today that Mr. Romney expects his VP pick, Rep. Paul Ryan, to perform in a similar fashion tonight: to talk about his past and growing up in a small town. If Ryan complies, will it make for a riveting address from Mr. Austerity Plan himself? We'll have to see...of one thing we may be fairly certain--few details of a proposed Romney presidency will emerge but generalities will be star of the show. Hmm. Must be quite a disturbing political platform--even worse than we fear--when politicans with microphones and cameras pointed at them keep mum about details to keep from frightening folks away from even Republican voting booths!

Well, here's a previous, brief astro-peek at Paul Ryan's Sun-Moon personality blend with a few other notes besides.

But wait! Aren't you missing a certain austerity-minded Republican at RNC 2012 so far? Me, too. Wonder where they're keeping Eric Cantor? Will he turn up in Tampa? Too many strippers on the scene? Then you may wish to check out a few astro-notes concerning Cantor along with the planetary transits of the 2011 "debt talks" on Capitol Hill, location of America's primary Political Theater venue.

You remember the financial drama of 2011: where the Republican Party was oh-so-willing to drive the US economy over bankruptcy's cliff just to make their favorite (obsessive) point that a half-black fella simply doesn't deserve to live in a White House and play the role of US president.

Aug 28, 2012

Does voting Mercury's Station Rx on 11.06.12 tell of a false flag op?

Mercury, planet of voting and ballots, unhelpfully performs a Station Retrograde at 6:03 pm edt on Election Day 2012 (Nov 6) as it strongly opposes President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini--an opposition to his wishes.

Can this be a cosmic indication of an Obama-staged false flag operation meant to disrupt the November 6th election and thus keep him in power?

Well, someone writing for the Canada Free Press seems to think it's possible. And yet...since Mercury will oppose the president's natal Moon (reigning need--Tyl), any terrorist attack on US soil could very well plop a political fly into the DHS ointment, a fly that buzzes even more loudly as an anti-Obama plan with a Rovian flair!

Remember how the Bush-Cheney-Rove gang and the DHS trotted out threatening Osama bin Laden tapes--modified though they may have been--just before election time? Well, unfondly so do I for it swayed many gullible voters into accepting more misfortunes under a warmongering Republican White House. And you know what a financial boondoggle fighting wars on credit card is for the American people for the misguided, misdirected US government is still doing it as if expecting a different outcome!

RNC 8.28.12 and the Spirit of Margaret Sanger

Today, August 28, 2012, the belated RNC 2012 opens with the presidential nomination of Willard Mitt Romney and the adoption of the austere, hard-hearted, poverty increasing platform of the Republican Party. Let the longed-for catapulting of American women back to 18th and 19th century social and economic conditions begin, say Mitt and the gang!

Since the GOP has its raptor's eye upon both women's reproductive rights and financial prospects for the future, it must be a grand day for the Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the mysoginistic party of Mitt Romney who intends to act as White House mouthpiece and propaganda-catapulter (as George W. Bush so ably summed up his presidential role) as soon as the moving van is loaded and heads, he hopes, for Washington D.C.

Now what astrological factors might we consider which include the confluence of Romney, the GOP, American women, and the cosmic portents of the day? Why, it's something quite basic and yet a major clue for what GOPers intend to force upon this country and it may be at least partially described within the Sun-Moon blend details for August 28, 2012: Sun in finnicky Virgo and the Moon reaching 00AQ00 at around 1:40 pm edt (horoscope set for Tampa, Florida.)

Later in the evening, the Moon in Aquarius will oppose the natal Moon position of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood among other accomplishments and human foibles (as mentioned in an earlier post.) Sanger's (nee Higgins) birth data is as follows:

September 14, 1879 2:30 am Corning, NY; ASC 13Leo42; MC 2Tau37; Sun 21Vir06; Moon 25Leo37; a 'New Age thinking' Mercury-Uranus conjunction in health-conscious Virgo gave her willful genius and original ideas ahead of their time, and a Mars-Pluto conjunction gave strength, force, and power to her actions and motivations which made her a formidable lady. One arrow in her quiver I must denounce, however, is her adherence to eugenics (engineering human anatomy in order to "improve" it by weeding out those who are considered "unfit" for parental duties and are thus excluded from reproduction.) We see this today with politicians who have the survival of the fittest mentality (aka, Social Darwinianism), and some of them adopted a political platform this very day although they attempt to veil its draconianism. Frankensteinian, Aryan, Anglo-Saxon--whatever you wish to call it, the crude concept seems devilish to me though Sanger did denounce the "aggressive and lethal Nazi ideology" that fueled their eugenics 'research' (aka, torture) with its 'life unworthy of life' motto.

How's that slogan for illustrating psychopathic high-handedness? Think to 'stand in for' God much? Certain theocrats are in high gear tonight in Tampa, partying with Plutocrats and salivating over taking control of America's helm again. Why, the presidency and the White House are so close, Mitt and Paul can fairly taste them!!

8.28.12: Moon to 00AQ00 conjoins US presidential Suns of January 20th

First, check out Margaret Sanger's bio and natal chart here if you wish. Now let's talk about the Sun Vir-Moon AQ blend for today's RNC 2012 opening, nomination of Romney, and platform adoption along with a few quotes from two men who share this blend natally while remembering that these flavors are hereby imprinted upon the Republican Party and their plans for America forever more--will we reject their regressive, backward efforts on November 6th or will we embrace the dusty past?

Sun Vir-Moon AQ is an Earth-Air combo of energies which can be innovative, efficient, and above all, rational. Practical idealists, these jokers aren't playing around and many plans have been laid for the implementation of their ideas and vision which, though they appeal to fundamentalist religious types, contain additional requirements which will have even the most conservative Christians wondering where Truth went as they look back on the glowing promises of RNC 2012.

Yet we know that losing touch with the emotional and compassionate side of life leads to becoming 'dry as dust' and this is a danger that GOPers think doesn't matter at all once they're ensconced in power, for at the moment, all seems rosy. Later it will be a different story if the 'Republic Party' should finagle the White House and/or take over Capitol Hill one more time (when will we ever learn that these self-interested, detached from normal human contact Vulcans are unfit themselves--unfit to rule over an inclusive society of decent people who know that yes, we are indeed our brothers' keepers?)

Sun Vir-Moon AQ (with humanitarian Aquarius being the sign of our US natal Moon of July 4, 1776, aka, we the people) is a blend of the progressive thinker (but to whose advantage?) It denotes reliability, pragmatism, and dispassionate critical faculties. There's a tendency to seem a bit 'wooden' which to me, describes Mitt Romney's posture when he's forced to be a fish out of his accustomed financial and/or religious waters, a symptom of a cultist mentality.

There exists a sense of humor, yes, though the level of practical jokes at the expense of others is apparently more Mitt's style within the comedic sphere. Valuing rules and order in society is important to this blend, and industriousness aids in career success though financial gains may be made by the sweat of other brows, as with Vulture Capitalists everywhere (Romney's unfeeling Saturn-Pluto conjunction in prodigal Leo snugs around his natal IC and affects his career actions.)

Untouched by his own passions, today's blend describes a Mitt Romney who is a quite a people-watcher and this seems to be what he bases his own human-type behavior upon when in public--and yet he makes an admirable domestic companion which will be reflected in and by wife Anne's RNC 2012 speech meant to clue us in on the very private yet Real Mitt Romney.

Negatively, Sun Vir-Moon AQ has a tendency to focus on black and white facts, writes the Harveys in their book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign (no, I didn't make that up for President Obama's sake!) and it over-invests in perfection which their followers presume will be the outcome of a Romney-Ryan administration. Instead, perhaps all American trees must be trimmed to the 'right' height!

Wonder if the rank and file would feel the same about the 2012 GOP platform if they considered the "Images for Integration" which are imprinted upon this day in RNC history (thanks to Hurricane Isaac's interference), the nomination of Mr. Romney, and the GOP platform for 2012 and beyond...

"Images for Integration" (of Sun/male principle and Moon/feminine principle):

"Aliens land and embark on building a new and improved world order...Staring into a microscope, a scientist sees the past and future write large." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Return of the Freaks! These Images address a blending of Germany's past eugenics experiments which meddled painfully with human genetics with who-knows-what science projects on today's and tomorrow's drawing boards (clones and human-robotic hybrids?) Add to those the Science of medical issues such as contraception, methods of reproduction, and abortion (surgery in back alleys again, ladies?), and on August 28, 2012, Sun Vir-Moon AQ melds them all into the plans of yet another team of 'New World Order' proponents and activists (who are actually members of all American political parties, Rs, Ds, and Ls, at the least) with many Rs being more rabid and zealous toward such cold-hearted, authoritarian aims---modern-day proponents who share Hitler's old vision of uniting the entire world under a ham-fisted Global Goverment, Meanwhile, the needs and desires of 'common' people are dissed in favor of funding Vulcan's swords and weapons manufacturing for the sole purpose of instigating mass destruction and, in America, stomping out our constitutional rights. Nice crowd. They must be glad their convention was missed by Hurricane Isaac's Thor-ish Hammer.

Now let's close with three quotes, the first two by gentlemen who share in their natal charts the Sun Vir-Moon AQ blend, the third from Margaret Sanger herself:

If the world does not please you, you can change it." (H.G. Wells);

The real lost souls don't wear their hair long and play guitars. They have crewcuts, trained minds, sign on for research in biological warfare, and don't give their parents a moment's worry." (J.B. Priestley);

"No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body." (M. Sanger, noted founder of Planned Parenthood, an organization depended upon by millions of women, and which the Romney-Ryan budget plan intends to de-construct along with downsizing the US government as advocated by zealot Grover Norquist with his non-taxing-of-the-rich, freakish shrink-and-drown-government-in-a-bathtub philosophy. But wouldn't guarding the purity of each American woman's private parts require a virtual army of newly added government officials which would then weigh down the US government's payroll? Oh, I almost forgot: that, they hope, will help speed the demise of civilization by furthering the destruction of the social fabric in America.

How daft and non-pragmatic is that!?

And yet they are as serious as transformative assassin Pluto creeping through the structured, systemic, status-quo, governmental, usually law-abiding sign of Capricorn and still within range of opposition to America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and soon, our natal Sun (leadership), a picture of an ongoing, titanic power struggle against superior plutonic forces of wealth and station. Can *Mitt the squirmy, flip-flopping Fish successfully meet such a grand archetypal challenge while acting in the theatric role of US president? His Anglo-Saxon self can if he's on underworld Pluto's side.


See Margaret Sanger's astrodata bank details and natal chart here with her fiery, dramatic natal Moon in Leo opposing US natal Moon in cooler Aquarius, sign of the ethereal Water-Bearer.

*Mitt Romney was born 'in America' in March 1947 with Sun (personality; ego; essence; life purpose), Mercury (thought processes; communication style; planning mode), and Mars (motivation; desire nature; action; energy) in secretive Pisces, the 12th sign of Creativity and Mysticism. He may need daily nappy times if he attempts to take over the demanding job at the White House.

A second US credit downgrade? and RNC 8.28.12 astro-hints

Trump spouts off that Obama's handling of our country is "stupid" to which I must add, Takes one to know one, huckster.


Return at your leisure to SO'W (if only you had scrolled down and subscribed to post updates!) for I'm preparing an article on today's cosmic weather in relation to RNC 8.28.12: the Spirit of Margaret Sanger which shall most likely appear here as soon as family conditions and environmental factors allow, perhaps this evening with its health of the public Sun Virgo-Moon Aquarius blend! An astro-hint: Sanger is founder of Planned Parenthood among other accomplishments and human foibles. jc

Aug 25, 2012

8.24.12: Assange Asylum Update (video)

Equador vs UK with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange between:

Guess Julian Assange in exile from his usual surroundings shows an influence from the current Solar Eclipse Series which manifested on May 20, 2012 @00Gem20 and conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone @00Gem00 with one of the star's themes being 'exile'. A similar expression covered by Alcyone's energy is 'refugee' with an overabundance of judgmentalism going on...

Aug 23, 2012

Nodal Half-Return: GOP breakthrough or break-up?

Did you catch opinion writer Dana Milbank's piece in The Washington Post on August 21 about what's going on these days within the Republican Party? Will Hurricane Isaac blow into Tampa, Florida just in time to mete out divine retribution on the GOP next week and mess with their erstwhile POTUS-VP nominees, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?

In spite of Isaac, the nominating brouhaha will go on whether RNC 2012 is soaked to its gills or not, is what I heard. They're already in Tampa drafting their platform, says Business Week.

Determination in the face of natural law shows the Republican Party's usual stalwartly irrational, stubborn stance on most things they intend to butt heads on like the old goats they are.

Yet there have been intimations of riffs and tiffs within the party itself brought on in part by Rep. Todd Akin's mysoginism gone public (he probably wasn't supposed to let that particular pregnant cat out of the legislative bag on August 19) for Mike Huckabee has sided with Akin while Bill Kristol has scolded Akin's badly timed verbage concerning rape and abortion. To my way of thinking, Akin's political platform intends to force upon American women the Republican Party's antiquated, parternalistic notions which have a decidedly Talibaneque ring to them--if Inauguration 2013 hobbles America with another GOP White House.

Astrologically we know that RNC 2012 occurs under the auspices of the Republican Party's Nodal Half-Return with transiting North Node (NN) conjunct the party's natal South Node (SN), and vice versa. As I mentioned in a recent comment, this describes a period when relationships which are weak in some way tend to break apart and separation is on the menu. However, if relationships or partnerships survive this time frame they will strengthen instead, perhaps because of the rough patch partners go through together.

Another difficult indicator is the still-of-influence Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @00Gem20 which conjoins the GOP's natal SN, a separative point in any chart. Falling within the 14 South Saros Series, this Annular eclipse also conjoins by degree Fixed Star Alcyone ('mystical but judgmental'; 'something to cry about'--or, as I blogged months ago, maybe it will just rain a lot. But I didn't forecast a hurricane for RNC 2012! Well, carrying on the separation theme, 'exile' is another potential for Alcyone, plus, 14S has Mercury-Pluto content within it from its initial manifestation--August 29, 984!--in finicky Virgo with a theme of 'an obsessive idea is finally accepted'--Brady.)

And that successful Jupiterian 'acceptance' comes after long hard work which may point to Mitt Romney's candidacy since he's been campaigning for the presidency for many many years, and/or it may relate to--gasp!--the Republican attempt to control women's reproductive systems and lives by instituting Talibanesque laws that crush our hard-won rights. Yet according to my Bible, Christ came to bring the world the New Law which in 2012 surely makes it plain that Old Testament times are long gone! So either obsessive idea seems horrific and I do hope that masses of American voters--the ones the Goatish Old Party doesn't prevent, that is--turn out on November 6, 2012 to take another chance on the *Democratic Party in spite of the fact that they're in on the NWO game, too.

For life in America 2012---particularly for women--seems to have come down to A Vote for Which Century we prefer to live in as we go forward into the future, and casting a vote against such antiquated, often scientifically incorrect notions about women's health seems to be the very least we ladies can do.

For more reading of a one-world-government kind (what these political geezers and grotesque jokers want to push us into) do dare to try Rosicrucian Utopia.

And here's a recent SO'W post on Todd Akin, the Republican platform, and the August 2012 Moon Wobble which adds irritability and instability to the Nodal Half-Return's separative potential mentioned above.

*Something I've meant to type about here for a long time: the jackassian, sophomoric, divide-and-conquer ploy of the GOP to make a point of using "Democrat Party" which necessarily leads to "Republic Party" both of which sound as stupid, childish, and lame as any gaggle of politicians ever wanted to employ in order to make bigger a**es of themselves with.

Aug 22, 2012

"There exists a shadowy government--"

Chalmers Johnson, who clued me in a few years ago on such topics as The Sorrows of Empire, and Blowback wrote about what he called "the president's private army"--the CIA--in an article from 2007, Agency of Rogue.

Of interest to those who are familiar with America's so-called 'Sibly' natal horoscope (there's more than one) set for 5:10 pm LMT (July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA) our nation's 10th house Saturn exalted in Libra and 9th house Neptune in earthy Virgo created a midpoint picture with natal Midheaven (MC = The Goal) which perfected in approximately 1780 (natal Saturn about 4 degrees from Neptune divided by 2 = Saturn-Neptune midpoint.) With controlling Saturn in Mundane Astrology signifying government, law, and business and nebulous Neptune's secret-invisible-shadowy things often masked or hidden (in America's case, 'in plain sight' apparently), we have:

Saturn-Neptune = MC: using inefficient methods when completed work is needed (Munkasey); peculiar loss of ambition; giving up or capitulating to demands of the environment totally (Tyl.)

Or we may simply say that The Goal for this nation was to set up and maintain a shadow government built on secrecy and deception which All the World sees at US natal MC! And you know, the more I read about how America's Great Seal images are based on Illumnati symbols (a secret society of Utopians who wish to demolish all governments and other civilized institutions and systems), I'm almost ready to believe just that even though it's difficult to accept that America's Founding Fathers were so crass as our present-day politicians or that they set up our nation to fail (Saturn in 10th house = 'fall from grace' if Saturnian themes are neglected as they've been--and fittingly, they weren't aware of Neptune in 1776.)

Who Else Knows About This?

As Senator Daniel Inouye informed us in 1987 (during the money-diverting, arms-dealing Reagan administration which helped fund and set up the following):

There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from law itself."

That's one good reason why they tell us we're broke! And perhaps it partially explains why, in spite of millions of Americans protesting against the US government's preemptive wars, invasions, and occupations in the Middle East, We the People are seldom if ever listened to by our "representatives" who obviously dance to a different tune than of a government "--of the people, by the people, for the people," as President Abraham Lincoln described our country when closing his Gettysburg Address of 1863.


Blog Note: the ongoing script errors I receive when posting to this blog make my efforts here very laborious and so far nothing I've tried has repaired the situation. Therefore, a different approach is needed so you may notice a few missing elements over the next week or two such as a removal of SOW's Recent Comments feed, a tactic which has improved blogging conditionss before. However, this time, the Layout of the sidebar section doesn't work properly or update correctly yet a determined Capricorn must keep trying, right? Asap, your comments will return in the feed and will continue to be moderated and published underneath the post you comment upon. Thanks for your patience, Dear Readers! jc

Aug 21, 2012

GOP vs Women and Moon Wobble Aug 22-23 2012

August 2012: A Wobbly Moon and an Unstable Political Platform

by Jude Cowell

The peak period of the August 2012 Moon Wobble is well-explained here plus, on a Mundane Astrology level we may wish to consider the public mood (Mundane Moon = the public) through the signs of Libra (cool, detached, mental), Scorpio (intense, passionate, emotional), and on into Sagittarius (broadening, searching, creative.)

The 2012 Wobble began in July and reached a critical period between August 13--20 as the flap over Rep. Todd Akin's antiquated remarks about rape and pregnancy broke into the 24/7 news cycle (apparently you cannot have been raped if you find yourself pregnant because women are said to possess an ability to "secrete secretions" which 'prevent pregnancy', an old husband's tale repackaged.) The influence of the Moon Wobble peaks between August 21 and August 23, 2012 and you see a dual image below of both charts--lower left = August 21, 2012 12:00 am edt set for Washington DC; upper right horoscope is for August 23 11:59:59 pm edt; Moon ranges from 13 Libra 35 to 25 Scorpio 58 and will enter Mutable (unstable, changing) Sagittarius as Luna's Wobble begins to steady the last week of August:

Now I don't know if you can read my scribbles written on and around the chart but if so, you'll find several notations not covered in the text of this post; click image to enlarge.

Moon Wobble periods are times of irritability and unstable conditions when achievements on behlaf of The People may be reversed--or at least, the GOP is now more open during this election year in their attempts to destroy decades of societal progress for women and for others while pretending to care so very much about unborn babies. If they have their way about repealing legal abortion in the US, will state orphanges also be featured in their grand schemes?

You will discover many on your own, yet there are a few chart details I wish to cover in particular in this post for they relate to the reputed War on Women (Mars-Moon) which the Republican Party is, in my opinion, waging as they attempt to repeal our rights including the right to a safe abortion when necessary, and the right to vote in our alleged 'democracy' (you know--like the much-touted purple fingers of Afghanistan.) May I be honest with you about a very sensitive subject? Abortions are performed way too often in America but bossy old men don't belong in the doctor's consultation room. (What about "smaller government", GOP? It would be a ridiculously big job to impose control over every single pregnancy in this country! Are you daft?)

My deepest feeling about the unfortunate circumstance in our nation where the smallest being among us, a fetus, is not safe from dire threat is that instead of inventing erection-enhancing drugs, someone in charge should have been encouraging and teaching men how to keep their pants zipped. As usual with misogynists and political opportunists, the culpability of the men involved is rarely if ever mentioned much less honestly addressed or corrected.

Okay, now take a look at the charts as Earth's Moon Wobbles, unstable circumstances fluctuate, and people become even more irritated than they were before! And note that the Republican Party's *natal North Node 00Gem33 Stationary was 'hit' by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse 00Gem20 showing that they actually think the 'time has come' for their obsessive ideas to finally be accepted!

On August 21 at 12:00 am edt Washington D.C., Luna sailed over 13Lib36 (about to enter the via combusta degrees, if you use such an antique astrological factor within the Tropical Zodiac. So an unstable, wobbling Moon enters her peak zone as she approaches US natal Saturn 14Lib48 with any or all of the implications a Moon-Saturn combination denotes: seriousness, hard feelings, restrictions on women--I'm lookin' at You, Republican mysoginists), depression, hard work...yet also direction, strategy, and ambition. Also, the Moon rises with lovely Arcturus (a different approach which women need now if we're to put these evolutionary cavemen with delusions of Theocracy in their place: the 18th century.)

A great study if you have a chance is to read the Sabian Symbols for each degree of the Moon Wobble in all phases, but here we shall discuss only the peak period with a bit about the end, the end, for it involves none other than the 2012 Republican Convention--in fact, recent events concerning the definition of rape, controlling, fear-inducing, power-grabbing Pluto's province, abortion concerns (Pluto = surgery) and the restriction of women's rights is precisely what Moon (women) Wobble (going back on previous meanings, definitions, laws, concepts, amount of control, etc) which the GOP plans to establish in order to force the American people to behave like it's pre-1900.

The Moon Wobble horoscopes contain certain planetary pairs with great influence such as: Sun-Neptune (opposition of August 23 across the Virgo-Pisces axis of victimization, with its potentials for over-promising, secrets and mysteries, betrayals and suspicions, false images and masks, and what must first be present: self-delusion); Saturn-Pluto = NN: misery of the masses (I think of Ryan's 'budget plan' for misery is its goal--this midpoint picture is found in both charts and also brings in war since '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." However, it seems to me that Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and crew consider themselves to be 'warriors on a mission' of some quixotic kind.

Plus, whenever war is involved (and even when it's not), we should admit that rape and unplanned pregnancies must be constant concerns of our female soldiers serving in the US military. Such brazen men ought to be ashamed but it seems that our military hierarchy's emphasis upon 'honor' only applies from men to men for many of them, including officers. My suspicion is that sub-standard applications were accepted for use as canon fodder and perhaps some number of them were rapists before they joined the military. Sorry to say it, but there it is. (As always, feel free to disagree!)

And Then There's Testy Mars-Saturn

So as you see between August 21 to August 23, the Moon translates light from restrictive Saturn (here, signifying Republicans, it seems) to testosterone-driven Mars, both in the closing degrees of Libra, a sign of war and of balance.

As the Moon unsteadily wobbles up to the Mars-Saturn duo (harmful or destructive energy; inhibited or destroyed vitality--Ebertin), there are three midpoint pictures which form as Luna translates while reflecting the frustrating stop-go energies of Mars-Saturn, aka, the controlling male...any, all, or none may apply:

Moon-Mars = Saturn: suppressed feelings; dissatisfaction; controlled passion (were that the case--jc); quarrels; a separated or suffering wife (Ebertin); maternal panic; taking responsibility for correcting uncertain activities; obligations when caring for others (Munkasey.)

Mars-Saturn = Moon: a weak will; depressive moods; lack of courage; illness; separation or death of females (Ebertin) (reminds me of an old method used in desperate, unfortunate situations, coat-hanger abortions--jc); anger over restrictions; fluctuating energy (Munkasey.)

Moon-Saturn = Mars:feeling inferior; self-control to the point of torment; lack of determination; soul conflicts (Ebertin); rushing into activities in order to protect the family (or, The Family which is one name for the Global Syndicate of imperial bankers, politicians, Vulcans of War, and religious figures--jc); breaking family bonds (Munkasey) utopian globalists are determined to do--jc.

Let's close with two other midpoint pictures in play during the peak period of the August 2012 Moon Wobble. One involves an apex Saturn, the other (Aug 23) ropes in the Moon-Mars conjunction @29Lib07 of August 22: the conjunction's Saturn/ASC which relates to 'curtailment of programs for the disadvantaged' (Munkasey)--thing is, what sort of morals (Saturn) does it take to sleep at night while you further and grievously disadvantage the disadvantaged? Sheesh! Preying on the weak among us is so...Pluto-Chiron of them.

What a bunch of Dickens-era jack**ses...

Mercury-Pluto = Saturn: quarrels and nagging; increased ruthlessness when locating sources of rumors or information; annoyance that secrets have leaked; demands that info be used as planned (Munkasey); exposure to heavy and bitter attacks aggressiveness and persistence in quests for sexual power, control, and domination.

You'll note that it's Mercury-Pluto (obsessed with power) content found in the initial solar eclipse of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse Series which now infuses these social wedge topics and issues--and Election 2012 rhetoric. Yet with these weighty concerns and extreme amounts of media attention and hyperbole they divert us too much, suspiciously so! Wonder what's going on behind the curtain over there, the one we're not supposed to notice?

After Akin: RNC 2012's Extreme Platform

At the end of August comes a political convention where Mitt Romney, the Mormon candidate, will apparently be nominated for the presidency (unless a brokered convention breaks out! Big money and fraud are all that can save Mittens now.) The Moon Wobble will be a dissipating influence on RNC 2012 by then and we've been warned to expect a mysoginistic platform to be put forth (or, where the sun don't shine) by the GOP as it hurries to devolve itself further and hold high the Confederate Constitution. Freaky.

In mid-2010, a YOD pattern (special task; crisis; turning point) in the Republican Party's Secondary Progressions pointed at SP ASC with SP Mercury and SP Jupiter at its base. If memory serves, SP Mercury and Jupiter (grand plans and schemes) are both retrograde in the SP chart--like the GOP's old-fashioned policies and to be announced platform of austerity, withdrawal, and restriction--aka, Saturnian themes and demands. But with even fewer restrictions on the wealthy!

And yes, I do hear the background noise from the June 5, 2012 Venus Transit (paternalism on display in high relief) accompanying our current political condition with its threats of dire and devised social ills, this post is meant to be little more than an updated if wobbly word picture of the media-dubbed War on Women and the Republican Party, a political faction of dominating ol' cusses and rapists-by-proxy, as they seem to be purposefully styling themselves as such, I do declare.

Why, the extreme backwardness of the GOP's regressive, odd, and perverted ideas about women and the world in general is enough to plum give me the vapors.


Republican Party July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, Michigan; ASC 9Sag47; MC 29Vir32 conjunct contentious Mars 28Vir45; Sun 14Can26 conjunct 8th cusp of Corporatism and Wealth; Moon 27Sco49 in the 12th house of Politics, Backdoor Deals, and Karma--conjunct Mitt Romney's natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction, all of which conjoin President Obama's natal MC; GOP natal Saturn 10Gem22 at DESC is now being transited by Jupiter in Gemini, a time when certain restrictions and burdens may be eased if not all together removed, and advancement may result. Additionally, the next Solar Eclipse @ 21Sco56 (the PE of Election Day 2012 and of Inauguration Day 2013: 'joy through commitment'--Brady) conjoins the GOP's natal 12th cusp, and the word 'commitment' nearly contains the name of Mit(t) whose natal planets and points are also linked to the Moon Wobble horoscopes of August 2012.

Aug 18, 2012

Election Day 2012 drenched w a karmic Scorpio Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse in intense Scorpio marks November 2012 Elections

by Jude Cowell

As you know, Scorpio is a karmic (reap-what's-sown) sign and one must act on the up'n'up in order to make any real progress when a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio manifests. Intensity and force are provided by Scorpio's ruler and sub-ruler, Mars and Pluto, which are most formidable when their energies act in tandem and together, often supply a karmic "something you were always meant to do" feeling. And with Scorpio, an image of political "snake oil" is typically applied.

With all eclipses behaving in Uranian fashion as 'wild cards of the Universe' and thus having a reputation for uncovering even the darkest of secrets, we may expect November 2012 to be revelatory for its unmasking of Scorpionic secrets with a distinct potential for betrayals and suspicion that, when used in political propaganda, may have the effect of swaying voters in one direction or another. Some of us may even resort to 'opting out' and staying home on November 6 but this would be a a very bad mistake, folks, because that's what undermining factions want Americans to do. Plus, remember how neocon warmongers simply crowed over the beauty of Afghanistan and Iraq holding "democratic" elections under George Bush? Well then, even though US elections are rigged, let's not give them up so easily for they same so'n'sos ought to be crowing for our democratic process, don't you think?

The Solar Eclipse of November 2012

The month of November 2012 is notable not only for America's hugely important presidential and congressional elections (November 6, with voting planet Mercury Stationary that very day @4Sag18 and turning retrograde at 6:03 pm est--is this the electorate 'turning back' to President Obama?), but for its 15 North Solar Eclipse @21Sco56 on November 13. This eclipse occurs close enough to Nov 6 be the Solar Eclipse of Election Day 2012 (within two weeks), with its theme of 'joy through commitment.' (Brady.) Well, I don't like to type this out loud but with Mercury turning Rx on November 6, we may expect that results are disputed and that deciding outcomes may drag on, possibly until mid-December when a forward Mercury reaches and moves beyond its shadow degree of 4Sag18.

Please Pass the Turkey and the Lunar Eclipse

Though Thanksgiving Day is early this year (Nov 22), a busy November brings a second cosmic event--an almost-Thanksgiving Lunar Eclipse on November 28 @6Gem36 with the Sun falling into the happier Sagittarian zone of the Zodiac. The Moon is near transit Jupiter 11Gem54 Rx with US natal Uranus 8Gem55 stimulated. (Moon-Jupiter = US n Uranus: confidence; expectation of reward. --Tyl.) However, you'll note that the Lunar Eclipse ruler, Mercury, is Direct @18Sco24--approaching the Nov 13 Solar Eclipse degree, but the Sun's ruler, Jupiter, is Rx, another indicator of delays and hindrances relating to leadership (Sun-Jupiter), and potentially to money, support, bankers, and other corporatists (Jupiter.)

Also, this Lunar Eclipse is significant for being one of 2012's close-to-Earth Supermoons, as defined by master astrologer Richard Nolle.

Another Factor about November 6's Mercury Retrograde Station

Though Mercury trines technology inventor Uranus Rx @5Ari09--voting machine glitches made easy? or, easily solved?), its Rx Station strongly opposes President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini (Moon = 'reigning need'--Tyl), an indicator that his plans and schedules are in a something of a bind, and that Mr. Obama will be confronted with conflicting opinions regarding his re-election. Someone may have a change (Mercury) of heart (Moon)--whether for the incumbent president or against him remains to be seen but Mercurial young people may be of special note, and obviously reporters and journalists will be in the mix. Personally, I wouldn't rule out the Chamber of Commerce (Mercury) playing what is perhaps the largest role in opposing the president for they seem determined to do so.

At any rate, his re-election progress is blocked and will be obstructed again once Mercury retraces its path to 3-4-5 Sag and opposes natal Moon. After that, perhaps President Obama's goals will once again be implemented from the White House Oval Office after the dust and deceptions of Election Day 2012 settle.


Alert: Liber has kindly left a link to a 6-minute pro-Obama campaign video with political lyrics if you don't mind a little singing now and then. And really, who does?

Aug 16, 2012

Friday August 17 2012's New Moon @25Leo

Leo New Moon August 17, 2012 Culminates on August 31

by Jude Cowell

Are you ready for this Friday's New Moon? Today we are in the Balsamic phase between Sun and Moon, the 'Dark of the Moon' when secrets skulk in the shadows and things go bump in the you-know-what. Will more hidden information slink out of the shadows in campaign ads for President Obama and VP Biden and/or Mitt Romney and his VP pick, Paul Ryan? Yes, the whining is really underway and isn't it typical that bullies whine the loudest when the tables are turned on them?

Well, in Political Astrology, we may say that the August 17, 2012 New Moon @25Leo opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) so there are potentials for relationship stand-offs and/or a sense of awareness for our week's end in America, plus a new cycle beginning--'seeds planted'--which New Moons always time and which culminate in a Full Moon two weeks later--this time on August 31, 2012 @8Pis34 (9:58 am edt.) This Full Moon and its degree concern me for it triggers America's natal Ceres (and our corn and other crops are already dried up from drought) which conjoins the US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint of Plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence, and all the nasty -isms that intend to do harm to the masses while lifting up wealthy powermongers.

You'll note that the August 31 Full Moon manifests one day after RNC 2012 in Tampa, Florida closes (Aug 27--30), which this astrologer considers close enough to be a 'cosmic bookend' or culmination to the 2012 Republican Convention.

Or, since we're talking about the Moon which rules Water sign Cancer, perhaps at or around the New Moon it will begin to rain! Plus, in his The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli has a word picture for 25Leo:

"A man swimming in the waters of the sea." Let's both be alert to something mentioned in the news of that nature over the next day or so.

Now that's enough for today of that "organized system of hatreds" that is Politics (said Henry B. Adams.) My best recommendation for you concerning the August 17 New Moon in joyful Leo is to check out its portents graciously given by the insightful Dipali Desai, then proceed to enjoy your weekend seeded by the playful, dramatic energies of Leo the Lion!

Aug 14, 2012

'Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill' (video)

Anything to keep from typing the bromance-y names, "Paul Ryan" and "Mitt Romney" for a while...actually, the following documentary is particularly fascinating for those who are curious about Early America, Freemasonry's and Rosicrucianism's roles in the founding of the 'New Atlantis' (that shining city on a hill, D.C.), mystic and astrologer to *FDR, Nicolas Roerich (Oct 9, 1874 NS '12:00 pm' St. Petersburg, Russia), Sir Francis Bacon (born a Tudor, some say--and Queen Elizabeth's son), Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme, Manly P. Hall, Scottish Jacobites exiled to America and bringing along the 'Stone of Destiny' or 'Holy Grail' in pre-Revolutionary days, Gnostic Templarism, a long-range plan by secret societies for the ultimate establishment--and satanic idea--of a global new world order, and much more!

You may find one of Roerich's natal midpoint pictures quite interesting:

Mercury-Pluto = Uranus: 'an irresistible power of suggestion; fanatic pursuit of plans'. (Ebertin.) Either of these possibilities tallies rather closely with what I've read of this Occult practitioner--and something of a guru was he.

Now here is "Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill":

Check out other intriguing videos and full-length films and documentaries here.

*It was under FDR's watch that the capstone-pyramid-Eye of Horus was first printed upon the US dollar bill; in Jonathan Alter's The Defining Moment, the author mentions that Nicolas Roerich was an associate (astrologer) of Franklin Delano Roosevelt during FDR's presidency, thanks to Henry Wallace (mentioned in the video above) and as you know, FDR was a Freemason as have been many US presidents. Funny how mainstream authors tend to leave out such biographical info about their subjects such as, "initiated into the __ Lodge of Grand Orient Templars" and other such esoteric tidbits as that.

Sir Francis Bacon (Tudor) Feb 1, 1561 NS 7:42 am LMT London, England (source: Rodden Rating: C, astrodatabank/William Lilly.) Note: you may wish to type Roerich's and Bacon's names into this blog's sidebar Search field for previous mentions.

Additional Note: if you scroll down the sidebar far enough I suspect that the link to the topic of Bruton Parish Church (Williamsburg, VA) is still there...this is where the 'Stone' and/or an Occult manuscript detailing the so-called Great Plan for America may have been secreted when it was first purloined to our shores. Or not. Prominent early Americans once attended the church including Thomas Jefferson, wrote Manly P. Hall.

Nikola Tesla: Sun Cancer-Moon Libra w a rare film on video!

Update September 5, 2015: the following text is being retained so that the post title makes sense however, the video referred to gives a message, "this video no longer exists." My original post begins here and includes a few astro-notes concerning the natal planets of inventor (and possible murder victim) Nikola Tesla:

A message has arrived from Alexandra Bruce which sets up the following rare film about the intriguing Uranian, Nikola Tesla:

"This is a rare English-Language film produced in the former Yugoslavia that tells the story of Nikola Tesla's arrival in America and his encounters with Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and the mighty financier J.P. Morgan, played by Orson Welles.

It portrays one of the most pivotal periods of modern history, during Tesla's development of alternative current, as the global standard for electrification, and the tragedy of this great inventor who aspired to change the world for the better."

-Alexandra Bruce

This is where the Tesla video was embedded before it was mysteriously 'disappeared'.

A Sprinkling of Astrology upon Nikola Tesla

by Jude Cowell

Horoscope: Nikola Tesla July 10, 1856 (NS) 12:00 am -1:01 LMT Smiljan, Yugoslavia 14N35 015E19

Sun 18Can17 (conj Castor and Venus 15Can27--transit Moon 18Can41 conj his n Sun as I opened his chart in my file for the first time in years--such synchronicity is common when a name from the past resurfaces via a reference or a memory which inspires an astrologer to view the natal chart); n Mercury 28Gem26; n Mars 19Lib11 conj n Moon -- he's recently had a Mars Return (with Mars today @24Lib28) but with no activity of his own--he died on or about Jan 7, 1943, NYC; n Jupiter 8Ari37 with today's tr Uranus, The Inventor/The Genius/Electricity, conjunct at 8Ari06; n Saturn 5Can38; n Uranus 23Tau57--Taurus, the intelligent sign of The Architect, Builder, Grower, and Preserver, ruled by Venus; n Neptune Rx @20Pis22 (strong in its own mystical sign); dragon planet Pluto 5Tau33 (some say Tesla's family lineage included the Order of the Dragon as was Count Dracula--that he was a member of the Dragon family line as were John and son John Quincy Adams); Chiron 3AQ48; NN 20Ari06.

Tesla's Sun Cancer-Moon Libra is a Water-Air combo of energies (Sun = conscious mind, Moon = the unconscious), a very creative, misty, and ethereal blend (he was not a practical man especially with finances). With Sun ruled by the Moon and Moon ruled by Venus, Tesla's personality was socially aware, perceptive and super-sensitive yet challenged in the realm of relationships (plus, Venus square Mars). He was a shrewd Cancer who preferred to isolate himself within his protective emotional shell. And with wily old financier J. P. Morgan around (played in the film formerly embedded above by Orson Welles), Tesla was out-foxed in the financial realm which may gave been easy since Tesla was highly focused on his own thoughts and ideas and was largely uninterested in money.

Sun Cancer-Moon Libra: "Images for Integration: Mother Goose recites a poem, surrounded by adoring fairy-tale creatures...A family holds a lucrative sale of its artistic heirlooms to the neighborhood." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Oddly enough this ethereal personality blend is found in the natal charts of George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Bruce Springsteen, and Angela Lansbury.

And to the Sun Cancer-Moon Libra blend, master astrologer Noel Tyl adds that "the emphasis will be on the romantic" (not for Tesla!) and that planet "Venus will be especially important in the horoscope." In Tesla's case, Venus is spotlighted by first squaring Mars (3A44), then NN (4A39), and finally trines Neptune (4A55). Venus trine Neptune added inspiration to his pioneering (Aries) Jupiter (broadened horizons; science; discoveries; breakthroughs) and was greatly activated by the innovative spirit of speedy Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, The Messenger to the gods.

Birth data: Rodden Rating: B; source: bio/autobiography, The Life of Nikola Tesla by John J. O'Neill..."midnight between July 9/10, 1856"; O'Neill was a personal friend of Tesla who was said to have been born during a thunderstorm," astrodatabank; "at the stroke midnight," according to his biography.

And with transformer Pluto rising we see his magnetic charisma and--aided by visionary Neptune in its own creative sign of Pisces, Tesla's extraordinary visualization ability because Pluto rising gives a sort of x-ray vision into the workings of the Cosmos, into the deepest layers of the Universe. And of course, Saturn is the traditional planet of Science, along with Mercury, and add Uranus for lightening, electricity, flashes of brilliance, innovation, inventiveness, and pure genius.

This page updated May 3, 2016. jc

Aug 11, 2012

Aug 11-13, 2012: Perseids peak and Paul Ryan chosen!

After publishing my earlier post on Mitt Romney's pick of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his VP running mate (with Ryan's natal chart shown), I got to thinking (a rare occurrence, not to worry) about how August 11, 12, and 13 is when the Perseid Meteor Shower peaks and there's a lovely Moon-Jupiter glow added to the proceedings, plus Venus. Plus, the Perseids are linked into the ancient mythology and star lore of Perseus the Prince so is Mr. Romney (who intro'd Paul Ryan as "the next president" just as Pres. Obama 'mistakenly' did with his VP pick, Joe Biden in 2008) and Rep. Ryan attempting to link the erstwhile 'royal prince' archetype of Perseus with 'young gun' turned 'top gun' Paul Ryan by slipping it surreptiously and sublimally into the Collective Unconscious?

Remember that in 2008, Barack Obama was linked to the archetype of Apollo, the Sun god! Yet as you know, this sort of propagandistic trick doesn't work nearly as well once and if people become consciously aware of them!

Oh well. It's the weekend so let's just settle in and watch this nice video of the Perseid Meteor Shower and leave varmint-y politicians to do, as usual, their darndest for their success always depends on who can sway the public mood the best...

Here's a previous post with a few details on 'young male warrior' Perseus the Prince (and Paul Ryan was born with Mars in Aries conjunct Chiron which together is the 'sacred warrior' archetype.)

Romney names Paul Ryan as his VP pick w US Neptune Rising

Romney Picks Ryan as VP Nominee with Denebola and US Neptune Rising

by Jude Cowell

Themes of Fixed Star, Denebola: out of the mainstream; to go against society.

Political Astrology Blog is where I first noticed the birth time of Rep. Paul Ryan who, as you undoubtedly know, was named VP nominee by presidential candidate Mitt Romney this morning at or about 9:00 am edt in Norfolk, VA with the USS Wisconsin as backdrop, as a shout-out to Paul Ryan's home state.

ASC 21Vir02 = Denebola and US natal Neptune with US natal Mars @22Gemini at MC (The Goal = perpetual war?) This puts America's tiresomely confused, misguided, and fog-of-war Mars-Neptune square from 1776 on the VP announcement chart's angles which gives them places to express themselves--tiresomely. Hidden (Neptune) motivations (Mars) may also be indicated by Romney's VP choice.

Of course, Neptune Rising is an indicator of acting and pretending, creativity and inspiration, lies and deceptions, and/or potentials for instability and fraudulent activities. This morning's horoscope with US natal Neptune Rising echoes Paul Ryan's natal Neptune Rising and signifies that a masking is on the rise--one example may be fishy Mitt--born with Sun, Mercury, Mars in Pisces--announced his VP pick today in an attempt to hide from the media glare and the toll from critical campaign ads of his opponent. See midpoint pictures below for a more clues...

At Midheaven (MC; the Goal) is 19Gem59 and Romney's natal Uranus 17Gem51 so I infer that shaking things up politically was naturally one of the aims of this morning's VP announcement and pick. And with Moon 8Gem17 (the public) conj US natal Uranus, people were excited and surprised, especially with happy Jupiter @11Gem58 nearby. Actually, the Moon-Jupiter combo in light-hearted Gemini will repeat on January 21, 2013, Inauguration Day so perhaps someone expects the trillions of dollars that corporations have been sitting on during President Obama's administration to be released in a flood of job creation which will bolster Romney's approval ratings with the public and turn the GOP back into ole' Santa Claus, for a while at least.

Below you see Paul Ryan's natal horoscope with a few notes added relating to today's big announcement (see upper right) such as the powerful pile-up at his natal Ascendant 00Sag38 ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" in Sabian Symbols--guess that's where the money is to go that his "Path to Prosperity" purloins from our nation's social safety net programs--Ryan's Throw Granny Under the Bus and Wage More War plan for America and a one world government that requires chaos before a 'new economic order' is completely and finally established.

Image above: Paul Ryan January 29, 1970 2:37 am CST Janesville, Wisconsin (from B.C.); Hour Venus 10AQ06 conjunct Sun 9AQ01 (charming yet self-satisfied); a very close conjunction of Mars 3Ari17 in 4th house with Chiron 3:19 identifies Rep. Ryan as a 'sacred warrior'; Jupiter (expansion, growth) opposes Saturn (restriction, contraction) showing that half his life was ruled by Saturn (the first half obviously) while the second half is now ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of Corporatism, Big Business, and Hidden Things such as Occult studies or shady practices. A Jupiter-Saturn opposition person needs approval from others and must be praised for their contributions. But he doesn't understand how his Scorpionic behavior can hurt others for there is a streak of indifference within his psyche (Jupiter-Saturn are separating from opposition and thus affecting him unconsciously.) Conservatism, narrow-mindedness, and religious hypocrisy are typical expressions of the opposition between our Solar System's two societal planets and issues of growth v austerity typical, as we see in his budget and financial committee work.

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Jupiter is involved in an applying quincunx (150 degr) with Mars 3Ari17 denoting one who willingly offers his services to others in an assumption that they cannot do for themselves. Perhaps the slippery Mitt fish will benefit from the more rigid Mr. Ryan's firm principles, however anti-societal they may be. For now that Rep. Ryan is about to breathe the even more rarified political air of Washington DC, he'll be anxious to maintain company with the global power elite since he has styled himself as one of them (Neptune conj ASC is a bit of a slippery fish, too--a thespian.) Yet he must be cautious of others taking credit for his ideas though perhaps this only describes Politics in general where connivers always seem to thrive at the expense of others.

The only other applying aspect of his natal Jupiter is a trine to North Node showing ease of opportunity (trine) connecting (NN) with wealthy and/or religious people (Jupiter), and rewards gained from contacts with the public.

Plus, there is no applying aspect to his natal Sun so we may have to be satisfied with his separating conjunction from charming Venus (photogenic!)--that, and the Sun's sign and house position: 2nd house of the National Treasury, and Aquarius for those far-seeing eyes of his. Note that restrictive Capricorn is on his 2nd cusp.

Now there are many factors in Paul Ryan 's natal chart which deserve discussion and many astrologers have analysed his chart brilliantly (ex: Political Astrology Blog linked above.) But let's focus on a few correspndances now in progress:

Ryan was named Romney's VP pick today during Ryan's midlife crisis (tr Uranus 8Ari12 Rx opposing natal Uranus 8Lib40 Rx in n 10th H of Career and Public Status!), a time of new directions and possibly uncharacteristic behavior (from Libran behavior to Arian--Uranus in Aries = radical Utopians, says R. Ebertin--and they want to remake civilization even if it kills us!) As you know, this is often a 'buy a red sports car' period of life but here, a fabulous new job and high class residence may be in his picture. In today's announcement chart, Uranus is posited in 7th H which keys the Partnership axis (1/7) with Mitt Romney's natal Sun 21Pis11 setting at Descendant (The Partner.)

Comparing both men's natal planets, however, shows reciprocal aspects between both Suns and Plutos indicating that ego dominance will become an issue in their relationship if it isn't already, and that use and misuse of power is on their shared menu.

Another interesting facet is how Ryan's natal Neptune/ASC conjunction is keyed today by the transiting midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, and by tr NN 1Sag54. Midpoint pictures are thus formed...

Tr Saturn-Pluto = n Neptune: falsehoods, frauds, lies; a desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; danger through water, poison, or gas; shattered nerves. (Ebertin.)

Tr Saturn-Pluto = n ASC: giving an impression of silent power (Munkasey); placed in cumbersome or difficult circumstances (Ebertin.)

Plus, let's consider a transiting midpoint picture in the announcement chart formed by the Venus-Pluto opposition (with Venus conj US natal Venus in Cancer so the T-Square, which points to Uranus in Aries, also involves the current oppositions tr Pluto is in process of making to US natal planets in Cancer which denote financial stalemates such as debt ceiling 'debates', threatened government defaults, bankruptcy, missing trillions, and powerful plutonian forces abroad engaged in a terrific power struggle with American bankers and politicians.)

Venus-Pluto = Uranus: fanaticism in relationships (Ebertin): indifference to the destructive powers available for personal and politicial uses; compromises involving extreme uses of power; friends who enjoy unusual types of punishment. (Munkasey.) And I doubt we're talking scratchy underwear here!

What personalizes the above noted T-Square to Paul Ryan's natal horoscope is that his natal Uranus which opposes today's Uranus, thus forms the fourth point of a Grand Cross (Venus-Pluto-Uranus-Uranus)--kind of a double T-Square which becomes more even more dynamic with Paul Ryan's involvement.

The combo of Venus-Pluto denotes such things as bankruptcy, wealth hidden in secret places, attracting elements of organized crime, destruction of financial institutions, and the breakdown of the social fabric.

Last is the transit of serious Saturn to Ryan's natal Moon @24Lib11 in n 11th H of Groups, Associations, Wishes and Hopes. Therefore, it looks as if Rep. Ryan has been dreaming of taking on more responsibility, and, though his family life may suffer from it, his long-term efforts and career ambitions are now being rewarded by an older associate, Mitt Romney...whether their union is good for the prospects of the American Middle Class or not.


You note that Paul Ryan's natal Descendant 00Gem38 was 'hit' by the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @00Gem20 showing the distinct possibility that "an obsessive idea may finally be accepted" which is what keeps me awake at night: the outrageousness of another round of deceptive trickle-down economics--such as other Republicans adminstrations have scammed us with before--will befall our nation and our Treasury, and will continue the decimation of our childrens' futures as political operatives work against US sovereignty on behalf of global domination. Okay, I'll hush for now and get back to writing Issue 2 of Stars Over Washington Monthly! jc

Aug 10, 2012

While Governor, Mitt Romney taxed the blind!

Oh here's an distressing bit of news about Gov. Mitt Romney from Esquire's excellent Charlie Pierce on how Mitt Romney, while governor of Massachusetts, taxed the blind because they were blind!

You know the more outrageous the news about Mitt Romney gets, the more I think he's a fake candidate meant to hide the identity of the true GOP presidential candidate who will be nominated at a brokered convention--one who is advantaged by not being challenged, criticized, or slammed in Democratic campaign ads. Now that would be a crazy political strategy for Republicans to use, right?

Of course!

Saturn-Neptune, The Drought of 1953 and Wilhelm Reich's 'cloudbuster' (video)

Of Saturn-Neptune, Droughts, and Controversial Rainmakers

by Jude Cowell

The current drought in the US got me thinking about the drought of 1953 and the triple Great Conjunction/s of Saturn (restriction, stoppages, loss, and drought a long time coming) and Neptune of water, rain, gas ('orgone energy', in this case), and oceanic tendencies, with Neptune also a planet of loss and both planets karmic in nature (reaping what was sown, or in the case of drought, perhaps not reaping it.)

Below is a list of Saturn-Neptune conjunction dates and degrees of 1952/53 though they did meet again in 1989 in the 10--12 Capricorn degree range, where transiting Pluto soon will trod (Saturn-Neptune = tr Pluto: feeling downtrodden; tremendous awareness of a potential for loss; fear--Tyl; rejection of responsibility and denial of guilt from responsible people; new ideas on evolution which upset long-held but weaker historical theories--Munkasey.)

Saturn conj Neptune:

1. November 21, 1952 @22Lib47; 2. May 1, 1953 @22Lib39; 3. July 22, 1953 @21Lib12, as Saturn 'stopped' the Neptunian 'rain' from falling.

You'll note that the Libra degrees from 1952-53 are recently being re-visited by dry, drying Saturn, today @24Lib28. Also today, Neptune is @2Pis07 Rx ('3Pis' = "A Petrified Forest," a very dry scene) yet you'd think there would be no droughts at all in any location with Neptune in its own watery sign, wouldn't you?

Drought 1953

Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich's invention, the cloudbuster, was demonstrated on July 6, 1953--just before conjunction #3, above, near Maine's Bangor hydro-electric dam (hydro = Neptune, electric = Uranus) in what's called The Blueberry Experiment, beginning at 10 am (yes, it rained and crops were saved!)

Well, if you set up a horoscope for July 6, 1953 you'll see a vital, interesting planetary conjunction with a major star: Sun, Mars, and SIRIUS in Cancer, a water sign (the Crab.) In an appropriate synchronicity, SIRIUS is linked with the annual flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt. Plus, in 1953 Sun-Mars-SIRIUS were quite near electrical Uranus @18Can29.

Read more details if you wish...and here is a 44-minute video on quite a dry and curious topic:

The next Great Conjunction of Saturn (government; boundaries) and Neptune (invisible, secret; merging) is on February 20, 2026 at Aries Point (@00Ari45), a World Point of Manifestation and/or Recognition, which will greatly enhance the significance of the Saturn-Neptune combination of antithetical energies while emphasizing the year 2026. Perhaps a drought will occur then and if so, its threat of famine could well be of global proportions (AP.) Or, maybe the masks of the global syndicate's secret government officials, agents, and operatives will be finally washed away for all the world to see their dirty, vicious faces.

Yes, it's true! There is a variety of curiously intriguing videos available at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Aug 7, 2012

Aug 3, 2012: Sen Bernie Sanders on House Floor vs Bush Tax Cut Extension (video)

Revealing the Ravages of US Plutocracy: Against We-The-People

by Jude Cowell

One US senator who is tireless in his defense of America's Middle Class is Vermont's Bernie Sanders who once again laid it all out on the House floor on August 3rd in contrast to the GOP senators who then took turns whining on behalf of the Bush tax cut extension which will end at 12:00 am est on January 1, 2013 unless a modicum of fiscal sanity is restored to Capitol Hill by the end of 2012. Yes, those Republicans are so deeply worried about the deficit and the national debt but funny how they don't mind adding trillions of dollars to it when it benefits their personal bottom lines!

After taking a look at the horoscope for that time and date in Washington DC, I am not comforted by the chart's Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations, Public Standing) @8Can15 which is the midpoint degree of America's natal Sun/Jupiter in Cancer...Sun/Jupiter = MC: wealthy, successful people. And of course you know the Sabian Symbol for US natal Jupiter @ '6Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." Well yes, they do. Rah-ther, old boy.

Yes, it seems to me that the upper 2% of our greedy game birds possess and control more than enough of America's wealth already, agreed? So let Senator Sanders tell the tale as he does so well...and get thee to the polls on November 6, 2012 unless you want a monetary royalist and religious cultist (yes, I typed it) like Romney in the White House.

Additionally, it may be of interest to consider the meaning of the Sun-Jupiter midpoint in the realms of Politics and Business. Quoting one indication from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets because it seems to closely apply to the situation:

"Sun-Jupiter = a religious or philosophical system which ties the effective leadership of the country to a predetermined course of action."

Sounds like the sequestration the Super-Committee (aka, Super-Congress) set up on November 23, 2011 as influenced by the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse in the 14 North Series (a peculiar turn of events; unexpected financial happenings; despair; confusion--Brady) but it also sounds like Grover Norquist's no-tax-increase pledge that a few Republicans are said to be balkinging against. And yet it seems that perennial condidate Mitt Romney has signed the pledge if one can tell anything for certain when it comes to the very squirmy Piscean fish, Mr. Romney.


Blog Note: now in preparation is Issue 2 of my electronically-delivered newsletter Stars Over Washington Monthly, an in-depth look at National Politics through the excellent lens of Astrology, as written by yours truly with a common-good viewpoint.

Now if you wish, it isn't too late to receive Issue 1 (July-August-September 2012) which contains a view of President Obama's Solar Return 2012 Horoscope with details (in effect until August 4, 2013), America's Solar Return 2012 Horoscope ('good for' one year), astro-notes on RNC 2012 and DNC 2012, plus Lunations (the New and Full Moons) of July, August, and September 2012.

Subscribe bwo Amazon Payments (3-month issue $18US) by clicking the link at the top of this blog's sidebar for Issue 1. Then in early September if not before, a subcription link for Issue 2 will appear for you won't want to miss the many upcoming political and cosmic events such as the presidential debates and VP debate of October, the November 6 Election (with Mercury's Rx Station at 6:03 pm est on Nov 6th--arghh!), plus the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of November 2012, and the much-touted Winter Solstice of December which ends 2012 with a bang and a YOD pattern of turning-point implications--plus, a Full Moon in Cancer on December 28, 2012 which conjoins a Fixed Star that announces Sirius...

So if you think or suspect that studying Political Astrology is worth more than mere idle curiosity (or you wish to read my thoughts and critique them as many have!), please try a subscription to Stars Over Washington Monthly and I shall greatly appreciate your kind encouragement! After all, January 21, 2013 will bring the American people another US Presidential Inauguration--Horoscope included...jc

Aug 6, 2012

The Carlyle Connection (video)

Back to a previous topic today: perhaps you remember that Bush Sr and the Carlyle Group met on Tuesday morning September 11, 2001? I wondered at the time if their meeting was meant to be a target of the assassins...

Aug 4, 2012

Fed Gold being audited by the US Treasury and their 1951 "Accord" planets

Got Gold? America's Saturnian Past and Uranian Future

by Jude Cowell

Here's an intriguing excerpt from a fascinating ZeroHedge article concerning gold, the Federal Reserve Bank, financial matters 1951 v 2008/12, and the Fed-Treasury Accord of March 3, 1951 (think, President Harry Truman):

"Why is March 3, 1951 such an important date? Because, more than anything, the confluence of events that led to the "Accord" signed on this day have extensive parallels to our current situation, as the attached paper by the Federal Reserve of Richmond shows in exquisite detail, yet 100% in reverse."

Read Who Is Lying? the Federal Reserve...or the Federal Reserve? and Why Stalin Lost, submitted by Tyler Durden.

Now you know I'm going to take a quick peek at the planets of March 3, 1951, right? Hour of the Accord signing is unknown so 'noon' in Washington DC will be used.

ASC 29Gem10 (a critical-crisis degree, opposite '30Sag' setting: "The Pope Blessing the Faithful"); Hour of Mercury (@5Pis37 conjunct MC 6Pis54--where transiting Chiron is now); a 10th house line-up of Sun 12Pis19 (leader), Jupiter 18Pis23 (bankers), NN 19Pis02 (future direction; meetings; the public), Mars 1Pis23 (where tr Neptune is now, off and on--perhaps the mask of 1951 has slipped a bit?), and Venus 8Ari18 (where tr Uranus, the disruptor and The Witness, is directions; freedom in partnership is needed = US Treasury audits the Fed's gold!)

This horoscope is an interesting read and if you've never seen it, I recommend a peek since the 1951 Accord marked a major change of power, authority, and direction for the US government and within our financial system. Plus, if you're curious about the Fed, its secretive ways and its gold, the US Treasury, and the establishment of centralized power in the US, a reading of the above-linked article may prove of great value.

Double YOD, Double Trouble?

Also in the horoscope is a pile-up of YOD energies, a pattern indicating crisis, crossroads, turning point, major adjustments, and/or a special task (aka, a Finger of God configuration) and it is my belief that our beloved America took a wrong turn on March 3, 1951. One YOD involves Neptune 19Lib05 Rx in 5th H of Gambling and Risk-Taking, and the 2nd H Pluto at its base (the Robber Baron planets sextile one another) which points to Jupiter and to NN; plus, an intertwined YOD with Jupiter and NN sextile Moon 18Cap41 (conj 8th cusp 19Cap41--both degrees are implicated in the 3 Great Conjunctions of 1993 of the Illuminati planets, Uranus and Neptune.) These sextiles (Moon w Jupiter, Moon w NN) point to manipulator Pluto in 2nd house thus furthering complexities of the events of 1951 as reflected in the horoscope fo the Fed-Treasury Accord signing...As Above, So Below.

Now there is one midpoint picture from March 1951 which needs mentioning for it involves powerful, super-wealthy and stealthy Pluto (18Leo07 Rx, in 2nd H of Money and the US Treasury in Mundane Astrology.) Slow-moving Pluto, aka, Mr. Underworld/the Syndicate boss or cartel is at apex of this midpoint and would have been in effect for days no matter the hour on March 3, 1951 that the Accord was signed. It denotes Truman's war as well as a generally difficult social and financial atmosphere around the globe...old Saturn = status quo energies and new Uranus = progressive or futuristic concepts...always a brittle combination of planetary energies:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheavals to protect assets; rebellion (Tyl): brutality; harm through force majeure; extraordinary efforts (Ebertin.) Any, all, or none may apply. The article above states that Truman was indeed fearful: that Stalin would 'win', and, monetarily. And we know from personal experience what tangled webs are tiresomely woven by the Fed and by the US government which arrogantly and selfishly careened out of control many years ago, and scurries about every day in an attempt to maintain exalted positions of power.

For comparison's sake: Harry Truman born May 8, 1884 4:00 pm CST Larmar, MO; ASC 10Lib31, MC 11Can50; Sun 18Tau39 ("19Tau" = "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean", a signifier of America and of the one-world-government, or 'NWO' these sorts of 'know-better' Utopian radicals hope to force upon mankind--waging war is one of their favorite expressions of power--and a cash-cow for them to boot--"give 'em hell, Harry" indeed); n Mars @17Leo12 (Mars, the god of war, where NASA's mercurial Curiosity probe lands today); Sun conj Neptune (wearing a mask, this Mason, and similar to having n Sun in Pisces as does secretive Mitt Romney); Pluto @00Gem24 conjs Alcyone (both recently hit by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20.) Harry's natal Venus in Cancer is America's natal Venus in Cancer, and there's more besides--check out his natal horoscope with rebellious Uranus @24Vir14 Rx (conj US natal Neptune) in the 12th H of Politics and Karma!

dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"

Aug 2, 2012

What is HAARP? (video) as Pluto nears 9 Capricorn

You probably know that in the Sabian Symbols we find "An Angel Carrying a Harp" for '9 Capricorn', a degree now being approached by transformative Pluto as America's natal planets in Cancer are being opposed by Mr. Underworld's terrific force.

In The Sabian Symbols in Astrology Marc Edmund Jones gives this degree's keyword as: ATTUNEMENT and its positive expression as:

"...a special gift for inspiring others to accomplishment and for realizing the ultimate dreams of self as a consequence."

The negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc) expression of '9Cap' = "simple fantasy and uncritical self-superiority."

Now does this oracle hint that anxious concerns over HAARP are merely "simple fantasy"? We know that the vast majority of Washington politicians express "uncritical self-superiority" 24/7 for they imagine themselves masters of the globe, if not the universe. But for the rest, viewing the following film may help you decide truth from fantasy, or at least get you a ways down the road toward understanding what HAARP is all about:

For interesting videos and documentaries on a variety of topics visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Aug 1, 2012

The Competing Mercuries of Obama v Romney 2012

Obama v Romney 2012 = Proud Lion v Wiggly Fish!

by Jude Cowell

As you know, in Astrology the planet of plans, planning ability, thinking processes, communication styles, bargaining techniques, the senses, manual dexterity, and The Mind is quicksilver Mercury. With the presidential candidates of 2012 said to be running neck'n'neck (except in the 'swing states' where Mr. Obama is ahead), and no plans for 2013 and beyond are being offered up by either of them.

So let's act sassily and draw back a curtain on the natural born talents each man possesses as indicated by the signs in which their natal Mercuries are posited. Aspects to and from Mercury and its house (department of life) position will be included, as well as some info on their Secondary Progressed (SP) Mercuries in 2012 which will show under what influences their Mercuries currently function.

Obama's Natal Mercury in Leo: a Strong Will and Fixed Purposes

President Barack Obama 'BHO' (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii) first drew breath when speedy Mercury was traversing dramatic, royal Leo @2:19 in his 6th house of Health-Work-Service; Leo is the sign of The Lion and of the Prodigal Son (or, the Prodigal Father), and here, Mercury is ruled by the Sun (essence; ego.)

BHO's natal Mercury makes two separating (unconscious; talents and tendencies he was born with) aspects: a sextile to the Moon in Gemini (1S02) and an opposition to Jupiter @00AQ52 Rx (degree of US Inaugural Sun each January 20th.) However, Jupiter is 5 degrees 32 mins from n Saturn @25Cap20 Rx, strong in its own sign of Capricorn (government, law, and business) yet Saturn is weakened in a Water house (12th H of Politics with 19Cap01 on its cusp, though some say Saturn 'joys' in the 12th H of Sorrows!), is Rx (weak or absent father--'prodigal'), and as chart-ruler (ASC 18AQ03) must co-rule with his 7th H Uranus in Leo. Perhaps their orb is too wide to count a dissociate Mercury-Saturn opposition here though you may consider it if you wish.

When positively used, a Mercury-Moon sextile denotes one who has learned to be patient and listen to others, and who doesn't allow feelings to affect rational judgment. Engaging in new ways of thinking has brought him onto conflict with those who tend to think in terms of cliches and platitudes and who are too quarrelsome to feel compassion for others. This is an empathetic aspect (made stronger with n Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini) when thinking Mercury is balanced with the feeling Moon, yet a tendency to placate others may be noticed. Retreat from intellectual attack is used as a strategy so that a counterattack may be made from a different perspective. Decision-making based on accomodating others may be seen by opponents as a character weakness and decisions are often overruled by those he wishes to appease. Yet an up-side to this sextile is a pronounced talent for debating which naturally is helpful to President Obama in Politics.

Mercury opposite Jupiter gives much inspiration but practicality must be found elsewhere in the chart. Having Saturn in Capricorn suffices most of the time especially if dependable (and probably older) advisers give pragmatic advice! The road to success is presumed to be 'easy' by this opposition though others may be alienated along the way if a potential know-it-all attitude is allowed too much of an upper hand in the personality. Inconsistent statements and judgments which must later be reconsidered and 'walked back' are possible if details are overlooked, ignored, or not given their proper weight.

Yet inattention to detail is mitigated by having Mercury oriental (planet that rises last before the Sun), a condition which always dots the Is and crosses the Ts, and has a need "to conform to clearly defined expectations and procedures" (Tyl), a basic trait which clued me in back in November 2007 (when Saturn opposed Uranus, remember?) that Senator Obama would be at least as much of a status-quo Saturnian president in many areas rather than a purely radical Uranian. Mercury oriental may be considered inconclusive since it's often the case that Mercury rises before the Sun, yet the president has carried on many programs and practices--and cabinet members' tenures--from the Bush years which gives credence to the Saturnian theory in my view.

With a Mercury-Jupiter opposition, an insatiable appetite for knowledge is pronounced though sometimes fragments of information may be deemed 'enough' as the Mercural mind leaps forward; law, education, government, writing, and public relations are favored by this opposition (thinking v expansion brings astute awareness with Jupiter relating as a future-oriented Aquarian--Saturn is the traditional ruler of AQ) though legal entanglements may occur at key times.

President Obama's successful passage of the Affordable Health Care Act (which should be 'Health Insurance Act') out of the starting gate of his presidency in 2009/2010 may be in part attributable to his Mercury (plans, legislation, agreements) in the 6th H of Health along with the White House's focus on the American diet and the sorriness of it.

Another aid for his Mercury-Jupiter opposition is that both planets are part of a Mystic Rectangle pattern (practical idealism) long with Moon and Midheaven which gives his Mercury-Jupiter-Moon energies an Angular place in the broader world in which to operate (if you count an Angle as part of a planetary pattern, that is; MC = Career and Public Standing.) Charisma is indicated by this sparkly cosmic pattern as well and you may agree that he's favored with a sparkle which informs his showy Leonine style of rhetoric with its dramatically-timed pauses.

In BHO's natal chart, Mercury rules 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children (cusp in Gemini = two children!), and 8th H of Corporations, Big Business, Shared Resources, Transformation, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, and the Occult (cusp 25Vir55, sign of The Critic and closely associated with America's founding mystics.)

Now there is one natal midpoint picture in which n Mercury plays a role...

Mercury-Mars = NN: people with similar interests in expressing or teaching competitive practices; acquaintances with irritating styles of speech (ex: Romney's Tour des Gaffes? Boehner's tears for fears?); communicating with associates initiates their activities. (MM.)

The Current Condition of Obama's Secondary Progressed Mercury

When BHO's natal chart is progressed to August 2012 (approximately one degree per year), we find that SP Mercury has moved into balancing, diplomatic Libra (in SP 7th H of Partnerships--Libra is also a war sign.) After passing through most of Leo and 30 degrees of studious Virgo, SP Mercury is now snugged between SP Mars 25Lib33 and SP Neptune 9Sco39 and is now ruled by the Libran Venus. A midpoint picture slowly perfects as SP Mercury progresses nearer the middle degree of Mars-Neptune...any, all, or none may apply:

Mars-Neptune = Mercury: fast but angry encounters with holy people (or, holier-than-thou people?); showing adaptability when taking the power of dreams or visions to others; energetic aquisition of mystical or magical knowledge (Mystic Rectangle; Mercury rules 8th H. (Mdpt pic: M. Munkasey.)

Romney's Natal Mercury in Pisces: Swim Away, Swim Away!

As noted previously on this blog, Mitt Romney 'MR' (March 12, 1947 9:51 am EST Detroit, MI) was born when Mercury Rx, Mars, and Sun were in Pisces, sign of The Fish--or, more precisely, the Two Fish, so he thinks, acts, and is a Pisces. One of the two fish swims up, the other swims down...which way does Mitt swim in this old world? It's a choice upon which his life and ultimate destiny depend as he tries to avoid being caught in the net of accountability.

First, it's only fair to note that thinking Mercury in oceanic Pisces can be quite confused, vague, and even deceptive and its Rx condition only makes MR's flip-floppy reconsiderations of his reconsiderations more palpable and problematic--if one is trying to be clear. Well, after his recent Gaffe Tour of the UK, Israel, and Poland, he's given some of us cause to wonder if The Fish realizes that his remarks are caught on camera phones and on modern media recording devices--and that his flubs only make him look dumb, anachronistic, and/or deceptive when he says that he didn't say what we heard him say. Ah, Pisces, you are so easily confused! And often ensared within your own net of illusions. More info on this, below...

And yet...Mercury in Pisces has telepathic abilities, a vivid imagination (trouble separating fact from fiction?), and is vulnerable to subliminal suggestion. Is this how he 'studies' for political speeches, events, or interviews? Hmm...wonder who stands over the aquarium? Are they still of this world?

Now Mercury is 7 Degrees 41 minutes from an applying conjunction with feisty Mars which may account somewhat for MR's interest in Politics. Perhaps if they were closer he could express himself with sharper focus though I suppose that in his remarks there is evidence of a 'let the chips fall where they may' style to a certain degree along with a talent for debate. So he "misspeaks"? Let the chips fall where they may, for he's always self-satisfied!

Natal Mercury is involved in a midpoint picture...

Sun-Mars = Mercury: flexibility when meeting competitors; mental training for physical activities (MM.)

A closer applying aspect (5A35) by Mercury is a lovely trine with priestly Chiron denoting powerful healing and occult skills and a pleasurable sense of intuitive knowing--'a wise old soul' is he (Clow.) The Mercury-Chiron cycle relates to commerce as well as to communication and intellect (Nolle) and a trine between them shows MR to be a communicator (Reagan returns?) and role model or teacher for the masses (no thanks--financial murkiness is not a good role model to my way of Mercury-in-Capricorn thinking!) An aspect between Mercury-Chiron points to the importance of Mormonism in Mr. Romney's life and possibly his position as a priest.

In addition--and here lies one of the quirky facets of MR--there is a separating (unconscious; inherited from father and/or mother) square between Mercury and his 1st house Uranus @17Gem51. (Radical rebel Uranus also squares n Sun 21Pis11, see below.) All three Pisces planets are in 11th H of Groups and Associations (the secretive, cultish LDS Church?); his Mercury-Uranus square bestows eccentricity in his thinking and opinions which are usually at odds with the rest of society's prevailing beliefs. Obnoxiousness and belligerence (bullying) are indicated by a Mercury-Uranus square; a rude impatience with established facts--supporting Pisces' murky relationship with the truth--forces Mr. Romney to 'create whatever truths require the least commitment' from him--he 'refuses to accept responsibility for what he says'! (Pelletier.)

Projecting himself prematurely, as he did in the UK, Israel, and Poland, may lead to being discredited and progressives and liberals are having a jolly time of it from Stewart and Colbert to Stephanie Miller and others you can probably name! His inability to compromise--Mercury SQ Uranus--indicates much learning is ahead if Mr. Romney wishes to be thought of as a 'statesman' in spite of what his adviser Dan Senor said today in defense of Mr. Romney's (weirdly out-of-touch) statement on the Palestinian people.

Sun square Uranus adds more eccentricity and sometimes unprincipled behavior to the candidate's personality and supports his tendency to be at odds with society--here is an 'upstart' and a 'troublemaker' says this aspect. "Bush on steroids" may well describe the Uranian Romney, as did Vice President Biden recently.

Romney's natal chart is ruled by mutable Mercury as is his 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children; nebulous Neptune Rx in Libra is posited in 5th H. Whatever house has Gemini on its cusp (ASC = his nibs) is where multiplicity and/or duplicity constellates in the chart; Neptune is the planet of fraud and falsehood, and its sign of Pisces is associated with priestly functions.

The Current Condition of Romney's Secondary Progressed Mercury

Progressing Romney's natal horoscope to August 2012, we find SP Mercury in Taurus 25:36 conjunct SP Sun 25:16--both in SP 11th H and amongst the stars of Taurus the Bull (the mystical Pleiades of the Seven Weeping Sisters.) As you know, Alcyone is the major star of the Pleiades and was occulted and stimulated by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse. Alcyone's key words are: something to cry about (Brady); in exile; unlucky (A. Louis.)

(Let's not mention here how intolerant, greedy, and stubborn Taurus can be, okay?)

Not Mercurial but of importance in Romney's SP chart because of his candidacy is his SP Moon @8Ari29 which is now reaching SP MC (The Goal; Aspirations) @10Ari48. '11Ari' = "The President of the Country" in Sabian Symbols so we clearly see his aspiration and goal on display, yet SP Moon exactly opposes SP Neptune (8Lib19 Rx) at the Foundation (IC) of the chart! This denotes his dreamy hopes, a mask worn for the public, and the unstable conditions created by his obfuscations and deceptions--his self-delusions and illusions of grandeur.

A Moon-Neptune opposition also brings in the public (Moon) and the media (Neptune) along with the propaganda and fakery the media always treats us to. It's a creative duo, yes, but can show his illusions about himself ('11Ari') which may not be based on solid ground--for watery Neptune may wash them down The Drain (IC.) Moon-Neptune also shows his overseas trip for publicity's sake--and to meet with fraud-perpetrating funders (ex: Libor bankers), plus, the confusion and disbelief surrounding his trip. A tendency to be victimized by parasites may also be a problem for Mr. Romney as long as SP Moon is within orb of veiling Neptune.

Now SP Mercury in Taurus shows that MR has developed a more rigid, fixed style of thinking than Pisces naturally provides him. No aspects are formed with or by SP Mercury so we must rely on the house of Mercury (11th) for info, plus, the houses SP Mercury rules, the 3rd H of Communications (cusp 10Vir45) and the 12th H of Politics (cusp 25Gem46) and Karma where much duplicity lurks behind the curtain and in secret deals...and within the waters of his unconscious mind...and this makes Mercurial gaffes all the easier to provide for our comedic relief!

On the topic of presidential plans and the lack of mentioning them, you may wish to check out Robert Reich's view on

The Terrible Economy and the Election of 2012.

My feeling is that neither candidate puts forth definite ideas about the economy while campaigning for a deeper reason than a wish not to provide a target for an opponent to lambast: because those who call the tune from behind the scenes will decide what's in store for the American people and for the US economy, and whichever mouthpiece inhabits the White House come January 21, 2013 must simply follow the globalist script or else. Very sorry to type it, but there it is. If you don't know this already, you may as well for demons must be faced and identified if they are ever to be vanquished.


Here are a few astro-notes on the colleague-convincing Rep. Paul Ryan whose society-busting Budget Plan has been deemd by Gov. Mitt Romney to be "marvelous." Fresh Air broadcasted an interview with Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker today concerning Mr. Lizza's article, Fussbudget: How Paul Ryan captured the GOP. The good news is that privatizing Social Security is no longer in the Ryan Budget but is cautious yet risk-taking Romney, the self-defensive Pisces, "subtly distancing himself" from Paul Ryan?

Listen, read, or download the podcast of the interview with Ryan Lizza at NPR.