Dec 31, 2012

12.30.12 Hillary Clinton's blood clot: an active Mars and Neptune

12.30.12 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the News

by Jude Cowell

News Update Dec 31, 2012: Hillary Clinton Blood Clot Between Brain and Skull. See 'Mars-Saturn = skull' below. Doctors say she has not suffered a stroke and will fully recover!

Original post begins here:

Huffington Post is as good a source as any to read what little is publicly known about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's ongoing health issues. Today it was announced that she's been admitted into the New York-Presbyterian Hospital due to a blood clot discovered after her recent concussion suffered from a fall during a fainting spell which resulted from severe dehydration after contracting a stomach virus.

Whew! That's quite a paragraph and a list of medical dominoes falling, isn't it?

A quick spying upon current transits to Sec. Clinton's natal chart (October 26, 1947 Chicago, IL @8:01 pm CST--I use this time to give her a Prominent Degree rising--00Can03--and because of her round face...Cancer's Moon), otherwise, 8:00 pm results in a nervous, wiry, *crisis-ridden 29Gemini49 Ascendant with a 6th house Rx Mercury @21Sag19 as chart-ruler rather than the Moon @29Pis12, a critical degree, yes, but also conjoining another Degree of Prominence, the Aries Point. But that's just me--feel free to disagree if you think this accomplished politician has a natal horoscope ruled by a retrograde planet and that she reminds you of a nervous Nelly!

Now information on her original problem, a stomach virus, has seemed quite elusive to me for I've search in vain for an exact date, time, and location. She travels so much, logging in visits to 112 countries as Secretary of State, that my little brain cannot possibly keep up with her wheres and whens. So if you, dear reader, have the scoop on her falling prey to what is described as a "stomach virus", please advise in a comment or email.

But let's proceed as if the story is genuine though with Neptune's involvement, some form of poison, gas, toxin, or contagion is always a possibility.

Apparently the tummy virus hit her in "early December" as did her fainting episode (Neptune, also Uranus-Neptune = unconsciousness) at some point when she was 'at home alone' and fell, hitting her head (Mars-Saturn = skull, violent assaults or injuries; Saturn rules bones and Mars, the head...Aries.) Mrs. Clinton has a trio in her health-associated 3rd house--a very close conjunction of Mars 14Leo16 and Pluto 14:51, plus, Saturn @21Leo21. Dehydration, a Saturn and a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces--natal planets in all 3) issue is part of the fainting spell, plus, I assume that dizziness may have been a factor as well.

Her extreme exhaustion from non-stop traveling has been a recent concern--retirement coming up soon--and may have become more obvious around October 28, 2012 when restrictive Saturn hit natal Sun @2Sco48, dampening her vitality (and maybe stomping on her ego!) And of course, the stress from the Benghazi, Libya consulate attack/s and the much-touted scandal couldn't have helped what may turn out to be a shaky period of medical problems for our 65-year old Secretary of State.

Even before the "early December" time frame, a perilous transit took place when testosterone-driven Mars @25Sag55 opposed natal Uranus and Ascendant on November 11, 2012 indicating difficulties for group activities, disruption of events and schedules, and generally unstable conditions. Disaster can strike during such times, large crowds and strangers pose risks, and other people with biased opinions may attack, even physically.

More trouble in November!

November 15th brought the lady a Mars square natal Moon (Moon = physical body) transit when equipment failures, stalled vehicles, and other frustrating delays can occur. Digestive complaints from poor food preparation (or from something untoward slipped in? just a thought) are almost a given with this transit and I must wonder if the stomach virus hit her around mid-November, give or take a day or so. Also, creating antagonism in male associates within the environment is not a good idea at such a time for disagreements can escalate and be particularly emotional and nasty.

Then on December 1st, warrior Mars @11Cap22 squared her natal Neptune in Libra, sign of diplomacy and partnership. Problems include disorganization, rationalized or deceptive actions, and time and energy that turn out to be wasted. Inattention may cause dangerous repercussions while lack of awareness (Uranus-Neptune) may provide hidden dangers (Mars) an opportunity to pounce from the Neptunian shadows.

Now transiting Neptune has been active, too. For on December 10th, a square from tr Neptune to natal Jupiter @00Sag37 (in natal 6th house of Health, Work, and Service, and ruler through Pisces of her natal MC--'1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"), marking another period of disorganization and cat-herding which, along with unrealistic expectations and misplaced faith, can undermine all growth and development. And of course, Jupiter is associated with Long-Distance Travel to Foreign Lands, Ideology, Religion, Courts, and other 9th H matters.

Neptune SQ natal Jupiter may also denote illusion, deception, extravagance, and/or exaggeration any of which can lead to disaster if not checked by prudence. Fanaticism pretends to be idealism and blind devotion leads to falsehood and possibly to scandal--often with money involved.

Now this reminds me of the September 11th Benghazi attack/s and what I heard initially about how Republicans had voted to cut funds two years in a row for our foreign embassies' security. Yet I haven't continued to hear about cuts to security budgets in the Benghazi scandal's aftermath, have you? Only that security was insufficient and local police were inexperienced, and that though Sec. Clinton took responsibility for the lapses before the official report came out, she "wasn't blamed."

Well, there are two more transits I want to mention though I'm certain there are others which apply, if you care to look. The first is the day that her concussion was diagnosed, December 13th, the day that tr Chiron (the Wounded Healer) conjoined Mrs. Clinton's natal Midheaven (Career) @5Pis23. Obviously we may take Chiron to be a doctor or doctors! And their diagnosis was announced publicly (Mc) though certain Republicans (ex: John Bolton) didn't believe the story and called it a 'diplomat's illness' meant to keep her from having to testify on Capitol Hill on December 20th concerning the attacks.

December 29th: last is a square (obstacles, blockages) from Mars (attacks, challenges, infection, inflammation, etc) to natal Sun in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars and sub-ruled by toxic Pluto. (Note the above mention of her 3rd H trio of Mars-Pluto-Saturn.) When Mars SQs natal Sun, willpower and authority may be tested or challenged, and one feels super-touchy if someone encroaches on what should be ones 'territory'.

Again, tension with or between male co-workers or employees is likely though unfortunately, a blood (Mars) clot (Saturn) has intruded upon the usual portents of this transit with the Sun representing vitality, the constitution, and the heart. Her diagnosis and admittance to hospital today, December 30th, is most closely timed by this transit, a period when caution should be exercised in all physical activities and hasty actions are ill-advised. Plus, as you see, there's been quite a difficult build-up of planetary energies over the last several weeks which could sideline anyone!

Now I won't go on with transits to Hillary Clinton's natal chart or mention progressions, Returns, or other implications yet I must add that she has difficult transits in store for January 2013, primarily from fiery Mars which culminates, in a sense, with Mars conjoining her natal Mc on February 8, 2013, usually a period when career matters are visibly on the rise.

So with this post, my wishes for a speedy recovery are willingly offered and I hope Secretary Clinton is back on her feet, if not on her grueling schedule, in as short a time as possible. This lady deserves a rest!


*Okay, so her life has been somewhat 'crisis-ridden', I agree! And Uranus rising denotes one who is able to successfully cope and deal with the unexpected. FDR had this and in Gemini, too. Yet he was always seen as superficial (Gemini) so if you know of anyone who calls Hillary Clinton that, I'd like to hear about it!

Dec 29, 2012

113th Congress' natal chart: Sun-Pluto = Mc

Major Update Jan 1, 2013: Pardon! Due to a date mishap where I'd heard in recent weeks that the 113th Congress would swear in on January 3, it turns out that their oaths will be taken on Friday Janaury 4, 2013 instead. Therefore, you may read the following post based on 'Janaury 3' or, you may wish to stay tuned for a new post concerning the 113th's January 4th horoscope. How much will change astrologically from one day to the next remains to be seen but of course some changes such as the Moon's position will be notable. Thanks! Jude

Orignal post begins here:

The image below shows the natal horoscope of the 113th Congress of the United States of America which opens on January 3, 2013 at noon est on Capitol Hill. Its Ascendant, the Congress itself, brings up the transiting Jupiter-Neptune (speculators, spendthrifts, wastrels, frausters, grand schemers, and the Grand Spirit) midpoint which gives a hint of the 113th's character though not all members may be thus described by the duo's negative tones (we hope):

Jupiter-Neptune = ASC: living in a world lighted by personal imagination, or, an emotionally rationalized agenda. (Mdpt pics today are from Noel Tyl's book, Solar Arcs.)

Penned around the outside of the chart are America's natal placements from the 'Sibly' chart of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT--as you see, Jupiter Rx @7Gem31 in 2nd house of the National Treasury will again conjoin US natal Uranus 8Gem55, as discussed in previous posts; North Node (NN 24Sco45) points to the 8th cusp and house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation, etc, and is ruled by the 8th H's natural rulers, forceful Mars and powerful Pluto:

If the 113th gavela in on time at noon, it's an Hour of the Moon, suitable for changes and for newly elected congressmembers to take their seats, some of whom are women (Moon.) Publicity is involved as are security needs, real estate, and other realms associated with the astrological Moon including milk (Farm Bill? $8 milk?)

Here's a list of the 113th Congress' freshmen members.

As you see, there's another major midpt picture at Mc (Midheaven, The Goal Point of any chart) which has potential for:

Sun-Pluto = Mc: power games with important consequences; striving for power and control; vocational changes or upsets to adopt new perspectives.

Other midpt pics may be useful to consider though I shall not list them all in this post, then we'll look at the applying aspects of chart-ruler Mars (conflict; action; energy; warring factions, etc, to see how things may proceed for the country under the sway of the 113th Congress--note that Mars @6AQ48 conjoins US natal SN, a Saturnian point of separation and of past behaviors.

Challenger Mars is also the planet apex of 4 midpts: Pluto/Chiron (with its oppressive plutocracy and disenfranchisement vibes), Sun-Neptune, Neptune/Mc, and NN/ASC, detailed below) to see how things may proceed for the country under the sway of the 113th Congress and whatever secret austerity plans the radical Utopians (Uranus in Aries) will continue attempting to force upon us.

Martian midpoint pictures:

Sun-Neptune = Mars: nefarious scheming to exalt the ego; magnetism and charisma.

Neptune/Mc = Mars: playing a role.

NN/ASC = Mars: working for the common good (!!! now that would be a vast improvement over the radicals obstructing the 112th! jc)

I know of no easy words to describe Pluto-Chiron = Mars though with America's SN involved, I suspect that past bad behaviors such as oppression, win-at-any-cost attitudes, and even primal violence will continue to be exhibited by the corrupt Washington politicians and the plutocrats who support them infest the District of Columbia and continue their plan to completely take over the US government and weaken it while ravaging all resources of our nation.

Let us hope progressives and populists are up to fighting the battle though I must add the Saturn-Neptune = Mercury implications of depression and pessimism, a factor affecting all who are signified by planet Mercury (including young people, students, traders, and deal-makers. Sadly, the combo of Saturn-Neptune relates to 'secret government' but also to grief and sorrow.)

113th Congress: How Things Will Go = two applying aspects of Mars:

1. Mars trine Jupiter Rx (0A43) which on one level describes the pay raises (2nd H) that President Obama has ordered for the 113th Congress and for other federal employees who've had pay freezes in place (Rx Jupiter.) Hope our congressmembers turn out to deserve such financial encouragement and that they'll do the people's business better than the unproductive 112th did!

2. Mars square Saturn (2A56), which denotes that activist Mars will run into frustrating obstacles, hard work, and delays brought on by lack of preparation and/or bad timing. The seniority and authority of others may be challenged or threatened which will be met unkindly, and trying to get around rules and regulations is to be avoided (word to the wise!) Why, even physical threats may be received. Necessary items may go missing when sought though they will probably turn up later.

Yes, Mars SQ Saturn shows that the old dictum experience is the best teacher fully applies to the whippersnappers of the 113th Congress. But of course, with the GOP's past behavior with its sour grapes-sore loser attitude, we must expect to see filibusters and other obstructive tactics meant to block any legislation that might make President Obama 'look good'.

Well, these are my brief astro-notes concerning the 113th Congress though many other chart factors will be of interest as the congressional session grinds along. My plan is to direct you back to this natal horoscope when major transits or events occur so perhaps you'll find the chart useful as you consider the madness and mischief of the US House and Senate circa 2013 and beyond.


The only horoscope I have in my files for the natal chart of the US Congress is an old one and I suspect that I only surmised the hour since things tended to get started at an early hour in the olden candle-lit days:

US Congress: November 17, 1800 '9:30 am' LMT with Sun 25Sco04 (the above NN and 8th cusp conjoins natal Sun! NN to Sun = new contacts are made--or, sworn in!) and Moon 6Sag17, a steamy Water-Fire combo of passion, commitment, self-dramatization, fanaticism, and intellectual discernment.

Synchronistically, natal NN @17Ari59 conjoins the ASC of the 113th Congress, and natal Jupiter @4Leo26 = US natal NN; plus, natal Uranus @00Lib47, a World Point of Manifestation, conjoins US Midheaven in our 'Sibly' natal chart and with tr Uranus in Aries since 2010, Congress has been in the midst of its Midlife Crisis, a time when one tends to behave uncharacteristically!

Of great concern is Congress' natal Pluto @2Pis16 (transformation, manipulation, power, control, and wealth) which is now being dissolved by tr Neptune in early Pisces, a time when the current system can be removed, traditional rules are changed, treachery is afoot, and power is eroded; a resort to poison isn't out of the question, though negative societal trends may be mitigated somewhat by the current behavior and attitudes of those directly involved and challenged--here, the 113th Congress!

Dec 28, 2012

12.28.12 POTUS calls 'fiscal cliff' meeting w Jupiter Rx rising

12.28.12 WH 'Fiscal Cliff' Meeting: YODs of Crisis w Jupiter Rx Rising

by Jude Cowell

A peek at today's horoscope of the 'fiscal cliff' meeting between President Obama, the four House leaders, and VP Biden shows 11Gem21 rising with Jupiter Rx @8Gem05, conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55. As previously noted, Jupiter to natal Uranus tends to be a time when financial and political matters go smoothly but Jupiter's weakened Rx condition creates delays and glitches as banker Jupiter has crossed and recrossed our national Uranus, planet of change and disruption.

Called for 3:00 pm est, an Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, changes, instability, publicity--a PR exercise?), the YOD of recent and future days is now joined by the Sun @7Cap30 approaching Pluto @9Cap12 which adds complexity (and hopefully leadership) to the crisis-ridden stalemate and gives an additional midpoint picture with positive potential to consider:

Sun-Saturn = Jupiter: break up of a relatonship or value system for eventual recovery and gain; the cloud with the silver lining. (Tyl.)

Does this support a happy resolution based on today's meeting? Not so fast! For among other factors, chart-ruler Mercury @25Sag46 ('26Sag' = "A Flag-Bearer in Battle") is out-of-bounds of the Earthly plane and up to who knows what, is deposited by Jupiter in Gemini (a 'friendly' mutual reception) which is Rx, and makes no applying aspects at all...only a lonely separating semi-square with Saturn in business-oriented Scorpio, in the 6th house of Preparation.

There is, however, a high-flying KITE pattern of potential success with its tail the recently Full Moon (at 5:21 am est today), now @11Can55, in 2nd house of the National Treasury, though one must use Chiron @5Pis54 to complete the KITE pattern--Neptune is slightly out of orb. (This Chiron is at President Obama's natal 1st house Chiron degree, 5:19.) As the tail wagging the KITE, the Moon's Sabian Symbol seems appropriate to mention since US debt and credit are at issue: '12Can' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message." comment.

As mentioned above, the Sun (leader) approaches wealthy puppetmaster Pluto when the president may receive an extra boost of power to get matters settled though I'm not certain the deal will be completely to the liking of those who re-elected him--those who still, unlike the radical Utopians who've taken over the Republican Party, believe that government retains a responsible and accountable role in our lives.

And though I hope today's meeting will bring solutions, it isn't very promising with Mercury's condition and lack of applying aspects for Mercury rules meetings, agreements, and deals.

So I shall emphasize again the importance of Jupiter's Direct Station of January 30, 2013 @6Gem19, and of its subsequent forward movement into April, then late June, when financial matters may also move forward along with the Great Benefic.

For more on astrological Jupiter, see recent posts on this blog.

Coming soon: horoscope of the 113th Congress. Stay tuned!

Dec 27, 2012

US Jobless to Suffer If Fiscal Deal Not Reached; Tracking Jupiter

On Fiscal Jupiter in Gemini to Cancer and the GOP's Mad Tea Party

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've read today's CBS News article that makes the point that jobless Americans may suffer most if Washington's fiscal impasse continues into 2013. While Fiscal Cliff: What to Expect If There's No Deal is dreadfully accurate yet it may not impress the intractable members of Congress who prefer to play craps with the US economy (again) while undermining the presidency of Barack Obama (again.)

From the past behavior of the GOP ('Grand' = Jupiter) it seems to me that keeping things unsettled while President Obama is sworn in for his second term on January 21, 2013 (after the private Oath taken on January 20th) will be just their cuppa tea, don't you think? And no one in Washington seems willing or able to stop the GOP's mad Tea Party unless having new members entering Congress somehow improves the balance and does the trick.

So What If America Fails?, say GOP Tea Partisans, Let's Stunt Our Future

Besides the austerity the manufactured crisis will force upon the American people, this financial 'power game with important consequences' will simultaneously undermine America's reputation in the world (what Summer 2011 and the 8-year Bush-Cheney fiasco didn't shred already) and has the distinct potential to crash the global economy--after which a 'new world economic order' will be set up, if conspiracy theorists are correct.

At this late date, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has piled on by asserting that the US debt limit will be reached on December 31, 2012, a month or so earlier than first expected, thus adding fuel to the flames of the self-inflicted 'fiscal cliff' embroilment. On Wednesday last, Secretary Geithner sent Congress a letter expressing as much though of course pushing mules only makes them more stubborn.

Then there's the culminating Full Moon in Cancer (conjoining US natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer) of December 28, 2012. Click to view the Full Moon horoscope (set for DC, natch) which ends year 2012, plus, view a horoscope set for January 1, 2013 @12:00 am EST, what I call the 'Fiscal Cliff' chart.

And on a loftier level, be sure to check out the Full Moon's Sabian Symbol with master astrologer Julie Demboski.

Jupiter Enters Sign of Exaltation @00Can00 in Late June 2013

As previously mentioned, investment planet Jupiter will Station Direct on January 30, 2013 @6Gem19 and again hit US natal Uranus 8Gem55, a time when financial and political matters should be going well and new solutions may be found. Of course, the Jupiter-Uranus influence doesn't count the fly-in-ointment quality provided so cussedly by non-governing congressmembers if they are allowed to put Utopian ideology, crass power needs, and jealousy over a black president's re-election above the needs of the American people.

The Jan 30th Station Direct of expansive Jupiter with its links to ethics and ideology, marks the planet's separation from a square aspect with idealistic, sometimes deceptive Neptune so perhaps some small amount of realism may be introduced on Capitol Hill. Jupiter SQ Neptune, as you know, indicates impracticality, a lack of helpfulness, overblown promises, self-indulgence, and a tendency to 'build castles in the air' while important matters languish.

The Beneficial One will reach its Rx shadow degree (6Gem19) and move beyond it on April 25, 2013 (16Gem23) and we may hope that at least by then, a measure of governing will be seen to be done in Washington DC as important matters are resolved. Yet if global markets are allowed to languish from January to April 24, 2013, it will create yet another ditch from which we must climb.

Once Jupiter enters Cancer during the last week of June 2013, business and political matters should receive a lift though in Cancer Jupiter is particularly risk-averse. But maybe that's an improvement over the gambling tactics of the odder-every-day Republican Party members who've apparently lost their ready-for-prime-time edge!

So Thanks, self-serving, self-indulgent GOP, my family is enjoying imagined warmth from that huge lump of coal you gifted the American people for Christmas 2012. You borry sastards. May the new January 2013 members of Congress--including Elizabeth Warren (yayy!)--treat the American people with due respect and enter national public service with the serious intent of actually doing the people's business.

Happy New Year to All!


A not-to-be-missed article: Gary P. Caton's The Mercury Elemental Year 2013.

Dec 26, 2012

The Maya Advise Us on Pole Shifts (video)

2012: Mayan Advice on Pole Shifting

by Jude Cowell

First, a blog note: the typing and publishing of this post a few minutes ago resulted in my pc acting oddly. This post published too soon and without a title. Therefore, I'm now editing a title on to it and adding this explanatory message to go along with an important message from the Maya.

If you believe there's anything to the Pole Shift-Sunspots-Venus theories being bounced around the internet, the following video may provide more insight for those who may be in a fret over such 2012 topics, or are merely curious.

Original post begins here:

With the December 28, 2012 Full Moon in Cancer bringing POTUS and Congress back to Washington DC to ostensibly continue negotiations on the 'fiscal cliff' and Bush tax break finaglings, I want to instead embed a video which may comfort some readers who've been focused on end-of-the-world issues and the Mayan Prophecies while noting that some congressmembers seem determined that this will be the end of America--a curious correlation of simultaneity there.

The following 10 min-48 sec presentation concerns the issue of a Pole Shift which has already begun (flocks of birds falling dead from the sky? beached dolphins and whales? the number of natural disasters including earthquakes increasing? intuition bubbling up from the Collective Unconscious?) and how things will pan out for mankind during and after the '30 hours of darkness' the Earth is said to be facing. Yet Earth's center will hold, they say, it's the Earth's crust that will change.

Survival suggestions include staying calm and heart-centered, and gathering our families together for Sunrise will come again though adjustments will then be necessary. It is said that the Maya have experienced and survived Pole Shifts before and if so, their advice may be what the world needs to know!

For a variety of intriguing videos visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Dec 23, 2012

Greenspan admitted The Fed is above US law (video); plus, Full Moon coming

Former protege of Ayn Rand, Mr. Greenspan Speaks about The Fed

by Jude Cowell

Here's a 48-second snippet from 2007 of Jim Lehrer interviewing Alan Greenspan who headed America's Federal Reserve System for several years:

Text of the full interview may be read here. A link to Mr. Greenspan's book is included if you're so inclined. As you know, reporter Andrea Mitchell has been married to Mr. Greenspan since 1997 and I continue to find it curious that her news program appears on the demi-progressive MSNBC. Yet MSNBC and NBC are Rockefeller enterprises after all.

For videos on a variety of topics visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Fiscal Schmiscal, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

Here's an intriguing opinion piece on Rockefeller-Obama Republicans which makes the case that President Obama panders to the Republican Party--not because he doesn't negotiate well (as Rockefeller media and others propagandize), or that he's "weak"--but because he's one of them.

Related reading: Who's Done More Damage: Bernie Madoff or Alan Greenspan?

Stage Craft: It's All Political Theater, Dahlink!

Fast-forward to the current 'fiscal cliff'-sequester negotiations of December 2012 and we continue to see Mr. Obama putting certain concessions 'on the table' than what progressive voters who re-elected him expected since he now so obviously has a mandate from The People to protect us. Social Security? Mr. Obama campaigned on not including it in the fiscal deal since it has no part in creating the deficit. But now 'on the table' is a potential change in SS cost-of-living raises which will affect millions of seniors through disguised cuts as the years go by, thus removing money from the US economy, money that would've been spent. And that doesn't mention the potential for suffering.

Yes, FDR's New Deal programs are under seige by plutocrats as they've been from the time they were set up. But their enemies in 2012/2013 may prove more successful at gutting them than ever before for the culprits are hiding behind the cleverest mask of guile yet taken up by America's plutocratic class of power elites...aka, "the Democrats."

Yes, I do hope I'm being a paranoid Capricorn (very possible!) with this theory and that none of the above is the case, and that the label 'Democrat' still means We the People have a fighting chance to have our concerns addressed and resolved on Capitol Hill with some measure of honesty and clarity toward a 'more level playing field'. Plus, the nasty thought of 'population control' based on a 'survival of the fittest' creed (of Ayn Rand and others) comes to mind because of the coldhearted behavior of Washington politicians, whatever their party label.

So whether you bought that badly-acted Boehner Herding Cats matinee on the evening of December 20, 2012 or not (and their subsequent skedaddle out of town for Christmas break), don't be surprised if things turn even weirder and crazier during the last week of December--under the light of the December 28th Full Moon which takes us whimpering across the expiring-tax-break threshold into 2013. (Full Moon and 'fiscal cliff' horoscopes shown.)

That Lunar Madness under a Full Moon increases the number of crimes has been documented after all, as some police departments have attested--or, is it only because more activity occurs on Moon-lit nights?

Wonder if The Moon Society has studied the phenomena?


Here's a preliminary post on the Inauguration 2013 Horoscope with a bare minimum of astro-notes and analysis until early January.

A Holiday Blog-Note: with family coming into town, this is my last SO'W post until after Christmas Day 2012 so I wish y'all a safe Merry and a Happy!Jude

Dec 22, 2012

Astrologer Says Double-Dip Recession in 2013 Unlikely

2013 Can Bring Financial Gains If Washington Plays Our Cards Right

by Jude Cowell

But will they? Well, the current stay of banker planet Jupiter in Airy Gemini will end in 2013 when the generous Jolly One enters Moon-ruled Cancer in June. As you know, Cancer is the sign of Business Savvy and Home Matters such as Real Estate and Jupiter is happily exalted there. Plus, America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun are in Cancer in the 2--14-degree range, and our nation will experience its next Jupiter Return (or, 'Reward Cycle' as Noel Tyl terms it) on July 22, 2013. This is most often a time of good fortune, or at least it puts a spotlight on it as the 12-year cycle opens and our natal Venus-Jupiter-Sun trio is stimulated and expanded.

Note: as previously discussed on this blog, Jupiter in Gemini Stations Direct on January 30, 2013 and perhaps the current fiscal stand-off on spending and investment will resolve and matters will begin to edge forward after that date.

America's last Jupiter Return was a three-fer and was horribly botched by the awful SCOTUS-enabled presidency of Bush-Cheney, their two misguided wars fought on credit card (which hobble our economy still), the attacks of 9/11/01, the creation of Homeland Security, and several other schemes of a pyramid kind leading up to Financial Collapse 2008, the year of the low point of the financial cycle.

Jupiter returned to its natal degree of 5Can56 ('6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"--and boy, do they!) on August 9, 2001, February 15, 2002, and March 15, 2002 (when using the 'Sibly' 5:10 pm chart for July 4, 1776) and it's the third conjunction affecting us now--until a new cycle opens on July 22, 2013.

Let's hope that in spite of anarchistic 'politicians' (Uranus in Aries = Utopians--Ebertin) attempting to bring America to her financial knees so that the 'baby' of government can be "drowned in a bath tub" (G. Norquist), that this time our Jupiter Return will be better and more honestly handled by Washington, and that public optimism (a function of Jupiter) is not misdirected or poorly placed--especially with transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing our national Sun (the president), a time of no-compromise stalemates and major tests of willpower, as we see already.

With her analyses into financial cycles based primarily on the 18.6-year Nodal Cycle of the Moon, you may wish to check out an expert on the topic, financial astrologer Grace K. Morris, editor of the Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter and her prognostication that a double dip recession is highly unlikely in 2013.

May the Jupiterian 'power of positive thinking' help things along for the US economy and thus, the world's, in 2013 for, as 'they' like to say--it's all about confidence!


"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do."

--J.P. Morgan, Sr, client and student of the great Evangeline Adams

Dec 20, 2012

If sold to a rival NYSE moves to Atlanta GA

Local Resident Feels Grumpy about Atlanta, Dreads New Neighbor

by Jude Cowell, local resident

America's premiere rigged casino, the New York Stock Exchange, will be sold to a rival for $8 million if regulators okay the transaction, and will then be based down the road about an hour from this blogger in Atlanta, Georgia.

Read the details here.

Well, they could hardly have picked a more corrupt place with its own gaggle of crooks than that of 'Hotlanta'. My days of art school there were many moons ago but even I noticed what a cesspool the city was. Living on Peachtree Street was a lovely thing aesthetically speaking but the corporate businesses I worked for were awful, plus, the usual description of Atlanta was and sometimes still is: fires, sinkholes, rapes, robberies, and murders.

Ex: one ('S___ Enterprises', by name) had an agreement with a modeling school owner to 'dates' for company executives. Never having dated a married man (still the case!) and having moral standards learned in the smaller, churchier town of Athens, I quit the job before the harrassment got any worse.

What a bunch of creeps!

Well, if this deal goes through, I do wish the Exchange good fortune setting up shop in once-burned, water-challenged Atlanta--for the sake of the American economy. Yes, the historical sights are interesting, I admit, and it's become a lovely enough city as cities go yet the business end of the stick isn't always what honesty requires. But that's probably no deal-breaker for a rigged casino, is it?

The Mystery of Boehner's Plan B and a Temporary YOD

A Saturnian YOD, a Selfish Republican Ploy, and a Merry Christmas! to Us

by Jude Cowell

After hours of watching political pundits and reporters talking on TV about how Speaker John Boehner will put up his 'Plan B' for a House vote today, I've been waiting to hear them answer their own queries: Why is Mr. Boehner wasting time (and our money) proposing Plan B when it won't pass the Democratic Senate?What is he up to?

If any pundits have mentioned or written about the reason for Plan B, I've missed it and believe the answer to the Mystery of Plan B is found in Boehner's remarks: that if Plan B isn't agreed to by President Obama, then HE will be the one who is "responsible" for the biggest tax increase" on the American people in US history...not Republicans who, it has been often said since the November re-election of Barack Obama, will be held responsible for driving our nation off the (artificially engineered) 'fiscal cliff' if the White House won't compromise.

He said it himself! So can Boehner's cynical political ploy be any clearer? Won't any political expert on my TV state the obvious? Does the good of the country figure into the deal for the GOP at all?

Well, I wanted to get that said before I popped but have little time today for Political Astrology blogging so I'll simply add a few notes: no matter what occurs in Washington DC today, all day the Sun (leadership) remains at 29Sag+ (29 = a crisis degree), with its Sabian Symbol for '30Sag': "The Pope Blessing the Faithful." Now I don't even want to go there. Where? Where the Vatican might have any say in America's budget/fiscal negotiations of 2012. You can't make me (!) but you might imagine for yourself.

And with the Moon (We the People; publicity) in Mars-ruled Aries today, tempers may flair. Plus, the Sun-Moon blend of energies may lend a smidgeon of flavor to whatever occurs this December 20, 2012:

Sun Sag-Moon Ari (double Fire = volatile, hot, dramatic) tends toward a dislike for details (maybe ALEC can write something for our bought-off 'lawmakers'--again), a neurotic need to be affirmed as "the biggest and best" (politics!), insensitivity when listening to others (if they listen at all), impatience, courage, and falling into black moods when things don't go their way.

And with a temporary YOD pattern between Moon-Jupiter-Saturn joining the current Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Rx YOD, the planet on the 'hotseat' (YOD's apex) is constricting Saturn which happens to be conjoining President Obama's natal Neptune in Scorpio.

Now Alan Oken gives a Moon-Jupiter sextile as the 'ray of hope' aspect (I know, because there's one in my natal chart and he consulted with me on it)--and I believe I've heard that phrase used by pundits this week already though it seems impossible that Plan B is that hope--especially since the Moon-Jupiter sextile is the base of a YOD pointing to Saturn and to the president's natal Neptune.

The midpoint pictures the temporary YOD pattern creates may be quite revealing--see what you think:

Moon-Jupiter = Saturn: interference through outside restrictions; becoming distant from important emotions.

Moon-Jupiter = BHO's n Neptune: losing focus of objectives; success feels like its leaving one's grasp.

Well, I hope that President Obama doesn't 'lose the plot' and succumb to the GOP 'Plan B' attempt to make the White House the scape goat for America going off the 'fiscal cliff' come 12:00 am New Year's Day 2013. Besides, the public knows who's most to blame and their initials are GOP.

Oh, and the Harveys give two 'Images for Integration' in their Sun Sign-Moon Sign book to describe the Sun Sag-Moon Ari combo so I'll close with them and with two quotes from someone who shares the blend natally:

"He who would be King postpones the coronation for a trek through the Himalayas...A mature student discovers her political convictions and debating talents through confronting the corruption of academia." (Then she's got a lot of debating to do!)

"There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth."

"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

--Mark Twain (known for his black moods.)

Dec 19, 2012

Billionaires dumping US stocks: an End -of-2012 YOD crisis?

Okay, this is the sort of news I've been hoping not to hear--that billionaires including Warren Buffet and others are 'dumping' US stocks in some of our nation's biggest corporations such as Johnson & Johnson. You may check it out at Money News if you're interested.

And even though I know that astrological Jupiter signifies large sums of money, corporations, bankers, billionaires, and such and remains retrograde until January 30, 2013, I'd hoped that the end-of-2012 YOD pattern of crisis and turning points wouldn't indicate financial calamity such as the above linked article portends--in spite of Washington's ways.

The YOD's base is the Saturn-Pluto sextile, normally a helpful sort of aspect of 60 degrees, but the two planets involved are both considered karmic, or fated (reaping what's been sown--in the case of global financial systems, corruption, fraud, and greed)--and denote a working relationship between two planetary actors that can, if warranted, bring loss and destruction. Wealthy Pluto of the Underworld is super-avaricious, you know, and wants all the treasure.

Now tell me: have you been 'hoarding resources for potential future disasters'? Then you're feeling the Saturn-Pluto pairing at work, according to astrologer Michael Munkasey in his, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets which adds these potentials for the Saturn-Pluto duo of energies in Politics and Business:

Thesis: restraints on destructive weapons (Congress and the White House after the recent school massacre in Newtown CT? jc); turmoil in any rigid or older structures; upsets in existing checks and balances; using secret police or military agencies.

Antithesis: secret preparations for future restrictions (so-called 'fiscal cliff' negotiations? jc); lengthy consideration of methods for removal or destruction.

Well, this is some crummy way to end 2012, isn't it? Balancing the budget precariously on the backs of the working class! Why, it's as if there are radical zealots in Washington who wants the US economy to fail! Plus, President Obama said he wouldn't accept a GOP deal that would harm the needy and elderly, but will he keep his Jupiterian promise with hard-nosed Saturn-Pluto aiming in his direction? He's looking mighty wobbly with Jupiter Rx and in the Mutable (changeable) sign of Gemini.

Now you've probably already considered the midpoint picture/s created with Saturn-Pluto pointing directly at Jupiter Rx in Gemini (sign of young people and of reporters colluding and otherwise); Jupiter simultaneously conjoins US natal Uranus @8Gem55, the radical planet of rebellion, sudden change, and disruption...I'll type them for you once again; the first potential seemingly has a positive nature so we may have to put our tattered faith in it:

Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter: favorable outcomes in the use of large expenditures of resources or energies; people with leadership and the power to dispense it; opinions about how to reclaim the use of waste products for other uses.

Saturn-Pluto = US n Uranus: sudden changes or upsets in plans related to very important activities; reforms in punishment for important crimes; the erratic or uneven use of retaliatory measures (Munkasey); now we must add this: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses (Tyl.)

Now if you've read this grumpy blog before today you probably know that I quite regularly complain about the power elite's determination to force a 'new world order' upon the world. Even so, I don't like to think that the last potential has anything to do with restricting gun ownership in America due to the horrific nature of the attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Second Amendment notwithstanding, I won't say more but if you've fallen in with the cynicism that Washington politicians and their backers have managed to instill in many Americans, you just might understand what I mean without my having to type it for it comes under the heading of Thinking the Unthinkable.

And if the 5:10 pm LMT horoscope ('Sibly' for July 4, 1776) is correct and America's natal IC (End of the Matter; The Drain) is at the Mars-ruled Aries Point (00Ari+), then weaponry and rebellion are how our nation began--and how it will, at some point, end. For as you know, it's a natural law that the end is in the beginning...are we watching it unfold before our very eyes?

Dec 18, 2012

Social Security threatened w Saturn to Mars and Jupiter

As you know, the Social Security Act was signed into law by FDR on August 14, 1935 with activist Mars @9Sco06 and generous Jupiter @15Sco06 (the Eagle Point in the Zodiac.)

As you may also know, today's position of transiting Saturn, planet of restriction, old age, government, and lawmakers is @8Sco24 and thus affects SS's natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction.

President Obama, whose natal Neptune in Scorpio is now under the restrictive yet authoritative rays of Saturn ('grim face of reality', 'dream come true', or a mixture of both), seems to be allowing Social Security benefits and regulations to be put 'on the table' of the ongoing 'fiscal cliff' negotiations. Means testing for wealthier recipients I can agree with as long as benefits for the neediest Americans are left intact. We don't want your elderly Aunt Granny Fanny eating canned cat food and skipping her meds, now do we?

Plus, not all the Baby Boomers will live to ripe old ages due to youthful risk-taking. Upping the eligibility age might be okay for sitting workers but would be cruel for physically active workers whose bones and energy give out before the age of 65! How would you like an elderly truck driver, aged 68 or 69, careening down the streets of your town, eyesight impaired and medically propped up with prescription pills that cause drowsiness? Being accustomed to sitting on their backsides for much of their 'working' day, Washington politicians must be joking on raising the age of eligibility!

Well, someone atThe Nation agrees with me: Don't Chain Grandma to Smaller Social Security Checks which covers all I wish to say on the matter for with transiting Saturn to natal Mars, we know that SS's vitality and existence are under threat, and with tr Saturn to natal Jupiter, a money planet, we may as well expect some form of economic loss or curtailment to be forced upon beneficiaries...hopefully and fairly of the well-heeled variety.


Blog Note: if you wish, scroll down this blog's sidebar for the video of FDR signing the Social Security Act of 1935.

NRA chartered Nov 17, 1871 with Sun in Scorpio

NRA founded by Union General and Colonel to Promote and Encourage "Rifle-Shooting on a Scientific Basis"

by Jude Cowell

After the Civil War, Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate were disappointed over the "lack of marksmanship shown by their troops" so they founded the National Rifle Association for the betterment of shooting guns. Guess not enough Confederates had been maimed or killed to suit them.

The state of New York granted a charter to set up the organization on November 17, 1871 with Sun in Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) and Moon in Capricorn (Saturn) until 6:10 am that morning, Albany NY, then the Moon sailed into Aquarius (Saturn-Uranus.) The following remarks detail both Sun-Moon blends of that day but primarily I'm looking at a noon horoscope with Sun @24Sco56 and Moon just risen at 3AQ28 (the degree of Jupiter in the 2009 Inauguration horoscope, near the presidential Sun and Mercury. Hmm.)

Mars Rules Weapons and Those Who Use Them

A major influence on Nov 17, 1871 is a harsh Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn--7:44 and 7:04, respectively) which transit Pluto has now triggered. Pluto, planet of death and transformation, updates the 1871 chart by midpoint picture: natal Mars-Saturn = tr Pluto: the need to take control; forcing an issue; strong anger. (Tyl.)

NRA natal Mercury (planet of charters, but also of young people) is in the 3--4 degree range of Sagittarius, Mercury's Rx Station position on Election Day 2012--which basically timed a Mercury Return for the NRA as the public re-considers its support of the rifle-loving organization, while Congress' says it's re-viewing the assault weapons ban they neglected to re-new a few years ago under Bush-Cheney (who shotgunned his lawyer friend in the face on a hunting trip. Guess Dick didn't like the advice his lawyer gave him. Yet as you know, gun accidents do happen, don't they?)

In the 1871 noon chart, Mercury @3Sag40 returned to its natal degree on Nov 3, Nov 9 (Rx), and Dec 13, 2012, the day prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. As noted, Mercury is the planet of young people and of reporters on the beat.

Yes, coverage is necessary, yet my feeling is that the press is now glorifying the tragedy 24/7 which may encourage other unstable personalities to long for similar publicity and recognition.

Sun Sco-Moon Cap (Water-Earth = pragmatism is a blend of tough and tenacious energies that thrive on public crusading. Impatient with the weaknesses of others, it shows moral and physical courage, a brooding nature, and has two interesting "Images for Integration" (conscious + unconscious) in view of the NRA's political power to sway and control Washington politicians, Hollywood's obvious promotion of our violence-glorifying culture, and the period of national mourning now in effect:

"A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact." (My italics, the Harveys' Images from Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Here are two quotes which may apply from people who share natally the Sun Sco-Moon Cap blend:

"Puritanism...helps us enjoy our misery while we are inflicting it on others." --Marcel Ophuls

"Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash." --Gen George Patton

The Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend (Water-Air = ethereal mist; tears) reveals a sense of integrity, pride, and passion. It has a 'law unto oneself' attitude and radically independent views with a strong need to achieve; plus, survival instincts are strong. Principled yet intolerant, interested, then indifferent, this blend 'blows hot and cold emotionally', and has a deeply possessive streak with a lack of faith in others that won't give them a fair chance.

"Images for Integration: A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...A moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence." (Harveys.) (Does the first Image sound like a sniper poised with a long-range rifle? jc)

Sun Sco-Moon AQ is shared natally by scholary churchman Robert Burton who said, "How much more cruel the pen is than the sword." (Ah, but the gun! jc)

The blend is also shared by Albert Camus who asserted that, "Integrity is in no need of rules," one of those Enlightenment (Uranus-Neptune) sorts of rational statements that leaves out how men without rules easily sink into all kinds of chaos, mischief and sorriness, including violence.

Now isn't it long overdue how Washington politicians are giving lip service to 'doing something' about the horror of violence in the US? How long do you think their attention will last with NRA agents lounging about the Halls of Power? Will mental health issues finally be addressed and funded?

Yes, even Hollywood is having to take notice this time for openings of Tarantino's violent film Django Unchained and Tom Cruises's new Jack Reacher (which opens with a sniper scene--oh goody) are now scaled down, postponed, or canceled out of respect for the families and victims of the Sandy Hook School massacre.

Or did the movie industry make a cynical calculation that audiences would stay away in droves out of their own respect for the victims and a new awareness that violence is not and ought not to be entertainment?


Being mindful that it's December 2012, you'll find over at Learning Curve on the Ecliptic Twilight's excellent article The Raising of Our Roots concerning Saturnalia, that Saturnian celebration of Roman times which a certain church hierarchy morphed into 'Christ's mass', or 'Christmas', as we've learned to call it through the centuries. One point that's always seemed important to this particular Protestant: lambs are born in the Spring. jc

Dec 17, 2012

Another Pope calling for World Government and a 'New World Order'

In a speech on Monday December 3, 2012, Pope Benedict called for World Government and a New World Order.

This isn't the first time a Pope has called for a totalitarian regime to encase and strangle the globe. For as Pope John Paul remarked on January 1, 2004, the new world order he wanted "would be able to provide solutions to the problems of today...based on the dignity of human beings, an integrated development of society, solidarity between rich and poor nations, and on the sharing of resources and the extraordinary results of scientific and technological progress."

Mmm. Yeah. Right.

Now one might be tempted to think that Vatican hierarchists are part of the players who create the chaos by collapsing financial, religious, social, and political institutions so that the global population will cry out for a rescuing 'new world order' which will then be made to seem oh-so necessary so that a totalitarian Utopia--envisioned by secret organizations for centuries--will finally be established, as planned by their satanic leader.

However, it's extremely unlikely that we'd find ourselves happily skipping through a papal field of daisies if we allow these global crooks and perverts to get away with their 'Great Plan' (see video posted, below.)


Be aware! The May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 triggered the natal horoscope of the NWO. (See the political and business implications for 'Pluto-ASC'.)

If you haven't, why not leave corporate media behind a while and check out some independent news broadcasters such as Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman? Plus, there's Blacklisted News, linked above.

And then there's Prison Planet with its handy list of NWO quotes attributed to political leaders and other invested parties.

A spooky video: 'The Great Plan' (aka, 'IllumiCorp' of the shadowy Illuminati):

Electoral College votes Monday 12.17.12: is Obama re-elected?

Electoral College 'Faithless Elector" Rare but a Potential

by Jude Cowell

On Monday December 17, 2012, America's arcane Electoral College casts their votes across the nation in order to settle the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election. Since President Obama garnered 332 electoral votes in November to Mitt Romney's rather anemic 206, few Americans fret that an upset is in store for the president.

But What Does Pluto Say?

As you know, voting Mercury performed a retrograde station at 6:03 pm est on Election Day 2012, then seemed to move in backward direction toward an opposition to Mr. Obama's natal Moon @3Gem21. Astrologers (and pundits!) everywhere predicted an extended ballot tabulation though hopefully not as contentious a one as the 2000 'hanging chad' election. And though state dust-ups have drawn things out in 2012, the presidential outcome at least has been straightforward.

And so, 'voter' Mercury Rx on November 6th may on one level symbolize the official Electoral College announcement of a definite victor which will be made on January 6, 2013 and will bring the entire 2012 Election process to a close.

By then, transit Mercury @9Cap32 will be in close conjunction with powerful Pluto @9Cap31 in the 9th house of Higher Education ("College"), as you see in the noon horoscope displayed below, set for the White House as a signifier for the entire nation; click chart to enlarge and perhaps you'll be able to read a few basic notes scribbled thereupon including US natal and BHO natal planets--one thing I neglected to fill in is, Mercury turned Rx "@4Sag18":

Horoscope: January 6, 2013 noon EST White House; Electoral College to Declare Official Victor of the November 2012 Presidential Election.

3rd quarter Moon = 'crisis in consciousness' stage; Mercury OOBs of the Earthly plane (may signify Mr. Obama's much larger share of votes); Mercury rises with Fixed Star Acumen (enduring attacks which weaken, not the only indication of weakness in the chart--see: Mars midpoint picture, below.)

Hour of Jupiter (Rx @7Gem16 in 2nd house of Values/Earning Ability/National Treasury); tr Jupiter continues to trigger US natal Uranus 8Gem55 denoting political and financial success; chart-ruler Mars @9AQ10 in 11th H of Groups and Associations and about to cross into 10th H of Public Status--Mars also rules 8th H through Scorpio with 8th cusp conjunct President Obama's ('BHO') natal MC and Romney's ('MR') natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction.

Chart-ruler Mars applies (0A48) to a square with restrictive Saturn denoting blocks, challenges, issues of bad timing, and possible threats to authority; plus, add the Moon (the public) to the square with testy Mars and we may have some hot feelings in the mix--then the Moon will soon meet depressive Saturn--are the people's electoral wishes to be thwarted? Surely not!

Now since it's the noon hour (a good time for announcements), the Sun (the leader) @16Cap32 conjoins MC (The Goal) with the Mercury-Pluto conjunction on the 9th H side of the Midheaven; Venus @26Sag54 attends.

Midpoint pictures are formed which may or may not apply to our topic:

Sun-Mercury = MC: standing up to the test; successful communications.

Sun-Pluto = MC: vocational upset and change to adopt new perspectives; striving for power and control; leadership qualities.

Neptune-NN = MC: inability to achieve aims without the help of others.

Sun-Neptune = Mars: weakness.

The next two pictures only apply at noon with 23Ari38 rising but they may be worth considering in light of the contentiousness, denial of reality, and sour grape attitude of the Republican Party whenever they lose presidential elections after which they continue denigrating the character of the Democratic president who bested them--and this one dares to be African-American by half!

Pluto-ASC = Neptune: suffering from the actions of bad, malicious, deceitful people.

Mercury-ASC = Neptune: deception; falsehood; slander; libel; disappointed or deceived by others; thinking badly of other people.

(Midpoint pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

One transit to the President Obama's natal chart listed on the horoscope but which must be mentioned: tr Saturn to natal Neptune in Scorpio which brings along the grim face of reality---or, allows a dream to come true.

So! You noticed the YOD pattern of crisis/turning point/special task? With the brilliant, innovative Jupiter-Uranus sextile at its base, the 7th H Moon @6Sco20 is apex of the configuration. Now Scorpio is a Fixed sign of rigid energy but the Moon is Mutable, changeable, and denotes fluctuations. Near staid, status quo Saturn, ruler of Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business), my suspicion is that the rigidity of the public's landslide for President Obama will hold with the aid of stable Saturn yet perhaps we shouldn't entirely discount a tendency toward Scorpionic betrayal ("faithless elector"?)

Or, are we only seeing the Fixed tendency toward decisiveness here? Well, the January 6th Moon in Scorpio could be describing some number of Electoral College voters who, after all, are members of the American public themselves. They have to be, right?

Thing is, an apex Moon in a YOD pattern indicates those who must learn to decode the emotional messages received from others so that they may set out on a new path ("lean forward"?) where the interests of the weaker among us are defended and addressed successfully. (Tierney.)

Yeah, I thought that's what we voted for in November.

And apparently in America, that is only possible with a Democrat in the White House, if indeed it's any longer possible at all.

Dec 15, 2012

'Meet Your Strawman'! (video); plus, Newt Gingrich

Wonder if or how a secret government setting up a paper 'strawman' for everyone at birth relates to the GOP's Orwellian notion of 'personhood' with property rights in utero? Why, even one of their premiere clowns of Thinkdom, Newt Gingrich, endorses the zygote personhood notion.

But there's little left to marvel over when it comes to Newt, is there?

12.14.12: Violence in Connecticut

12.14.12: Violent Mars Not Out-of-Bounds (But Exalted in Capricorn)

by Jude Cowell

Being a mom myself, it's too soon for me to put on an astrologer's cap and take more than a brief glance at yesterday's astrological placements for the Newtown, CT school shootings--and seeing them does not put me in a typing mood today though one can't miss that the shooter was born in 1992 during the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune around 18 Capricorn, a degree that transit Mars has very recently passed:

Potentials for Uranus-Neptune = Mars: lack of stamina; states of lameness or paralysis; a nervous feeling of foreboding (Ebertin; Tyl.) Negative expression of'18Cap': smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones.)

Obviously there are several heavy portents in the chart set for 9:40 am est, however, so if you wish an expert astrologer's analysis, I recommend John Townley's Newtown Slaughter: Dire Aspects for a fuller report than I can muster.

John includes the birth data of the shooter, Adam Lanza (April 22, 1992 Kingston, NH) and uses 00:00:00 pm edt in lieu of a verified birth hour, along with Lanza's current progressions and yesterday's transits which triggered his natal planets.

It saddens me to say that, besides the current influence of the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (sign of transformation and death), the end-of-2012 YOD pattern of crisis and turning points which pressurizes retrograde Jupiter in Gemini, sign of young people, is already in the news in very negative ways--and we have yet to reach next week's much-touted, often-dreaded December 21, 2012.

And so, my heartfelt condolences go to all who are directly affected by yesterday's violence in Connecticutt, and to those in other parts of the world who are also dealing with deep personal grief caused by the violence and cruelty of others.

Dec 14, 2012

Jupiter in Gemini and Stalling in Washington DC

Jupiter Still Rx, Fiscal Responsibility Stalls, & Republicans Con

by Jude Cowell

Here's a handy timeline of debt celings and other fiscalities including 2011's Stalemate Theater on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately for the American people and the US economy, tickets for matinee performances remain available and may be valid into 2013.

Now as you know, moneybags Jupiter, a planet that at times in Mundane Astrology is acted out by the Republican Party, other times by the *Democratic Party, won't turn Direct and willingly dispense his goodies "leaning forward" until January 30, 2013 @6Gem19. Then there's the imperative of the Jolly One's leaving his own shadow, the degree at which he performed a retrograde station during the first week of October 2012 @16Gem22.

Transiting Jupiter will reach shadow degree in late April 2013 though I hope we won't have to wait that long until fiscal cliff issues, debt ceiling stalemates, and other budgetary woes (created by self-interested, corrupted-by-big-money politicians and banksters) are resolved. Plus, will global markets be patient with a purposefully disfunctional US Congress? (By which I mean there are those who are determined to undermine the US government and have been doing a da*ned good job of it for decades.) All this drama in spite of the fact that, like many voters, I think the re-election of President Obama in November ought to make fiscal decisions more clear and with less Republican obstructionism!

Jupiter in Gemini: Have We Teetered on This Cliff Before?

In a flurry of cosmic synchronicity, the usually benefic Jupiter has traversed the Zodiac on a similar fiscal/debt-problems trail in the past with difficult economic consequences as 'he' performed a retrograde station @16Gem24 in early October 1929--and the direct station @6Gem21 occurred on January 31, 1930! Anyone who says that history doesn't repeat has a short memory, don't they?

As in our day, 1929 was a year of social unrest, upheavals, protests, strikes, fanaticism, and starvation for the unheeled, a condition we experience now with a transiting Uranus-Pluto square though Pluto was then in Cancer (now in Capricorn and opposing US natal planets in Cancer) and with radical Uranus zealous in Mars-ruled Aries, as now. (Ebertin says Uranus in Aries = Utopians and the concept of an Ideal Utopia remains at the base of our current problems (see link, below.) Utopians are simply much farther along the path to implementing a totalitarian global government and a 'new economic order' than in 1929/30--and the current GOP gaggle of brash bullies are radical, not conservative.

Then of course, you know that October 29, 1929 brought the Wall Street Crash (link, below) which ushered in the Great Depression and if we think much of Jupiter's similar actions of 1929/30 and 2012/13--along with fanatical Uranus-Pluto square influences--we may become suspicious that the worst economic catastrophes are yet to be revealed.

Is there a less harsh light in which to compare and contrast planetary conditions of 1929/30 and 2012/13? Actually there may be because back then Saturn was strong in its own sign of Capricorn (President Obama's natal Saturn placement) and opposed wealthy string-puller Pluto (Mr. Hades of the Underworld.) As you know, the two were in opposition during the 9/11/01 attacks when cruelty, hardship, and brutality prevailed.

These days, Saturn and Pluto are in a more pleasant sextile (60 degr) yet its influence is not perfectly amiable for we are talking about two karmic planets that can bring loss when they're ready! A Saturn-Pluto sextile (here, from Scorpio to Capricorn) denotes a need to persevere without becoming obsessed or too single-minded, quite an impossibility for ideologue politicians, obsession being their stock in trade. Plus, we must give props to the beginning of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, their Great Conjunction on November 8, 1982 @27Lib36--during the Reagan era of greed and avarice (see Reagan link, below.)

Another facet of a **Saturn-Pluto sextile, are control issues relating to finances and decision-making which describe the current Obama-Boehner stand-off occurring on the precipice of a manufactured 'fiscal cliff'; some measure of hiding from the public and from one another is also described by the sextile. The hiding is usually done to avoid being taken advantage of though as a populist and common-gooder, I have to say that the American people know way too much about plutonian politicians doing that to us already.

On the level of political loss, fear, also a province of both planets, makes even the taking of prudent actions or risks difficult but let's hope that the beneficial opportunity indicated by the sextile results in the president and house majority leader coming to a partial if not full resolution over these dire economic matters before, or perhaps after, the end of 2012.

Now if only they could find and cooperatively use the services of a mediator they both could trust to negotiate the deal! Wonder if Bo the White House Pooch has a spot open on his December calendar?


A must-read, if you haven't, concerning alternating 'R v D Jupiterianism' is Thom Hartmann's excellent article, Two Santa Clauses or How the Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years.

**You may wish to consult Alan Epstein's book Understanding Aspects: The Sextile for more information.

Related reading: 12.12.12 Robert Reich's Why Is Washington Obsessing About the Deficit and Not Jobs and Wages? (see? Saturn-Pluto = obsessing); Black Tuesday Oct 29, 1929 (horoscope shown); Rosicrucian Utopia; 'Fiscal Cliff' and the December 28, 2012 Full Moon; horoscope shown of Reagan Signs the Garn-St-Germain Act and says they "hit the jackpot!"

Dec 13, 2012

Geminid Meteor Shower peaks Dec 13-14, 2012

It's December and Geminid meteor time, skywatchers!

Space Weather News for Dec 13, 2012

GEMINID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is passing through a stream of debris from "rock comet" 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual Geminid meteor shower. Around the world, observers are counting as many as 60 shooting stars per hour, a number which could increase sharply as the shower peaks on the night of Dec 13-14. Wherever you live, the best time to look is during the dark hours between local midnight and sunrise.

Visit SpaceWeather News for sky maps, photos, and updates.

Dec 12, 2012

'Eye of the Phoenix--Secrets of the Dollar Bill' (film); plus, 1935 Elipses

1935, FDR as Freemason, Secrets and Occultism in the US Government

by Jude Cowell

Eye of the Phoenix--Secrets of the Dollar Bill

is a video presentation which has been embedded on SO'W before, but I'm rather cussedly posting it again for your consideration.

Few Americans think about US history involving such characters as astrologer Manly P. Hall and Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich. Yet even if you don't believe that 'occult activities' surrounded the administration of Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt (among others), the video, which covers up to 1935, contains curiosities which may be viewed as amusing 'entertainment', if you wish:

Now here's another film (3 hours!) reputing to reveal all sorts of secrets about the founding of America, the dollar bill, Nicholas Roerich, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Francis Bacon, America's Great Seal, and other people and topics with occult (hidden) themes--I embed because our nation continues to be affected by the Utopian, Luciferian ideals of past generations through present operatives and agents whose works we observe in Washington DC:

Solar Eclipses of 1935

The year 1935 is when the pyramid and capstone with the All-Seeing Eye (of surveillance! also called the Eye of Horus, Providence, Phoenix, etc) was placed upon the dollar bill by the FDR administration. It's one of those rare years when 5 Solar Eclipses manifested (along with 2 Lunar Eclipses, listed below.) Let's take a look at the themes of the 5 Solar Eclipes just to get a sense of the background influences and flavors of 1935:

1. Jan 5, 9 Old North @14Cap: my source, Brady's Predictive Astrology, gives no theme for this Saros Series but we may surmise that Capricornian issues of government, law, and business were ahoof with tones of seriousness, conscientiousness, authority, and a need to "correct wrongful karmic situations and to guide others along the spiritual path." (Rose Lineman);

That 'the path' may be of a Luciferian nature is the question especially since Cap is the sign of The Goat (of Mendes) and is considered a mystical, occult sign containing a labyrinth. Of course, the symbol of the Goat of Mendes is also said to represent wisdom and other more positive things than satanism--yet I know you remember that Dubya was reading My Pet Goat in the classroom when he was informed that the attacks of 9/11/01 had been accomplished;

2. Feb 3, 9 New North @14AQ: sudden physical exertions, accidents, violence. (Last occurred March 19, 2007);

3. June 30, 9 Old South @8Can: falls between US natal Sun and Jupiter--again, no theme listed but in the sign of the sidewinding crab, Cancerian issues are denoted along with the president (Sun, 14Can) and ideology and money supply (our Jupiter at the "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" degree of 6Can); we may expect potentials to include: security, shrewd business maneuvers, emotional extremes, receptivity and imagination, selfishness (also a typical trait of Capricorn), genealogy, family matters, and fated or karmic ties; Series ended in 1971 @29Can oppposite US natal Pluto in Cap;

4. July 30, New South @6Leo: great yet possibly constructive energy supplied by a Mars-Pluto influence, idealism, and the uniting of loved ones; (last manifested on Sept 11, 2007 @18Vir);

5. Dec 25, 10 North @3Cap: frustrating news, inhibiting events, focus on communications, young people, paperwork; tiring and draining; last manifested on Feb 7, 2008, the year of the Great Bush Depression; next occurs in 2026 @29AQ, near US natal Moon.)

Lunar Eclipses of 1935: Jan 19 @29Can and July 26 @23Cap, further emphasizing the security and authority axis of Cancer-Capricorn and its ambitious if depressive Moon-Saturn influences.

Blog Note: here's a link to a previous post on Bush Sr's hospital stay with health-undermining transits to his natal chart (transits of 2012, not this year's hospitalization).

Dec 10, 2012

New Moon 21Sag45 on Dec 13, 2012 @3:41 am EST

December 2012: Seeds in the Soil, Fire on The Hill?

by Jude Cowell

Around here a New Moon @21Sag45 which perfects on Wednesday December 13, 2012 at 3:41 am est spotlights new beginnings and a seeding of something that will culminate or fulfill its promise at the Full Moon of December 28, 2012--just around the time that the over-dramatizing politicians of Washington DC should be getting their 'fiscal cliff' act together. Plus, with the overly extended Bush tax cuts from 2001 set to expire at 12:00 am est on January 1, 2013, the clock, as they like to say, is tick-tocking while stock markets crouch in wait.

For as you must have heard, IMF chief Christine LaGarde has cautioned Washington politicians over the 'fiscal cliff' anxiety which global markets will react to negatively if our barely functioning functionaries continue their inaction and/or put overly austere measures in place.

So if our representatives in Washington get this wrong, we'll know precisely who on Capitol Hill wants the American people and the US economy to fall back into a recession.

Then may I suggest ahead of their perfidy that if Tea Party members of Congress must be tossed over a cliff in order to get anything fiscally constructive done before the end of 2012 and beyond, I'll gladly volunteer to help with the pooshing if you will, Dear Reader! And let's include a decided ixnay on the Republicans' threatened debt ceiling stalemate, too--especially since we've seen that particular politicized matinee performance in 2011 and it really stank up the place.

No, all their financial and other dramas don't make me feel that my government is broken. But it does make me feel that those Reconstructionists who treasonously interfere with the people's business and have no intention of actually governing because they have only partisan and/or utopian ideological goals in mind are not working for the common good of our nation and should leave town before the sheriff rides in.

Now if only a sheriff were coming!

Yet There Must Be a Happier Space...

Meanwhile, over at Celestial Space you'll find Depali Desai's analysis of this fabulous New Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, fiery sign of The Seeker. Depali's lunar overview is perfect for those wishing to integrate the Jupiterian New Moon influence into their own lives by considering where 21Sag45 falls in the natal chart for that house (and its opposite) denotes an area of life now ripe for new beginnings!

"In Debt We Trust" (a Schechter documentary)

Our Serfdom of Debt and Oppression

by Jude Cowell

Well, Mr. Danny Schechter has done it again. He's created an elucidating documentary In Debt We Trust (1 1/2 hours long) which begins in church and reminds me of Bush43 immediately after the attacks of 9/11/01 superficially advising the American people that our best response was to, "Go shopping."

No, consumerism is not a religion but it is a form of Pluto-Chiron oppression--the oppression of -isms--and anyone who has reached the limit on a credit card or two knows just how oppressive it can be.

An Exploited Synchronicity?

Curiously, on July 4, 1776, the plutocratic and transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint @8Pis50 conjoined US natal Ceres, an asteroid denoting basic things everyone needs to feel secure and nurtured such as food, mother's milk, and apparently in our day, an expensive haul of goodies from The Mall. Or at least, that is what the credit card and other industries have consistently preyed upon in the American psyche!

For more videos on a variety of topics, visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Hurrah! Now that consumerism expert Elizabeth Warren has been elected to the US Senate, dark forces are gathered against her, forces very upset with the minimal legal protections We the People now have, thanks to her leadership, which open up to the light of full disclosure some of the credit card industry's exploitive practices. And I sincerely hope that there are other benign forces who are protectively 'watching her back'!

Keep It Sheathed Until the Time Is Right

Actually, I'm glad to read that Mrs. Warren is taking a moderate course and not rushing in to that Masonic temple on Capitol Hill, sword in hand! Elizabeth Warren, establishment critic, showing restraint as she prepares for clubby Senate.

As the wise saying goes, Moderation in All Things.

Plus, here's a website with curious information relating to Washington DC, my former city of residence. Scroll down a ways for text concerning the Masonic layout of the Capital City and a photo from September 19, *1993 of Senator Strom Thurmond spreading cement to mark the 200th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the US Capitol Building.

Then tell me you don't think there's more than meets the eye going on now with the current 'fiscal cliff'--national debt impasse between the White House and the US Congress! Just who really owns the notes on America's national debt anyway?


*As you know, 1993 was a watershed year in which the planets of The Enlightenment, Uranus and Neptune, met three times in Great Conjunction. Their third meeting is what I tend to use as a New World Order birth chart (October 24, 1993) with '18 Capricorn' the significant degree of their conjunction: '18Cap' = 'POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism'. (MEJ.) Of course, that's a stone's throw away from the tenets of Plutocracy's paternalistic pair, Pluto-Chiron. These days, it's hard to miss seeing--or experiencing--such strong-arming to grasp and hold on to political power on the rise across the globe, is it not?

Dec 8, 2012

Horoscope and Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution

The Horoscope and Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution

by Jude Cowell

With its change in political authority in mind, for ages I've meant to publish to Stars Over Washington the natal horoscope of the American Revolution (aka, "the shot heard round the world") when a group of patriots at Lexington, Massachusetts stood up to His Majesty's occupying soldiers who represented the British Crown, and our Fight for Independence from monarchy and oppression officially began.

Having fought British monarchists back once again (on November 6, 2012 in the shape of Mitt Romney, royal plutocrat!) and with the 112th Congress barely breathing and their maufactured 'fiscal cliff' negotiations at an alleged standstill, it seems bloggily fitting that today is the day.

Shown here is the horoscope of the American Revolution, aka, the Battle of Lexington; Hour of Venus (23Tau52 in 1st house), chart-ruler Mars (ASC 21Ari49) squares Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus, a planetary trio which falls across the 2nd cusp of Earning Ability and Values.

As you see, 10th H Pluto @26Cap41, planet of power, manipulation, and control, is in the same degree (26) as battling Mars (the shooter) with Mars @26Leo13. Their inconjunct (150 degr) is nearly partile (exact) and applying (0A27.) A persecuting Mars-Pluto inconjunction (or, quincunx) describes a courageous challenger (Mars) who's grown weary of being someone else's 'workhorse' and Mars' bad temper results in explosive conditions which are made more burdensome by financial stress.

Plus, the square between testy, had-enough Mars and rebellious Uranus adds fuel to the flames of revolution and denotes fear of material loss, rash actions, and anxiety.

One obvious time link to our own era is shown by the position of Uranus @00Gem32 in a money house (2nd) because the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem21 'hit' this Uranus of the Revolution while conjoining the current position of Fixed Star Alcyone (key phrase: something to cry about.)

So when I watch radical politicians of the duplicitously-named "Tea Party" and others behind the scenes tying our Congress in knots to prevent the business of the people being accomplished and to undermine our nation, it gives me something to cry about every day...for my country, and for You and your loved ones, Dear Reader. And as with the American Revolution of 1775, the entire world's future hinges upon what happens here.

Yes, there are many members of certain organizations who act--or fail to act--as they do now because they believe that they want the total downfall of America. But I suspect the promised rewards for their treason will be few and far between for the majority of them--and they won't like her replacement nearly as much as they imagine they will.

Now if you're curious about the hidden (occult) dynamic of the American Revolution, I include the following information from Nicholas Hagger's book, The Secret History of the West:

"The early dynamic of the American Revolution can be stated as follows:

Heretical occult vision: Scottish Jacobite Templarism (via Gosnold)

Heretical occult interpreter: (Sir Francis) Bacon

Occult revolutionary originator: (Adam) Weishaupt (founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, May 1, 1776--see link below)

Thoughtful intellectual interpreter: (Benjamin) Franklin

Semi-political intellectual interpreter: (Thomas) Jefferson"

Related Reading: The American Revolutionary War; Francis Bacon, Uranus-Neptune, and Pluto; Illuminati Horoscope (has link to Pentagon's chart); and A Few Illuminating Quotes on Plutocracy in America.

Dec 7, 2012

3 Reasons to Lose Dept of Homeland Security (video)

Here's a link to the first post published here concerning the formation of the Department of Homeland Security ('HoSec') showing its correctly timed natal horoscope (sans my usual scribbled notes--I wasn't scribbling on charts in 2005.)

You'll see that transiting Saturn in Scorpio (restriction, constriction, loss, realism, etc; Scorpio = spies like us) is activating HoSec's natal 8th house of Shared Resources, Corporatism, Big Business, Transformation, and Death. So perhaps this is a good time to have a conversaton about 'losing' or at least scaling back this massive, Orwellian, inefficient money pit.

Dec 6, 2012

Is John Boehner's boozing legendary around Washington?

Political Corruption and the Bartender Blues

by Jude Cowell

A Judy's World article Why Boehner Needs to Go details some things said by Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe Wednesday (12/5) about the Speaker's reputation for drunkeness around town, remarks which I heard with my own ears.

Even from this distance in Georgia (and not being a resident of D.C. for many moons now), I've heard of Speaker Boehner's love of The Juice 'ere this but it seems his current 'fiscal cliff' stalemate performances on Capitol Hill are giving his Neptunian dependency on negative escapism a boost into the spotlight. One may perhaps wonder, Is he up to the task?

Well, maybe you've already checked out Mr. Boehner's natal horoscope with its Moon-Neptune contact, a possible conjunction indicating drinking if not alcohol dependency which often has a self-pitying, crying-in-beer vibe especially when things aren't going his way. (I once had an uncle with this conjunction and the resulting problem of emotional weakness so I know all too well--but who doesn't?)

So if you should hear that President Obama has Speaker Boehner 'over a barrel' it sadly may refer to more than the expiration of the Bush tax cuts at midnight on New Year's Eve 2012.

Syria's 1970 'Assad Coup' Horoscope w 12.6.12 transits

Below you see the horoscope of the coup that led Hafez al-Assad to power in Syria, known as the 1970 Syrian Corrective Revolution. Here is the Wiki page of Syria's current president Bashar as-Assad, son of Hafez, and potential purveyor of chemical weapons.

Now there are other natal horoscopes for Syria (exs: 1941 and 1944) but this chart is set for Damascus on November 13, 1970 at 6:08:15 am EET, a symbolic sunrise hour for astrological purposes since Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes gives the hour of the coup as "dawn"--probably a little while after the solar chart you see here. This solar chart is also appropriate because Hafez al-Assad (1930--2000) is known of setting up a 'cult of personality', a charge that can easily be levelled against the United States of America with George Washington honored as our archetypal leader.

Image: Assad Coup of Syria November 13, 1970 'at dawn' Damascus

The 1970 Assad Regime was 'eclipsed' by the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56! ('Joy through commitment'--Brady.) Not certain about the 'joy' for President Assad but I'm certain the Syrian people who dissent from his violent actions are feeling unjoyful at the moment.

December 6, 2012: Today's transiting planets are penned around the outside of the chart and as you see, tr Saturn approaches natal Venus Rx @15Sco50 (the Eagle Point) and dissolving, obfuscating Neptune @00Pis32 is and has been in contact with natal NN at natal IC (Endings; The Drain); n NN is at a critical-crisis 29th degree as is MC and natal Pluto @29Vir01 in 10th house, a fateful or karmic combination.

And of course, Neptune rules gases and other toxins such as chemical weapons which are now said to be part of President Assad's plans to use against his own people. Or that's what we're being told in the West to make our government's intervention more palatable. (See the Wallace and Orwell quotes below.)

Neptune to NN has a potential for breaking down relationships and for a 'sense of being out of the group' (or, 'bound together through spiritual sharing'--Tyl) plus, with the 4th house connection to Homeland, Domestic Scene, and Security Issues, Neptune entering Syria's 4th H creates a disturbing and possible tragic picture.

In the natal horoscope of Assad's military coup, the Hour is Venusian (values, valuables, and relationships) and the 1st house Mercury-Neptune conjunction is very close at '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"...("superficial idleness"--Jones) is descriptive as is the Ascending degree's Sabian Symbol, '21Sco'..."A Soldier Derelict in His Duty"..."DEVIATION...complete faithlessness to the common welfare"--Jones.

The 1970 Assad Coup of the Syrian government occurred during the 8 South Saros Series of Solar Eclipses which has a 'loss, separation, partings, physical injury' vibe (B. Brady) and 8S last manifested on September 22, 2006 @29Vir--conjunct the Assad Coup Pluto 29Vir01. In America the public has been set up for an eventual take-over of Syria in the last few years, and the warring drumbeat continues as Year 2012 ends.

So as always, my primary concerns are for the good people of Syria who are in the sightline of the raptor's gaze as global government is forced upon the peoples of the world.

As you see in 11th H, there is a natal Mars-Uranus conjunction indicating tendencies toward violent uprisings, use of security forces to control strife, radical military movements (ex: Assad's coup), and explosions. Nuclear and/or chemical weapons concerns also apply to this rebellious duo of attacks and hostility especially with the obvious link between unpredictable Uranus and uranium.

Well, there is much more to say about this chart and current affairs shown by the affects upon it by transiting planets but my blogging time is done for today. At least the natal chart of the Assad Coup is now posted for those who may wish to consult it. Leave on-topic comments if you wish and we'll discuss.

"The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power."

- Henry A. Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the United States, Secretary of Agriculture, and the Secretary of Commerce 1988 - 1965

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history."

- George Orwell