May 20, 2016

May 21, 2016: Full Moon in Sagittarius with Rick Levine - video

Tonight is Friday May 20, 2016 and here's a brief presentation by Rick Levine concerning tomorrow's Full Moon @1Sag13 (5:14 pm edt). Rick notes the nearness of the Moon to feisty Mars Rx during what is the warrior planet's opposition to the Sun (in Gemini), denoting a period of challenges, competition, conflict, possible aggression, and energetic activity.

Military troops may be on the march, plus, we may also expect a continuation of such events as wild fires and/or explosions particularly since Sagittarius is one of the Fire signs along with Aries and Leo, and of course, Full Moons time events concerning relationships, alliances, and total awareness--and may behave in similar fashion to eclipses which tend to reveal secrets and uncover inconvenient facts--here the facts or secrets may involve actions of police, military, or other male-oriented endeavors.

So safe, be vigilant!

Actually the May 21st Full Moon may be an activator for the November 2011 'Sequestration Eclipse' with its 'peculiar turn of events' theme.

But if you prefer Mars in his romantic role as the planet of desire, check out Mars Through the Signs of the Zodiac...if you so desire.

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