Mar 3, 2006


Let's illuminate the birth chart for that barrel-of-monkeys the ***Illuminati Society, shall we?

Who does it favor, ya think? Mom's horns and Dad's hooves?

This chart has connections to the 9/11 WTC chart, and there are also interesting hook-ups to the Pentagon's natal chart--which I shall save for another day when we all need a jolly laugh--for Illuminati and Pentagon share the same Sun/Moon combo (link below)--and, quite curiously, the above Ascendant is the same degree as the Venus Occultation of 2004--which was rising the morning of the G-8 Summit, Sea Island, Georgia. Curious.

So in a flurry of recap madness, here's the Symbol once again for the June 8, 2004 Venus Occultation/Summit sunrise degree of "18Gem" which is also the Asc degree (WHAT) for Illuminati:

"Two Chinese men converse in their native tongue in an American city."

Keynote: The need for the mind to retain its independence from its physical environment in order to concentrate on its special problems. (DR*) INSULATION.

**MEJ's version is similar: DIFFERENCE> pos: the effective mobilization of self and others for life's more specialized objectives.

Neg/shadow side: a thorough dissipation of selfhood through alien relationships.

(The last reminds me of the boundary dissolutions which NWO/globalists are so enamored of. So the G-8ers isolated themselves on Sea Island so they could study how to remove more boundaries/borders for the rest of us...?)

Venus Occultations are when unusual or unexpected associations are formed between entities or persons...unsuspected or secret alliances.

Oh--and the Pluto degree is conjunct the USA's natal Pluto degree...let's face it.

So May 1, 2006, the Illuminati will be 230 years old and lookin' it, imho. And you know that May 1 is "Beltane"--the Illuminati's 2nd most sacred day, also called, "Walpurgis Night"...human sacrifice required, I've heard, although I've no personal experience of this, I most happily admit. If you, lone reader, know something of this, ILLUMINATE, if you please.

And who can forget the gloriousness of May 1, 2003, when George Bush landed on the Abraham Lincoln to declare "Mission Accomplished"?

I seriously suspect that on some level, m'peops, he was totally serious.

>>>"It doesn't matter who the people vote for; they always vote for us."

Update: Mar 5 2006 11:11 pm est

Read the Sun Tau/Moon Libra personality combo here:

Stars Over Washington: The Pentagon Apr 29 1942 10:30 am edt

*Dane Rudhyar
**Marc Edmund Jones

***Obviously this is the chart for Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian sect...the original Jesuit/Loyola puckishness was founded in 1534, last I heard.



Donna said...

If the ascendent is the What and the midheaven is the Why, what are the nadir and descendent?
Feeling dumb in Florida.

Silverseale said...

"here's the Symbol once again for the June 8, 2004 Venus Occultation/ Summit sunrise degree of "18Gem" which is also the Asc degree (WHAT) for Illuminati..."

18 Gem? The Nuclear Axis? (shudders)

jude cowell said...

Hi Silverseale,

Thanks for commenting! i believe (someone correct me) that the nuclear axis of degrees is earlier in Gem/Sag up to about 10/11 degrees (which include Aldebaran and Antares.)

Even if i'm off a few degrees, hopefully the nuke axis may be under 18, however.


'11 Sag' is where Pluto and Chiron had their Great Conjunction of Dec 30, 1999 with their parallel August 15/16, 2004 when Bush was the war decider. (He had a lot of help though from his "elite base.")

Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year! Jude

jude cowell said...

Belatedly, for Donna, though I believe I answered her Q about the other chart angles in an email...





So an Astrology horoscope informs rather like the basic questions of Journalism with WHO? replacing WHAT? and answered by the ASC of a natal chart.

Journalism's WHEN? would be the time/hour the chart is set for. Agreed? Jude