Apr 19, 2006

China does Washington

Thursday, the President of China and the President of the US get together to schmooze at the White House about intellectual property rights, who-owes-whom, and other pressing world issues.

In the sunrise chart for the day,there's something extremely interesting:

At the Mc/Aspiration/WHY Point of the chart is the degree of the New World Order's Uran/Nep>>degree: "18Cap": "The Union Jack flies from a British warship"> POLITICAL POWER> neg/shadow side: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

Ok, so that's not so amazing until you consider that sitting upon this Point TODAY is the Pluto/Chiron midpoint--the Plutocracy combo. Cheney has Plu/Chiron conjunct natally, so maybe he plus a NWO rep (perhaps from the UK) will be there, in spirit, if not in form. The other excuses given for this meeting are fluff, imho...also because--

Transiting Sat/Plu (15Lib36--loss; cruelty; violence; war) is now conjunct the 1993 midpoint between Pluto and Chiron--15Lib18 in the NWO Chart!

You see that the Sun (leader of a nation) has just entered Taurus, sign of greed, intolerance, and stubborness (sorry, you Taureans--you're the brilliant gardeners and architects of the world--but I'm talking here about DC, so therefore the shadow side of secretive governments--no offense).

There's only one planetary midpoint here, Merc/Nep = Uranus (technology): inventions and inspirations; nervous convulsions; a suddenly misguided imagination; going "far out"; sudden new ideas.

Saturn, fixin' to cross Bush's natal Asc again, so therefore representing Bush, the man, is in 4th house--the Foundation of the chart, and not in a strong position with this very lowering transit going on for him with more piper-paying to come.

The ambitious, cold Capricorn Moon is at Mc, and publicity (Moon) is obviously part of the picture...perhaps an integral part of it, in fact. (I keep wishing Someone would tell George to close his legs in photo-ops...or put a horse between 'em.)

North Node--a point of meetings--is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house with Mercury in Aries. Mercury is approaching the last Solar Eclipse degree (8Ari35), the Series of hunches and intuitions as mentioned in a previous post.

Well, there's more, but a thunderstorm/tornado watch is threatening, and I must motor into the city for appts.

Back later...

4.19.06 11:55 am edt

ps: The recent Full Moon (23Lib37) was conjunct Bush's natal Ic, so the changes continue for Mr Bush...as evidenced today by McClellan's "resignation" and Rove's "giving up oversight of policy issues." Yuh.

Update: view of the chart has been removed due to legal restrictions. Sorry. jc 5.19.06 7:50 pm edt

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