May 17, 2006

Happy B-Day, NYSE! Stocks Fall...

MAJOR RE-UPDATE June 15: NPR's MarkePlace is reporting that the NYSE-Euronext deal may be falling through--NYSE will need to come up with more moola due to its share price slippage, and European politicians are still favoring Germany.

Seems the NYSE Nodal-Half Return is causing some difficulties, as I poreviously posted. If this deal does fall apart, the NYSE will be locked out of the consolidation of world markets. Italy has thrown its political weight behind Germany today, so we'll see if Thane and the NY Boys barf up the pesos.

Am I sure this upcoming "consolidation of world markets" is a good thing? Nope.

Markets were up today though. Hmph.


Read on for more on NYSE's Nodal Half-Return's influence although the "Done Deal" is actually, as it turns out, NOT...

MAJOR UPDATE>> JUNE 1: DEAL DONE, creating the 1st trans-Atlantic securities market. Now other markets must consolidate or be left in the dust. UNTIL it all comes crashing down--and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
I'm leaving the rest of this post from May 'as is'...

Update> May 23: Surely you've heard the NYSE is seeking to combine with Euronext which would make it the world's largest and most liquid global securities marketplace with listings of US $27trillion.

Seems Euronext CEO Jean-Francois Theodore is leaning toward the US offer instead of the Deutsche Boerse offer in spite of shareholders' views. Tsk tsk.

Q: Is the time of the Nodal-Half Return good for the forming of new associations?
A: No.

Will the merger go through? Probably not, or troubles ahead, if so, but the Eclipse factors noted below seem to be ruling the day.

Now back to my original post:

As stocks fall today, Stars O'Wash wishes the NYSE a Happy Bappy Birthday tomorrow--you're 214 years old!

Had a peek at NYSE's Solar Return 2006, and it's obvious that something is afoot in the change/separation department.

You know I've posted NYSE on my "Nodal-Half Returns for May" list, but there's more--the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of NYSE--born 1792--is the 10 South Series:

A worry may suddenly clear; breaking out of a very negative situation where no options can be seen; a synchronicitous solution is suddenly obvious and must be taken up without delay.

Last occurrence for this Series: July 22, 1990, next: Aug 1, 2008. HOWEVER... effect this week: Merry May has transit NN 2Ari+ conjunct this PE degree--and during NYSE's Nodal-Half Return simultaneously! (That's tr NN, a joining point, conjunct natal SN, a separation point...weak associations are broken, but stronger ones may be strengthened.)

My take on this is that someone is leaving, someone new is joining, but it may be hush-hush, so you didn't read it here. The new associations have something peculiar about them, and they may be on the youngish side. One factor found in the Solar Return Chart for Thursday is that the first midpoint to rise in the Solar Return is Uran/NN = Asc: sudden new associations.

There's a sense of renunciation and separation which may last until the next Solar Return, May, 2007. And subversive Pluto in Sagittarius is at Mc...permanent transformations may be NYSE's focus for the next year.

SR 2006 has (29 = crisis degree) Moon at 29Cap41..."30Cap": "Directors of a large firm meet in secret conference."

Well, they do that all the time, but something is afoot, I say. Rudhyar gives "30Cap" as: "A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs"> EXECUTIVE POWER. Slightly different flavor--brings the government into it, World Bank, etc, imho.

>:>Odd fact: "30Cap" is the same degree of the Moon the day of the Taliban's visit to DC (Apr, 2001)...when tr NN was conjunct Bush's natal Sun, btw.

Well, I digress...or do I? Hmm-m-m...

Images for the SR '06 SunTau/MoonCap blend: A royal banquet honors the longest serving headmistress of the oldest and most prestigous school in the land.

Haven't they done with Greenspin already? Plus, the Symbol for the SR Asc degree is: "19Pis": "A master instructing his pupil." And secretive, fluctuating, confused Pisces on the rise, too...intuitive though, is Pisces--ya have to give it that.

Tr Uranus (technology including internet--has hacking occurred? Is the pope in the Vatican?) is conjunct Asc from the 12th house, having just arisen, and Uranus indicates rebellion and sudden changes--perhaps shocking changes.

And it's funny that stocks are falling when Jupiter and Uranus are fortuitously trining one another, but perhaps the Water Grand Trine with Mars of late has the 'need for protection and safety' influence affecting Jup/Ura's usual bullishness.

Not being a financial astrologer, I couldn't say...and there are certainly many other factors to consider. But I have wondered recently if the US can't leave Iraq because of the huge inflation it would bring on...any thoughts, you stock market purveyors?



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