Feb 21, 2009

Possible arrest due in Chandra Levy murder case

If you've heard the news that police are on the verge of making an arrest in the Chandra Levy murder case, you may wish to check out Christopher Warnock's site because he did much excellent work on the case at the time and correctly predicted that Levy was dead before it known for certain, the location of her remains, and that strangulation was a possible cause of death.

Or if you'd like to take a look at the charts yourself, here are details:

Chandra Levy
Apr 14, 1977
1:46 pm est
Cleveland, OH

Last seen:
Apr 30, 2001
7:30 pm edt
Washington, DC

Last email sent:
May 1, 2001
10:45 am edt
Washington, DC

You may remember that Ms. Levy was an intern in Washington and involved with married congressman, Gary Condit, who was inundated with negative publicity, and subsequently lost his bid for re-election. Condit sued and won an out-of-court settlement from three tabloid newspapers for an undisclosed amount.

This sad case made a huge impression on me in 2001 and I also did much work with these charts which were 'lost' when my then-pc crashed and burned in 2003. So today I've placed them back in my files and will be most interested to see who, if anyone, police arrest for committing this heinous crime.

My best and warmest wishes go out to Ms. Levy's parents who deserve answers and closure concerning their daughter's too-soon demise.


Update Oct 9, 2010: the Chandra Levy murder trial is scheduled at last to begin on October 18, 2010. Here's one opinion concerning the suspect's guilt or innocence. Will governmental cover-ups be revealed?


DD said...

Hi Jude,
I followed the Chandra Levy case intently and always saw her being picked up outside her building by a man on a motorcycle, who then took her to a meeting she thought she was going to have with her amour - and at this point was killed and then dumped in Rock Creek Park.

Many details seemed to deny this scenario but I couldn't and still can't, shake it. I do believe she was murdered by someone who feared her breaking a silence on a secret, the expectation she had for her future with the politician and a potential pregnancy.

I do not think the man in jail for the other attacks killed her. And I have nothing to base this on except my gut instincts on this horror.

That Chandra had spoken to her aunt about a big announcement she would soon give her has always stuck with me and seemed integral to her death.

Random murders happen, but this one was going to be so convenient for the politician and his family that I am suspicious.

The man who actually killed her could have been a stranger to her, a hired killer. And I do see her being thrown down an embankment, but I also saw lots of hope for love on her part in the two charts of her last e-mail and sighting.

I do think the truth will come some day.

Donna D

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, i've always felt it was a paid killing as well...as you say it was all-too convenient for Mr. Condit. By perhaps the guy in jail now, perhaps not.

And i remember too her email to her aunt about 'news.'

Just hope the police aren't dissembling about it for political or other reasons.