Mar 12, 2009

Cheney's assassination squads exposed

Exposed: Cheney Assassination Squads

By Eric Black

MSNBC reported that Seymour Hersh has uncovered evidence that Vice President Cheney operated secret assassination squads out of the White House by using military personnel without the knowledge of the CIA.


Well, we knew he up to a lot but this is too much. I'd be interested to see his hit list - some of the names might surprise.


Anonymous said...

Dang that is more than I would even expect.

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clymela said...

What I have noticed is a lot of very well placed plane crashes that take out all manner of political heavies. I doubt that this is limited to Chaney. I must say that i saw Hersh talking about this and he didn't look ralxed or happy.

jude cowell said...

Veils abound around this man - and most any other politician we can name, Jilly... :-(

Clymela, I know what you mean and it's common to Politics in general, not only to Dick, si.

It was interesting to me that this revelation from one of my favorite writers, Mr. Hersh, lifts the garbage-covering tarp a little more than usual upon that 'organized system of hatreds' that I like to dissent from as often as I must and fuss about quite regularly...

jc (insert: 2nd frowny face.)