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Feb 6, 2010

David Icke video: 'deliberate economic collapse' + Uranus to Aries Point

This is a video of David Icke speaking on the deliberate economic collapse (what I have called an 'engineered' one here and elsewhere so it's clarifying to hear Mr. Icke explaining the goals of the new world order agenda as he discusses the few people who manipulate global strings; they even had Pluto tossed out of our solar system's pantheon of planets - with Science's willing assistance) yet pesky astrologers insist on using Pluto's archetypes for saboteurs, assassins, the obscenely wealthy class, and the kind of secret hand the power elite like to use. Then, if we look closely enough, we see them wearing Pluto's glove of guilt.)

Anyway, Mr. Icke speaks of how narrowing our focus has been part of their machinations as education is dumbed down, more drugs are prescribed every year, and the general population is kept in ignorance of anything that might ruffle feathers and cause we-the-people (and the rest of the world) to plant our scornful eyes upon the villains of the piece...them.

Watch the video, if you please, and do pass it on.

For only by awakening the sleeping giant that is the American populace can a different direction be consciously taken by this nation. And it will take consciousness which is normally not one of the talents of the 'unwashed' masses especially since our ability for critical thinking has been so grievously under attack and weakened for decades by every means at their command: entertainment, drugs, corporate media, subliminal ads and symbols, charade 'debates' and faux 'elections' with 'Rs vs Ds' propaganda to keep us divided, etc, etc. It's a wonder that a majority of the American people can still stand upright at all especially since...

Our immune systems have been under attack for a long time. Ex: the 26 vaccines given to a child by the age of TWO (a massive, prolonged attack in itself with still-forming bodily systems forced to fight invaders, and before they're done, another set of invaders arrives suddenly - a booster shot - this won't hurt a bit! See video.

Then there are prescription drugs, illegal drugs ("War on Drugs" my patootie), food and drink additives - the rotten list is endless and Orwellian to the core.

But Don't Expect Help from the Vatican

Some of the kindest people I've known all through my life have been of the Catholic persuasion, people who did their faith rather than only professing it. But I am staunchly Protestant, if I must choose, so it is always with a feeling of dread that I ever mention the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the Vatican. You know the ones - those whose predecessors 'dropped' a very inconvenient one of the Ten Commandments (no worship of graven images) and, needing a substitute for the hole thus created in God's Top Ten List, split the Commandment against 'coveting' into two. Nifty, if you can purport to do it. And if people follow you on it,'re in business.

Therefore, when it comes to the subject matter of this post, I'd be remiss not to mention (one more time) the enlightening message from John Paul II on New Year's Day 2004 when he openly called for a new world order (or a 'new economic order' since they're both fat off the same hog; loss of money - or fear of its loss - manipulates the masses into zombiehood along with drugs to keep us hazy. Wake up! A new film version of 'Alice in Wonderland' is coming to entice you into the 'fun' of it even more! She's hard to resist, that Alice.)

So? So the Vatican is behind the current one-world-government movement all the way and all the while...but it's a 'NWO' agenda which is not (as David Icke asserts as well) an inevitable outcome. It's a huge challenge to meet, but meeting and countering it is not impossible.

Here are some prominent Sabian Symbols (aka, word pictures - no astrologese facility required to read them in English) from the natal chart of the NWO where you'll discover a link to the modern-day birth chart of this devil's spawn (NWO = Uranus conj Neptune 1993), or you may wish to speed directly to the shriveled creature's natal chart because it's imperative that we ID our demons and face them squarely.

As I listen to David Icke speak in the video, I am reminded that rebellious Awakener Uranus about to reach *Aries Point (00Ari), a World Point of manifestation, which may, in tandem with the other planetary actors in the Cardinal T-Square (Uranus-Saturn-Pluto) in effect from Spring 2010 into 2014.

And if you use the Sibly version of the US natal chart, you know that Uranus conj AP also conjuncts US natal IC, the Foundation of the chart. We might use this Sag rising chart for America's money issues since it's Jupiter-ruled, and Uranus to IC (4th house of Domestic Scene, Homeland, Housing Market, etc) always brings surprises and upheavals. Circumstances tend to be unstable and unpredictable when Uranus enters 4th house, so I won't try.

Well, maybe just a little, though the news isn't good...

The Cardinal T-Square's Saturn is in US (Sibly) 10th house, a possible indicator of loss of worldly power, prestige, reputation, and career status - loss if Saturn's responsibilities have not been handled with care - they have not; if they had been, it could be a time of consolidation - but if it is, it's the wealthy consolidating against the rest of us. You feel it, don't you?

Pluto in early Capricorn is traversing the US (Sibly) 1st house from whence The Dragon (Pluto) lumbers in the midst of his long opposition to America's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun line-up in Cancer (3 - 14 Can.)

Yet can it be so symbolically simple that 'The Dragon' represents China in this mystery play? Hmm. Other regions of the globe have had dragons as their symbols for centuries. The Crusaders' St. George myth can tell you all about his victory, the tale of which was brought back to the West by Crusaders who had ravaged the East. And the negative behavior pattern continues.

Well, these are pretty much the things I'm pondering today as more rain falls in Georgia and millions of my fellow Americans huddle underneath a very large snowy blanket of brrr-r-r. Hope you all have the warmth and sustenance you need to safely wait out the thaw.


*Uranus to Aries Point is historically a strong marker for scientific breakthroughs.


Anon said...

I do agree, it is planned. For example that many European countries has big financial problems was known from much much time but on the other side to make the situation to fall down now, while dollar reinforces, is the sign of Amero no more as far to enter in the Big Game as world currency and for other - non-economical - reasons...

clymela said...

I wanted to say that the other day when I seemed to be writing that you have ever been antisemitic that I have NEVER thought of you as antisemitic only some of the references over the years (yep!! years now!!)have been that way.
So now-David Ickes??!! Scary because I also "see" that we are being driven into economic collapse and I do feel the corporate church kicking into gear to get the faithful all stirred up to fight for Christ still Ickes has somethings going in his mind that are VERY disturbing.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Anon, the US dollar as world currency situation seems moot to me because all purchasing will go to (an international?) plastic card eventually (maybe sooner than we think.) jc

Clymela, thanks for clarifying. Sometimes it's hard to be certain i'm being clear - blog posts are always being 'read into' so it's dicey sometimes.

No, i don't ever research totally the bona fides of a particular author or person on video posted here - i must go by the message in that particular article, video, or radio shows, etc. It's one of the drawbacks of free online content, and of having a life in the real world that limits blogging time, i guess.

Yes, Icke has some things in his head, agreed, but i'm not sure they'd be there (or as 'disturbing') if NWO fascism weren't being pursued by others and forced upon the world.

Of course, he said that some people call the bloodline families 'lizard people' (there's the Brotherhood of the Snake, and other dragon-related lines known through the centuries - basically, Lucifer worshipers. 'Entities' possess such people to do what they do without a conscience getting in the way.)

And I know you've seen politicians on TV and in videos when the spotlight catches them just right - you can see the cold, dead look in their eyes. That'd be them. jc

clymela said...

No sh-t dear one about the cold dead eyes. and I too understand the NWO fascism which is sooo obvious now. I refer to the Bush family as Nazi cousins.
I know that often there is a problem communicating "tone"over the internet-a lot of what we communicate to each other is done through tone and expression neither of which can be transferred over this form of communication.
I saw the Robert Welch references on GOOGLE and I was startled. The Birchers were BAD news to anyone not of European descent (white),they are the types that are following Palin now.
I just watched an NBC feed about Palin-the level of propaganda was shocking-NBC photo shopped images from early occasions into the Palin report so that it appeared that thousands were at her talk calling for revolution. Weird because they mixed daylight and nighttime together in the images
At any rate HMMM! on further clarification of Icke's Lizard People-I too will comment and have commented over time about the coldness in the gaze of certain folk whom I do not know personally but have seen in photos and video.