Jun 23, 2010

How's that New World Order coup going?

(WRH) – The New World Order Banker Cartel takeover starts with the destruction of the economic might of the United States. To accomplish this task as follows:

...and you may read the list if you care to, a list of events and machinations, some of which you already know. It's good to make lists though, isn't it? To see all the mayhem in one place so that the coup d'etat agenda peeks out from what are not random events and take-overs, but a series of tasks on a to-do list now being implemented.

The point of view in No. 14 concerning Iran is new to this blogger though I had wondered if Iran was being stubbornly resistant to the implementation of the NWO...standing in its way, you might say.

Hmmm...guess Saddam Hussein must have been standing in its way, too.

And I had wondered out loud on this blog a few months ago if the people our government calls 'insurgents' and 'terrorists' are actually fighters against the NWO which puts the people of the West in the crazy-making position of being pro-NWO in spite of ourselves.

What a nifty trick - to make their own enemies ours even though the NWO Banking Cartel folk are enemies of every freedom we hold dear! Methinks some people are simply too smart for the world's own britches.

Oh, and by the way: the November mid-term elections? Vote Republican and you'll give Joe Barton even more power on Capitol Hill than he has now. Maybe then he'll get his chance to fake-apologize to all the corporations who ruin the world.

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navigators said...

In light of your writing about the Deepwater disaster, and all the attendant societal ramifications, I thought that you would be interested in this:

I wasn't aware of the magnitude of BP's influence on credit and liquidity. A 'plug' was symbolically pulled on the whole corrupt financial construct when that well blew.....