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Jul 29, 2010

Servicemen discuss local Police State activities (video)

Here's Part I of The Alex Jones Show concerning the activation and deployment of our police and military forces in local areas - of the United States. Wonder what they're expecting to happen? Got an idea what the US government is preparing for?

It's almost as if someone in government is aware of the Cardinal T-Squares and Grand Cross lining up, isn't it? Or more precisely, someone is aware that the soon-to-perfect square between the revolutionary pair, Uranus and Pluto, marks a peak in their cycle which began in the mid-1960s! Are they readying for riots, strikes, protests, and - popular movements by the people against a lying, strong-arming government?

Well, to view Part II click here.

Plus, I had picked up on a tiny story in May 2010 but have not seen mentioned again or explained: the sighting of a United Nations military convoy rolling through Pennsylvania.

Seems to be lots of military training going on in the German sounding 'homeland', m'peops. We should pay close attention while we still can before we suffer a military coup in the US. Oh wait! We already had the first phase: 9/11/01.

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