Aug 10, 2010

Blue crabs key to food contamination in Gulf

Blue crabs as a food source aren't testing well in the Gulf, Transocean's Deepwater Horizon rig didn't meet BP's standards before the gusher occurred, and this article round-up on the BP-Gulf Oil Gusher is worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

Plant life in Florida is turning brown and dying, likely from rain contaminated with Corexit. Lovely.

navigators said...

I just wanted to pass this article on to you about the tragic history behind the poem that Chelsea chose for her wedding.

The wedding ceremony chart with a time of 6:30 pm really made me uncomfortable, and this article just reflected those concerns back to me. Chart ruler, Saturn in the 8th (crisis) along with relationship planets Venus and Mars......opposing Jupiter/Uranus.....and all T-Square Pluto in the 12th, just behind the ASC.


jude cowell said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Contaminated rain will likely be a problem fo ryears to come and in other regions of the country as well.


And navigators: which article? i'm not seeing anything. And i admit (what with a tree crashing into my roof and subsequent, ongoing dealings w/ insurance co and contractors) that i've yet to review the 6:30 pm wedding chart.

Will take a look soon - thanks for cluing me in! Jude

navigators said...


Here's link to article about Clinton wedding poem: