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Aug 6, 2010

'Carbon tax' will fund global gov, agenda being shoved through

Here's what was really achin' in Copenhag'n and it has nothing to do with improving the environment.

Right now I'm thinking...George Soros, among other 'masters of the universe'...those chess players of Life who are determined to have their way.

Now I'm thinking...Agenda 21. And I don't like what I'm thinking about these bossy, overstepping people.

You know, the US Constitution was set up to protect us from government and the more they grind their boots upon the document and make end-runs round its principles, the closer we come to totalitarianism. Now Sybil Leek (not my cuppa normally because I don't personally hold with witchery stuff but she was an experienced astrologer of note) wrote that when the natural earth cyclically heats up, the world tends toward totalitarianism, fascism, and the like.

Not certain what she based her observation on astrologically. I'm just throwing that tidbit out to see if anyone notices and wants to comment, follow-up, or inform me.

If not, we could always re-discuss Pluto-Chiron's preference for any oppressive -ism we can think of - including corporatism which when blended with statism = fascism.

Actually, old Musolini made that observation but I'm not convinced he was the first to utter it, are you?

Yet then if we toss in primal violence and racism, we've got ourselves a wad of ruthless, violence-dealing plutocrats ruling the roost bwo disenfranchisement, oppression, fraud, deception, and illusion.

And they really don't like to be illuminated too closely.

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DD said...

Hi again,
Since global domination is about to become visible, when we can all be IDed by the DNA in our one-card-does- all, when country's borders are blurred and children are raised by those best suited, sex is as random as needed and teams are formed around the final controllers - the best and brightest ala Ayn Rand - we are watching a changing scene that is hard to detect at first - so new that we have to come with a new name. And now that space travel is going to be commercialized, mining of other planets will satisfy the bean counters.

I see a world where CBA, OFFCOM, UPB, become the countries. Our fear of big government needs to be directed to dissatisfaction with corporate monopolizers. The media is there, the pharmacology is there, the bankers are there. Anyway, we will need a new name for the police-enforcers, law writers - we've already established that politicians are totally corrupt, money changers cheat and evangelists are hardly heavenly.

The laws, including the golden one, religious honor are not working and yes, drugs/prescriptions/prepared food/ poisoned fresh food with mercury, fertilizers etc., replace any pure food we have left in a few places on the globe. The ground is dying.

North, toward the arctic circle will be the new frontier. Burrr.

But as we run around in our cages, we become more like lab rats than free anythings.

It will be too late to do anything about all this when everyone agrees it is the truth - it's already too late.

There are no guarantees in life I know, but I feel gloomy about what's even available today.
When it becomes too much I am lifted about how lucky I am compared to so many.

I am generous, caring and hopeful and then I notice that fewer and fewer people are responsive, or doing the same. More are huddling, hoarding, groping for better homes, vacations, toys - dreamtime.

You, dear Jude, are keeping you eye on the ball. Thank You!