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Aug 18, 2010

Video: How can America keep financing the deficit?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts's articles have been favored on this blog for a while now. Here he discusses the purposeful destruction of America which I've been fussing about on this and other blogs for years. My typing finger is fairly falling off from all my fussing...but honestly, if we-the-people would realize en masse the power we have in numbers and the raging class warfare which has so far successfully kept us divided and conquered ('Rs vs Ds' and other political fairytales), we could take back a government that's supposed to be quite different and people-based than the monster it has become under neocon-Zionist corporatism.

Of course, we'd be taking back a bankrupt government but I'd rather America start from scratch than have what Dr. Roberts agrees is a bunch of 'desperate lunatics' continuing to man the helm as they crash our Swiss cheese ship of state.

So if you're marveling at how Washington and the Fed can continue financing the trillion-dollar-plus deficit, watch this video then click here to view the next 2 videos (about 17 minutes' worth between them.)

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