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Sep 14, 2010

Waking Up to Reality videos -- Max Igan

The following video presentation by Max Igan encapsulates all the primary issues that I've tried to post about in my disjointed bloggery fashion on Stars Over Washington since October 2005. There are 7 videos all together with a total running time of just under 1 hour and they are very worth your checking out for I believe Mr. Igan speaks the truth.

We certainly know by now that the mainstream media is merely a purveyor of a false reality full of celebrity news, sensationalism, doublespeak, and misinformation designed to divert us from an understanding of reality, not uncover it.

Are we truly poised on the precipice of a Global Awakening? Is there such a thing as Christ Consciousness? Years ago my church taught me that there is a Spiritual Church of Christ and I believe that these are one and the same - and that this is the sort of very important information the elite bloodline rulers of the world don't want us to wake up to from within their mass hypnosis of the fake reality surrounding us!

They prefer that we keep within our boxes, the same old mindsets continually promoted by religious and educational systems.

Mr. Igan covers many topics from Codex Alimentarius, to the Illuminati and Sun cult that rule the mundane world, to the fact that a one-world-government is already in control by way of global money and information systems. A difference is, he puts them into a universal context from the perspective of the power each individual possesses. So not only is there power in numbers but a deep and universal power within each human being.

As the matrix-infused Tarot often advises me: remember your connection to your eternal birthright! Wake up and remember.

And there is beauty shown here, both visual and verbal (Love is the Foundation of the Universe!) so if you've ever wanted to know more about the Global Awakening (which has already begun - don't be left out!) check out Max Egan's presentation on Waking Up to Reality for inspiration, or, if you're just glomming on to The Awakening, to get you started in the right direction.

Put down that TV remote control and back away...

Here are the first 3 videos with a link to the last 4 videos underneath:

Part 1...Hello? Are you there?

Part 2...all worldly entities perform their parts as tentacles of the octopus...

Part which The Matrix, black holes, human consciousness, and other cosmic concepts are explained...As Above, So Below!

And there are 4 more videos to profit by...


clymela said...

Thank you, Dear One, for this wonderful gift. I know that there is a Global Awakening have known for years. What else could we do anyway? Blow our world up? More of the wonderful Pluto in Capricorn-well this is much bigger than that but I was just thinking of the "best laid plans" turning up rotten and sour for those who live to "take over the world" I mean what on earth do they think they are heading into? Pitiful really if one doesn't think of the suffering brought about by all these efforts.

DD said...

Great post!
Sound and sacred geometry are on my list of to-dos - thought creates reality right, but it seems to me that thought takes its own form, has its own opinions, acts and communicates beyond the creators intention.

I have been reading, thinking and studying what Max talks about for the last 30 years and I know that pure unconditional love is the core, but I am a failure at grasping and owning it. Sigh.

Nice reminders!

Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, thank you. They are practicing the crassest, cruelest kind of selfishness: population control in order to save natural resources for themselves, the select few. jc

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, DD! Yes, The Word created everything - sound! But don't think you're a failure at 'grasping and owning' universal Love when it's already yours: it's within you! jc