Oct 7, 2010

The "lasting peace" of Woodrow Wilson

As a blueprint for 'lasting peace' in Europe after WWI, President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points were announced in his address to a Joint Session of Congress on Jan 8, 1918, and the idealism he displayed in his speech is said to have given him a position of moral leadership among the Allies, and provided encouragement to the Central Powers to surrender.

Click the above link for more details and here's the text of Wilson's Address of June 8, 1918 if you'd like to read it.

As a symbolic or speculative horoscope of his Fourteen Points Address, I'm using Jan 8, 1918, Capitol Building, DC, 8:00 pm est with 24Leo30 rising and 18Tau13 @ Midheaven which places Wilson's natal Uranus at Mc. This is appropriate since as America's 28th president (1913 - 1921) Wilson effectively steered a reformist agenda which he called the "New Freedom." As you know, freedom is a word dear to planet Uranus' astrological principles (along with independence, reform, radical, shock, awakening, individualism, separation, disruption, and suddenness.)

"New Freedom" included legislation concerning the lowering of tariffs (Underwood Act)states' rights, an 8-hour workday, child labor laws, the Clayton Antitrust Act (the concept embedded in that law is worn thin by now), a graduated income tax, the Federal Trade Commission, and the setting up of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dec 1913.

Yet Wilson's international efforts were less successful than his domestic programs and his vision of a League of Nations was voted down by Congress after Wilson returned to America from the Versailles Peace Conference where Germany was brought to the 'bargaining table.' Wilson's known rigidity in refusing to compromise is always cited as the basic reason that Congress went against him but I doubt this could be the only reason the League of Nations failed to take firmer root in America.

You see, the balance of power in Congress had shifted to the Republicans in the elections of 1918 - a fate our current Democratic President may face in Nov 2010. Hope not, since the only thing that grumps me up more than Democrats of Washington are the Republicans of the GOP. Wilson's legislation failed in the Senate by 7 votes.

Yes, these days we have the United Nations (of FDR's presidency) to promote and further the ideals of Utopianism (highjacked, perverted, and misguided though they be) in this, the New Millennium, as the UN helps global power brokers herd the world's population under the thumb of a one-world government intent on dissolving national boundaries and eager to undermine the sovereignty of individual countries - including their currencies. (See my previous post on the Fed's plans to print a new type of US dollar beginning in a year or so, some hint.)

(If this NWO stuff isn't clear since the financial 'collapse' of 2008, I'm not sure what it would take to bring it home in starker terms to the sheeple's awareness.)

Woodrow Wilson's health collapsed soon after Congress put the kibosh on his Utopian dream, and his attentive wife Edith aided him immensely in completing his presidential term from bed, for he was incapacitated by a stroke. Wilson retired in 1921 and passed from this mortal coil on Feb 2, 1924, Washington, DC.

The official White House site has a streamlined summary of his presidency which you may find worth reading, plus, it contains a very enlightening analysis which states that, "He developed a program of progressive reform and asserted international leadership in building a new world order."

I kid you not. That's what it says. Peep-eye!

Wilson's Covenant of the League of Nations didn't pan out as he intended but as I said, we now have the United Nations to promote and help enforce the vision of a totalitarian New World Order - the one that most people think is mere poppycock...if they think of it at all.

So what planetary factors were of influence on Jan 8, 1918 as the President asked the Joint Session of Congress, "Dare we reject it and break the heart of the world?"

Apparently they dared to break the world's heart with few if any qualms, being Repubs and all. Perhaps they wanted such radical NWO reforms to occur under a Republican White House (aka, a White Lodge) rather than letting a Dem snag the glory of achievement. Who knows what perfidies lurk deep in the hearts of political thespians?

Jan 8, 1918: Sun '18Cap' which is the NWO degree from the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune...the negative manifestation of which is: 'smug and strong-armed paternalism.' (Papa Wilson!) POLITICAL POWER are the keywords for this degree whose symbol is: "A British Warship..." (Should I insert, 'I knew it was you, Britain'?)

Moon at 8:00 pm est @ 28Sco24 which is one degree from US Inaugural Moon of Jan 20, 2009. This is a 3rd quarter chart (Sun 310 degr 26 mins Moon) which is the 'crisis in consciousnes' stage. Strong is Fixed Earth (Taurus) and orating Mercury 5Cap35 Rx is near North Node 1Cap19, a point of meetings and encounters. As you know, tr Pluto has been stalking the early degrees of Capricorn for a while now.

The chart shows an interesting pile-up near US natal Moon, the people: Uranus 21AQ45, Venus 26:05, plus asteroid Hygeia (shades of a stroke to come?), and Pan, one of the trickster elements. Pan is associated with the ancient sign of Capricorn which represents the mythical mer-goat and the Goat of Mendes which can be seen superimposed over a grid of Washington DC's layout. George Bush reading My Pet Goat on 9/11/01 always comes to mind at this juncture...its symbolism on that particular morning is like a beacon of 9/11-NWO chaos-creating of the Shock Doctrine variety whether goatishly intended by Bushies or synchronistically provided by the Universe - as a clue to 9/11's Mystery Play.


The above post was originally published on this blog in January 2010 and is being re-published here due to Blogger's inability to make it available after I attempted to edit a typo and re-publish. Only one typo has been changed, the rest is as it was, warts and all. jc

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