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Feb 24, 2011

Does Glenn Beck have a secret? video

Off on a weekend spree so I'm leaving you with a 15-minute video full of points to ponder if you may.

As a companion, perhaps a brief astro-peek at the natal placements of the dramatic Mr. Glenn Beck would be in order. You'll also find an Alex Jones video in the post which concerns the global elite.


Inspirational Quotes said...

Thank you for posting this video. It's SO good, that I've sent several links to friends and family who would also be very interested in seeing it. I would love to read your take on his chart. What would be really fascinating would be to see a comparison of the two charts of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones covering the similarities and differences of the two. Keep up the great work. Love and Light, Pamela

Anonymous said...

Have you seen any chart sign that would favour a "strong man"? A great leader to appear in the next month?

Anonymous said...

I wonder. Have you cast a chart for Alex Jones? There isn't a doubt in my mind that this country and now the world are run by oligarchs of all multinational business stripes. Soon we'll see full-blown monopolies in the US. But I do question Mr. Jones on his obvious biases, including calling Rachel Maddow "Mr. Maddow".

I would agree with Mr. Jones's charge that once Obama was inaugurated, MSNBC's concerns over such things as the Patriot Act, the wars in Iraq and AfPak, etc. went by the boards. Clearly, even liberals like me must keep our eyes on the evils whoever may be committing them, regardless of party. But I am leary of Mr. Jones.

One thing that I've observe happen when a leadership, be it in a small group, large group or nation, becomes increasingly obnoxious, complaints from all quarters converge and build a temporary alliance to rid themselves of the source of obnoxiousness. It is afterwards that the fight among the temporary allies begins and can become quite amoral, violent even. For myself as a liberal (and yes, that is a valid stance), I would rather see my side win than Mr. Jones's, if only to make sure that people like Ms. Maddow are not subjected at some point in the future to who knows what because of her honestly, transparently representing herself for what she is. Because in the end, if they can go after one group for certain qualities, no one is ultimately safe.

Thank you for letting me air this. And Glenn Beck? Ewww.