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Apr 18, 2011

The Global Conspiracy - David Icke (video) April 2011

Though we're all suffering from information overload, I hope you have time to watch and listen to an Alex Jones TV presentation with David Icke. Their discussion on Libya (and who stands to benefit) is worth checking out. As they say, unlock your mind!

Alex Jones TV April 7, 2011

Part 1 of 4

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Martial law: coming to an America near you - and planned for by the global power elite, mass media conglomerates, and our own dear US Congress whose political power dramas staged on Capitol Hill are so very diverting for The Public. Tickets available for both Matinees and Evening Performances. jc


Eileen Kane said...

Dear Jude,

I want you to know that I think you are a wonderful astrologer and I really enjoy your analysis and insights - both on Stars Over Washington and Jude's Threshold. We do lack a progressive alternative media in the USA, but when I see you reference shows such as Infowars and commentators from RT - Russia TV - I feel it hurts your analysis. I have several American friends who have lived in Russia and others who are Russian. RT may have some people/shows that make valid points, but in its own way, it is just as biased as Fox News as it puts forward its own brand of propaganda. My friends have kindly pointed this out to me and have reminded me that these are the people who are masters of disinformation. For example, the Russians managed to place an article in a respected Indian newspaper in the early 1990s that stated that U.S. scientists had created the AIDS virus to control population in the Third World. This was later discredited. Those familiar with the old Soviets watch that channel with a wary eye as to their agenda. I hope you do as well. It is very easy to trace via the internet the Communist connections of some of the shows producers.

I don't expect you to publish this comment and woud have communicated this to you by email if I could, but I wanted to share that when you bring in folks like Alex Jones, I believe it damages your credibility and undermines your legitimate expertise.

Best regards and respect for the work you do,

Eileen Kane
Washington DC

firefly said...

Jude, please. Icke is an anti-Semite and the Canadians, not known as a bunch of extremists, don't let him in their country. They don't let Fox "News" broadcast across the border, either. Admirable, eh? And not just for the good beer. So anyway, why give Icke space? I'd think he was just a nut job with his ideas about lizard people from space, but the racism, uhhh, no.

Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

I have been saying to my friends,family and boyfriend/life-partner things similar to what these two men have discussed. I tend not to listen to these guys because I don't want to become a fringey nut (although many could say that about me) but this morning I was simply entranced.
My way of expressing what I am feeling and witnessing is that none of this is unfolding in a planetary rhythm which is always shocking to us because our rhythm is so different since we are such minuscule points in the global fabric rather things seem to be happening at a human rhythm something that anyone who sings or dances or runs,etc could easily pick up on. I am not arguing with these men anymore and I will listen and read as much as possible.
I will say that yes we do need our minds and wits and we need to be praying and meditating and getting ourselves in harmony with the beauty of life as far as we can understand that. I believe with all my heart that there is spiritual support and wisdom that we need now so that we are guided to right understanding and right action and we need all the blessings available.
Thank you for this although this is said with sorrow and tears.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Eileen, thank you and I hope you won't mind that I indeed am publishing your comment because it's good to get this topic out. On this blog I have had such comments and addressed them before and want to do so again.

It's true that the ties (present & former) of such people as Jones, Icke, & others are not known to me. As one little blogging gnat I can't vouch for their credibility in any way but use their videos based on the topic presented - if nothing else I feel my approach gives readers different p.o.v.s from the official stories & talking pts that the American people are bombarded with 24/7.

If this approach interferes w my credibility as an astrologer I must thank you for saying that I have any to lose! Yet like a majority of Americans, trust in my government's credibility has been lowered near zero - not by nutjobs or media circus barkers, but by the very government itself.

Any article link or video I post here or elsewhere is meant to make people think & disagreement w the views expressed in them is expected (by me - naturally i don't agree w every view they express.) Attempting to keep a 6-yr-old blog interesting is quite a challenge & there's no time (day job, family, household!) to create Astrology articles only.

I also think that it's gov disinformation/propaganda to assume that those w odd theories (or even a sordid past) cannot be telling the truth. Perhaps I read too much Orwell in school but his prophecies are coming true before our eyes. And I doubt that when awful truths are revealed, it will be done by officially 'credible' sources. Maybe I'm wrong but I think those in power will do anything & tell any lie to keep the status quo so I find oddballs refreshing for thinking outside the box! And I trust readers to ferret out the crazy from the possible.

Thanks, Eileen. I will further consider your critique as it relates to my astrological work in the future. But with fantastic ideas on the rise (as fantastic plans are implemented toward totalitarianism) I will probably continue to post videos w 'outsider' views which are seldom if ever mentioned in the MSM. Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Hi firefly! Thanks for weighing in here. It's true I know nothing personally about Icke or Jones and was not aware of Icke's prejudices which sound horrid. Hope you see my previous reply to Eileen on the topic of posting the views of such people.

My true favorites are Thom Hartmann & Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and if I could figure out to post their videos I'd do so instead. I resort to providing their general site links for there seems to be no way to separate their videos from the site link itself. (Guess they don't want blogging gnats like me to use their videos but want everyone to visit their sites - understandable.) This makes it difficult to spotlight them, however, so when I find a topic I wish to highlight, I end up w Jones & Co. However, now that you mention Icke in such a light, I resolve not to use his interviews again if I can avoid it (post decisions are based on topic presented.)

Thanks a bunch! I greatly appreciate the feedback. Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, thank you for your thoughtful comment, as always. That we are fighting a spiritual battle seems obvious to you, me, & many others yet how many people choose to remain unaware?

Sometimes I hear the "but I'm not interested in Politics" retort so I always assure them that it's unfortunate because Politics is very interested in them. As you know, ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away, it further embeds it into our lives & causes more trouble than it would otherwise.

For too long Americans have trusted government - meanwhile, a coup took place decades ago & we see its results w each passing day.

Those who Can pray must pray all the more for the power of prayer will see us through individually if not as a nation. And that is said w tears for the America we Should Have, not the America we've apathetically ended up with. Jude

Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

Jude-I loved these interviews and I am sorrowful to hear the Icke's is anti-Semite. Where does that hatred come from? Here it is of course seen in our hatred of brown skin. Still I do believe that we will work together to take back our lives side-by-side against those who would take everything and leave us slaves.
Never forget also that although prayer does work through individual society is made up of individuals and we will effect our world in that way-that is the progressive way.