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Jun 28, 2011

Amazing Facts about Michele Bachmann

Must the Evangelical Right Shove Bachmann into the White House?

by Jude Cowell

Apparently that's their plan, if we let 'em. But today I have learned more amazing facts than is good for one person about ring wing candidate, Tea Party opportunist, and Christian Right promoter Michele Bachmann so I thought: why keep the craziness all to myself? Since I have a blog where I recently posted briefly concerning her natal horoscope while looking for that certain 'out-there' quality that some people think the Oral Roberts University law student possesses, why not share the linky love?

Because it isn't as if the MSM are covering much more than her gaffes and good-for-a-guffaw historical revisionism, is it? At least not yet though perhaps you've already noticed that the crazy train has arrived at the station right on time.

Some examples of what I'm finding:

Today's edition of Democracy Now! has Amy Goodman's informative interview with *Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast and Karl Bremer whose award-winning blog Ripple in Stillwater (the town where Rep. Bachmann currently lives) recounts her career exploits and dubious connection with a money laundering cocaine dealer who's about to go on trial for participation in a major Ponzi scheme, her falsehoods about profiting from farm subsidies, ethics violations, and more.

Then there's Mother Jones' Michele Bachmann: Greatest Hits, a list of her wackier statements and spouted misconceptions, a not-to-be-missed regaling of her unusual remarks worth reviewing before you decide to vote for Bachmann's brand of out-there, zealous, steam-rolling political and social reforms. (Be careful what you wish for!)

Quite a pile-up of amazing facts for someone who just announced her candidacy for president on Monday June 27, 2011...aka, yesterday!


*Yep! Ronald Reagan may be rolling over in his grave as the power of the Evangelical Right rears its double heads again in American Politics (after a period of hibernation.) On topic is Michelle Goldberg's latest book Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism which I haven't read (just heard of it for the first time today during her Democracy Now! interview) but to me it sounds like Pluto/Chiron's Zionism of violent zealotry focused on the setting up of a one-world-government seat of power in Jerusalem.

For further reading on such topics also try Political Astrology 2010 ~ 2012 by Alex D'Atria.

In Washington DC

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 29, 2011, President Obama will hold a suddenly announced news conference on his refusal to seek congressional approval for actions in Libya (which has been made out to be 'the story' by the MSM so perhaps it's been set up that way as cover for US interference in yet another Middle Eastern country), and on the performance of the US economy, or the lack thereof.

Blog Note: if all goes well here on Wednesday morning and there are no further thunderstorm interruptions, I'll be posting on the president's news conference through the lens of Astrology; plus, my recent column on the US Solar Return 2011 horoscope will be completed as a fresh post, or simply added to my original entry. For as you may imagine from current events, America's Solar Return 2011 is quite a doozy so please stay tuned if you can. jc


Carol said...

Rep. Bachmann has apparently found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the form of government lucre. Money from the farm subsidies, money from her hubby's (reportedly "undo teh gay") therapy practice, money from the foster kids, money from her Congressional office and all the bribes she can get therefrom. I wonder...has this woman ever earned a cent from any payor other than the government? Scary, scary woman.

Jude Cowell said...

Carol, thanks - in total agreement here! jc

Kieron said...

An intellectually dishonest politician to match the intellectually lazy voting public. Sickening.