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Jul 16, 2011

Bohemian Grove parties on! 7.16.11 (Alex Jones videos)

These videos from yesterday, July 15, 2011, concern the current 15-day Bohemian Grove gathering of elitists in California playmates on-call:

(RussiaToday) – Forget about Bilderberg. America hosts its own top-secret pow-wow every summer in the woods of California, and some of the past participants at the all-male Bohemian Grove party have included presidents, foreign royalty and Hollywood elite. They are gathering right now for their two week adventure, and filmmaker Alex Jones says he once snuck his way onto the secret site.

Alex Jones reveals new Bohemian Grove info and discusses the obsession with pro-U.S. Hollywood films like Captain America.

So I suppose this means that politicians, business leaders, and entertainers who can't be located over the next two weeks just might be busy gettin' it on in a secluded Bohemian Grove.

Wonder what plans for our nation they're devising between their cocktails and sexy hook-ups? "Captain America" indeed.

Okay, now I need to shower and hopefully get that raunchy image of Henry Kissinger out of my head...

Update: Here's more Bohemian Grove info from the Daily Mail: hacktivists intend to infiltrate the goings-on this year!


Funkollektor said...

Interesting, thank you.

Theodore White said...

If one reads the transits, things are a lot sicker than known by the public at Bohemian Grove.

What awaits these 'powerbrokers' who visit the Grove are very real demons who are more evil than they can imagine.

We are also reminded by the late President John F. Kennedy of these dangerous and sick men ->

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Funkollektor, appreciate it!

Theo, thanks for the video link-- all who have not heard it, should do so. Actually, JFK's secret society remarks are posted on this blog somewhere though I don't think the video/audio I embedded has all of his speech. And as we know, he ended up assassinated. jc