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Sep 7, 2011

Gerald Celente on 'Money Addicts!' (video 9.6.11), and wasteful Jupiter/Neptune

Celente Leaves Swiss Franc; Jupiter-Neptune Floats More Money

by Jude Cowell

First, a recent quote from economic forecaster and Bronx native, Gerald Celente:

"I made it clear in the Trends Journal what my investment strategy was, I said I was buying heavily into the Swiss Franc and Gold. Well about Three Weeks ago I made it public again that I am out of Swiss Franc, because they are announcing the scheme to peg the Swiss franc to the Euro and they did it last night, and they did it for one reason and it is the same reason they do everything: to help the Bigs to help the Nestles, to help the ABBs to help them sell more of their crap to countries overseas whereby they have to make their currency less expensive so that they can sell more of their products as they screw the Swiss people because now everything is going to cost them more, so no longer as I used to call the Swiss the money cockroaches of the world, now they are just a number of other rats out there."

Cockroaches morphed into rats, eh? To hear the rest of his remarks, try:

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

If you're interested, Mr. Celente's well respected Trends Journal is a subscription only service.

A Currency War in Progress; Looking Back at 9/11's VOC Moon

What Mr. Celente discusses here is described by Bloomberg News today-- Switzerland's decision to 'cap the franc's rate for the first time since 1978' to 'protect trade hurt' by recent strengthening of the euro and US dollar--as Swiss Open New Round in Currency War Ignited by Slowdown, a headline which says to me that global economic weakness is being used once again as cover for the power elite's agenda to cause world economic collapse. And of course, that would be a secretive Neptunian cover.

After all, it makes crazy sense that to 'rebuild anew upon ruins', the ruins must be created before you can really begin reconstruction. The globalists' last big ruins-creation project prior to Financial Collapse 2008 and what they've been up to since?

The attacks of 9/11/01 with that morning's void-of-course Moon @ '28 Gemini' = "Bankruptcy" in the Sabian Symbols, their goal directed at We-the-People. And you see where we are ten years later.

The Moon's VOC condition indicates that things set in motion could not be stopped which is also a reference to the global elite agenda being a long term project on-course, with 9/11 a major catalyst resulting in a ripple effect leading to the difficult financial conditions with which we now struggle. And the colluders of Washington DC have taken sides: bolstering Wall Street, not Main Street.

Another influence on events of a VOC Moon is that results weren't all that the culprits expected or intended which I suspect refers to the third plane going down in Pennsylvania without reaching its intended target. To many people including this blogger, our nation's capital, Washington DC, was that intended target, and more specifically, the *White House.

Jupiter-Neptune's Grand Schemes, Financial Fraud, and Wastrel Vibes

How interesting that in mid-August 1971 when Richard Nixon took the US off the gold standard, he did so under the influence of 1971's speculative Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter (money; expansion; growth) and Neptune (mergers; veils; lies.) Yes, both planets also relate to religion--Jupiter the codified, more traditional variety, and Neptune of the spirituality/Divine Source or Vortex realms.

Plus, strong yet usually impractical Idealism under girds the pair's lofty dreams and misguided actions and these we've seen on display with Capitol Hill's self-inflicted 'debt crisis', 'default impasse', and austerity cuts against We-the-People, cuts which are guaranteed to cause a deeper and systematic contraction of American society and of US financial prospects.

(Mr. Celente has predicted a major financial crash by or in 2012--see November 2011 Solar Eclipse info below. And Theodore White discusses the Venus Transit of 2012 in his September 2011 column at Global Astrology which also is linked below.)

Yes, the dreamy/schemey inflationary pair in relation to the economic/financial issues discussed above describes what's happening very well and as you know, the transiting Jupiter/Neptune midpoint conjoined US natal Moon (28AQ) all through 2009 as three exact conjunctions occurred between the planets:

1. May 27, 2009 @ 26AQ29
2. July 20, 2009 @ 26:02
3. December 21, 2009 @ 24:18

Now Theodore White uses the mundane Sunrise method for timing national horoscopes and says that no precise time of birth (foundation) is needed for predictions when a Sunrise (Solar) chart is used. So unless a nation was founded precisely At sunrise, a Solar chart gives a more comprehensive perspective on the entire Day of Foundation.

Personally, I also like to view the US natal horoscope in SolarFire's Animated Chart feature so that its aspects and planetary patterns form and separate as planets enter and leave various houses and cross chart angles. This gives a revealing picture of the actors (planets) and their relationships (aspects) and activities (signs and other factors) on that special day!

However, many astrologers prefer to use a different US natal chart other than the Sibly version (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, '12/13 Sag' rising), yet the Aquarian Moon's position in most all of them remains within orb of one of the 2009 conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune (24--27AQ.)

As you may have experienced (or are still experiencing), Jupiter/Neptune = n Moon: becoming involved in speculation; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; instability; wastefulness. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

In Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey has some enlightening info on the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint within Business and Political spheres, some of which you may agree also applies to Campaign 2012 and to Religious Right candidates and others.

Thesis: policies of expansion and growth; ideals mirrored in a religious context; churches espousing a moral philosophy for all; foolish or unfounded legal situations (Obamacare, Econo-Reform, Consumer Protection challenges? jc); elaborate expansion of ideals or dreams (a vision of a One World Government? jc)

Antithesis: scandals over growth, values, or belief systems (or all three! jc); hypocrisy grows as a form of internal policy; a legal system where ethics and morals are based on favors and payoffs; a degraded justice system (one of their main goals for America--jc; my bold and italics.)

(Imho, 'favors and payoffs' are not ethical, moral, or just in any kind of system!)

I mean, the eroding transit of Neptune-to-US-natal-Moon has been more than enough to destabilize our society and dispossess our population without grand Jupiter's upping the stakes. You know?

Nixon, Off the Gold Standard, and Tricky Jupiter-Neptune Again

In my files is a horoscope for August 15, 1971 when Richard Nixon took the US off the gold standard, the basis of the financial system established after WWII at Bretton Woods, NH.

Here is Nixon's announcement of the 'dramatic changes' he implemented upon orders from his shadowy puppet masters:

Unsurprisingly, the speculator pair Jupiter and Neptune were in process of conjoining off and on three times during 1971:

1. February 1, 1971 @ 2Sag47
2. May 22, 1971 @ 1Sag44
3. September 16, 1971 @ 00Sag37

Now as you know, the 00-1Sag range in the Sabian Symbols links closely to the United States of America since '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire", described by Dane Rudhyar as a "future oriented" degree. Yes, we've always been that though these days, the concept of a future holds less certainty for all but the select few, doesn't it?

(Funny thing is, the power elite only imagines that they know and can direct the future to fall their way! The crazy-named, self-styled 'Masters of the Universe' as they've ID'd themselves are more like 'legends in their own minds', a high opinion of them which is not shared here.)

So what stands out to me given current circumstances and conditions is that the February 1, 1971 conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune will be triggered or catalyzed by our next Solar Eclipse @ 2Sag37 which will cast sunlight upon inflationary, undermining Jupiter/Neptune issues...on into 2012.

You may wish to view the November 23, 2011 Eclipse Horoscope with details, written well before I spied its degree synchronicity with Jupiter/Neptune (February 1, 1971.) Two images of the same Nov eclipse chart are shown, one with extra scribbles, the other easier to read.

Let's consider the midpoint pictures formed by the November 2011 Eclipse as they relate to the US financial system and gold standard/currency concerns (since we're clued in by Nixon's and his backers' actions, 1971):

1971 Jupiter/Neptune = Nov 2011 Sun: irresponsibility; speculation; a squandering of strength (and of treasure, as more of ours is wafted away to foreign receivers--jc); deceiving or being deceived; use of visions to enhance personal capability; purpose and confidence where confusion and deception exists (sounds like Washington Politics to me!)

The Jupiter/Neptune/Moon midpoint picture with its 'uncertainty over what's real v unreal' flavor is already mentioned above; the November 2011 Solar Eclipse is a transit to the Feb 1971 Jup/Nep conjunction and functions as a cosmic emphasis upon it. Will November 2011 bring to the surface collective issues from 1971? We'll see. And I won't be surprised if it does.

So we may say that the November 23, 2011 Solar Eclipse is a kind of portal through which we must pass to reach Year 2012 since it's the last of 2011. Eclipse effects will continue at least until the next Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 (@ '00Gem') in the 14 South Saros Series which brings 'obsessive idea finally accepted; long-awaited breakthrough' vibes--and is one I must confess I am dreading.

(Eclipse info: Bernadette Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

For more Astrology on such topics, be sure to check out mundane astrologer Theodore White's September 2011 Forecast which concerns a variety of world events and their planetary correspondences. The impending Venus Transit of 2012 is included so don't miss that.

Further reading on related topics: Glenn Greenwald's Endless War and the Culture of Unrestrained Power.

Astro-Notes: asteroid Atlantis = abuse or misuse of power; where we feel doomed; personal name asteroid America's Heliocentric Node Node = approximately 29AQ where inflationary, fraudulent, deceptive Neptune has returned for August/September 2011 and which supports the contention of instability, insecurity, floods, oil and gas pipeline issues, and falsehoods embedded within political 'spin' in media and the press--also realms influenced by Neptune's over-promising, propagandistic wake.

Plus, one of the roles Jupiter loves to play: The Broadcaster so I never forget the media's integral role in the whole imperialist scheme. Wonder how much longer the tolerant will tolerate the intolerant?

Let's Hold the Global Criminal Network Accountable for Its Crimes Against Humanity!

We don't have to keep being their patsies, you know.


*must Google! For I seem to recall a statement (letter?) from bin Laden in 2001 about his targets being America's Gemini, Leo, and Capricorn. If so, that means: World Trade Center = Gemini ('Twin Towers'), White House (?) = leadership; the president (though he (Dubya) wasn't home the morning of 9/11/01 but Cheney was there and acted as de facto president that first term anyway), and Capricorn = our nation's out-of-bounds Pluto in Cap which by 9/11's events we see = our death star, the Pentagon.

Perhaps that plane didn't cause as much damage as someone intended either as denoted by 9/11's VOC Moon. Any thoughts, dear reader?

And yes, EL, I will watch at least some of thr GOP candidates' 'debate' tonight but doubt that Rick Perry's overly expansive Texas drawl and odd ideas will see me through to debate's end though maybe the ambition and pure cussedness of Michele O'Bachmann will (thanks, Mr. Letterman!)

Hmm. If the GOP sweeps back into the White House as if 8 long years of Bush-Cheney never happened, the term 'jackassian politics' will have to be put into constant use. Obviously. jc


Alex said...

Hi Jude,

Money is just another gamed commodity. Electronic pixel credits fly around the world in nano-seconds that's 'money' and the last person/group/institution at the end of 'musical chairs' financial jet stream get stuck holding empty bag. The winner behind all the various financial scams/schemes apparently is Goldman Sachs et al they seem to be holding all the cards(into-through-the swiss cheese riddled, government corrupt international economic-political systems) by manipulation of financial trading markets.

Now China-Russia is coordinated as one voice calling for end of US dollar as 'reserve currency' and on other hand that US currency must go back to gold backing to be credible currency.

It's international power struggle using the dollar as cover for putting the squeeze to USA.

I have a TED lecture filed somewhere in my computer about the fastest internet connections exclusively built/used by - for financial traders that goes from Chicago to New York..... the power of what was once known as money but now electronic credits is in the speed of their exclusive web connections ( kind-of-like the era when the first phone cables were laid underwater connecting Europe and American and further back when the speed of telegraph systems gave advantage to financial market traders).

I'll look for that TED url for you.

Alex said...


Kevin Slavin argues that we're living in a world designed for -- and increasingly controlled by -- algorithms. In this riveting talk from TEDGlobal, he shows how these complex computer programs determine: espionage tactics, stock prices, movie scripts, and architecture. And he warns that we are writing code we can't understand, with implications we can't control.

Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world