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Sep 24, 2011

Oh Yes We Do Have Power! 'The Awakening' Max Igan (full movie)

Reality = Saturn; Awakening = Uranus

by Jude Cowell

There may be little better I can do for anyone than to post Max Igan's movie The Awakening to this website for those who choose to escape the false reality in which all of us are deluded and enmeshed. This presentation may aid someone to gain the best ideas on what to do about hidden ensnarements and the illusions they inspire.

"Reality exists As Above, So Below," says Mr. Igan, and I know of no astrologer who would disagree with that!

Plus, both Saturn and Uranus rule Astrology though I tend to say that Uranus is a higher octave planet which vibrates at higher frequencies and co-rules the Ancient Art with both planets linked to the Air (mental) sign Aquarius, the Water Bearer, pouring out ether and spirit across the cosmos to aid humanity.


Is He Or Isn't He? Only The Great Mathematician knows for certain.

Yet thanks to CERN, physicist Albert Einstein is in process of being discredited--having his 'Einstein' status taken away, it seems, as Science updates itself--but here's a quote from him anyway:

"Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one."

Wonder if Einstein's well-studied Brain might be given an overly deserved rest now if modernists prove him wrong?

Guestimating by use of the Biblical 'year for a day' measurement, it's 2011, therefore 106 years have passed since Einstein's Theory of Relativity was published and made into an icon of universal knowledge. If we use the Zodiac to project from the number of years to a degree and sign, we have: 2011 - 1905 = 106 = 3 signs (90 degrees) from 106 = 16 Cancer (90 + 16 = 106.)

As you know, Dane Rudhyar is quite elucidating concerning that particular degree in his indispensable book, An Astrological Mandala:

'16Can' = "A Man Studying a Mandala in Front of Him, with the Help of a Very Ancient Book"...

"Keynote: A deep concern with problems raised by the process of personality integration."

(Note: of course the 'very ancient book' can be a reference to The Bible or to scrolls or manuscripts from olden times--even the reputed Great Plan for America embedded within Francis Bacon's The New Atlantis or its alleged sequel with a 'timetable' of the Illuminati's schedule for The Phoenix to arise from ashes--the MS the Rockefeller family may have possession of now after purloining it from the foundation vault of Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, VA, probably during Williamsburg renovations in 1926.)

Rudhyar goes on to say that '16Can' relates to "following a certain course of action, accepting a new allegiance" on the three basic levels of human life: 1. actional; 2. emotional-cultural; 3. individual-mental. Astrologically, these correspond to the levels described by progressing a horoscope using three methods: actional = Secondaries; emotional-cultural = Tertiaries, and individual-mental = Minors--the 1:13:27 ratio of existence on our dualistic planet Earth. (Blaschke.)

Accepting a new allegiance!

So if you watch (listen to) The Awakening, you'll note mention of human emotions (how 'the Matrix'-the false reality apparatus-- manipulates, reaches, sways us) and the undeniable fact that--for those who prefer a Living God to a death-worshiping entity--Love is the Foundation of the Universe!

And the "inward turning of attention" mentioned in Rudhyar's analysis of '16Can' dovetails with Max Igan's helpful information and with the spiritual concepts put forth in The Awakening, with The Cross of the physical plane (matter) being echoed by the Cardinal Grand Cross of squaring and opposing planetary energies the world struggles under these days representing "conflict in action."

Before deception must come self-deception...

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