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Oct 15, 2011

12 Laws Used to Stifle Occupy Wall Street

Oct 15, 2011: Rania Khalek has published a round-up of the 12 Most Absurd Laws Used to Stifle the Occupy Wall Street Movement including what other city police departments (and their illuminized bosses) are up to.

Yes, The Establishment is workin' mighty hard to squelch any expressions of the demands of We-The-People--for justice and equality--ironically, two things you'd think the US government would be in favor of since its neocon Vulcans are so fond of fighting illegal wars based on exporting such stellar conditions to foreign lands!

Now 'exporting democracy' is one of their ruses, to be sure, yet the irony of the US government's untenable position on the matter of Wall Street Greed and Corruption--and on many other matters--shows how stupid and gullible officials think we are.

Yet if the Obama administration had taken office in 2009 and proceeded to prosecute the guilty for their financial crimes, it probably wouldn't be faced with the slogans and chants of Occupy Wall Street in 2011, investors wouldn't be leaving the market in droves, confidence in Mr. Obama and our capitalist system would be higher, and the US economy would be better off.

Yes, it's true what they chant on the streets:

This is what democracy looks like!

Especially when 'democratic' leaders aren't doing an honest job and are abandoning the America people to the (lack of) mercy of corporate bankers and internationalists with their not-so-secret agenda to fulfill.

For further reading, try this list of members and participants in the Bilderberg Group of world bosses including Bill Clinton, Rick Perry, and others whose names and reputations we all know...or think we know.

You'll also find my assessment of candidate Rick Perry's natal horoscope here if you're mildly curious. Alex Jones video presentations are included though viewing them is not required. jc

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