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Oct 4, 2011

Eurosceptic MP Nigel Farage on Greekonomics (video); Pluto plods on

In an interview from June 2011, EU member of Parliament Nigel Farage speaks from Brussels on EU problems, the bailout of Greece and the EU's deeper motivation for it, and the misguided notion of creating a "United States of Europe" in the first place.

Personally I agree with Mr. Farage on many things including that men do seem to find it almost an impossibility to admit it when they are wrong.


Political Astrology speaks on the transits of July 28, 2011 that affected what I call the EU/NWO Flag Unfurled chart of July 14, 1989, a year you'll recognize for its titanic triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in structural Capricorn in the 2--10 degree range (natal horoscope w transits shown.)

And if you track powerful manipulator Pluto in Capricorn, you may wish to consider the four midpoint pictures formed with the titanic trio of 1989 as Pluto approaches them and insinuates his invisible self within their midst, and eventually moves beyond them.

All apply to today's world, but the first picture, which has been in force for a while now, tells a major part of the 'United States of Europe' tale on its path toward rebuilding a 'global dominion' (aka, one world government) as the old order is threatened with collapse and ruin to make way for the new.

First, here are the trio's zodiacal positions in the EU Flag July 14, 1989horoscope:

Uranus 2Cap34; Saturn 9Cap45; Neptune 10Cap42 (posited in the 1989 horoscope's 4th house, set for noon)

Midpoints of 1989 alchemized and triggered by Pluto 2011:

1. Saturn/tr Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order, regardless of potential losses (as we now see, that would be other people's losses, not wealthy Pluto's! jc.)

2. Saturn/Uranus = tr Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; rebellion; upheaval to protect assets (Greece and elsewhere! jc.)

3. Uranus/Neptune = tr Pluto: the Big Picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--very little option to do otherwise (bailouts of governments by global bankers, today's topic! jc.)

4. Saturn/Neptune = tr Pluto: feeling downtrodden; strong depression; great awareness of potential for loss; fear. (midpoint pics: Noel Tyl.)

And here's a general look at transit Pluto conjoining each of the Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune trio--I believe that all apply to current conditions:

Pluto to Uranus: the power of government must yield to the people (march on, everyone!); changes affect federal jobs and programs; issues of technological advancement and personal freedom.

Pluto to Saturn: structures and traditions upon which life is based are significantly altered or totally transformed by circumstances; issues of abuse of authority (confrontations), self-discipline, and accepting responsibility; ambition must be tempered with patience, resolve, and control.

Pluto to Neptune: circumstances denote economic, political, social, spiritual, and physical power struggles; social/genetic engineering and civil rights are seen to be moral and religious issues; power becomes an illusion as it is slowly eroded by subversive forces of the power-obsessed plutonians and oligarchs of the world.

So today is October 4, 2011, and tr Pluto @ 5Cap29 is snugged between 1989's Saturn and Uranus which is midpoint #2 above.

More reading: if you care to sashay down a memory lane, snag a peek at the Autumn Equinox 2009 Horoscope, describing the first Autumn EQ of the Obama administration, when Astrology outed some sore losers lurking in America's political woodpile. jc

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