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Oct 12, 2011

Uranus to US 4th house as Anonymous says, Bankers Are the Problem (video)

So the first time I saw the film V is For Vendetta in 2006, I loved its message, its history lesson, and its insouciance. Now it's 2011 and members of the activist hacking group Anonymous have taken to wearing the oddly affecting mask from that film as in the following video.

But don't fret over the fellow's mask for it's global bankers who are at the bottom of the world's tragedies and They are the scary Anonymous says, The Bankers Are The Problem:

As it turns out, disruptive Uranus moving into America's 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland since 2010 and squaring powerful string-puller Pluto has brought a new era of public activism with radical, populist, grass roots, anti-corporate Uranian ideas for how our world can be rather than what plutocratic one-world-government promoters have told us it must be.

But the illuminized globalists are wrong.

So please wake up your friends and tell them the news! After all, The 5th of November rolls round again in about 3 weeks...


Scroll down the sidebar if you wish a video reminder of Bush Sr's 20-year-old freaky shout-outs for a 'New World Order' and if you type those words into the sidebar Search Field, you'll find many posts on that and similar topics, some containing quotes from public, corporate, and secret society figures touting--and revealing their own culpability--in their satanic take-over plan.

Love of money is the root of all evil. And money is what all global bankers and their minions dearly love. Mankind? Not so much.

Info Wars's Alex Jones says that Republican nom candidate for 2012, Herman Cain (once an agent for the Kansas City Federal Reserve), is backed by the (Skull & Bones) Pillsbury family! Given Mr. Cain's demonstrated globalist views, the connection doesn't surprise me one bit.

Guess that makes Herman Cain a real-life 'Dough Boy'!


UPDATE 12 noon edt: mundane astrologer Ed Kohout has alerted me to an article detailing who is paying NYC policemen to pepper spray Occupy Wall Street protesters in their faces. My fret is that more brutal tactics against peaceful demonstrators are planned by the corporate titans who run the US government.

As you know, the strong-arming of dissenting US citizens is happening on President Obama's watch-- and many if not all of those pepper sprayed for wanting improvements in America probably voted for him!

Read more here. Thanks, Ed! jc

Uranus conjunct Neptune, the Illuminati-NWO pair that last met during the Age of Reason in mid-Sagittarius, conjoined three times in 1993--at '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER...negative manifestation: "smug or strong-armed paternalism."

And here we are.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)


Anonymous said...

That's why the banksters love the Republican Party: it's their attack dog, a role it was literally born to perform.

Maybe the Dems will figure this out one day, that the Republican Part IS the attack dog of American politics.

GOP: Ripon WI, 2/28/1854 1:01pm

Check it out and that gloriously bellicose solo Mars @ 7-Virgo in House 3.

Thomas E. Paine, Rockville MD

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for the chart data--I knew there were alternate charts for the GOP yet I've always used the July 6, 1854 chart for Jackson Mich 5:00 pm (platform was adopted) w Sun 14Can conj US n Sun, but after looking at the Feb 28th chart it does have distinct possibilities.

That isolated Mars @ 7Vir is bellicose, you're right! And Sun conj Neptune says much about expressing oneself as if in complete command, having veiled perspectives, and an inner reality that bears little resemblance to the facts as other people understand them. It's like they 'talk past' people.

The Sun/Nep conj--all the Pisces (Neptune in Pisces @ 13+! so a Neptune Return is on the way) energy ties in with their religious inflations, too. And w Jupiter conj Chiron (as in the July 6 chart), their 'maverick w a superiority complex' shows.

Hopefully I can post the horoscope soon for those who'd like to see it if/as time permits.

Thanks again, Thomas. Jude

Anonymous said...

Not Bankers per se, but the Banks, the way the Global World Financial System functions... So what you need is to udnerstand the way Banks function in this world first...

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks a bunch for weighing in and for the Noam Chomsky (one of my man guys!) link, will check it out though I may have already read it.

However, using a phrase such as "what you need to understand is the way banks function in this world first" suggests that you're the only one who knows anything about the topic. Which could imply your youth. Or that this post is the only one you've ever read on Stars Over Washington 'cos I link to Mr. Chomsky's articles every chance I get!

Jude, one of the 99%

Jude Cowell said...

Anonymous, went to pick up the link you provided & found it's from FB which I left in Jan 2011 w no plans to return...others may wish to follow it though... Jude