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Dec 12, 2011

Occupiers a 'Domestic Terrorist Threat' ? (Sun Sag/Moon Sco)

Well, you had to wonder how long it would take for the peaceful demonstrators of the Occupy Wall Street movement to be categorized along with al Qaeda as a domestic terrorist threat by the US government.

And here's Senator Carl Levin making it plain that it was the White House that requested indefinite detention of US CITIZENS without trial:

As British jurist Lord Devlin famously intoned,

"Trial by jury is the lamp that shows that freedom lives."

Well, it should be.

So given recent events in Washington DC, perhaps it's cosmic synchronicity that the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse ('a peculiar turn of events') @ 2Sag37 precisely eclipsed Lord Devlin's natal Sun just as power elite usurpers are eclipsing everything America has stood for in the world.

Yes, America as the world's beacon of freedom has been purposefully blighted by Washington DC crooks and usurpers and now they're perverting US law to say that we're the criminals!


Judge and lawyer Lord Patrick Devlin was born November 25, 1905 in Chislehurst, Kent, England, and died August 9, 1992; natal Sun Sag/Moon Scorpio: "A missionary sees himself as a secret agent for God."

('Image for Integration': Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The Sun Sag/Moon Sco personality blend is shared natally by financial titan J. Paul Getty who informed us that, "If you can actually count your money, you are not really a rich man."

Perhaps this emphasizes the guiding light followed by the greedy 1% in their obsessive quest to hoard all the world's gold and property, or at least it describes their out-of-bounds Jupiterian "never get enough" attitude.


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Astro-Heads-Up! today I'm informed that mundane astrologer Theodore White of Philadelphia, Pa has now published his latest Global Astrology edition taking us from December 2011 into 2012 so I hope you'll check it out. jc

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