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Dec 7, 2011

Occupy Yourself, says Max Igan (video)

Put the radish down and back away...

The following is the first video of a four-part presentation by Max Igan. Discussed are Codex Alimentarius (a draconian Monsanto-laced bill to outlaw growing, sharing, and bartering food--and water!), police state outrages, and other difficult topics of our Orwellian times.

View parts two through four here--and share! Because keeping these things to ourselves is precisely the wrong way to handle government malfeasance and mayhem for everyone knows how roaches and other vermin hate it when the lights are turned on and their activities--coordinated worldwide, as Mr. Igan explains--are revealed to all.

Wonder how many secrets will be uncovered by the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, the sign that loves to share the news!

Interesting reading is Robert Reich's take on President Obama's economic speech yesterday in Kansas. Prof. Reich annotates sections of the speech and applauds that the president has finally used the word wrong to describe what Wall Street and big banks have done to disenfranchise and cheat the rest of us.

Yes, flowery speeches can be nobly uplifting but will decent results follow?


You'll find more details on Codex Alimentarius in a previous post from July 2009--and it's more info than you comfortably want, I suspect.

Newt News: a website has published one of Gingrich's speaking engagement contracts--it's for $50,000 worth of Newt!. No word on whether brown M&Ms are a deal breaker for the Newtster but it's obvious that his tastes have come up in the world as he arose in his own mindly stature.


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Jude Cowell said...

Alex, thanks. That's a whole lot o' Newtishness you're supplying there! Jude