Apr 30, 2011

NATO missile kills Gadhafi's son 4.30.11

It's April 30, 2011 and a news alert has arrived:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Libya Says NATO Missile Strike Kills Gadhafi's Son

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi survived a NATO missile strike Saturday that killed his youngest son, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi, and three grandchildren and wounded friends and relatives, Libya's spokesman said.

Read more at NPR.

Apr 29, 2011

Founding of Washington DC based on pay-offs

On the Early History and Pre-History of K Street and Washington DC (aka, Funktown)

by Jude Cowell

K.A. Muston's The Little Green House on K Street is a must-read as I discovered today when its link was sent along to me by the excellent Alex D'Atria of GOP Astrology.

You'll note the date mentioned: June 20, 1783 at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the morning our desperate Continental soldiers surrounded the Continental Congress hoping to force them to vote to pay the Revolutionary troops who'd served our fledgling nation so well. But Congress negotiated its way out of the day's dilemma and secretively skulked across the Delaware River into New Jersey during the dark of night.

Then after years of a roaming, debt-avoiding Congress, The District of Columbia was founded from whence they pontificate sorrily to this very day.

The Solar Eclipse Series in which the soldiers' actions of 1783 fell was the 1 North which is the same Series as Nostradamus' famous predictive one ('King of Terror' or 'King of Alarm' Eclipse) of August 11, 1999...keywords: unusual events put pressure on relationships; information is distorted and possibly false; take no action until eclipse passes'.

(Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

US 2011 Saturn Return Ongoing

Now in 2011, the congressional varmints now infesting Washington DC continue to act shadily when it comes to living up to their and our responsibilities - and the skulkers now toy with the idea of America defaulting by not raising the US debt limit!

Obama administration turns heavy-handed with reporter

Whoa, it seems the Obama administration has a beef against a free press. Or should a reporter breaking a politician's rule be overlooked?

This incident could resound in a loud tsk tsk upon the administration's promised transparency. But they all promise transparency as they walk in the White House door, don't they? Old secrets await them and new secrets pile up as the presidential days tick by.

And isn't it funny about the word, free?

The job market in the US has been decimated in recent decades by so-called free trade (and its elusive "benefits" for the ruling class) while undermining forces have worked to consolidate, control content, and thus destroy America's free press. So trade that isn't free is called free and a free press becomes enslaved = non-free, yet is called a free press.

Doublespeaks Alive!

To me it seems tragic that the current crop of reptilian power-grabbers of the world were ever allowed to read George Orwell's novels because they apparently took his doom-filled prophecies of a totalitarian state to heart and have used that and other knowledge as their How-To guide toward global enslavement.

While I first read Orwell in high school and was horrified at his vision of the future, they read him and were inspired to take action against all mankind.

Funny how different people can be.

Now here's some of the 'offensive' video...asking Where's Our Change?

And I heartily agree with them: Free Bradley Manning, Mr. President!


Zeeks, There's a Royal Wedding on My TV!

Sure enough, on schedule, the car carrying now-Kathryn Middleton to Westminster Abbey and into the arms of her royal fate arrived there at 11:00 am London Time (6:00 am EDT) and though I am no monarchist, I couldn't resist posting one of my Wedding Day Astrology Reports using an 11:00 am horoscope, if you wish to have a view and read a few brief notes on their partnership based on Astrology's 'marriage' pair of lights, the Sun (male) and Moon (female.)

11:20 am: the Archbishop of Canterbury pronounces them man and wife.

Whew! Glad that's done. The rest of the day should be a coast. My felicities to the happy couple!

Apr 27, 2011

Horoscope of Barack Obama w 4.27.11 transits

This morning I posted the NPR News Alert that the White House has released the birth certificate of President Barack Obama. This inspires me to publish a copy of President Obama's natal horoscope, something I had not done before on this blog although I have referred to its placements, of course. The released BC shows the birth time that most if not all astrologers have been using: 7:24 pm AHST, on August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Around the outside of the chart are today's transits since now we can be certain which houses the planets traverse. I also looked ahead to his Secondary Progressions: he's now in Gibbous phase with a Secondary Full Moon coming soon: November 6, 2011 @ 1Ari11 which falls in natal 2nd house.

As you know, a Sec Full Moon was attained by the US in December 2008 and timed our nation's financial collapse: that was as far as our nation could expand into the world and our national light now dims. Now I'm not predicting that the president's Sun-Moon phase beginning to 'lose light' after November 2011 will keep him from being re-elected in 2012 yet the thought does occur! Another thought is that since the powers-that-be will select whichever candidate to play US president that they want, it could be Mr. Obama regardless of his astro-portents - especially with his Sec Full Moon manifesting so near the Aries Point (00Ari00) of Fame and Recognition.

Here are a few chart details; as always, you're welcome to leave your own observations or opinions in a Comment:

Sun/Moon in 3rd quarter phase = crisis in consciousness; Hour Mars 22Vir35 in 7th H, conjunct asteroid Hopi (prejudice; ambush; sounds like "hope"); Mars conjoins US natal Neptune making it difficult for the masses to see his actions and motivations clearly; chart-ruler Saturn 25Cap20 Rx in its own sign in 12th H of Politics and Karma, conjunct Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx which conjoins US Inaugural Sun and on January 20, 2009, his n Jupiter conjoined Inaugural Mercury Rx. Jupiter/Saturn conjunction folks tend to have enormous success potential.

Co-ruler Uranus 25Leo16 in 7th H conjoins North Node (NN) and is apex planet of a powerful midpoint picture:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden obsession for more power and control.

The Uranus/NN pair is a signature of radical political groups, changes which come from attempts to alter the course of events, and revolution for the effecting of popular societal changes. ("Yes, We Can!)

Saturn inconjunct Uranus: Status Quo/Progress Adjustments

Chart-ruler and co-ruler Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct (150 degrees) one another which gives difficulty in establishing priorities within one's obligations, and intimidation from others may be forthcoming; change that threatens personal security is resisted (who wouldn't?) and flexibility must be developed in order to make progress and be successful. Some stress in relationship may ensue as the partner insists that talents be well-developed. Refining those talents and adopting new techniques produce success though a streak of cantankerousness may be noticed in the personality.

Mars trine Saturn

An Earthy (practical) Mars/Saturn trine helps tremendously by giving Mr. Obama the ability to use his energies wisely and productively; the temper is usually well under control, and he's an excellent teacher. Efficiency and conservation are important with a Mars/Saturn trine, an aspect which gifts him with great managerial skills that are valuable in any endeavor. He relates best to responsible, mature people, tends to be guardedly optimistic, and the satisfaction of a job well done is of primary importance to him.

Moon square Pluto

A problematic aspect is Mr. Obama's Moon/Pluto square. This aspect gives a loner's temperament and indicates trouble in parental relationships with a tendency to hold on to the past. (Perhaps writing his book where he addressed his parents' relationship and his early struggles helped with letting go. Saturn ruling ASC shows hardship in childhood though his parent's reputed involvement with the CIA may also be indicated here: Pluto = spying, surveillance, and secretive agencies.)

A Moon/Pluto SQ makes working with the public a must, and compromise helps with achieving one's goals; working in social service is indicated; regular breaks are necessary to unwind and recharge; delving into the occult is indicated yet care must be taken to keep confusion and lack of perspective at a minimum.

Jupiter/Chiron Midpoint = Ascendant; 1st House Chiron in Pisces

As you see (enlarge chart for easier viewing), the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint sits upon Mr. Obama's Ascendant so he is Jupiter/Chiron as well as having Chiron 5Pis19 Rx in 1st house of Self.

Chiron in mystical Pisces describes one whose life crisis is over connecting with the God force (Clow); he tends to hear Pan's flute on the wind (natal Pan 15Ari20 Rx in 2nd H of Values.) One of the power asteroids, Hidalgo, is Rx and conjoins n Chiron which is involved in a Water Grand Trine, as listed below.

Chiron in Pisces is the 'knight in shining armor' archetype where one is called on to perform heroic deeds at great personal risk - or to prevent them, as circumstances dictate. Quoting Richard Nolle: "Life...can be a mystical crusade in which mundane concerns have no place - a Quest for the Grail, perhaps, or a pursuit of the Ring of Power. Seeing in their mind's eye a better world, {those with Chiron in Pisces) take for granted values that may be totally alien from the perspective of prevailing social norms."

Like a New World Order and more 'free' trade agreements that destroy US jobs?

The personal belief system of Chiron in Pisces may create conditions of persecution and martyrdom for faith doesn't allow him the possibility of surrender; a mythical aura of The Hero may bring glory or tragedy for he is convinced that his mission is both necessary and worthwhile, a belief that is, I suspect, constantly renewed by the mentors who surround him. Unfortunately, his mentors seem to be of the one-world-government persuasion so prevalent within the realm of profiteering corporatism and Plutocracy.

His T-Square of Pluto/Chiron, the Plutocracy duo, points to natal Moon in Gemini indicating a reigning need (Moon) for communicating (Gemini) these powerful perspectives (Pluto/Chiron) which include all manner of -isms, primal violence (war, torture) and the disenfranchisement of the population.

Chiron square Moon

Adding emotional intensity, Chiron squares n Moon 3Gem21 in 4th H (1A58) describing more family injury to his psyche in early childhood from the matrilineal side: this aspect tends to create astrologers and analysts! Deep insight into human nature results from his early emotional experiences and deprivations with a Moon/Chiron square.

A Jupiter/Chiron vibe of The Seeker shows visibly with their midpoint upon natal Ascendant, as noted. (Jupiter and Chiron are 34 degrees apart, however, their midpoint is the president.) This combo of energies indicates faith and optimism, and an upwelling of hope with expectations channeled toward realizing the attainment of a transcendent objective (NWO?) The focus is on harmonizing his Quest (see Chiron in Pisces) with the prevailing socio-cultural environment. (Nolle.)

A Mystic Rectangle Affects Career Goals

Besides the Pluto/Chiron = Moon T-Square and the Water Grand Trine of Venus-Neptune-Chiron, you'll note a Mystic Rectangle between Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and MC. This is a planetary pattern of 'practical mysticism' (Tierney) and given other chart factors already mentioned, it's an interesting possibility that the president either knows and uses, or employs those who use, Astrology for timing purposes. An association with secret societies who use Sacred Geometry (Freemasonry, Illuminati-ism, Rosicrucianism, to name three) is a potential as well.

Planetary aspects within the Mystic Rectangle include:

Moon trine Jupiter gives him a radiant personality, ease in relating to all types of people, lots of creative imagination, and a sensitivity to outside influences with attempts to understand their true significance; solutions to problems are worked out as soon as possible and no bridge is crossed before it is come to.

Moon sextile Mercury (planet of oration in showy Leo) gives him a thoughtful disposition, a capacity for absorbing information readily with a high level of comprehension and recall ability; public relations is a good field for this sextile; tact and diplomacy skills are evident and may be admired even by opponents.

Mercury trine MC (note: Mercury also trines 2009's Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 since the Inaugural Moon - we-the-people - sits upon his natal MC, as noted on the chart) shows communicating talent used in career and an ability to get important people to listen; the profession and home life tend to be kept in balance.

Jupiter sextile MC gives career preferment, success,, and good fortune in matters of public status.

As you see, the Mystic Rectangle contains the Mercury/Jupiter opposition across the Leo/AQ and 6/12 axes which describes one who may go to extremes with their expectations; others may be alienated by a tendency to seem a 'know-it-all' and details may receive short attention when making decisions and this can lead to a need for revision in his positions later on.

Well, there's my thumbnail sketch of President Barack Obama, inspired by today's release of a copy of his birth certificate. If you get anything out of this post, I'm glad for it will soon be linked near the top of SO'W's sidebar for future reference and potential updating.

Further reading: the Wedding Day Astrology Report of the president's parents' marriage or that of Barack and Michelle Obama.


Midpoint pictures: Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey - any, all, or none may apply; some aspect info comes from Rob Pelletier's Planets in Aspect.

White House Releases Obama's Birth Certificate!

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Copy Of Obama Birth Certificate Released

The White House has released a copy of the long form of President Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii. The president was expected to discuss his birth certificate in a statement later Wednesday.

More at NPR.

Apr 26, 2011

Of YODS, Quincunxes, and Prince William's Royal Wedding

As part of her blog's ongoing aspect series on quincunxes (150 degrees), master astrologer Donna Cunningham has published an excellent analysis concerning YODS, quincunxes, and the April 29, 2011 Royal Wedding of the 'Eclipse Prince' William and Miss Kate Middleton.

Links to other Astrology articles on the happy couple and the Royal Wedding are included along with natal chart, YOD, and quincunx info on Britain's royal family members. Since YODs can indicate generational conditions or a 'family myth' passed down for decades if not for centuries, this generational influence may be why there are several involved in the British royal family's birth horoscopes. A YOD forms in the natal chart of the person who must deal with generational conditions or imbalances which apparently were not dealt with fully or properly by ancestors.

You know about family myths, right? Ex: in this family we don't abdicate the throne, for we must always do our duty... that sort of thing. Why, it simply isn't done! Then a crisis occurs, of course, when one family member does or doesn't do 'it' whatever 'it' may be in a particular family.

Plus, as you know, a YOD is sometimes called a Finger of God pattern indicating a special task or purpose, a turning point or crossroads, and/or a crisis which may affect the collective (depending on the stage one acts upon.)

Actually, YODs were first mentioned to me by Astrology expert, Erin Sullivan during a personal consultation because my natal chart contains one - if you don't mind using an angle, that is: Pluto/MC = Sun.

One then assumes that the MC (Career; Public Standing) is the place in my natal chart where YOD energies are embroiled along with the Sun and Pluto house positions and the houses where they rule. Aspects to all planets and points involved give further information about this difficult energy pattern.

Well, the ceremony is this Friday, and who doesn't love a romantic wedding?

So if you missed my previous article detailing Prince William and Kate's Wedding Day Astrology Report (with wedding horoscope shown), you are hereby cordially invited to check out their Earth/Water Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces blend of partnership energies!

And you may be surprised to discover which British royal was born with the same Sun-Moon blend...

Horoscope USA: Uranus in Gemini Rising

Shown: America's natal horoscope with Uranus in Gemini Rising July 4, 1776 2:22 am LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; it remains a Venus Hour as in the US Sibly chart, and Venus, Mars, and Pluto retain their out-of-bounds status.

Click to enlarge the chart for more details.

The following is one of the several potential birth charts for the founding of America. There are two historical hints as to the potential for this chart's use: Benjamin Franklin's famous image quixotically smiling in front of Independence Hall Clock, the hands of which point to 2:22 (or 2:21, if you prefer) which could be pm or am, plus, a tale of Thomas Jefferson overseeing Mr. Dunlap, printer of the Declaration of Independence, at such a late hour which times the first copy of the Declaration to come off the press. Whether either hint is correct, I do not know. But considering the horoscope which results from using this birth time, it's an interesting chart to investigate.

For one thing, there's the then-recent discovery of a planet which relates to freedom, independence, individualism - yet Aquarian groups - and rebellion, Uranus. Typically associated with our nation and the American Revolution, Uranian traits describe America in a nutshell. Add to that, the of-for-by-government of an Aquarian Moon (Moon = we-the-people) near MC, the Goal Point of the chart, tells of Aspirations and Public Status for a democratic government...yet these days, reptilian brains have taken over what should be our helm and forced our aspiration to go on life support.

Having Uranus rising, the higher octave planet associated with Aquarius (with Saturn ruling AQ) supports our Aquarian Moon at Midheaven and gives the nation a Moon-Saturn-Uranus vibe. (The November 2008 presidential election occurred during a Saturn-Uranus opposition = status quo v progress; the battle goes on.)

Outer: transits for today, April 26, 2011 are penciled in (orange.)

In this chart, three of our natal planets 'back up' one degree in the Zodiac when compared to the usual 'Sibly' version of our national birth chart. These are, in order of rising: Mars ('21Gem' = "A Labor Demonstration"), Venus ('3Can' =
"A Man All Bundled Up in Fur Leading a Shaggy Deer" - Venus precisely conjoins 2nd cusp 2Can21), Sun ('13Can' = "One Hand Slightly Flexed With a Very Prominent Thumb". This picture always reminds me most of former President Bill Clinton who couldn't seem to give a speech without leveling his thumb at us.)

Our telling Sabian Symbol for natal Jupiter ('6Can') remains the same, "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", which refers imho to the nature of the Corporate Venture at the foundation of the New World Atlantis, America, the Colossus which was invented and always intended to straddle the globe in the future, the realm of progressive Uranus.

Naturally, planets are posited in different houses (departments of life) here as opposed to the Sibly chart. And our nation's tendency to go to war based on lies and false reports (duplicitous Gemini) is well-represented by the warring, rebellious, violent, explosive Mars and Uranus pair rising and in 12th H of Karma and Self-Undoing, and Mars in the 1st house of Self.

The Uranus Rising chart contains a Grand Trine of sorts but we must stretch degrees if we wish to include Uranus at ASC, Moon at MC, and our exalted-in-Libra Saturn in 5th H. Our Cancer planets continue to keep us sentimental for the past and how things used to be; the 2/8 Desire Axis of Money, Resources, Credit, Debt, Death, and Transformation is highlighted by Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun (leadership); Venus and Jupiter are associated with money, banking, and evaluation issues. As you see, transit Pluto in early Capricorn is now visiting the 8th house of this chart; the upcoming US Pluto Return will fall in the 9th house of this natal chart...transforming philosophy?

Of course, for conspiracy theorists of the Invisible Government persuasion, there's natal Pluto in olde countrie Capricorn which hints at secret controls and manipulation (Pluto) coming from abroad (9th H) though the Sibly chart (5:10 pm LMT) gives a strong plutonian picture as well: controlling, obscenely wealthy Pluto (global banks, ancient bloodline rulers) in 2nd H of Money and Earning Ability, as The Fed controls the US government by printing its money.

As you know, America's natal horoscope with Uranus Rising gives a different chart-ruler bwo Gemini: our retrograde Mercury in 3rd H (rather than the Sibly's Sag ASC ruled by an exalted Jupiter.) Plus, rising Uranus becomes a higher octave 'ruler' of the chart affecting our nation on a cellular level yet on a higher plane as well (Uranus = genius, creative inspiration, the collective, and how one behaves which here, is like a multi-tasking yet possibly deceptive Gemini, sign of Communications and Trade.)

America's natal planetary aspects which are problematic are retained in this chart: a Sun/Saturn square, a Mars/Neptune square, and our Mercury/Pluto opposition of propaganda, surveillance, spying, and obsessive thinking about wealth.

Besides Moon 18AQ15 rising with SIRIUS, this chart shows two major Fixed Stars - Royal Stars of Persia - one rising and one setting. These stars are not quite angular in the Sibly chart but here we have them prominent.

The Watcher of the East, Aldebaran (Alpha Taurus) indicates 'success through integrity', 'facing moral dilemmas that challenge integrity', 'great honor that will not last', and 'success that will make enemies'.

The Watcher of the West, Antares (Alpha Scorpius) indicates 'toughness and pugnaciousness, 'good for military careers', 'keen mentality and courage with a caution of self-destruction', 'going to extremes either intentionally or unintentionally', 'successful efforts honed through the fires of experience', and 'ruthless and obsessed with success'.

Well, Spring is a busy time around here so my blogging hours have been minimal of late, plus, I always take a little time off for Easter, the most important 'holiday' of the year.

So if you've never viewed America's Uranus Rising natal horoscope, here you go, with my compliments. There are more factors worth mentioning, of course, but my schedule decrees that I ask you to consider this posting of the chart as a reference point for further discussion. Watching transits and progressions that affect this version of America's natal chart may be of some interest and I hope you'll investigate as you wish!

Apr 23, 2011

Are BP-Gulf Oil whistleblowers dying mysteriously? video

Are the several mysterious deaths and arrests since 2010 connected to knowing too much about the April 2010 BP-Gulf Oil Blowout? This video details 9 cases of interest relating to whistleblowers such as scientists and others who were or may have been threats to BP, to other companies involved in the Blowout, and/or to the US government concerning the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig (a horoscope of the April 20, 2010 event and the natal chart of Mexico are shown.)

The list of mysterious deaths includes the names of two high-profile men whose lives have been snuffed out since the BP Blowout occurred and whose deaths spotlight political implications: Senator Ted Stevens in an airplane crash (an easy sabotage for those who know how), and bio-weapons expert, Pentagon consultant, and aide to US presidents, John P. Wheeler, who was murdered in late December 2010 and his body stuffed into a trash dumpster where no one would ever find him.

But glad to say, the sanitation crew did.

The links to check out for yourself (as mentioned by the young men in the above video) are to be found at dProgram.net where you'll see this video with the links listed underneath.

Apr 21, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011 Horoscope w details

Image: Horoscope Summer Solstice 2011, June 21 @ 1:16:35 pm edt, set for the White House, Washington DC as the seat of US power.

Hour *Jupiter 3Tau19 in 8th house of Transformation, Credit and Debt; ASC 1Lib21 gives US natal MC rising with natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint 3Lib37 and transiting Mercury/Pluto midpoint 8Lib23; chart-ruler Venus 14Gem46 in 9th H of Foreign Lands, Travel, Higher Education, and Philosophy makes one applying aspect (how things will proceed for the summer season based on this chart): a square to Moon 10Pis27 in 6th H of Health, Work, and Service (including military and police service.)

Obviously, the president (Sun) is on display at the top of the chart (MC) in Cancer, a primary sign representing America.

Venus separates from a trine with Saturn 10Lib30 in 1st H; the Democratic Party's significator, Saturn, is in process of our current US Saturn Return (last conjunction August 28, 2011 in US natal 10th H of Career and Public Status; our debt ceiling 'debate' may be prominent along with Saturn's accountability issues.)

Moon SQ Venus is an aspect which tends to create financial, social, and domestic difficulties and those who are too trusting of others are taken advantage of due to our (Moon = the people) over-sentimentality and flowery emotionalism (probably involving deeply ingrained ties to the past - how America used to be?) Group endeavors are the best outlets for this hard to control energy. This SQ may also indicate success delayed, more work needed, a general lack of cooperation, and a lack of confidence.

Plus, a very close Moon inconjunct Saturn (0A04) adds restriction and delay to partnerships and alliances with an undercurrent of uneasiness and guilt in our reactions and dealings; feelings of inferiority interfere with attempts at progress. This aspect in such a prominent chart shows that we should stop being patsies suffering under Washington's incompetence and mismanagement and the US government's tiresome tendency to exploit we-the-people while giving us sound bites instead of real reform that improves our lot.

The Moon/Saturn quincunx (150 degrees) relates to politics, social service (and Moon is in 6th H, as noted), scientific researchers, medicine, and education; serious or chronic health issues may be implicated as well. Either way, there is 'disjointment' between the people and the Democratic Party and controls being instituted by government (Saturn.)

(Note: Moon and Jupiter, significator of the GOP, are 52:53 degrees apart which is just beyond septile (51:26), a karmic, fated condition, and are on their way toward an opportunistic sextile (60 degr.) The situation is underscored by Saturn's status as a planet of karma, and the fact that for Summer Solstice 2011, Moon and Saturn are posited in the same 10th degree which signifies a karmic condition all its own with the Moon/Saturn combo indicating ambition, strategy, and direction, but depression as well.

Moon rules 10th H of Career/Public Status, and Saturn rules 4th house of Domestic Scene, Real Estate, and Security Issues so any karmic repercussions will influence the 4/10 axis, the 1/7 axis (Saturn in 1st H), and the 6/12 axis (Moon in 6th H) during Summer 2011.

Planetary Patterns and Midpoint Pictures

Click chart to enlarge and you will see a sort of assertive, impatient, confrontational Cardinal Grand Cross between Sun/MC, Uranus, ASC, and Pluto; I say 'sort of' because the 4th point has no planet there, only the ASC which conjoins US natal MC so both points are outlets for the energies of the Cardinal T-Squares (midpoint pictures) involved.

Let's lift the squirmy little T-SQs from out of the 'Grand Cross' and have a look at them along with US n MC:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatical reforms without regard for the effects; sudden adjustment to circumstances (arrest); rebellion; sudden changes; new perspectives.

Sun/Pluto = ASC: a crisis of self-preservation; being forced to fight; enormous power projection; suppression of the environment to attain one's aims; ruthlessness.

Sun/Plu = US n MC: striving for power; consciousness of purpose and objectives; vocational crises (and Public Status crises); the qualities of leadership; violence with emotional or psychical consequences.

Uranus/ASC = Sun: restless colleagues; an environment full of danger; nervousness; technical or industrial cooperation; major change potential within the profession.

Mercury/Pluto = Saturn: scepticism; quarrels; irritability; suffering from heavy, bitter attacks (Merc/Plu = propaganda, cruel speech, surveillance, and Saturn = Dems, managers in control, scientists, miners, hard workers, consolidation, status quo.)

Considering all that's going on in Washington and the world, we may wish to stretch to include these pictures which bring powerful, subversive Pluto into the Uranian reformist mix:

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: the use of force; commanding success.

Uran/US n MC = Pluto: fanatic ambition; overwork causes a nervous breakdown; energetic, restless pursuit of one's objectives. (Now Pluto! Why not skulk back into your dark cave of horrors and give it a rest? Frankly your subversion toward the plutocratic aim of a one-world-government have grown stale and transparent. Oh, and take your self-styled "masters of the universe" with you.)

Of course we see that the ongoing Saturn/Uranus = Pluto stand-off is still in force so the world continues to experience: acts of violence and brutality; a desire to overcome obstacles or blockages through extraordinary effort; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure (war.) Pluto seems to be fomenting tension between the Saturn/Uranus opposition - status quo v progress, past v future...but it's Pluto's vision of the future vying to hold sway against the masses through police action, propaganda, and government take-overs.

With Chiron Rx @ 5Pis24, the Wounded Healer or Blindspot is lining up for President Obama's Chiron Return. Here again are the dates (this is a five-fer for the president and thus, for our nation:

1. May 21, 2011
2. June 27, 2011 Rx
3. Feb 26, 2012
4. Oct 19, 2012 Rx
5. Dec 10, 2012

As you see, the 2012 presidential campaign is within range of this important multi-transit which indicates a return to the spiritual values and social conditions which were of influence in August 1961, Mr. Obama's month and year of birth. (There's much to say about his Chiron position but it will have to be published in a post of its own. The November 2012 election is snugged between Returns #4 and #5 and may indicate that results will be in doubt into December.)

Now here are other midpoint pictures which will affect Summer 2011 in no particular order:

Pluto/MC = Uranus: sudden changes (as above); publicity; rewards; sudden occupational changes and restlessness (as above); endurance; prudence; organizing ability; a sudden attainment of one's aims with irresistible power.

Sun/Mars = Venus: birth; conception (note: this may be a reference to abortion issues yet Sun/Mars is being included so that US n Sun/Mars may be mentioned as an echo: it's @ this MC...n Sun/Mars = MC: ready to fight for one's principles, or, a fighter; success; accepting responsibilities gladly; doing one's work for the love of it.)

And last, but not least:

Mars/Uranus = Jupiter: successful contests of strength; good fortune and a lucky hand in unusual endeavors; a correct grasp of situations and timely action; accidents or operations (surgical and/or military operations?)

Together the Mars/Uranus duo = sudden applications of energy; dominant will; a test of nerves which echoes US natal Mars and Uranus in Gemini; notice that tr Midas and Pan conjoin US n Uranus 8Gem55 with Midas @ 8:55!

And the Pluto/Chiron midpoint conjoins US n SN showing past plutocratic leanings still influencing America's direction: our federal government has 'fallen back' (SN) on this negative, neurotic behavior which makes use of Pluto/Chiron's primal violence, and thus, different outcomes cannot be expected any time soon from our high-handed bossiness and disenfranchisement of entire populations; nuclear implications are present as well, sad to say.)

Mercury/NN = ASC: conferences and discussions; transactions, negotiations, or lectures.

The 'health issues' mentioned above are supported by the difficult Mars/Saturn midpoint sitting upon US n NN (direction; path; fate) which gives an 'associations with weak or sick people; prisoners; mourners' vibe for Summer 2011

*Jupiter @ '4Tau' is at Chiron's Discovery Degree (Nov 1977) with an interesting Sabian Symbol especially considering that Summer Solstice 2011 Jupiter is in 8th H:

"The Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

Plus, the deceptive, ain't-what-it-seems Sun/Neptune midpoint (projection of 'the good times'; inflation drains resources) conjoins 8th cusp of Shared Resources and Debt along with Neptune/MC = illusions within career and public status; both midpoints are @ 00-1Tau, degrees of violence and aka, Hitler's Trigger Degree (his n Sun 00Tau48.)

13 South Solar Eclipse Series Shows Energies Underneath

The Solar Eclipse Series in which Summer Solstice 2011 falls is the 13 South (11Gem02 in 9th H.) This Series has a sinister tone underneath, says Brady's Predictive Astrology, and may have 'constitutional crisis' and 'natural disaster' influences as well.

And in her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse "Something to Cry About" with Mercury ruling so there is a focus on communications, negotiations, news, transit, commerce and trade. Its closeness to US natal Uranus' position (8Gem55) means that there's an element of surprise to the news and unusual developments; in 8th H, taxation, imports, burial laws, and contagion are on the national menu.

Treaties strain foreign relations, potential workers' strikes occur, the military is on the move, and we may be dealing with an urgent health situation, hospital and/or prison conditions, and perhaps a mysterious crime. (Okay, so there are many of those already!)

The June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse is of particular importance for Australia (9th H Venus and Uranus), Egypt (ASC opposite 7th H Mars), France (3rd H NN), Israel (8th H Mercury, the eclipse ruler), Mexico (6th H Saturn), Vatican City (10th H Moon), Los Angeles (2nd H Saturn), Manhattan (12th H Pluto ascending), and New York City (Pluto and 9th cusp.)

Well, Summer 2011 brings us new difficulties to face and potentials to develop - then July 1, 2011 brings a second Solar Eclipse @9Can12 amidst US natal Jupiter and Sun (Teal's title: "Democratic Spirit".) Two SEs manifesting only a month apart is a rare celestial occurrence which I believe points to a critical time when America's credit rating issues and other monetary difficulties will suss out the future direction of our nation should it continue to exist as a sovereign entity.

So given the current administration's tendency to favor the top 2% (TARP, tax breaks, 'free trade', deregulation, lack of prosecutions of Wall Street gentry, ad nauseum) much more than the bottom 98% of the American people who have been grievously harmed by that very same top 2%, I find myself agreeing with Bette Davis when she said:

An Update of Post Cross-Pollination: the Watery Sun Cancer-Moon Pisces blend of Summer Solstice 2011.


Midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; as always, any, all, of none may apply and are subject to activation from transits and progressions.

Apr 20, 2011

One year on: BP-Gulf Oil Blowout Apr 20, 2011

Today my thoughts are with the families and friends of the eleven workers killed on British Petroleum's Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, 2010 and all the good people on the US Gulf Coast who continue to suffer from BP's mistakes, incompetence, and greed.

(Click to view the BP Blowout horoscope along with the natal chart of Mexico.)

Environmental damage, health concerns, and income depletion of the population on America's Gulf Coast continue in spite of all efforts to hush things up and sink them to the bottom of the Gulf along with the oil. Fish are being caught with rotting fins, reports Amy Goodman today in her hour-long broadcast today at Democracy Now! as she asks guests to speak on where we are today.

Wildlife continues to die, people are hurting and the US government refuses to make a connection between the oil blowout and people's dire health consequences now appearing. The dispersant BP used to hide the massive amounts of oil (which they lied about from the start) is causing horrendous harm on top of the original damage. BP used the highest amount of dispersant ever used before - dispersants that are banned in Europe which means, of course, that the US gets saddled with them. Well, they had to sell them somewhere and American citizens are once again used (Pluto/Chiron = disenfranchisement; victimization) as the corporate world's guinea pigs.

So where we are today is we're scr*wed, as we well know, and Amy Goodman's interviews on the first anniversary of the BP-Gulf Oil Blowout are highly recommended - for we turn our backs on BP at our peril.

Apr 19, 2011

Solar Eclipse of the Siege at Waco 1993

The US government-Branch Davidian stand-off which history calls the Siege at Waco began on February 28, 1993, ended on April 19, 1993, and was shown live on TV in the US around the clock, as I remember (or perhaps it only seemed that way. We were more easily shocked back then - and perhaps shocking the public was part of the motivation.)

The 50-day Waco stand-off happened within a certain Solar Eclipse Series, the 13 North, which actually manifested on December 24, 1992 @ '2 Capricorn' and repeated on January 4, 2011 - we're in the 13N now. Interestingly, something else portentous occurred during this Series: the first of the three Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune (#1 on February 2, 1993 @ 19Cap34), the Illuminati planets...in other words, Uranus and Neptune = the New World Order duo.

Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology, we have then and now a theme of groups and associations, large ambitious group projects, the breaking of an already existing bond (such as when joining a cult), separation then joint achievement. The next occurrence of 13N will be in the year 2029; for historical comparison, 13N also occurred in 1902, 1920, 1938, 1956, and 1974.

One assumes the 'joint acheivement' part was on the side of the FBI, Janet Reno, then-President Bill Clinton, and their globalist masters hidden in the shadows of our invisible government. (See sidebar near top for quotes from presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson on a very similar topic.)

Natally, 13N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Rod Blagojevich (remember him and his hair?), Patsy Ramsey (mother of Jon Benet Ramsey), and poet Emily Dickinson (December 10, 1830.)

The initial eclipse in the Series occurred on August 14, 1776 and its horoscope contains quite a descriptive midpoint picture which may relate to the heavy-handed Siege at Waco; Mars was @ 18Can13, North Node @ 5Leo28 conjunct US natal NN, and power-mad Pluto Rx was @ 26Cap38 - less than one degree from US natal Pluto and the degree of the Midheaven (Aspirations) in all modern-day presidential inauguration charts:

Mars/NN = Pluto: the performance of record achievements; a violent or forced separation from a partnership or union; deterring the competition; increased need to be in control of groups and associations which wield influence in your professional areas of interest.

Here's part of what Dane Rudhyar (An Astrological Mandala) has to say about '2Cap' which includes reference to the disruptive consequences of war. See if you think '2Cap' applies to the Siege at Waco.

"Three Rose Windows in a Gothic Church, One Damaged by War."

Keynote: The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.

...The "capital" of group-energies is partially squandered in armaments and death. WASTE is the opposite of group-integration.

On a similar theme is the Massacre at Ruby Ridge. And 'ruby' is red and red is 'Rose' and it's possible that "Rose" in the Sabian Symbol for '2Cap' refers to Rosicrucianism and we're back to 'Swords vs Torches' once again.

Apr 18, 2011

The Global Conspiracy - David Icke (video) April 2011

Though we're all suffering from information overload, I hope you have time to watch and listen to an Alex Jones TV presentation with David Icke. Their discussion on Libya (and who stands to benefit) is worth checking out. As they say, unlock your mind!

Alex Jones TV April 7, 2011

Part 1 of 4

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Martial law: coming to an America near you - and planned for by the global power elite, mass media conglomerates, and our own dear US Congress whose political power dramas staged on Capitol Hill are so very diverting for The Public. Tickets available for both Matinees and Evening Performances. jc

Apr 17, 2011

Full Moon in Libra Horoscope Apr 17, 2011

Washington DC by the Light of a Libra Full Moon April 17, 2011

by Jude Cowell

The Air (mental) sign of Libra is all about relationships, balance, justice, and beauty. The opposite degree of the Full Moon's degree is the Illumination Point where unconscious info lurks if we care to take a peek, and it is naturally the degree of the Sun (27Ari44 in 5th house; see their Sabian Symbols below.)

On the chart you'll see mention of the Thales Point ('a saving grace') here occupied by Neptune in 3rd house and lending support to the Full Moon's oppositional energies for it trines the Moon and sextiles the Sun; Neptune 00Pis22 stimulates America's Pre-Natal Eclipse by degree (00Pis33 in 1776), the 12 South, which repeated on July 11, 2010 and aided the BP-Gulf Oil Blowout with its main theme: 'successful outcomes to long term worries or illness; draining concerns will at first seem worse then clear with successful outcomes' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

By emphasizing the positive side of spiritual, inspirational Neptune, god of the oceans - and planet of The Divine Source - we may be aided and lifted in our endeavors if the Thales Point holds true. Yet motives count!

You'll note that some of America's natal placements and those of President Obama are penned around the horoscope so you may wish to click to enlarge for easier viewing:

Horoscope shown: Full Moon in Libra 27:44, April 17, 2011 10:43:55 pm edt Washington DC falls across the 5/11 axis of Self-Will v Group Associations; Hour of Venus 26Pis18 in the emphasized 4th house of Real Esate, Domestic Scene, and Security; ASC 3Sag51 = Moon/Pluto midpoint = determined Sisyphus Rx; Hebe (co-dependency; goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus; a servant removed from duty due to indecent exposure; a cup-bearer; or, those of the Hebrew race) is setting on the Descendant as is President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini.

Moon/Pluto = ASC: ideals contrasted against the world's reality; upsets caused within the environment through one's behavior; many upsets; a violent reaction to environmental influences.

Add to this the energies of the Uranus/Pluto square -5A25- now bringing replays of social upheaval and protests as in the 1960s when the two met in Great Conjunction near the MC of the Libra Full Moon chart shown here; the Saturn/Pluto square -5A19- echoes their Great Conjunction of Nov 8, 1982 at...wait for it...27Lib36, so this Full Moon signifies a double transit to Saturn/Pluto's past degree and triggers their current cycle by blockage and frustration (the square.) Not good. Reagan's policies of the 1980s still affect our nation, fraudulent Neptune's trickle down theory included, and they continue to turn up in the news.

Therefore, we may say that:

Uranus/Pluto = MC: aspirations for reforms; mobility; an instant grasp and exploitation of every situation; restlessness; prudence; grand vision; an opportunity to rise to leadership.

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: sparing no pains in one's work; privation (and/or privatizing social safety net programs which would only add to the privation Republicans seem to want for us?); renunciation; physical separation; toil and over-exertion.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: inconsistencies in records, work, or achievements; melancholy; tragedy; cold feelings.

Of course, any mention of Saturn/Pluto reminds us of the attacks of 9/11/01 when the two karmic planets were in oppposition across the ASC/DESC axis of the US natal chart (Sibly version = 5:10 pm LMT.)

(Yes, I know - this is my usual jolly post but you know what's going on in the world, right? So if you prefer jolliness there are plenty of Astrology blogs and sites upon which to frolic!)

Full Moons Culminate and Flower the Seeds of the Prior New Moon

First let's follow the trail of dispositorship to see where things lead and it begins with chart-ruler Jupiter 19Ari14 (the Exaltation of the Sun degree giving an ego-expansion theme) in 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Creative Pursuits with Jupiter ruled by Mars 12Ari20 (at critical or crisis degree as is Saturn 12Lib48 Rx in 10th H of Public Status) in 4th H of Domestic Scene. To me this indicates more protests, activism, and perhaps riots with the number of arrests increasing in the US, Land of the Free.

Also in 4th H are evaluating Venus as noted (foreclosures ongoing), rebellious upheavaler Uranus 2Ari05, and Mercury Rx 14Ari04. Mercury opposes Saturn as does Mars but not as closely so one T-Square is formed with a second not as intense but becoming so as Mercury retrogrades into position.

Here are both midpoint pictures from the T-SQs for your consideration; the usual suspect, subversive Pluto in 2nd H of Earnings and Worth, is apex planet in both pictures - the first one you've heard before because it's been in effect for a while now:

Mars/Saturn = Pluto: brutality; rage and fury; intervening of a Higher Power (US and NATO air strikes in Libya?); bodily harm, injury; murder; the death of many people.

Mercury/Saturn = Pluto: toiling or grappling with unusual and special problems; brooding over one's destiny; plans determine one's fate.

Pluto as apex planet in a Cardinal T-Square pattern indicates intensely driven individuals who don't integrate easily with others - and don't wish to; control and power are jealously guarded; hidden strengths help them confront and overwhelm opposition in a ruthless manner; power reserves are applied toward crisis situations; may have a chip-on-shoulder; signifies high-powered executive positions that demand penetrating insights into crucial phases of all operations; explosive endings make for fresh starts as a new phase is entered; others readily pick up on this dynamic vibration yet it's difficult to ferret out Pluto's true identity.

Yet we know the plutonians and plutocrats by what they produce in the world, don't we? This includes the grossly wealthy, and nuclear waste and disaster such we see in Japan as radiation spreads across the entire globe.

Now the former T-SQ with Saturn/Uranus = Pluto has separated as you see yet their midpoint picture still influences events by way of: violence and rebellion; a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort (not, it seems, a positive these days yet it depends on people's true motives); intervention of a Higher Power; harm through force majeure; war.

Here are the Full Moon's other midpoint pictures; house positions of the apex planets tell where the energies have outlet for manifestation:

Sun/Mars = Jupiter: optimism; striving for power; the Civil Servant; success; taking possession. (My bold.)

Sun/Uranus = Mercury: a young reformer (DC contains many of those but Mr. Obama and Mr. Ryan come instantly to mind); making arrangements; quick and prudent actions.

Sun/Venus = Mars: creative power. (The Sun/Venus combo seems innocuous enough on the surface with its connection to The Arts yet Michael Munkasey under his Business and Politics category gives its potentials as: a society which is estranged from its leadership; using national or business wealth to sustain authority; how a society shapes the direction of its growth (budget, deficit, and credit limit battles?); the nature of reserves, resources, and the role they play in development. Also indicated by Sun/Venus: thyroid, kidneys, and infections that affect smell, taste (such as the metallic taste from radiation poisoning?), and other senses.

Circled on the chart is an inconjunct (or, quincunx, an aspect showing adjustments are direly needed) between Jupiter and Midheaven. With Jupiter in pioneering Aries and in 4th H of Real Estate and Security, we may expect Jupiter with his money connotation and Republican Party signification to need more adjusting or bargaining on issues such as war costs (Jupiter the General), home foreclosures and other Real Estate concerns (4th H), Career and Public Staus (10th H), and issues relating back to 9/11/01 (9/11's Sun at MC, as marked on chart.)

A Sun/Jupiter quincunx shows that someone's talents are not being fairly rewarded so there is discontent at not being appreciated or fairly treated, self-confidence may be lacking (which affects stock markets), physical exhaustion can set in due to workers' production levels being too high already (one reason our unemployment rate is way too high), plus, over-reactions to criticism may be prevalent within all of Jupiter's usual 9th H realms.

The prior lunation (Syzygy Moon) of this Full Moon is the New Moon 13Ari30 of April 3, 2011; tonight's Mercury Rx triggers and recalls the April 3rd New Moon and its degree:

'14Ari' = "A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman" which may be sinister and has a health connotation (radiation, or perhaps Mr. Obama's health insurance legislation? And since this degree's Keyword is REVELATION, tonight's Full Moon in Libra may be helpful in revealing a secret or two.

Now if we use this Moon to represent we-the-people and Sun to indicate leadership, a brief look at their Sabian Symbols may be as good a way as any to end this post, remembering that a Full Moon is an opposition relating to relationships, balance, and, to awareness:

Moon '28Lib' = "A Man in Deep Gloom. Unnoticed, Angels Come to His Aid" (my best advice: always notice your guardian angels, m'peops, and give thanks for their kind protection! ;p)

Sun '28Ari' = "A Large and Disappointed Audience" (perfect for politicians who do not work on behalf of we-the-people but for the special interests who line their pockets: as you see in the horoscope, America's natal Jupiter 5Can56 sits upon the 8th cusp of the chart when set for Washington DC...US natal Jupiter '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" - yet you'd think they'd be overly feathered by now.)

The PE of this Full Moon (last Solar Eclipse) is the 13N from *January 4, 2011 - it began our year with its vibes of 'large, ambitious group projects that require a separation, then joint achievement' (Brady); it falls in 2nd H along with Pluto and an interesting midpoint picture that forms with transiting Neptune/NN now landing upon US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx: exercising a bad influence upon associations; the breakdown of relationships through living together (uh oh! Under a Full Moon, too: trouble in the Obama household due to the stress of living in the White House fishbowl? His natal Moon - mother, family, a woman, reigning need - is setting, as mentioned above. Well, living under such critical scrutiny would bother me, too. Yet this may indicate a break within a political partnership.)

Well, this chart and Full Moon contain strong Cardinal-Fire (Aries) energies of initiative so things will certainly get done and actions wilol be taken though with Mercury Rx, plans and schedules may not work out as one could wish.

All politics aside (don't we wish!), may you enjoy a beautiful evening tonight bathed attractively by the light of a gorgeous Full Moon in lovely Libra!


Speaking of the Sun, here's a thumbnail of a drawing I once did hoping to fancifully illustrate '28Aries' and originally published in one of my art gallery blogs, Secret Moon Art:

Books used but left unharmed in the creation of this post: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey; Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Tierney; for midpoint pictures any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions.

Chart data used: Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; America July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; yet other versions of the US natal horoscope may be equally useful including one timed by the Solar Eclipse of August 14, 1776 @ 21Leo52, the initial eclipse in the 13 North Series which repeated on *Jan 4, 2011 @ '14Cap'. jc

Apr 16, 2011

Bretton Woods dreams meet dark economic clouds as Pluto plods on

The Bretton Woods economic conference just ended sees a dark outlook for America and the global economy and these top leaders should know since I believe they've been in on the engineering of Financial Collapse all along in order to establish the kind of economic system they want.

Their goal of global financial and governmental collapse is proceeding nicely for the Chaos Creators and has become quite evident even to those who prefer not to pay attention to what movers and shakers are up to in secret places and ivory towers. All institutions are now infiltrated with agents who are actually duped into believing they will be part of the Luciferian hierarchy of favored subjects when all is in place and the world is ruled from Jerusalem or elsewhere...basically, they desire an earthly kingdom as if that will stave off God's ultimate judgment and the End of Days. It will not.

(And here's some news for the world's chaos-creating minions: Satan would just as soon destroy as look at you for he has no loyalties. His aim is to take as many souls down with him as he goes for he knows his days are numbered - his efforts will be ramped up and technological tricks using light and sound will become more fantastic than ever. In 2011, we feel the political and economic forces' hurry-up-NOW energies and attitudes being demonstrated in Washington DC and elsewhere as the Cosmic Clock runs down. My best advice is for everyone to make their spiritual base secure for the challenges ahead - and participate in democracy!)

Perhaps you read a recent Guest Blogger post presented by New World Order 2012 concerning such topics as 2012, the Illuminati, and the NWO with more articles and info promised.

Well, this morning Georgia awoke to damage from another massive storm system overnight with perhaps more to come. 'Sunshine after a storm' hasn't happened yet but the air is cool, the wind blows lightly, and the trees and foliage still standing look green as can be. Thunderstorms are not on par with nuclear meltdown, of course, but not to fret because in Georgia we have our own nuclear plants to worry about for potential future disasters.

So! On this green morning I type at you from my rain-drenched cave about horrific topics and financial woes that are being engineered by some of the same scoundrels mentioned in the first article linked above.

That regulations and wisdom from the Bretton Woods Treaty are under fire from those who want to build a totally different system, or order of things, cannot be ignored any longer, and I apologize for passing along today their dark-clouds propaganda.

Yet the extent of the damage they have and will cause may be mitigated by how closely we pay attention to what they're up to so that its true nature may be revealed, and the decisive actions taken to push back against the NWO tide. My hope is that entire populations will band together for the good of civilization itself - and say a resounding NO! to the devilish forces now throttling the global throat.

In the US, the success of the ruling elite in keeping us divided against one other and alienated from our own best interests must be faced down as the 2012 presidential campaign heats up. Yes, this will be a monumental task and a major test of maturity, especially with partisan politics purposefully stirred up as they are. In America we are known for our trend-loving immaturity and Geminian energies of never wanting to hear or face the bad news of others' dire intentions - this is a tendency our national psyche must move beyond if America is to survive.

Plus, the old debate of Democrat Party v Republic Party in America is a mere iceberg's tip compared to what's at stake and all that is being done by operatives underneath the surface of our daily lives. The ancient battle of Swords v Torches goes on yet only represents dreadful factions jockeying for position at the helm of a satanic hierarchy intended to dominate the world. (See 112th Congress = Swords vs Torches.)

For it is the next US president (s)elected in 2012 who will preside over our evolving global future as he or she builds upon a string of past presidents' efforts on behalf of an over-arching (over-reaching!) agenda to set up a worldly kingdom which will then lead the unwary into misery, not improvement. Few, if any, church hierarchies have answers (other than to succumb to the NWO, the sell-outs!) and most have participated in the ruse against decent people who want to live their lives, raise their families, and treat others with respect and dignity while working for adequate incomes with which to manage these noble things.

Astrology Spins a Plutonian Tale

Pluto's current traverse of Capricorn, sign of law, government, and business, is taking its toll on us with restrictive Saturn's background influence as ruler of Capricorn. In a mere 11 years from now, we will experience our first Pluto Return in American history on:

1. February 20, 2022; Pluto in 8th house of the Return chart along with a Venus/Mars conjunction @ 20Cap (a crisis degree); plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron midpoint = communism/socialism/invisible government's Saturn/Neptune midpoint; the return falls within the 5 New South Solar Eclipse Series: benefits and peak experiences; eclipse @ 12Sag22 conjoins US natal ASC of the US Sibly chart...something's brewing and will be in view; in the US Sibly natal chart, Pluto is Rx @ 27Cap33 and in 2nd house of Earnings and Self-Worth.

In modern times, 5 New South occurred in the years 1913, 1931, 1949, 1967, 1985, and 2003.

2. July 11, 2011; Pluto Rx in return's 1st H and re-creating its former sextile with transiting Neptune in late Pisces, and opposing Sun 20Cap (a crisis degree); activist Mars 5Tau is in 5th H and unaspected, or working on his own; this return falls within the 6 North Solar Eclipse Series which involves issues of relationships to father/authority figures, the need to take responsibility and control, and acceptance of commitments due to the unreliability of others; eclipse @ 10Tau29.

6N manifested in the years 1914, 1932, 1950, 1968, 1986, and 2004.

3. December 28, 2022; Pluto in return's 1st H with a Mercury/Venus conjunction in Capricorn; Jupiter returns to Aries Point, a World Point of Manifestation; this return falls within the 6 South Solar Eclipse Series which conjoins the return chart's MC (The Goal; Aspirations) with issues of a manic nature such as being forceful and taking power, great strength in relationships, sudden events, and huge efforts exerted in group endeavors; eclipse @ 2Sco01.

6S occurred in the years 1914, 1932, 1950, 1968, 1986, and 2004, same years as 6N. (Years correspond to WWI, WWII and the rise of Fascism, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Challenger explosion-US bombs Tripoli-and Iran-Contra details come out, and the Bush-Cheney wars in the Middle East now escalated by Barack Obama.)

Since our nation has never experienced a Pluto Return before, no one can predict precisely what it will mean yet the historical events of those years listed give hints of similar issues which will again be on the world's menu as the 5 New South, 6 North, and 6 South eclipses repeat during the watershed year 2022 of America's Pluto Return.

But first we must navigate 2011, 2012, and 2013.


Solar Eclipse details are gleaned from Brady's Predictive Astrology and you may wish to check out Amazon's Bernadette Brady Page..

Blog Note: my plan to publish this week on Summer Solstice 2011 has had to be moved into next week due to power outages and household responsibilities; it's quite an involved picture with many astro-details needing inclusion in order to gain for ourselves the larger view which the lens of Astrology readily supplies. jc

Apr 15, 2011

Spinning Asteroids Flashing! (and IRS) 4.15.11

A spinning space rock for Tax Day 2011! Well, sort of Tax Day since today is a holiday in the District of Columbia. Therefore, taxes are due by midnight on Monday April 18, 2011. Meanwhile, over our noggins, train your telescope on the "strobe light" twirling above!

Space Weather News for April 15, 2011

SPINNING ASTEROID FLYBY: A 50-meter asteroid is flying past the Earth-Moon system on April 15th. There's no danger of a collision, but the 50-meter space rock is remarkable. It is elongated and spinning, which causes the asteroid to flash like a strobe light in amateur telescopes.

Video and observing tips are highlighted on today's edition of SpaceWeatther News.

GET YOUR OWN SPACE ROCK: Would you like to own your own piece of an asteroid? Authentic fragments of space rocks are available from the SpaceWeather Store.

Apr 14, 2011

Breaking News: House Passes 2011 Spending-Cut Deal

NPR BREAKING NEWS: House Passes 2011 Spending-Cut Deal

House passes spending measure cutting $38 billion, funding government through September. More at NPR.

Update: the Senate passed it, too so 'the deal' is headed for President Obama's desk for signing.

Don't we wish we could feel thrilled at what a good job our alleged representatives have done?

Radiation Cloud a Risk to US (video link) and Japan's natal chart data

NewsMax is reporting that a radiation cloud wafting across the sea from Japan's nuclear meltdown at *Fukushima would indeed pose health risks to the US West Coast and Hawaii, says Dr. Russell Blaylock.

My feeling is that the contamination wouldn't end on the West Coast especially with radiation already showing up in the water of several US cities including Philadelphia. And last time I looked, Philadelphia was located on the East Coast.

Click to read and view the video report.

Also recommended there: you'll see a link to Fluoride's Deadly Secret with more videos from Dr. Blaylock concerning the topic. That poisoning makes me glad I was raised drinking artesian well water!


*There is a personal name asteroid 'Fukushima' so I checked its position for the date/time of the earthquake in Japan (March 11, 2011 2:46 pm JST Sendai) and found that Fukushima (#3915) was setting (on Descendant to the degree and minute: 16AQ27) when the earthquake occurred and the world's nuclear nightmare began. **Japan's natal Saturn 16Leo27 Rx from the 1889 natal chart was rising...precisely.

My thanks to Tracy at the excellent Serennu.com for the asteroid ephemeris info, as always.


**There are at least two natal charts for Japan:

February 11, 1889 NS
12:00 pm LMT
Tokyo; ASC 9Gem50, MC 18AQ56; Sun 23AQ-Moon 28Gem

(Source: Campion's Book of World Horoscopes)

April 28, 1952
1:30 pm GMT
Tokyo; ASC 00Cap31, MC 20Lib 17: Sun 9Tau-Moon 29Gem

(Source: Orr's The Astrological History of the World - I assume from historical record.)

Apr 13, 2011

White House Visitors Logs Full of Gaps (video)

The promised transparency of the Obama White House seems...Swiss-cheese-like with a Cheney tinge when it comes to who met with the president on key issues at key times within the environs of the people's White House, and the "junior aide" ploy seems a ruse meant to confuse.

Can anyone be surprised?

Apr 12, 2011

Civil War Apr 12,1861: Midpt Pictures and Hidden Hands

Were Hidden Hands Behind the American Civil War?

by Jude Cowell

The horoscope for the start of the American Civil War, its birth chart, is set for the first shot fired, April 12, 1861 4:30 am LMT Charleston, South Carolina at Fort Sumter.

Rising is 27Pis05 with Mercury 24:56 and Neptune 29Pis57; a 12th house Chiron 00Pis56 is being transited by Neptune as I type; MC (The Goal) 28Sag14; at IC, the HOW? Point of the chart is '28Gem' = BANKRUPTCY. It's an Hour of Mars, perfect for fighting a war; contentious Mars 6Gem02 and rebellious Uranus 9Gem21 are snugged around and triggering US natal Uranus 8Gem55 (which is now being transited by asteroid Midas, perfect for a post on a "Civil" War which was financed on both sides by the House of Rothschild for their own power-grabbing reasons...read on.)

The closest you'll get to this sort of info in the Civil War's Wikpedia page is by scrolling to the section on Blocking International Intervention but if the Rothschild name is mentioned there, I've yet to find it.

In his centuries-encompassing book The Secret History of the West, Nicholas Hagger states that the Rothschilds sent an agent, August Belmont, in 1837 (one year after the second Bank of the US had collapsed) to run a bank in New York, buy government bonds, and establish his credentials by advising President Andrew Jackson.

The objective was to create an incident that would establish an American central bank, and a war would require the US government to borrow from the Rothschilds in order to pay for it, thought they (it had worked for them elsewhere.) England and France were too far away; Mexico and Canada weren't strong enough so the House of Rothschild could easily take the reins and direct events from behind the scenes, much as they do now.

According to Mr. Hagger's research, the Priory of Sion wanted America back from the Templars so the Rothschilds planned an American civil war with the North a Sionist British colony, annexed to Canada and controlled by Lionel Rothschild, and the Templar South to be given to Napoleon III of France and controlled by James Rothschild.

To persuade the South to secede from the union, Illuminized Sionist-Rosicrucian Freemasons used the Knights of the Golden Circle (member: John Wilkes Booth) which had been formed in 1854 by George Bickley with the objective of spreading racial tension; its military arm was the Ku Klux Klan. Meanwhile, Jesse James stole gold from banks and buried it to fund the war (nearly $7 billion!)

The states that seceded would be united in the Confederate States of America with each eventually becoming like an independent country. Abraham Lincoln (inaugurated March 4, 1861) told the American people that, "combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary machinery of peacetime government had assumed control of various southern states."

House of Rothschild Financed Both Sides

The Rothschilds financed the North through Belmont, Jay Cooke, Seligman brothers, and Speyer & Co.; the South was financed through their agent Judah Benjamin, who became Secretary of State for the Confederacy in 1862, and whose daughter was married to Frankfurt's Baron D'Erlanger, a relative and agent of the Rothschilds. Benjamin's law partner, John Sidell, was Confederate envoy to France; Sidell borrowed money on behalf of the South to finance the Confederacy.

In 1861, England sent 8,000 soldiers into Canada; in 1862, English, Spanish, and French troops landed in Mexico to collect debts; in 1863, France took over Mexico City with 30,000 troops.

Confederate Army General Albert Pike was a pro-French Templar Scottish Rite Mason and at the time, the most powerful Freemason in the world. Most of the political and military leaders of the Confederacy were Masons under Pike's secret command. The Confederates offered Louisiana and Texas to Napoleon III if he would send troops against the North. Lincoln, following the example of Tsar Alexander II who freed Russia's serfs, issued an order to free all slaves in 1863. Eventually, the Tsar sent the Russian fleet to support Mr. Lincoln.

The US Congress approved Lincoln's plan to borrow $450 million in return for bonds of states - greenbacks (created by the First Legal Tender Act of Feb 25, 1862) - to pay for the Civil War thus placing a big glitch in the Rothschilds' central bank plan for the US. This made international bankers' money unnecessary and as German statesman Otto von Bismarck said,

"The foreign financiers...understood at once, that the United States would escape their grip. The death of Lincoln was resolved upon."

You may wish to view an older post (sans edits) on Lincoln's natal and assassination charts, dual horoscopes included.

As we see from events since the beginning of the New Millennium, the international financiers' "grip" bwo the Federal Reserve Bank of America has turned out to be successful for them and has brought their dreamed-of collapse for America. As noted above, the horoscope of the Civil War has 28Sag14 at Midheaven where transiting Pluto has recently crossed. In 10th house is North Node of Destiny @ 17Cap24, and '18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flies From a British Destroyer" which is the primary degree of the Illuminati pair's Great Conjunction/s of 1993, Uranus and Neptune...the New World Order. This degree's negative/shadow side expression = smug or strong-armed paternalism. (MEJ.)

We hear echoes from the 1860s in Washington when we hear of state v federal government, an old argument sporting gray whiskers.

Midpoint Pictures Tell a Tale of April 12, 1861

Okay, I'll hush for now on the topic of the Secret Hand behind the American Civil War and type out for you the midpoint pictures of influence as the first shot was fired 150 years ago today.

Tyl and Ebertin are my midpoint sources with any, all, or none being applicable and subject to transits and progressions; you'll note fraudulent, misguided Neptune on the rise at a 29th critical-crisis degree which has contributed to the controversy to this day of Why the war was fought. As usual with secret machinations involved, a correct grasp of motivation and cause is quite impossible without knowledge of the fuller picture:

Mercury/Neptune = ASC: potential overreaction to others; being exploited, harmed, or deceived.

Mars/NN = ASC: comradeship; energetic cooperation; family ties.

Sun/Uranus = Moon 15Tau36: rashness; emotional excitability; impulsiveness; a demand for need fulfillment.

Moon/Neptune = Sun 22Ari28: illusions and deceptions; receptive power.

Mercury/Jupiter = Mars: the execution of plans; energetic opinion is well-accepted; making one's point effectively.

Jupiter/Neptune (the speculators and fraudsters) = Uranus, the revolutionary: liking the shades; experiencing the contrast between imagination and reality; the stage of coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation.

And such a difficult situation has spread across the globe through the auspices of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the global central banking system, and the monied ruling class of plutocrats who control the US money supply and thus the destiny of our nation.

For further reading try the Civil War's Sun Aries-Moon Taurus blend which links back to this post.


May my several ancestors who fought in the Civil War R.I.P.

Apr 11, 2011

Cosmic Conflict: Orwell's '1984' still a top seller

With George Orwell's book 1984 retaining a spot on Amazon's Best Sellers list, we may safely assume that the masses are paying attention to his warnings more than ever before.

Orwell's Doublespeak abounds as government programs are named the opposite of what they actually do (Clean Air Act; No Child Left Behind), radiation from the nuclear meltdown in Japan is 'good' for us (and not harmful at all, silly gooses!), and perpetual war is "humanitarian intervention."

Apparently bombs are 'good' for us, too, as the ruling elite - the powers-that-be - continue implementation of a one-world-government and the draconian population control measures they're psychotically putting in place.

Can we read such intentions carved in stone? Yes, upon the Georgia Guidestones near Elberton, Georgia. The first 'guide', 'message', or 'commandment' is:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Obviously, to maintain such a number, the
world's population
would have to be weeded out first and it's difficult not to see current wars, radiation leaks, contagions, natural disasters which may not be totally natural at all, mutations caused by chemicals including those in plastics, genetically altered foods, and other health-impairing and death-dealing tactics as being part of an overarching agenda - more of Earth's dwindling resources for those who are left, you see.

Plus, President Obama's constant capitulation to the far right's austerity cuts
which will decimate further America's middle and lower classes may unfortunately be part of this agenda. Hate to type it for I voted for him, too. We were given no viable choice otherwise, were we?

(Note on the Guidestones: pretending to rewrite God's Ten Commandments doesn't wash with Protestant me.)

If you wish to read the other nine 'guides' on the Guidestones, and the little that is known of their secretive creation and purpose, try Radio Liberty.

The few clues about who is responsible for designing the standing stones and having them erected seem to point toward the Rosicrucians but if any reader has a better informed idea, please let me know in a Comment or by contacting me at judecowell at gmail dot com.

Apparently there are those who won't allow humankind to shake off the Utopian vision and tiresome shackles of the 18th century's Age of Reason where we'll all run around in loincloths. (Remember Bush-Cheney-mainstream media touting that Osama bin Laden wanted to send us back to the Stone Age? Guess that sandal is actually on the other foot - and it's a boot.)

Well, Age of Enlightenment my patootie! Much of what we've gotten so far from 1993's Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune has been the negative/shadow side of '18Cap'...smug or strong-armed paternalism! That doesn't sound enlightened to me, only business as usual from those in power who wish to stay in power.

As you know, in a Mundane Astrology horoscope, Uranus and Neptune volunteer to bring us good and new ideas for society. Their partnership was in the spotlight all through 1993 at their Great Conjunction/s in the 18 to 20 degree range of Capricorn. And yes, transiting Pluto will eventually plod through those degrees since Mr. Hades now lurks in the first decanate of the sign of government, law, and business - Saturn-ruled Cap.

Then as Pluto approaches the duo's Great Conjunction degrees, he begins to form what will be midpoint pictures between the three outer, generational, transformational planets in our solar system:

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: remaining at the mercy of external circumstances without attempting a firm stand; abandoning resistance; a necessity to give in; great losses; calamities and catastrophes; the Big Picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed - very little option to do

Uranus/Pluto = Neptune: deep study of a specialized subject; delving into supernatural realms; unfulfilled wishes; fatigue; neuroses; sympathy.

Neptune/Pluto = Uranus: adventurous, mystical, and supernatural experiences; peculiar discoveries.

(Ebertin; Tyl; any, all, or none may apply.)

Age of Enlightenment my patootie! Much of what we've gotten from 1993's Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune so far has been the negative/shadow side of '18Cap'...smug or strong-armed paternalism! That doesn't sound enlightened to me, only business as usual from those in power who wish to stay in power and don't care what they have to do or kill in order to keep it.

Well, it's all unsettling and depressing, I agree, and makes following a spiritual path of faith the only viable answer for keeping one's sanity. Bible reading and prayer are always great ideas, of course, or how about a Bible-based, modestly-priced book I reviewed on Amazon called Cosmic Conflict?

Because that is the higher realm underneath which we now labor on Planet Earth, the Lesson Book of the Universe. Unfallen beings on unfallen worlds are watching Earth with great and compassionate interest: how will you act under the Cosmic Microscope?


Further reading: The Ben Franklin solution for the coming age of scarcity.

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! has just reported than 27 demonstrators were arrested Sunday (4.10.11) in front of the White House. They were asking that the death-dealing School of the Americas be shut down.


Stay tuned, for this week the Summer Solstice 2011 Horoscope set for the White House will be published here on Stars Over Washington on a need-to-know basis! jca>

NPR: Ivory Coast's Gbagbo captured

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Forces Arrest Ivory Coast's Gbagbo

The French Embassy in the Ivory Coast tells the Associated Press that strongman Laurent Gbagbo has been captured by forces of democratically elected leader Alassane Ouattara.

More at NPR.#

Strongman, yes, but Gbagbo's resistance against the New World Order seems to be ended. If only tottering governments could resist coups by the WTO and the IMF as they continue establishing their global New Economic Order.

Apr 9, 2011

Glenn Beck's Freemasonry/Skull and Bones emblems

Glenn Beck Shouts-Out in Code to Somebody, But Who?

by Jude Cowell

April 8, 2011: Prison Planet reports on soon-departing propagandist Glenn Beck wearing emblems of secret societies: Freemasonry, and Skull and Bones.

Mr. Beck has gone on air sporting a Masonic patch with '1681' on it, an apparent reference to William Penn's founding of Philadelphia, as noted in the article. Freemasonry has always been well-ensconced there along with Sionist Rosicrucianism.

Now I know that many of our past and present representatives in Congress have been and are Freemasons as were many of our Founding Fathers. The US Capitol Building is one great big Masonic symbol frozen in architecture for those who have eyes to see. And who can miss the fact that 16th Street in DC is home of the Temple of Scottish Rite?

Even our exalted White House is actually a Masonic White Lodge whose cornerstone was laid by Masons on October 13, 1792 (and not on October 12th as most sources cite.) The brass cornerstone plate is still there. The October 13, 1792 ceremony is said to commemorate the first 'Friday the 13th' in honor of Oct 13, 1307, the day the King of France rid himself of the Knights Templar. Follow the link for more details.

Masonic Sacred Geometry: a Higher Practice of Astrology?

Nowadays, we may perhaps consider Washington DC to be a "New Rome" and most everyone is aware that the whole corporate venture called America was CEO'd by our first president George Washington, a Grand Master for whom our nation's capital city was named. Click to view him in one of his Masonic aprons, if you've missed it previously; historical and initiation details are included.

So what's up with Glenn Beck sassily sporting Freemasonry symbols in public and on air?

Has he perhaps said and shown too much of an Illuminati-hijacked agenda? Or is Beck's soon-departure from the FOX network on a daily basis merely a sign of his lessening influence among the masses on behalf of the one-world-government agenda?

You know the agenda I refer to: the one that is in process of ruining our nation, all other nations, our lives and health, and the future of our children...the Utopian agenda bent on creating chaos and a return of the Noble Savage - sans all institutionalized government and social systems.

Does any of this sound a mite familiar based on Washington DC's current antics meant to dismantle the US government, Medicare, and any other component of our social contract thereby leaving us to survive - or not - in the jungle? Is it population control writ large? Well, remember that our 'two-party' political system is an illusion to keep we-the-people divided, conquered, quiet, at each others' throats, and largely unaware of what they're really up to for they're all in on the plot together with a few *rare exceptions!


For further reading you may be interested in one of the books I often use as a source, Robert Hieronimus' Founding Fathers, Secret Societies which includes information on the decoding of the Great Seal, an integral part of the New Millennium plot.

*"rare exceptions"? Here I'm being generous since it's unfair to lump 100% of any group of people into one stereotyped category; it seems to me that politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, perhaps Ron Paul, and a couple of others are left in place primarily to give Congress more credibility than it deserves when it comes to supporting rather than undermining America. They play their parts. And yes, they win elections back home but elections can be rigged, as we've seen...in either direction. jc


The following video contains similar topics including number symbolism but if you're one who is easily unnerved, I ask that you avoid viewing it. jc

Apr 8, 2011

11:04 pm Obama on TV: Shutdown Avoided 4.8.11

Did I just hear a Breaking News announcement from President Obama that a government shutdown has just been avoided less than one hour before it would happen? A temporary spending bill has passed, says his nibs, yet with Mercury Rx and Pluto turning Rx at 4:51:03 am - in a few hours - who can know such a hapless and wispy bill's ultimate fate?

No time to put up the chart of his announcement (it's late) but my Solar Fire software is showing 00Sag47 rising at 11:04 pm edt in Washington DC. And my local CBS channel was featuring military families who wouldn't get paid during a shutdown - and then the President's special announcement broke in with the mercurial good news.

Interesting because the Sabian Symbol for '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" which may have awakened Dems and Repubs to how both parties would be perceived by the general public if they proceeded with their shutdown script. How can they ask our valiant soldiers (many families of which live paycheck to paycheck) to keep fighting on behalf of Imperial America if they're not being paid?

As you may have heard in the news earlier today, lack of pay makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their warring efforts if they have to worry about their loved ones - and bills - at home.

But you know already know one of my favorite quotes which is allegedly from FDR:

"In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way."

Yet here's someone who disputes that FDR actually said those words. Still, after living in DC twice in my life (many moons ago) and soaking up the cynical atmosphere of our premiere city so full of blackmail, cynical politics, and intrigue, I shall stand by the sense of the utterance if not its purported utterer's attribution.

You may wish to check this blog's sidebar for a quote that is from FDR to Colonel House...two grand poobahs with their noggins together. It's quite a doozy.


Previous post on a similar topic from 2007: Homelessness Rising where I unhappily had to predict soup lines across America.

And how about a blog with insightful Astrology articles: Starstruck Astrology - enjoy!

Jon Stewart deals w Glenn Beck's departure (video)

Now I've always thought Jon Stewart looks good wearing glasses...

Glenn Beck is being phased out of his FOX hole? Thanks a bunch for your efforts, Color of Change!